Diaper wearing / Stories

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The Blue Package - Part 1
The Boy In the Diaper
The Branding Meeting
The Candidate
The CD
The chinese puzzle
The continuing story
The Curse of Burnt Cove
The Diaper Deal
The Diaper Study
The Diapered Date
The Diapered Dwarf
The Family Curse
The Foster Child
The Freeing Of The Child
The History And Experiences Of Steven F
The Hospital Bedwetting Story
The J-Birds in Diapers
The Lesson
The Little Swimmers Did It
The Move
The Night Shift
The Nursing Home
The Outcasts
The Plan
The Pleasures Of Samantha
The Reform School
The Return to Diapers
The Ride Along
The Roommates
The Search for Models
The Star Chart
The start of it all
The Story of Babies Devery and Kerrick
The Story Of Baby Dillon
The Story Of Glenn's Diapers
The Summer At Aunt Carols
The Surgery
The Survivors
The toy store - Adam gets what he wants
The trial of Timmy Walker
The Trip
The Trip - Return to infancy
The Twins
The Twins Get Back Into Nappies
The Unwilling Contestant
The Visitor
The Way We Were
The White Badge of Shame
The Wish