The Unauthorized Orgasm

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The Unauthorized Orgasm

Byr: Slave Barry

Summary: Male live in slave is busted jerking off and pays the dear consequences for it. Paddling, caning, long term bondage, chastity.

Directly after my regular daily morning 50 paddle swats while locked in the stocks Mistress has in Her bedroom, Mistress ordered me to the dungeon. This was odd since I usually have many chores to do. Once in the dungeon, Mistress told me to kneel on the stool that is much like an ottoman but has no padding. I dare not ask Her what was going on, but couldn't help but wonder. She told me to raise my ass up off my ankles as she unlocked my locking butt plug harness to remove my regular training anal plug. Then She inserted a much, much larger one that was lubricated with Icy Hot and re-locked the harness. It burned worse than I could have ever imagined, but I kept as quiet as I could. She instructed me to sit my ass back down on my ankles. Mistress then cuffed my wrists together behind me with leather cuffs. Then did the same with my elbows, pulling them very, very close together. Next she used wide, long straps to fasten my ankles to my thighs. Once those were on she went behind me and tied my wrists to the back of the stool. I could not lean forward at that point. She then used ropes to pull the ankle to thigh straps to the sides of the ottoman pulling them very wide apart. This done, Mistress then strapped on the dreaded head harness with inflatable gag. Once it was strapped on tightly she tied a rope to the loop at the top of the head harness and pumped up the gag till my cheeks expanded. Mistress then pulled the rope that was attached to the top of the head harness and tied it off tightly to a ring on the back of the stool near where she had fastened my wrists. I was then practically staring at the ceiling. I still had no clue what the hell was going on. Till she threw the tissue at me. OH SHIT! I thought to myself. During the night I got up and went to the bathroom to jerk off. I must have left the tissue that I used to wipe the cum off myself on the vanity! She then told me that I was to be kept bound every minute until my Access Denied chastity belt arrived. She then strapped a blindfold on me very tightly and said I had 4 hours to think about what I had done. Then She would be back to begin my punishment! She gave my nipples a good squeeze and heard her walk away clicking off the light switch and closing the door.

Oh crap! What did I get myself into this time? How could I have been so stupid to leave the tissue on the vanity? Better yet. How could I have been so stupid to think I could get away with jerking off in the first place. Who am I to think that I could control when, where and how I orgasm. This is Mistress's job, pleasure, discretion etc.. She has threatened me with an Access Denied chastity belt in the past. But now it is to become a reality.

Holly crap my body ached! How long it had been since She left, I had no clue. My legs ached as did my arms, neck and ass hole. I was suffering and according to Her this was not even to be part of my punishment. I sat and wondered about just what my punishment was going to be. Then I remembered how cruel and merciless She can be when punishing and decided to think about something else. My mind switched back to my aching muscles. There was no escape. Physically or mentally. If I had to guess how long I'd been kneeling here bound it would be only about an hour or so. This was going to be a very long 4 hours and I dreaded the thought of Her return. Both wished for it so I could be released. But yet dreaded it because of the doom of the oncoming punishment. This is one area Mistress knows Her stuff. She knows oh so well how to make a slave regret. I tried to let myself slip off into a zombie state of mind.

Suddenly I hear the door open and the light switch click. SHE"S BACK! I'm slammed back to reality from my self-induced zombie state. At first I'm pissed. Seems as if more than 4 hours has passed and She said it was only to be 4 hours. Then I rethink to do I know it's been over 4 hours? And who am I to be pissed if it really was longer than 4 hours? I am Her slave. I am the one who did the misdeed. And this was a BIG misdeed. I'm often punished for just having my hands near my crotch....let alone touching it. The time I was punished for masturbating was something I'll never forget. Now here I am facing punishment for actually having an orgasm!

Mistress moves behind me and removes the blindfold and releases the rope holding the head harness from it's rigid position. My hopes and thoughts of being released are crushed as I see her push a cart full of Her "toys" in front of me. Some of the devices I recognize, many I don't. I notice a new penis flogger that has little knots on the ends of it's strands. I also notice a new set of evil looking clamps and piece of cloth covering some other things. Mistress notices me looking at the cart and smiles. Mistress then pulls up a chair and makes herself comfortable in it. I also note that She has a tall pitcher of Her favorite beverage, an empty ashtray and fresh pack of cigarettes indicating that this is going to be a very, very long punishment session.

"So slave!" My body and mind jump as She finally speaks after exhaling some smoke while leisurely sitting back in Her chair, elbow propped up on it's arm, cigarette between Her fingers . Mistress seldom smokes but when she does it usually means serious buisness. Her words echoed through my mind and the playroom. " So you think you can masturbate when you want? You thought you would get away with it huh? Well I'm not even going to ask how many times you did get away with it. No. Instead I am going to assume it has been several and punish accordingly. And not only am I pissed about you masturbating but am just as pissed that you will not able to do your chores while you are being kept bound until the c-belt comes. Expect to be punished for this as well. I have put forth some thought to this punishment. Since you are to be bound until your chastity belt arrives, I will need to hire a maid. And for every second the maid is here doing your chores you will spend that time in uncomfortable punishment bondage. For your sake, you best hope she's an efficient maid!"....She giggles to herself. I'm not giggling.

" Well let's get started with the masturbation punishment shall we? I see you've noticed the new punishment devices I've been saving for such an occasion. If you're should be. I have those other things covered up so as not to make you too nervous just yet. You'll soon see them though". She puts out her cigarette and picks up a long length of coarse twine......... . (i'll leave this part to the readers imagination)

It felt wonderful to be in my spandex sleep sack. The masturbation punishment was by far the worst thing I've ever endured in my entire life. Mistress said that I should get used to the sleep sack. The only time I won't be in it is when she feels like playing with me, punishing me, feeding me, bathing me, giving my twice daily enemas and catheters or in the promised uncomfortable punishment bondage while the temporary maid is doing my chores. My life is changing in drastic ways.

I'm awakened when I feel the crotch zipper of the sleep-sack open. Mistress says "easy slave, relax. I'm just checking to see how much I damaged you today.

I was quite hard on you but you deserved it. I've spoken to Access Denied and they've told me the soonest they will have a chastity belt for you will be six to eight weeks. Now try to relax and get some rest.....I'll see you in the morning" I then think to myself... six to eight weeks?!!! How am I going to be able to handle this?

I'm awakened again as Mistress begins to release me from the sleep sack.

It must be morning. Once released from the sleep-sack Mistress leads me over to the bedroom stocks, locks my head and wrists in and straps my ankles to the sides just like every other morning. Except this morning Mistress has added a large penis gag. She says that until my c-belt arrives my regular morning paddling sessions are to be doubled to one hundred and I am also to receive 20 strokes of her plastic cane.... One cheek at a time, 10 to each cheek. After the paddling and caning is over my training plug is replaced with a much, much larger one. I'm thankful it's not lubed with Icy Hot again. I'm then placed into my strait-jacket. She puts my posture collar on me and says the new maid will be here soon. My punishment bondage is about to begin. A ball strap is then placed around my scrotum and I'm then led to the middle of the room where I see a chain hanging from the ceiling and 12" tall small stool on the floor directly below it. I'm instructed to kneel on the stool as Mistress pulls the chain from the ceiling down through the ring on the front of my collar and attaches it to the strap around my balls . Mistress then tells me to stand up and am stopped just a bit short of standing fully upright by another chain that's attached to the ball strap. That chain I learn is clipped to a ring in the floor. Mistress pushes the stool out of the away says "Enjoy! I'll see you around noonish for your enema and catheter" then walks out of the room. It doesn't take me long to realize what she has just done. I can move up and down, the chain slides through the large ring on my collar, but i cannot kneel low enough to rest my knees or ass on the floor, and I can't stand fully upright. This was going to a very, very long day.

All this for just one orgasm.