MedFet / Stories

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Jim's Group Physical
Jim's Insurance Physical (as told by his wife)
Jimmy and Rebecca
Jo's Story
Joana's First Gynecological Exam
Joanne's Thermometer
Job Interview
Jock's lesson
Joe's Love
Join the Club
Jonathan visits Dr. Johnson's Play Clinic
Jonathon's Adventures In London
Judy's visit to the student clinic
Julie and Tracey - rectal temp
Julie's Anniversary
Julie's Examination
Julies Premarital Exam
Julies Weight Loss Program
Karen, an O. R. nurse
Karen's Challenge
Karen's Medical Problem
Karen's Physical
Karen's Treatment
Karens's Medical Examination
Katharine's Appointment With Dr. Garrett
Kathy Gets "Examined"
Kei's Story
Kelli's First Exam
Kellie's Treatment
Kelly Clarksons Gyn Exam
Kelly Gets New Birth Control
Kim has to submit to a complete physical or lose her boyfriend
Kim receives her fantasty exam
Kimberlys Humiliating Medical Seminar
Kims Airport Examination
Kims Ejaculation
Kitten Kapers
Kristin and I Get Examined
Lacey's Examination Interlude
Lacey's Six Month Exam
Lance's Experience at the Clinic
Last from Mom
Lauren is Shaved
Laurens Punishment Exam
Leenas Visit To The Doctor
Let's Play Doctor
Let's Play Doctor, The guide