Author: Reine Woods
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By: Reine Woods

Summary: Jana wanted to experience complete submission, and contracted for a few months as Kurt's slave. Kurt provides fantasy fulfillment, but he takes it to an extreme. Once Jana gives herself over to him, there is no turning back for her, as her enslavement becomes more real than fantasy, and becomes a nightmare not a dream.

Chapter One: The Beginning

Kurt was lighting a cigarette by the newsstand when he spotted her. She was crossing the street, coming toward him, her hips unconsciously moving seductively. She looked very self-confident, very much in control of herself. She was wearing a sleeveless white blouse, tucked into her proper light gray skirt, and had her light-weight yellow jacket slung over her briefcase. She carried a summer straw hat with a white lace ribbon, as he had instructed. Although small, her arms looked muscular, as though she regularly worked out at the gym. His gaze traveled down her body to her legs, which were well shaped, and also had that firm, toned look to them.

So this was Jana. He had wondered what she looked like in person. She was very attractive, very composed. Slender, mid-height, auburn hair down to her shoulders, soft brown eyes. They had spoken on the phone several times, but had not met until now, when she was sure of what she wanted and he was sure that he could provide it. Jana had some exposure to light D/s, but she wanted to experience complete submission. She wanted to live the lifestyle 24 by 7; she wanted an intense experience even if only for a few weeks. Did she really know what she was asking for? Or did she think this was all some sort of game. Kurt took this lifestyle very seriously. He was not a professional trainer, but had done work in that area. He saw himself more as a provider of fantasy fulfillment. They had reviewed checklists time and time again, and Kurt was not really surprised at some of the scenes she wanted to experience. But did she know what she was asking for? He had asked her to see a doctor who was known for his work within the D/s community, and she had willingly obtained the medical report stating that she was physically and emotionally fit for this experience.

Jana entered the restaurant, spoke to the maitre'd and was seated in a private alcove of the exclusive Scheherazade. Kurt followed her in, tipped the maitre'd handsomely, and approached Jana.

He bowed, then lifted her chin and gazed meaningfully into her eyes. "Jana, you are beautiful." He uttered softly.

Jana blushed prettily, and smiled up at him. She had not expected someone so sensually handsome and gallant. She had been nervous about the meeting, and was starting to think that she had made a mistake in agreeing to meet. But she needed to let some excitement into her life following the end of her predictable relationship with Ted, and it looked as though this was a way for her to finally experience her fantasies. Her cousin, Elizabeth, had arranged contact with Kurt. Elizabeth was very active in the D/s community, and Jana trusted her judgement. Jana's telephone conversations with Kurt had been reassuring. He had spoken about safety, trust, limits, safewords, and agreements. If she made sure that he understood what she was looking for, this promised to be all that she had hoped for.

The evening went exceptionally well, and Jana felt that Kurt fully understood her needs. They agreed to meet again tomorrow night to sign a "contract", and set things in motion. Jana was to be his slave for two months. She would request a leave of absence from work, and tell her friends and relatives that she was going away on business until the middle of September. She smiled to herself...and this was business...her business, and no one else's!

Kurt had arranged for his car to take Jana home. The more Jana thought about their meeting, the more convinced she became that she was making the right decision in moving forward with Kurt. She may never get this opportunity again. Kurt was independently wealthy, and had the leisure to spend the next two months with her, providing her with the experience she craved. What he received in return was material for his writing, works of both fiction and non-fiction, based upon what they would experience together. His credentials were solid, and he was well known in the D/s community.

Kurt reviewed the contract that he had drawn up for Jana to sign. She had specifically asked him to put in a clause that provided him with the authority to expand upon his role as Master and hers as slave. He in turn had taken advantage of her request, wording the contract so that he could modify the agreement in order to maintain his commitment to their Master/slave relationship. Jana wanted to be made to feel as though she had no choices, that she was totally at his disposal . She felt that otherwise the experience would not be real. She trusted him to ensure her ultimate well being, regardless of what temporary discomfort he would put her through. Well, he would give her what she wanted. And she agreed that it would be at his terms. She was coming into this with her full consent. He was meeting Jana at her apartment to finish the legal paperwork, and to instruct her how to prepare for her enslavement. Jana had not been to his home, and he preferred that she first see it as his slave.

The paperwork was signed, and Kurt gave her his instructions. She was to be waiting at an outside table at Davio's at 4:00 PM the next day. He did not order her to wear any particular clothing, but he was clear that she was to bring with her only what she was wearing at the time. She was to order a mineral water, and then sit waiting with her hands folded in her lap, her head and eyes downcast. This would mark the beginning of her enslavement. Someone would come for her, he said, and it would probably not be him.

Jana did as instructed and sat waiting in the July afternoon heat. 4:00 came and went, and no one approached her. An hour went by, and Jana was beginning to grow impatient. She would wait another half an hour, she decided, and then call the whole thing off. The wait in the heat made her thirsty, so she ordered another mineral water.

She was raising the glass to her mouth when a hand grasped her wrist, and a rough voice whispered in her ear, "Did your Master give you permission to order another drink?"

A thrill went through Jana's spine as she realized the game had started. "I was thirsty, and you're late." She said, a bit impatiently.

"The Master will deal with this attitude when you arrive," the man said. "You are to come with me, NOW!"

Jana realized by his angry response that she probably should have been at least a little apologetic. She let herself be led down the street to the waiting car.

Jana sat back against the soft leather seat, and looked around. The car was actually a limousine. The back of the car could sit six people comfortably. There was a well-stocked bar, and the glasses were crystal. A magazine rack held today's NY Times, the Wall St. Journal and various business periodicals. The windows were darkly tinted. She knew that although she could see out, no one could see in. There was a partition between the driver's seat and the back seat, and there was a small speaker under the window, which she imagined was used to communicate with the driver. Jana noticed that there were no door handles or visible locks on the doors. For a moment she wondered if she should be concerned about that. The absence of handles and locks made her a prisoner in the back of the car, but this must all be part of the effects intended to make her feel that way.

The driver spoke to her just then, giving her the Master's orders. "Undress. Remove everything. Fold your clothes, and hand me your things when I open the partition."

Jana did so immediately.

"Sit with your legs apart, your hands clasped behind your head, and do not move, or you will be given even more punishment when you arrive."

She experienced a moment of fear, but then she relaxed into the arousal she felt at those words. What a delicious fantasy, she thought.

The ride was longer than she expected, and Jana's arms were beginning to get tired. Who was she holding them up for anyway? Kurt, her soon-to-be-Master, wasn't there, and he was the only one she thought she had to obey in this game. Her arms went down, and she sighed in comfort. The car stopped once, for gas, and she enjoyed knowing that she was sitting in the back seat, completely naked, with people outside unaware of her state.

Jana guessed that they had been driving for about four hours, since it was past twilight and dark out. For the last half-hour or so they had been driving along a narrow dirt road, not a house in sight. They came to a fence, and Jana noticed that it opened by remote control, and that it was electrified. A second fence was not electrified, but it was topped with spirals of barbed wire. The last fence was ornate, but still served it's purpose in keeping people out - or in - since it was high, and each vertical iron rod came to a very sharp point. The security was much more than Jana was comfortable with, and again her stomach tightened in fear. Why did he need so much security?

Jana caught a glimpse of the house - no, it was mansion - as the car turned into the driveway. It was spectacular - large and gothic. The car came to a stop, and immediately the door was opened and hands reached in to pull her out. The hold on her arms was like iron, and firm enough to hurt. Her arms were pulled back, and she felt cold steel close around her wrists. . At the same time, a black silk scarf was tied around her eyes. Rough hands pushed her forward down a hallway, then she was stopped. Someone was unlocking her handcuffs, but the two men on either side were still firmly holding her. Her arms were pulled upward, and she felt leather go around her wrists and heard locks being closed on them. Her arms were pulled upward even more, this time by whatever was around her wrists. She felt herself stretch, and went up on her toes so that she could keep contact with the floor. It was uncomfortable. The reality of being in this position was not what she expected. The D/s she had experienced before had never involved that much discomfort.

"OK, I can take this." Jana thought to herself. In fact, being in such a vulnerable position was arousing, and she felt herself get wet.

"Where's Kurt?" she asked the men. "I thought he'd be here to meet me when I arrived."

Jana was shocked by the response. She felt an intense stinging sensation across the backs of her thighs, and a voice commanded her to keep silent. Jana was too stunned to do anything other than what the voice commanded her to do. She had not expected such sharp pain. Oh, she knew she was going to be whipped, fucked, and disciplined, but although she wanted an intense experience, she hadn't expected to be hit this hard. This man didn't know his own strength.

Jana heard footsteps recede and a door close, and realized she was alone in the room. After a while, her arms began to hurt, and she raised herself on her toes as much as she could to give them some relief. After a few minutes, she let her wrists carry her weight again. She kept on shifting between standing on her toes, and letting her wrists keep her up. She felt she had been suspended there for a very long time, and her arms and legs ached. She didn't know how long it had been since she had been brought to the room, but judging from the pain in her arms, it must have been a few hours. More time went by, and she became so used to the pain that she almost didn't notice it. But it always came again, in waves. Pain, and then numbness. Pain and numbness again. This was not at all what she had expected. Maybe this was a very bad idea. Well, when she saw Kurt she would tell him that she was reconsidering and was thinking about forgetting about the whole thing.

After what seemed like hours upon hours, Jana heard the door open and someone walked into the room.

"Kurt?" she asked. There was no response. "Listen, I want to see Kurt." She demanded. Again, no response.

She felt the person draw near, and remove her earrings, pendant, rings, watch and bracelet. Jana's breath caught in her throat. Unexpectedly, Jana heard a loud crack and immediately felt the sting of a leather strap against her bottom.

"I am very disappointed in you, Jana." She heard Kurt say, and felt another blow against her bottom.

"Kurt, listen, I want this to stop." She demanded. "Emerald!" she gave the safeword.

Kurt ignored the safeword, and gave her three quick blows in succession, all on the same spot, and she felt her bottom burning.

"You speak to me only with my permission, Jana" he said, "And I haven't given it to you."

"Kurt, I changed my mind. I...I thought this would be different. I'm calling this off. Let me go right now!" she demanded.

Kurt sighed, and said "Such a disobedient slave, and so disrespectful to her Master. I have a lot to teach you, Jana."

He felt her cunt, which was wet with her juices. In spite of her words, she liked this. Well, she said she wanted no choices, and very clearly articulated that she wanted to be forced. He was giving her what she asked for. Still...The strap came down across her bottom again and again, the pain becoming more intense with each blow. Jana couldn't catch her breath to speak, and was only able to squirm and scream as he kept on beating her.

Finally, Kurt stopped and she felt his hands caress the side of her face, and brush her hair back gently. She was sobbing, trying to catch her breath.

Kurt spoke. "If you say another word, Jana, I will beat you again, only twice as long. Do you understand?" Jana was unable to reply. "Jana, do you understand?

Jana was frightened of what Kurt would do if she didn't acknowledge his question, so she nodded yes.

"Good," he said. "Nod your head yes or no in response to my questions. If you don't respond immediately, you'll feel the whip again. Did I instruct you to order a mineral water at Davio's and then to sit and wait?" he asked. Jana nodded yes. "Did I instruct you to order another one?"

Jana's sobs had subsided some, and she started to explain, "I was thirst..."

Crack, went the whip. And then twice more. She managed to not cry out, and remained silent.

"Did I instruct you to order another one?" She shook her head no. "Then you disobeyed me when you did, is that right, Jana?"

Should she say yes or no, she thought. She feared that either answer would result in more pain. She guessed that he wanted her to acknowledge that she had disobeyed him. She nodded her head yes.

"I do not tolerate disobedience," he said calmly. "Make no mistake, you will be punished."

"In the car, were you instructed to remove everything and then sit with your hands behind your head, Jana?"

"Yes, but not by you." She said softly.

"Silence!" he said, and again, the whip came down across her bottom, five hard hits. "Jana, were you instructed to remove everything and then sit with your hands behind your head?" She nodded yes. "Yet you did not remove your jewelry," Kurt stated. "And you put your arms down without permission. Is that right?" Jana nodded again quickly, afraid to antagonize him.

She intuitively knew that he would follow their contract explicitly, and for the next two months, she was his, like it or not.

"Now to deal with your insolence, Jana. How dare you demand I let you go? How dare you demand anything of me?" Kurt did not wait for her reply, but brought the whip against her already reddened bottom over and over again, until she screamed in pain, and begged him to stop.

She was now very much afraid, how far did he intend to push her? The pain was intense, yet her body was betraying her, because she pictured Kurt's strong arm wielding the whip against her naked bottom, and the image aroused her.

"Listen to me now, Jana, and listen very carefully. This is NOT a game. You willingly signed a contract giving yourself to me, and giving me permission to do what I felt was necessary to train you to be a submissive slave. This is what you wanted."

Jana dared to talk again. "Yes, but I was to decide the limits of what we did, and we have a safeword. I gave you the safeword!" she gasped.

Again, a shower of blows landed across her bottom. Her bottom was very sore, and the blow upon blow on her sensitive behind was very, very painful. Jana bit her lower lip, and tears started down her face.

"Jana, you also gave me authority to modify the rules if I felt that the Master/slave relationship was in jeopardy. Your immediate and continued disobedience from the very start says to me that we have a problem here, and since I committed to you that I would make you submissive, I feel I must change the rule about limits and safewords. Jana, I and only I, will decide what your limits are. Our safeword no longer has any meaning."

Jana opened her lips to speak. " Sshh," Kurt said, putting a finger to her lips, and continuing softly, "Don't say another word, Jana. I don't want to punish you again. For as long as I deem necessary, you have no rights - no rights at all," he emphasized. "You do only what I allow you to do. For the next two months, you belong to me completely. You will exist only to please me."

Jana was crying openly now. "What did I get myself into?" she said to herself. "How do I get out of this? How can I escape? Will anyone come looking for me?"

Guessing her thoughts, Kurt continued, "Jana, you came into this willingly...more than willingly...eagerly. Do not look for rescue. You yourself took a two month leave of absence from work. You yourself told your friends and family that you were going away on business, and would be away for two months. No one will be looking for you. As for you escaping, don't put yourself in a position where I will have to do something extreme to punish you. You will not escape, and the attempt will be dealt with severely. I am sure you've noticed the security I have in place on my estate. I don't think you'll be able to get by it."

"Jana, I am going to teach you well. When I show you off, I want to be proud of what I've made out of you."

She shuddered at his words. Show her off? To be put on exhibit? Suddenly she began to feel the anger rise in her, and overwhelm the fear. He took advantage of her, she thought. She was so new to this, he knew that. They should have been more explicit when talking about what this would be like.

She shouted at him. "Damn you, you bastard! You asshole! You perverted son of a bitch! Let me go!"

As soon as the words were out, the anger dissipated and was replaced by fear. What had she done? She wanted to take the words back. What was he going to do to her for speaking those words?

Kurt was silent for a long time. Then he spoke his voice still soft. "Jana, you know you must be punished for that outburst. I want you to beg me for forgiveness, and I want you to beg me to punish you for being disrespectful to me. I will not stop beating you until you do so. Realize that so far I have been lenient with you since you are new to your position as slave. I will be lenient still with this beating, but this will not continue"."

"What you want or don't want has no importance whatsoever. Slaves have no rights. Jana, why do you insist on being so obstinate? You can be my slave willingly, as you came into this, or I'll beat you into it. As you requested, I would like to point out. Now, I don't want to hear any more about this being a game, about what you want or don't want, about what you agreed to. When I see fit, I will give you a copy of the contract you signed to review, so that you can see that I am giving you exactly what was agreed to."

Thus far, the blows that Kurt had applied were all on her bottom. Now, Kurt started to hit her on her thighs, back and front, and on her breasts as well. Over and over, the whip came down bruising her tender flesh. In spite of the pain, Jana did not want to give in, especially not to ask him for more punishment. But Kurt was not showing any signs of stopping, and she finally gasped out, "OK, please, forgive me! Punish me some more.

"The correct way to say it is, 'Please forgive me, Master.' And I want you to say what you need to be punished for." The whip kept coming down on her.

"Please forgive me, Master! Please punish me some more for being disrespectful to you."

Kurt paused the beating. "OK, Jana. I forgive you. And I will grant your request for more punishment. What do you think you deserve? Another ten?"

"No, Master, not ten. I can't take another ten!"

"Are you saying that being disrespectful to me is not significant enough to warrant at least ten strokes?" Crack, went the whip across her breasts, hitting her across both nipples. "Does it warrant twenty?"

What should she say, thought Jana? There was no answer that would spare her from more blows. She sensed that she should agree to twenty. "Yes, Master, twenty." Another blow, this time across the back of her legs.

"Don't you think, Jana, that perhaps it deserves even more? Hmm?"

She nodded her head, finding it hard to speak.

"How many more, Jana?" he asked.

"Another two, Master." She hoped that would satisfy him.

Crack! "Only another two?"

"No, Master, another five."

Crack! "Ten! Ten, Master!"

"Beg, Jana, beg me to give you thirty."

Jana shivered. Thirty! It would be impossible for her to endure it. And yet, she was afraid of what he would do if the didn't try to please him. "Please, Master, give me thirty. Please." She was sobbing and her whole body was trembling.

"OK, Jana, I will give you thirty. But you must count them out." Crack.

"One," she said.

"One, Master!" he reminded her how she should address him, and the whip came down again. "Now, we start the count over."

Crack! "One, Master!" Crack! "Two, Master!" Crack...

In spite of the pain, Jana became aroused. She realized that she wanted Kurt to take her, and her need to feel his hardness in her soft, wet dark cave was intoxicating. When the beating stopped, Jana was barely conscious, but she didn't know if it was from the beating or from her lust. She heard water being poured into a glass, and Kurt held the glass up to her lips. She drank thirstily.

"Thank me, Jana, Kurt instructed.

"Thank you, Master."

"Thank me for what?"

"Thank you for the water, Master."

Crack! "And for what else?" Jana tried to think what she should be thanking him for. The only thing he had done for her was to give her water. Crack! "For what else, Jana?"

"I...I don't know!" she stammered.

Crack! "You didn't say Master."

"I don't know, Master!" she was crying again. Why didn't he let her down and take her? When they were in her apartment discussing the agreement, there was nothing about this awful punishment. But then yes, she recalled, she agreed to being beaten by anything at any time for any reason. The only exception was the use of the more extreme whips which could cut her back. But she didn't think it would hurt this much.

Crack! "Think hard, Jana."

"Master, please, please...I really don't know, please!" she pleaded.

Crack! Jana screamed her pain. "What did we just finish?" he asked, his voice calm and patient.

"Beating me, Master." She said.

"For what?" he asked.

Jana tried to think, but the pain was making it difficult. She hadn't done anything wrong, and she couldn't remember what she had been forced to admit to.

Crack! "For what, Jana?" Crack! "I will keep beating you until you tell me for what."

"Please, no, Master!" Jana sobbed.

Crack! "For what, Jana!"

Jana tried to get her thoughts to push past the pain and need. "Master, for being disrespectful!" She remembered!

Crack! "So, thank me, Jana!"

"Master, thank you for beating me for being disrespectful to you."

"Good, good, Jana." Kurt finally stopped hitting her. Her whole body was throbbing with pain and arousal, and she couldn't stop sobbing. "For tonight, Jana, I am going to leave you here, as you are. "

"No!" she cried out. "No, I can't take this! Please, I'll die." No, no, no. He can't leave me like this for the whole night, suspended by my wrists, she thought. She had been in pain before he started the beating, and now the torment was unbearable. Her sexual desire for him left her immediately, pushed out by her fear.

He laughed. "I don't think you're going to die, Jana. This is nothing compared with what I am going to put you through during your training." Crack! "You spoke without my permission." Crack! "And you did not address me as Master." Crack!

"Master, please, I'm sorry. Please forgive me for talking without your permission, Master. Master, please, let me down, Master."

"Nicely said, Jana. You're catching on. But you are staying here. I'll see you in the morning."

The door shut, and she heard the sound of a bolt lock it. She waited, and although she was suddenly afraid of Kurt, she wanted him to come back, to fuck her, to not leave her here like this for so many hours. She wouldn't be able to stand it.

But there was nothing, nothing at all she could do about it. Never had she felt so vulnerable, so frightened, so completely under someone's control. She put her head against her arms, and continued crying softly. She had asked for this, but she hadn't known what she was asking for. She remembered all the warnings she had read about and ignored, about being careful in choosing a dominant, about setting up a check in with a friend. These were warnings she had ignored. Oh, she thought she was such a good judge of character, and that she could take care of herself. And now she was here, wherever that was. She didn't even know where she was! Helpless, completely vulnerable to whatever Kurt wanted to do to her.

Jana fell asleep. She didn't know how, but she was grateful. Each minute that she hung there, each minute that she felt the pain shooting up her arms and around her wrists, the pain all over her body from the whipping felt like an hour. She hoped that she had slept for a long time and that it was morning and that someone would come in to let her down. But then what, she thought? He had said that he was going to do worse things to her.

The hours dragged on as before, and Jana knew that however long she had slept, it hadn't been long enough. She wanted to let her mind go blank, to stop feeling this fear, to stop feeling the pain. But it didn't matter what she thought. The fear, the pain only got worse.

Jana was at the point where she was ready to scream just for the relief screaming would bring her when she heard the door open. She felt her wrists unbound and her arms lowered. The pain of bringing them down was more intense than the pain of keeping them up. She cried out, and went to rub her aching arms, but a pair of hands brought her wrists behind her back, and she felt restraints put on them again. The arms pushed her forward, and she was taken into a large, chill room. She knew the room was large by the echo of their footsteps. Her arms were unbound again, but this time they were stretched out horizontally, reaching up to the sides only slightly, and bound to something again. The same was done to her ankles, and there she was, stretched out, helpless. Her blindfold was removed, and she squinted at the sudden light, although the room was dim, and lit only by candles. She moved her head around, taking in her surroundings. She was in fact in a very large room, but one that was sparsely furnished. She first noticed the chains, hooks and rings that were fastened in various places in the room. There were black leather armchairs scattered about the room, some tables, and then some other furniture that she didn't recognize, but that made her feel very, very afraid. Although it was daylight, it was raining outside, and the heavy drapes at the windows added to the gloom in the candle lit room.

Someone behind her grasped her hair and pulled it tight into a ponytail. Something was being wrapped around it, and then she felt another sharp pull on her scalp as her hair was fastened to an overhead hook and pulled tight. She couldn't move her head without feeling as though her hair was going to be ripped out of her scalp. The man came around in front of her, and fingers pinched her cheeks making her open her mouth, and something was shoved into it. She gagged and tried to push it out with her tongue, but it was useless. The something in her mouth was a leather gag, she realized. She felt it being fastened tightly around her head. She was now spread-eagled in the middle of this cold and damp room, her head held motionless by her hair, forcing her to look forward, and with a leather gag pushed into her mouth, making it impossible for her to make a sound other than a moan or a grunt. The man left, and she was alone again.

She still felt the beating she had received yesterday, but to her surprise, it was discomfort rather than pain. The gag was uncomfortable, and her hair pulled at her scalp if she tried to move her head, but other than that, she was not feeling the pain she had expected. The anticipation of what might happen next, however, was as tortuous as being beaten.

A door behind her opened, and Kurt walked into her sight. He stopped in front of her, put his hands on his hips, and looked her up and down. In spite of her fear, he was arousing her. His eyes moved to her nipples, and then to the soft hair between her legs. She felt herself get wet. Her body was betraying her, but she was not going to give in to the feeling this time, she was going to focus on her anger, the feeling of violation, and the feeling that she had been misled. She wished she could move her head, say something, do anything other than stand there, arms and legs spread out, staring ahead at him.

Kurt drew up one of the chairs. He held something in his hand - a riding crop, she thought, and he idly toyed with it as he started at her intensely.

He's going to whip me again, Jana thought, and felt herself get lightheaded with fear, or was it arousal? Or both? But Kurt only toyed with the riding crop, moving his fingers over the rod, twirling the leather around his fingers. He moved his chair forward, and sat up toward her.

Kurt touched one of her nipples with the top of the riding crop. He moved it back and forth over the tip, which was hard and puckered from the cold. He moved the crop down her belly and to the dark hair between her legs, and rubbed it back and forth against her clit. He sat back again.

"According to our signed agreement, Jana, you have become my property. Your only purpose in life while you are here is to give me pleasure. You will do anything and everything I say, immediately and without question. Any delay or failure to do what I say will be punished."

The riding crop went out to her other nipple, and he began to move it back and forth again. The nipple was so sensitive, the touch of the crop moved from the nipple down her body and to her cunt. He was arousing her again, she thought in amazement and in humiliation.

"You own nothing, not even yourself. I own you. You live, breathe, sleep, eat and drink only because I let you. I can deny you any of those whenever I wish."

"I am going to begin training you today. You will listen to me carefully while I tell you my rules, which you must obey without question."

He got up and walked around her. The riding crop began to caress her ass, and he moved it into the crack, gently pushing against the opening. Never before had anyone done anything with Jana's ass, and Jana wasn't sure if the feeling she had was one of pain or pleasure.

"Here are the rules," he said. "I will not repeat them to you, so remember them well. Also, I want you to know that I may add new rules or change the existing rules whenever I please, but ignorance of the changes will not excuse you from being punished if you disobey them." Kurt began to recite the long list of rules, but Jana was now so aroused that she was not in any condition to comprehend what he was saying.

He was in front of her again. He threw the riding crop on the chair behind him, and took her nipples between his fingers. He gently rolled the tips back and forth. He tightened his grip on the tips, and Jana felt the pain shoot through her breasts. She hated the pain, and she thought she was also beginning to hate the feeling of arousal that his touch gave her. Kurt knew this was what she was feeling. It was a good start, he thought.

"You will spend the next two months being trained as a slave. You will respond to the training in stages. At first, you will be forced to do what I command. I can see that in spite of what you asked for, you were not quite as ready for this as you thought. During the second stage, you will obey my commands out of fear. I will expect you to obey me, and failure to do so will be punished. And do I know how to punish. " He twisted her nipples painfully. "When you reach the last stage, you will obey me because the only thing you want in the world is to please me, and because I have given you your fantasy."

"I know what you are thinking. You are thinking that this will never happen, that you will resist even getting to the second stage. But I have as much time as I need, and eventually you will break. "

He picked up the riding crop again, and shoved it into her, hard. It hurt, she thought. But bound and gagged the way she was, there was nothing she could do to stop his moving the crop in and out of her vagina, each time driving it in it further and harder. She cried out around her gag, but the sound that came out was weak and muffled. She had never felt so helpless in her life. She was entirely at his mercy, and it seemed he had no mercy to give. And after a few minutes, she did not want his mercy, as her arousal peaked in orgasm.

Kurt moved the riding crop up her body, circled her nipples, and then moved the crop up to her face and held it under her nose. "Do you smell yourself on the leather?" he asked. "This is what I mean. You will betray yourself like your body is betraying you right now, and your bondage will begin to feel like pleasure."

His words penetrated the sensual haze she was in, and she felt anger stir in her again. This was so degrading, she thought. How could she ever have wanted to experience this total bondage? He had taken advantage of her being so naive about this dark world, and basically kidnapped and tortured her. Although she knew better, she let the anger blaze in her eyes as she stared at him.

The riding crop in his hand moved, and she felt hot pain across her breasts. Again and again he hit her across her breasts. He stopped after about twenty blows. Kurt came up to her and grasped her face with his fingers, pressing them cruelly into her cheeks and pulling her head forward so that her hair was pulled even tighter and pain shot out across her scalp.

"You weren't listening to the rules. Or even worse, you heard them but decided to ignore them. Did I not tell you that you are never to look at me unless I give you permission?"

Jana's eyes dropped immediately. Kurt was enjoying himself very much. She was afraid, she was aroused, she was defiant. The next step was to humiliate her. Kurt picked up the phone, dialed an extension, and spoke to the person at the other end in a low voice. A minute later, the door opened and the man who had brought her into this room earlier walked in. Jana had not had the chance to really look at him earlier, but now she saw that he was almost handsome, very muscular, clean-shaven with short, blond hair, and dressed entirely in black.

Kurt turned to the man and said, "Bryne, she needs to be cleaned up. Give her some water to drink first. No food, though. I think she can go longer without food." Without another word or glance at Jana, he walked off and she heard a door open and close behind her. He was gone. Her body cried out for him to return, while her mind sent curses after him.

The door opened again, and she heard more footsteps. Another man had joined Bryne, similarly dressed and just as muscular. Her left ankle was released first, and a restraint was put on it. Then her right ankle, which was immediately chained to the left one. The same was done with her arms, then a collar was put around her neck. It had rings all around it, and a long strap with another ring hanging down her back. She immediately found out what it was for when her hands were pulled up to the small of her back, and a clasp in the wrist restraint was attached to the strap on the collar. To keep from choking, she had to force her hands to remain at the small of her back. Her hair was then released, and a leash was attached to one of the rings on the collar. One of the men grabbed the leash and pulled her forward. Jana had no choice but to follow him.

He pulled her toward a doorway on the left of the room, and she found herself in a plain room, lit by fluorescent lights, and furnished with more strange looking objects. Directly in front of her was a bathroom. It had no door, however, and the toilet seat was aligned with the doorway, giving whoever was using it no privacy. There was a small sink with a soap dispenser over it, but no towels or mirror. On the left side of the room was a large shower area, but one that left Jana no doubt that it was not for use by someone taking a willing shower. Jana's wrists were first released from the neck collar, and the relief she felt was overwhelming. The collar came off next, and then one wrist. Her hand was pulled up over her head and attached to a steel cuff that came down from the ceiling on a long chain. The same was done to her other wrist. Jana looked up and saw a showerhead directly over her. Her ankles were attached to the floor of the shower, spread apart almost to the point where she could not keep her balance, Jana looked at the walls of the shower. Two of the walls were lined with nozzles facing her at frequent intervals, so if turned on, there was not a part of her that would not be hit with the spray. There was also a nozzle beneath her, which Jana was very much afraid shot water upward toward her genitals. There were also two flexible metal hoses coming out from the walls. A shelf with a big array of brushes was attached to one of the walls, and another shelf held a variety of soaps, shampoos and lotions.

"Make this a long shower, Richard." Said Bryne, looking at her coldly. "Kurt will want her shaved as well."

The gag was still in Jana's mouth, so she was not able to say anything. But she gave the men a furious look. "Did Kurt instruct her that she was not allowed to look at anyone?" asked the man called Richard.

Bryne nodded, "She's been told at least twice."

"Then why are this bitch's eyes on me?" he reached out and pinched her nipples cruelly. "Put your eyes down, cunt!" he shouted at her. "Now, before I drag you out of here and put you on your knees in front of Kurt. When he hears that you disobeyed him after hearing the rule twice, he will have you punished so hard that your training will be delayed by a week while you recover!"

Jana's eyes dropped down again. She had felt naked and exposed in front of Kurt, but she felt desire for him too, and after all, she had asked Kurt to dominate her. But to be naked in front of these two men that she had never seen before in her life, and then to go through the indignity of being bathed by them was beyond humiliating.

Richard reached into the shower and turned a nozzle. Immediately, Jana was hit on all sides by a powerful stream of icy cold water. She bit down on the gag and instinctively tried to move her hands to protect herself from the stream, but was caught short by the restraints. The force of the water coming up from the floor was hitting her directly between the legs, and with her ankles restrained, she couldn't move herself away from it. Bryne and Richard stared at her squirming under the blast of the freezing water.

After a while, she began to get used to the water, since it no longer felt as shockingly cold as it did at first, and the water hitting her between the legs felt wonderful. Richard picked up a small brush and gave one with a handle to Bryne, then shut off the water. Jana hung there, water dripping into her eyes from her hair. Richard picked up a bar of soap and rubbed it over his brush, Bryne doing the same. Both men began to scrub her at the same time. Bryne stood behind her, and moved the brush over her butt, in the crack, and then forward to her labia. The bristles were hard, and Bryne was putting a lot of pressure on the brush, yet Jana felt lightheaded from the intensity of her arousal. She pushed herself forward against the brush, needing the stimulation it provided.

Richard, meanwhile, was rubbing her top, front and back, with the smaller brush. The brush may have been smaller, but the bristles were twice as hard. It hurt! The brush went around and around, over her stomach, over her breasts, her back, her arms. It went everywhere except over her nipples. Jana hoped that the brush would not come near them, and when Richard put the brush down and began to shampoo her hair, she thought that she would be lucky.

Bryne had finished washing her legs and ass, but he still continued to scrub at her labia. She felt raw and sensitive. A few times the brush just whispered over her clit, but the sensation was as excruciating as if he were rubbing full force. Both men stopped washing her, and the water went back on again. A minute this time, and it went off again. Soundlessly, Richard put conditioner into her hair, while Bryne began to shave her legs and underarms.

Then what she had feared happened, and Richard came around to her front with the brush. "The conditioner has a few minutes to set, so we have a lot of time to get your nipples clean." he said, with a lewd laugh. The brush began moving over her nipples, one at a time. Richard would rub one nipple with the brush for a few seconds, and then switch to the other. His fingers played with the nipple that he wasn't brushing, and they became sore and sensitive. She didn't know which felt worse - the harsh bristles of the brush or the soft touch of his fingertips. She was almost out of her mind from the sensation when Richard stopped, and with a final viscious scrub against the nipples, put the brush away.

When they were satisfied that she was clean, they removed the gag, but before she could cry out or say anything, Richard replaced it with a clamp that pulled her mouth wide open and he began to brush her teeth. He rinsed her mouth with water from one of the hoses, which he then inserted into her vagina for a minute, and ended up by shoving the other hose into her ass and cleaning her there.

Then once again, the shower was on full blast, and she was rinsed for a full five minutes with the icy cold water.

Jana had never felt so clean and yet so dirty at the same time. She felt violated, humiliated. She felt as though she had been raped. She had no doubt that would be coming shortly. It would have felt different with Kurt even if he brushed her skin harder than they did, even though she hated him and he had tricked her.

Bryne took her ankles out of their restraints and put a set of heavy, stainless steel braces around each ankle. There was a locking mechanism that not only attached the braces to each ankle, but also to each other. Jana was well hobbled in this fashion. Next, similar braces went onto her wrists, and again, her wrists were bound together behind her back. She noticed that the steel braces came with a thick metal loop welded on to it. The clamp was still in her mouth, and worked as well as a gag in keeping her quiet.

With her ankles tightly attached to each other, Jana was unable to walk, so Bryne and Richard dragged her out of the bathroom and over to a long, vinyl covered bench that looked like it could be bent into several positions, as well as lowered or made higher. There were chains and loops all around the bench and Jana had no doubts about the reason they were there. Jana was made to sit down on the bench, and then pulled up, still sitting, until she was in the middle, with her legs out in front of her. Bryne unlatched the wrist cuffs from each other, and each man took one arm, pushed her onto her back, and bound the metal brace to the side of the bench. Wing sections came out of the bench along side her feet, and her ankles were attached to them. The wing sections spread her legs out as far as possible, then straps were put around her abdomen, her thighs and her calves. She was firmly chained to the bench.

Richard then hit a switch, and the bench began to move. The top part was lowered, while the bottom was brought up, and the middle lowered so that her vagina, her labia, and her clit were all fully exposed to Richard and Bryne. She blushed as the humiliation of being in that position swept over her.

With her head almost down to the floor, Jana was not able to see what was happening in front of her, and she started when she felt something cold and smooth applied across the outside of her cunt. It was followed by the feel and sound of a razor being drawn across her pubic area.

In answer to her unspoken question, Bryne enlightened her. "Yes, I'm shaving your cunt. You are not allowed to hide anything from your Master, and this will make sure that he can see all of your pussy." His fingers played with her clit, and Jana felt confused by all the emotions and feelings that washed over her...humiliation, fear, arousal.

Bryne finished shaving her, wiped off the shaving cream, and, with a cruel smile, turned to Richard, and asked "Do you want to finish cleaning her up?"

Jana felt disgust and more humiliation as Richard went between her legs and began to use his tongue to remove what was left of the shaving cream. Though they hadn't hurt her nearly as much as Kurt had, she didn't want to be with them. She wanted to see Kurt. How could he have just turned her over to them? She told him she didn't want to be a slave, she had changed her mind. But he reminded her of their contract. Could you consentually agree to be non-consensual? Apparently that was exactly what she had done. She wanted Kurt here with her, not these two men whose presence in Kurt's household was news to her.

Her wish to see Kurt was unfortunately granted, and Kurt came into the room to inspect her. He looked her up and down, pinched her nipples cruelly between his fingers, ran his hands over her shaved pubic area, then rubbed her between her legs with the side of his hand. It came away wet. Jana groaned in arousal and in frustration.

"Take her down, bind her hands behind her back, and put her on her knees. Take off the gag." Kurt instructed Bryne and Richard.

Jana found herself on her knees at his feet. She was careful to keep looking down. She heard him open the zipper of his pants, and then he pulled her hair forward, putting his penis into her mouth. She opened her mouth quickly, almost eagerly, to take him in. He pulled her head by her hair back and forth, back and forth. She felt him grow hard, and his penis pushed further and harder down her throat, gagging her.

He laughed, "I like the way it feels when you gag, Jana."

He came quickly, and pulled his penis out. Kurt pushed her head to make sure she swallowed his cum. She gagged again, but he tilted her head even further back and commanded her to swallow it, reminding her that she would be punished if any of his cum spilled out of her mouth.

This was awful, Jana thought, though at the same time she had felt her nipples grow hard and the wetness between her legs begin again. Then the unthinkable happened, and Kurt moved aside to be replaced by Bryne. They expected her to do the same for him, she realized! No! It was impossible. Jana knew enough not to say anything, but moved her head aside as his penis came toward her lips.

Kurt stepped behind her, and forced her head forward toward Bryne's penis. "If you hurt him, bitch," he growled, "You will spend the next twenty four hours sucking everyone on my staff, male and female!" His fingers began to play with her nipples, while Bryne took over forcing her head back and forth against his shaft.

When he was spent, Richard took his place, and she was forced to endure sucking him as well.

"I think that Bryne and Richard appreciated your thanking them for giving you a bath," Kurt taunted her.

Jana had no answer. She was afraid to let him see the look of anger and disgust on her face, so she kept her head down.

"Did you like doing that, Jana?" Kurt's voice was soft by her ear.

"Yes, Master," she said very softly, barely audible. She knew that was the answer he wanted to hear from her.

"Then tell them, Jana," Kurt urged. "Tell them how much you enjoyed it and how grateful you are to them for bathing you."

Her head still down, trembling with fear and self-loathing at giving in, she was forced to say "Thank you for the bath. I enjoyed going down on you."

"Call it what is is, Jana," Kurt would not spare her a single moment of humiliation. "Tell them you enjoyed sucking their cocks. Also, have you already forgotten that you are to call them Sir?"

"I'm sorry, Master," she quickly said, "I didn't hear you say that. Sirs, thank you for bathing me. And thank you for letting me suck your cocks, sirs." Jana did her best to sound as though she meant it.

"Good, Jana, but I still must punish you." She shivered. "And how should I do that, hmm, Jana?"

She remained on her knees, while he circled around her. "Do I whip you again? Do I hang you by your wrists again, this time without allowing your toes to touch the floor? Do I have you suck Bryne and Richard again? Do I let them take you in the rear? Would you like that, Jana? Have you ever been taken in your ass?"

"Please, please, please - no, Master. Don't do that to me!" She pleaded with him.

Kurt laughed. "Oh, you will be taken in the ass, Jana, and I will be the first. You said you wanted it. But that will be an honor, a reward, so we must find another way to punish you for now."

Jana was visibly shaking. "Bryne, Richard - bring her to the hall. Tie her up with her hands behind her back, tie her ankles to her wrists. But a remote controlled vibrator into her cunt, then tie her thighs so it stays there."

Jana was brought back into the other room, bound, and placed on her stomach at Kurt's feet. Kurt went over to the whip stand, and threw all the whips onto the ground. He came back to where Jana was tied, and sat back in one of the leather chairs.

"Jana," he said. "You need to be punished, but I think it would also be good to teach you how to accept humiliation, and how important it is to obey me."

"I want you to crawl on your belly over to the whips on the floor. You will take a whip in your mouth, and bring it to me. When I take the whip from you, you will kiss my feet, kiss my hands, and kiss the whip. You will say to me, 'Master, please punish me for disobeying your rules.' You will then hold still while I give you five strokes with the whip, which you will count out for me. Then I want you to crawl back to the pile of whips and do it over again. We'll continue this until you've brought me all twelve whips. "

"Next, I will punish you for not addressing Bryne and Richard as sir."

Jana looked up at Kurt without thinking. Wasn't what he just described to be be her punishment? Then she realized that he was planning to punish her twice for the same transgression - the first time for disobeying him or breaking the rules, and the second time for the specific thing she did or didn't do, not saying "sir" to Bryne and Richard.

"And then I will punish you for looking at me just now. I didn't give you permission to look at me. You must learn to control your actions, Jana. Otherwise, you'll be constantly under my whip."

Jana closed her eyes tightly, and wished that this would all go away. Just yesterday - at least she thought it was yesterday - she was eagerly looking forward to the start of what she thought would be an adventure. Instead here she was, a captive slave of a cruel master in fact, not fantasy.

"Your punishment for not addressing Bryne and Richard as sir will be to suck their cocks again. I can see they've grown hard looking at you all tied up and helpless at my feet. Then for looking at me, you'll be beaten - and I promise you, Jana, it's a beating you're not going to forget."

"This will take us through most of the rest of the day, Jana, because this is what I have in mind. Each one of us, Bryne, Richard and I will have a turn giving you ten strokes - ten with a riding crop, ten with a leather strap, with a cane, and with a paddle. That will be for disobedience."

He paused to give her time to comprehend the severity of the punishment she was going to receive, and so that she would realize how much worse it would get. "As punishment for looking at me without permission, we're going to do it all over again. Ten strokes from each of us...with the crop, the strap, cane and paddle."

He couldn't possibly mean that, Jana thought. It was too extreme. Jana was about to beg him to forgive her, to promise to never disobey him again. But she was afraid that would result in even more punishment. She resolved to take the punishment without giving him the satisfaction of crying out.

She began to crawl across the floor on her belly. Her sensitive nipples were hitting the floor, and each movement caused strange feelings to course through her body, making her want to offer up her cunt for Kurt to use. At the same time, it was slow and painful to move against the rough floor, and feel the pull of her bonds as she wriggled across. She imagined what she looked like, and felt humiliation.

Kurt kept playing with the remote vibrator inside her, constantly stimulating her, so that her arousal was continuous. Then she made the trip back to Kurt, presented the whip, kissed his feet as she had been instructed, and counted out the five strikes.

Halfway through this punishment, Kurt allowed her to rest for ten minutes before ordering her to continue. She was so grateful for that respite, that she found herself feeling sincere when she kissed his hands and feet.

She was careful to do everything she was instructed to do. She realized that he would not let her get away with anything, that even the smallest infringement of his rules was severely punished, and it didn't matter if it was accidental or intentional.

Surprisingly, sucking Bryne and Richard was much worse a punishment to her than being beaten by Kurt. And she found herself feeling hurt that Kurt gave her to them to use that way. It hurt that she wasn't exclusively his.

When it was time for her second punishment to begin, Jana was tied wrist to ankle over a sawhorse, and Kurt ordered her gagged. It was good that he had done so, for she would have screamed her throat raw as each man beat her in turn, ten strokes with the crop, the strap, the cane and the paddle. Her bottom was on fire, and each blow caused exquisite pain. Every time the implement of her torture was changed, she would be fingered to the point of climax, but not allowed to cum. Jana's hair, hanging in front of her eyes, was wet with tears of pain and of sexual frustration by the time Kurt, Richard and Bryne were finished. And then it started over. Jana couldn't believe that she was enduring such pain, and that her body was responding to it with arousal.

The punishment was finally over. Kurt was sure that Jana would be very careful to obey him for now, but he would make it very difficult for her, because he believed that punishment was the quickest way to break in a submissive. He was going to put her into situations where she would fail to please him, just so that he could discipline her. She wanted to know what it was like to be a slave, and he was determined that before he was done she would be his entirely his.

Kurt unbound Jana. She was surprised when he sat down on the floor with her in his arms, and pushed her head against his shoulder. He stroked her hair softly, and rocked her back and forth. She was crying from the intensity of everything she had experienced yesterday and today.

"You did well, Jana," Kurt whispered to her gently, confusing her. "I know it hurts and you've been forced to do some things you've never imagined yourself able to do. I am doing this for you, Jana, so that you can experience all that you came to me for. This is why I am making this very real for you."

All that Jana was able to do was to continue sobbing quietly against his chest. He dried her tears with his fingers, and kissed her softly on her lips. Her sobs subsided, and she found herself opening up to him, surrendering herself to him, spreading herself open to invite him into her. She wanted to be taken, to be thoroughly fucked.

Abruptly, Kurt pushed her away from him, and stood up, towering over her. "You want me, Jana," he whispered. "Even though I give you pain, you want me."

Jana needed to cum, her arousal was as intense as the pain she had felt earlier. "Do you want to cum?"

"Yes, Master." she whispered, hoping.

Kurt turned to Richard and Bryne. "Fuck the slut," he instructed them.

Jana's face turned red. He had taken her need for him, and used it to humiliate her. She had been taken in by his moment of gentleness, of what looked to her like caring. She wanted to beg him to fuck her instead of giving her to his men.

Kurt was aware of what she was feeling, and noted that in spite of what she probably wanted to say, she remained silent, and kept her eyes down. Her training was underway...

Slave Lessons - The Beginning 1 of 17

Enslaved by Reine Woods

Chapter Two: Lessons

Jana was brought into a room that, had she been fully aware, she would have recognized as a library. Kurt was reading, seated in a burgundy leather armchair. Richard and Bryne threw Jana on the floor at Kurt's feet, and stood back. Jana's face was wet with tears and she was sobbing. She had been taken over and over by the two men, fucked everywhere except, thankfully, up her ass. Kurt had been so different just before he handed her over to them...surprisingly gentle after the beating he had subjected her to. He asked her if she was aroused, if she wanted him, and when she truthfully answered yes, the gentleness vanished, and he had turned her over to Richard and Bryne, telling them to fuck her.

"Kneel up," he commanded.

Jana didn't think she could have even if she wanted to, and right now, she did not want to give him to satisfaction of thinking that she was breaking.

"Very well," he said. "Bryne, force her."

She should have obeyed, Jana realized. It seemed that her only choices here would be to do as she was told, or be forced to obey. Bryne pulled her up onto her knees, then forced her hands behind her, and fastened each wrist to an ankle. The only thing she could do in that position was kneel. He attached a chain to her collar and drew it down between her legs, across her clit, pulling it taut and fastening it to one of her ankle restraints. This forced her head down, and made her very aware of the throbbing between her legs. Bryne further positioned her by spreading her thighs apart. She was wet, and the air was cool against her went cunt. She felt open, vulnerable in that position.

Kurt gestured to Richard and Bryne to get themselves drinks and sit down. They ignored Jana as they sat around discussing events unrelated to her. Almost an hour went by before Kurt spoke to her again. Although her restraints had not been that uncomfortable at first, she was beginning to feel the stress of kneeling, chained up and open.

At last, Kurt turned his attention to her.

"Jana, I'm taking into consideration that this has been unexpected for you, and that you've been well punished today. So this is the only punishment I'm giving you for not kneeling as ordered."

Kurt sensed the relief she felt. He continued, "But remember, Jana, if you don't obey me willing, then I'll force you. And it will always be much, much worse to be forced. Now, I'll allow you to have something to eat, and then you can rest for the night. I'll go easy on you tomorrow if you're obedient, but make no mistake, that doesn't mean you'll be spared training or beating if you deserve it. Nod your head to acknowledge that you heard me."

Jana held back a sob, and tried to nod her head. But it was almost impossible to do so against the pull of the rope against her collar. She hoped that Kurt would see the subtle movement of her head, and accept it as a nod.

"Good," he said.

The relief that spread over her made her lightheaded. Kurt was going to allow her to eat and rest.

"Richard, Bryne...take care of her. But first, wash her up again. "

Kurt noted that Jana turned pale at the mention of being cleaned up by Richard and Bryne again. Good, he thought. She was learning to fear them.

Jana felt off balance. Each time she thought that Kurt was showing her some mercy, he would turn around and give her cruelty instead.

Richard and Bryne released her restraints and helped her up. She could barely stand, and was more dragged than walked out of the room and back into that nightmare of a bathroom. But to her surprise, they didn't restrain her in the shower, and allowed her to bathe herself under a soft stream of warm water. When she was done, Richard and Bryne dried her off, and then led her, naked, to a small dining room, where a bowl of steaming soup was waiting for her.

Tears filled her eyes at the sight and smell of the soup. The realization came to her that she had only been here a day, and already she was reduced to tears of gratitude at the thought of being allowed to eat.

What had she been thinking of when she began to pursue this so-called adventure? She thought she was being so selective, so careful, when she approached Kurt. How could she have been so foolish, so naive?

Jana ate slowly, feeling safe for the moment as she sat in the dining room. But there was too little soup, and she was finished in no time. Jana was taken into a small bedroom. She felt a moment of relief that it was an actual bedroom, and not a prison cell. But although on the surface, the room appeared conventional, there were restraints fastened to each corner of the bed, and bolts placed at various intervals in the wall behind it. Jana's wrists were bound together, then fastened to one of the bolts in the wall. She was able to move around in bed, but not leave it. Bryne pulled a comforter up over her, and shut off the lights. The bed was warm and comfortable, and although she was crying again, Jana was asleep only moments Bryne left the room.

Every muscle in Jana's body protested in pain when she woke the next morning. The man who came into her room to wake her was someone she hadn't seen before. Her wrists were refastened behind her back, a collar with a leash placed around her neck, and he pulled her out of the room.

She was brought into a somewhat larger dining room than the one she had eaten in yesterday. Kurt was at the table, reading the newspaper and drinking coffee. Jana was pushed down onto her knees by his side, and this time, she stayed on her knees without being bound into position.

I'm doing this because I'm afraid of him, she thought. Was she so easily beginning to give into him, she thought? No, she said to herself. No, she was not going to let him break her. She was just obeying him this time because she hurt so much all over, and was wisely avoiding more punishment.

Jana was careful to keep her head down. Kurt went on reading the paper as though she weren't there. The man who had brought her to Kurt left the room and came back shortly after with breakfast for Kurt.

Jana's stomach growled at the smell of food. The soup had been enough last night, but it was the only thing she had eaten in the past two days, and she was hungry. Kurt continued to ignore her as he ate his breakfast. The man came back and she heard him pour another cup of coffee for Kurt. Kurt lingered over coffee, still ignoring Jana.

"Thank you, Paul," Kurt pushed his chair away from the table. "Give her what's left of my breakfast."

Kurt watched while Paul put Kurt's plate on the floor in front of Jana. She looked at the remains of an omelet and toast, both cold and unappetizing.

"Eat." Kurt commanded.

No, she couldn't. She was not going to eat his leftovers on the floor like this. Kurt was doing this to humiliate her. She didn't think he wouldn't let her starve. She would hold out.

"It seems that Jana is not all of that hungry, Paul. Put the plate aside for her supper. We'll see if going without breakfast and lunch will improve her appetite."

Jana's eyes filled with tears of self-pity. She had already learned the consequences of disobedience. She should have realized that Kurt would find a way to make things worse if she disobeyed him. Now she would go hungry all day, and at the end, eat what she had just refused.

Kurt picked up the leash attached to her collar and pulled her up to her feet. He led her to the same room in which her day started yesterday. Bryne was there, and helped Kurt chain her so that she was spread out between two posts.

Jana remained silent and kept her eyes down while they did this. She was trembling, anticipating that Kurt would do something to hurt her. She felt a sharp string across her ass, and then another across the back of her thighs. Jana gasped at the sudden pain.

Kurt circled her, and then brought the riding crop against first her right breast, and then the left. Jana cried out this time. He had put a lot for force behind the blows.

"Jana, I am going to give you a lesson about pain and pleasure. I can and will give you both, and you are going to welcome both from me."

Kurt reached for her nipples, and he alternated between softly rolling them between his fingers, and pinching them cruelly. When his hand went between her legs and his fingers began to do the same to her clit, Kurt found her wet and throbbing. He began to kiss the base of her neck, his kisses growing in intensity, and then he lowered his lips to her breasts and sucked at her nipples. Jana gasped at the pleasure of it, and felt warmth spread all over her body.

She was losing herself to the orgasm growing within her, when Kurt bit down sharply on her nipple. She cried out. Kurt bit harder on the other nipple. Jana's body arched with the pain, but she kept silent. Kurt stopped biting, and gently licked her nipples, once more, filling her with pleasure.

Kurt stopped abruptly and stepped away, and Jana found herself needing him, needing his touch, painful or pleasurable, it didn't matter, she just wanted his hands and lips over her body.

Jana watched Kurt return with a pair of nipple clamps, connected by a chain, and fasten them on already sore nipples. She gasped at the pain, and in response, Kurt tightened them more.

Kurt stepped behind her and fondled her ass. He whispered softly into her ear. "Jana, I'm going to use your ass. I'm putting a butt plug into it. Have you ever had a butt plug?"

"No-o-o," her voice trembled with pain from the nipple clamps, and fear of having the butt plug put into her.

"Do you think I'm going to put it in slowly, or shove it in all at once, Jana?" he asked.

"I-I don't know..." Did it matter, she thought? It would hurt either way, she was sure.

He pulled her head back by her hair. "You forgot something, Jana," there was warning in his voice.

"Master," she blurted out, realizing her mistake. "I don't know, Master!"

"How do you want it, Jana? Do you want it all at once? Or a little at a time?"

Jana couldn't imaging what it would feel like to have something shoved up her ass, much less the difference it would make if it was done all at once or slowly. She didn't know what she should say.

Kurt answered for her. "We'll do it slowly, then. Very slowly. We can prolong the pain that way."

Although the butt plug was lubricated, the pain as Kurt pushed it in slowly felt as though she was being split apart. She groaned in pain, biting down on her lip.

"This is to prepare you, Jana. I intend to use you well in that opening." He said softly in her ear.

In spite of the pain she felt in her nipples and in her ass, he aroused her. She didn't want to be was a betrayal of herself...but at the same time, she wanted more...more pain, more pleasure...whatever Kurt wanted to give her.

"Do you want me to stop, Jana?" He asked.

She remained silent; she didn't want to beg him to continue. She didn't want to beg him to stop. She didn't know what she wanted.

"You didn't answer me, Jana." He came around and attached small weights to the nipple clamps, and flicked them with a finger to start them swinging.

Jana cried out again at the pain that shot through her nipples and the sensation that ran from them to her clit. "No, Master!" she gasped.

"You want me to continue, Jana? You want more pain?"

"No...yes...Master, please..." her words were confused.

"Let's see how well you suck," he said. Kurt undid her ankle restraints, and then reached up to release her wrists. "On your knees," he commanded.

Jana immediately went down on her knees in front of him.

Kurt grasped her wrists and pulled them toward him, and up over her head. "Use your mouth to pull down my pants, and then suck my cock." He commanded. "And do it well. If you don't please me, then I will have you practice on Richard and Bryne until you get it right."

Jana struggled with unbuttoning his jeans and pulling down the zipper using just her mouth. Kurt's fingers dug into her wrists painfully. She managed to pull down his pants and took his cock into her mouth.

"Suck it, slut!" Kurt commanded.

Jana felt very much a slut as she began to work him with her lips, licking, sucking, and pulling him into her mouth. She had no choice, she told herself. If she refused to suck him, then he would turn her over to Richard and Bryne, and she shuddered at the memory of what they had done with her yesterday. And she had actually cum with each of the men!

She realized that she wanted Kurt! She was aroused to the point where she would probably have sucked him without being ordered to. This was what she had imagined it would be like with Kurt, not the humiliation and torment he had been putting her through.

Kurt thrust into her, pushing himself down into her throat. She suppressed the gagging as he came into her mouth, and she swallowed greedily, intuitively knowing that this was the only allowable option.

Kurt released her wrists and pushed her away from him. "You can do better, Jana." He said. He saw her pale at the thought that she had failed to please him. He let her wait a moment and then continued. "But you were adequate for now."

Relief washed over Jana. But she was still aching for him, for his touch, she wanted to cum.

"I think you've learned something about pain and pleasure, Jana," he looked down at her, still kneeling before him. "Now I'm going to continue that lesson by showing you how painful pleasure can be when it's denied."

She felt his eyes on her, and trembled. Jana wasn't sure if she was trembling from fear or from arousal.

"Do you want to cum, Jana?" Kurt asked.

Jana nodded, "Yes," she whispered.

Kurt's hand shot out and hit her across the mouth. "Address me properly, slut."

"Yes, Master," she said.

"Yes what? Be specific...what do you want?"

"I want to cum, Master," she blushed at her words and was glad that she had to keep her eyes down. She couldn't possibly look at him.

"Good, good," he nodded. "But you know that I'm not going to allow that, don't you Jana?"

She was silent. Kurt slapped her again. "Answer when you're asked a question!"

"Yes, Master, I know." But she had been hoping...

"Jana, I am going to bind you in that chair," he pointed to heavy, carved wooden armchair, "With your legs apart, your cunt exposed and available to anyone who wants to touch it."

He watched her kneeling before him, her breath ragged with her need for release.

"And I'll make sure that your cunt gets a lot of attention...but you won't be allowed to cum, Jana."

Kurt pulled her up by the arm and pushed her toward the chair. Jana was compliant. She had no choice. Her arms were pulled back and cuffed behind the chair, and then attached with chains to bolts at the feet of the chair, thrusting her breasts forward. Kurt took off the nipple clamps and pain rushed through her nipples as circulation was restored.

He brought her feet up to the cushion of the chair, then bound her ankles to the armrests. Leather straps around her thighs drew them apart, leaving her cunt very exposed. Kurt touched her clit, moving his fingers over it, feeling her wetness. She shook with need.

"If you cum, Jana, you'll regret it." he got down before her, and licked at her clit. Jana squirmed, and her breath became ragged. Her orgasm was right there...she tried to distract herself, to think of what it felt like when he whipped her...but the thought of it somehow added to her arousal.

He stood up and played with her nipples. Jana groaned. He withdrew his touch. Jana's eyes were shut tight, so she didn't see him leave the room, but she heard the door close, and let the tears she had been holding back flow out of her eyes.

Jana was positioned so that she couldn't see the clock in the room, but she could hear it ticking away the seconds. Once again, she found herself unaware of how much time had gone by...was it minutes? Hours?

The door opened and the man who had woken her up this morning came into the room and over to her. He pulled her head back by her hair with one hand, and fondled her breasts with the other. Jana squirmed in the chair, and was rewarded with a harsh slap against her breast. She kept herself still as Paul's hand fondled each breast in turn, pinching and twisting the nipples, and then moved down between her thighs and into her. His fingers went in and out of her, making Jana dizzy with the need to cum. But he stopped and denied her satisfaction. He sharply twisted her nipples once more, and then left the room, not having said a word to her.

Richard and Paul took turns tormenting her this way. They would fondle her breasts and play with her pussy until she couldn't stand it any longer, until she was ready to cum regardless of Kurt's warning. Then they would stop, leaving her hurting with need.

Morning gave way to afternoon, and Bryne took over for Richard and Paul. He added to her torment by using a vibrator, pressing the tip of it against her clit, against her nipples, and then into her cunt.

Jana thought that she would lose her mind if this continued much longer. She understood what Kurt meant when he said that there was pain in pleasure denied. As the hours drew by, she increasingly felt the need to pee, and this added considerably to her discomfort.

At last, Kurt returned, accompanied by Paul, and Jana was released from the chair. She fell to her knees quickly when Kurt pointed to the floor. She dared to speak, "Kurt, Master, please, I have to go to the bathroom."

"Kiss my feet, Jana, and then Paul's." he ordered, ignoring her request. Jana was ashamed of her haste to obey.

"I'm going to reward you for doing so well this morning," Kurt continued. "I'm going to allow you to cum. I want you to masturbate and cum against Paul's boot. Then you're going to suck him off."

Jana was appalled at what he was asking her to do, and the circumstances under which she was expected to perform. But she rushed to obey him, because she was past the point of being uncomfortable, and didn't want to embarrass herself. She was afraid to ask Kurt to let her go to the bathroom again. In spite of the humiliation of the scene, Jana was quickly aroused and was soon writhing against the toes of Paul's boot. As soon as she came, Paul pulled her up by her hair, and positioned her before him. He pulled down the zipper on his pants, and thrust his penis down her throat, pushing it in and out, deeper each time, then ordering her to lick his balls, and then again, take his penis into her throat until he came hard. Before she was allowed out of the room, she had to lick him clean, and lick her juices from his boot and thank him by kissing his hands and feet.

"After supper tonight, Paul, I want to see you take a strap to her and see how long it takes this pain-slut to beg you to give her the tip of your boot again." Kurt said, as Paul was leading her out of the room.

After being given a brief two minutes in the bathroom to take care of herself and wash the tears from her face, Jana was again leashed and taken to the large dining room. Her leash was attached to one of the table legs at Kurt's side, and she was again ordered to kneel, with her shoulders and face against the floor. She could smell the savory scents of the supper being served, and her stomach tightened at the torment of knowing that she would not be allowed to eat any. Instead, the omelet and toast from Kurt's breakfast was put in front of her, even colder than it was this morning as it came straight out of the refrigerator. But Jana was so hungry; she immediately picked up the toast and started to eat.

Kurt's boot flew out and kicked the plate away from her, and he ripped the toast out of her fingers. "Your manners are deplorable, Jana." He snarled. "If you don't thank me properly for the food I give you, then you don't deserve it."

Jana recalled him saying something about that the other day. She now wished she had paid attention to the rules. "Master, please forgive me for not being appreciative of your kindness." She tried to be as polite as possible to make up for his anger. "Master, please, I couldn't focus on the rules you gave me the other night. Please give me the chance to hear them again so that I stop making mistakes."

"No," he put his foot on top of her head and lowered her face to the floor. "Stay that way until I finish dinner. You will learn the rules, Jana. You had the chance to listen to me when I told you how to behave, and now you'll have to learn the hard way, by being punished whenever you break a rule or behave inappropriately."

Jana kept her head down, and tried to keep her sobs in. She was hungry, and even that cold and dried up omelet and toast now seemed appetizing to her. But she heard someone pick up the plate and food off the floor behind her and leave the room.

Kurt kicked her in the thigh. "After Paul is through with you, you will be punished for not thanking me for correcting you." He said matter of factly.

"Yes, Master. Thank you, Master." She whispered through her tears.

Supper dragged on. Jana remained at his feet, smelling the food, listen to sounds of people eating, and being denied even a taste. And all the while, she was thinking of the punishment to come with dread. But he had said he was going to be easy with her today, so perhaps...maybe it would not be as bad as she feared.

She had decided that she would give in and beg Paul to let her cum against his boot even before he started beating her. This humiliation was being forced on her, she thought. But Kurt was not going to allow her that luxury.

"You're not sincere, Jana. You're trying to avoid a beating. For that, Paul, you decide how many to give her before you let her come. Jana, I want you to thank Paul for each stroke, and after each stroke, beg him to let you cum against his boot. Then you'll service him. After you're done, Paul, Bryne gets a turn. It's unfortunate that Richard is out for the evening. And I don't want to use the slut." He saw her flinch at that comment. "How many do you want to give her, Paul?"

"Twenty should be fine, I think, Kurt."

"And another five because Jana didn't thank me for her punishment." Kurt added.

Jana gasped and quickly got the words out. "Thank you, Master, for punishing me for not being sincere and for not thanking you. I'm sorry, Master. Thank you, Master."

"Better. I think the sentiment is there this time, Jana," Kurt seemed satisfied. "We'll work on the correct words tomorrow."

A slight gesture with his hand instructed Paul to begin. Jana was not bound, and was positioned so that her body rested against the back of one of the leather chairs, and her ass cheeks were offered up to Paul's strap. Kurt pushed her ankles further apart, and she felt the cool air against her wet cunt.

After begging Paul to let her come against his boot each time the strap came down against her ass, he gave her the strap to kiss.

"Then go to it, Jana, and make it quick." Kurt said. " You have five minutes. If you're not done by then, Paul starts again."

Jana threw herself into it and the men laughed. How eager she must seem. But it was to avoid the strap...wasn't it? She was able to cum quickly with Paul, but when she was told to cum against Bryne's boot, she couldn't do it within the five minutes given her. Her begging for mercy got her a kick in her ass from Kurt, which pushed her forward across the floor. This time, she endured the strap that Bryne wielded, thinking every erotic thought she could against the pain, to arouse herself to the point where she though she could perform in the five minutes. To her horror, she failed again.

Jana didn't even beg this time. She threw herself at Kurt's feet, and abjectly began kissing his boots and his hands. She was pleading for mercy. He pushed her away from him.

"I didn't give you permission to touch me, Jana. You're in a lot of trouble, girl. "

"Master, please..." she could barely get the words out. This was never going to end. They were going to keep finding reasons to prolong this humiliation and torture over and over again, she thought.

"Another twenty, Bryne," Kurt instructed. "And this will continue, Jana, until you perform."

It took another two tries, but at last Jana was able cum. She gratefully took Bryne into her mouth, and put all of her effort into bringing him off, into making it as pleasurable as possible for him. She was afraid to fail.

"Jana, you were adequate tonight. Whenever you service me or one of my men, I expect you to do so with enthusiasm and to express gratitude for the privilege of doing so. I am giving you warning, Jana...I want you to accept punishment as though it were a gift." Kurt lectured her when she was done. Jana was hungry, thirsty, humiliated, and she hurt from the beatings. But she did her best to push the feelings aside, and do as Kurt requested. It was fear, though. She was afraid of more punishment.

"Master, Paul, Bryne," she tried to make herself sound as sincere as possible, "Thank you for allowing me to serve you...thank you for punishing my failure and my disobedience. Thank you..." her voice broke and she couldn't stop herself from crying. Would she be punished for it?

For the first time since she had arrived at Kurt's house, he indicated satisfaction with her response. To reward her, he said, he would allow her to have a drink of water before she was secured for the night. "But not in bed this time," he smiled a cruel smile. "I think sleeping in bed is something that we'll reserve as a reward, Jana."

He motioned for Paul and Bryne to take care of her. Jana was led to a corner of the room. She was positioned on her knees, and her collar was attached to a bolt in the floor, her face only inches from it. Her wrists were chained behind her, and her ankles were also bound, then attached to straps placed around her thighs, so that they were slightly drawn up behind it. It was an uncomfortable position, and Jana didn't know how she would be able to make it through the night. Though by now, she knew there was no choice, and she would do what she was forced to do.

By the time morning came and Paul released her, she was kissing his hands and feet in gratitude. She turned red with embarrassment when she recalled how she had humped his boot like a dog last night, and begged for the privilege as well.

Paul led her to the dining room, and again, Jana found herself at Kurt's feet, leashed to the table, just like last night. She was long would he keep her hungry? The smell of bacon and coffee made her mouth water. Her stomach rumbled.

"Are you going to be more polite and less particular about what you eat this morning, Jana?" Kurt asked her in a light tone.

"Oh, yes, Master. Yes. Thank you, Master." Jana hated herself for the enthusiasm she put into her voice, but she was rewarded with the remains of Kurt's breakfast. The pancakes and bacon he left on his plate was still warm and enough to fill her. She made sure that before she began to eat, she was profuse in her thanks to Kurt for the food. Tears were in her eyes as she quicky ate her breakfast, afraid that he would find something wrong with her behavior and punishing her by taking it away.

Only two days, she thought, and he had broken her. She feared his punishment, she was grateful for being fed, and, to her continued humiliation, she craved a gentle touch from him.

Kurt reached down and lightly moved his hand against her hair. Jana signed at the pleasure that small gesture gave her. Kurt recognized her reaction for what it was, and said to her,

"So, I have taught you how to fear your Master at the same time that you feel affection toward him. It's a good beginning, Jana."

Jana wanted him to take her right then and there, regardless of who else was in the room. But she knew that wasn't going to happen. What was coming next, she thought?

As if reading her mind, Kurt continued. "There is a lot more for you to learn about being my slave, Jana. And a lot more pain for you to experience."

Enslaved by Reine Woods

Chapter Three: Acceptance

After having gone without breakfast, lunch or supper the day before, Jana was more than grateful to be given Kurt's leftover breakfast to eat. She felt overwhelmingly humiliated, leashed and kneeling at his feet, but hunger overcame pride and she ate Kurt's leftovers quickly, remembering this time to thank him profusely before and after she ate. Kurt lingered over his coffee, keeping Jana at his feet, kneeling, and her head down to the floor. At last, he put down the paper and spoke to Jana.

"Kneel up," Kurt commanded.

Jana was not exactly sure what that meant, but she guessed it meant that she should remain on her knees, but straighten up. Apparently she was right, because when she quickly responded, Kurt gave her an approving look and didn't reprimand her.

"Yesterday, you learned about pain and pleasure, and how the two can be so different, and yet the same." Kurt said, looking down at where she knelt at his feet. "Today you will learn that you have no choice but to accept whatever I wish to do to you."

Kurt paused, thinking. He continued, "Your nipples haven't been used enough. I think it would do you good to have some attention paid to them."

Jana felt the throbbing in her pussy that Kurt's words brought to her and blushed. She found herself aroused, almost anticipating what it would feel like, to have Kurt play with her nipples. But would he be the one to touch her, to show her this attention? If, she didn't think she could stand having her "nipples paid attention to" by anyone other than Kurt, and she was sure that he would deny her his touch.

Jana thought back on what she had experienced since the other day, when she was sitting at a table outside the restaurant, waiting for her adventure to begin. It was no adventure, but a nightmare. Jana wanted to close her eyes, go to sleep and wake up in her own bed in her apartment and have this all be just a terrible though arousing dream.

"Kurt, please, no..." she began to plead.

Kurt cut her off, his voice threatening, even though he still spoke softly. "Be quiet. One more sound from you and you're going to spend the day gagged."

Jana just didn't know when to quit. "Kurt, please, this isn't what I wanted..."

Those were the only words she was able to get out before Kurt reached for a gag that he had anticipated using, thrust it into her mouth, and buckled it tightly behind her head. "You were warned, Jana." Kurt pointed out. "And what you want means nothing at all to me."

Kurt nodded at Paul, and together they dragged Jana out of the dining room, and into Kurt's den. Paul attached Jana's wrists to a chain that came down from the ceiling, and fastened a spreader bar to her ankles, opening up her pussy for anyone who wanted access to it.

Kurt pulled on Jana's nipples, gently tweaked them them, making them grow hard as she started to become very aroused. Once her nipples were hard, Kurt took a pair of nipple clamps from his pocket and put them on Jana.

"Does it hurt?" he asked her, even though he knew she was not able to answer him. He looked into her eyes and saw the tears of pain threatening to spill out of them, and said, "Not enough? Well, I can take care of that." He tightened the screws on the clamps. He saw the pain register in her eyes.

Kurt waited a few seconds, and then attached a weight to the chain that hung between her breasts, each end attached to one of the nipple clamps. As he let the weight fall, the pressure on her nipples increased and with it the pain. Kurt stood back and watched Jana try to slow her breathing, as each rise and fall of her chest caused the weight to move and pull against her nipples, hurting them more.

Kurt gave her a couple of minutes to adjust to the pain and then picked up a riding crop and began to apply it to her breasts.

Each stroke of the crop bit into her soft breasts and caused them to jiggle, making the weight swing and pull against her nipples. Jana was almost glad she was gagged because otherwise she knew she would be screaming.

Ten minutes of beating, and Kurt paused long enough to attach yet another weight to the chain, turning the approaching numbness in her nipples to fiery pain. Kurt picked up the riding crop and continued, this time hitting her across her back, her thighs, between her legs, and her belly. Each stroke caused her body to jerk, making the weights swing and pull against her nipples. Finally he threw down the crop and without giving her a chance to catch her breath or realize what he was about to do, pulled off the nipple clamps.

The sensation was one of unbelievable pain for Jana. It shot through her and for a moment Jana thought she was going to pass out. But unfortunately, Jana remained conscious for every second it took circulation to return to her nipples and for the pain to go away.

Almost as if he knew exactly when she would stop hurting, as soon as the pain lessened, Kurt was there, pinching and twisting cruelly at her breasts and nipples. His eyes were fixed on hers and when she closed her eyes, Kurt twisted even more cruelly and ordered her to keep them open and to look at him.

She realized how foolishly she had hoped that Kurt would be the one to play with her nipples. Would the others, Paul, Bryne, even Richard, have been as cruel?

Jana's nipples were sore, but they stood at attention, ready for more abuse, and she felt herself very wet between her legs. She wanted Kurt to touch her clit. She thought that she would cum instantly if he did. The spreader bar kept her open, making her feel so vulnerable. Why didn't he touch her pussy?

Kurt ignored her cunt, and kept his focus on her breasts. Oh, he was definitely paying attention to her nipples. He kept it up all morning, relentlessly punishing her breasts and her nipples. Jana was gagged, restrained. There was nothing she could do other than accept the attention, accept the pain, accept the wetness between her legs kept exposed by the spreader bar.

After long hours of pain that eventually drove away the feelings of arousal Jana had earlier, Kurt finally stopped.

Paul had been observing Jana's torture for the past hour. Ignoring Jana, Kurt turned to him and said, "I have some work to do, Paul," he said. "Have Martin send a sandwich to my office. Jana can eat with you and the rest of the staff."

Paul released Jana from her restraints, but immediately refastened her wrists behind her back. The gag was left in her mouth.

Jana had been drooling around the gag when her torture started, but now her mouth was dry and ached from the leather that filled it. Her eyes begged Paul to take off the gag, but it stayed on.

Paul led her to the dining room, and sat her at the table. She was relieved that she was allowed to sit, and again, her eyes pleaded for him to take off the gag. Paul ignored her.

They were the only two in the room for a few minutes, and then Richard, Bryne and two other men that Jana had not seen before joined them. Except for an appraising glance or two from the other men, no one paid her any attention. The cook, Martin, she assumed, brought in lunch and acknowledged Paul's order to send lunch to Kurt.

A plate was put in front of Jana. She had been given a sandwich, a small salad, and a glass of water. Jana felt relief and gratitude that she was allowed to eat a real meal. The relief was short-lived however, because her arms remained bound behind her back, and the gag in place.

This was more torture, she realized. The food was there in front of her, but she unable to eat. Her eyes filled with tears. They were red and burned from all the crying she had done since she first arrived at Kurt's house. Bound and gagged, Jana could do nothing other than accept the situation she was in. Kurt was teaching her about acceptance, as he had said he would.

Halfway through the meal, Paul, who was her keeper today, turned to Jana as though in surprise and said, "Jana, you're not eating! Did I forget to take off the gag?" he smirked and finally removed it.

Jana desperately wanted to take a sip of water. But Paul made no move to release her wrists, which remained bound at her back.

"Paul, please...I need to have my wrists freed," her voice was almost a whisper. Would she be punished for talking?

"No. You can make do very well with just your mouth. " Paul said, his tone severe and filled with warning.

Jana looked at him, confused for a moment, then realized he was serious. "I can't drink this way," her voice was barely audible.

Paul sighed as though this was a major inconvenience to him, then abruptly emptied her salad bowl into his, and poured her water into the empty bowl. "Now you can," he said.

Jana looked down at the water, mixed in with the salad dressing that had been at the bottom of the bowl and shuddered. But she didn't dare complain, and forced herself to lap up the oily and vinegary water. With her hands still restrained behind her back, she did as best she could with the sandwich. Although her face was covered with oil and she was thoroughly humiliated, at least she wasn't hungry.

Paul took his napkin and wiped her face. Before she could thank him, the gag was back in her mouth and she was pulled out of the chair and pushed out the door into the large foyer of the house.

A beautiful fern hung from a decorative ceiling chain in one corner of foyer. Paul took down the plant and fastened Jana to the chain instead. The spreader bar went back in place at her ankles. Even though her cunt hadn't been touched, the spreader bar holding her open made her very aware of it, and ironically, made her long for Paul to touch it.

Paul played with her breasts and her nipples for a few minutes, pinching, twisting, sucking and biting. He then put on a set of nipple clamps that tightened every time he tugged on the chain, which he proceeded to do, a little at a time, always waiting for her to adjust to the pain before causing it to start over again.

Twenty minutes of that, and he pulled them off almost as viciously as Kurt had done earlier. He picked up a small leather whip and started to hit her breasts, making sure that at least half the strokes cut across her nipples.

How could something that hurt so much not leave any permanent damage, Jana thought? How long was this going to continue? She wasn't being punished for anything. This was pain for the sake of pain. It was to teach her that gagged and restrained as she was, there was nothing she could do other than accept the pain that she was given.

It went on for a long time, Paul slowing down his strokes, allowing her to recover every once in a while, before starting over again. Finally, he put the whip down on a table next to her, and grabbed her hair, pulling her head up so that her eyes met his.

"Kurt wants his latest toy on display," Paul took great enjoyment informing Jana of how she would spend the rest of the day. "Everyone on staff has been told to give your nipples 'some attention' each time they pass through this room. Which is often."

Paul pinched and pulled at her sore nipples to emphasize what she would be enduring. He continued, "You'll find that your breasts and nipples will be getting a lot of attention. Your nipples are going to look very pretty red." Paul laughed. "If Kurt likes the way they look, which I think he will, you can expect them to get attention often."

Paul arranged a variety of nipple clamps on the table where Jana was suspended, and added a whip. Before leaving, he reached between her legs, gathering her moisture on one of his fingers. He held his finger up to her nose. "Do you smell how aroused you are, slut?" he asked her. "Do you need to cum? Do you want your pussy played with instead of your nipples?"

Of course, Jana, gagged, couldn't reply.

"But only your nipples are going to be touched, Jana...and touched...and touched." Paul pinched cruelly to emphasize his point, then laughed, and walked away.

Jana now knew that she was able to stand a lot more than she had expected. Still, she thought that this time she couldn't possibly bear it, hanging in the foyer in place of a plant, breasts and nipples sore and available for everyone who passed by. But it didn't matter what she thought. It didn't matter if she could or couldn't bear the pain and the humiliation. She was being taught that she had no choice but to accept what Kurt wanted to do to her, or worse, have done to her.

Paul was right. The foyer was a major traffic area for Kurt's household staff. Jana was unpleasantly surprised to see how many people worked in the house, both male and female. While most of the staff, servants she guessed, were more than happy to make Jana's nipples suffer, a few seemed embarrassed to do so. It didn't stop them, however, from being as viscous and merciless as the others. Jana realized that they knew if they didn't do it to her, they would very likely be in her place next.

As the day turned into evening, Jana's nipples became so sensitive that even a soft flick of a finger against them brought tears of pain to her eyes. In addition to being pinched and twisted, her nipples had been sucked and bitten. The servants made good use of the whip that Paul had left behind on the table. If everyone hadn't been attentive to the rule that nipples should never be clamped for more than twenty minutes at a time, Jana was sure the clamps would never have come off. When they did, it was only to cause her the agonizing pain of returning circulation, and then to have the clamps go back on.

And Jana had no choice other than to accept the torture. She was well learning Kurt's lesson of the day.

It was full dark when Paul came into the foyer and took her down. Jana couldn't stand on her own; she had to lean against him. Each time her breasts brushed against the fabric of his shirt, she was made aware of their condition. Paul took her to the bathroom where Jana had been washed up the other day, and she was allowed to relieve herself and wash her hands and face. The gag had been removed, and Jana surreptitiously drank some water. Even though nothing had been said, she wasn't sure if she would be punished for drinking without permission.

Paul left her wrists unbound, but fastened a leash to Jana's collar and led her to the dining room. Kurt was already there and the meal was in full service. Like last night, the food smelled wonderful.

Jana was pushed to her knees at Kurt's side, and Paul handed Kurt the leash. Kurt pulled her closer to him, and then ordered her to bend down and put her face to his feet and kiss them. Jana quickly did so.

"Thank you, Master, thank you!" she said over and over, not sure exactly what she was thanking him for, but hoping that it would please Kurt.

This caused much amusement at the table. Some of the people seated there had been her torturers during the afternoon. Jana had thought them servants, some slaves, but now realized that not all of them had been. One woman in particular, who had been unbelievably cruel to Jana, was hanging all over Kurt demanding his attention. Jana stared.

"Eyes down!" Kurt commanded Jana, his voice sharp.

Jana hadn't realized that she forgot to keep her head bowed and her eyes cast down. She cringed in fear at the expected punishment, but Kurt chose to let it go. She was even allowed to eat.

The meal progressed, and Kurt fed Jana. She wasn't given her own plate. Kurt fed her from his, sometimes putting pieces of meat and vegetable into her mouth, other times throwing the food down on the floor in front of her.

Jana tried to use her hands at one point, which had been left unbound, but that got her a kick from Kurt, and he ordered Bryne to fasten her wrists behind her back.

The meal ended leaving Jana's hunger softened but still there. Kurt pulled on the leash and she was ordered to follow him on her knees to his den. Kurt and his guests relaxed, drinks in hand, watching TV, while Jana was made to kneel at Kurt's feet. Instead of having Jana keep her eyes down, this time, Kurt had her look at him. In fact, she was ordered to keep her eyes on his face at all times, as though she adored him so much that she couldn't bear not to look at him. What made it worse for Jana was that Kurt ignored her completely.

Marina was the name of the woman who had been so cruel to Jana, and who made a show of clinging to Kurt. She leaned over and whispered in Kurt's ear, glancing slyly at Jana. Kurt laughed, then handed Jana's leash to Marina.

Marina pulled on the leash and brought Jana over to one of the men. Jana was desperately trying to keep her eyes on Kurt, since he hadn't given her permission to look away. It added to her humiliation, as Marina gave an amused smile, and turned to Kurt's friend. "Do you want to use her, Ron?" she asked, as though Jana were hers to give away. "Have her suck your cock, and tell me how she does...if she doesn't do it right, maybe Kurt will let us punish her." She laughed, and pushed Jana's face toward Ron's crotch.

This was different from the times Kurt had her service Paul, Bryne and Richard. Kurt was the one who had given her to them, and although they didn't arouse her the way Kurt did, they were well groomed, clean and good-looking.

Ron was none of those. His hair was long and greasy, and framed a pale face, cruel eyes, thick lips. There was something very repulsive about him, and Marina had chosen to offer Jana to her for just that reason.

Jana turned away and quickly glanced back at Kurt. She didn't know exactly what she had hoped Kurt would do or say. Perhaps she hoped that he would say something to Marina, something to show that Jana was his and only his, and that he was angry with Marina for offering her to Ron.

Jana's cheeks flushed red with embarrassment when she saw the amused look on Kurt's face.

Ron took the leash from Marina, and pulled Jana's face back to his crotch. With his free hand, he pulled down the zipper on his pants and freed his cock.

Jana looked at it in horror. It was thick. Jana had never seen a cock as thick as his, though it wasn't as if she had seen that many cocks. She couldn't possibly take it in her mouth.

But Jana wasn't given a choice. He forced her head forward, pushing his enormous cock into her mouth and down her throat. Jana gagged.

"I like that," he said, pushed himself even further into her mouth, stretching her lips, filling her throat which convulsed around his erection. "I like it when they gag."

He pressed Jana close against him. She couldn't breathe, she was suffocating. Jana was gagging, and the thought of his cum in her mouth made her sick. Fortunately for Jana, Ron came quickly, but then his cum was filling her mouth and sliding down her throat. The width of his cock, even deflated, kept it in, and Jana had no choice but to swallow.

She knew that she had been awkward and unenthusiastic, even worse, she had been obviously repulsed by having his erection in her mouth. Now that her mouth was no longer impaled on his cock, Jana started to heave, wanting to rid herself of his cum. She would be punished for it, but she didn't care. No punishment could be as bad as what she had just been forced to endure.

But the game was now in progress, and she was the token piece. One of the other men, Cade, called over, "Hey, Kurt, let me show Ron how it's done. I bet I can get the bitch to beg me to keep fucking her mouth!"

"Help yourself," Kurt answered, seeming indifferent to how Jana was going to be used. Marina was wrapped around him, stroking him, getting him hard.

Jana's eyes filled with tears, and she wanted to hate Kurt, she wanted to deny that right now she longed to be in Marina's place, at his side instead of at his feet.

When Cade was done with her, one of the other men in the room claimed her. "I bet those sore looking nipples can be used to fine tune her tongue!" he laughed, as he pinched and pulled them, ordering her to suck when he pinched, and lick when he pulled.

Jana was passed around the room, and then again to whoever wanted seconds. Her mouth was sore, her nipples were sore, her knees ached, and she thought she would never get the taste and feel of cum out of her mouth.

Kurt and Marina had left the room together a long time ago. Jana panicked when she saw him leaving, afraid of what would happen to her without him there, and she started to pull away from whichever cock she was servicing at the moment. A slap across her face and sharp fingernails digging hard into her nipples brought her attention back to it, and her ordeal continued.

At last, the evening was over, and it was Bryne who dragged her out of the room by her leash, forcing her to stay on her knees and try to keep up with him. Bryne dragged her to the bathroom, and again, Jana felt dread sweep over her as she remembered the shower he and Richard had given her the other day. Were they going to do that again? Her sore nipples couldn't possibly take a scrubbing like the one they had given her before. And the cold water...oh, please, please no, she thought.

Again, Jana was made to feel grateful for even the smallest mercy. She was allowed to wash up by herself, showering under soft, warm water. She was allowed to brush her teeth and rid her mouth of the taste of all the cocks that had been in it that evening. All the cocks except the one she would have welcomed, Kurt's.

As soon as she finished washing up, the collar and leash were put back around her neck, and she was dragged out of the bathroom. Bryne put her into bed, fastened the leash and both of her wrists to the bolt in the wall by the bed, and pulled the covers up over her. Without a word, he shut off the lights and left the room, locking the door behind him.

Like the other night, Jana fell asleep immediately, though her dreams woke her up twice during the night. But instead of dreaming about the torture she had been through, Jana's dreams were of erotic sex, of twining her body with Kurt's while they writhed in passion.

She had lost all feelings of arousal as she endured the physical and emotional torture Kurt inflicted on her during the day. But now instead of mind-numbing pain, she felt an aching sensitivity in her nipples and her cunt. She was so aware of all the intimate places on her body, places she needed Kurt to touch.

She didn't care if he gave her pain, she thought, through the haze of her arousal. As long as he didn't ignore her, as long as he touched her intimately, claiming her as his. She wanted him so badly, she realized. She wanted to be with him, to have his attention on her, even if it resulted in more pain and humiliation. She would gladly feel pain for him, as long as he didn't ignore her as he had tonight. Was she so quickly progressing to phase three, she thought? Did she want to obey him and be tortured by him because she knew it would please him and he would pay attention to her?

Jana was confused. None of this was going as she had expected, she thought. But was this what she really wanted? What she really had been asking for?

Although Kurt seemed to ignore what Jana was enduring, he was well aware of what he had put her through. He wanted to ensure that Jana was shown her place, and the evening's activities had ensured that. If Jana thought that their agreement and the attention he had paid to her over the past couple of days mattered to him, she had been taught otherwise.

Jana said she wanted it to be real for her. Is this real enough for you, Jana? Kurt thought, and smiled to himself. Jana had no idea of what she had asked for, nor did she appreciate that she was very, very fortunate that she had come to him with her fantasies, and not elsewhere. He would give her what she wanted, and more. But she would come away from this alive. Whether she would ever belong to herself again or not remained to be seen...