The Governess Convention

Author: Rick O
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The Governess Convention

Author: Rick O

"Good afternoon, ladies," the keynote speaker began. "I am Governess Donna, and I'd like to welcome all of you to the keynote event of this conference. This is where you'll see live demonstrations from several selected governesses across the country. They will explain their circumstances and also perform live demonstrations of administering discipline."

The petite blonde woman in her forties easily addressed the crowd of current and aspiring governesses in the large theater of the convention center. The ample stage was furnished for the event with several standard props used in the profession - a desk, some straight-backed armless chairs, a single bed, a padded table with binding straps, and a heavy wooden punishment ladder. Donna continued her introduction.

"I am pleased that we have the highest ever attendance this year at the convention. I see that there are not many empty seats in this hall. Well, we have a busy afternoon, so let's get started with the first of several demonstrations. It is my great pleasure to introduce to you, Governess Clarissa from Texas."

A woman of about thirty stepped up to the podium to the accompaniment of hearty applause. Her straight brown hair was parted in the middle and flowed down past her shoulders. Her large eyes and quiet authority were apparent from the start. A hint of shyness endeared her to her audience. She wore a wireless microphone and switched it on.

"Thank you, Governess Donna. It is a great honor to be invited to give a presentation to this group. I regularly supervise one or two college-age students who are talented but otherwise are about to fail academically. They live at my house for a specific period of time, such as six months or to the end of the school term. I have been given free reign to administer discipline according to my philosophy, and I believe I have made a difference in the lives of all the students in my charge. I address all manner of character deficiencies; not restricted solely to academic issues. One room in my house is allocated for discipline - I call it the administration room. Once per week, I review the behavior of each student and, if necessary, conduct motivational training in the administration room."

Clarissa stepped away from the podium and signaled a young man to emerge from backstage. They walked over to the desk, and the young man began to strip. The audience was clearly excited, and Clarissa resumed her presentation.

"A discipline session requires about an hour. When the student enters the administration room, he is to strip completely without being asked. Then he is to get in position for his enemas, also without being told." She paused, and heard hushed murmurs from the crowd. The young man had removed all his clothing.

"Yes, you heard right. I administer two enemas - first, a two quart soapsuds enema and then a two quart rinsing enema." The young man had positioned himself on his hands and knees, with his forehead touching the floor.

"This is the position that my students are in when they get their enemas. We don't have time to actually administer the enemas on stage," Clarissa noted, "but as you see here, he has stripped and gotten into position. I give him or her the entire enema, and it must be retained for five minutes. During the retention period I ask the student questions about the past week, and suggest ways of doing things differently. As he struggles to retain the two quarts he must pay attention to what I am saying and respond appropriately. After he gets rid of the first enema I give him a second one without soapsuds, which must also be retained. After he gets rid of the second enema and gets cleaned up I am ready to administer his discipline."

The naked young man stood up and Clarissa walked over to the desk and retrieved a hardwood paddle.

"Now he must bend over across the desk and take his paddling. I expect him to stay in position - every time he gets out of position I give him five extra swats - harder than the others. It can be difficult for him. I administer between twenty five and fifty swats, and expect him to stay in position until I tell him to get up."

The young man leaned across the desk and grasped the far edge. Clarissa positioned herself to administer, and then began the paddling. Her microphone picked up each smack of the paddle upon the male's bared bottom. The solid 'thwack' resounded through the auditorium. Another microphone transmitted the young man's predicament through the sound system.

After several smacks, the crowd was treated to his hoarse whispers: "Ohhh... (smack!) 'aaah! (smack!) Oh!"

A few more smacks and his reaction became fully vocal.

(smack!) "OH! (smack!) OWW! (smack!) Governess! Please! (smack!) OHH! (smack!) OH! GOVERNESS! (smack!)..."

Clarissa relentlessly continued - fifteen, then twenty, then twenty five, thirty, thirty five, then forty. The young man freely exclaimed in front of the crowd, and twisted and kicked. Clarissa stopped, waited a moment, and told him to stand up. She turned toward the audience and said, "This concludes my demonstration," and smiled. The audience enthusiastically applauded. Clarissa took a bow and walked backstage, accompanied by the young man who had gathered his clothes.

Governess Donna spoke. "Thank you, Governess Clarissa. That was an interesting demonstration, and I'm sure it gave many of you some ideas. Our next demonstration is from a governess who uses one and only one instrument - the old fashioned hairbrush. For a back-to-the-basics demonstration, I present Governess Jeannie."

A tall black-haired woman in her forties walked onto the stage, a hairbrush in one hand, She did not stop at the podium, but went to one of the straight-backed chairs and seated herself. The most noticeable quality she exhibited was the graceful ease with which she did everything. Her soft but firm voice came through the wireless microphone crisply and clearly. "Emily. Please come here."

The auditorium was totally quiet as a young lady emerged from backstage, and strolled over to Jeannie. She wore a white blouse, plaid skirt, white socks, and sneakers.

Governess Jeannie brought her thighs together, placed her feet apart about fourteen inches and pointed them in, and looked up at Emily.

"You know why you're here," her regal voice almost musically sounded. "Lower your panties down to your knees, lift your skirt and present yourself."

Emily placed her hands under her skirt and pulled her panties down as directed, and then lifted her skirt up and held it in place with one hand. She carefully placed herself across Jeannie's lap. Her wavy blonde hair hung down and obscured her face.

"Point your toes... that's it, girl. Now keep your feet on the floor at all times."

Emily's white lace panties slipped down and settled above her ankles. Jeannie looked up at the audience.

"Emily knows that I spank hard. I distribute the spanks all over her bared buttocks, including the portion close to her thighs. She must accept her discipline without undue struggle or kicking. It took considerable training, but now she is able to accept her swats like a good girl. My training technique was to start with fifteen swats. Every time she got out of position or kicked her legs, I gave her five extra swats. When she could accept that, I started to give her twenty, then twenty five, which is a normal spanking. For especially naughty behavior, she gets thirty five or more spanks, and always extra for kicking."

Jeannie lightly rubbed the hairbrush over Emily's bared buns for a moment.

"I will now administer. Observe how Emily accepts her due."

Jeannie slapped the hairbrush with considerable force into Emily's nether cheeks. About once every two seconds, she brought the instrument down on a different part of her buttocks. Each smack from the contact reverberated through the auditorium. After three swats, Emily's head jerked a few inches every time the wood made contact. A few more swats and her voice filled the hall. First, a short "AH!" accompanied each smack. As she felt the cumulative effect of the paddling, the length of her outcries increased and she yelled, "OWWW!" "AHHHH!" "OHHHHH!". Jeannie kept on, and Emily's vocal reaction became more pronounced: "STOP! PLEASE STOP! OWWWWW! NO MORE! GOVERNESS PLEASE! OH MERCY! OH-PLEASE!!"

The audience was captivated by the sight and sounds coming from the stage. The most noticeable, and to many observers, erotic, aspect of the spanking was that Emily kept perfectly still from the waist down. No part of her hips, legs or feet moved during the entire paddling. She only moved her head.

Jeannie stopped after thirty strokes, and looked up at the audience. Enthusiastic spontaneous applause greeted her efforts. She paused a moment, and she and Emily stood up. She took Emily by the hand and gracefully walked backstage.

Governess Donna spoke. "That was extremely interesting. It shows what intensive training can accomplish. Next up, and I warn you, it's going to be severe, is Governess Jennie Marie."

A tall thin brunette walked on stage clad in a casual shirt and blue shorts. In one hand she clutched several switches. With her other hand she led a naked male over to the desk and had him lean across the desk in a bent over position. Then she turned to the audience and spoke in a sweet, almost musical drawl.

"I grew up as a country girl, and when we were punished, we always got a good switchin'. It just went on and on and on, and we thought they were never gonna end. Now I'll show you how I give a good country style switchin'. I got these switches from the willow tree out back, and I cut them to about 30 inches and smoothed them off. Now when I got a switchin' they always used a switch till it was all wore out. I'm gonna do the same thing, except I'm gonna use two or three of 'em."

Jennie Marie's wide smile and swaying braids emphasized her country girl appearance. Her casual backwoods demeanor endeared her to the audience while she spoke.

"This here's my boyfriend. He asked me to marry him and I told him I would if he let me do this. Now watch how a country girl gives a good switchin'."

She placed the switches on the surface of the desk and picked up one of them. After whisking it through the air a few times she began the switching. She applied swift and forceful strokes on his buttocks from the start. The excited audience saw the effect of Jennie's switching on the male. He jerked and writhed as he struggled to refrain from crying out in front of the all-woman audience. He could not hold out for long, though, and as Jennie nonchalantly continued the fast energetic switching he earnestly communicated his predicament. "Ooh! Aah! No! OH! Jennie! Please! Oh-that-hurts! OH! OW! Jennie-Jennie! OH! AH! OOH!" and so forth. He kicked his legs alternately, but kept his bared bottom where Jennie wanted it.

The switch broke, and Jennie picked up a fresh one. "Notice how he keeps his bottom there for me," she said. "He knows better than to get away from me!" The male's writhing and kicking became more pronounced when she resumed. She had a broad smile on her face as she dispassionately continued while her husband-to-be performed an inspired dance of the switch. When Jennie started in with the third switch, it was clear that the male was truly having trouble staying in position. The intensity of his struggle to do so piqued the imaginations of the members of the audience. They wondered what the consequences would be if he did get up. With fierce determination amid his sincere outcries, he kept his hold on the other edge of the desk, and when the third switch broke, Jennie smiled and took a bow. Thunderous applause greeted her, and she smiled and said "Thank you!" and led her boyfriend backstage.

Governess Donna said to the audience, "That was good, wasn't it? The remainder of the demonstrations will be from governesses from an institutional environment. Each of the ladies will explain something about their situation. Our next demonstration is from two governesses - Kyla and Rebecca. They asked that I describe the session as they work so that they can fully concentrate on their task."

Two women - one of them tall, slender, and black-haired; the other medium height with longer blonde hair, entered the stage escorting a male who was dressed only in briefs. They led him to the bed and stacked two firm pillows at the center and positioned him face down with his hips raised. As they bound his wrists and ankles to the corners of the single bed, Donna described their situation.

"Kyla and Rebecca work in a reform school setting where discipline is the byword. Most of the time, discipline is administered in a specially built room where the subject can be bound in place and the session conducted formally. Occasionally, however, they are called on to administer a very severe session in what is called a 'dormitory strapping'. This is conducted at the student's bed, with the other students watching. Each governess administers one hundred strokes of the two-tailed leather tawse. Watch this one closely - it's very severe."

Kyla, the blonde governess, pulled the male's briefs down to his knees when he was securely bound to the bed. They each obtained a leather tawse and stood on opposite sides of the bed. Rebecca took aim, with one foot in front of the other, raised the strap high above her, and forcefully swiped the strap across the male's bared buttocks. She bent her knees as the strap came down, and she did not stop the swing until the strap was behind her. The male's buttocks jiggled from the swipe. Scarcely a second or two later, Kyla performed the same maneuver from the other side of the bed, including the forceful follow-through. The bound male's muscles tensed up. The next swipe came from Rebecca - then Kyla. They alternated continuously. When they had each given him ten strokes his struggles became more pronounced. The strapping inexorably progressed, and by the time he had received twenty five strokes from each Governess he gave a loud "OH!" shout each time the leather bit into him. When each governess had given him fifty, they started to deliver the swipes to his thighs.

The male's outcries became more strident, and the scene captured the audience's rapt attention. The sounds from the stage reverberated throughout the auditorium - snap! "OH!" snap! "AHH!" snap! "OW!", on and on. As the two women continued to strap him, he twisted and writhed as much as his restraints allowed.

The number of strokes climbed, as did the intensity of the recipient's reactions. Sixty swats from each woman, then seventy, then seventy five, then eighty. They worked their way back to the male's buttocks and placed the final twenty strokes from each of them, which totaled forty strokes, on his already well punished crimson nether cheeks while he struggled and shouted.

When Kyla and Rebecca had delivered the one hundred strokes each, they put the straps down and loosened the male's restraints.

"Normally," Donna narrated, "They leave a male who has received a dormitory strapping restrained to his bed for an hour or two before letting him up. In this setting, however, Governess Kyla and Governess Rebecca will let him up..."

The two governesses led the male to the front of the stage, turned him around, and had him lean over to show the audience his strapped buttocks and thighs. Then they led him off the stage.

When the audience's applause had died down, Donna remarked, "That was certainly an interesting variation on administering a strapping. Next we have a young lady who will tell you of the clinic she works at - and demonstrate how she does it. Please give Governess Mary a warm welcome."

An attractive young lady stepped up to the podium. Her brown eyes gleamed with excitement, and she had a ready smile. She had an innocent wholesome look about her - a kind of girl-next-door appearance. She wore black fashion boots and a short plaid skirt, with a white ruffled blouse. She had a sweet sounding voice, almost musical, to go along with her wholesome appearance.

"Sometimes I think I have the best job in the world - I get paid to give hard spankings. I work at a discipline clinic where we administer discipline to husbands, boyfriends, lovers. When a relationship runs into trouble and nothing else works, the discipline clinic can do wonders. I know, because I was a satisfied customer before I started to work there."

Mary looped her brown hair behind her ear and continued.

"The wife or girlfriend will select the severity of the punishment in advance, and then she brings her guy in. The Governess assigned to him, and a nurse, come for him and take him to the punishment room and give him his discipline. I'll demonstrate a severe session on my boyfriend Max, and I've asked Governess Donna to describe more about the session while I get set up."

Mary stepped down and briefly went backstage while Donna began narrating.

"Mary is going to demonstrate a very severe session using a paddle, strap, and a rattan cane. The person to be spanked accompanies the assigned governess and a nurse to the discipline room where he is told to remove all clothing. On the stage here, Mary has escorted the recipient and is now waiting for him to undress... Now she has told him to bend over the punishment bench... Now she will bind his wrists and ankles to the sturdy punishment structure, and will then secure a binding strap around his waist to prevent movement..."

When Mary had tightened the waist strap around Max, Donna resumed.

"The nurse, who is not here for this demonstration, will take his pulse, and then his temperature - rectally, of course - and will then indicate that she is ready to count the strokes. Mary here has retrieved a paddle and will now tell the recipient what she will do."

Mary's sweet voice filled the auditorium. "You will now receive your punishment. I will give you twenty strokes of the paddle, followed by fifty strokes of the leather strap. I will then give you eighteen strokes of the rattan cane. This will be very severe, and you will no doubt beg me to stop. I will not stop, however, until your punishment is complete."

Mary stepped to the left side of the bound Max, and placed her free hand on her hip. With legs spread apart, and knees slightly bent, she made sure the hard wood paddle would reach both nether cheeks. Then with a slight smile on her face, she pressed her lips together, drew the paddle far back, and delivered a hard swat to Max's buttocks, kicking her right leg back as the paddle made contact.

"ONE!" she counted, and Max jerked his head. Three seconds later, another hard swat. "TWO!" She paused for a few seconds and swatted again. "THREE!" As the paddling progressed Max's vocal reaction attested to the strength of Mary's swats...













Mary put the paddle away while the audience quietly and excitedly observed. She paced around for a moment to give Max a little time to recover, and picked up a sturdy two-tailed leather tawse.

"You will now receive fifty strokes of the leather strap!"

Mary carefully gauged her position, with her legs spread apart, knees slightly bent, the strap in her right hand. With her gaze constantly on Max's bound buttocks, she leaned to the right as she drew the strap far back. When she whipped it against her target, she leaned to the left and swiveled her hips. Her follow-through, while appearing exaggerated, made the stroke effective. The energy from the swat caused Max's buttocks to quake.

"One!" Mary whispered aloud.

She drew back the strap again and again propelled it mightily toward it target.


"Ohhhhhh!" Max exclaimed.

Whack! "Ahhhh!"

Whack! "AAAAAH!"

Mary inexorably continued the severe strapping while the audience watched, riveted in their seats. Max's outcries became more strident under the searing attention of the strap, his buttocks having been made tender and sensitive from the paddling.

When she had delivered thirty strokes, she paused and announced to the audience, "I am going to make the next twenty strokes particularly effective!" Then she stood directly behind Max, her back to the audience. She placed her left hand on her hip.

Max pleaded, "No, Mary - Please!"

Her feet in place, she swiveled her hips to the right as she prepared to swat, and then swiveled to the left as she swiped the strap on the side of Max's buttocks. Her follow-through placed the strap in position for the rightward twist, and scarcely a second later she snapped it hard against the opposite side of Max's bound bottom, and continued the follow-through to ready her for the next swipe. She delivered the set of twenty strokes this way, in a forehand-backhand motion, rapidly, each time striking the especially tender area toward the sides of Max's bared bottom. Max's exuberant shout filled the auditorium with each swipe.

Everyone in the audience could see that Max's bottom was a bright red color as Mary paced around for a few moments. Then she retrieved a straight handled rattan school cane.

"We're not finished yet - there's still the cane strokes to go. Eighteen of them!" Mary said sweetly.


"Oh, but you can - and you will. You don't seem to have much choice now, do you?"

Turning to the audience, Mary stated, "When a caning of twenty four strokes or more is to be given, the final half of the strokes are placed diagonally on the male's bared buttocks. Since this is a demonstration caning, I will give the final nine strokes this way. Naturally, those strokes intersect the previous ones, increasing the effect of the discipline. Governess Donna, would you count the strokes, please?"

Mary's boots clip-clopped on the stage as she walked over to Max's left side. She was obviously aroused as she prepared to administer. When she gently tapped the cane against Max's backside, he flinched, and she smiled. She tapped it lightly a few more times, and then with a quick flick of her wrist whipped the cane across the upper part of Max's well punished bottom. The cane curved around the other side and left a striation.


"One!" Donna announced.

Mary placed the next striation about a half inch below the first one. Max jerked his head and struggled as he exclaimed, "AAAAAAGH!"


A few seconds later, another stroke, a half inch below the second one, with the predictable outcome. She walked the strokes down his buttocks so that the ninth striation was just above the juncture of the thighs with the buttocks. With her characteristic sweet smile she delivered the second set of strokes a little faster, and randomly placed them criss-crossed all over Max's bared buttocks. His outcries penetrated the auditorium as the fresh strokes intersected previous striations. He had no choice but to accept every stroke that Mary chose to give him.

Mary paced around for a moment after she had finished the caning, and then released Max's bindings and took a bow to the accompaniment of enthusiastic applause.

Donna addressed the convention. "Thanks to all the governesses who conducted the live demonstrations. They will all be present at a panel discussion one hour from now, where they will answer any questions."

"Now, a brief description of tomorrow's sessions. Governess Jeannie will start with a lecture on how to train for compliance. You may remember that she is the one who gave a good long hairbrush spanking to a young lady who accepted her due with no squirming or struggling.

"Next will be Governess Clarissa. She will give a presentation on the use of the enema in discipline sessions. She was an enema nurse once, so this should be very interesting. She will also give an actual demonstration of administering the enema - not once, but twice! She'll give real enemas to two of her students. That session will require about an hour and a half.

"Next, Governess Jennie Marie will give a lecture on switches - how to select them, and how to administer. Jennie, you may recall, is the country girl who has been on the giving and receiving end of switchings many times.

"After that, there will be a very interesting session presented jointly by Governesses Mary, Kyla, and Rebecca on institutional discipline. Don't miss this one."