The Step Dad - Part 2

Author: allene
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The Step Dad - Part 2

By allene

MFf nc spanking

If under twenty one go away! story deas with punishment to wife and daughter. if you are looking foe love story this isn't it loveya allene

Chapter 3

I was such a good girl for the next few weeks anyone would be pleased but as the memory of my terible spanking faded my curiosity overcame me. In spite of the dread and fear I knew it would instill when Mom was working outside I went down to the basement.

Everything made me feel squeamish but at the same time I remembered watching American Movie Classics on cable when they showed the Flash Gordon serials. They were really old. Long before I was born. The stories were flimsy and the special effects were incredibly crude but I remembered all the things that happened to his girl friend. It seemed she was always being bound or hung by her wrists in some dungeon only to be saved at the last minute by Flash.

I guess I have too much imagination. I laid over the spanking bench, the caning post, and then grabbed on to the ropes to hang from the ceiling feeling a wonderful stretching feeling as I imagined Flash breaking through the door to rescue me. Often His girlfriend, Jane I think, Would allow herself to be captured to save him and I imagined myself the brave heroine that would sacrifice herself for her love.

I visited it often and thought that if I did have to be punished again I could use that fantasy to help me through the ordeal.

Then it happened. I got into a fight with a girl at school. She accused me of hitting on her boyfriend when all I had done was compliment him on a story he had written in the school newspaper. It wasn't even all that good but he had loved my reportage of his performance in the last football game so I thought I would return the favor.

We began yelling at each other and I am afraid I ended up calling her a bitch and a whore. She punched me in the stomach!

All the aerobics had made me strong and I pushed her up against the wall and proceeded to work her over until someone dragged me back.

We were taken to the principals office and the bitch said I attacked her for no reason. I said she had hit me first and lifted my shirt to show the red mark of her fist but she opened her blouse to show black and blue marks all over her stomach and then to my disbelief pulled down the top of her bra to show a black and blue spot on her tit.

Christ! They acted like I had just shot Bambi. I got no sympathy. I was told that even if she had hit first my retaliation was way out of line and that he was calling my father to suggest I may need psychiatric help to control my temper.

Shit! It was so unfair! I had never even yelled at anyone before and she would not let me ignore her.

He told me to go home and calm down.

Jesus, I hated to go home. My only hope was that the principal would call Mom and she would keep her mouth shut.

I wasn't that lucky. Mom ran to me as soon as I got into the door and said, "My God Allene! Are you crazy! Don said he was called by the principal and that you had attacked some poor girl who had to be taken to the hospital."

"Mom! She started it and she didn't need any damn hospital. She just had a few bruises."

"Neverthless Don talked to her parents and thankfully they aren't going to sue since Don agreed to pay the emergency room bill for her check-up. Oh God Allene. He is really pissed off. We won't be able to sit for a week."

I began to protest again but she said, "I have more bad news. I am to take you downstairs and put you on the roof thing to wait for him to come home for phase three. I know that will be awful though so I will give you a break and not put you on it until three. He is supposed to be home between three thirty and four."

I blanched. On one of my trips down there I had crawled up on it to see what it would feel like. Even with panties on I could only stand it for a minute. Now at best I would be there a half hour.

"Oh God Mom. Can't we just run down there when we hear his car come in the driveway?"

"No way! He said if you weren't in position and crying by the time he got home I would get phase three and four. I am not about to suffer needlessly because you could not hold your temper."

I sobbed even more when she said, You had better get naked now just in case he comes home early."

I took off all my clothes and sat on the couch naked watching TV hoping it would take my mind off the upcoming ordeal about an hour away but it didn't work. Then I thought about Flash Gordon and began to fantasize that Don was the evil Emperor Ming and that I was going to suffer to save Flash who would be rescuing me. I was deep into the fantasy when Mom said it was time.

We went downstairs and Mom had me hold on to a rope coming down from a pulley over the roof. She pulled down on the rope to lift me over it then sat me down as gently as she could. Even then it was Hell! I gripped the sides of the roof to keep my pussy above the sharp top but the granules hurt my tender inner thighs. She had me put my hands behind my back and put on handcuffs! Now I wouldn't be able to hold myself off that evil sharp top with my hands. She left saying, "Make sure you are crying when he comes down."

Eventually my legs tired and I felt myself slipping down. My pussy hit the sharp top with granules and I frantically tried to lift myself but that was a mistake. My efforts just let my pussy lips open and now the top slipped between the lips and my weight was resting on my clitoris. God I can't describe how that hurt. Worse any effort to relive the pain just made the granules tear at my inner lips and clit. I could only try to sit quietly. Crying was not a problem. I was bawling so hard I had hiccups before he finally came down.

My fantasy did not work. I just couldn't maintain it since I knew that there was no Flash Gordon to rescue me. No matter how bad the caning would hurt I was relieved when he lifted me off that damn roof to carry me over to the caning thing.

He said nastily, "You are lucky I have negotiating skills. I swear if they had decided to sue us I would take all the skin off your ass. Don't expect any sympathy."

I tried to explain but he just yelled, "Shut up before you get more for lying. I have heard the principals version of this incident and what witnesses had told him."

I knew who the "witnesses" were. All of her friends.

He had Mom strip too then bent us over the bannister thing to put on the cuffs. Again he pushed us forward and the hill on the bannister post dug into my slit. I swear my pussy was so sensitve after the roof I could feel the grain of the wood.

He did the cane differently. He gave me five quick lashes that stung beyond belief then went to Mom to give her the same but I swear hers were not as hard because they did not make as much noise. Actually the delay while he caned her was good because I found if I rocked on the bannister the now wet wood rubbed on my clit to send sparks into me to let me ignore the pain to my butt a little.

He returned to me to give me five more across the back of my thighs just below my butt. I swear that hurt even more and I was screaming and bawling like a baby. Mom's turn made her bawl too but there was even worse to come. He began hitting my inner thighs barely below my pussy I know was pooching out behind me. On these he would hit and then pause to let the terrible sting to sink in while he gave one to Mom.

He gave us six there and by the time he quit We were simply hanging over the bannister bawling our heads off.

He let us hang there while he used both hands to rub salve on the welts. Incredibly as he rubbed causing the hill of the bannister to move on my pussy I became excited in spite of the pain.

When he finished he pulled out a big mattress out of a corner and said, "You can rest here until you feel like coming upstairs. I will make something to eat." I watched him walk away. he was rubbing the lump in his pants.

Mom and I laid on it on our tummies and naturally began caressing each others welts. It felt great to be soothed but I began to wonder if the punishments were making me crazy. I said, "Mom. This is too weird! The damn bumps on that bannister excited me. Maybe I should see a psychiatrist."

"No. It had that effect on me too. Especially since he didn't hit me as hard as you. I wonder if he planned it."

We were sp exhausted from the pain we fell asleep for awhile. When I woke up and woke her we started upstairs. I am sure we looked funny walking with our legs so far apart to keep the welts on our inner thighs from rubbing but I wasn't laughing.

He was no cook he had just made sandwiches that Mom and I ate standing up. it didn't occurr to either of us to cover up.

After eating he had us lie on the rug on our tummies then used both hands to caress in more cooling salve. The nap of the rug was causing my nipples to get hard so I raised up on my elbows but as his hands kept caressing I let myself down a bit to let my nipples slide on the needle like nap.

He said, "The roof calls for some extra salve for you Allene."

He began sliding his slippery fingers into my slit and over my clit. In spite of my embarrassment and the remaining pain I went into orgasm hating myself because he was sure to know.

Getting me off must have excited him because he picked up Mom and said, "Since you are sore you can be on top."

In a few moment I heard her little squeals and went to my room wondering how that big lump in his pants would feel stretching my little vagina.

I went to my room and knelt in front of the keyboard of my computer. There was no way I could sit on the rattan chair. I waited impatiently as My modem rang for AOL with the constant message line busy but there was no way I was going to use the 800 number. Finally it rang through and when my buddy list showed my friend I I/M,d him. I could never talk about this to anyone I knew but he was a stranger. I had no idea how old he was or even if he was a he but he seemed to know a lot about spanking. He sent a message, "brb finishing spades game" I was mad that he kept me waiting until I realized he had no idea what I wanted.

He finally came back and I told him what had happened even admitting I had an orgasm and asked if I should see a psychiatrist. he said, "No. You are just an incredibly sensuous girl. A lot of women have orgasms from spanking. Your orgasm came after the spanking while being caressed which is quite normal. A lot of girls would have reached orgasm from that."

I told him it was still strange to me and was thinking of running away.

"Well that is an alternative although homeless girls are in a lot of danger. If it is any consolation girls tell me the soft whip you described hurts a lot less than either the tawse or the cane. Some even get orgasms from the whipping alone."

I doubted that but I couldn't argue since I didn't know.

I didn't want to talk about it anymore. I had expected righteous indignation rather than philosophy and said "Bye"

I went to SSS and began reading some more. Incredibly I found an author with the same name as me and read her stories. She described fantastic excitement from being whipped and since she was on AOL I put her on my buddy list before resuming the reading. Most of the stories dealt with punishment spankings that were not sexy at all and seemed to be just demonstrating their power over some poor little girl.

A few moments later I noticed allenes URL show up on the buddy list and I i/med her with the message, "gotta minute? Allene."

She sent back. "Is this a joke? I have never met another allene before."

I told her it was no joke that was my real name and to check my profile. My profile was bullshit. I had put my age as 18 so older boys would talk to me.

She came back to say, "What can I do for you?"

I asked her if her stories were all just fantasy and she said, "Some but all of the ones where the heroine is whipped came from real life. There is nothing more thrilling than to be hung up to feel the stinging kiss of leather.

We had a long conversation. She was real patient considering the ton of e-mail she said she had to answer. I became so engrossed I almost forgot my stinging behind only to be reminded when I absently got up and sat on the chair.

That made me sign off to get into the cool shower but I thought about our conversation all week and I didn't dread phase four or five anymore. She had explained even frontal whipping was not so bad since it was still just skin just like a butt and the only really sensitive areas unless you had PMS were the nipples and clit

From then on when I sneaked down to the basement I looked at the cuffs hangin from the ceiling more with a sense of curiosity rather than dread.

Chapter 4

Last part. Contains enforced nudity, whipping and sex. If this does not interest you please don't read then flame me.

For the next couple of weeks things were fairly normal. Normal for a dysfuntional family that is. Mom was getting nude spankings every few days but there was no longer any pretense that she was not excited by them. It just embarrassed me to watch them so I would go to my room to watch TV or play on the computer.

I became curious to know if guys in general would be excited by spanking a girl or if the peple in ASS were a very small minority. I started going to chat rooms to check profiles for boys my age and older then I/m them to see if they wanted to chat privately. Most did unless they were in the middle of a flame war.

I would let the conversation move into sex then somewhere along the line I would ask if they would be excited by spanking a girl. A few politically correct ones would say it would not be right to hurt a girl but a hell of a lot of them would say they would and usually give some story about seeing a girl spanked or claiming they spanked their girl or sister and how they had become real excited and so had the girl. Surprisingly a lot of guys said they would like to be spanked by a girl.

That increased my curiosity and I began I/m ing girls to tell them my boyfriend would not give me my birthday present until he had given me a birthday spanking and what did thry think about that.

Most of them were shocked and told me to stay away from him before he did something worse but quite a few said they had birthday spankings too and they hadn't hurt much and had excited both of them. Some had such long stories to tell they told me they would e-mail me since it was hard to I/M over short sentences.

My e-mail grew like Topsy and I began to think maybe it wasn't so weird I had become excited and that Mom was loving it.

I really don't know how Don resisted raping me. He must have terrific will power. He kept dressing us in sexy things and would grope me whenever I got close but every time a lump formed in his pants he would just get up to pull Mom into the bedroom. I don't think she had as much sex in her life. she actually thanked me for turning him on.

About a couple of weeks later I had a shock at school. The principal went to my locker and rolled in the master combination numbers I think every kid in school knew. I even used it myself since it was easier to remember than my assigned combination. It was 1 left 2 right 3 left.

He pulled out a copy of the history teacher's next test! He said, "I was afraid of this. You have stolen a test in order to cheat. Come with me." I looked around and Jodie, the girl I had punched out, was grinning in triumph.

I knew she had framed me but this time I was lucky enough to talk my way out of it. I told him Jodie was still mad and had tried to frame me. I proved the master combination was well known by opening the first locker outside his door and pointing out the fact I loved history and had made straight "A"s with different teachers. I also told him the history teacher was dumb to leave the tests in his desks because anyone could get it and make copies. I finally convinced him although he said there was no way he could prove Jodie was responsible especially since she was such a nice girl.

That was a crock of crap. She sucked up to all the teachers but to all the kids except her little clique of friends she was a total bitch.

the principal had the master combination changed and locked it in his desk amd told the history teacher to keep his tests locked up. It was kind of fun to see a lot of kids including Jodie have their test grades go into the toilet.

I didmn't know what to do. I sure as hell couldn't beat her up again so I thought I had better try to make peace. I went to her and said, "I know you tried to frame me but I can understand your hating me. Let's Make peace, My stepdad gave me a terrible spanking for fighting with you."

"Bullshit. My ribs are still sore. A little spanking doesn't make up for that."

I protested, "It wasn't a little spanking. I was hit with a cane and it hurt like hell. If I get in trouble again I will be whipped."

"For sure bitch because next time you are going to be caught with drugs. Explain that away to the principal, the cops. and your stepdad!"

I panicked. My stepdad went on a rant everytime the TV or newspaper even mentioned kids and drugs. I hung my head in defeat and pleaded, "Please don't do that. If you want to beat me up to get even go ahead. You can even tie my hands so I can't fight back. I won't tell on you. I'll say I was mugged by a black gang."

She grinned trumphantly and said "I will think about that and get back to you."

At noon when I went to lunch Jodie waved me over to her table with her snooty friends. I had never tried to associate with them since they all had "Old" money and thought their shit didn't stink. She made room between her and her boyfiend. He was a senior as well as the other boys. None of the other seniors went with freshmen so I assumed they were attracted by the money.

She got right to the point. "We have been discussing how you could make up for your assault on me. Do you remember last weeks history lessons?"

"Yeah. You mean about the negro slaves."

"Specifically I am talking about the picture of the nigger being whipped. Remember that?"

It was vivid in my mind especially since I was under the thrat of a whipping at home. It was a picture of a black man with the back of his shirt torn open and red stripes across his back.

I mumbled "Yes. Why? although I was sure I knew the answer.

"I doubt you really got a spanking but if you want to avoid more trouble you can make up to me by agreeing to let us whip you."

I thought she meant it to be literally like the picture and said, "Oh God, no. How could I explain my ripped blouse and the red stripes?"

She grinned over the fact I had only objected to that and not the whipping itself and said, "There won't be any ripped clothes or stripes. We will use this. Here look at it. I made it myself out of an old leather skirt."

I took it and kept it under the table so no-one else could see it. It was a lot like Don's whip except softer and not as thick.

I said, "It may not leave stripes but it would still make me so red my folks may notice."

She grinned again since my objections were getting weaker and said, "That isn't a problem. My folks are going out of town this weekend and I am having a slumber party. You will have all night and the next day for the redness to fade."

I ran out of objections and said humbly, "If I do this will you promise to stop making trouble for me?"

"Yes of course. And it will let you join our club."

I didn't give a damn about that most of the kids hated them for even having a club but then I remembered How Don would have me for a whipping and said, "Will I have to take off my clothes?

She was shocked and I hated myself for asking. Obviously it had not occurred to her. She recovered quickly though saying, "Of course. You couldn't even feel that little whip over clothes."

Suddenly the boys stared at me excitedly and I kind of wished my big boobs weren't pushing out my blouse.

Now the idea really embarrassed me and I said, "If I don't do this will you really plant drugs on me?"

"For sure. There are gobs of opportunities. You have to change for gym and the gym lockers don't have locks."

She had me. I gulped and said, "Okay if I have to."

"Believe me you have to do it. You will get an invitation in the mail and Bill and I will pick you up at eight."

A few days later we recived an expensive engraved invitation saying,

You are invited to a chaperoned party

at our house Saturday night followed

by swimming and tennis Sunday. Bring

Your nightie and overnight kit.

Entertainment will be provided.

I gulped knowing I was the entertainment. Don was overjoyed saying, "Great Allene. You got into the snooty set. Now maybe I will be able to join the country club which could get me a lot of business. For God's sake don't make anyone mad."

He jumped into his car to get me a more respectable nightie and came back with thick cotton pajamas with Mickey Mouse on them. I was sure the snooty girls would laugh at them but I sure as hell couldn't wear the transparent ones.

My fear built up all the next day and I was so shaky she had to help me button the little pearl buttons of the party dress Don bought for me.

Jodie and Bill picked me up promptly at eight. I was told they had to wait until her parents were on the plane and couldn't come back.

To my surprise they were real friendly and complimented my dress although Jodie was wearing a more sophisticated black coctail dress.

All I could think of was my upcoming whipping and finally got up the nerve to ask how many lashes I would have to take.

Jodie just grinned and said "Oh you will determine that."

That relieved me a little and I began to think about the minimum they may let me get away with.

At the party there were the three other girls in her "club" with their boy friends and three stag boys Jodie said were from the exclusive prep school in town. She immediately took me over to the punch bowl and said, "Have a drink. It may help you later. It is vodka and orange juice. It is good for you."

I had never tried anything but a beer but a drink appealed to me and I drank one of the little crystal cups and refilled it.

She took me over to meet the prep boys and they stared though my clothes letting me know that Jodie had told them I would be naked later.

The stero was going and one of them asked me to dance. I chugged down the drink and took his arm. Thank God I had danced along with the people on MTV so I didn't look like a fool.

After the dance I made my way back to the punch bowl but Jodie said, "That will be your last one. We don't want you numb. Do we?"

I had barely finished it and was feeling a little giddy when Jodie turned off the stereo to say. "Bill has everything ready for our entertainment. Shall we go to the back lawn?"

There was almost a stampede to the door. Jodie took my arm to lead me out and I began to tremble knowing my ordeal was about to start.

We went out to the back lawn and I saw Bill had parked the cars in a semi-crcle to brightly light a big walnut tree that had a rope with wrist cuffs hanging down ominously.

They brought me out under the cuffs then Jodie said, "Okay allene. Take off the clothes and do it slow. The boys want to be teased."

I put it off as long as I could starting with my shoes then reaching under my dress to pull off the pantyhose without showing anything but my legs then I froze. Jodie said nastily. "get on with it!"

I whined. "I can't do the buttons."

One of the prep boys yelled, "I'll help!"

He stepped behind me to unbutton the little buttons clear to my waist then slowly pulled down the dress little by little, The trasnsparent slip didn't hide my uplift bra that barely covered my nipples my flat tummy and finally the white panties that under the bright light I was sure would be transparent. I trembled and blushed. When the dress was on the ground I stepped out of it while the boy pulled down my slip to let it puddle at my feet. Then I stood there hoping my near nudity would satisfy them since the boys were cheering and applauding the sight of me.

Jodie yelled, "The rest of it."

I sobbed and took off the bra to more cheers at my 34C boobs which were as big or bigger than any of the other girls.

I froze again until Jodie yelled, "The panties too. Damnit!"

In embarrassment I slowly slid them down not realizing the slow journey to reveal my pussy was just what they wanted. When they were at my knees I let go of them to let them puddle at my feet. "Some boy yelled, "Yay! She has a shaved pussy and it is a sweet one."

I swear I blushed to my toes then Jodie and Bill added to my embarrassment by taking my arms and leading me closer to the goup where boys reached out to fondle my boobs and pussy while making crude comments. I was almost glad to be led away from them to the tree where the cuffs they had made out of dog collars lined with sheepskin were buckled on my wrists.

Bill went by the tree to pull me up until I was on tip toes. In spite of my embarrassment I felt flattered when someone said, "Jesus. She is fucking beautiful!"

Jodie came over to me and said, "Remember I told you that you would determine your punishment. Pick a card out of this deck with your teeth. Number cards are the number Jack is eleven, Queen twelve King thirteen and ace fourteen."

I leaned my head forward to the deck she had fanned out with both hands and prayed for a deuce. I was not that lucky. I got a ten. I found out much later that it was a pinochle deck with the lowest number a nine.

She yelled out" A Ten!"

I thought that ten might not be too bad. Certainly not as bad as the cane but then she yelled, "Okay gang. Line up. Five on the front and five on the back."

God. I was no Math whiz but even I knew that was a hundred and ten lashes. I began crying as they lined up.

There was a sting on my butt followed closely by another across my belly. I was amazed. Sure it stung but not as bad as Don's hand.

The lashes began rangeing up and down my body from my shoulders to mid thigh but the only ones that stung really bad were the ones across my nipples. With my legs together My clitoris was protected and the skin of my groin was no more sensitive than my tummy.

I was moaning and sobbing but as it went on and on the stings seemed to radiate deep inside me and to my groin to create fantastic excitement. Someone was yelling out the count and when it got to a hundred I was into multiple orgasms. I am sure they thought my trembling and pulsating body was just a reaction to the pain.

The Jody yelled, "I get the last ten. Hold her guys!"

Bill and a prep guy grabbed my ankles and pulled them apart until I was nearly doing the splits. Obviously the juices of my pussy glistened in the bright light because some guy yelled excitedly, "Jesus! She is getting off on this! Her pussy is dripping!"

Jodie said,"Let's see how she like this!"

She brought the whip up fom the ground like a softball pitcher to make the lashes snap into my gaping pussy. The sting was unreal but it just brought me to a higher plateau of orgasm. She began a routine of pussy, breast, pussy, breast until I fainted from a gigantic orgasm.

When I came to they had looped my slip under may armpits and I was supported in a loose standing position by a rope to the chandelier. My whole body felt like it was sunburned. I felt greasy hands all over me and heard Jodie say, "I hope this sunburn lotion works. We have to have her skin normal by tomorrow."

Incredibly the greasy hands running over my nipples, tummy, pussy and inner thighs excited me again! someone said, "Christ. She is getting excited again. She loves this!

A prep boy said, "I know something she will like even better!"

He jerked off his elastic waisted pants and his shorts in one motion. His hard cock flipped up to snap the head into his belly button. I had never seen a hard dick before. The books in sex ed always showed them soft and so were the statues at the museum.

He pushed it down with his hand and drove it into my now wet and greasy slit. I swore it went all the way to my stomach but it felt wonderful as he thrust it in to his balls then out until the head nearly came out until I was in orgasm again.

This started an orgy, Clothes were coming off everyone to be thrown to the floor and couples were fucking in chairs, couches and on the floor.

But I was fucked more than anyone as the prep boys took turns. At one point there was a dick in my pussy and butt hole at the same time which drove me wild.

It changed my life. After that I had so many dates I could pick and choose and now I don't even care if Don whips me. I only hope the sharper stings will raise me to even greater heights.

Chapter 5

THE END. Damnit. This was supposed to be a pure punishment story. It got away from me. loveya allene

From popular demand I have added one more chapter but this is it. I want to go on to another story. Not for everyone. Whipping sex

Mom's flowers came up real nice by the driveway and since I wanted to suck up to my math teacher a little I cut a bunch for her. She was delighted which made me happy dince I needed all the help I could get in math. I guess I should have been a little more selective though. instead of taking one or two flowers from each plant I kind of denuded the ones close to the sidewalk.

When I got home Mom was pissed! She said how could you ruin my flowers! They looked so pretty and now there is a big hole! If it woulddn't get me into trouble I would tell Don!"

I felt lucky at that but tried to explain I needed brownie points with my teacher. She still was pissed saying I could have at least spread out the cutting.

She didn't have to tell Don. He noticed it on the way in and asked her what had happened. Mom, the wimp, told him while crying.

He stared at me and said, "Your Mom has already been punished by your thoughtlessness but you haven't. You will taste phase four."

I don't know what got into me. "I screamed, "I didn't hurt the damn flowers! They will grow back. I needed them to give to my Math teacher. Fuck You Don! I don't care if I have to go to phase five. This is unfair!"

"You got it you little bitch! Alma you stay upstairs this may scare you. Allene get downstairs, strip and wait on the roof. I will be down after I have had my drink!"

The enormity of what I had done scared me so bad I cried all the way downstairs but once I was naked I got mad at myself for being stupid. I put my hands on the top part of the roof to get my tummy on the sharp top then swung around to let my legs down. I was so mad at myself I didn't even try to grip the roof sides and let all my weight down on my pussy and even rocked back and forth to make it hurt even more.

The effect was not what I had planned at all! The granules sandpapering my labia so close to my clit created a pain that was exciting me!

Don must have gulped his drink because he was lifting me off the roof in only a few minutes to carry me over to the wrist cuffs hanging from the ceiling.

He really scared me by saying gruffly, "I will call the school tomorrow to get you excused from gym calsses because your body will not be fit to display for a few days."

When I was pulled up tight he felt my tight tummy, boobs and butt saying. "Good the skin is tight enough to really let you feel the whip." That brought back my crying and trembling.

He moved to my side and began backhanding the front and forehanding the back of my thighs. I suddenly realized he was not the expert at punishment he thought he was. Sure the whip stung bad but it was not nearly as bad as the cane. He aimed carefully to let red lines move up my thighs about an inch apart. The stings were creeping up but the pain was radiating and seemed to converge at my pussy.

Believe it or not I was almost disappointed my hips protected my vaginal lips. As the stings moved up my tummy to my boobs my excitement was peaking and I didn't scream until the terrible one across both nipples. Then he was at the top of my boobs and stopped!

Jesus I was just at that terrible, wonderful feeling just before orgasm and was about to ask for more when he suddenly slapped his hand into my pussy letting the middle finger slip in between the lips and slide on my clitoris.

I made a low moan and pushed against his hand.

His eyes widened and he exclaimed, Jesus! You are getting off on this!!"

I could only moan, "Yes. More!"

He began flipping the whip into my pussy and when I only pummped my hips in response he began letting the tip go into my splayed open slit. The sting and drag on my clit threw me into a monster orgasm that rocked my whole body!

It must have been too much for him because he dropped his pants and drove his huge schlong deep inside my dripping pusssy. It was dejavu the slumber party except his dick was so much bigger than the boys and he lasted a lot longer to let me orgasm about three more times befor he began flooding my pussy with his sperm.

He stepped back to stare at my striped, panting, sweaty body for a moment then pulled up his pants to take out a handkerchief to wipe my pussy saying, "We won't tell your Mom about the fucking. Will we? It can be our little secret."

By that time my breathing was near normal so I could say, "I won't tell her. She would never let us be alone together again."

He unbuckled me and carried me over to the mattress to rest but even though the ticking was not that rough it irritated my raw skin and I just rested on my knees until Mom came down to help me upstairs for the cool tub she had prepared.

When she saw my striped body and especially all of them running together on my breasts and pussy she said, "Oh you poor baby! It won't be that bad again. I think Don must feel guilty because the other times whipping us made him horny and this time he just went to bed alone.

I smiled knowing the truth was that I had totally fulfilled him.

The cool bath worked again to stop the burn and when I got out Mom dabbed my skin with a soft towel to dry me then had me stand in my room while she got the salve.

She started on my breasts and her soft hands felt so good as they caressed in circles I felt like purring but then she began rubbing my nipples which instantly sprung to life and the just good feeling became very erotic. She didn't even seem to notice the nipples becoming erect and vibrating as her thumbs flipped them. She just started down my stomach to caress those welts but all I could think of was that those fabulous soft fingers were working their way down to my crotch.

She was there and now my vaginal lips were squirming and opening and closing as her fingers rubbed over them. Now the soothing aspect was gone to be overtaken completely by rising excitement.

She said, "How could he hurt this sweet little pussy," and kissed it! I went crazy and grabbed the back of her head to drive her lips into me. She managed to pull back to look up at me and said, "Oh god honey. This is sick! Are you sure you want it?"

I was so excited I could only nod and pulled her head against me again. Suddenly it was not just Her lips! Her tongue began swirling around my clitoris and it felt so wonderful I closed my eyes and trembled as waves of excitement went through me. At my first orgasm I opened my eyes and was shocked to see Don standing at the door watching us!

I blushed and pushed her away. The smile left his face and he said, "Alma! What are you doing! You could be arrested for this!"

Mom just sunk to sit on her legs and sobbed, "Oh God. I don't know what happened. I just meant to comfort her! I'm sorry. I am so sorry!"

He grabbed her hair to force her to look at his glowering face and said."You know you deserve very harsh punishment for this don't you?"

She sobbed, "Oh yes! I will never be able to forgive myself if I am not punished. Make me hurt as I have never beeen hurt before."

His voice became softer but no less menacing as he said." You will be able to forgive yourself. Now go down and strip and get on the roof."

She ran out of the room sobbing, I am sure to escape his accusing eyes. I tried to explain she had not hurt me but he said, "You are too young to know the terrible things she may have done to your psyche. She might have turned you into a lesbian! You will help with her punishment so she will know that you were a victim!"

He hugged me to him and kissed me and to my shame I only regetted the shirt he had on that kept me from feeling his body hair making my sensitive skin tingle as it had after my whipping.

He led me downstair where Mom was desperately trying to hold her crotch off the sharp roof by pressing her hands into it with stiff arms.

That made him angry and he said, "Try to cheat will you!" He went to the wall and brought back two wrist cuffs with weights on them so heavy his arms were pulled down straight and buckled them on to her ankles to let them drop. She screamed as the weight pulled her into the sharp top so hard a wrinkle formed above her slit. We left her there screaming and sobbing and went back upstairs.

He sat in his big chair and told me to make him a drink. That was easy since it was just ice, whisky and water. When I brought it to him he drank it in gulps then he looked at my striped body and said, "Still sore?"

I shook my head and said, "Most of the pain is gone. It isn't like the cane."

"Good. You know a man can do anything a woman can do. Climb up on my chair with your knees on the armrests."

I did which put his nose at my pubic bone. He grabbed my buttcheeks to pull me into him and his huge tongue drove into my pussy and up and down the tender inner lips and then began swirling around my clit. It was marvelous! I forgot all about poor Mom being split in two by the evil roof. His hands left my butt and I grabbed the back of his chair to continue pulling myself into that marvelous tongue. Obviously he had removed his hands to slide down his pants because just as I went into my first orgasm He pulled down on me as he directed his big dick into my wet pussy. It was wonderful to be on top. I could squirm to make it rub just where I wanted and could make the speed of his thusts faster as I went into more orgasms.

I didn't notice when he came I only felt the loss as his soft dick escaped from my pussy. He was a mass of sweat and was panting as he said, "God! Get me another drink and make one for yourself."

We were so thirsty we gulped them down then he said, "You understand now that your mother was leading you astray. Don't you?"

"Oh yes. I only want men. A woman could not finish me with a marvelous penis like you did."

"Good! Then you understand why she must be punished?"

"Oh yes I could have become a lesbian, besides she knows she is guilty. Remember she asked to be punished."

"Yes and she will get it. Let's go downstairs."

Mom was sobbing and leaning back to take some of the pressure off her clitoris but I knew the pain to her tailbone would force her to rock back and forth as I had.

She sighed in relief when he took off the weights. He picked up her limp body and laid her over the barrel. I realized he was going to skip phase four and five. She hardly noticed while he pulled her legs open to cuff them to the ends of the barrel and only let out a small gasp as he tightened her arms to put her into a back bend.

He looked at her stretched, sweaty body then said,"She looks too comfortable. Be right back."

He came back carrying our straw Welcome mat.He grabbed her pussy lips to left her up stretching them fiercely as she screamed to jam the mat under her ass. I shuddered. I had accidentally pushed down on the mat once to get up from the step and remembered how the sharp straws had felt like they would puncture my palm. Now her much more tender butt was being forced into it.

He got the fishing rod end and handed it to me saying give her thirty-five strokes. Ten to each breast and fifteen to her vaginal area. Hit hard unless you want to take her place."

God I didn't want that! The first one to her right breast wasn't too hard but even then the little round line circle left a terrible welt. It was her last easy one because he said, "One more easy one like that and you will get seventy!"

I showed no mercy even when he said,"Don't forget the nipples. At least two to each one!"

The ones to her nipples brought agonized screams only surpassed by the three on her exposed clit which made her faint. I stood there a moment staring at what I had done. There were several places oozing blood from that terrible tip.

He took my mind off it by picking me up and carrying me upstairs. His dick was rock hard and we barely made it to the carpet before he put me down on my back and ripped off his clothes.

God he lasted forever, We fucked missionary style, me on top, doggy style, and finally his dick lubricated by my pussy was shoved into my tiny anus. I was afraid he had split me but even that was good as I discovered the hundreds of sensitive nerves in my asshole. I must have cum a half dozen times maybe more.

Mom and I have had our roles reversed now. It is me that watches her like a hawk to report any little error she makes because I know punishing her will excite him enough to fuck my brains out.

Okay this is definitely THE END allene