Bad Girl

Author: Danniella
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Bad Girl

By: Danniella

Summary: She forgot that when her temper got the best of her, that Master could be a very STRICT Disciplinarian.

Slamming the door as she storms into the house, sent a message to Him right away that she had thrown another of her little temper fits. Stepping out into the hallway He watches as she storms about for a few, listening to her cussing beneath her breathe and finally watching her plopping down into the chair, her arms crossing as she huffed under her breathe. Casually He walks in the room and stands in front of the chair, His demeanor being cool but yet stern as He looks down upon her. She glances up and seeing that look, she chose to ignore it and hurumphs as she rises from the chair and heads to the kitchen, she was in no mood for a scolding, now. But His hand quickly reaches out and catching upon her upper arm before she took too many steps turning her abruptly to face Him. She snaps at Him that she is not in any mood for Him and He piques an eyebrow at this boldness, knowing that He did not tolerate such an attitude from her and especially no disrespect. They had been working for awhile upon that hot temper of hers, and He thought they had been making some success until just now. He tightens His grip upon her arm and pulling her back to face Him and holding her now by both arms so she can not move, he demands to know what is going on. Quickly snapping before thinking, she tells Him she does not want to talk about it. He knew right then that she was definitely in need of some attitude adjustment. His eyes became dark as He cups her chin and forces her to look up into His eyes. She was so mad about something that she was nearly in tears and it pulled upon His heart. But He knew that He could not fold to her, knew what she needed right now was His strength. And usually that strength meant to get her back on the right path of thinking and to quit acting like the spoiled brat she was doing now. Speaking flatly but sternly He tells her to go to her room and wait for Him. He could not believe what next came out of her mouth, "I do NOT have to go anywheres and don't want to go anywheres right now but to the kitchen." Never had she been so defiant of Him, usually she would go to her room and calm down so they could talk. She suddenly yanked from His hold and turned, but not quick enough as He snatches her by the arm and before thinking about it, He pulls her down across His knees as He sits upon the nearest chair. Even through her protests and screams, He pulls up her skirt and pulling down her panties, and with no warm up but with full force began to apply His handprint to her bare creamy bottom. Continuously over and over, despite her attempts to slip off, His hold would just that more strengthen upon her and His hand would come down that much harder. Through all her kicking and cussing and screaming He continued, til He could hear the sobs, finally feeling her body surrendering to Him did He soften the blows to her red bottom cheeks. Helping her from His lap, she standing before Him, her panties still down about her knees, He orders her to the study where the punishment is usually delved out. Reaching to pull up her panties, He tells her no. Her face cheeks blush almost as red as her bottom as she waddles to the study as told. Closing and locking the door behind Him, He watches as she stands in the center of the room, feeling the bulge in His pants growing at her state. But, He knows that tonite her bold outright defiance warranted a very long and serious session of discipline to adjust her attitude. Walking about her for a few minutes, He smiles inwardly as she fidgets, her hands flexing wanting to rub her stinging bottom but knowing she is not allowed. Stopping in front of her, His arms crossed as He tells her to raise her head and look at Him. As she does, he begins by simply stating, "I don't know what happened, whatever.....".....she starts to speak but His hard stare warning her stops her cold, remembering how He hates to be interrupted as He speaks. "whatever it is or was, does not warrant any of that display I just witnessed in the other room, or the disrespect or defiance You displayed to me, and I will NOT tolerate such an outburst from you." He waits a few minutes to let that soak in, then continuing, "I have many other things I need to do, but now I must handle this situation, and because I do, it will be a very long long session for you, and one that I hope, for Your sake, you will remember before You ever ever display what I just saw."

With those words He tells her to go to her corner and stand, knowing that the corner time was the hardest thing for her to tolerate. Her back to Him, gave Him a most beautiful view of her warmed ass cheeks, and he flexes His hand as He attempts to work the sting from it, but not allowing her to know it. Stepping to His desk, He settles down to work some, knowing He won't get much done as He will be staring more upon those warmed cheeks thinking of how much redder they will be when He finishes.

Little work is getting done. But that is hardly the point. They both know how much more content she is when her temper is brought under control. She knows in her heart that she deserves this, but in some way she knew her consequences and brought this on herself by her own stubborn actions. She would be deeply disappointed if he did not bring this wild cat back into line. That is what her subconsience is telling her, Her temper has blocked all of that out. The fire in her temperment is still only held in check by the stinging of her cheecks. So, as the stinging fades her temper grows. He can easily see that happening. As her checks begin to lose their color, her patience is growing thin. She begins to shift her weight and fidget. Then she calls out for his attention by letting out a sigh. Not one His hand is still feeling the effects of the last series, so he reaches into the desk drawer and brings with him a plastic drafting ruler. It is not very thick but it is flexible. "Stand over here in front of my desk". She works her way out of the corner, as she moves over to the desk her skirt falls back down covering her warmed cheeks. As she stands facing the desk, His voice relaying the slight irritation,. "Lift your skirt". He was not specific so she thought of a way to show a little more defiance. She reached down and lifted the front of her skirt. He restrained from making any comment and did not give her the satisfaction of a reaction. Looking directly into he eyes, he can see that she has placed a dare for him to answer. He stands next to her and grabbing a handful of hair to steady her and begins slapping the front of her thighs with the ruler. Her defiant plan of rebellion has backfired. Her thighs are far more sensitive to this kind of punishment than her ass cheeks. He is not landing powerful blows but more of a stinging slap that it is not long before her temper is back in check. The tears now begin to fill her eyes of fire and when her cries begin to be louder than the sound of the ruler, He stops. Thinking that she is headed back to the corner, she attempts to turn but that is not the case. While keeping a tight grip of her hair he pushes her forward over the top of his desk. Her burning thighs hit brusquely upon the edge of the desk.

A whispering crying out as her burning thighs are pressed against the desk and she goes to lift up, but His hand still grasping her hair reminds her quickly not to move. Teasingly, He begins to slowly smooth the ruler over her fading pink cheeks.

Watching as her cheeks tense and then relax to the touches, He smiles as He wonders how many she will take of the ruler before she is begging for Him to stop. Her body jerks as He slaps the ruler to the inside of her thigh, her leg kicking up a bit, "Spread them wider, lil one!" She moans disgruntingly as she slowly complies, the moan quickly met with several swift slaps of the ruler to either inside thighs. Her legs dancing a bit as the sting seers into her flesh and as it begins to subside, she

slowly begins spreading her legs. Releasing her hair, He directs her to stand up on her tip toes but stay face down upon the desk, as she does so, her ass is raised higher in the air, exposing her tender underside too. He instructs her that she is to maintain that position, at which time He pulls a chair up to her back side and sits down, watching as she strains to keep her position. He makes her maintain the position as He reaches forward with the ruler and slowly begins to tease it up over her ass cheeks and down the crack of her ass. Smiling, as He watches her stuggle to keep her position and her cool, hearing her exasperating breathes. But knowing she has to get through this, having to push her, for if He allowed her to get away with this temper that it would only escalate and He was not gonna have that, not from His sub. As He spies her legs slowly lowering from her toes He brings the ruler smartly down on the back side of her thighs several times, reminding her to get back to her toes. He gives her a couple of seconds to dance through the sting, and smiles as he sees her quickly return to her toes. Reaching over, His fingers tease over the warm red stripes that were just made. "I do believe, my lil one, you will be wearing ALOT of these tonite, and i do mean ALOT!" He saw her glancing back and noted the fire of defiance still burning there, His hand slowly goes down to His belt. His eyes watchig her eyes as she sees Him unbuckling His belt and standing up, He slips it through the loops slowly. He watches as she immediatly rises higher upon her toes, seeing her legs beginning to quiver from the strain. Folding the belt and holding the buckle end in one hand and the folded piece in the other, He makes the belt snap grinning as He watches her jump at the sound........a little chuckle in His voice, "Oh, yes, lil one, i can see this is gonna be a verrrrrryyyyy long night for you.

Cursing herself in her mind, "How did I let myself get this out of control again?" She is shaking in anticipation of the violent discipline of the belt. And then it hits, the slap is very destinct. But there is no sting? He has just given her a very light smack. She does not quite understand. Many thoughts run through her head; "maybe he is just lining up his swing" or "does he realy care for me enough to give me the spanking I deserve (and inwardly desire)". He has a purpose in his method. She is not going to be the one to dictate his actions. She will have to give up any thoughts of that and let go of any remaining control over her outcome. He continues to toy with her. He takes the belt and runs it over her cheeks to better aquaint the leather to her skin. She feels the belt being pulled away. She knows now that it is coming. But no he lands another light blow. But before she can think about it, he follows it with a very strong smack on her cheeks. His aim is perfect, it has landed on the tender under curve of her ass cheeks, just at the junction of her thighs and her cheeks. The sting slowly grows in intensity and she lifts up from the desk. With out a conscience thought of it, her hands fly back to protect herself. His voice comes very sternly, "Clearly, lil girl, you need some help with your control." With those words, she quickly realizes what she has done and moves back into position, but it is too late. Her needs are quite clear. He walks aroung the desk and opens a drawer to pull out a section of rope. "Give me your hands". She pleads and begs him not to do this but that decsision was made by her already. He is just following through with what she has brought upon herself. He doesn't say another word but waits patiently for her to obey. She eventually extends her shaking hands. He wraps her wrists together and ties the rope to the drawer knob. The rope is not tight, but clearly she will not be able to use her hands to interfere with what is going to happen with her bottom. "Now lets get back to the business at hand, Get back up on your toes"...

Stepping back behind her, He smile seeing the already red whelp rising from the one smack. Taking His hand He slowly caresses it as He speaks, "Now, my lil one, what is with this attitude and temper tantrum I saw earlier? Have Wwe not had this discussiong before about such behavior?" Her heart racing and her mind running over all the past episodes of her temper getting her in such a position and remembering the long, long session He would always put her through when He wanted to make a definite impression. Especially when it came to these temper tantrums of hers. It had been a very very lond time though since she had such a fit. But today was the pits and it seemed everything had gone wrong and now, she realizes she should have gone to Him and seeked the help she needed, the cuddling and all she want to do, but now she laid across the desk in this very embarrassing position. Deep inside though, she knew she needed this reminder, needed to know that He still cared enough to make sure she did what she was suppose to do. Suddenly, she screamed out as she felt the belt crack down right at the top of her thighs. It was the worse spot to receive the belt, for it was the most tender spot. Dancing up on her toes, her legs kicking up as she felt the burn of the leather seep into her flesh, her fingers flexing and gripping in a tight fist as she feels the leather laid over and over, right on that top part of her thighs on the back of her legs. It was a kind of signal that if He started there, it was going to be a very hard and long session, because He had not even started on her ass cheeks, yet. It was only 10, but they were always the first, so His strength was full and hard when He swung the belt and her cries would grow in intensity with each knew one. Dancing up and down upon her toes, the strain tremendous upon the calves of her legs, but she knew if she did not, He would start over. The tears are welling in her eyes, her whimpering sobs echoing in the room as He waited for her to settle a bit. Then stepping very close behind her, His hand slides down over her cheeks to feel the warmth of the stripes on her thighs, feeling her flinch in pain from His touch and the whimper with each caress, it made the pain between His legs grow seeing her slowly surrendering back to Him. Gently, He caresses to ease just a bit of the pain but at the same time scolding her about her actions and how He will not tolerate having His sub acting like a defiant spoiled bratty 2 year old, like He has witnessed earlier.

Stepping back to His chair behind her, He settles down to watch as she strains to maintain the position on her toes, knowing the muscles of her legs were beginning to ache tremendously. But He knew when she was like this, she had to be broken, had to be forced to face whatever it was that made her so. Early, she had found that one thing had drawn Him to her, the fact that He was a very strict disciplinarian, as well as her Master, and He not only gave out the punishment but it was always a lesson that was imprinted upon her mind, as well as her body. This was always His way.

Laying the belt on the arm of the chair, He picks the ruler back up and leaning forward in the chair, He begins to tease upon the inside of her thighs, watching her squirm and her whimpering moans, "Spread them wider, lil one!" He smiled inwardly as He heard her gasp as she heard His order. Her body trembling as she spread her legs and attempting to stay on her toes. Good, she knew that if He told her to do something, such as stay on toes, she still had to do that until He told her otherwise. Now, her legs were beginning to really ache, stretched open and on her toes, He noted the strain on her muscles from the V of her crotch down her thigh. He caresses the ruler upon her inner thighs, pulling it back and seeing that even though she is being scolded and disciplined, her pussy is wet. SHARPLY, He brings the ruler to smack on the insider of her thigh to be quickly matched on the other side. The sting piercing through her flesh as her legs kick up and fly close, but after a screaming gasp, she quickly corrects her position. Knowing she does not wish to displease Him any more, she is already in too much trouble. The tears begin to flow down her cheeks, her head flying back and swinging back and forth as she yanks on the rope as He brings the ruler up several more times burning upon her inner thighs, not stopping until the red glow on her inner thighs matches the same glow on the back of her thighs.

He sits back in the chair, listening to her whimpering sobs and moans and watching her trembling legs as she strains to stay in position. It is definitely going to be a long night, as He notes that she has not apologized.................yet!