My Spanking at School

Author: Sharon
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My Spanking at School

Author: Sharon

It was the only time I was ever spanked in school. It was awful, but what happened because of that spanking brought me the greatest joy in my life. It didn't seem like it that day though. I was feeling fine, and it seemed like every other school day. Then I went to the bathroom. There one of the other cheerleaders, we called her mighty mite, she was only 4'11", was having an argument with another girl. Right in the middle of it, the other girl smacked her. I couldn't believe it. Mighty Mite was less than half her size. I told her to pick on someone her on size and she took a swing at me. I have four brothers. I had to learn to defend myself, and even then got a few scars before I got to high school. I popped her one right in the eye. Then she really went nuts and was swinging at me when Mighty Mite pounced on her back and her friend yelled at me to stop it and grabbed my hair. The fight was on!!! Twenty minutes later we were all in the principles office. He sent us to Mrs. Hunter. He didn't deal with punishing the girls, Mrs. Hunter taught history and was vice principle part time, but she didn't have her own office. She just had a desk in the back of her class..

She was nice enough. I hadn't had any classes with her yet. I didn't know what to expect. She looked at Patsy's eye. It was ok, but was going to be black. She looked at me, and asked if I did it. I said I was sorry. My dad was the state Golden Gloves champion in the light weight division a long time ago. He taught my brothers how to fight. Then I had to learn before they killed me! Margret, the big girls friend, started crying. Mrs. Hunter asked if any of us were having our period. I wondered what sort of question that was, but I wasn't. Margret was. Mrs Hunter assigned her to write a paper on why a lady does not fight. It had to be in by next week or she would get the same punishment as we were going to get.

It was then that she took out her paddle. It was leather with holes in it. I totally panicked! I had not had a spanking before. Neither mom nor dad ever spanked me. I think once when I was about eight or nine mom did, and I got so upset they never did it again. I spent a lot of time in isolation in my room if I did something wrong. One of my brothers got spanked some, but the others didn't. Mom and dad tried to use what worked best for each of us. I would get so distressed over it that they never spanked me.

I was an honor student, and not too slow. In my panic, I remembered, yes my period was about to start! I told Mrs. Hunter. She looked at me with that all knowing sort of look teachers get sometime. She just said ok. “You can write a paper too !” Then added, “if you don't have a paper ready by next week, it will still be a spanking.”

She looked at the other two girls. They didn't say anything. “No more periods, huh ?” she asked. Mighty mite and Patsy looked down, and just shook their heads. Then she said for us to wait right there. She would be right back.

Her next class filed in the room about that time, about 20 junior boys and girls. One of them was James, my Chiropractors son. I was 11 maybe 12 when they noticed my back. It was twisting. My mom had silicosis. It wasn't bad, but enough to keep her in some back pain all her life. I was lucky. From this she had learned about chiropractors, and took me to her chiropractor. Chiropractors are better at fixing most sciliosis's than any other kind of doctor. My mom, or her parents, didn't know that when she was growing up. She was treated by an MD, and it grew crooked. Dr. Knight was a nice man. He found a place in my back that was stuck and growing wrong. He gave me a twist. Pop it went every time he worked on me. It felt good. He did it a lot, two or three times the first two weeks, but he was done in a couple of months, and I only went to see him after that if I needed too. My back is perfectly straight now thanks to Dr. Knight. In fact is straight enough to get me into dancing and I was a cheer leader in High School.

It was at his office that I saw this boy, about a year older than I. He was working on some sort of paper, and I asked him what he was doing. He started to show me all sorts of squiggles and marks all over half a dozen pages and was explaining something called La Grange Equations to me when my mother came out. I liked him sort of, but I didn't understand a word he was saying, and he just kept talking. Dr. Knight was his dad. It turned out he was a senior that year at the University. Dr. Knight had moved to our town because the University was there, so his son could go to school there. He was some sort of genius in Physics and Math. I saw him there part of the time when I went to his dad's office. I threw a ball at him once and hit him in the nose. He couldn't catch anything, and seemed to have trouble talking to me, or anyone else for that matter. I thought he was a lonely little boy.

I was right. He was lonely. He had some sort of syndrome. I don't remember the name of it. He really was a genius, but he didn't have very good physical of social skills. He was lousy at playing ball, and was the hardest person to talk to that I ever met. I tried everything to get him to talk to me and pay attention to me. None of it seemed to work, yet he would always come over and sit by me when I was in the waiting room at his dad's office.

I didn't see him for almost three years after I stopped going to his dad's office when my back got better. The next time I saw him I was a sophomore, the opening day of school a month or two before I got my spanking. He was in a sociology class. He had finished two Master's degrees, one in Physics and one in math, but he was so totally alone. He didn't know how to be around people, and the high school agreed to let him come back and be with kids his own age and take one course a day. He was in Mrs. Hunter's class. He still looked a lot the same, but he had grown a lot. Most boys wore their hair short. He had the most beautiful head of long red hair I have ever seen. I just flowed down to his shoulders in waves. I had to go to a beauty parlor to get waves like that, and his was just totally natural. His face was like a young Robert Redford, and he was almost 6' tall with a sort of thin build like a lot of movie stars. He wore a different color of clothes each day. Some days he wore all red, others all black or white. All the girls thought he was the most gorgeous boy they had ever seen and tried to talk to him, but he would just start explaining physics or math and they would give up. He would still come and sit by me when he saw me. I thought he wanted to say something the way he looked, but he would just be quiet.

I asked him what he was doing after school one day, and he said walking home. I said I was walking home too. That day he followed me home staying about a block behind me. After I went in he walked up to my house on the side walk, then left. I wanted him to walk with me, but he didn't.

When he walked into the class. I was surprised. I knew he was taking sociology, but I didn't expect to see him. I was glad I was doing a paper, and wouldn't be spanked with him in the room. Some of the athletes were there too, and other kids I knew. It would have been awfully embarrassing. Then Mrs. Hunter came back in. She started to say something to me, then stopped and asked me to come in the hall with her. She asked me to bring my purse. She asked if I had any kotex in my purse. I didn't. Then she looked me in the eye and asked me again if my period was starting. I stammered. She just said "No??"

I couldn't answer her. Privately she told me that I still had to do the paper, or be spanked next week. Then she took me back in the room.

She turned to her class, and said she would start in a few minutes, but that she had other duties first, that we had been in a scuffle in the restroom, and three of us were going to have the paddle. Without further ado she told us to go to the back of the room. The two girls followed her, and then she specifically told me to come too. My knees began to shake and I held on to a chair. She couldn't paddle me. She just couldn't. Come on Sharon, she ordered. I went forward on lead feet.

First she spanked the big girl. She had a big wooden desk in the rear of the room, and she made her reach over it and hold the lip. This put you flat on the table with your bottom up. It was at a 90 degree angle to the class room so the business end of the spanking happened away from the direct sight of most of the class If you didn't hold on, Mrs. Hunter started the count for the spanking all over again. I was behind Mighty Mite and Mrs. Hunter. I had a clear view of patsy's face. She leaned over and looked at us. You could see the fear in her face. Her eyes were wide open and her lips were trembling. I saw the paddle go up, and Mrs. Hunter's arm and body tighten as she added momentum to her swing.

The loud crack occurred simultaneously with the glossing over of Patsy's eyes and a whine from her mouth. It quivered more as her body rose up off the table Her hands went back to her bottom. Mrs. Hunter told her to put her hands back on the table, and began to count one again, as she delivered another blow. I watched her face. With the second swat, the pools of water in her eyes began to flow.. Tears falling on the table. With each one she gave a sort of grunt and began to moan and grimace. When the count of five was reached she sighed between sobs as she cried uncontrollably. Mrs. Hunter helped her up and told her to sit on one of three chairs at the side of the table. On the way she asked if she were sorry for fighting. Between sobs she muttered yes!!!

Then it was Mighty Mites turn. This time I was closer and couldn't see her face, but could see her bottom pouted up to meet the paddle. With each whack she almost lost her footing and her whole bottom vibrated with the force. She took all five swats without losing her grip and got up crying just as hard as the first girl. She was such a little girl, I think, Mrs. Hunter used less force. I on the other hand was well developed for a 16 year old in that area, as broad as the bigger girl, just lighter up top and with an hour glass waist. One boy said I looked like Marilyn Monroe from behind. I was going to be an easy target for Mrs. Hunter.

I looked back at the room. Most of the kids were just staring intently. One of the athletes was sort of smiling. James had a funny look on his face. It was like he didn't understand what was going on. I was so embarrassed anyway that I wanted to just die. I especially didn't want to be spanked in front of him. I could barely keep on my feet. I was so afraid. I begged her, "Please, don't spank me!! Please!!"

She just told me to lay across the table. Just then I heard a voice. It was James.

"Mrs. Hunter, Mrs. Hunter"

"Yes, James" she answered.

"Mrs. Hunter, don't spank her. She is too nice to spank. Spank me instead." He was walking forward. I had already laid on the table and she had started to raise the paddle. Then she turned to him and told him to go back to his seat.

He just looked at me. I had already started to cry, but blurted out, "Its ok," then three little words that seemed to echo in my heart, "I love you," slipped out as, "thank you!"

I so wanted someone to rescue me, too keep me from being hurt. James tried. I watched him hesitate, I don't think he would have let her spank me, if I hadn't stopped him. Then looking me in the eyes he seemed to understand I had to do it and just froze in his tracks.

It only took a second for Mrs. Hunter to return to her task. In the corner of my eye I saw the paddle go back. Then I felt it. It hurt. My hands popped loose and I yelped. One more she said and started at one again. My face was in a pool of tears from the other girls, and with the next three swats I added more too it. The pain was so much I just lost it and reached for my burning bottom again. We started over again. Five more times I felt the searing pain of the paddle on my bottom. I was sobbing uncontrollably the whole time. I was shaking and shaky as Mrs. Hunter helped me to my feet. I could barely see through the flow of my tears.

They cleared a little as I sat down, and I saw the steady stare and little smirk of the athlete a few feet away. Then I saw James. A tear rolled down his cheek, as he looked at me with the most tender gaze. When I saw that I began to cry harder again. The other girls were getting better, but I just kept sobbing. I sat with my face over my knees, dripping tears one at a time on the floor. The other girls had left as quickly as they could. James came over and sat beside me. I held his hand. I couldn't stop crying. I wanted him to hold me. My mom came to get me and took me home.

When we got home, she took me upstairs. I was worried that she would be mad at me for getting in trouble. It wasn't that. No one had expected me to get so upset over the spanking. I was still shaky. I didn't handle stress well. I was always a little nervous, and when I hit puberty, I had begun to have a lot of diarrhea. Dr. Knight had said it could be the beginning of irritable bowel syndrome and put me on baking soda enemas and a special diet when this was bothering me. It was always worse during exams and stress. My mom knew that I was way to stressed out and always gave me a good enema before It got bad. This always stopped the problem..

It was funny. A little over an hour before my bottom had been paddled. Now the enemas. They were so different. The spanking had been so public. Everyone saw me cry, and it hurt so bad. The enemas would be even more embarrassing to most girls, but I had gotten used to having them, and they felt ”SOOOO good. Mom had learned to give them slow and easy, and made them nice and warm. I always had to have my colon really filled well, but even that wasn't too bad once I learned how to do it. I had to have two.

As I held the enemas, she talked to me. I relaxed as the warmth of the enema, and the baking soda melted away the pain. Mom noticed the whelts on my bottom. The punishment was over, except now I had to do the paper too” and for sure I was going to get it done. I didn't want another spanking!! I told her what James had done. She said that was so sweet. I had my bathrobe on and was laying in bed when the door bell rang. Mom called me downstairs.

There was James, the most beautiful red rose in his had. He handed it to me and said he was sorry they spanked me. I started to cry again, and just grabbed him. Then I kissed him. He said it was only a rose, looking at the rose and me back and forth. Then he kissed me back. It was the first time I had ever kissed a boy, and my mom was watching. I just wanted to hold him. I had always just wanted to hold him. The rose was from our front yard. One of my dad's favorites. It was the first rose he ever stole for me. I married him when I was 18, and I gave him six babies, and had three before I got my teaching degree.

I had the first one the first year after I got my HS diploma and the year he got his second PhD. He has brought me single roses for the entire time they are in bloom for most of our lives together. The university made arrangements for the gardeners just to plant a few more rose bushes and told them not to bother him for taking them. I am glad they love him too.

He still tries to explain La Grange equations to me at times, but I learned long ago that if I just start kissing him, he will forget about all that, and just start kissing me back. Mrs. Hunter gave us our most unusual wedding present. A paddle, the only one ever used on my bottom. I put it in a frame in my sewing room. I was so afraid that day, and it was so awful, but thanks to James, It was the best day of my life. It was the day I knew he loved me.