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  • lollygotaspanking lollygotaspanking

    Lolly's Little Thoughts

    A place to put my scribbles!

    Updated : 2017.01.16
  • Adam72 Adam72


    Wearing panties daily.

    Updated : 2017.01.14
  • Hermann Hermann

    Hermann’s thoughts today, and looking toward tomorrow…

    Ultimately, the joy may be in discerning who is going to take the other person’s rectal temperature, or share the intimacy and relaxation of receiving a sensual enema during a massage, or the med.fet scene that may be acted out.

    Updated : 2017.01.12
  • Tillie Tillie

    Life Under A Head Of Red Hair

    And Off We Go

    Updated : 2017.01.06
  • JR3 JR3

    Luck of the Irish

    Fáilte! Some random thoughts I have, kinky and personal. I can only promise my honest thoughts and experiences, nothing more, nothing less.

    Updated : 2017.01.04
  • JTMac formerly Healthy44 JTMac formerly Healthy44

    As The Wheels Turn

    What goes on in my head - memories, fantasies, observations - with perhaps a sexual twist

    Updated : 2017.01.04
  • moliere moliere

    Dispatches from the backside

    My journey and thoughts on dealing with IBS-C and pelvic issues, coupled with my attempts to get a better relationship with my pelvis.

    Updated : 2017.01.04
  • Pecan nutjob Pecan nutjob

    Switching in Paris

    My wife and I are "switches". In addition to (nearly) daily vanilla sex, we give spankings and enemas and take rectal temperatures, among other things.

    We do not like it "hard", we do not feel like BDSM. We are just an ordinary couple with a fascination for fun with the rear end.

    We …

    Updated : 2017.01.01
  • Luv to mess Luv to mess

    A lifetime of filling my diaper. And loving it! (Sometimes)

    My chosen life in diapers.

    Updated : 2016.12.30
  • Diapered Don Diapered Don

    Pink Sissy Noisy Bowed and Lacy Diaper Pants

    Loving wearing and showing off in my Noisy Pink Sissy Diaper Pants. Oh are they noisy and sexy pretty, love being in them.

    Updated : 2016.12.27
  • babyboy20 babyboy20


    This blog will be home to the many thoughts of my understands of many things. Also it might contain other things to.

    Updated : 2016.12.25
  • MissStress MissStress


    My life and times of kink with my sub and who knows what other ramblings.

    Updated : 2016.12.25
  • 1988nips 1988nips

    Male Nipple Play

    I would like to have discussions about all forms of male nipple play. Toys or devices used. Experiences good and bad and what feels really good. How do you play with your nipples and what you like your partner to do to your nipples. Share nipple stories and experiences. Everything Ni…

    Updated : 2016.12.23
  • TheRoyalFlush TheRoyalFlush

    Enema Experiences

    I will use this to share true stories. Some of my true stories actually happened! LOL. Seriously, we've all had experiences -- real or imagined (there I go again) that we think others will enjoy or want to reenact in their lives. Hope you enjoy.

    Updated : 2016.12.19
  • Childhood throug Adulthood

    The blog is a compilation of my life, my sister's life, my girlfriends life and some fiction from childhood to present.

    Updated : 2016.12.15
  • hello kitty hello kitty

    Fifty shades of kitty

    I'm such a naughty little girl that I deserve a spanking.

    Updated : 2016.12.15
  • shy Crystal shy Crystal

    my thoughts and feelings about my Master and my family

    This is a place for me to write down my feelings about my Master, as well as my thoughts about my family...also my first attempt at a blog.

    Updated : 2016.12.10
  • Nik Nik

    Life is a Rollercoaster

    Just somewhere I can put down my thoughts and feelings living with CF and Crohns disease. A place too where I can update all my lovely friends who message me often and keep me sane when I'm in hospital .


    Updated : 2016.12.07
  • neapolitan7th neapolitan7th

    Pornographic Musings

    Dumping ground for stories from my kinky life, fantasies, erotica, etc.! I accidentally deleted my old blog :(

    Updated : 2016.12.06
  • Emom Emom

    What fun it can be at this age

    OK, I turned 57 last month and menopause is now a way of life. In the past couple of years I have become both a mother-in-law and a grandma. My husband and I are loving our lake house getaways and in a way each is like its own little shacking up event reminiscent of those wonderful …

    Updated : 2016.12.03