Schoolgirls Are Disciplined

Author: Steven Douglas
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Schoolgirls Are Disciplined

Author: Steven Douglas

Summary: The parents leave the daughter to the son for absolute discipline. Three schoolgirls are disciplined by their brothers during their summer holidays and life would never be the same for them again.

Three schoolgirls are disciplined by their brother during their summer holidays and life would never be the same for them again.

Part 1 : Introduction

Silvia is 19 years old, 5'9", fair colour, blue eyes, cute breasts and very beautiful indeed. She lives with her parents and has a younger brother who is 17 years old. Her parents are very strict and she must be sure that she obeys them. She does whatever they say because disobedience will result in punishment. Her brother is more free to do whatever he wants and sometimes he also tells Silvia what to do and she also have to follow his orders.

Everyday, she has to wake up at 6.00am and get ready for school. Once she's ready for school, she has to go to the post-office to get the mails for the house, go to the supermarket and get the grocery, wash the car, do the laundry and iron the clothes. She leaves for school at 9.00am and she must finish all this work or she has price to pay. When she comes back with her brother from school, she has to take off her clothes and can only have her bikini on. Her brother was the one who suggested this to his father. She then sweeps the house, washes the dishes and cooks dinner for the family. She has half an hour to finish her assignments and then she has to go to bed by 10.00pm. She shares her room with Robert. Robert likes to tease Silvia about all she has to do while they both go to sleep.

Apart from this, she receives training from her dad on Sundays. She gets 20 strokes of the leather strap and 20 strokes of the wooden paddle with her panties on or 15 each without her panties. When her father is out of town, her brother, Robert gets to give her the training. He just loves doing that to her and sometimes even gives her more. He prefers on the bare but gives her all the 20.

When Silvia has failed to obey anyone or if her parents receive a complaint from the school, she gets severe punishments like up to 50 strokes of each item. And if what she had done is so serious, then she might even get 100 sometimes.

Silvia and Robert had their summer vacation which was for almost 2 months. At this time, her parents left for Germany leaving Silvia and Robert alone in the house. They handed Robert the keys and made him incharge and asked him to keep everything under control. They left and the fun began for Robert.

Part 2 : Silvia is controlled and tamed

Robert smiled at Silvia and said "So, I am incharge here, huh? Well you are in my control and better follow what I tell you or you know what will happen". Silvia was surprised at what he said and asked "What do you mean by that?" 'You know what I mean don't you slut!!' She was just stunned and before she responded, Robert just stared in her eyes. She knew she can't do anything and just put her head down in embarrassment. "So we have two months to spend and you have a lot to learn little girl" he said smiling. "You shall address me as Master from now on and not say a word till I ask you, understand slut?". "Yes Master" came the answer. She was so embarrassed that her face turned bright red. "Let's get started now" he said as he dragged her to the sofa. "Kneel down and face the sofa" he said. She hesitated but did so without complaining. She was still wearing her usual bikini. He took a scarf from her mother's closet and blindfolded her. "What are you doing?" she questioned with authority. "Shut up. Didn't I tell you not to talk. You are allowed this time but once more and you know what..." He tied the scarf round her eyes so that she can't see anything at all. "You stay still till I come back, understand?" She nodded her head and he walked away. She was excited to be controlled as she wanted to be submissive but being submissive to her own younger brother made her sad and embarrassed. She waited there for what seemed to be hours. After 25 minutes he returned with a few straps and told her to put her hands behind her back. She knew he was going to tie her hands so she said "You can't tie me" in a very loud voice. He pulled her hands back with force and put the straps on. Then he pulled her ankles together and strapped them as well. She struggled but he was just too strong for her. "You just disobeyed me and you know what is going to happen, surprise!" He said and dragged her to the dining room. He put her on the dining table and roped her to the table. He turned the lights brighter and turned off the air-conditioners so the room gets warmer. She kept struggling but knew that complaining would only make things worse so she kept the thoughts to herself. She heard him walk out and shut the door. "How long will this be and I'm already feeling so hot" she thought. But he returned moments later and slid a cold metal in between her breasts. A second later, her breasts popped out and he then slid it near her pussy and her panties tore as well. Yes, he used a pair of scissors. "What the hell do you think you are doing? I'm your sister and don't want to do this to me" she shouted in anger. "HAHA, you are so sweet in this state and well, it's all dad's idea!" "You also had disobeyed me by shouting and you will receive additional punishment for that as well". He took the bra and panties off the table and went away shutting the door. She was naked, totally bound and blindfolded. The room is getting warmer and warmer with the light intensity and she's getting hotter and hotter. After about 30 minutes, the door opened again and Robery walked in to see his sister already sweating. He smiles at her and puts a soft thing on her and moves it all over her. She feels ticklish and moves involuntaryily with her hips moving up and down. He teases her with that for the next five minutes and she says "Please, I beg you, this is enough, I can't take it anymore. Please let me go. Please!" she pleads. "Well, you know that you are not going to get anywhere with your pleads and you also know that by talking you are disobeying your Master, Sylvia" came the reply. She thinks to herself why did she talk as he roams around her body with the soft stuff. She starts squirming and moaning. Her pussy is really wet now and her juices just dripping. "Wet already?" he laughing asked. Her faced turned so red and she was blushing. He stopped teasing her and and asked her what was that made you so wet as if he didn't know. "The-the soft stuff, what is it?" she asked quietly. "Make a guess" "I don't know" she said. "It's a feather my dear, a simple feather" he said. "If you co-operate, you can enjoy the whole thing but if you disobey, it will only be me who enjoys the whole thing". "Let's set some rules now". "You shall call me only as Master or Sir, then you can only talk when I ask you something, you can't scream or shout or ask me anything, but you can squirm and moan. You shall obey to whatever I say or you will be punished mercilessly. Are we clear Silvia?" "Yes Master" she replied. "That's good". He then took off he blindfold and looked at her smiling. She was so embarrassed to see her younger brother doing all this to her and blushed. She turned away from him. "Look at me Silvia" he said loudly. She hesitantly turned back towards him. "What? Are you so frustrated that you are in this position with your younger brother in total control of you? Embarressed?" he asked her in a teasing tone. "Yes" she whispered. "YES what??" he slapped he breast and asked. "Yes, Yes Master" she said. "Maybe because you don't what I can do to you, so you are failing to obey" he said in a sharp tone. He then touched her breast with both hands and squeezed them hard. She screamed in pain. "No screaming, and you know that" he laughed. "Yes Master" she said without a choice. He squeezed it harder and harder and she was moaning again. She was already sweating of the warm room and wet by the humiliation she had from her brother and the feather. She was moaning louder and louder and he realized that she was going to cum soon. So he stopped and stared at her. She couldn't help but look at him helplessly. He pinched her nipples softly and asked her if she liked it. "Yes Master" she said. He pinched it harder and asked if she liked this one too. "Yes Master" she said again but with more enthusiasm. So he kept pinching it more and more harder everytime and after a while, she was moaning again. "You know you are moaning in front of your younger brother, do you realize that?" he asked smiling and staring at her in the eyes. She looked him and said nothing but "Yes Master" a midst of her moaning. Her moaning came louder and louder. He stopped when she was about to cum. "Feeling very hot huh? You're pussy is so wet and the juices are dripping very badly. Do you want to cum, Sylvia?" he asked her sweetly. Being so embarrassed that she can't control her senses, she said "Yes Master". "You need to ask much better, Sylvia" he said. "Please let me cum Robert, I can't stand this anymore. Please! Let me cum, please!!" she begged. "What? Robert? You are such a bad girl and don't even know how to make a request" he said sadistically. "Sorry, Master. I didn't mean it. Please let me cum Master. I beg you. I can't resist my senses anymore" she pleaded. "I'll be right back and wait for me, Sylvia" he said and walked away. She was naked and helpless on the dining table, sweating and juices dripping from her pussy. She wanted to cum so badly but she couldn't. She waited and waited. It was getting so warm that she was burning hot and was ready to cum when she senses something on her pussy. He finally returned with a bag and it seemed quite heavy. She wondered what was inside and was trying to guess but couldn't figure out. "Want to know what's inside?" he asked calmly. "Surely Master". "No way sweetie" he said and put the blindfold back on. She was excited but also wondering what was coming next. She heard him open the bag but of course couldn't see what he took out. He took out a pair of nipple clamps and said "Guess what is coming next" and attached the clamps on her nipple. She shouted in pain. "Don't do this. It hurts. Remove it now" she screamed. "Where is all the respect gone little lady? You shall pay for talking and disrespecting me". Then he added some more clamps to her breast. "Don't you dare disobey me again, Silvia" he said pulling the clamps and making her scream in pain. She had never tried this before and now she realizes how much it hurts. She was moaning a midst of the screaming. "Now, I let you cum but your pubic hair will get wet. So, I think I'll shave it for you" he remarked. "Dammit, no way you're going to do that to me" she said. There was no reply. Suddenly realizing that she just disobeyed him, she said "I'm very sorry Master. I didn't really want to disobey you. Please forgive me. Please" she pleaded again. "Good that you realize that you disobeyed me but you are not sorry yet. You will be soon!" he said. "You won't cum for now and I'll make that sure." He removed the clamps and she slowly stopped moaning. Now her nipples were really sore and she was still dripping. He took the shaving cream and the shaving stick from the bag. She didn't know what was coming. First he took a towel and wiped the juices from her wet pussy. He then spread the cream on her now dry pussy. She tried to stop him by pleading again but to no avail. It just made her realize that she shouldn't have said it at all. He started shaving her pussy and the hair dropping with the cream. She started moaning again and knew her climax was near. He did the shaving little by little ensuring that she doesn't cum. He finished shaving her clean and she didn't cum but moaning loud and at the edge of the climax. He sprayed some after shave on her pussy and cleaned the mess. He waited some 10 minutes silently and made her wonder whether he was still there. She was sweating like anything and was dripping all over again. She was excited but wanted to cum so badly now. "Are you there?" she asked. There was no reply from him. She thought he probably had gone and started to try to free her straps. "You dare do that" he said stunning her. "Sorry Master, I thought you had gone" she replied. "Well it is 7.00 pm already and I have to go out now. You better stay where you are and try not to move. I've put a burning candle next to your legs and you dare move" he said though there were no candles at all. "Remove the candles, it might burn me" she yelled. "Unless you move, you won't be burnt. Understand?" "Yes Master, but.."she started but didn't say anthing further knowing it won't help. "I'll only be back late in the night but you shouldn't be sleeping till then, so I'm going to put the clamps on your nipples back on and guess what else I am going to do" he said. He attached the clamps to her already sore nipples and she was screaming once again. He twisted the clamps so it really hurts her. She was screaming overwhelmingly. He then took another two clamps from the bag. Holding them in his hands, he untied the ropes and lifted her up from the table. He made her stand against the wall and put a chain around her neck and hooked it to the nail in the wall. Her wrists and ankles are already strapped and she has no chance to move unless she want to cause pain to her neck. He didn't want her to shout so he took the towel that he used for wiping her pussy earlier and wiped her pussy which was dripping again dry, and stuck it in her mouth. She was screaming behind the towel but the sound was low. "One more final thing before I leave" he said attaching the two clamps to her pussy. She just couldn't bear it and screamed so loud but the towel lowered the sound very well. "Candles are right near your feet, so don't move even a bit " He said as he left the room turning off the lights and shutting the door. He didn't turn the air-conditioner on, so it was still very warm in this hot summer. She stand there totally naked, pussy shaved, blindfolded, gagged by the towel with her own juice, neck chained to the hook above her and clamps in her nipples, breasts and her pussy. She didn't dare to move an inch as she was scared of the candles. She couldn't believe she was in this state the same day her parents had left and was so humiliated by her own younger brother.

Part 3 : The humiliation continues

She stands there sweating and dripping her juices and slightly screaming. Her legs get tired and she can't stand anymore but has no choice. She stands there until Robert comes back. He is finally back at 11.00pm but it looked like days for Silvia. "Tired?" he asks he walks in. "Hmm" she makes the sound behind the towel. He turns on the lights and studies her body carefully. "You are so helpless" he remarks and removes the chain from the hook and her neck. She collapses to the ground kneeling on the floor. He removes the towel from her mouth and asks her whether she enjoyed it. With less energy to talk, she answers "Not really" softly. "Not really, what?" he screams. "Not really Master. Sorry" she replies immediately with some sudden fright. "You still haven't learned respect and there is a long way to go" he says and slowly removes the clamps from the breasts and lifts her up and then removes the clamps in her pussy. She sighs in relief. Suddenly he puts the clamps in her pussy again and she screams in pain and shock. "What? Relief? Haha" he says. "You shouldn't do all that, understand young lady?" :"Yes Master, Okay Master" she says in pain. He removes the clamps from he pussy again. He touches her breasts and caresses them. Then reaches the pussy and slightly touches it. He suddenly slaps it hard and she screams in pain and surprise. "That hurts huh?" he asks laughing. He takes off the blindfold and she looks at him for a second and then put her head down in embarrassment. He bends down and removes the straps from the ankle but leaves the ones in her wrists still on which holds her hands behind her. He drags her by the arm and leads her to the bathroom. Knowing that she is still wet and dripping and waiting to cum so badly, he asks her "Do you want to cum?" "Yes Master, please. I really can't bear this anymore" she says. He then asks her to stay there and went away. She stayed there for about 15 minutes wondering what he was doing and going to do to her next. She wanting to cum so much, she waited without patience. He came back with a bottle of Vaseline. He strapped the ankles again and removed her straps in the wrist. He asked her to lift the arms high up behind crossing each other below her head. She did so and he strapped her back. He applied the Vaseline to his fingers and then took some more and put it in her pussy. He slowly inserted his finger into her pussy opened her clitoris and the inner layer. She was squirming and wiggling her hips. She was moaning as well. He slowly penetrated in and out slowly and she was now moving so much. When her moans got so loud, he stopped. "Can't you just let me cum?" she shouted. He stared at her right in the eyes. "I'm sorry...ah Master, I just really want to cum, please don't do this to me anymore. I just can't resist any longer" she cried with tears dropping from her eyes. "No respect for me means no mercy for you" he said and washed his hands removing the Vaseline. "Please, I'm really sorry Master" she cried again. "Beg me until I think you deserve it" he said into her ears. "She was already dripping so badly and sweating by the humiliation. She pleaded again and again but to no avail. After almost 20 minutes of pleading, he said "Okay, but not the easy way anymore" he said and walked away. He came back in 10 minutes with a leather strap, the nipple clamps and a dildo. "I will spank you to cum, is that okay? That's your only way to cum now. I'll also put the clamps on your nipples and insert this dildo into your ass. What do you think?" he asked smiling at her. "A small question made things so worse for me" she thought and said "Okay Master" she said with tears weeping from her face. He applied the nipple clamps again and twisted it. She screamed in pain as the nipples were already so sore. He turned her around and applied the Vaseline to her ass and slowly penetrated his finger in and out for a while. She started moaning again. He took the dildo and put some Vaseline in it as well and inserted it in one push until it was in as deep as it could get. "How do you feel now, Silvia?" he asked smilingly. "Well let's start the spanking" he said. All the spankings she ever received before was in her buttocks but this is the first time she is spanking in her pussy. She screamed like hell when the first one landed. He liked to look at her reaction when he spanked her before but he couldn't as she faces front when he spanked her at the back. Today, he saw a much better reaction when she was facing him. He kept the strap in rhythm and he made it harder each time and she couldn't stop screaming and moaning at the same time. After 10 strokes, she hasn't cum yet. She was in pain more than pleasure. He paused for a moment letting her catch her breath. He started again and SMACK "Ouch" SMACK "Ouch" laid another ten more. She still didn't cum and was crying profusely now and moaning lounder and louder. He paused again and let her relax a bit so he can spank her more before she cums. With some mercy for her, he turned the vibrator in the dildo on and she couldn't stand and wiggled her hips and the whole body was moving. He started spanking again and she was moaning louder again and trembled. When he hit the 29th stroke, she exploded her orgasm right to the bathroom floor. He spanked her another five more times and she collapsed to the floor on to her own orgasm. He turned the dildo off and slowly removed it. His cock was erect and wanted to fuck her but since she was his sister, didn't want to cum into her. He went to the other bathroom and masterbated. He exploded his load and he then cleaned himself and came back to see her. She was still on the floor but now facing up. He held her by the arm and lifted her up as she was tied and couldn't help herself. He then removed the ankle and wrist straps and asked her to clean the mess on the floor and then take a shower. She washed the floor clean and then took a shower thinking about what had happened today and just couldn't believe it. She soaped herself and relaxed for almost 1 hour in the tub. She massaged her sore pussy and nipples. She dried herself and came out. Still naked, went to her room and looked for her clothes. Robert came behind and said "You are not going to wear anything and going to sleep naked. Since you didn't ask my permission to wear clothes, I assume you disobeyed me again. For that, you will have these dildo's in your pussy and asshole until morning" he said looking at her in the eyes. He then put Vaseline in the dildos and inserted into her pussy first then the second one into her asshole. She was aroused all over again and started squirming as he inserted them in to her. He then strapped her ankles and wrists again in case she wanted to go out or remove the dildos. "Have a good sleep and I'll see you tomorrow with more surprises" he said as he turned on the two dildos. It started vibrating but he put it in low so that she can still manage to sleep. He turned off the lights and air-conditioners as she was moving in the bed with two dildos vibrating in her. He left their room to sleep in his parents' Master Bedroom. After sometime, she was so tired but she came once before she slept.

Part 4 : The surprise

She woke up in the morning and with the vibrators still on. She couldn't get up and had to wait for Robert to come before she could do anything. She found herself so weak and she her orgasms all over the bed and realized she must have cum several times. The next one wan't too far either, as she started moaning again. She exploded her orgasms. She was hot and wet over and over again and she came three times more in two hours. "If I came four times in two hours, how many times should I have came the whole night?" she asked herself. Robert finally came in was smiling at her seeing all the cum in her body and the bed and she still moaning. He watched her cum again as he started laughing. She started to cry thinking about how humiliated and helpless she is in front of her younger brother. He then stopped the two dildos from vibrating and released the strap from her ankles. He pulled her by the arm and lifted her up and lead her to the bathroom. "Get into the tub and take a shower" he said. "My wrists are strapped, release them" she said. "No respect again huh?" he snorted. "Sorry Master. I keep forgetting. Please remove the strap please" she requested. "Well, you won't forget the respect after the training starts today!" he replied and she was stunned "What training....Ma-aster?" she asked slowly. "You'll know later about that. And now, I'll help you take a shower and you must be presentable for later!!" he said with a big smile on his face. "Presssennntabbble Master?" she asked with a shock. "Shut up now or you know what happens, don't you, Silvia?" he replied and a strong voice and she didn't dare to say another word. He opened the shower with absolutely cold water. She started shivering at the cold water and he also turned on the table fan in the bathroom so she would be just freezing. She was indeed freezing and tried to leave the tub but he stopped her from the attempt. "You don't disobey me ever again and this time, I'm really serious as your training period starts and no more tolerating misbehaviours" he said in a sharp tone which made he silent though she was freezing from the cold water. He filled the tub with cold water and turned the fan even faster. She was shivering and was dying to get out of it. He put his hand into the water and started massaging her from her breasts to her pussy and then her ass and penetrated her asshole. She was getting excited again but he didn't tease her for long and just soaped her and cleaned her from all the cum she had in her body. He let the water flow out and opened some new water. He turned the warm water on this time and removed her straps so she can help herself. She finally smiled a bit, being happy that she gets hot water but suddenly he spanked her in her ass with his hands so hard that she was taken aback by the stroke. She hung her head down knowing she had smiled and he noticed it. "Sorry, very sorry Master" she said facing down. "Good, take your shower now and out in 2 minutes, okay" he said and left the bathroom. She hurried her shower and came out exactly in two minutes so she doesn't have to disappoint her brother or rather her now Master. He was standing there waiting for her to come out. He pointed to the her dress. A red colour bikini, a sleeveless T-Shirt and a Mini-skirt. But before she reached her clothes, he asked her to stop. "I've to insert these dildos into you before you put your clothes on" he said and applied Vaseline and inserted both the first one into her pussy and the second one into her ass. She realized that this one was a bit bigger than the one yesterday and it looks totally different. The 6" dildos went as deep as it could into her and she was squirming for that. He then said "Wait, it's not over yet, still have the clamps!". She couldn't believe that she was going to have the clamps on again. She had no choice as he put the clamps on her nipples and twisted it hard so she was screaming the hell out again. She was then breathing heavily and slowed down after a while. "Okay, relaxed enough slut? Don't waste my time and put on your clothes now!" he shouted and she obeyed immediately. "Wear you socks and shoes, I can't help you do that" he said. "Are we going to go out??? With all these on me?? No, this can't be true!" she thought to herself. Robert stepped on her foot so she came back to her senses. "Thinking whether we are going out? You're damn right!!" he laughed. "Quick" he ordered and she was stunned and was staring at him. "Disobedience will not be tolerated and you know that, don't stare at me, understand?" he stammered. "Reply me, understand?" he asked again. "Yes Master" she said as tears started coming out of he eyes. She put on her socks and tied her shoe laces and they left the house.

They reach their car and Robert puts the straps on her ankles and puts her hands crossed behind her and straps them as well. He didn't want her to make any noise so he gagged her mouth with the dildo he used yesterday on her. She is sitting in the front beside him and he is driving. The area is a suburban area and there is almost no chance of anyone spotting her in this state. She looks at him in anticipation of knowing where they are going but he surely doesn't want to tell her yet. They have been driving for 30 minutes now and she didn't know where he was going. Suddenly, the vibrators of the dildo in her body started. She was stunned and wondered how they started. She started moving involuntaryily. She looked at Robert and Robert was laughing. "How is the sudden sensation in your asshole and pussy my dear?" he laughed asking her. "See this, this is what is called a remote control, and it controls yout dildos!" he surprised her. After a while, she was moaning and he stopped the vibrator when her moans were really loud. "Wet and hot already? Long way to go" he said with a smile. "It's about 11.45am and will be there in 30 minutes" he said as she was looking on. After 10 minutes, he pulling the clamps beneath her clothes. She wiggled and tried to shout loud at him and put up a stare at him in frustration. "No good, little girl. Just earning yourself some tough time" he said and laughed and showed her the remote in her face and turned it on again. She was squirming against the seat and pleaded with her face to turn it off but he wouldn't until she moaned again. She was squirming and moaning louder and louder. He started pulling the clamps to make her scream as well. When he thought she was reaching her climax, he turned off the vibrator! She just can't resist it and after so many orgasms the previous night, she was just wanting more and couldn't wait to cum. She knew that he wouldn't let her cum until very late just like the previous day. When they almost reached, Robert reached for the blindfold and blinded her. He removed the dildo in the mouth though so she can talk. "Furious that you don't know where you are going?" he laughed. "Please remove the blindfold, Master. I can't take this without knowing where I'm heading to. Please!" she pleaded. "It's for me to decide and your request is dismissed" he said as he opened the door to get off. "Where are you going, Master?" she asked. There was no replt because he was already gone. He went into the house and rang the door bell. Ricky answered the door and said "So you are already here, where is your sister?" he questioned. "She's in the car and where are your sisters?" Robert said. "Tied up in the room" he said and told Robert that Melissa and Andrea don't know that someone's coming home. Robert replied saying that Silvia also doesn't know about us coming here. Well their parents are gone on a vacation and Ricky and Melissa are alone with Ricky asked to be incharge. Ricky's parents are no different from Robert's and furthermore, Robert and Ricky are classmates while, Melissa and Silvia are classmates. Andrea was one year younger than Melissa and one older than Ricky. Robert went to get Silvia while Ricky went upstairs. Robert brought Silvia into the house but before that, he put the dildo back in her mouth. "If you disobey me here, you will have hell to pay, understand?" he said it very strongly in her ears and she nodded. She was excited but didn't know where she was.

Part 5 : The training

Robert guided Silvia into the house and helped her remove her shoes and socks. Then he brought her upstairs where he asked Ricky which room and he pointed a room. Silvia realizing there is another guy here, she is feeling quite excited but uncomfortable and ashamed as well since it was her younger brother controlling her. Robert and Silvia entered the room and as Silvia was blindfolded, she didn't see anything. Robert was excited and amazed of what he saw. There are two wooden framed racks to hold the person in spread eagle position, an examination table, a bed, two huge cupboards, three comfortable easy-chairs, four hard wooden chairs, a four-seater sofa set, a TV with DVD player and a few electrical sockets. He put Silvia in one of the hard chairs and tied her with a rope which was hanging near by to the chair. He couldn't wait to see what was in the cupboards but he thought he'll wait for Ricky. He sat on the sofa for a while and then he went to see the DVDs they had. He saw a nice BDSM film called "Training a girl to be a slave" and another one called "Disciplining teenage girls". He was excited about all this and suddenly his erection was so much harder than it was. Ricky cane in with both his sisters in the sane state as Silvia, blindfolded and gagged. "Let's remove their blindfolds" said Robert and Ricky removed Melissa's blindfold first and then Andrea's. They were both stunned to see that they have guests in their house and see that Silvia was bound to a chair in their own house. Silvia still had the blindfold on and Robert told Ricky that they would leave it on her for a while. Melissa was about 5"8 and quite the sane size breast as Silvia. She was slim and attractive. Well she was only 19 years old. Andrea quite resembled her sister in her body shape and face buy she was a bit taller though, 5"10', Ricky started off with Andrea first and asked Robert to undress her. He was just so excited and removed he shirt and her skirt to reveal a stunning pink bikini. He then left her and went to Melissa and unbuttoned her blouse and her jeans to reveal yet another identical bikini. "It's their uniform" Ricky said smiling. Silvia now realized that there are more than one guy and she tried to move and release herself from the chair. Robert noticed this and said "It's time for you to get Silvia" he laughed. Robert went over to Silvia and removed the rope and got her up and pushed her to Ricky. Ricky removed her T-Shirt and caressed her breast a bit and then removed her mini-skirt. She was still blindfolded and was already feeling so humiliated. Ricky removed her blindfold so that she can see him, Melissa and Andrea. All three girls are bound by their wrists and ankles and are standing in front of this two guys in their bikinis totally helpless. Ricky asks Robert to start with Melissa first so that he and the other two girls can watch. Robert takes Melissa and caresses her breasts for a while and then puts her on the examination table and removes her ankle straps and asks her to spread her legs. She obeys knowing what would happen if she doesn't. Robert fastens her ankles to the corners of the tables and then releases her wrist straps and fastens them on the other to corners. Melissa is facing down on the table in a spread-eagle position. He removes he mouth gag and asks whether he can spank her on the bare ass. "She's all yours and do whatever you want" comes the reply from Ricky. Robert happily removes her bra and then her panties. He sees that there is a huge dildo buried in her asshole. He curious unfastens the straps and turn her around and finds that she also has a dildo in her pussy! He decides to turn on the dildo in the pussy and put it in low. He fastens back the straps and she is again facing down. Andrea and Silvia look at this feel their juices dripping as well. Robert tells Ricky "Watch Silvia squirm now cum a while later and passes his remote to Ricky. Ricky feels Silvia's pussy and notice that there is a dildo there. Robert informs that there is one more at the back and Ricky turns her around to find that one as well. He points at her pussy and presses the "Low" stimulation and watch Silvia wiggling and squirming. He brings Silvia to the wooden frame and ties her fixes her position spread-eagle as she shouts. "You're naughty Silvia. Be obedient like them and you'll suffer less" he tells Silvia and she looks in shock. He decided to punish her for that and turns the vibrator to medium. Silvia shakes her hips round and round while Ricky gets a pair of scissors to cut off her panties first and then her bra. "Nipple clamps" exclaims Riaky as he sees Silvia's bra drop down. "Yes, quite painful but useful" says Robert. Ricky pulls her clamps and removes her gag so he can hear her shouts and moans better. By this time, Melissa is already moaning loudly and notice that the table is getting wet and removes Melissa's gag as well. She moans louder and explodes her orgasm on the table. Robert turns the vibrator medium and asks Ricky about the paddles and stuff. Ricky opens the first cupboard to reveal leather paddles, ping-pong paddles, wooden paddles, wooden paddles with holes, leather straps, riding corps and canes. "Which does she takes the most from you guys?" asked Robert and "The leather straps" replied Ricky. Robert thought then there was no point in using the Leather Strap and took two riding corps and held one in each hand. Silvia had cum by now and was moaning again while Melissa had cum the second time and was also moaning again. Robert said Andrea must be bored so how about you spank her first said Robert and Ricky did just that. He took Andrea to the frame next to Silvia and positioned her in the same position as Silvia and Andrea didn't refuse anything as well. She knows what would disobedience cause. Robert started spanking Melissa with the riding corp on both cheeks at the same time. She was moaning more louder and came for the third time while Silvia also came for the third time right then. Robert turned Melissa's vibrator off so she could concentrate on her ass being spanked. Ricky had taken the Leather paddle to warm up both Silvia and Andrea at the same time. He waited for Silvia to cum the forth time by increasing the stimulation to "High" using the remote, and she came seconds later. He then stopped the vibrator and started spanking them both harder and harder. He then removed Andrea's gag as well. SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK came the noise when the paddle hit their young cheeks. Silvia couldn't believe the strength in Ricky's spankings and started screaming while Andrea kept it to herself and started crying as a result. "No screaming Silvia" Robert said while he was spanking Melissa harder and harder. He stopped for a while as Melissa took a moment for her breath. He asked Melissa to raise her ass up as high as she could after every spank and she should count the number on each ass like "Left cheek 1" "Right cheek 1". "It won't be even on both sides so keep your count correctly or you have to start all over again" "Hundred on each" he said as Melissa screamed "What!!!!" so loud. Ricky heard that and frustratedly came to the table stopping his work on those two girls' asses. "I'll handle that Ricky" "Get back to work" Robert said before Ricky did something. "Since you disobeyed me, it will be 150!!" he said with a big laugh. "My cheeks are already so hot and how can I take 150?" she thought to herself and tears running down her face. "No mercy today girls" Ricky announced as his hitting was harder and harder each time. He paused and said "Warming up is over" "Start counting your hits and be sure to step behind the line in the frame after every spank, understand?" he asked with authority. "Yes Master" said Andrea while Silvia said "Yes" "Where is the respect Silvia?" he asked and Silvia replied "Sorry Master, Yes Master" "That's better. 75 for you Silvia and 100 for you Andrea" he said. He hit the paddle so hard against their cheeks, that after each SMACK, they say "One, Two, Three etc." and an "Ouch, Ah" and move back behind the line and the next one comes right then. Silvia was tired at 25 and stopped counting while Andrea made sure she was counting. Well that was until some 40 and she doesn't have the energy to count anymore as well. He kept spanking them while they counted within themselves. Robert giving Melissa the 150, was doing quite well. Melissa counted to 45 and stopped counting as well. The corp came SWASH SWASH each time and she responded "AHH NO, OUCH!". Well it is totally only 75 for Silvia and 100 for Andrea while it is 150 on the right and 150 on the left for Melissa. When Silvia counted 75, she shouted "75 Master". Ricky without stopping yelled "What 75? Is it 75 after 25?" he asked with a huge laugh. She knows she can't take anymore. "Please Master, it's enough. I can't bear anymore. Please, Please!" she pleads while responding "OUCH" to the spanks. He says "Okay, you are free to go" while signaling to Robert not to talk. "I also can't take this anymore. Please let me also go, Master" says Andrea in a low tone as she's already crying like the other twp girls. "I just wanted your response Andrea. And Silvia, you've completed only 25 and Andrea, you only 41" he says "Since you both are talking out of permission, Silvia, yours increases to 100 and Andrea, yours to 150" he says in a confident tone. "Since you both are not really co-operating, we'll start all over again from 1 and not with this simple leather paddle anymore, let's try the wood!" he says and walks to the cupboard to grab a wooden paddle and smiles at Robert. Melissa realizing this starts counting again from 45 because she knows saying anything higher that would earn her more and not less. "Left cheek, 46" "Right cheek, 46" and as it comes down SWASH, she goes AHH and OUCH and counts. Her cheeks are now so bright red and Robert spots bruises and tells Ricky but Ricky says "Same here, just go on". The girls are bound helplessly and are being spanked by their younger brothers or rather they're Masters now with total authority. The girls are so wet and these guys can just smell that. The girls can't stand it anymore but without a choice, keep counting. The wooden paddle with the holes removes the air between the paddle and ass so the smack is much harder and the wood itself is so hard and Silvia and Andrea can't are screaming and crying like crazy. Ricky decides to put the mouth gag on for the rest of the spanking on both of them and says "I'll count for you since you girls scream too much" He counts "78, 79, 80" and so on. They don't move back begubd the line anymore so he decides to tie a thin rope in the middle of the frame so that when he spanks, they push forward against the thin rope and the causes extreme pain to their pussies. Silvia still with the dildos in place feels less pain than Andrea who has no dildos inserted. Ricky notices this and first turns the vibrator to "Extreme High" with the remote on Silvia. Meanwhile, he spanks Andrea. She hits the rope and feels the pain. After a few times , she knows she must step behind the line. Melissa miraculously is still counting and puts her ass up for Robert's spanking. SWASH "Left cheek 134" "Left cheek 135" "Left cheek 136" "Right cheek 133". She manages to count though the spanks are uneven. Silvia is now moaning so loud inside her gag and she explodes her orgasm but Ricky doesn't stop the vibrator and continues the spanking on Andrea "103, 104, 105" he counts for her. He stops and turns Silvia's head and stares in her eyes. Silvia feels the fear and the vibrator is just getting her senses. She stares at Ricky and moans so loud. Silvia cums again in another massive orgasm. Ricky stops the vibrator and removes it so she can feel the rope. She felt the rope a few times as he was counting dorn from 20. "17, 16, 15, 14". Melissa was almost done as well. She was still counting without a choice. "Left cheek 146, Right cheek 148". When she reached "Left cheek 149, Right cheek 149", she put her ass up and waited for the last ones on both cheeks. Robert was waiting for her to anticipate the last one eagerly. Ricky reached "4, 3, 2" and stopped while he also waited for them to anticipate the last one. He land a very very hard SMACK on Silvia after removing her gag. She screamed so loud on that one as is it was a 100kg iron crashing her off. He removed the gag on Andrea as well and said "Beg me for the last one Andrea". She just did that with all the energy she had left in her. SMACK came the last one on her. She screamed a lot louder that Silvia. Melissa was still hanging her ass up in the air waiting for the last one. She couldn't hold it there anymore and let it down. "Up Melissa, right now" said Robert. He land the last one on each cheek at the same time with all the force he had. She went crashing down on the table. By now, all the girls had several bruises in their ass cheeks and they were as red as it could get. They were crying profusely and Silvia and Andrea couldn't stand anymore. Silvia was worse since she had cum several times during her spanking. But all three girls were dripping their juices and Andrea hadn't cum yet and waiting to cum very seriously. Ricky and Robert were tired and their cocks were so erect and hard. Ricky went to get some Vaseline and applied onto Silvia's asshole, after pulling her vibrator out and burying it in Andrea's pussy. Then he applied the Vaseline on his own cock. He then passed it on to Robert who applied it to his cock and Melissa's asshole after pulling out the vibrator.He walked over to Andrea and put the vibrator in her ass and turned it on. He turned on Melissa's vibrator to "Medium" while Ricky turned on Silvia's to "High". Andrea was watching as both Ricky and Robert entered into their partnews assholes. They just penetrated but didn't release themselves out and fuck them yet. They stayed inside them and felt the vibrator's sensation at the tip of their penises. The girls were already moaning and were about to cum and the guys started pushing in and out. Silvia started to cum first and was still moaning. Ricky came next into Silvia's body. "I am just raped by a younger guy who I don't even know" Silvia thought as she was almost unconscious. Melissa and Robert came together. Melissa couldn't stand two simulations at the same time and collapsed on the table itself. Robert came into her and collapsed right on top of her. Andrea looking at this started dripping profusely from her pussy. Ricky noticed this and turned the vibrator in Andrea's pussy to "Extreme High". She was moaning so loud but before she could cum, he turned it off and let her stand there embarrassed and wanting to cum so badly. The vibrator in her ass is on but it couldn't stimulate her enough to cum though she was moaning loud. Robert came out of Melissa and told Ricky to spank Andrea in the pussy to cum. "You take the hounours" Ricky said and untied Silvia and tied her to the chair facing Andrea's front body. He untied Melissa and tird he on another wooden chair next to Silvia facing Andrea as well. Silvia and Melissa couldn't sit there as the hard wooden chair caused their butt to hurt more. They struggled but to no avail. They watched Robert use the Riding Corp and spank Andrea in the pussy. Her vibrator at the back was still on. She kept screaming louder and louder and couldn't bear the pain of the Corp in her bare pussy. He stopped after 15 strokes and felt she shouldn't take this anymore like this. So, he took the Vaseline and put it on his fingers and her pussy. He slowly pertrated with two fingers and opened up the inner layer. She was exposed and at the edge of coming after this sensation but didn't cum yet. He took back the Riding Corp and started spanking her harder and harder with it. She just couldn't take it anymore and was crying heavily once again. He didn't stop until she came. After about 10 on the exposed pussy, she came with an overwhelmingly explosive orgasm. He turned the vibrator in her ass off and pulled it out. He was again so erected and entered into her ass without any Vaseline. It was rough and tough as he entered her. "Ouch" she cried as was penetrating into her asshole. It hurted her more when he was literally fucking her. He came into her and collapsed behind her. She pushed against the rope in severe pain carrying his weight on her back. Her pussy was hurting as a result. After almost 3 minutes, he finally got up and released himself from her and untied her. He put her on another wooden chair next to Melissa and Silvia who are dying of pain sitting the wooden chair. She was no exception and felt the pain running around her whole body. The heat is too much for these girls to handle. They remain silent as Ricky and Robert are laughing and cracking jokes at the three of them. They feel so humiliated but are bound to obey their Masters. They leave the three girls in those chairs and leave the room. This allowed the three girls to talk. "Well our parents are not coming in the next 2 months" said Andrea. "Same here" said Silvia. "It's terrible to be so humiliated by our younger brothers like this" said Melissa. "The pain is too much more than the humiliation. These clamps are killing me and I can't bear it anymore. My ass also hurts" said Silvia. "No choice. If we had been liked by our parents, we wouldn't be here like this" said Andrea. They were too tired to talk any further and were so tired and decided to take a nap in the sitting position. After almost 3 hours, Ricky and Robert returned and released the clamps off Silvia and the vibrators off Melissa. They took the three to the bathroom where they turned on the hot shower and filled the tub. "45 minutes" said Robert and they both left. They were so eagar to massage their so red butt and Andrea massaged the pussy she got spanked by as well while Silvia massage her sore nipples as a result of the clamps. They soaped each other and relaxed a bit. "I feel like we are slaves and forced to be so shameless and humiliated" said Silvia and the other two agreed. "We don't have a choice as we are asked to be trained by our parents" said Melissa. "Never been so ashamed and humiliated like this ever before. As a fact, never been naked in front of a boy before" said Andrea. "We were fucked for the first time in our lives" said Silvia and "this is to each other's younger brothers" added Melissa. Their time was over but they were enjoying the water so much that they forgot the time. Ricky and Robert returned. "Did you know we said 45 minutes" said Ricky. "Sorry Masters" replied all the three. Whatever they think between the girls, they still have to obey their Masters. The three left the tub and dried themselves up.

Part 6 : More training

Ricky and Robert lead the three back to the same room where they had all their spankings. They instructed the girls to put their clothes on though no dildos are clamps this time. They were happy to back their bikinis on and then the clothes they were wearing earlier. They blindfolded them and strapped their hands to their back. They then lead the girls to the living room where seeming quite a crowd was chanting for them. The girld were stunned to hear some other people and started blushing and their face turning red. With all those already done, their asses almost on fire and other parts hurting like anything from the earlier spankings. They are now hear to be further humiliated and they don't know who is there watching them. Ricky slowly removed Melissa's blindfold and she was surprised to see her classmates, Jack, Peter, Sandra and Cindy. There was one more boy and one girl that she didn't know. Ricky then took off Silvia's blindfold and she also only recognized the same four people. Then Robert removed Andrea's blindfold and she recognized one of them, the boy, Steve. The other girl was Ricky's and Robert's classmate, Josephine. Ricky had called them up to show that these girls are trained to be sex slaves. He pushed all the three girls to the floor and asked them to kneel and make their head face up and there breasts high up in the air. They didn't do it but a stare from Ricky and Robert made them do it. "Good and now stand up" said Robert and all of them did. He asked them to strip tease for the people as everyone cheered on. "We seem like whores" thought Melissa as she stripped teased and slowly removed her clothes along with Silvia and Andrea. When they reached their bikini, the other boys already have an erection. "Stop" said Ricky. "Melissa, you are going to suck all their cocks clean" She was stunned as she never did this before. "No way" she protested and turned back to walk away. "You're causing yourself trouble. Do it now" Robert said holding her hair. "Who the hell are you to ask me to do that?" she daringly asked. "Your Master who spanked you 150 times in your bare ass earlier" came the reply to the amusement of the other. He sat on the sofa and pulled her over his lap and pulled her panties to her ankles revealing her red cheeks with all the bruises. "You will do it soon" he said as he used his hands and started spanking her in the bare butt as hard as he could. She started crying but it was too late. "50 spanks and you would learn" he said as he counted. SMASH, SMASH came the shots and she couldn't stand the heat and the pain and cried loudly in front of everyone and pleaded him to stop and said she would do anything. "Yes, you will do anything but not now, after your 50 spanks lady" he said in a high tone. Meanwhile, Ricky had gone and brought the wooden paddle with the holes. He gave it to Robert. "You didn't try this yet huh? Here you try it now" he laughed and said as the other looked on the training of poor Melissa. SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK came the shots without a pause. By this time, everyone was already hot and the other boys' cocks were so hard waiting for Melissa to suck. The most tough 50 spanks finished and Melissa was crying like a new born baby. She knelt down as Steve came first to insert his cock in her mouth. She didn't open her mouth until Robert called her name reminding her of the spanks. She sucked the cock and he pushed it down her throat. He was so hard that he came quite quickly but she refused to take the load into her mouth. "It's okay Melissa thay you don't need to take the cum into your mouth" said Ricky. "Jack, your turn" Ricky said with a big smile. Jack lowered his pants and popped out his cock while Melissa hesitantly took it into her mouth. She used her tongue and finished him quickly as well and when he burst the load, he didn't let go her mouth, forcing the cum into her mouth. She spit it out but since it was near her throat, she couldn't avoid swallowing some cum. She tried to relax a bit but Peter was waiting. So she had to take his cock in as well and this time she had less energy and Peter tried to give her a tough job and lasted longer. She finally made him cum and he took his cock out and came outside. Melissa got up and Robert asked "What do you think you are doing?". She said "It's already done, Ma-a-aster" with a slight fear. "You still have three more" Robert said as Cindy came over and pulled her panties down and said "Lick me to cum inside my skirt, I don't want to show the rest my privates". Melissa stunned that she has to now lick a girl's pussy, she was starting to cry again. "Do the job or pay the price" Ricky stated. She went into her skirt a few seconds later and started licking her. She realized that her pussy was shaved just like theirs. She took sometime and finished it off but when she tasted her cum, she felt like vomiting and immediately stood up. A hard spank from the wooden paddle from Robert to her bruised ass sent her back down. Sandra came to be serviced next as she also only removed her panties and asked Melissa to go into her skirt. She licked fast and faster and Sandra came as well. It was Josephine next and she wasted no time. She removed her skirt and left her panties on. "Lick my panties and make me cum" she said. Melissa looked at Robert who was holding the paddle and was waving it. At that sight, she just started licking her panties and it took almost 20 minutes before she came. The panties had such a musk smell that she couldn't resist at all. Melissa waited for instructions for her to get up. "Alright your done, Melissa. Stand up and put your panties back on" said Ricky. She did that and waited for the next person to take over. "Andrea, take off you bikini and lie on the sofa. She hesitantly did that as she was in no position to object and didn't want Melissa just received. Ricky handed her over the Vaseline bottle and asked her to cum using only her fingers and only on her pussy. "10 times" said Robert. "Oh my! 10 times and I'll still be alive?" she wondered but she started. "Stop" said Robert. How about the boys and the girls help you cum and have some fun as well?" "Oh no! These guys to play with my pussy? Those girls didn't even to show their pussy and I'm going to let them play with it?" she thought but again she was scared to object. Jack came over to her took the Vaseline and put on her pussy. He penetrated one finger, then two and then three into her wet cunt. He reached her vagina and opened the clitoris. She was so embarrassed and started blushing and moaning. When she was almost there, he would stop and start all over again. After teasing her several times, he finally made her cum. Steve was next and sat on the sofa and lifted her naked body over his lap. He took the Vaseline and spread it in the already moist pussy. She was moaning and he also teased her and put her in the edge of climax for a long time. Finally, she begged for it and he gave her the necessary stimulation to cum. She was really started and her cunt was on fire and wanted to stop. But it would resut in her ass getting on fire, so she waited for Peter to come over and do the needful. Peter was straight forward and didn't tease her much, He probably wanted to prove he could do it fastest and did it in a matter of minutes. Robert came to sit near Andrea. She knew it won't be that easy with him. She was indeed correct as he first took the Vaseline and slowly penetrated into her cunt.. He opened up the opening and exposed her to the maximum. He kept on putting her near edge of climax and take his finger out at the right time. He did this for almost 15 times and she was moaning so loadly and was squirming as well. So he decided to let her cum. "Thank very much Master" she said after she completed her orgasm. Ricky was next to take her elder sister to the edge of her sexual fantasies. He did what Robert did but it was not until 25 or 26 times he withdrew before she finally collapsed with a massive explosion of orgasm. "You stay right there, Andrea." Robert said. "Silvia, your turn now" he said. "What's in store for me?" she wondered as she walked towards her brother. "First you lick her clean" Robert said. "Then Ricky will tell you what to do". "Female orgasm? No chance. I rather take a beating than this" she said to Robert. "A, no, either you lick her clean or I'll fuck you and then give you spankings, then you still have to lick it clean." "So choice is your" said Robert. She went kneel down and start licking while everyone were watch in excitement but "Stop, and you'll get the beating that you wanted first" He had her kneel down and he pushed her head into Andrea's soaked pussy with orgasm everywhere near there. "You get the spanking of the wooden paddle with the holes until she is clean and dry, understand?" he said. He pulled her panties down and started spanking her holding her head firmly buried in Andrea's pussy. She licked as fast as she could but couldn't avoid worrying about the wild shots in her already red and bruised ass cheeks. She received around 30 shots before she dried Andrea's pussy. She felt like vomiting but rather fell on her back totally crying and in disgust. Her ass is in the worst shape it has ever been after so much of abuse. "You are not done yet, Silvia" said Ricky. "There is something more" He called Jack, Peter and Steve to each choose one opening of her body and enter her. She was shocked and didn't how to react. "Three men's cocks inside me at one time? How could I handle that?" she thought to herself and tried avoid some more punishments from her Masters. Steve took her hot and wet pussy. Jack applied some Vaseline in her asshole and slowed inserted his cock into her. He felt the heat of the ass that was just spanked and was amazed that she can tolerate it. "Well, she had to. No choice" thought Jack as he slowed penetrated. Peter wanted another fellatio and put his cock right into her throat. Jack and Steve started pushing in and out while she was sucking Peter's dick. She was so hot and was moaning again. She came along with Jack and Steve and sucked Peter to orgasm and didn't let go off her mouth. The other watched and laughed as she struggled to remove Peter's cock. But it was too late as all Peter's cum has gone down her throat whether she liked it or not. Jack, Steve and Peter came out of her and she was down on the floor with her cum dropping down on the floor. "You're done Silvia. Well done all three of you girls" said Ricky and Robert added "We almost got three trained slaves" and everybody laughed while the three girls are crying with their heads down in humiliation and embarrassment. Ricky and Robert took the three girls to the bathroom and strapped their wrists to their back again and told them to take a shower. After the shower they would come to the living room. "45 minutes and no later" said Ricky. They finshed the hot shower and came down naked as they were given no clothes. They found that everyone had left. Ricky and Robert took them to the bedroom and tied the three of them to different beds. Ricky turned the heater on despite it is summer time. He pulls a wire from under the beds and puts it into each girls pussy. When all three have the wires into their clitoris, he turns a switch on and the wire passes current into their pussy. Everybody squirms in a fusion of pain and pleasure. "Good night girls" they say and leave the lights on and leave. "What was that wire all about?" Robert asks. "It passes current to their cunt and stimulates them to cum but they can't cum but will be at the edge of it" he says smiling. "I've got three cameras in the room which focuses on each bed. We'll go to my parents' room and watch how they are doing, shall we?" Ricky says as he leads to their parents' room. He turns on the 3 TVs shows what is haooening in those three cameras. They can see all the three girls talking to each other while they moan. "They're moaning already, that's fast" smiled Robert. "Let's listen to what they are talking. Looks like they are swearing at us" Ricky whispered. "Bloody bastards. We've suffered so much in the day and even when we are going to sleep, those jerks do this to us" screams Melissa in anger while her moans are get louder. "Shit, I can't take this. That bloody Robert doesn't understand. I'm scared to think what would happen tomorrow. I'll bust his ass when my parents come back" says Silvia while softly crying and moaning at the same time. "We better not disappoint them anymore. After what we notice today, it seems those assholes have no mercy at all. Dammit, those filthy shit sucking jerks just make sure we do what they want" Andrea said while she was also moaning terribly. "Huh, they are cursing us and we'll see what we can do for that" Robert said falling on his back on the bed. "They'll be begging to cum tomorrow when we see them and we'll payback the bitches then" laughed Ricky. They both were tired but watched the TV for another 30 minutes. The three girls talked some more trash about Ricky and Robert. Soon, they were moaning very loud and can see that they really want to cum already with only 40 gone and so many hours to go! They stop talking as they can't resist the pressure. "They are not gonna sleep tonight. Catch them tomorrow. Okay?" remarks Robert. "Sure. I'm also tired" Ricky says as he turns off the TVs. "It's almost 2.00am now. What time shall we release them tomorrow?" asks Robert laying the bed. "11.00am? Let them suffer somemore first" Ricky says and gets the pillow to sleep. "Hmmm. How about releasing them the day after rather than tomorrow? It will be so fun to see how they are after continous stimulation for more than one full day and still not able to cum?" asks Robert. "Great! But we'll be bored tomorrow then" says Ricky with a sad face. "How about leave Melissa on the bed with that current tomorrow and get Silvia and Andrea to work on?" asks Robert. "Sounds better" Ricky buries his face in the pillow as he says and they both sleep quite soon. The next morning, it's about 11.30am when Robert wakes up and wakes Ricky up. They take their showers and get ready for the girls at around 1.00pm. They turn the TVs on to see how the girls are doing and they see that all the three girls are dripping from the pussy so badly along with their body drowned in sweat. They are moaning so loud and shaking their body involuntarily. They are also screaming and crying amidst their actions. "Looks good to me" says Robert with a grin on his face. "Sure it does. So sweet" says Ricky with a big smile. "We have something new for them today, Robert. Enama and severe physical training in the grounds for Silvia and Andrea while Melissa suffers this state until tomorrow. She was the one who started cursing us at first. Shall we start?" asked Ricky as they both walk to the bedroom that the girls are tied up in. They can hear the screams and moans several feets away from the closed door. They go on to open the door and the room is so hot that they step out of the room! "I'll go turn the heater off first and put the air-conditioner on then call you" Ricky says and rushes into the room. He does so and call in Robert. "No wonder they are sweating like this" says Ricky while seeing the girls in their state. "Please Masters, let us cum. Please Masters!" everyone pleads with tears profusely running down their face. Ricky goes to Silvia while Robert goes to Andrea. "Swearing at us? Behind our backs? Payback is a bitch, bitch" Ricky stammers at Silvia and then looks at Melissa "And you are the leader, so you suffer more. One more day like this" he tells Melissa with a grin while Robert is sucking on Andrea's breasts for some milk. All three girls are wondering how they knew and regret they did that. Ricky starts to suck on Silvia's tits. Well, their moans can't get any louder. When they both suck on their girls, Melissa pleads "I'm sorry Masters, please show me some mercy. Please! Please!" By this time Andrea is already coming with the additional pressure on her breasts as Robert leaves her tits with a smile of satisfaction. He pulls the wire off her pussy and moves it across her body stimulating all her sense with the mild current. She squirms and wiggles and moans with no control. Silvia also cums by now and Ricky removes the wire from her pussy. He puts his finger in her pussy and she wiggles from the penetration. He releases the finger and takes it to her mouth with the orgasm and the juices in his finger. She looks terrified and refuses to open her mouth. "Open sweetie, or I'll make you to open" Ricky says in a teasing tone. She still doesn't open. Ricky uses his other hand and taps her pussy repeatedly hard. She screams turning her head left to right and right to left. He stops and brings his finger back to her mouth and knows she better not refuse. She opens slowly as he puts is finger in. He puts his other hand on the cunt and gets some more for her while she's already sucking. He keeps changing his hands and gives her more to suck. After he's got her to suck all the juice and cum, he removes his pants and asks her to give him a blow job. She hesitantly does without a choice. Robert meantime, using the wire all over Andrea makes her moan again. "Wanna cum again?" he asks Andrea. "Yes please, Master" she says. He teases her with wire continuously until she's moaning so loud again. He stops when she was almost going to explode. "Why do they enjoy us being at the edge of climax? Bastards!" she thought. He untied her from the bed but left the wrist and ankle straps on. She was still on the bed. Ricky was exploding on Silvia's mouth. "Don't waste a single drop or you know what, right?" he says as she looks up at him and swallows the salty fluid. After she was done, Ricky released his cock and put back his pants on. He then untied Silvia from the bed but left the straps on. They took Silvia and Andrea out of the room while Melissa was pleading until the last possible second. She realized that the heater was back on and the air-conditioner off. "I shouldn't have said that yesterday. How foolish" she thought while still moaning and crying. She really couldn't take it any further as she's at the edge of coming for nearly 12 hours.

Part 7 : Merciless training continues

They brought the girls to the swimming pool outside and let them sit on the floor near the pool while Ricky went back into the house and then to the room to open the second cupboard. It had several enama bags and gauges of various sizes, vibrators, dildos, mouth gags, blindfolds, leather straps, ropes, nipple clamps, feathers, very small iron balls, butt-plugs, tapes and a big bag He got the bag and put some of each for the two of them. He came back with the heavy bag to the swimming pool. "Blindfold and gag them?" he asked Robert. "No need, let them see what's happening, feel humiliated and react!" he said and laughed. The two girls blushed and their faces turned red feeling the humiliation already. Robert opened the bag took out the enama equipments and filled it with swimming pool water. Ricky then took one filled from Robert. They order the girls to kneel and put their head on their hands and face the floor. They obeyed. Their ankle straps were removed. Ricky inserted the gauge into his sister Andrea while Robert his gauge into his sister, Silvia. The girls have never tried this before and just know that the feeling after they are filled is extremely unbearable. They started squeezing the gauge and the water rushed into the girls body as they wiggled and screamed. "No, Stop!" shouted Andrea while Silvia knew she better not say anything and just screamed in tension and both started crying. "I said stop, jerk!" Andrea said again as she was not able to stand this sensation at all. Ricky replied by spanking her heeling ass with some force with his hands. "Disobeying will pay soon" he said as he spanked her repeatedly until the bag was empty. Robert was also done by now. "I'm so full. Please leave me Master" Silvia pleaded to Robert. Ricky reached the heavy bag and pulled out two butt-plugs and put one into Andrea's asshole to stop the water from flowing back out. He handed one to Robert who did the same. They asked the girls to stand up. The girls wasn't able to do that with their stomach so full. "Stand or be punished more severe?" Ricky shouted at them both. They slowly managed to stand up and cried "Please let go, Master.I can't. I just can't" said Andrea. "Your earlier misbehaviour leads you to a harsher treatment than Silvia" he told. "2 laps around the pool and you'll be let gone, Silvia" "Andrea, 3 laps for you" Ricky said. Robert looked at the bag and saw the small iron balls. "Wait girls. Let's insert this first" he said and inserted one ball into Silvia's cunt and took the tape and taped he pussy so it doesn't fall out. He went to Andrea and when he was about to do that, Andrea shouted "No!! Please no!". "No what?" Robert stared at her and asked. "Sorry, no master. Please! I beg you a thousand times. Please!" she started crying again. Ricky said "You'll have two balls in there and now it's 4 laps for you, naughtly little slut!". She stared at Ricky and Ricky said "How about 5 laps? 5 laps, start!" he screamed as Silvia started walking and Robert inserted the two balls and taped her cunt as well. "What's this ball for?" wondered Silvia as she slowly walked. After a while, she realized that the ball moves as she moves and it's making her pussy hot and stimulating orgasm. "Andrea's situation? Terrible" she assumed as she was crying and slowly walked around the pool. Andrea was following behind her with more tension in her pussy. Silvia walked slower and slower so she can complete the 2 laps while Andrea was walking very fast. Andrea eventually collapsed on the floor and Ricky rushed to her and had to remove the plug and expel the water. He was frustrated as he said "100 shots of the cane on your bare ass and 100 strokes with the leather on your bare pussy. You also have to re-do the enama later and complete the 4 laps" and Andrea was stunned and was crying heavier and started pleading for mercy but to no use. Silvia was on the second lap while her pussy was hot and she was dripping out of the tape. When she slowly walked and completed the second lap, she came and slowly knelt back down and buried her head in her hands facing the floor and her ass high up. "Can I have please have the plug removed now, Master. Please" she requested and Robert said "Good girl, you are learning respect" and took her to the bathroom near the pool and removed the plug so she expelled the water onto the bowl. He put his hand on the tape on her pussy and started rubbing. She started moaning and soon was about to cum but Robert stopped and said "Since you are being a good girl, I'll not tease you too much" and removed the tape and removed the balls and inserted his fingers in her cunt. It penetrated very fast as she was already soaking wet and moist. He penetrated in and out and soon let her cum. "Thank you very much, Master" she said politely. "I'll try to always obey you, Master" she adds. He leads her back to the poolside while Andrea is kneeling on the floor on her back and facing the sky. Ricky tells Robert to wait for him to come back. He goes into the house. Robert asks Silvia to kneel down and move around the pool for 20 laps. Since she wants to maintain her good behaviour, she does that. Robert asks her to shout the lap number after she completes each lap. "Yes Master" she says and starts. Robert meantime sucks on Andrea's nipples again and makes her moan. "Bad girl. Learn from your mistakes slut" he says and continues to suck. She still having the balls in her pussy, she is feeling the stimulation and drips her juices from the cunt. When her moan gets louder, as usual, he stops. He looks into the bag and finds the nipple clamps. Takes out four and attached two to each nipple. "Ouch. Stop.....ah, Stop! Stop! NO!!....Master" she shouts and tries to get up but he pushed her back to position. Silvia finishes one lap and shouts "One, Master" and starts the second. Ricky returns with the cane and the leather strap. When Andrea sees him, she shouts again "NO!! I can't take it Master. Stop it Master". Ricky sees the clamps and says "100 strokes on the pussy with the leather strap, 100 stokes on the ass with the cane.........and 100 stokes with the leather straps on your clamped nipples!" he says and smiles at Robert. "All at the same time, okay?" Ricky asks Robert with excitement. "Sure" nods Robert and Ricky disappeared into the house and came back with the wooden frame in the room. "How to take all this at once?" she thinks to herself and decides to obey hereafter without anymore misbehaviour understanding it only earns her more tough time. They lift her up and tie her to the frame in a spread-eagle position. Ricky removes the tape from her pussy and remove one ball and leaves the other one there and tapes it back. "More movement with only one there" he says and lands the first stroke on the pussy and then on each nipple. Robert lands the cane at the same time as the stroke on the pussy. He waits until Ricky comes back to strike the pussy after the nipple and lands the cane again. So that she can't back or forward when the blows come. Silvia finishes lap 5 by now and is terribly tired. Robert sees her and asks her to move on her knees to him. She does without much energy left. When she comes near, he lands the cane on her back as well sending her wild. She screams and waits. He then reaches the back and pulls out a dildo and inserts into her asshole and turns it on. She squirms and wiggles her hips. He turns it to "High" and instucts her to carry on with her remaining laps. She couldn't believe it was happening and slowing started going back to her laps. Andrea was pleading them to stop and was crying and also moaning. They started landing the strokes harsher now as they reach 25. Her nipples are in heavy pain and her ass which healed a bit is now bright red and bruised again with lines showing the effect tif the cane. She moaned louder and louder and finally came. She was still pleading to stop but they wouldn't. Silvia was moaning as well with the vibrations in her ass. She managed to finish 9 laps and came. She stopped for a while. Robert noticed that and said "Resting? 5 extra laps then. So, 25 in total" She immediately started again and thought "I should have kept moving at least. Stupid me!". This went on for another 30 minutes and within that time, Silvia had cum twice and completed her 25 laps while Andrea came 4 times and had received 95 of the 100 of each kind. Andrea was moaning again and by the time she received the 100th stroke on her cunt, she came again. Silvia waited for either Master to instruct her and finally Ricky said "Move here with the knees". She tried to catch her breath and managed to reach Ricky. Ricky asked her to bend backwards and face the sky exposing her breasts and her pussy to Ricky. Ricky landed a few sudden hard strokes on her pussy and she was screaming in agony. He then reached for the bag and took out a dildo and inserted into her pussy really deep that it almost touched the other dildo's edge inside her vagina. He turned this on to "High" as well and she was just in fantasy with the two intruders bringing her senses alive and soon, she was moaning as loud as she could and came. Meanwhile, they untied Andrea and filled the enama bag again and inserted the gauge up her ass. Ricky squeezed the bag and the water rushed in again. He put on the butt-plug again. He pulled her up with force and said "Better finish the five laps or you will be more harshly punished". She slowly walked around the pool and her pussy was stimulating pulses with the ball dancing around inside. She was moaning and when she finished the first lap, she came. She didn't stop and went on slowly as Robert and Ricky watching on. Silvia was coming again and again with the vibration in her. She pleaded to the Masters to stop the vibrators to stop with politeness but they just laughed at her. After every lap or two, Andrea reached climax and exploded. She came four times by the time she finished her five laps. They knew that a person can't stand the water inside anymore nad went to her and removed the butt-plug and she expelled the water there itself. They let her relax for a while and then asked her to go around the pool on her knees for 25 times. Robert inserted a dildo in her asshole and turned it to "High". She still had the nipple clamps on her and Ricky just added some weight to it so it hurts more. She screamed in unresistable pain and when she was moving around the pool, the weights would move causing her more pain and the vibrator stimulating her to cum. She successfully completed 15 laps when Robert turned the vibrator ro "Extreme High" and added some more weight to the already heavy and sore nipples. She already came 3 times in the 15 laps and the vibrator along with the ball us just terrible for her. She comes another three more time and finally finishes the 25 laps. Silvia had cum some 15 times and was full of tears and pleading to the Masters to show some mercy, They finally remove the dildos and tie her ankles again and let her relax on the up facing position and they strap Andrea's ankles as well and put her in the same position as Silvia next to her. They go inro the house carrying the frame. The two girls are silent and relaxing but with still the nipple clamps and the weights and the ball and the dildo vibrating inside her, she really isn't relaxing. After 15 minutes, Andrea moans louder and reaches another climax. She reaches a climax every 15 minutes and when she does, her body moves involuntarily causing the weights to tangle induce pain. Their knees were so sore but were still on their knees until their Masters return. The Masters did return with a smile on their faces. Silvia was already sleeping since she didn't sleep the previous night but Andrea was moaning and seeming came another 3 or 4 times during her Masters' absence. They removed the ball and the nipple clamps and the weight from Andrea and turned her around to remove the vibrator which was in "Extreme High" all this time. She was turned back into position and she too closed her eyes to sleep. But suddenly, the Masters used the strap and cane on their slaves' pussy to wake them up in shock. They stood there and laughed as the girls looked in terror. They landed a few more shots before they started screaming and crying. They then stopped and pulled them up and carried them to the bathroom near the swimming pool. There they turned the cold water on to wake them up totally to their senses. After some terrifying 5 minutes in the freezing water, Ricky turned the water to warm and started cleaning Silvia while Robert cleaned Andrea. They soaped their partner's whole body including their sore knees, breasts, pussy and asses. After massaging them for about 15 minutes, they inserted their fingers and started to finger-fuck their cunts. They opened the clitoris and did all the magic and very soon they were moaning again. They didn't tease them for long and inserted their erect cocks into their assholes which was quite easy to enter after all the dildos had opened it up. They pushed in and out and still finger-fucking their pussies. They came inside them and provided enough stimulation for their pussies to cum as well. They all collapse in the shower and relax still inside the girls. They order Andrea to suck Silvia's pussy and make her cum. Now, ready for any type of humiliation with fear of punishment, she starts licking Silvia's pussy. Soon, Silvia moans and Ricky started fucking her again. He came inside her again while Andrea licked Silvia to orgasm. Her head was pushed into Silvia's pussy when she stopped licking once Silvia's started coming. She hesitated and took the cum into her mouth. Silvia was ordered to do the same to Andrea while Robert started fucking Andrea. He came into her again and Andrea also came with yet another climax and Silvia knew she better lick her whole orgasm off. She did that and after 15 minutes more in the shower in the same position, Robert and Ricky came out and cleaned themselves and put on their clothes while Silvia dried Andrea and Andrea dried Silvia. They still didn't have clothes to wear. They were still naked in front of their younger brothers who are their Masters. "You two are done for now and go and rest for some 5 hours. We'll wake you up at 9.30pm for somemore activity" said Ricky. Robert smiled at the girls and asked them whether they had something to say. "Thank you for the discipline today Master and we thank you letting us rest Master" said Silvia and "Thank you Masters" said Andrea and Ricky and Robert carried them to their bedrooms knowing that they just don't have the energy to walk. They put them on the bed and get some ointment for their bruises. Ricky applies it to Andrea while Robert applies to Silvia. The girls enjoy the caressing by their brothers and thank them again as they tie them up in the bed and turn the air-conditioner on and the lights off and left the room. The ointment was cool at first but started generating heat later but the air-conditioner equalized for the heat and they both slept soon for the best rest in a few days already. They went to Melissa's room and she was moaning, squirming, screaming, dripping, sweating, crying, wiggling and moving her whole body involuntarily. But she wasn't coming which was what she wanted most since the previous night. They were starring at the sight and felt happy that they can make a girl to this situation. When she saw them, she was literally begging for mercy and to let her cum. They just laughed and Robert pulled Ricky out the room and shut the door. "Let's watch the TV showing her for a while and come back later" said Robert. Ricky didn't have a problem and they went tp watch her for some 30 minutes and then came back. "Really want to cum? Then you have to feel sorry for what you had said last night. Apologize until we forgive you" Robert said with a smile. "I'm really sorry Masters""I didn't mean to say that Masters, please forgive me, Please.""I beg you to forgive me""I'm such a naughty girl, please punish me in anyway you want Masters. Please let me cum""I'm a disobedient slut. I agree. Please forgive me and show some mercy" she pleaded for almost 1 hour before Robert finally said "You are forgiven. But since you agreed that we can punish you in anyway, we shall give you 100 strokes of the cane on your ass, 100 strokes of the wooden paddle with holes on your ass, 100 strokes of the leather strap on your pussy, 100 strokes of the leather paddle on your pussy and 100 strokes of the Riding Corp on each nipple. The nipple will be clamped and will have weights on it and your ass will have a vibrating dildo and your pussy will be taped with a small iron ball inside. Andrea and Silvia will be helping us with disciplining you. If you don't agree to this, then you can stay here for another two days without being able to cum. Your choice" She was terrified and did not want to take either of them but she had to choose. She thought about being like this for two days is crazy and that she get over with it by accepting the punishment. "Okay, I accept. Please let me cum now Masters. Please!" she said wasting no time. "Good" said Ricky. "I suppose this current thing really works. It tames anyone and makes them so eager to cum that they accept to anything" Robert said with a happy smile. "That's true, I feel the same way" replied Ricky. Finally, the long awaited climax was coming when Ricky increased the current level and Melissa came in seconds. After her climax, they removed the wire and untied her. "Your punishment just said will be later in the night while you'll receive what the other two received a while back now. They carried her to swimming pool and asked her to kneel down with her head on her hand facing the floor. She obeyed when she was finally relieved from the sensation of the current. Ricky filled the enama bag and Robert insert the gauge up her ass. He squeezed it sending the water rushing into her body. She squiemed and complained "I'm so full, I can't take this Master". This just earned her more punishment as Robert put the butt-plug and said "Complaining? You dare!" "Sorry, Master. I didn't mean to complain" Ricky reached the bag and got the mouth gag and gagged her for her own good. Robert instructed her to get up but she didn't. He then spanked her in the ass so she did finally stand up. He instructed her to go around the pool three times and reminded her that if she collapses as a result of her mistake, she will regret it. She slowly walked the three laps as Ricky and Robert watch with excitement. When she was done with the last lap, Ricky walked her to the bathroom and let her expel the water. She did so and was taken back to the pool area. They didn't put the balls or the clamps since she was going to have it later anyway. They inserted a dildo in her asshole and twisted it making he scream and squirm and wiggle her hips. They turned to "High" and Robert said "On your knees around the pool 30 times" She couldn't complain anymore thanks to the gag, but it was good she couldn't complain. She started and completed one lap and Ricky noticed that without the ball in her pussy, she would be coming so often. So he took on small iron ball and opened her clit and put it in and taped it. She was staring at him but started moving quite soon. Ricky was right and she started moaning loudly soon after. When she finished the third lap, she came. All Ricky and Robert did was sit in the chair poolside enjoy their slave perform. She completed all the 30 laps causing her to terribly would her knees. In the process, she came some 10 times. She was moaning after the 30th lap and stood up. "Did we ask you to stand up, slut?" Ricky asked. She knelt down and started crying in pain and humiliation. "5 more for disobedience" said Robert as she started off again. After one more lap, she came again. Robert came over to her and turned the vibrator to "Extreme High". As a result she came 3 more times when she finished the 35th lap. She knelt there by the pool and waited for her Masters' instructions. It came after 10 minutes ordering her to go to the bathroom. Robert went with her while Ricky packed the bag. Robert asked her to suck him off upon removing her gag. She knelt down on her sore knees without a choice and did just that. When he came, she moved her mouth out only to be pushed back by Robert "Lick clean slut" he ordered and she couldn't bear it but had to do it. She finished and Robert removed from her mouth and lifted her up and entered her into the tub. He removed his clothes as well and entered the shower with her. He turned on the warm water and cleaned her up. Massaging her whole body and soaping her thoroughly. She moaned again and came thanks to the vibrator which is still on. Robert turned it off and pulled it out. He then also pulled the ball out after removing the tape. She felt a bit relieved and started to relax. His cock was erect again and he slowly penetrated into her. He fingered her clit and explored her vagina. She was moaning again and it was getting louder. He started fucking her and came inside her soon. He simultaneously used his finger and made her cum. He collapsed with her for a while. He then washed her cunt again and came out of her and washed himself. He dried himself and put the clothes on. She came out of the tub and he dried her as well but had no clothes to wear. She walked naked to the poolside with Robert were Ricky was waiting. They went back into the house and it was almost 6.00pm. They took Melissa to the room and position her spread-eagle in the wooden frame. They then went to wake Silvia and Andrea up. They did and untied them from the bed and undid all their straps. They gave them clothes to wear so it could make Melissa's situation more humiliating.

Part 8 : Melissa is tamed

All four came to the room where Melissa was helplessly tied and totally naked. She felt embarrassed that only she was naked and the others were totally dressed up. "Andrea, get the 2 Riding Corps" said Ricky. Andrea did that. "One for you and one for Silvia. 100 on Melissa's nipples. Okay?" Robert asked. "Yes Master" responded Andrea looking at Melissa. Robert took a dildo, 2 nipple clamps and an iron ball and went to Melissa. He used some Vaseline on the dildo and slowly inserted into Meliisa softly. Then, he put the ball inside her pussy and taped it. Then came the tough part. He attached the clamps on her nipples and Melissa was already screaming. "Screaming already? It's not even started yet" Ricky said as Robert took the weights and slowly hung it to her clamps. Melissa was surely in pain and was screaming louder. Robert was not done yet and tapped the weight and it swung front and back creating more pain. Ricky got the leather strap and hand the cane to Robert. "She's ready" said Robert as he landed the first shot on her ass. Ricky landed his first shot on her pussy as well. Silvia and Andrea knew how bad Melissa was feeling but were happy that they are not the ones who are being punished. Looking at this, the girls got hot and felt the moist in their cunt. "Okay start both of you. You must land the shot hitting her nipple and shaking the weights as hard as you can. If we find you are not doing your best, it will be you being hurt. Are we clear?" asked Ricky "Yes Master" answered the girls and landed their shots as commanded and Melissa was in terrible pain. They all were hitting her as hard as possible and she couldn't resist the pain on all her sensitive parts as the same time. She was screaming and just after 5 minutes, she was crying so loud with loads of tears from her eyes. "Please forgive me Masters. I will never disobey you or say anything bad to you Masters" she pleaded. Her ass was already bright red and the shots were coming on her already bruised cheeks. "No excuse Melissa" said Ricky as he landed a very hard one on her cunt. She started dripping from her pussy and as the shots came in, she was moaning with the ball being hampered inside her. Robert, seeing her moaning, he decided to turn the vibrator on. He turned it to "Medium" and carried on with the cane. Her ass was showing the lines of the cane but they were all so red that it wasn't too distinguishable. Soon, Melissa came. Ricky moved the strap along her pussy and took the cum onto it. He pulled to her face and instructed her to open her mouth and pull her tongue out to lick it. She was surely bound to obey and started licking her own cum while Robert, Silvia and Andrea were still on the job. After she completely dried the belt, Ricky started spanking her to start her all over again. Robert turned the vibrator to "High" and she was wiggling her hips in an intolerable sensation. She came again but she didn't have to lick it this time. "Andrea, you lick her clean" Ricky said and Andrea stopped spanking and knelt down to start. Ricky took over the corp and pounded on her nipples. When Andrea finished, she took back the corp and got back to work. After a while, Melissa came again and this time Silvia was asked to do the licking. She knelt down and started licking while Ricky took over her corp and mercilessly hit Melissa with some power. Melissa couldn't concentrate on anything and was profusely crying and screaming and pleading them to stop. Silvia finished and took back position while Ricky came back to work on her pussy again. "50 down and 50 to go" said Robert as Melissa thought "Only 50 strokes so far?? I'm dying here and surely won't last that long to finish this" as she was moaning again despite all the pressure and pain she under. Robert turned the dildo to "Extreme High" and Melissa came for the 4th time. Ricky gave no attention to her orgasm as he continued the torment on her poor little cunt. "There is no mercy for disobedience or bad comments and I'm sure you are learning that now Melissa" said Robert with a smile. "Yes Master. I've learned the lesson and discipline so please stop Master" she said uncomfortably. It didn't stop but she was moaning again. Ricky kept doing his job so well that she came again. "How many times was that?" Ricky asked and laughed at her. Melissa looked at Ricky's face and then hung it down feeling so ashamed to tell her younger brother. "I asked you a question and expect you to answer, little lady" Ricky stammed with an unbelievably hard smack to her pussy. "5 times Master" she said. They kept on the pace and the strength as they almost finished the 100 strokes. Melissa moaned again and soon she came yet again. All her cum dropping to the ground and making the floor wet. "You can't control yourself, can you?" asked Robert and Melissa blushed and replied "No Master" with tears all over her face. They finished the 100 and Silvia and Andrea were so wet now and were dripping from their panties and down their thighs. It was not visible as they were wearing their skirts. "Get the wooden paddle and the leather paddle, Andrea" instructed Ricky. "The one with the holes" added Robert. Meantime, Melissa was coming again. "Oh, what a beauty that you are coming again and again. How times was that sweetie?" asked Ricky. "7 times Master" answered Melissa. Robert stopped the vibrator and pulled it out. Andrea came back and handed the paddles to Ricky. Ricky handed the wooden paddle to Robert. Ricky removed the weights and clamps from her nipples. "Suck her tits while we give her the spanks. Okay girls?" asked Ricky. "Yes Master" came the reply from both Silvia and Andrea and they started right away. "Her cheeks are really bruised. How can she take more spanks" Robert asked. "She should have known before being naughty. She has to take it. No mercy" said Ricky. They started the spanks and Melissa was still pleading and crying amidst of her screams. Melissa was moaning. Though there was no vibrator inside her, the sucking and ball movement made her wet. She was moaning loader and louder but the effects was not enough for her to cum. She was in deep pain and her ass and pussy were bright red than ever before. She was moaning louder and louder as the other kept sucking her tits and sore nipples. It went on for another 30 minutes and Robert and Ricky showed no mercy as they were closing down on the last few shots. Melissa was almost fainting by now but the shots came harder and harder holding her on to her senses. She couldn't lean either back or front as the shots came from both sides. She was still moaning very loud when Robert and Ricky finished the 100 shots. "Moaning for 40 minutes? Wanna cum again?" Robert asked and she nodded her head with no energy to talk. Robert came to her front and removed the ball out and penetrated himself into her. Ricky was putting all the things back into the shelf and the two girls stopped sucking and helped Ricky. Ricky didn't push yet and was kissing her. She was not in a position to enjoy the kiss but Robert enjoyed. "Did you learn your lesson yet Melissa" asked Robert looking into her eyes from a few inches away. "Yes Master. I did learn my lesson and promise never to disrespect or disobey my Masters, Master" she said facing the floor. "Good girl" Robert said and started pushing into her cunt and in a matter of seconds, she came and a few seconds later, he came inside her and fell over her. She was holding her own body against the straps and held Robert on her front for a while. Robert soon came out of her and watched her position. Her tits and nipples were so red and sore. Her pussy was all wet with her juices and cum. The pussy was also red and sore. He went behind her and observed his work on her cheeks. It was totally red and bruised. It showed the marks of the cane but not so clear as her ass was so red. He just left her tied and walked over to the sofa and sat beside Ricky while Silvia and Andrea were standing there. "Untie her and all three of you bring a wooden chair and sit next to the sofa" ordered Ricky and the girls responded "Yes Master" and went to untie the poor Melissa. They untied her and she just fell to the ground. They lifted her up and each took one arm of her walked her to get the chairs. They moved the chairs near the sofa and put Melissa in the middle one. "Tie her to the chair properly" said Robert and they did just that. They then sat on the chairs themselves. Ricky saw that the two girls were all wet beneath their skirts and had a smile. He walked over to them and straped them to the chair. He then lifted Silvia's skirt to take a better view at her wetness and then lifted Andrea's as well as she blushed at her own wetness being spotted. He removed their skirt and their shirt and left them in their bikini. He went over to the TV and put the DVD on with the film "Disciplining teenage girls". He came back to the sofa to watch the film as they all watched on. It started off with a girl seemingly in her teenage tied to a table, blindfolded and totally naked. As the film went on, it featured spanking her and asking her to do all the slut work that Robert and Ricky have done to the girls. Ricky paused the film and walked to the cupboard and took three-blindfolds. He blindfolded all the three girls with them. He noticed that Silvia was so wet that her panties are soaked and Andrea was similarly wet. He walked to the sofa and played the movie from where he paused it. "They shouldn't see this part or they will cry" said Ricky as Robert anticipated what it could be. He started liking it when her father or rather now her Master took her out with him to a disciplinary hostel and asked them to train her in their own fashion. Ricky muted the sound as well so the girls don't hear anything but the guys breathing. Robert started liking this and looked at the three girls ready for this. "We can do this ourselves and no need to get help" Ricky said as Robert felt even more excited. They finished the film and decided to do what they had done in the film though they had done most of it except for a few. They then removed turned off the TV and left the room leaving the girls as they were. They came back in the morning to find all the three girls sleeping. Ricky removed the blindfolds and waked them up. He undid the straps and let them stand up. Silvia and Andrea were wearing their bikinis while Melissa was naked. But all three were really wet and dripping their juices. He lead them to the bathroom and instructed them to take a shower and gave all the three some nice new clothes to wear afterwards. They took a shower and cleaned each other up. Silvia and Andrea helped Melissa massage her ass and tits. "We are sorry Melissa. We had to obey them to hurt you or we would have been in trouble" said Andrea and Silvia added "Yeah. Finally we had some mercy but at your cost. Sorry". Melissa just nodded and the three finished their shower and wore their clothes and waited for their Masters. They did come and saw all the three girls neatly dressed and fresh. They lead the girls to the living room. Once they had reached the living room, Robert and Ricky sat on the sofa and three girls standing in front of them. "Kneel down you three" said Robert. They complied. "Learned your lessons yet? Still some more sessions to go and once it is over, then you all will be full time slave girls to us. Understand?" asked Ricky. "Yes Master" they answered. "Good, then we start the next session then" said Robert and signaled the girls to stand up.

Part 9 : Humiliation in the public

"Now, take off yoor clothes and fold them nicely and put them on the sofa" ordered Ricky and three girls felt ashamed to be naked again but took off their clothes and stood in their bikini. "I said all your clothes" said Ricky in a strong tone and the girls slipped down their bra and panties and folded all their clothes neatly and put them on the sofa and stood there completely naked for the next instruction. "Robert went to the kitchen and took a knife and heated it up. He returned with hot knife and asked Silvia to bend over the sofa. She knew that the knife was hot and he would use it on her ass. Her ass was now healed from the bruises after the ointment was applied earlier. She bent over to avoid punishment but tried to gain some mercy "Please don't use it on me Master. I beg you. Please! Master. Please!" She started crying as she pleaded. There was no stopping Robert as he slowly carved "Slave Silvia" on each cheek of her ass. By the moment, the knife touched her, she was screaming with the heat it carried and when carved the first letter "S", she fainted. He didn't stop though and completed the carving neatly on each cheek without her moving. Once he was done, he left for the kitchen again. He returned with the knife burning hot again and ordered Andrea to bend over the sofa next to the motionless Silvia. "Please, Please Master. No! Master" she said waiving her hand and moving back. Ricky caught her by the arm and spanked her with his hands 3 times and then pushed her down and held her bent over the sofa. Robert put the knife on her ass and she fainted soon as well. He slowly and nicely carved "Slave Andrea" on each cheek and went to the kitchen again. When he came back heating the knife again, Melissa was crying and was bent over the sofa with Ricky holding her by the neck. She also fainted feeling the heat of the knife and her ass. He carved "Slave Melissa" on each cheek and stood up. He admired the asses of the unconscious girls and headed to the kitchen to wash the knife. The noise that came when the water hit the knife, made Robert realize the heat. "No wonder they fainted" he thought and walked back to the living room. After about 1 hour, the girls woke up and felt the pain in their butt. The carves have become dark and clearly visible. They tried to use their hands to feel it but they were now strapped by the wrist and ankles so they couldn't move. The guys returned soon and saw the girls in tears and smiled. Ricky put the ointment on the girls one by one as Robert untied the girls who already have the ointment applied and asked them to stand up. Robert attached the nipple clamps to the nipples of tbe girls and then used Vaseline to their asshole and pussy. He then inserted a dildo into each hole. He then asked them to put their clothes back on. The girls knew what was carved and were really feeling bad that it was permanent and cannot be removed that easily. They put their clothes on and wait for the next instruction to come. "Wear your stockings and shoes. We're going out" said Robert. Silvia had felt this embarrassment before and didn't feel that bad as Andrea and Melissa did. "How can we go out of the house with all these things on us and our ass tattooed?" questioned Andrea not realizing that it won't change anything but make it worse. "Master or no Master?" asked Ricky pulling her hair with some force. "Sorry Master. But we can't go out in this state. You can do anything inside the house but not outside Master" she said. Ricky gagged her and said "Disrespect and questioning will not be tolerated. You have not learned yet slave Andrea" he said with a grin. By then, Silvia and Melissa have put their shoes on and didn't say a word. Ricky let go Melissa hair and asked her to put on the shoes fast. She hesitantly did and they all left the house to the car. Ricky opened the car doors and blindfolded the girls as they entered into the back of the car. Silvia went in first, then Melissa and finally Andrea still gagged. He made Andrea kneel on the seat facing the back. She was next to the window with her skirt visible from out of the window. He pulled her skirt up and inserted into the waistband. He then pulled down her panties revealing the dildo in her ass and the words "Slave Andrea" visible to anyone seeing through the window. He turned the vibrator on and she starts wiggling her hips and squirming. He shuts the door and lowers the window. All the other windows of the car is closed. Ricky sits beside Robert and starts driving the car. Silvia and Melissa don't know what's happened to Andrea but can hear her squirm. They don't dare to ask where they are going and sit silently. The driveway is quite empty and even when cars pass, they pass fast and don't see Andrea. They drove into the town and more cars were found. They stopped for a traffic lighr and the man in the car next to them saw Andrea and opened his window. "Slave Andrea" he read and by this time, Robert saw him looking at Andrea. "How do you like it?" Robert asked the man and "Great!" came the reply. Andrea was feeling so humiliated that she was being commented by some stranger. The lights changed and they drove away. They reached a big hotel and before they entered the hotel, Robert pulled the window up hiding Andrea's state and turned back to turn the vibrator off. He pulled her panties up and lowered her skirt. He then asked Melissa to put her back in her seat properly. After Andrea sat back properly, Robert removed the gag and said "You girls better obey or you'll get the kind of punishment you've never got before. Understand slaves?" he asked with a very strong tone which put fear in the girls' minds. "Yes Master" answered the slaves as Ricky drove into the hotel. For people came to open each door and the men saw the girls blindfolded. "It's a surprise for them" said Robert as he got off. He then pulled Andrea and Melissa out while Ricky pulled Silvia out. The guys guided the girls into the casino in the hotel. As they entered, everyone were just staring at the girls and their state. They reached a private room in the casino. When they entered the room, it was quiet and there was a table and a pack of playing cards. Ricky and Robert removed the blindfolds from the girls. The girls didn't know where they were as they saw only a table and a pack of cards in the middle of the table. They ask the girls to stand behind the chairs which are around the table. They leave the room and come back with five men and 7 women who are total strangers. All the men take their seats around the table while the women stand behind them. Robert sits on a chair with Silvia is standing behind him. The chair next to him is left empty and Melissa is standing behind the empty chair. Ricky sits on the next chair with Andrea at his back. Two of the other seven women are stewardess of the casino and they were they to pass the cards. "Women, please remove your socks and shoes now" said one stewardess. "The rules are the same as normal Strip Poker. The women behind the man who loses must strip one article of their clothes. The ones who get totally naked will be taken to the corridor outside and be walked around the casino. No money is involved. Are we clear?" said the other. "The men nodded their heads and they began playing. Robert lost the first round and the stewardess came over and asked "Which article, Sir". "The skirt" said Robert. She removed Silvia's skirt revealing a wet pink panties. They played on as the men were cheering. This sight just made all the girls wet and Silvia's was more wet as she only has her panties to protect her pussy and the dildo in it from being seen. Melissa was seeing thinking that she wouldn't have to strip. As they played on a few more rounds, many women had to take their shirts off and showed their bra and skirts while standing. Ricky lost a round and he asked the stewardess to remove her skirt and not her shirt. Once the skirt was removed, her wet white panties was disclosed. She was also very wet indeed. Soon, many women have removed their skirts as well and stood in their bikini as Silvia and Andrea were the only ones with only one article gone. Robert lost the next one and Silvia was stripped off her shirt and then Ricky lost having Andrea to strip her shirt off as well. All the women stand with their bikinis except for Melissa and the stewardesses. Robert reaches his pocket and takes out the remote for the dildo and turns it on. Silvia squirms but doesn't want to show her reactions to the men. She couldn't hold it for too long though and starts moaning. Robert loses another hand and the stewardess strips off Silvia's bra. The men cheer on so loud as they see the clamps on her and find she is moaning loud as well. Soon, she can't control her feelings and temptations and cum into her panties but stands still there so that no one would notice her. The other women are stripped off their bras as well and their tits just hang so naked while they are facing the floor in humiliation. Especially one of the women have very big tits. Ricky loses another round and has Andrea off her bra as well revealing another set of nipple clamps as well. Ricky taps the clamps and Andrea shouts "Ouch". The men enjoy that and carry on playing. A few stewards and stewardesses come in see the women semi-naked and await to take them once they are totally naked. A man loses his hand making his women totally naked. She turned around to be seen by the other men and lead out by one of the stewards. She cries as she leaves and the man also exits. Two more men lose and their women made totally naked and shown around before the men and women are lead out of the room. Four other men, Robert and Ricky still remain with all their respective women only with their panties remaining. Ricky loses next and Andrea had to have her panties removed. Her dildo in her pussy and the dildo in her asshole are revealed. By this time, Silvia cums again and still stands still. Ricky tells the steward to wait until all his girls are ready to be taken out. Ricky pulls Melissa behind him and takes off her shirt and skirt himself without losing any hands. "I think this will be fair" he says as he sits down again. With everyone cheering and staring at the naked Andrea, two more men lose and are exited along with their women. Two more men, Ricky and Robert remain. Silvia moans again and comes for the 3rd time and shakes a bit as she comes into her panties. Robert soon loses and Silvia was stripped by one of the stewardess. The stewardess seeing the cum and drops is down. Robert stands up and proudly shows Silvia to the remaining men. The men and the stewards there were very excited to see her vibrating dildos and the words "Slave Silvia". She stands beside Andrea and moans again. This time everyone stares at her pussy and waits in anticipation for her to cum. When she does, the whole room screams as Silvia and Andrea crying of their humiliation. Meanwhile, Melissa loses her bra and stands there with her clamps on. Ricky loses again and she is also stripped off her panties and shown to the men and the stewards, her dildos and her tattoo in the ass. Ricky turns on her dildos and turns on Andrea's as well as they feel so ashamed to be in this state. All five exit the room with the girls' vibrating dildos and nipple clamps. All the girls moan without a choice. The stewards grab one girl each and tie their wrists to their backs with a rope. Silvia comes for the forth time and the steward cannot believe what he is seeing. The casino is full and the stewards lead the girls through the walkway around the casino and reach the stage. They take the girls up the stage and go down the other side. Andrea comes by now and Melissa also comes after a few seconds. The crowd is staring at them as it is not usual to see women with vibrating dildos and nipple clamps on them. The girls turn so red and blush as they walk around. The crowd whispers seeing the carving on their back. Finally, the parading finishes and they are returned to their Masters with lot of tears from their eyes and still moaning. Ricky waits for them to moan even louder and when they reach the edge of their climax, he stops the vibrator. All three girls are left at the edge of their climax as he unties the rope from their wrists and order them to put their clothes on. They do that and all of them leave the casino. They get back into the car. Once the girls settled at the back. Robert turned back and blindfolded the girls one by one. Their hands were free to move but didn't dare to remove the blindfold. Ricky drove to a building and parked the car. He and Robert got out and opened the back doors. The girls went to get out but instead the guys just strapped their ankles and wrists and shut the door. They locked the car giving them no chance to move or to see what's happening. Ricky and Robert went inside the building which seemed to be a very old house but really big. They walked in and were greeted by a young lady who lead them to the reception. The lady asked what they wanted and Ricky said they wanted to register three girls and ourselves for today's party. "As what?" she asked. "The girls as Slaves and ourselves as Masters" answered Robert. She started filling up a few forms and finally asked them to pay. They did so. She then asked where the girls were and they went to get them. Robert opened the door and said "Surprises still waiting for you all" as he pulled one by one out. They released the ankle straps and let them walk with them inside the building. When they reached the reception, they had their blindfolds removed. Wondering where they were, they just stood there with their hands still strapped and the nipple clamps and dildos still in them. A young lady, around 25, came and asked the girls to follow her. The girls looked at each other and then their brothers. "Follow her and obey what you are asked to do" Robert told the three girls. The girls followed the lady with no objection and wondering what would happen. The lady lead them to a big hall where there were about 6 girls and 3 boys around their age were in their underclothes sitting on the sofa with their hands and ankles bound by ropes. She lead them to a room inside where there were plenty of lockers. She removed their straps and asked them to remove their clothes and leave their bikini's on. They did so and folded their clothes and placed them in the lockers. "Is there anything else that you are wearing other than your bikinis?" she asked. "I mean any other stuff" she added. The girls blushed and felt a bit hesitant to say what they were still having on. Silvia slowly started saying "Yes, nipple clamps and dildos". "Wooh, real slaves" the lady said and put her hand through Silvia's bra and touched the clamps. She pulled it a little making Silvia to shout "Ouch". She then removed the clamps and then pulled her panties down and removed the dildo in her pussy and then in her ass. The lady noticed the tattoo on the ass and Silvia knew she would notice it as well. It could be seen that Silvia's hole was now relatively more open than before. The lady then asked the other two to remove it themselves. Andrea and Melissa did so and the lady lead all the three in their bikinis ouside the locker area and to where the others were sitting. They were seated in sofas and had their ankles and wrists tied with ropes just like the others. They sat there for almost an hour as a few more joined them. A few men neatly dressed walked in and the ladies there went to the ones who were bound and released their ankles from the ropes. "All of you, who are now known as slaves, shall follow us and shall obey our commands. Understand?" asked one of the man. "Yes" replied a few while these three girls remained silent. "I asked whether you all understand?" he stammered again. This time everyone answered "Yes" and everyone including these girls and the ladies followed them. They entered into another room, which at the door was marked as "Examination and Treatment". Everyone walked in and the slaves were asked to sit on the chairs there. The men walked into one room each inside the place while some women walked into other rooms. The ladies left with the slaves started assigning a room for each person and instructed them to go in. Andrea went into one of the rooms and saw the man dressed like a doctor. She saw an examination bed and stirrups. He removed her straps."Remove your clothes completely and lie on the bed facing up" he said. She was looking at him and noticed his strong physical body and his stare at her. She knew she had to follow but she thought she was alone with a total stranger and had to remove her clothes to be totally naked and lie on the bed facing him, made her face turn red. She slowly removed her bra then her panties and climbed up the bed and lay on her back. He walked over to her and looked at her body. She could sense his stare on her nude body but was not in a position to help it. He asked her to place her hand to her sides and then he used the metal cuffs hanging from the bed and cuffed her wrists. He pulled her legs into the stirrups and fastened it. She was now totally bound and naked and was getting a bit wet with her thoughts. He pulled out a sharp and thin pin from his pocket and slightly touched her nipples with the edge of it. It suddenly made her nipples erect and he put the pin to the other nipple making it erect as well. He then put the pin back in his pocket and took out a bottle. She saw it was marked "K Y" and realized it was the K Y Jelly. He generously took a handful of it and started applying it to her now wet cunt. He slowly penetrated one finger and opened her clit. He then applied some more jelly and penetrated the finger deeper. He then used a second finger to join the first one and she was squirming already and moving her hips upwards and downwards involuntarily. He soon started pushing a third finger and she was now dripping and moaning as well. He then pushed in and out of her pussy making her move more and moan louder. She knew she was going to cum soon, but he stopped when she was about to. He then washed his hands and massaged her tits, slightly pulling her nipples and pinching it softly and hardly. She was moaning louder but was still only at the edge of coming. He stopped massaging her and asked "Do you feel like coming?" "Yes" she replied."How close are you to climax?" he asked. "Almost there. A little more please." She answered. "That's good, we should keep you at the edge" he laughed. He pushed a buzzer and a lady walked in. She undid the straps and carried Andrea outside the room and then outside the Examination/Treatment" room to the corridor. Andrea was absolutely naked and weak and also at the edge. The lady carried her to another room and applied some oil to her body. Andrea couldn't refuse anything but when the oil was being applied, she was enjoying it. The oil created more shining on her naked body and more heat stimulating her senses. She was really wet now and wanted to cum so badly. She used her finger and started to stroke her cunt. But before she could cum, a lady walked over and pulled her hand behind her and tied it really hard with a rope. Andrea just made it more to the edge and was tied for her troubles. After 20 minutes, another lady cameover and carried her along the corridor. She came to a big door and pushed it open. There were so many people in that room and she saw Ricky and Robert among them. It was like a restaurant with so many tables but the difference was that there were pillars in between the tables. She was carried to one of the pillars and tied up with ropes around the pillar facing the table. The lady took a bra like thing with a flexible band and put it on her chest with the two cups covering her breasts. She then pulls the part of the bra in front of the nipple and attaches a sharp round metal to the bra. She does this to both the cups then releases it. The sharp thing presses against her nipples and Andrea screams. The lady then attaches a band to Andrea's waist and then two bands to her thighs. She pulls out a heavy metal cube and places it in front of Andrea's pussy and attaches its ends to the waist and thigh bands. So, if the bra is pulled and released it causes the sharp metal to hurt her nipples while if the metal cube is pulled and released, her pussy will hurt much more from the impact. Across the hall, she sees Melissa in the same posture as her and on the other side of the hall, she sees Silvia also in the same position. Soon, the tables are filled and two men and a lady sits in front of Andrea's pillar. She blushes as the three of them stare at her. "They must also be Masters and Mistress" she thinks. One of the men walks over to her and looks at her body in great details. He then slowly kisses Andrea while Andrea trys to move and not open her mouth. He reaches the metal cube and pulls it back. When he released it, Andrea's screams and now he tries to kiss her again and she accepts. He makes a deep kiss for a while and then returns to his seat. After a while, the Mistress come by and asks "Slave for how long?". "A week" comes the answer and the Mistress seemed to be taken aback. "A week, then you have a long way to go in your training, little slave" she remarks. "I'll give you some practice today and you'll learn soon" she says as she pulls both the nipple pins and releases them. "Ouch" screams Andrea but doesn't say anything. She does that for almost 20 times and sees that Andrea is having tears in her eyes and her nipples are slightly getting sore. "No stopping me today" she says as she pulls farther trying to inflict more pain. She does that for almost a 100 times. Andrea screams and cries profusely by now. The mistress shows no signs of stopping though and carries on. The other man comes over and starts pulling the metal cube and landing on her pussy. She screams more louder and pleads them to stop now. Things just get rougher and it's not going to stop until the party is over since they don't have anything else to do with her. After almost 2 hours, she has taken 300 on the pussy and 450 on the nipples. The party sort of comes to an end and the people leave little by little. She is left there along with the others tied. She is crying like anything and her pussy and nipples must be red hot though it is not visible now. Melissa and Silvia are also crying in their own pillars. Ricky walks over to Andrea and says "We'll leave in 30 minutes" as she keeps her head down with out any energy left to stand the pain. A lady comes over and unties Andrea and removes all the stuff. Her pussy and nipples are so red and sore indeed. The lady carries her back to a room and places her face up on a table and applies an ointment to her tits and pussy. Andrea finally feels relaxed at the coolness of the ointment. The lady leaves and Andrea lie there bound to the table. The ointment starts to generate heat. The heat gets more and more and Andrea is getting really wet again. She starts to sweat and try to free herself. The ointment generates more and more heat as time goes by and the sensation starts her to moan. She moans louder and louder as the heat grows. Finally, she reaches her long-awaited climax. The lady returns and wipes off her orgasm, the oil, the sweat and the ointment using a soft towel and then unties her and carries her to the locker room area where her dildos are inserted back in position and the clamps attached. She is instructed to put her clothes back on and once she does so, her hands are taken behind her and her wrists are strapped. She is then lead to the reception the same way she was taken. Melissa was already there while Silvia followed soon. Ricky and Robert where already there waiting for them. They all walk back to the car but the girls are so slow as they are so weak. They manage to reach the car and finally show a sign of relief as they sit down. Ricky starts driving and asks "Did you girls enjoy the day today?" Though they actually didn't, they still reply "Yes Master".

Part 10 : The regularized training

"We shall return home now and you girls can take a good rest until tomorrow" Robert says and the girls this time happily reply "Thank you very much Master". They reach home and their straps are removed. The girls remove their socks and shoes. "Remove your clothes here" says Ricky as they walked to their room. With all the sense of being ashamed vanished, they just remove their clothes there itself and stand naked in front of their brothers. Ricky and Robert removes their nipple clamps and then their dildos. Silvia feels her pussy knowing that it is really sore and the holes are bigger then ever before. "You can now go to take a shower and then go to the bedroom and sleep" Robert says and the girls suddenly catch some energy and walk away happily. They take their showers in private after a long time and wear some clothes and head to the bedroom to sleep. "One full week of total excitement, wasn't it?" Ricky asks and Robert replies "You bet!, they've really become slaves and no changing them back to normal". They also then go to take a shower of their own and go to sleep. The next day, they go to the girls room and find them fast asleep. "Wake up girls" Robert says and they all wake up rubbing their eyes. "Take a shower and meet us in the living room in 15 minutes" Ricky says and the two leave the room. The girls do what they are told and come to the living room to see Robert and Ricky sitting on the sofa. "Kneel down all of you and listen carefully to what we say" says Robert. "We are almost done with the basic training of you girls and now we shall get into some regular training" Ricky says. "Starting from tomorrow, you all must wake up at 6.00am. Take a shower. Then go to the swimming pool and run 100 laps around the pool. Then 30 laps around the pool on your knees. Then you run up all the three floors and back down 25 times. You finish in the roof and kneel down in the sunshine for 1 hour. After that, you come back down and wait you us kneeling down in the living room. We will take you to the training room and then give you 100 strokes of the cane, 100 strokes of the wooden paddle, 100 strokes of the leather paddle and 100 strokes of the leather whip in your ass. After that, you have 15 minutes to take a shower. Then, you will have the guests' time in which three of your classmates will come over and instruct you to do what they want, I mean whatever they want. This will be for 2 hours. Then you have the cumming session in which all of you must cum 20 times in one hour, for which the dildos will be under your control. Then again you have 15 minutes to take a shower. Then you will have 2 hours to rest. After that, you girls have to go to the training room and wait for us to come and give you 100 strokes of the whip on your tits, 100 strokes of the Riding Corp on your tits, 100 strokes of the Riding Corp on your pussy and 100 strokes with the leather whip on your pussy. By the time this is over, it will be around 11.30pm. Then you need to totally satisfy us and then we will grant you permission to sleep" Robert finishes the daily schedule to the shock of the girls. "There are certain rules that must be strictly followed or the punishment, as you know, will be terrifying. You are too be naked throughout the rest of the training. At all times, you will have the dildo in your pussy and your asshole, nipples clamps with weights attached to your nipples and your hands will be tied behind your back even when you are sleeping and taking showers. You must not cum during the day except for the cumming session, the guests' time and during the time when you are satisfying us. You must only address us as Masters. You have no rights to ask us anything or complaint about anything and must answer when we ask you a question. You must follow each and every order we give you. There will be no ointment until the end of the training. You would be sleeping in the bed with the current wires attached to your pussy. You will be bound in your bed and at 6.00am, the ropes will automatically release. Most importantly, no talking to each other and swearing at us. " "All these rules are to be strictly followed until the end of the training, understand?" asked Ricky. Totally terrified about these rules and conditions, the girls were silent in shock. But soon, they came to their senses and said "Yes Master" with their heads down. "Good. You girls have one free day today and can do whatever you want inside the house" said Robert. "We're starting the training tomorrow and everything we said better be in your minds" Ricky added and they both left the room leaving the girls kneeling on the floor still thinking how worse it has gone. The training continues until the summer vacation is over and their parents return.

- End of Chapter One - To be continued.