My Wife Takes Control

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My Wife Takes Control

My wife uses enemas as her main discipline technique since she took the dominate role in the bedroom which began about five years ago. She dictated, to me, the following article regarding female domination and enemas for punishment and discipline. She directed me to post her article on the internet so other women could gain from her methods.

Also, she instructed me to write an introduction to her article.. She required this introduction to summarize the change in our relationship when she first took control of our sex life. So first the introduction and then the article.



Our life and sex life were very conventional for the first 23 years of our marriage. Before children, we dabbled in bondage and discipline with me being the sub. On these occasions, my wife would take the dominating role and tie me in bed. She would have her way sexually with me for an hour or two and that would be the end of the session. We played around this way maybe once or twice a month.

With children in the household, our bondage sessions came to an end. I must admit, I rather missed them as I enjoyed being dominated by her. The next stage of our life was very conventional in bed.

As time went by and years passed, my sexual performance waned. The strength of my erections were too often less than satisfactory, and my wife did not receive the depth of penetration she desired. I did become, however, very proficient at servicing her orally and she certainly enjoyed the orgasms she received when I went under the covers.

One Saturday morning, I heard her stirring in the bathroom as I awoke. As I was laying there more asleep than awake, she climbed back in bed. She started fondling my penis to coax me to arousal. She had slipped into her very sexy red panties and was rubbing her ass and crotch against my face. I lay there enjoying all of this attention and the fragrance from her cunt, but I was again failing to get a true erection. She stopped after a time and crawled up beside me.

"How about a little bondage?" she said. "I bet if I tie you to the bed you will get a big hard-on."

Wow, the suggestion had an immediate effect, and I could feel an energized pulsation in my groin. "Sure, I am up for that" I replied.

So she brought in four lengths of rope and four belts. She wrapped the belts around my wrists and ankles and buckled the tightly. She looped the rope through the belts and tied them to the bed frame so my arms were pulled out straight from my sides and my legs were spread.

She mounted my face and rubbed the crotch of her panties over my mouth and nose. She continued this process and would clamp my face between her thighs from time to time. "Honey" she said, "I see you are really enjoying this" as she began to tease my now rock hard penis with her hands. She was enjoying it too as her panties were now soaking with her juices.

"Now I am going to ride your cock. You must not cum until I give you permission. Is that understood?"

"Yes Mistress," I responded.

She left my face and took off he panties. She positioned herself over my penis and began to draw me into her. She was in total control and I could tell that she was enjoying the penetration from my engorged penis. She pressed her hands down on my chest and got into a swaying and then gyrating motion. Her cunt was alive and I could feel the strength of her growing climax as she contracted and swelled. She came in waves and total abandonment.

That was too much for me and I too came and a shuddering orgasm. I felt I that I had approached a near death experience. She collapsed on my chest and held me for several minutes.

As I lay there totally contented, she moved around and grabbed my flaccid penis. "I instructed you not to cum until I gave you permission, didn't I?"

"Yes, dear you did but do you really think I could hold back while you were doing that number on me?"

"That is not the issue, I wanted to have a nice long session of fucking you. You better be able to get hard again. I give you about five minutes."

So she positioned her cunt over my face and sat down as she began to work on my cock. She immersed me in the juices from our lovemaking as she teased me sensuously. But she was having no success. She finally gave up and said "you did not do as you were told and now you will be punished."

She climbed from bed and brought back a large wooden spoon. Instead of spanking me, she coiled the rope tying my left arm around the spoon and began turning the spoon to wind the rope. In this fashion, she was stretching my arms by tightening the rope. When I was completely stretched so I could not move my arms in any way, she stopped and tucked the spoon between the rope and mattress to hold it from uncoiling.

She then picked up her panties and pulled the crotch over my mouth and nose. She then encased my head in a pair of her panty hose and wrapped the stocking legs over my eyes to prevent me from seeing what was to come. I lay there unable to move and waited for several minutes.

When she returned she announced that my discipline session would make up the remaining time she had planned for love making.

"The punishment you will receive is in the form of a hot enema. I have filled my two-quart bag and you will take it all and hold it for as long as I determine necessary. I expect you to have better luck holding the enema than you did maintaining your erection. Is that understood?"

"Yes, Mistress" was all I could muster. My arms were beginning to loose feeling and I could only her the sound of her preparations.

Without warning she penetrated my anus with the pipe of the enema apparatus, and she began the flow of water that was quite hot. She positioned herself sitting on my chest and she held the tube in place with one hand. The velocity of the flow kept changing and she told me that she was holding the bag at different heights for her amusement. Now and then she would squeeze the bag to create a powerful injection.

I could feel the enema working its way into the depths of my gut. Fortunately, I did not experience too much cramping but began to feel completely full. However, more water continued to flow and I felt the need to pant. Her weight on my chest caused my panting to be very shallow. Just as I started hyperventilating, I heard her clamp the tube and remove the pipe. She got off my chest and positioned herself between my legs in order to hold my buttocks together.

"You will not loose a drop until I release you from bondage. How does 30 minutes sound?"

She maintained her hold with one hand, and she thumped or rubbed my abdomen with the other. By this time, I had no feeling in my arms and my legs were beginning to loose feeling in the same way. I had to alter my breathing ever time a cramp or an urge for release was pressing. My body was covered in a thin layer of perspiration.

Finally, she said "time is up, I hopped you learned a lesson. Did, you?"

"Oh, yes, Mistress. I am truly sorry for disappointing you and not obeying your commands."

As she untied my legs first and then my arms, she said, "Good. I want you to know that I realize that I need to change things around here. It will be much better for both of us for me to be in charge of our sex life. Do you agree?" she asked as she cupped my balls and pressed my stomach.

In my state with the need for the toilet all I could say was "yes, Mistress."

"Good from today forward you will submit to all my desires and my discipline. Now get into bathroom and relieve yourself and wait for my inspection. If I think it necessary, I will have to administer another enema or maybe a complete enema series. Are my directions understood?'

"Yes, Mistress."


Enemas for Punishing and Disciplining the Submissive Male

Enemas can be incorporated as an exquisite form of female domination. Methods and attitudes can range from loving and caring, authoritative, humiliating, or sadistic. The submissive truly yields his body to his mistress in the process of having an enema or a series of enemas.

The mistress is in complete charge, and the submissive has no control whatsoever. He submits to all aspects of the procedure:

-ingredients of the enema,

-temperature of the solution,

-timing or the rate of the release of fluid,

-amount of solution,

-time required to retain the fluid,

-different body sensations, and

-rate and intensity of expulsion.

The mistress controls delivery of the enema. The preparation of the solution, the method of administering the enema, the position of the submissive, the directions to the submissive for holding and then release, and the number of repeat irrigations are all in her charge.

Nature controls the rest as the submissive often loses control over his bodily reactions. Each enema session tends to provide an unpredictable level of pleasure, discomfort, or pain. Sometimes, the contents of a two quart enema bag are easily received, flowing sensuously into the bowels. The next session may cause intense and painful cramping sensations, and muscular reactions of the abdomen may inhibit the amount of fluid that can be taken. All of these conditions will vary with his biological and psychological state. Thus, individual enema sessions produce an unpredictable, overpowering, and disarming sensations in the submissive and ultimate dominant control for the mistress

The ability to hold fluid over even short periods of time may be partially related to mind over matter and partially related to involuntary muscular activity. Temperature and ingredients also play a role in the ability to hold solution. Fluids close to body temperature with few or no ingredients can be held longer.

The mistress may use other measures to induce rewards and punishments for maintaining the internal holding period. I use different methods. Sometimes gentle abdominal and thigh massage; sometimes the distraction by requiring sexual activities of masturbation or cunnilingus service. Inserting an anal plug; bondage control; slapping, paddling, or whipping are very effective discipline techniques. The promise for additional enemas or prolonged punishment for failure to hold as requested can be very disarming.

The release of the enema invokes another series of uncontrollable sensations. The submissive is often incapable of controlling the rate of expulsion. Sometimes the expulsion may be immediate, continuous, and complete; other times it may be delayed, sporadic, prolonged. The expulsion may be gentle or explosive, sensuous or painful, controllable or completely beyond control. Humiliation is often at its height during the expulsion period, and a insightful mistress can enhance the psychological humiliation as desired. Additionally, he may be uncertain that he has completely finished. In this state, he leaves the bathroom but remains concerned about the consequences of being too far from the toilet.

The mistress can create many different atmospheres such as loving and caring, disinterested and mechanical, or cruel and sadistic. She should use other forms of female domination with some enema sessions. Differing degrees of bondage - such as securing the submissive male’s hands away from the enema device, his anus and genitals; chaining the victim to the toilet; securing him away from the toilet; or complete immobilizing him - provide a wide range of possibilities.

Encasing the submissive male’s head in a hood or inhibiting sight, smell, and sound is an extremely effective means of enforcing the mistress’ total control. Forcing the submissive to wear the mistress’ soiled panties over his face and nose keeps his mind on her overpowering sexuality and adds both humiliation and sexual desire. Use of gags is also effective.

Constricting girdles that are tight around the waist and abdomen can be used to effect the ability to take the enema. Feminine attire is desirable for some sessions. Finally, rubber sheets and rubber clothing make excellent peripheral enema equipment. The typical red rubber enema bag is an essential piece of equipment for incorporating enemas into female domination sessions.

A multiple enema session can be completely disarming. The mistress can use this technique to reduce a strong or rebellious submissive into a malleable and compliant individual. A multiple enema session can be designed to completely clean out the bowels by requiring continuous irrigation until the fluid coming out is clear. Multiple enemas can also be administered over a prolonged period of time such as 24 hours, an entire weekend or more. The submissive should be reduced to having no control over his biological cycles. In this manner, he experiences the ultimate form of complete submission to his mistress.

Finally, multiple enemas can be used in conjunction with very effective interrogation sessions. The slave looses the control of the most intimate part of his body and is completely vulnerable. Very little time is required before the slave understands the benefits of being compliant, honest, and completely truthful. Confession sessions can be structured so that the slave truly spill his guts verbally, psychologically, and physically. A strict mistress can uncover his desires, needs, feelings, misdeeds, fantasies, plans, and level of honest commitment to his dominate female.

Enemas are probably the most powerful, safe method of reducing any man to the desired level of submission, servitude, or complete slavery. Please send in your experiences with enemas and successful examples of how you use this technique to control and dominate the man in your life.