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"Little girl" 's exam freakgrrl 2010.11.01
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A Bad Weekend Turns into a Worse Week Anonymous 2007.10.02
A Big Surprise For Elizabeth Anonymous 2007.08.04
A caring mother m3lyc 2011.01.28
A Catheter for Sam Sam 2007.07.14
A chance encounter with a real physician Anonymous 2007.09.28
A Day At The Physio-Lab Top895 2007.10.21
A day to remember xxyx 2007.10.19
A Day With The Doctor DavidBeck 2007.07.27
A Dedication 2007.07.30
A Dentist Visit HishnGA 2007.10.15
A different kind of gyno appointment CJ1999 2011.05.23
A Different Visit to Sherema 2007.09.14
A Fruitful Doctor/Patient Relationship Dr. Buttz 2013.11.29
A genuinely true story sixfootsoldier 2008.12.11
A Girl and Her First Apartment 2007.07.30
A Grueling Set of Tests for a Model Patient N2it 2010.06.30
A guy get examined shyguy27midwest 2008.12.16
A Gynecology Exam to Remember 2007.09.13
A Housecall on Impulse 2007.08.17
A Lesson Learned Junior 2007.07.09
A Letter Received 2007.08.10
A lot of surprises JEB525 2008.11.19
A Lusty Exam 2007.08.25
A Medical Story Anonymous 2007.10.08
A Meeting with Mindy 2007.07.14
A Nurse's Rectal Exam By A Patient A Patient 2007.10.24
A Pain in the Rear End 2007.09.05
A Particular Story - Chapter 1 - The Invitation m2000 2009.06.03
A Particular Story - Chapter 2 - Susy’s preparation m2000 2009.08.14
A Particular Story - Chapter 3 - The consultation m2000 2009.08.14
A Particular Story - Chapter 4 - Max and his girlfriend m2000 2009.08.04
A Particular Story - Chapter 5 - The shy girl m2000 2009.08.14
A Pediatrician's Story 2007.08.01
A Physical 2007.09.11
A Playing Doctor Art Montage 2007.10.12
A Pregnancy Check Up 2007.07.21
A Real GynoPlay Exam GG 2007.11.18
A School Doctor 2007.11.04
A Sensual Examination 2007.11.16
A Skilled Obstetrician 2007.09.28
A Snowy Week Anonymous 2007.10.04
A starving artist gets by redtailedman 2011.06.19
A stay at the hospital sortafort 2010.12.11
A Taste Of His Own Medicine 2007.08.04
A Temperature Story 2007.08.06
A Thing for Female Doctors 2007.07.13