Cindy's Punishment

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Cindy's Punishment

The students were quiet during professor Winestine's lecture on the Civil War. It was a private school where the boys wore suits and clip-on ties. The girls attire was made up of skirts and white blouses, bobby socks, black shoes and cotton white panties.

As the professor walked around the room droning on about the north and the south, Cindy sat thinking totally about something else. She wasn't sure where her mind was as she sat in the second to the last seat in the middle row of the room. Cindy's body jerked a bit as her good friend lightly touched her arm and Cindy looked down to take the small white piece of paper that Karen had handed her.

Now it was strictly forbidden to pass notes in class, but Cindy took the note and held it down in her lap as she read it. It was Karen's note that she wanted Cindy to pass on to a boy. Cindy folded the paper up cupped it in her hand and as she reached out to pass it on to the respectful owner. Her hand was grabbed at the wrist.

"What is this we have here...Miss Cindy?"

Cindy looked up, her hand still in mid air over the isle with Mr. Winestine holding it. He reached with the other hand and pried her fingers open to reveal the small note. Mr. Winestine took the note and read it and then taking Cindy by the wrist once more led her to the front of the class. Cindy was scared and frightened as she was pushed along the isle.

"Ok Miss Cindy...since you have disrupted the class ...we all want to hear what was so important that had to be done in class." He handed the old girl the note and Cindy took it in her shaking hands.

Cindy started to read the note so that it sound like she was the author of the greeting.

"Hi David...Can we meet at lunch behind the utility shed...can't wait to see you again." That's where the note ended. The class broke out in OOHHH's and AHHH's. Some pupils even started to tease Cindy and David thinking that the notes author was it's reader.

"Hush now class. Miss Cindy must think it is important to disrupt this class for her secret love affair." The class calmed down some as the professor talked. Cindy stood blushing as well as David that sat next to the empty seat of Cindy's.

"Well since it's almost recess...I think Cindy could use some corner time...Class I want you to get out a piece of paper and write the number one, two, or three on it for you place the paper on my desk."

Cindy's heart raced as she made her way to the corner and she could hear her classmates as they got ready to seal her fate. Cindy stood in the corner as the rest of the students filed out for recess. She held her hands in front of her as she heard the professor going through the papers. She knew that she would have a big decision to make as soon as the students returned.

She heard the professor start to write on the chalk board. Single lines under each number of 1,2, or 3. Cindy prayed that her fellow classmates would be easy on her but she knew deep down that they would want to watch Cindy get the most punishment of all. Cindy struggled with the decision she was going to have to make. She had never succumbed to the wrath of the professor but she had seen many of her classmates, mainly boys take his punishments.

She could hear the professor moving around about the room. Cindy stood still thinking, no matter what the numbers were she would have to make that grave decision to take the paddle or the professors hand across her bottom ten fold. Before she knew it the bell rang and the kids marched in snickering. She could hear some of there comments as they came in.

"Boy is she gonna get it."

"She won't be able to sit for a week."

Cindy's heart sank as she already knew what the numbers said. She had gotten a 3 she was sure. When the class sat down and got settled, the professor called Cindy from the corner to the front of the class.

"Cindy as you can see...the class agrees with me in thinking you have severely disrupted there lesson."

Cindy looked at the board. under the 1 number there was a single vote...under the 2 number there was no votes, the 3 contained the rest of the class's opinion. Cindy's body shook as her lower lip started to quiver.

" may have three swats with the paddle...bent over holding your ankles...or you may have 30 spankings over my knee....what do you decide?"

Cindy didn't want any of them really, and she continued to struggle with the decision as all the eyes were upon her. Tears came to her eyes as the professor looked down on her.

"Over your lap sir." She said in a quivering whisper. The class was still silent. Cindy knew that boys went for the paddle and girls went for the lap. She knew what her decision was going to be long before she had ever gotten caught.

"Ok ... over the desk with you then ... as you can see you will receive 3 ginger supps to hold during your spanking."

Cindy turned toward the large desk that sat up on a pedestal over the class. With her back to the students she slowly lowered her upper body over the desk. Cindy started to sniffle and cry as the professor stood directly behind her so that the class's vision was obscured by his presence. He then pulled up Cindy's skirt and methodically tucked it into it's own waist band showing her white cotton panties. He then took his thumbs and slipped them into the elastic of her panties and slowly pulled them down.

Cindy let out a loud whimper as her bottom was being exposed. Her flesh on her bottom crawled as the professor moved from behind her to show the class of her predicament. Cindy could hear the class's comments as she shook with her head down on the desk looking at the three foil wrapped ginger suppositories that soon would burn within her.

"Cindy you reach back her now and expose yourself for your discipline."

Cindy's hands shook as she slowly reached back and took hold of her exposed cheeks. She whimpered even louder as she pulled herself apart for all to see her private hole. As she was doing this the professor donned a single finger cot and dipped it into a jar of Vaseline, stirring it within the jar as one would stir a drink. He brought the coated finger to the waiting girls hole. He could see the little orifice quiver and contract as he made dab with his finger to it.

Cindy broke out into a sob as she felt the small touch right in the middle of her hole. She watched as the professor picked up one of the foiled wrappers and opened it. The bullet inside was dark red and he slowly lifted it out and brought it behind her.

"OHHHHHHEEEE…" Cindy cried even before the suppository had touched her. Her fingers dug into her bottom cheeks deep as she felt the first touch with the caustic bullet. It slowly went in followed by the professors large finger and Cindy let out a low sounding grunt as the professors finger pushed in real deep and then was brought out.

Cindy whined as the ginger started to work instantly. The professor took his time to unwrap the second foil wrapper. Cindy started to shift her weight as the ginger started to burn inside her. The professor gave her the second suppository just like the first one and Cindy cried even more. Her hands held herself open tight and she planted her face harder into the desk. Her bottom was now starting to feel on fire and her small hole took on a mind of its own as it puckered in and out for the whole class to see.

"Ohhhh, Oheeeeee." Cindy cried as the professor was even slower in his movements to retrieve the third ginger supp. This gave the class time to see Cindy struggle with her burning bottom and for them to snicker and tease.

"On fire there Cindy... Want some water Cindy ?" The whole class was laughing as Cindy started to lightly stamp her feet and squirm.

Cindy was truly on fire in her hole, She cried and tried to push to get rid of the burning that was building even more inside her. The professor inserted the third supp into Cindy's bottom and pushed his finger in and out of her a couple times. Cindy howled as the ginger was now spread on her puckered hole.

"Oh please make it stop." She said as she let go of her bottom and stood there prancing in place. Her panties just below her cheeks she cried and made blowing sounds as too put out the fire that was deep within her. The class raged in laughter at the young girl doing the dance for all them to see. The professor took the young girl to a straight backed chair and pulled her over his knee. He started the swats to her bare backside with his bare hand.

The class became silent as they watched Cindy's bottom become pink then red and she cried for it to stop. Cindy took 30 swats to her behind and was stood up. She danced some more now rubbing her burning bottom on the outside as well as inside. The professor took her by the shoulders and led her to the corner. Cindy bawled as she was to stand in the corner with her bottom showing to the whole class. She squirmed and wiggled her bottom as the supps still worked inside her.

Mr. Winestine went on to conduct his class with Cindy standing in the corner whimpering. She knew that she would have to stand there until lunch when she would be sent to the nurses office so she could expel the supps that still burned inside her. Her bottom twitched and tried to expel the bullets but it would burn more to do so. Tears rolled down her eyes as she knew that the class wasn't really hearing the lesson but looking at her red bottom.

When lunch came Cindy was led down the crowded halls with her bright red bottom still showing. Mr. Winestine had her by the arm helping her. Cindy so wanted to run but the good professor took his time so that Cindy would be gawked at by the whole school. When they finally made it to the nurses office the older gruff nurse looked Cindy up and down.

"She got a three Nurse Margaret." Mr. Winstine said and he walked out of the room.

"Ok follow me." The nurse said with a sigh as she led the young girl into the treatment room. Cindy had been to the nurse a few times for being sick. The most she had ever done was take Cindy's temp and call her Mom to come pick her up.

The nurse closed the door and Cindy shifted her weight from one foot to the other as her bottom still burned inside and out.

"Get on the table ... on your knees with your chest down on the table."

Cindy was hesitant to do as the nurse had said, but soon figured that what ever was to happen couldn't be as bad as what she was now going through. She went to the table and got up onto the paper covered surface. She did as the nurse told her and she realized that in this position she was very exposed from behind. Her mind raced as she heard water running behind her.

Cindy was positioned in the middle of the table and when the nurse came up behind her she pulled something out from under the tables end. She then directed Cindy to scoot down so that her feet were now off the tables edge.

"I'm putting your feet into these stirrups."

The nurse started to spread Cindy's legs out to each side so that she was even more open. Cindy felt the cold metal on the inside of her foot. A strap was then placed over it so that Cindy could move it. The same was done to the other foot and now Cindy was spread wide with her burning bottom way in the air.

Cindy could hear something being rolled up behind her as she started to cry even more wondering what the nurse was going to do to her. She found out soon enough when the nurse explained that she was going to give her three good enemas to clean out her bottom of the ginger.

The nurse pulled Cindy's panties down as far as she could on her spread legs. Cindy had never had an enema and wasn't quite sure what one was even. All she knew is that she wanted the burning out of her sore bottom and if the nurse was going to help relieve the pain that would be ok with her.

"Going to put some lube in you now." The nurse said. Cindy cried out as the nurse finger went into her sore burning hole.

"Oweeee…" and she tried to pull her feet out of the stirrups that were well strapped in. The nurse took her time moving her finger in and out and all around inside Cindy's bottom. Cindy tried to squirm and she whimpered and cried as the nurse gloved finger seemed to spread more and more of the ginger along with the lube around her sore hole.

"The nozzle now…" She said and Cindy could feel something hard start to make it's way up inside her. Her hole stretched around the large object and Cindy cried out once more as her bottom burned and now felt more painful then ever. The nozzle soon seated itself within her and Cindy laid there panting and whimpering.

She didn't like the thing that was still inside of her when the nurse told her that she would now start her enema. Cindy grunted as she heard a loud click and hot water started to enter into her through the thing in her bottom. The burning subsided just as she started to feel real full.

"Nurse....oh Nurse...I have to go."

"You need to take all your enema."

Cindy started to whimper more as her belly started to cramp and ache. Tears rolled down her face as she could feel her bottom take more and more of what the nurse was putting into her.

"Oh God...I got to go real bad." She cried but the nurse just continued to hold that large object in her bottom. Cindy's distress grew as she took the last of the enema within her. Her body rocking back and forth a bit to the discomfort she felt.

"Now it's all need to hold this for 15 minutes to let it work."

Cindy groaned as she heard this and she got up just a bit and looked behind her to see the empty bag hanging and the tubing streaming down to her naked bottom. The nurse had left the big thing in her and Cindy blushed to think of what she may look like from behind. She now realized that the burning was almost better than having that thing inside of her.

Cindy cried, whimpered, and pleaded to be allowed to go, but the nurse was running more water as she waited for the time to pass. When time was up the nurse undid the straps around Cindy's feet and led her to the bathroom with the tube still in her. The nurse made Cindy bend over so she could pull out the nozzle. Cindy cried out as the thing was taken from her and she turned around just in time to make it before her bottom exploded with the water.

Cindy sat squirming on her spanked bottom and she looked up to the nurse to see her grinning as she looked down at her. The nurse held the thing that was in Cindy's bottom in her hand and her eyes widened as she saw the large black nozzle that had been embedded deep inside her. The nurse left the room and Cindy expelled the enema. She was no longer burning inside but thinking about having to have two more of those was way to much and she started to sob once again.

When Cindy cleaned up she pulled up her panties and pulled down her skirt. She went into the room and thanked the nurse for her help.

"Where are you going ... you need two more enemas young lady."

"Ma'am...I feel much better now...can I just go back to class?"

"NO young lady, now get over here."

Cindy bowed her head and made her way to the nurse that was standing by the table. A new full bag hung high from the pole and Cindy could see the large nozzle hanging from the tubing.

"You seem not to understand ... You WILL get all three enemas... now get over that table so I can bare you time I will have to make sure you take off your skirt and that what you want?"

Cindy shook her head and sobbed again as she laid her body over the table so that the nurse could pull up her skirt and pull down her panties. She then made Cindy get back into the same position and strapped her feet down. Cindy cried the whole time as this was being done. She hated it when the nurse stuck her finger into her now sore bottom hole to lube it and she cried out as her hole took the large nozzle.

Cindy's distress was no better the second time around and she pleaded intensively as she held her enema. So much so that the nurse was getting quite upset with her pleading.

"I think we will have you wait in your class with your next enema." The nurse told her.

Cindy's heart pounded as she thought of herself in this position before her classmates with the thing stuck up her bottom. Cindy stopped complaining but continued to cry and make a fuss.

When the third enema had finally been administered the nurse let Cindy's feet out of the stirrups and told her to get up. Cindy stood up holding her belly.

"Oh please ma'am ...please don't make me go into my class like this."

"You need to learn to take your punishment as it comes with very little come on let's get you to class."

Cindy cried as the nurse led her out the door. Cindy in front with her skirt up in the back and her panties down just below her bottom. The nurse followed behind holding the enema bag with the nozzle tip still deep inside Cindy's bottom.

Cindy was grateful that there were few people in the halls as she was led back to class. When she opened the door and saw the kids faces looking at her she sobbed even harder.

"Miss Cindy has complained about her clean-out Mr. I thought she should stay in here with you."

All the kids gawked and snickered at the sight of Cindy...She couldn't even see as the nurse led her to the corner. She handed Cindy the bag to hold in front of her as her bottom was now exposed to the whole class. She could feel the Nozzle deep inside her along with the enema. She could also feel the tubing that came out from between her cheeks and draped down one side of her bottom cheek. Cindy sobbed hard as she stood in the corner.

The nurse left and Mr. Winestine went on with his lesson. Cindy heard him drone on about math as she held the enema and her bag. She so wanted relief from the whole thing. Just before the afternoon recess Cindy was called to the front of the class.

"Over the desk with you I can take out your nozzle."

Cindy's face turned red as Mr. Winestine talked about her nozzle. He took the bag from her and she lowered herself over his desk.

"Now you hold your water until you get to the restroom young part yourself."

Cindy almost howled in embarrassment as she reached back and parted her cheeks that helped her to hold the enema by clinching tight. She exposed herself so all the class could see the tubing that went into her. Mr. Winestine took hold to the nozzle that was within her and unlike the nurse pulled it out very slowly. The class was in awwhhh as they watched the large black nozzle being pulled from the small girls bottom. When it was out Mr. Winestine told Cindy to get to the bathroom.

Cindy raced out the door not looking at the class at all. Most of the other classes had been dismissed and the halls were crowded. Cindy didn't even pull up her panties but held her bottom closed with both hands as she made her way through the pupils who stopped and laughed at her. She didn't think she would make it as she raced to the bathroom. Cindy hit the seat and she cried as others in the room could hear her expel the enema. When she returned to class she sat squirming and not looking at anyone, she had been very humiliated at the fact of her punishment.

Karen tried to tell her she was sorry but Cindy would have no part of it. That night when she got home her father gave her another bare bottom spanking. Cindy went to bed without dinner and a very sore bottom. She hoped that she would never have to go through that again.