Spanking Allison

Author: Jgoetz
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Spanking Allison

Author: Jgoetz

Disclaimer: This Story was written for and with the assistance of a delightful young lady from ASSville. This is purely fantasy

Part 1

Allison's Mother had died when she was a freshman in High school.

I hadn't spanked her much during her last two years of High school since she had deveolped into a young woman and I was having increasing difficulty seeing her as my daughter and not the lovely woman she was becoming. Allison was coming home from college to visit during her first spring break.

Eight O-clock Monday morning Allison pulled up in front of my house. "Hi Daddy." She squealed in delight as she ran across the lawn her breasts bouncing under her thin tee-shirt. She leapt into my arms, just like she always had when she was a kid and I gave her a big hug.

"God it's great to see you honey." I said as I hugged her tightly, kissing her on the cheek.

It had been several months since I had seen her and she had really blossomed into a beautiful young woman and I found myself having many feelings a Father shouldn't have about his daughter. She was barely 5' 3" and just over 100 pounds with a very nubile figure that was shown off by her cut off jeans and one of my old Navy tee-shirts. I found myself hoping to find the slightest excuse to bare her beautiful bottom again for a spanking.

It took us almos an hour to get all her belongings unloaded from her car and carried into the house, my daughter like my late wife loves clothes and had never met a sale she didn't like, consequently she had sufficient clothes with her to open a small boutique.

Allison's mischievous streak had developed significantly since the last time I saw her, but that didn't surprise me, after all she was my daughter. As we brought the last box into the house she said. "Daddy will you set up my files on your computer for me while I drop off the trailer?"

"Of course I will, what files are they." I inquired?

"Oh just stories I've written and correspondence and stuff." she answered.

"Would you mind if I read some of your stories?" I asked.

"Yes, I'd like that daddy."

So off she went to drop off the trailer as I began transferring her files onto my computer. I was shocked by what I found, she had my spanking stories saved in a sub-directory along with some pictures of older men spanking teenage girls, which meant she had been looking at the Adult news groups. She had provided me with a perfect reason to spank her pert round bottom. I continued transferring her files I found myself becoming aroused at the prospect of having my daughter bare bottomed over my lap and crying from a good sound spanking. As I was transferring the last disk I found a sub-directory labeled "Naughty Alli". I thought to myself at least she has good taste in which authors she collects. I began to suspect that my favorite author who I had flirted with extensively might be my own daughter, when I found several unfinished stories included in the directory. I was at a loss, I had told "Naughty Alli" a great deal about my sexual desires and she had done the same. My daughter definitely had some explaining to do as well as a very sound spanking coming.

Allison got home about a half hour later, in the mean time I looked further through her files and found a picture of a teenager that looked similar to Allison being soundly spanked with a hairbrush over her Father’s lap and a second one of the same teenager bent over and being strapped by the same man.

My daughter stopped in the middle of the parlor when she saw what I was looking at. "I . . . I ca . . . can explain Daddy, honestly I can." Allison stammered.

"I hope so." I said taking her by the wrist and leading her over to the sofa. "Sit down next to me." I instructed.

"Just what is your explanation, Allison?" I asked hoping that she hadn’t noticed the bulge in my jeans.

"Oh, Daddy," she started as she blushed furiously, "I thought that I’d be happy when your spankings stopped, they really hurt and were very embarrassing." She continued. "But I kept thinking of you pulling my panties down and giving me a real hard spanking when I had done something wrong, and I got a ‘special’ wet tingling in my privates." She concluded unable to look me in the eyes.

"I also found a section of "Naughty Alli" Stories on your disks, at first I thought you were just collecting them but when I looked further I found some unfinished stories. Are you Naughty Alli?" I asked.

"Yes, daddy, please don’t be too angry with me, I knew I shouldn’t have teased you like I did but I." She said before cutting herself off.

"Go ahead." I said as reassuringly as possible.

"I want you to spank me, Daddy." She stated as she nervously twisted her hair around her fingers. Daddy, I know how you feel about deception, it is the same as lying" she concluded.

"And how do naughty girls who lie get spanked?" I asked her.

"They get spanked hard on their bare tails." She replied breathing heavily.

"That’s right, now you’re coming with me, you have several lessons to learn to day." I said as I lead her to her bedroom.

I sat on the edge of the bed and set her on my lap.

"What are you going to do to me?" she asked in heated anticipation.

I hugged her close and said. "First of all young lady, I am going to pull down your shorts and panties, then I will put you over my knee. I am going to give you a good sound spanking with my hand at first, just like when you were little, then I am going to spank you with my hairbrush." I stopped to catch my breath as she squirmed nervously in my lap. Then I continued "after you have been well spanked, I will remove your shorts and panties entirely, that is if you haven’t kicked them off already. I will lay you face down on the bed with your legs spread wide and your bottom raised high on a pile of pillows and I will give you nineteen strokes with the strap. Then you will stand in the corner for a while to consider your behavior." Allison was quivering with excitement at this point and I suspected very close to orgasm as she imagined each step of her impending punishment making me wish that my wife was here to discipline her.

"Stand up, Allison."

Allison stood up, putting her hands on top of her head like I had always made her do. "Daddy, I’ve been a very naughty girl, and I know it will hurt and I will cry a lot, I deserve a good hard spanking." She said as I began unbuttoning her shorts and working them down off her hips with difficulty because they were so tight. Allison blushed again as she felt her shorts being lowered exposing her pink lace bikini panties, stopping when her shorts were at mid thigh. Allison gasped when I slipped my fingers into the waistband of her panties and pulled them down to her shorts.

I pulled her over my lap and positioning her so that I had the best angle to soundly spank her naughty young bottom. I placed my left arm across the small of her back and ran my palm over her maturing bottom I gently patted her bottom indicating to her that her spanking was about to begin as she relaxed her bottom. "I’m ready daddy, please spank me." She said.

{smack} "You {smack} will {smack} remember {smack} this {smack} spanking {smack} for a {smack} long time {smack} young {smack} lady." I said as I began her spanking. Allison only gasped and moaned through the first part of the spanking. I began spanking her even harder after her bottom began to warm up and turn pink.

"I’m {SMACK} sorry {SMACK} I was {SMACK} naughty {SMACK} daddy, {SMACK} {SMACK} {SMACK} Oh Daddy!!!" she cried.

I gave her eighty hard slaps on her bottom which was now very red and rocking back and forth and she was arching her bottom up for more and displaying more and more of her nether charms as the burning in her bottom spread, before applying a final ten hard swats right at the base of her buttocks, drawing loud yelps with each spank.

It was all I could do to remind myself that this was my daughter and not my late wife that i was spanking Temporarily releasing her I reached for the hairbrush and slowly ran the soft bristled side over her bottom with my right hand sensitizing her buttocks further.

"Huh, huh, huh, daddyyyyyyyy." She gasped.

"Are you ready for the brush young lady?" I asked

"Yes, Daddy, spank all the naughtiness out of me." She replied haltingly.

{SMACK} "You {SMACK} are {SMACK} never {SMACK} to lie {SMACK} to Daddy {SMACK} ever {SMACK} again {SMACK} do you {SMACK} understand

{SMACK} Allison {SMACK}?" {SMACK}

{SMACK} "Yes, {SMACK} daddy." {SMACK} {SMACK} she replied as her hips rocked from side to side more urgently and her legs kicked as best as they could with her legs hobbled by her shorts and panties. When I was convinced that she had learned this part of her lesson after about twenty five hard swats of the brush I lifted her to her feet and removed her shorts and panties. While I piled several pillows on the center of the bed Allison was rubbing her bottom with one hand and her pussy with the other while she thought I wasn't looking. "Over the pillows." I instructed Allison kept her legs as closed as possible to avoid exposing herself more than necessary as she draped herself over the tall stack of pillows lifting her naughty bottom up for punishment. Turning I went to the closet and retrieved the Scottish leather tawse.

Returning to the bed, I slowly raised the tawse up over my shoulder and brought it down hard on haer red bottom. Allison yelped as the tawse stung her butt.

The first stroke landed across the upper part of her elevated backside with a resounding [SPLAT]

"Awwwwww." She yelped

Taking a step back I brought the tawse down at an angle so that the tips curled around her right thigh and nipping at her exposed labia. [SPLAT]

"Oh, God, Daddy."

For the third stroke I moved around to the opposite side of the bed and brought the tawse down on her left thigh with the same results. I gave her a moment to collect herself as I stroked her seeping sex with my fingertips, eliciting a needful sigh from Allison.

Her bottom was obviously very sore as she rolled enticingly from side to side under the strap. Her bottom bounced and her legs kicked wildly as I strapped her for all she was worth showing her my displeasure with her deception. By the time the last of the nineteen strokes had stung her bottom she was crying her eyes as she rubbed her well punished buttocks. When her tears began to subside I sent her to stand in the corner.

I returned about ten minutes later and sent her into the bathroom to change into her night gown. When she came out I tucked her int bed with a final hard swat on the seat of her nightie and said "I love you Allison"

"I love you too Daddy." She replied as rolled over onto her stomache under the covers and went to sleep.

The rest of her visit went well but I found myself feeling distressingly attracted to my daughter.

Part 2

Dear Daddy,

This is a hard letter to write, as you'll soon see. Better sit down. I'm coming home from Philadelphia with my grades for the semester, and you're not gonna be happy. I know exactly what to expect. I know I'll be spending time over your knee with my panties down and my bottom up. Which leads me to the reason for this letter.

You know how good my grades have always been before, and I've been sitting around trying to figure out what could have prompted me to let things slide so much. No, I'm not doing drugs, not running around. After a lot of soul searching, I think it's BECAUSE you're going to spank me when I get home that I let my grades slip--it's what I wanted.

Might as well spit the rest of it out. I not only want the spankings, but I fantasize about just about every spankings you've ever given me and yes, I'm talking about sexual fantasies. I think I can pinpoint when the fantasies began. For years I've wanted to admit this to you, but after Mommy died, I haven't had the words. Maybe I won't have them now.

Remember when we lived on 21st Street? It took me a long time to make friends, and the whole summer after I turned 12 I was kind of on my own. I read a lot and, to be honest, I did some snooping while you and Mom were at work. I found your magazines in the basement. In fact, one afternoon I was down there pouring over the spanking pictures--Mom thought I was at Cheryl's, but I came home early to read. They turned me on so much. I must have gone around in a constant state of arousal for six weeks!

I heard you guys come home and I thought I'd have time to slip upstairs and out the door, but no! You started down the basement stairs. So I hid behind those white louvered doors, holding my breath. Daddy, I know it was awfully wrong of me, but I watched you make Mommy bend over the back of the couch. I could see everything while you hitched up her skirt, pulled her panties down. She was wearing her garter belt and stockings and you even unhooked her hose and rolled them down her legs and unfastened the garter belt. I was so enthralled, I slid my hand down the front of my shorts and panties and started playing with myself. I was sooo wet.

When you started scolding Mother and playfully smacking her naked bottom, I couldn't believe my eyes....then you made her open her legs wide, and I could see her pussy and all those brown curls between her legs. My own hair was only just beginning to grow there and I envied her the lush forest she possessed. And, as you know, in those days, I HATED my red hair and was envious of Mom's dark locks.

Then her real spanking began. First you spanked her with your hand, leaving nice pink splashes on her white bum. I found myself wondering if I looked like that to you when you pulled my panties down for my spankings. Then you took the little paddle to her. I nearly died watching--I was jealous, I was much taken aback, and I suppose I was embarrassed and ashamed too. This was a private thing between you and I shouldn't have been a witness to it. Also, I was scared...that you'd hear me, would catch me spying on you, and whip the daylights out of me. And on some level, I was scared you wouldn't!

If you remember the spanking you gave Mother, and there's no reason you should--I know now there were many such--you may recall that after spanking, paddling and smacking her with the belt, you also made love to her. First you took her from behind as she bent over the couch, thrusting into her so hard. Your pants were down and I watched the muscles in your ass contracting as you pounded into her. After you rested a little, she used her mouth on you, and you on her. I had never, in my wildest fantasies, seen anything like it! And when you were hard again, you took her in the ass. I'll never forget the sight of your big red cock sliding up her tight little hole. God, Daddy. You must be reaching for the Wild Turkey by now!! I'm bringing you some just in case!

Well, from that moment on, I was hooked. Remember how sometimes I'd act like a brat for no apparent reason? Mostly I loved pleasing you and Mommy, but sometimes I just *had* to act up so you'd punish me. I lived for the nights you'd come up to my room after scolding me. You always had me take a long bath and get into my pajamas while I contemplated my disobedience. I'd lay on my bed, my radio off, listening for your footsteps on the stairs. And then you'd be there, so big and strong, filling the doorway of my room, your kind face and warms eyes reflecting your disappointment, but something else too, I think. Was it anticipation? You probably weren't even aware of it.

"Come here, Alli," you'd say as you sat on my bed. I'd stand before you, sort of between your legs while you held my little hands in your big ones and told me how you were going to put me over your knee, pull down my pajamas and spank my bare bottom. Everything you thought I needed would be described to a tee, and that description filled me with the most glorious shivers of fear and excitement and anticipation. "You'll receive at least 50 spanks with my hand on your upturned bottom, Alli, and then you'll stand in the corner with your red fanny on display. When I determine that's enough corner time for you, young lady, you're going to bend over the pillows while I smack that naughty young bottom with the hairbrush, and for good measure, you'll get 6 with my strap tonight." I can hear the words you said with every spanking, and I play them over and over in my head while I touch my swollen clit.

Yes, it's true, Daddy. I care nothing for the boys at school. They all seem so shallow and callow next to you. I look at their erect cocks and they seem like children's next to your swollen, red prick going in and out of Mother.

I watched you die a little inside when Mommy got sick, and so many times I dreamed of coming to your room to comfort you, but I know you'd have been horrified, or at least thought you SHOULD have been horrified by the thought of it. But I'm 19 now, Daddy, a woman grown, on my own for the past year, and my feelings haven't changed a bit. And it's been 6 long years since Mom died. I know you've dated a little here and there, but I also know none of the women lasted.

While I know you've seen me in "bits and pieces," I've never really told you. My breasts are 34C, Daddy. The nipples are light pink and the areolas fairly small, about like quarters. When I get excited, they darken in color...and the swell so deliciously. They are perky, and stand at attention so easily. My pussy hair is darker red than the hair on my head, but it's a moot point now because when I was a senior in high school I started shaving my puss completely. The skin on the lips of my pussy is so silky smooth and soft. And my clit stands up like such a little lady to see what's going on when I get turned on. (Which is all the time I think about you and what I'd like you to do to me.)

My ass is sensitive, like Mother's must have been. I have a little plug I bought (yes, am I not just shocking your socks off?!!!) to put up my butt while my fingers thrum on my little clit. Oh, that makes me come so fast! I think about spanking all the time. ALL the time.

I realize now that these past few months at school I've been subconsciously planning for this trip by letting my grades fall off so you'd have no choice but to discipline me when I got home. Once I realized what was behind my behavior, I decided the only way to face this thing is to be honest with you.

Now I know what you think you're supposed to think. But I'm asking you to put aside convention for a bit and simply react. Let your feelings take over the intellect for a few moments. Indulge me to that extent, at least, will you, Daddy? I think I know how hard this must be for you to read, but there's it instinct...that tells me once you get past the shock of this revelation, and your dismay at my utter boldness in telling you, you might just admit you are attracted to me too in a way that goes beyond father-daughter feelings. Do you think of me too?

Do you lie awake on winter nights and imagine me warming your bed after you've warmed my bottom? Do you think of sliding your heavy cock inside my sweet sheath, or up inside my tightest little aperture after you've paddled me for naughtiness? Do you think of toys to use and games we could play? I do. Would you like to see my slim naked form melting into your arms, would you like to watch my lips encircling your big cock, my tongue licking up the sweet ropy strands of your seed as you pump it into my mouth?

Here's the deal, Daddy. I'm parked across the street from the house now.

It was I who left the letter on the door. I'm watching you sit at the dining room table reading. If you want me to come in, come and open the door and beckon to me. But know that if I come to you, it is with the expectation that our relationship will from this day forward change. The world must never know, I realize that, but I know how to be discreet. After all, you never dreamed what went on in my pretty little head, did you? But if you wave me inside, it is as the woman with whom you'll spend the rest of your life in ecstasy, not just as little Allison, home with her report card.

If you turn off the lights and go to bed, I shall turn around and get my ass back to school I will bring my grades up next semester, and that's a promise. We will never ever again speak of this matter, and I will put you out of my mind, or at least you'll believe I have done so, so completely proper will be my manner toward you. I'm holding my breath, Daddy. What will you choose?

Your Allison

Part 3

I had just gotten done showering and was sitting on the couch in my robe, watching a spanking video and trying to keep the very sexual thoughts about my daughter. I thought I heard footsteps on the porch then the door bell rang. I stopped the tape and went to the door, no one was around, when I closed the door I noticed an envelope had been pushed through the mail slot. I picked up the envelope and returned to the sofa opening the envelope.

Waves of very mixed emotions washed over me as I read the brief letter from my daughter. Guilt at having wanted her so badly and for becoming a bit distant from her to protect her from my lust. Anger with her for not making herself known sooner and anger with myself for not speaking up. Heaven help me I wanted to press my fingers between her thighs and stroke her young sex the last time I had spanked her which I suspected even then that she had earned deliberately. I wanted her sweet little mouth to attend to the painful erection that had developed from watching her sexy bum wriggle on my lap as her charms peaked out. I stood up with a raging erection that I had not had in years and walked to the door with tears of joy welling in my eyes. I stepped out onto the porch and beckoned at the darkened car across the street with both hands. My daughter jumped from the car and ran across the street and up the walk into my waiting arms. I hugged her close pressing my cock firmly into her crotch and kissed he a totally un-Fatherly kiss as I pushed my tongue into her yielding mouth.

I eventually broke our kiss and whispered into her ear "I am going to do many things to you tonight that I have wanted to do for a long time." I picked her up and carried her over the threshold. "You are no longer ONLY my daughter but you will become my lover as well." I said as tears of happiness streamed down her cheeks while she kissed my neck. I carried her back into the front room and sat her next to me on the sofa, her eyes riveted on my now exposed rampant manhood I placed my left hand on her exposed left thigh just below the hem of her green jersey dress and lifted her face upwards with my right hand.

"You have some grades to show me young lady?" I asked as I moved my left hand up under her skirt, caressing her inner thigh

She opened her bag and removed a sheet of paper and handing it to me she let her small left hand rest in my lap wrapping around my cock.

"These grades are thoroughly unacceptable young lady, you realize that?" I asked

"Yes, Daddy and I know I’m going to get a long hard spanking on my bare bottom. I need it Daddy." She said unable to keep the smile from her face as I ran the tip of my finger over the drenched fabric of her panty crotch.

"Tonight’s spanking will be different than any I have ever given you before honey, it will be longer and harder, but I will not only touching your bottom, I will be stroking your pussy and anus as well." I said as I rubbed her crotch more firmly.

"Yes, Daddy, what ever you want to do to me I want you to do." She replied pleadingly.

I pulled my robe completely open, and she knew what I wanted first as instinctively as if we had been lovers for years she laid down on the couch and raised the back of her skirt, exposing her floral patterned panties as she began fondling my swollen balls with her hands and teasing the tip of my cock with her tongue. I watched in amazement as she engulfed my entire cock into her throat, the sensations were incredible my own darling daughter turned lover was eagerly sucking me to the point that she would taste my thick semen for the first time. I wasn’t able to last long such was our lust for each other and before long I was shuddering as I filled her mouth with cum.

As she licked the last drop of cum off my cock I swatted her on her panties and said "Bath time, honey."

"Just like before Daddy?" she asked hopefully.

I took her by the hand and led her to the bathroom and turned on the water to fill the tub, I sat on the edge of the tub as she knelt in front of me, I lifted her dress up and over her head leaving her in only panties. I pulled her closer holding onto her bottom and kissed her belly, tracing a circle around her navel as she sighed deeply. I moved my hands up to her heaving breasts and slowly caressed them wanting to make up for all the lost years as her breathing became ragged, I closed my lips around her swollen right nipple while I twisted the left. By now the tub was filled and I turned off the water and slowly pulled down my daughters panties, It took all of my self control to refrain from taking her right there on the floor, Allison slipped into the tub smiling as the hot water caressed her soft skin. I soaped up a large wash cloth and began washing her breasts with premeditated slowness moving down her taught belly. Rising on her knees I ran the cloth over her bald swollen mound until she was squirming wildly against my hand, I pushed her thighs as far apart as the tub would allow and reached through to wash her pert bottom and inner thighs as her level of arousal increased noticeably. My cock was again fully erect and twitching in anticipation. I rinsed her off and instructed her to put on her ‘punishment’ clothes and meet me in the living room. I returned to my soon to be our bedroom and collected the old wooden hairbrush and the special strap that I had hoped one day to apply to her sexy little rump.

I arrived back in the living room several minutes before Allison and set the implements on the end table where she would surely see them.

Allison played her part beautifully acting every bit the naughty teenager about to be soundly spanked, she was giving me everything I had ever dreamed about and more and I was going to make this spanking everything she had ever fantasized about.

"Allison, what happens to naughty girls who don’t keep up there grades?" I asked in my best disappointed Daddy voice.

"They get there bottoms bared and then spanked hard." She answered as a smile flashed across her cheek as a tear ran down her cheek. She both dreaded and craved this spanking, dreaded this spanking because it would be far longer and more painfully humiliating than any she had ever or would ever receive and we both knew she needed to cry long and hard with this spanking and craved it because it would establish our new roles as lovers.

"That’s right honey, know strip to your panties." I instructed as I reached inside my robe and stroked my cock lightly.

Allison slowly unbuttoned her pajama tops with trembling hands and removed it, folding it neatly before slowly almost teasingly untied and lowered her pajama bottoms and kicked them aside. Now wearing only her panties she placed her hands on top of her head while I began to scold her. "Allison your grades disappoint me, you could have done much better, but I am also disappointed that you waited so long to tell me how you felt."

"I’m so sorry Daddy, please don’t spank me too hard." She said sweetly reverting perfectly into her naughty girl role.

I reached out and hooked my fingers into her panties and pulled them down around her ankles before pulling her over my lap. I almost came as I felt her bald mons pressing against the tip of my cock. I ran my left hand up and down the smooth skin of her back while my right hand ran slowly up and down her bottom and thighs and between her buttocks to her anus and pussy.

"I am going to enjoy giving this spanking to you almost as much as I think you are going to enjoy getting it.

"Please Daddy, spank me till I cry, give me the spanking I have wanted for so long."

{smack} {smack} She gasped as the first two firm swats landed on her soft buttocks with a glorious sound.

"Young lady {smack} {smack} this spanking {smack} {smack} will teach you {smack} {smack} to be more honest {smack} {smack} with me about your feelings and needs {smack} {smack} as well as punish you {smack} {smack} for these horrible grades {smack} {smack}. This will also {smack} {smack} make you my lover {smack} {smack} I said as I parted her thighs and rubbed her warm pink bottom and wet pussy lips, grazing my fingers over her anus.

Alison made no response except to gasp and sob softly as she arched her tender bottom up to meet each slap. I gave her one hundred hard slaps to her upturned tail leaving her crying softly, her bottom red and hot to the touch and her inner thighs wet.

Picking up the brush I resumed her spanking full force{SMACK} {SMACK} "I have wanted {SMACK} {SMACK} to do this to you{SMACK} {SMACK} for about as long {SMACK} {SMACK} as you have fantasized about it." {SMACK} {SMACK}{SMACK} {SMACK}

She grunted and moaned with the first wave of spanks and said. "Daddy, no matter how much I plead scream or struggle give me everything you think I deserve, I want you to have me totally". {SMACK} {SMACK} "Ouch, DADDY." {SMACK} {SMACK} "Nooooooooo More". {SMACK} {SMACK}{SMACK} {SMACK} "I’ll be good honest" {SMACK} {SMACK}{SMACK} {SMACK}. I gave her a total of fifty hard swats stopping when she was crying like a baby and her little butt was scarlet. Setting the brush aside I gently caressed her red swollen backside and inner thighs as the pain finished its transition into lust and she was on the verge of orgasm. When I felt that she was ready I helped her to her feet and led her around the coffee table into the center of the room and bent her over so that her hands were on her knees. I pushed her legs apart, I fondled her sore bottom and moist pussy with both hands as I said "I am going to give you nineteen strokes with this strap then I’m going to carry you down the hallway to my no our bedroom and properly make you mine."

"Oh, Daddy." She panted as I picked up the thick leather strap.

"Nineteen strokes, one for each year." I stated.

I made short work of applying the nineteen strokes as the musky scent of your arousal was fast becoming more than I could resist. Your young breasts swayed enticingly with each biting stroke of the leather on your tender backside. When the final stroke landed on across your upper thighs. I caught you in my arms and carried you to what was to become our bedroom, laying you gently on the bed you spread your legs wide as I discarded my robe and I climbed on top of you in a 69 position feeding my turgid cock into your open mouth while I began licking at your inner thighs and clit and inserted a vibrator into your pussy getting it well lubricated then with drawing it replacing it with my tongue while I slipped the vibrator deeply into your ass. I licked and sucked hungrily at your pussy with a longing that had built within me for too many years as I fucked you anus with the vibrator turning it on low. We devoured each other until climax over took us and you coated my tongue with your sweet nectar. I was so aroused by finally being with you I remained erect and turned around, moving between your spread thighs, you reached down and positioned my penis against your slit as I pushed forward screwing you hard and fast while the vibrator continued to hum clenched between your buttocks. I sucked and bit your heaving boobs while my cock plowed madly into your hot furrow while you shrieked out your passion, wrapping your legs tightly around my waist as another climax approached. I came so hard I almost blacked out filling your nest with my cum. Totally spent I rolled off of you, holding you close caressing your body with mine. I removed the vibrator from your bottom and inserted my finger tip. "I will awaken you with my cock pressing into your tight little hole." I said as you kissed my chest and snuggled closer.