A Review of Victorian Disci...

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A Review of Victorian Discipline

A Review of Victorian Discipline

It was in the 1800's during the reign of Queen Victoria, that England very rapidly grew into a rich nation. Many of her citizens became wealthy and were able to afford to pay others, nannies, govnernesses and tutors, to take over the raising of their children.

At the same time medical opinion invented the condition of auto-intoxication or self-poisoning from colonic wastes while industry, with the invention of vulcanized rubber, was able to mass produce tubing and syringes.

So was born the "Victorian Enema", a phrase that conjures up visions of white starched nurses, red rubber syringes, and above all, gallons and gallons of hot, strong, green soap suds. It was in infancy that the upper class anus first was invaded, for in the absence of disposable diapers and washing machines, a stool in the potty meant much less work! Right up to the 1930's, forced toilet training was the rule, going from lubricated tip of a pinkie to a soap stick, then a suppository, and finally an ounce of glycerin from a tiny infant rectal syringe. Constipation was considered to be the major enemy of good health, and keeping her charges's bowels moving was the preoccupation of every good nanny. For this she had three weapons - castor oil, glycerin suppositories, and the enema. All of the nursery bathrooms in those spacious days featured a big table on which the infants were bathed and dressed, and where the older children were syringed. Face down, with a thick rubber tube protruding from between their buttocks, they would lie, crying as nanny held their bottoms down with one hand and pumped them full with the other. As they got older and were persuaded to cooperate, the knee chest position was a universal favorite and many a young man got his first sight of a girl's behind as he watched his sister being given an enema or douche.

It was probably the single-minded zeal with which those Victorian ladies performed their job that has left the legend as it is today. Not for them a mere pint of two of lukewarm water, but the colon had to be fully distended with at least a quart of hot, strong soap solution to do a proper job. For more stubborn cases, there was the 1-2-3 enema: 1 oz of turpentine, 2 oz of ox bile, 3 oz of green soap, all mixed into 2 quarts of hot water, injected high up through a long red colon tube.

The Victorian concept of discipline is well known, and so many boys and girls so became sexually oriented to whipping and flagellation that it became known in Europe as the "English Vice". It was also held by some English educators and medical men that bad behavior was one of the symptoms of auto intoxication, and they, therefore, advocated combining whippings with enemas and colonic irrigations in order to treat the cause as well as the effect. The natural inventiveness of the age, together with this obsession for strict punishment led to a variety of retention devices being developed for their simultaneous administration. These were mostly a variation of the basic retention cone often fitted with an adjustable anal pad and a stopcock so that the tubing could be removed and not be in the way of the administration of punishment while the enema was forcibly retained. The natural result of all this juvenile anal activity was that a significant number of boys and girls were turned on sexually while receiving enemas and discipline. And in later years would insist on re-enactment of those days for sexual pleasure.

In the large bathroom on the second floor of many a wealthy Victorian's mansion sat an enema chair. A once popular piece of equipment, today these are no longer to be found. Basically, it was a very simple device: a wooden arm chair, usually white enameled, through the seat of which was fitted a brass tube. About an inch of this protruded above the seat and was threaded for the attachment of whatever nozzle was appropriate. From a pole at the back of the chair hung a red rubber enema bag, and beneath the seat, a soil pipe opened into an enamel bucket. A valve controlled the filling and emptying of the bowel while, for strict retention work, wrist and lap straps were often employed. Many nannies liked these chairs, as they took up very little space, and colonic treatment could be given one child while others were being bathed or toileted.


By the time he was fourteen years old, Michael was thoroughly accustomed to enemas, both medicinal and disciplinary. He lived in a great house on Hanover Square with two sisters, 17 year old Elizabeth and 16 year old Cynthia, and a very strict governess, Miss Appleyard (the children now being too old for a nanny). When their parents were away, and that was frequently, Miss Appleyard had complete charge of the entire household, including the servant's hall.

Once a month, usually on a Friday, a certain Nurse Forbes would visit the mansion for the express purpose of administering enemas to the children. Forbes' white uniform, was so stiffly starched it looked to the children as if it might crack if the nurse so much as bowed.

One at a time they would be called to the old nursery where the big brass bed would be covered for the occasion by a red rubber sheet. Molly, the nursery maid, had fetched a big jug of hot water from the kitchen and hung the white enamel irrigator on the hook so the hose lay coiled at the foot of the bed. A fire would be burning brightly in the grate, and before it on the polished floor sat a big china chamber pot. While they took off their clothes and climbed onto the bed, Nurse Forbes asked the governess, who supervised these functions, about the state of the child's bowels, and then would choose her enema solution and nozzle accordingly.

Michael did not mind the mild soapsuds enemas that he usually received, (at fourteen he got very strong erections during "treatments" - a display that did not escape the watchful eye of the females in attendance), but all three of the children hated the soap and turpentine retentions with the big fat retention nozzle which followed the slightest hint of costiveness. Nurse Forbes always came to give them extra clysters and enemas if they were sick, and also administered hot vaginal douches to the girls if they had cramps, as they were not considered old enough to have personal maids do it for them. Michael had often seen the plump rubber vaginal syringe with its strangely shaped nozzle, but at fourteen had not yet been enlightened to its use.

Punishments were given by the governess in the old nursery, not only to the children but also to the female staff, for that was a time when servants were regularly beaten. A whipping horse of the finest quality was provided for the purpose, and Miss Appleyard kept her own collection of canes, straps and whips in a special locked drawer in the nursery cupboard.

If correction was due, it usually took place on an enema day. The guilty one (lets imagine Cynthia has wretchedly failed her Latin), would be called up to the nursery where Nurse Forbes had already finished with Michael and Elizabeth. The 15 year old girl was, by this time, nervously twisting her handkerchief into knotted ruins in her anguished anticipation of the unavoidable punishment awaiting her. Even the downstairs staff of servants well knew what she was expecting, for in a place of the usual knee length middy skirt she usually wore, (a Victorian "sailor suit" was the girls' customary uniform on weekdays), a special "punishment skirt" was substituted, to be worn throughout the entire day discipline was given. Although the same navy blue color, it was incredibly short, its pleated hem barely down to the curve of the young girls buttocks. The tall dark stockings had vanished, and the girl's pale legs were quite bare, save for little-girl ankle socks and black patent "Mary Jane" shoes. It was, in fact, Appleyard's intention that the culprit feel like a very little child again - and to have everyone else recognize it too.

The effect of wearing such a humiliating costume on the intended victim was stunning; she felt quite naked and vulnerable, and she indeed was. Although she was fully clothed, in fact. A modern reader must realize that in the Victorian Era, a teen-age girl's knees were virtually NEVER seen! The rest of the household, from the snickering stable boy to the ultra proper butler to the youngest servant from the "Charity" - all could see that a naughty girl was, that day, going to be punished.

At last Cynthia is called - she turns from the embarrassed glances of her siblings - and unconsciously tugging at the short skirt as if to lower it, reports to the nursery. The maid assists the culprit in removing her clothes completely, and the naked girl turns to face the implacable Nurse Forbes. As Nurse Forbes sternly gestures toward the bed, the girl begins to tremble and slowly walks to the edge of the bed and begins frantically looking around the room, hoping to find a pardon, or some kind of protection from what is about to happen. Realizing that this is a reality, she slowly climbs up on the bed, and looking over her shoulder, kneels on her knees, and bends over, placing her chin on her forearms.

With eyes tightly closed, and bottom up, knees apart, and head down, the first enema, a "regular" one is to come. Holding her breath, she feels Nurse Forbes place an index finger and a glob of petroleum jelly against her anus and press the glob deeply into her bottom. The nurse twirls her finger around inside her, smearing the jelly around her rectum, and Cynthia shudders to realize the severity of what is to come. She knows the first enema, though large in volume is only the beginning of an experience that will take her to her limits. It is common knowledge that a regular enema, a soapsuds retention with a big black lollipop shaped nozzle and a full two quarts of steaming soapsuds and turpentine injected in its entirety, without stopping, is only a preamble to a high colonic irrigation.

This "regular" enema causes immense pressure, cramping, and gripping of the young girl's tummy. Already, Cynthia is so anxious, that as Nurse Forbes removes her finger, Cynthia feels light headed and terrified. The nozzle is pressed into her bottom, a long 8" hard rubber curved nozzle. Cynthia holds her breath as she listens for the sound of the clamp to be released. She tries to relax her lower body, hoping to take the entire enema quickly and easily, but she feels immediate pressure, as the bag is hung quite high. She begins to groan and whimper as she wonders how she is going to manage the entire thing when she is so uncomfortable already. Eyes closed tighter and tighter, it is a race between her endurance and the content of the bag, but somehow, she manages to take it all in, though there are many groans and panting. Cynthia, now weeping and pleading for relief, would be made to anxiously watch the egg-timer as the sand ran through and it was turned over for a second or sometimes even a third time before the churning bowel could be emptied into the chamber pot by the fire.

Now, back on the bed... this time on her back. Cynthia was made to lift her legs up, and wide apart, soon to feel the fat, red, snake of a colon tube, soft and supple from many oilings, slide smoothly through the puckered pink orifice as the nursery maid poured warm water into a glass funnel on its end. When no more fluid would run into the swollen little tummy, the funnel is inverted over a bucket to siphon all of the water out again. A little more colon tube disappears into the twisting, writhing bottom, and the whole process is repeated until, finally, the water runs out as clean as it ran in. Then the tube is withdrawn with a flourish and Nurse Forbes, still crisp and implacable in her starched white uniform would dispatch the maid to tell the governess that her subject was being prepared for chastisement.

Appleyard always took her time in coming, as fearful anticipation is an important part of proper punishment. How the children's hearts sank as, waiting in the lonely nursery, they heard footsteps in the hall. There was no need for words as she entered the room - the penalty was known in advance and there could be, would not be, any mercy. Being strapped to the "horse" heightened the sense of complete helplessness. It was well padded and quite comfortable, but by the time the leg, arm, and body straps had been adjusted and tightened, movement in any direction was completely impossible. An elevating pubic pad and side mounted stirrups provided maximum exposure so that a girl, when properly arranged, looked rather like a Siamese cat in heat, straddling a leather cushion! And this day was no different as a penitent young Cynthia found herself strapped helplessly to the horse, coltish legs spread, and almost hairless virginal cleft forced back between spread thighs.

Like many disciplinarians of the Victorian Era, Appleyard believed in science and skill rather than brute strength. After all, she was in the hire of an aristocratic family who would dismiss her should she employ brutality and place even the smallest scar on her youthful charges. Therefore she was inventive and skilled, never brutal. She always combined the internal discomfort of a strong purgative with the pain of the beating. (Later, the children would attend academy and learn the similar effects of "figging" when coupled with scholastic discipline.) For this, she favored the most unpleasant of nature's laxatives, - fresh hot ox bile. One pint, procured from the butcher just this morning, lay waiting (to Cynthia's horror) in a metal clyster syringe, and the injection was only a matter of a minute. As the syringe was inserted, again Cynthia felt a wave of panic, as her tummy immediately began to twist into a ball of aching and cramping. The minute seemed like an hour, and she felt as if she was going to explode when, in spite of her useless protests and begging, felt the syringe exit her and the thick rubber rectal plug was pressed hard, passed her almost too small anus. Tears streaming down her face, she tried to hold her breath and cry at the same time. At that moment, Appelyard stepped back, and seeing that arrangements were complete, could commence the whipping.

The girls were always paddled with a well-oiled, flexible leather strap on a wooden handle which was beautifully wrapped in leather, a reflection of the craftsmanship of the Age. This instrument would sting like the very devil, yet was as guaranteed to not bruise or mark the girl's delicate cheeks or thighs. While a strap was severe enough to thoroughly correct young girls and women, Michael, as befitted a boy, would have been treated with a cane.

And now Cynthia knew it was time. The ox bile was doing it damnedest in her young bowels, and Appleyard had picked up the punishment strap. The governess noted how securely the girl was bound to the horse, knees wide apart, the black bung secure in her rectum, yet leaving a spectacular field for punishment. Nurse Forbes and the maid, twenty-year-old Molly (who was subject to similar punishments if lax in her duties) stepped back in admiration and anxiety, to witness punishment of quivering, sobbing Cynthia. Appleyard slowly drew the flat, gleaming strap through her fingers, then doubled it, making it "crack" sharply as it pulled tight. Holding the strap in her right hand, she slowly stroked Cynthia's taught spread buttocks and upper thighs, as if to check the field before venturing forth to do battle.

The girl's sharp intake of air at the touch of her torturer's hand left little doubt that the severe strapping of the spread-apart thighs and buttocks was about to begin.

It will be left to the mind of the reader to imagine that which followed, or for pen less pure than mine to describe.

It was a little before his 14th birthday that Michael discovered his secret- a secret which eventually led to his downfall. It was after a routine enema session when, instead of returning to the playroom, he found that a knot had fallen from the wooden paneling at the back of an upper wall closet in the hall outside the nursery, and that if he climbed up onto one of the large shelves, he could see the entire nursery through the hole. At the appropriate moment, he pulled himself up inside the closet and pulled the door closed behind him. Fascinated, he watched his oldest sister, 16 year old Elizabeth, receive her enema. She lay on the brass framed bed on her back, her slim legs spread wide and her knees drawn up, revealing to Michael's wide eyed gaze, the sight of the pink fig of her cunt, jutting most provocatively out above her tiny anus, and in sharp contrast to the black-stemmed nozzle which had just been inserted by Nurse Forbes. Michael could tell by his sister's heaving and sobbing complaints that the hot soapsuds enema was working her in a most disagreeable and uncomfortable way.

Michael’s secret remained his own for several months, during which time he saw both girls strapped once, and Elizabeth douched twice (providing him with erotic knowledge of the mysterious syringe previously mentioned). It is obvious to even the most sophisticated reader that Michael took such opportunities to relieve his swollen manhood of its tension during the most stimulating sight of his teen-aged sister's beautiful pink sex impaled by the thick vaginal tube, while the fat bulb was squeezed repeatedly to instill and withdraw the hot douche solution. His view of the vaginal nozzle as it painfully distended Elizabeth's young vulva was excellent, and it took very little stroking of his violently erect penis to achieve a most satisfying orgasm.

The day he was found out was rather a special one, for an under-housemaid, Lorna, a 19 year old who recently arrived from the Charity (orphanage) was to be punished for smuggling a man into her room. This was a serious crime and usually a cause for summary dismissal without references. Having been caught, she was only too glad to be let off with a beating. The head housekeeper was charged with preparing her, which included a bath, series of enemas, and a shaving of her entire pubic area... the usual routine for punishing female servants. Lorna, being almost an adult, was given 6 2-quart enemas, since her experience was that of punishment, and not health maintenance. By the beginning of the 4th, she could only kneel on her knees on the bed and sob, but all half dozen were administered, as prescribed. By the time the governess was informed that Lorna was prepared, Michael was hidden in the closet, having overheard about the coming discipline from a whispered conversation between to of the manor's other young serving girls.

Lorna, who was utterly fair, was made to remove her maid's uniform and the coarse lisle stockings, leaving her totally naked before the stern Miss Appleyard. The fire in the grate cast orange, flickering shadows across the scene, and Michael noted the girl's long, coltish legs, whose thighs blended almost imperceptibly into a compact, pale bottom. As the straps were tightened, Michael was strangely excited by his first sight of an adult vulva. Appleyard had used an exaggerated pubic tilt and had lowered the front legs of the "horse" so that the girl-woman's sex was pointed high - and the spread of her knees caused it to almost gape, the fleshy lips emphasizing the velvety red lining within.

The punishment was a Victorian Classic. First an elongated egg-shaped dilator was lubricated with menthol and thrust into the young woman's vagina so that it spread her lips and displayed her clitoris, already glistening with moisture. The governess then placed a black silk scarf around Lorna's mouth as a gag, which resulted in a totally terrified expression in her eyes. Then Appelyard flagellated her with a small "cat", a miniature of the kind used to flog seamen. The tiny, thin leather strands were only six inches long, and Appleyard worked them over Lorna's entire perineal area, causing it to swell, redden and finally welt as if the girl had been stung repeatedly by angry bees. Young Michael was in a transport of excitement, the servant's pitiful screams muffled by the gag adding to the thrill of the sight. As he relieved his throbbing organ, he fell backwards off the shelf, and even above the screams and sound of the cat slapping the girl, Appleyard heard the sound of Michael falling. Bursting from the room, whip still in hand, the governess discovered Michael's secret.

For the first time in her career, she was at a complete loss as how to deal with this development. In this Victorian period, peeping and masturbation was a clear indication of established vice, which if unchecked, would certainly ruin him. As a temporary measure, Michael was confined to the nursery on bread and water while Miss Appelyard sought expert advice.

Her inquiries led her to one of the self-proclaimed specialists in "nervous disorders", primarily those of self-abuse or masturbation. Preying on the fears and outraged moral principals of parents and tutors, such charlatans abounded in Victorian England, and Dr. Augustus Grimsdyke, into whose care Michael was delivered, was a typical specimen. (Soon after, Cynthia was delivered for treatment as a result of Grimsdyke's persuasive talents).

Unfortunate children who had been discovered relieving their natural tensions were accommodated at his so-called "nursing home" on Wimpole Street, for periods of up to 2 weeks, and were daily subjected to colonic detoxification, manual seminal evacuation (males), hot and cold genital irrigations (females), and gluteal counter inflammation. Stripped of the high-flown verbage, this meant enemas, prostatic massage for boys, douches with clitoral massage for girls, and whippings, with a capital W. It was not surprising that after a few sessions with doctor's staff, his patients learned the supreme value of not being caught, so that he was able to claim a very respectable cure rate.

For his young, frightened patients, the passage of time at Dr. Grimsdyke's was measured by the regular attentions that their bottoms received from one or the other of his two full-time "nurses". Each cell-like room (12 in all), contained, besides a high iron framed bed and a commode, a device that became known as the Grimsdyke Frame. Made of leather, padded wood and iron, a boy or girl could be immobilized with buttocks spread tautly upturned and genitals easily accessible. This machine, with its attendant rack of instruments dominated the dismal chamber from which the occupant only emerged for prayers, meals, and baths. The rest of the time being spent waiting for the footsteps at the door which signaled the beginning of another session of pain and humiliation. The only article of clothing permitted both boys and girls, was a white cotton gown, so short that if the child was standing straight, the hem came to just above the genitals. This was worn at all times, except during "treatments". The range of age of  Dr.’s patients was 8 to 20 years old, and at prayers and meals, they mixed, enduring the humiliation of being seen by the other sex, totally naked from the waist down. It was mortifying for, say, a seventeen year old girl to have a much younger boy (though similarly attired) look with horrified fascination at the red welts that streaked her buttocks and perhaps even see how swollen her sex had become from the incessant douchings and stimulation it received. And seated together at meals, both boys and girls would shift their naked, well whipped bottoms on the hard wooden benches, attempting to find a more comfortable position.

Dr. Grimsdyke's attitude was typical of that of many elderly Victorians in the medical and teaching profession - he saw himself as a kindly but strict benefactor, saving his patients from personal self-destruction, rather than the perverted sadistic tyrant he actually was. However, dominance, restraint, paddling, spanking, and administration of enemas from one partner to another, as consenting adults, can establish a realization and acknowledgment of mutual adoration, respect, and devotion, when it is understood that these practices are provided by mutual consent.

These practices, to varying degrees are enjoyed by many couples now in modern times.