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1951 Tom 2007.10.02
24 Hours Taster of Pleasure 2007.11.04
4 Enema Stories 2007.09.11
A Brief Threesome 2007.11.01
A Collection of Dave Russell Enema stories 2007.07.25
A Comfortable Thanksgiving 2007.07.16
A Coming Home Surprise for Al 2013.04.06
A Couples Enema 2007.07.31
A Day At The Beach Sally Sullivan 2007.07.16
A Face in the Crowd 2007.11.19
A Fair For Antiques Traci as told to Christine 2007.09.24
A First-Time Enema In Scotland 2007.08.08
A Forties Childhood Tom 2007.11.08
A Freshman Gets an Enema 2007.10.31
A Friend To The Rescue 2008.02.27
A Great Beach Day Bioya61 2007.11.15
A helpful pharmacist : Anonymous 2007.07.31
A Helping Hand Anonymous 2007.07.24
A Hospital Story 2007.08.08
A Klismaphiliac Couple's Story 2007.11.14
A Lesson for Dani 2007.11.17
A Little Fantasy Jon E 2007.07.31
A Love Enema 2007.09.05
A Morning with Donna 2007.08.30
A Nurses View On Enemas 2007.11.13
A Search for the Elusive Enema 2007.10.03
A Sensuous Enema 2007.08.24
A Short Bio AG / 2007.08.19
A short enema story 2007.09.30
A Short History 2007.10.05
A smooth slow tube of pleasure wayne49 2009.03.13
A Story for Jeannie, Day 5 2007.08.27
A Story Retold 2007.11.06
A Surprise At Home  Don Nuff 2007.08.29
A Treatment They Won't Soon Forget 2007.07.21
A week in the life of the enema lady Rob 2007.09.11
A Winter Tale 2007.08.10
A Wonderful Experience 2007.09.15
A Young Man Goes Shopping 2007.08.04
Addicted to the Red Bag Age Three 2007.11.09
Administering A Sports Physical 2007.09.06
Alexandra at college 2009.04.27
Alexandra's visit to the massage parlor 2008.02.14
Alice's Learning Curve Jane Lambton 2007.09.20
All in Fun 2007.10.16
Amy Gets Hers 2007.09.25
Amys First Enema 2007.08.17
An Enema Fantasy 2007.07.26
An Enema Fantasy in the Hospital 2007.09.06
An Enema First 2007.07.16