Birthday Spanking

Author: Trice-Cummings
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Birthday Spanking

By Trice-Cummings

We were celebrating my 30th birthday. My boyfriend, Curt and I were cleaning the back yard. We were going to have a yard party. The patio was spotless and the lawn was lush and green. We figured that the guests would be arriving soon.

I have been with Curt for about five years, he was some what dominate and I soon became some what submissive to him. When I would over spend the budget or be late to a function he would take me over his knee and spank my bottom. If he thought that I needed more punishment he would insert a nozzle into my hole and fill me up with two quarts of soapy enema. Needless to say I tried to stay on the straight and narrow as far as our relationship went.

With all the lawn furniture in place and the Bar B Que. ready I went into the house to shower and dress. I changed into a pair of white shorts with a bright yellow top. I was looking at myself in the mirror when Curt came into the room.

"You're not wearing pants for the party." He said.

"Why what's wrong with this?" I spread my arms out and turned around.

"I don't want you wearing pants....put on your sun skirt...the green one." He said.

"But I don't want to wear a skirt...that thing is so out of date." I tried to plead to him with my eyes.

He went to the closet and pulled out the skirt and threw it onto the bed. He then pulled out a white cotton blouse and threw it onto the skirt. I looked at the combination in discussed.

"That is what your going to wear." He said and went into the bathroom to shower. I couldn't believe that he wouldn't let me wear what I wanted to on my birthday. I slowly undressed huffing and puffing and mumbling to myself. Soon I had on the skirt that was flared and came up to just above my knees. The blouse buttoned up in front and one would be able to see my bra through it. I slipped on my sandals and made my way out to the kitchen to look over last minute preparations.

Curt came out and saw me dressed in the apparel that he had chosen. He came up to me and kissed me on the forehead giving me a hug. I tried to not notice him looking around at what I was doing.

"Now that's much better....I like you in a dress rather than shorts." He let go of me and we both went to work. Soon the guest had arrived, there were about a dozen or so. Most of our friends had kids but they had all left them with sitters. I was talking to my friend Marge.

"You guys could of brought the kids...I had hot dogs and jello salad made for them."

"Nah...we wanted to make sure we had fun....sometimes you just need to get away from them." Marge said.

I didn't think anymore of it. Some of my friends knew that I was Curt's submissive, I would talk to them about the spankings he gave me...I'm not sure if I ever told them about the enemas though. We ate and drank and sat in the spring sun. It was a gorgeous day. Most people brought me funny cards and I would open them and pass them around for all to see.

After the food was put away and we all got down to some hard partying Curt took a few of the men into the house. They were gone for quite some time.

"Where in the hell did Curt go?" I asked to the people around me.

"Oh he's probably putting the bow on you new BMW."

"Ya, right." I said. If we could ever be able to afford a BMW I would fall over dead I thought. I started to rise out of my chair.

"Oh stay here he'll be back in a minute or so." Marge said as she garbed my wrist. I sat back down and we started to talk about work and stuff. Some of the people we invited were friends from work. All of a sudden everyone started to sing happy birthday to me and I could see Curt and two other guys carrying something big from out of the house. I couldn't see what it was due to the sun and they were in the shade. I covered my eyes and got up. Everyone was now moving toward the object surrounding it. They sat it at the end of the porch and everyone finished the song then clapped.

I moved up to the thing and looked at it, I couldn't tell what it was, it was black with padding and had a big red bow on it. It looked like some type of work out bench. I placed my hand on it and rubbed the slick vinyl padding. I was too embarrassed to ask what the object was and I looked at Curt with questioning eyes.

"It's a spanking bench." Everyone was silent as I stood there and took in the words.

"What?" I asked not sure I heard right.

"It's a spanking bench Missy...To spank your bottom." He always called me Missy. Everyone around me started to laugh and I looked up to see Curt smiling.

Everyone then broke out into a chant. "Birthday spanking .....Birthday spanking." I flushed as I looked around to everyone and smiled I was so embarrassed at that moment. They continued to chant and Curt ripped off the bow.

"Oh, I don't think so." I smiled to everyone and blushed even more.

"Sure you can Missy ...come on lets try it out." Someone said and everyone started to chant again. Curt and Bob took my arms and leaned me over the thing a bit trying to get me to kneel up onto the bench. I pulled back a little but then gave in and placed my knees onto the padded part the brought them about a foot off the ground. They then pulled on my arms a bit more and Curt placed his hand on the small of my back so that I would lay down flat on the table part that was tilted at a forty five degree angel down ward.

I tried to pull back and stay up but my body laid across the tables top. I felt the heavy padding at my hips that jetted my bottom up and out. I was starting to get scared but tried to keep up good humor as Curt and Bob brought something around my wrists that were now spread out to each corner of the table.

"This can be used for other kinky stuff as well." I said in a shaky voice as my body was now flat to the table and I looked to the side. The people around me laughed.

"Are you comfortable?" Curt asked.

"As comfortable as I can be in this weird position.....Ok you can let me up now." I said, and everyone started to chant again. "Birthday spanking ...Birthday spanking."

"Oh come on guys you can't be serious." I was starting to loose my humor and become some what irritated.

"Bob, did you bring those leg things?"

"Ya got them right here." I couldn't see what he had and before I could turn my head to the other side they were behind me.

"Oh come don't want to do this." starting to struggle against the wrist restraints. Everyone started to chant again. I couldn't believe they were serious.

" comes the moment of truth...the unveiling."

"CURT....DON'T." I yelled as I felt my skirt being pulled up from the back of my legs.

"Come on guys....THIS ISN'T FUNNY ANYMORE." I tried to kick out my legs but in this strange position they wouldn't go far without me falling off the kneeling pad and hang from my wrist. I knew that they all had a few drinks or so and they were all feeling the effects including me. But all of a sudden I felt real sober as my skirt was now up and over my back. I felt fingers in my panties and they were being pulled down.

"STOP....NO...CURT.....DON'T DOOO THAT." I started to scream as my panties were being pulled down over my small bottom I really started to thrash around trying to get loose. And my panties came down farther and farther until they were around my bent knees. People started to chant again as they were now all behind me. I looked up to see into the sliding glass window that I now faced. I could barley see them all gathered around my exposed bottom with there drinks in there hands.

My face was hot with blushing as everyone stood looking at my bottom. My feet were then parted way out to each side and my knees stretched my panties out tight. Something was then placed on my ankles and secured.

"Oh ....guys....I don' had your fun, now let ME GO."

"Birthday spanking....Birthday spanking." The people chanted again.

Something was then placed over the small of my back and I felt it tighten down plunging my body down onto the table even more and this raised my bottom up further as now my back was slightly arched. Tears came to my eyes and I grunted to the tightness of the strap.

"Curt...This is embarrassing me...please don't do this."

"Oh come on it's your birthday." Is all he said.

"Hey Curt...this thing is real nice...maybe I should get one." I heard George say.

"If you do I'll leave you and take all your money with me." I heard his wife Kate say.

"Ok....listen up....In this hat I have paper with numbers on them. You need to reach into the hat and pull out a number. This will tell you who gets to go second after me."

"CURT!!!!!!!!....NOOOOO." I screamed. I heard the people mumble around me.

"Number 8, I got number 3...." This went on until all the had picked a number.

"Hey I'm right after you Curt" I heard Bob say.

"Ok all...I have a few toys here...I have a small paddle, and a strop, and small can pick your poison....We have most of the day left so I think you should only give her ten swats at a time."

"COME ON CURT.....PLEASE." I cried as he told everyone that they could spank my bottom. Tears rolled down my face as I laid there, my arms and hands restrained and my bottom bare to them all.

How would I ever face those people from work again....I was so humiliated at that moment I thought I would just die.

"Ok's time to start your Birthday spankings." Curt said as everyone chanted again.


"SMACK ......OWEE.....SMACK.....OWE....SMACK....OWE." The wooden paddle hit my bared bottom.

"Hey who's counting?" Curt stopped.

"We should make her count." Bob said. I was now sobbing as my bottom already stung.

"That's a good idea...she won't miss count unless she wants more." Curt said.

"Ok many have I given you?"

"Oh Curt more please."

"How many darling?"


"Ok you just keep count."

"SMACK....OHHHHEEEE." I screamed.

"Count dear."



Curt stopped at ten and my bottom stung from the paddles hits. I tossed and turned my head from one side to the other. After a few minutes the paddle started on my bottom again. I cried and counted for another ten. My bottom now hurt so bad and felt as hot as my flushed face. After Curt had applied the thirty swats to my bottom, he gave me a real hard one to grow on.

" hurtsss…" I cried out.

"Should we give her a rest...before I start?" Bob asked.

"Ya lets give her about 15 minutes...we can refresh our drinks and look at her red bottom."

I was sobbing on the table, my butt stung and hurt. I looked up into the window and could see people sitting in the lawn chairs in the sun behind me. People went in and out of the glass door leaving me there with my red bottom exposed.

"Are you ok Missy?"

Linda was bending down to look into my face.

"No....I"MMM Not…" And I started to sob.

She put a hand on my back and rubbed it.

"It will be over dear...when it's my turn I will be easy on you."

"You're're going to sppppaaannnkkk me ??" I cried. Linda was one of my call girls at work, she was one of my best employees.

"Why of course....It's an opportunity that I wouldn't miss." She then walked away.

I pleaded for them to let me go...but soon Bob was behind me with the leather strop. He was harder on me than Curt and I would scream with pain.

"Hey Bob take it easy...she has allot more to go." I heard someone say and his hits lessened. I would still cry and count with each swat and they were all gathered behind me to watch my bottom being abused.

The women were much more gentle than the men but each stroke to my bottom would sting no matter how easy it was. Because I had a few drinks my bladder filled and I asked to be released to go to the bathroom.

"You just have to hold it...there is still a few people that haven't had there turn." Curt said.

The last person to spank me was George...and I could feel his heavy hand hit my bare bottom that was now quite raw and almost numb. With each of his hits a small dribble of urine would escape my body and drip down my leg.

"You're disgusting have no control at all." Curt said as he saw my urine dribble from me.

"I'm sorry.....I can't hold it anymore." I cried. I had now been on the table for more than four hours, and everyone was very drunk at my expense. George gave me the last of my ten spankings and I pleaded for them to let me up.

"Hey, Curd. Hey, why don't you full Missy up with an ema to show .her some conttroll??" I could hear Bob behind me slobbering drunk.

"That's not a ...relaly bad Idea." Curt said just about as drunk.

"Hey eberyone...what *hiccup* sav to ....gibing Missy an enema * hiccup* ??"

"You bet." And soon everyone was chanting. "Fill er up...Fill er up."

"No....Oh Curt please...No...please let me go."

I watched as people went into the house and came stumbling out with a big bag and some tubing. "NO...PLEASE...DON'T...DO THIS." I screamed as they all walked behind me. It was now dusk with the spring sun starting to set, these people were going to give me an enema.

"Hey...did you pud some...soap that ??"

"Ya..but..I not sure how much...just ...just spilt in ....there .....Hey ....someone ...neebs to hold thoses"

"Oh god...curt please." I cried but I knew that wasn't going to help...I was there play toy...and they were having fun at my expense.

"'re hurting me." I screamed as someone took hold of each of my red swollen cheeks and parted them.

"Hey she has...three holes…" Curt said and people laughed.

"Here give me that before you hurt the poor girl with your drunkenness." I heard Marge say.

"I'm sure sorry about all this Missy....But the least I can do is make sure your safe...the nozzle now honey."

I could tell that Marge wasn't as drunk, if any, as all the rest. She brought the nozzle to my hole and it's well lubed tip slipped into me.

"UGHHHH...OH...GOD don't do this to me please." I saw in the window the bag being raised by Curt way over his head and the clamp was let go. Hot water gushed inside me and I whimpered and cried as I took the enema inside me. I was pleading for it to be stopped as the soap gave me deep cramps. I was grunting and moaning as my body had no choice but to take all the enema water.

"I can't take anymore...OH god."

"Watch out every...bon...she's gonna...blow."

I tried to hold the water but couldn't and I grunted and the nozzle popped out of me and a stream of gushing water spewed out of me onto the lawn.

"There...she blows." Someone yelled and soon the water was a small stream running down my legs. I was so humiliated at that moment as the water would gush out of me in spurts and run down my legs. I was sobbing uncontrollably.

"Come on Linda...let's get her off this thing." Marge said.

" women are no fun...don't you think that was a nice water fall?"

"Watered ...the yawn." Curt said.

The girls got me off the table and I stepped out of my dirty disgusting panties that were now soaked. I pulled down my skirt and the girls helped me into the house to the master bathroom. I was still crying and sobbing. They left me alone and I striped and showered. I continued to cry as my humiliation subsided and my anger grew. I didn't go back out for the rest of the night.

In the morning I got up and dressed. I saw my swollen black and blue bottom in the mirror and my anger grew. I garbed my purse and found Curt sleeping on the couch. The house was a mess and I looked out the glass window to the patio to see the spanking table there the red enema bag on the ground. I raced out the door and got into my car. Tears came to my eyes as I sat in the seat and I drove off. I went to the mall and walked around but for the most part I thought about my relationship with Curt and this whole submissive thing.

When I returned late in the afternoon. The house had been cleaned spotless and the patio had been worked on as well. The table was no longer out there. Curt was on the couch watching sports.

"Hey baby...where you been?"

"Out....out thinking."

"Man do I ever have a hang heads pounding?"

"Good... you deserve it."

"What's wrong with you?"

I turned around and took my stretch pants down from around my hips and bent over for him to see my bare bottom.

"This is what's wrong with me."

"Oh God...Oh baby...shit...I'm sooo sorry."

He got up from the couch and brought his hand to my colored bottom. I lifted back up and pulled my pants up before he could touch me. I then walked away from him.

"That thing goes or I go."

"Man. I'm sorry I guess things got out of hand...I didn't mean for it to...really."

"I want that thing out of here by tomorrow or I will be." I snapped.

"What am I going to do with it...I can't take it back."

"I don't can take it to the dump for all I care...put it goes."

"Yes ma'am." He said. And I left the room.

The next day I looked all over the house and in the garage...the spanking table was no where in site. I had gotten even madder through the day as I had seen the looks of my coworkers at me. Even people that weren't at the party looked at me with a funny smile.

A few months later I had found out that George had the table. It was in his garage. I knew that Curt's birthday was coming up so I got with my girlfriends and made plans. Curt was astounded at his surpass birthday party that we held over at George's.

"I never had a clue." He said. There were some of his coworkers there as well. He worked for a large construction company. Everyone that was at my party was also at his except twice the amount of people. It was now cold outside so the party was held inside, and the house had a great room with a bar. Everyone including myself was getting tipsy.

"Hey listen up everybody ....I have a nice surpass for Curt in the den, please follow me." Bob and George took there place on each side of Curt as planned as we walked into the den. Curt's mouth feel open as he saw the table with a big red bow on it.

"What's this?"

"It's a spanking table that I can spank your bottom." I said with a smirk. Just then Bob and George held Curt's arms as me and Linda pulled down his jeans and briefs.

"'re not going to." Is all he could get out before everyone started to chant. " Birthday spanking...birthday spanking" The men got Curt onto the table his penis hanging down along with his balls as he was placed in the restraints and was now ready for his spanking.

"Oh come on guys...this is not fair."

"As fair as it was when you did it to Missy." Someone said

"But I was sorry about that really." And the chants started again.

I leaned over to look Curt in the face. "I'm not going to be as cruel to you as you were to me...but you will remember this birthday for years to come." I said.

"Ok...everyone....Curt is 48 I have decided to give him 48 oz of enema for him to hold while each of us give him a swat. We will go around in turns until all 48 have been given and I get the privilege of giving him the one to grow on."

"Fill him up....Fill..him...up." everyone chanted.

"Oh come on guys...this." but he cut off his words when Marge took his butt cheeks and parted them wide to show his small hole. I could see his face blush and I knew that he knew that there was no use pleading. he would get his enema and spanking.

I brought the long nozzle to his hole and smeared it with it's well lubed tip. I could see his anal muscles tighten and relax as I teased his hole with the nozzle. I watched intently to his bottom and soon I saw the signs of him starting to get aroused and his penis started to get erect as it laid between his wide legs. Marge looked up to me and winked as she saw the same thing.

"oh.....Missy please."

"Please what...Curt."

I then applied firm pressure to the nozzle against his hole and it slid in. I then twisted and turned it in him and pulled it in and out slowly.

"Ughhhhh....Oh missy....please don' this."

His penis was now real hard as I worked the nozzle in and out of his bottom and it would twitch as the nozzle would hit up onto his prostate. He made little gasps as this was done and I could see him try and pull hard on the restraints that held him tight. everyone shuffled for position and mumbles went around the room that Curt was getting aroused by having a nozzle up his butt. I was enjoying this humiliation that he was feeling as I saw his face turn almost crimson with embarrassment.

"Uhhhh...oh....god...please......oh god." He would moan as I worked the nozzle in and out of his bottom then when I would hit his prostate I would just massage it with the tip of the nozzle. His penis would jerk and it's head was almost purple with the blood that had filled it.

After ten minutes of playing with him his erection was very noticeable and people watched as he tried to move his hips to rub himself on the tables padded top.

"God he's getting off on having his butt fucked." One of his coworkers said. And I smiled knowing that Curt was feeling his humiliation along with his great arousal. Just when I thought he was about to cum. Linda let go of his cheeks and I unclamped the clamp on the tubing. The tube jumped as it filled with water and Curt groaned and tried to move his hips as much as possible.

"OHHHHH.....NOOOOOO…" He yelled and he tried to arch up as his penis let go of it's contents and he came right there and then. People gasped as they saw the thick white fluid stream from his penis between his legs. His body shook and shivered as his penis let go of the last of it's contents. The tube in his bottom pulsed up and down as his anal muscles felt the orgasm as well. I stood back and smiled as he moaned and ground. Soon he sighed and relaxed. The bag was now half empty and he would gasp with the cramps that soon hit him.

"Fill him up....Fill....him...up…" People started to chant as the show between his legs was over and his erection started to subside. Curt pleaded that I stop the enema, but I made him take it all.

"You need to learn control...I'm very displeased that you can't hold your orgasm and spewed in front of all your friends. So you will have to hold your enema until you get all 48 swats."

"But I can't." He cried out and I knew he had tears in his eyes.

"I'm going to pull the nozzle out hold your water."

Curt had placed his forehead on the tables top and I could hear him gulp in air to hold his enema. His bottom tensed up tight to hold himself closed.

"Ok everyone line up to give the birthday boy a spanking." Everyone lined up against the wall to give Curt a swat with the paddle I had found. It was the same one from my birthday. George was first and he didn't hold back. he raised the paddle and brought it down hard onto Curt's bottom.

"OHHHHHHH SSSSSHHIIITTTT." Curt cried out but held his enema. Bob was next and he did the same thing. Curt yelled out again and tried to move his bottom around. He no longer had an erection and his balls even grew up into his body.

"Wait....wait a minute." I said.

"Oh" Curt said wanting to get it over with.

"Who's counting?" I asked looking at everyone around the room.

"He should count." Marge spoke up.

"Hummmmm...Good Idea...Curt You will need to count your spankings."

"Oh god what ever...lets get on with it."

Each person would give Curt a swat and hand the paddle to the next person. Curt would count out in a very strained voice as his bottom turned more and more red. After the 15th swat his bottom started to spurt out small amounts of water that now was trickling down his legs. George had put down plastic on his floor just for this reason.

"Hold it....hold it." I said after the 22nd swat.

"I think we should let him rest a while." I said. Curt made a loud whimper.

"Oh god no...I can't hold it anymore." he said more to himself than us.

"Nah...lets keep going."

The people gave him all 48 swats to his behind and his bottom was as red as his tear stained face.

"Ok honey The last one to grow on." I said lifting the paddle high over my head and I brought it down as hard as I could. he screamed out and more water gushed out of him and ran down his legs.

"You got that bucket George ...hurry." I said and I put the bucket behind Curt and he squirted the rest of his brown enema into the bucket. When the stream had subsided I held the bucket between his legs so that he could drip into it.

"Ok you had your let me up." he panted.

"Oh not yet dear...were going to let you rest a bit and refresh our drinks."

Most people rushed to the kitchen to get more beer or make them drinks. I wanted to stay sober to enjoy and remember this day. I wet a towel and took it back to the den. I took the bucket away and cleaned Curt's bottom and legs.

" more.....I can't."

"Well just when you think you can't you will." I told him. There were a few people in the room.

I wiped him off and stood up. "Now you know how helpless I felt." I said.

"I told you I was sorry." he cried as I walked out of the room. when everyone was back in the room I brought out a large dildo. it was penis shaped and even had large balls on it that could be used as a handle.

"Now it's time to give Curt his birthday Fuck." I said.

Everyone ooohhhed....and ahhhhed as I lifted the big thing. I was standing to Curt's side and I saw him lift his head to see the huge dildo in my hand.

"Oh NOOOOOOO.....MISSY...PLEASE." He yelled and I walked behind him. Linda handed me the large jar of Vaseline and I dipped the end of the dildo into it and twisted it around and pulled it out. At least a third of the dildo had a big glob of Vaseline on it. Linda stood beside Curt and reached around and parted his cheeks. Everyone was silent except for Curt's hard breathing.

"OHHHH GOOOD....please...please...please don't do this to me." Curt said and I could hear him sniffle. I sat in the chair behind Curt's butt, now his hole was just about face level to me.

"Ok's time for your birthday present...I picked it out just for you." I said as I brought the lubed tip right to his hole and twisted it back and forth against it. I could see his erection already come alive with this type of manipulation and he whimpered. My plan was coming together. I would apply slight pressure to his anus and then pull out slowly stretching him open to take the head of the dildo. He would grunt and moan and sometimes yelp if I pressed to hard.

I didn't want him to feel allot of pain...I want him to be embarrassed so I worked him open slowly until more than half of the dildo was in him. I then pulled it out once more and with firm pressure I pushed it all the way in so that the balls were right up against his scrotum. I left it there embedded into him and sat back to let him get used to the monster with in him. His penis was now fully erect and I could hear the guys whisper about him liking something in his butt.

Curt pleaded for me to take the object from his bottom but instead I took hold of it and pulled it part way out and slowly pushed it back in. I did this a few times until I was sure he was well lubed and fully stretched.

"Ok baby now it's time to have some fun...just like the fun you had with me."

I started to manipulate the large object in and out of him faster and faster and his erection got bigger until he was moaning with pleasure and trying to move his hips. Soon he cried out and his sperm spurted from his hanging erection. His body strained against the restraints and it shook violently as he gave up his load. I thirsted the dildo fully into him and stood up and away from him for all to see.

"Uuggggghhhhh.....oh god."

"I can't wait to tell the guys at work that Curt likes to get his butt fucked."

"You better not I'll have you damn hide Rick." Curt yelled. But I knew that they would all know. Just like all my coworkers knew about my bottom.

"Ok I think we can give him a little rest and then who ever wants to be next can be."


After a while Marge sat in the chair and worked the dildo in and out of Curt's bottom until he spewed his cum again. He would try and arch his back and he would yell out in pleasure. I watched for a few times then left to make myself a drink. it was now time for me to start to have some fun. Most of the men refrained from playing with Curt but all of the women indulged in giving Curt a good fucking. I was talking with some people in the other room when I heard Curt yell out again and I just smiled.

"You're loving this aren't you?"

"Damn right I am." I said.

The women would relube the dildo and ream Curt's bottom with it until he would cum. As the night wore on it took him longer and longer to come to orgasm. I fingered that he had his butt fucked at least a dozen times if all the women had took advantage of the situation.

Soon the men were tipsy enough to get into the game and Bob was the first to take the dildo from Curt's bottom and lube it and then reinsert it. He pounded that thing into Curt for ten minutes until Curt Yelled out and spewed his cum once again. Curt would plead for it to be over and I had fingered that he had been on that table for a good four hours.

"Ok guys...I think he's had enough." I said.

"Hey no way...I didn't get a turn." George said.

"And you're not getting one...come on let me up." Curt yelled.

"Oh please...I want a turn."

"Ok but this is the last one."

"NOOOO.....I"M bottom feels like there's a hot poker in there."

George sat down and Curt cussed and pleaded but George fucked his bottom good until little drops seeped out of his penis and he yelled out with his massive orgasm. The whole process took about 45 minutes. The men let Curt up from the table and He walked funny to the bathroom with a big pout on his face. He had his pants in his hand. His red bottom stuck out a bit as he leaned over and walked wide legged to the bathroom.

The spanking table was used for various birthdays among our friends for both male and females. No woman though got it as good as I had gotten it that first night. And no man had been fucked as much as Curt had been. But It would pop up here and there at parties and be well used for the night.