Remembering Momma

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Remembering Momma

I entered through the back door of the house to find my Father sitting at the kitchen table carving a bar of soap. I had been in such a good mood up until that time, I had a date for the night with a boy from school and I was on cloud nine. I dropped my backpack on the floor and stood looking at my father. I hadn't seen him carve soap since my mother had passed on 3 years earlier.

"Sit down Missy," He said to me without taking his eyes off of the soap bar.

I sat at the table across from him and looked at him with sad eyes. I knew when my Father was carving soap someone was to get punished and my Mother was long gone so I knew the soap bars were meant for me. I had never been victim to them but I remember hearing my Mothers sobs in the night and I would spy on her and Dad to find out why.

One night I saw my mother kneeling on the floor in the corner with her bottom bright red and she had a big thing sticking out from her bottom. I could tell that it was a soap bar and she was crying as she knelt there. One time I saw her on all fours with a tube stuck into her butt hole and her bottom was damn near black and blue.

I was now looking at a small water glass that housed one of the soap bars. It was carved in a form of a T and it sat on the edges of the glass with its tip sticking down into the water about an inch. The tip was thinner but it widened at the top and he had notches in the soap so that the T was made. Along with the one in the glass one was sitting on the table and he was working on a third.

"Your school principal called today........He said that you have been tardy to your classes a lot.....Your first period class and your class after lunch."

A shiver went down my spine. Oh god they called him to tell him about my tardiness. I had just gotten my license and he gave me the old pinto to drive, I found myself late to a lot of classes because I enjoyed driving around with my friends.

I bowed my head and looked at my hands that were in my lap clinching each other until my knuckles were white. "Yes father I have been late to class, but I promise I won't let it happen again."

"You bet it won't happen again young lady.....You are grounded for a month and no car for the rest of the school year."

"But Dad I have a date tonight can't do that."

He kept working on the soap bar and said "I can and I will young lady you call that boy and tell him your grounded then get upstairs and put on the punishment gown that I laid out for you on your bed.....It used to be your mothers"

"Daddy please ....I'm sorry ...I promise I wont do it again."

"Get going girl or your punishment will be even worse."

I slowly got up from the table and picked my backpack up from where it was dropped and headed to the hall where the phone was. I called my friend and told him I was grounded for being tardy from class and had to cancel our date. I was crying as I hung up the phone.

I started up the stairs and I wondered what he had in mind for my punishment. I usually got spankings is all on my bare bottom with his bare hand, but this time would be different I could just tell. I guess he thought I was old enough to endure what my Mother had for years. I remembered my mother would plead with him not to use up all the soap bars for her punishment. She would sit and watch as he carved each one, knowing that she was to be punished for burning dinner or over spending the budget.

When I entered my room there laying on the bed was the white cotton nightgown that my Mom would where from time to time as she got punished. I grabbed it and held it to my face and cried into its soft worn fabric. I could smell her scent on it and it made me even more afraid of what was to happen to me. I slowly took off my clothes and thought about how long it had been since I had been punished. Had it been five or six years. Tears rolled down my face as I pulled the garment over my head and down over my body.

It was slightly baggy but it fit, and I then felt that the back had elastic in it so it fit snug around my waist. I pulled at the back and found that I could open it so that my bottom could be exposed. I looked in the mirror and cried some more as I could see my Mother standing there.

"Missy.......Missy...Get down here," I heard my father call from the living room.

I slowly descended the stairs and found him sitting in a chair in the middle of the room with the coffee table at his feet and the soap and cup sitting there. I also saw a large bag hanging from a nail by the corner of the room and a large beige tube looped around it with something big on its end.

"Daddy ..what are you going to do to me?" I sobbed

"You need to be punished for your know how I feel about your schooling and I won't have you running about and missing classes."

"But.....But.....DAD"I started to cry.

"Come over here and lay across my lap....we have a long night in front of us...and this will hurt me more than you."

I slowly walked over to his side and he took my hand and pulled me over his lap so that my bottom was up in the air. I was now looking at the floor and I held onto the chair legs. He shifted his leg and placed one up onto the table to heighten my bottom even more.

"Daddy don't you think I'm too old for a spanking?" I cried

"Nonsense ....nobodies ever to old," and with that he pulled the elastic band from the back of the gown and exposed my bottom. The elastic was now cradled in the crease between my bottom and my upper legs, and held there so that he had a full view of my unblemished bottom. I felt his callused hand on my bottom and then he raised it and landed it right in the middle of my butt. I tried to lunge forward to escape the pain that shot through me.


"Smack"......"Oweee....Daddy please."

The spanking came hard and soon my bottom stung and felt on fire I tried to squirm away but all I was able to do is tighten my grip on the legs of the chair and cry.

"Daddy please no more ...I can't take anymore."

He gave me a few more smacks and I cried out with each. He then stopped and rubbed my bottom with his hand and it was so sore his callused hand hurt it as it rubbed. I struggled to get up but he held me tight.

"Not yet Missy."

He eland forward and took something from the table. I feared it was a soap stick and I protested.

"You're a woman now and must take your punishment like a woman."

I cried for him not to put it in me remembering my Mothers sobs. But I was just answered with three more quick hard slaps. I took a deep breath as I felt his fingers of his hand separate my cheeks wide and I struggled to close them and he spanked me with three hard swats again.

"Open up Missy or I will restrain you."

I groaned as I slowly let go of the muscles in my bottom and let him spread my butt cheeks to expose my most private part. He had never done this before and I was quite embarrassed that my Father was looking at my hole. My red sore bottom was now parted and my hole was well exposed. "Oh ...Daddy please" I then felt something hard and mushy at my backside at my private little hole. I felt some pressure as he pushed it part way into my anus.

"Ugh ...OH .....NO .....DADDY...Please."

"Take your punishment like a big girl."

I felt more pressure and the mushy part was now in me and I could feel the hardness of the soap stick move into me.

"Oh ...Oh ....oweeee....Oh god ....Oh Daddy It burns...take it out please take it out"I cried as I felt the soap that was partly dissolved sting my hole and I tried to push. As I pushed so did he and the stick widened my anus even more.

I cried and pleaded with him and I tried to sit up against the burning pain that was growing in my bottom. He just kept his arm tight around the small of my back and he was now pulling and pushing at the soap stick in and out of me.

The burning grew and I was sobbing as he pushed the stick into me and the T's head fit between my butt cheeks and up against my sore anus. He then rubbed my bottom and lifted his hand and swatted me several more times. As each slap hit my bottom the burning went deeper into me filling my bottom with a stinging pain.

"Oh Daddy I'm sorry...please take it out take it out...PLEASE......TAKE IT OUT"I screamed. But I was answered once again with three more hard swats.

"You will hold your punishment until its all gone."

He then pulled me up and my hands went to my bottom but he held them to my side and took me to the corner where my mother used to kneel.

"Get on your knees Missy."

"Oh Daddy please burns so bad ...I can't hold it....I got to get it out."

"You push it out and you will get even more than the three that I have planned for you."

He took hold of my arms and pulled me to the floor so that I was now on my knees.

"Bend over so your face is in the corner."

I cried at the pain and the embarrassing position that he wanted me in. I bent over and got on all fours and placed my face into the corner so that my head was right up against the walls.

I could feel my tears drip from my face and I sobbed just like my mother had. The gown held its position below my buttocks so that I was fully exposed to him. My anus pulsed with the pain. I tried to push but not to much so the stick would come out.

"This will make you remember to not be tardy for your classes and let your grades slip.......Your just like your Mother I would give her an inch and she too would take a mile...Now you are following in her footsteps and if you don't get into line you will have to get punished just like she did."

He lectured me while I sobbed in the corner and my bottom burned with the melting soap. Oh now I knew why my Mother had sobbed so hard during her punishments, she was hurting inside and out. I started to squirm and shift my body as the soap made its way deeper into me.

"Stop fussing...and take your punishment."

He continued to talk to me about my behavior and then he came up behind me and pulled the stick out part way, I could tell that it was now much smaller but it burned even more as he pushed it back in so it locked between my cheeks. I kneeled there for what seemed like hours before he came back to my exposed burning hole and took the top of the T from my cheeks, and pushed the rest into my rectum.

"UGH.........OWEEEE............DADDY......Please it hurts too much." I cried into the corner. I then felt something cold and mushy at my bottom again and he slowly pushed it into me.

"OH .......NO .....NO MORE DADDY PLEASE....NO MORE....." I Felt the second soap stick being shoved into me and he twisted it again so that the T fit between my cheeks and held there.

"Have you ever had a enema girl?"

Through my sobs I was able to answer "No...Daddy."

He then went on to explain what a enema was and that they can be used to punish girls that are bad. He told me how he was going to give me a nice big enema so that I will remember to get to class on time.

The second stick was doing its job and I felt as if I had to go to the bathroom bad.

"Daddy please let me go to the potty...I need to go now."

"You will hold that soap in you until your enema is given young lady."

We were both quiet for a while except for my grunts, groans, and my sobs. I tried to breath to lessen the burning that grew deeper and my colon trying to reject the soap that made its way inside of me. I would take another spanking anytime over the feeling of having to go but refused to do so.

Oh how I felt for my Mother as I kneeled there just like she had so many times before. I was now crying for her to help me as the burning increased. "Oh Mama.....oh please Mama."

I then felt my Father at my rear and he parted my cheeks to inspect the second soap stick. He took it from my bottom and broke the top off and then reinserted the two pieces with his finger.

"Oweeeee," I screamed as his finger pushed the pieces into my rectum. I then felt something cold at my hole and I looked around to see the tube descending toward my bottom. "Oh Daddy please I have to go now ....I need to go real bad."

I felt the tip of the nozzle slowly enter into my anus and I screamed out as it burned and widened my hole.

"Hush now and take your punishment." He spat at me and he gave me three hard smacks on my bottom.

"ugh...oh.....oweeee...Daddy it hurts it hurts real bad please take it out."

I groaned as the nozzle stretched my small anus and it felt as if I would tear in two. I then felt my anus clamp down around a small portion of the nozzle and I sighed with relief. I then heard a CLICK and the cool water entered into me.

"Oh Daddy its cold ...oh its so cold ...please stop."

"Turn around and stop fidgeting." He hissed at me.

I placed my head back into the corner and felt the cool water take some of the burning away. The water was running in very slowly and I could feel the coolness rise with in me. I could tell that he went and sat back in his chair and was watching as my bottom filled with the cold water. The feeling was different at first but soon I started to cramp and feel full. I was on my hands and knees with a tube up my bottom and I started to grown as the cramps got worse and my tummy growled to be released.

"Daddy I got to go ....I'm cramping so bad ...Please let me go to the toilet."

"You will think about your tardiness while you are filling with the soapy fluid and only until you take the whole bag will I think about letting you get up to relieve yourself."

I sobbed as the cramps worsened and my legs began to shake along with the rest of my body. I just couldn't believe he was doing this to me. I could feel my insides twist and turn with the soapy water and I continued to cry as the water slowly filled me up. It took about 20 minutes before I heard him clamp the tubing.

"Can I go now Daddy please ...I have learned my lesson."

"I'm going to take the nozzle out of you now Missy and if you even loose a drop of your water you will get another enema tonight..."

I felt the nozzle being pulled from me and I got up as soon as it was out. My belly bulged with the water and I bent over and held my tummy as I raced for the bathroom. I sat down hard on the stool and exploded with milky white water, and stool. I cried out as the soapy water passed my anus into the bowl. It burned just to go to the bathroom, but wave after wave of fluid escaped me, and I started to get light headed, I thought I might pass out.

When I was done I cleaned myself up and slowly went out to the living room.

"Come over here and sit with me."

I slowly made my way to the couch where my father sat. He took me in his arms and held me on his lap so that my head was on his shoulder. I was still crying because of the humiliation and the burning in my bottom.

"I'm so sorry Daddy ....I promise not to be tardy again from my classes."

"I know dear ......after you receive a punishment for every time you were tardy I will know you have learned your lesson."

"What do you mean Daddy?"

"Well Missy you will get a punishment for every time you were tardy to class."

I lifted my head off his shoulder and looked into his face "But Daddy I have learned my lesson and I won't do it again."

"You know your Mom used to say the same thing, but until I punished her for every dollar she went over budget or every minute she was late she didn't learn...So I had to punish her each night until she knew that I was serious."

I had been tardy nine times to my classes I couldn't think of going what I just went through nine nights. I laid my head back on his shoulder and cried as he rubbed my back.

"I will give you a choice though........Since it's the weekend you can have two punishments on Saturday and Sunday.....If you want to get them out of the way?"

I thought for quite a while crying even harder at the thought. I then nodded my head and he patted my back as I sat on his lap. I soon feel to sleep in his big arms, I awoke on my bed and him standing over me.

"Missy you need to turn over for your night soap stick."

I looked at him in a daze and he helped me onto my tummy. "What ...What are you doing?"

"Missy you need to sleep with a soap stick....this will be quite big so you will feel it through the night."

"Oh daddy no...please."

"Get up on your knees NOW." And his hand came down hard on my already abused bottom. I got up onto my knees so that my chest was on the bed, he slowly pulled the elastic band down to expose my bottom. I felt him part my cheeks and the mushy part of the soap at my hole. He slowly pushed it in and out of me.

"OWEEE Daddy NO ....It hurts so bad."

The mush from the soaked end lubed my bottom so that the stick went in fairly easy but it stretched my bottom wide and I felt as if I had to go to the bathroom bad. The T was again stuck between my cheeks and he produced a spool of tape.

"This is so you don't take the soap out."

He placed a long strip of the tape over my bottom pulling my cheeks together so that the soap stick had no way of being pushed out. He then pulled up the elastic band back up to my waist and covered me. I fell to the bed crying and sobbing into my pillow.

I tossed and turned and flung my legs around in bed trying to get rid of the pain that was inside me. I cried and sobbed and called for my Mommy all through the night. Now I knew why my Mother had to where her punishment gown so often. It was because she was getting repeated punishments.

The next morning he came for me and took me to the living room where the three soap sticks lay and the enema bag hung. He pulled the tape from my bottom and it stung as it ripped from my spanked bottom.

"Now over my lap Missy."

I slowly went over to him and he pulled me over his knee, my gown still open in the back. He brought his bare hand down onto my bottom twenty or so times and I was crying but didn't complain. Maybe he wont give me the soap if I'm good I thought to myself. But after the spanking he parted my butt cheeks and inserted the soap up into my awaiting bottom. I was sent to the corner again to wait for it to melt and the pain was ever more fierce this time than before and I cried and sobbed.

After receiving the second soap stick of the morning and the cool enema I was sent to bed where he placed the third stick into me and placed the tape over my bottom so I couldn't expel it. I laid there all day with the soap searing my insides. This went on until the next Thursday when I received my last punishment for my tardiness.

I didn't get the car back until the next school year started and I had once again got punished, not for tardiness to classes but for being late from a date. I was punished twenty times one night for each minute I was late. By the time I was 18 and moving from the house I had undergone four sessions of punishments at the hand of my Father. I was so happy to move out of the house and start my own life.