Master and I

Author: cuteli'lslut
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Master and I

By: cuteli'lslut

Summary: She was his girl... then his wife... now his slave... forever.

Dedicated to my one and only real life master. I love you.

“Go and get ready, slut”, he ordered.

She looked at him, bewildered. They had discussed this, but even so… the harsh tones, the stern lines on his face, these were… well, different.

“Go ON!” he looked at her, and his face relaxed, for the tiniest fraction of a moment.” Go, baby. Do it for me. Go get ready for your master.”

She nodded submissively and headed for the bedroom.

He watched her as she walked away. Her eyes were round with nervousness, a sign that tugged at his heart. Hmm. His married life promised to be really interesting. He thought back to how it all started…

“I want more, C.R.” She looked at him with mild frustration. They had been together for a year now, both aspiring dentists, in the same year. Both of them were fresh out of their adolescence, young adults, but mature enough to realize they wanted to put their studies first.

“More? You mean… physically?” He looked confused. They had decided to wait until they got married to have sex. They could wait. Their relationship was exciting enough with phone sex, cuddles and the occasional steamy kisses. But she wanted more….

“Not physically. Oh, I don't know how to explain it. I need a different relationship, C.R. Like with you being in control” She looked at him helplessly, the words flowing like a torrent, now that they had started.

“ Like a Dom – sub relationship… you've read about these things, haven't you? You'd make a natural Dom!”

How right she was, he thought. He'd always liked taking charge, while she… well, she wasn't a total doormat. She had a spark of life, a spark of defiance within her. But that's what made it all the more special. They'd fooled around for a while with D/s; she'd taken charge occasionally. But she'd hated it, and he had to admit it was better with him in control. So they'd decided. He was the master, she was the slave.

And that's how it all started.


In the bedroom, Moon hugged herself apprehensively. The last few days had passed by like a dream. Their wedding, the delightful honeymoon… But now they were back. And ready to assume their D/s relationship in full form. She'd never serviced her master properly as a slave, she thought. They'd made love for the past few days as man and wife. Now... it would be a whole new dimension altogether.

She thought of the times they'd shared before marriage. Although they'd never gone all the way, he'd exerted his power on her often enough. The time he'd made her tie her nipples together with cord and conceal the cord in her collar, so he could tug on it whenever he wanted. The time he'd made her sit in her classes the whole day with a pen stuck into her pussy. The time he'd made her wear sandpaper in her bra so that her nipples were tormented all day long. The times…. she'd even got her nipples pierced for his pleasure. She shivered. I'd better get a move on, she thought.

She went to the special drawer that kept all their toys, new and fresh and ready for use. Stripping fast, she then fitted the collar snugly about her neck, letting the chain dangle between her breasts. A second chain fitted tightly around her waist. Ankle cuffs next, she thought. Oh God, I can barely hobble an inch at a time with these on. Finally she drew out the leather handcuffs. She snapped one end onto her left wrist and slowly sank to her knees by the bed. She was so darned nervous. Swallowing convulsively, she pulled her wrists behind her and snapped the cuffs shut. She waited, trembling, with her head bowed down.

Five minutes later, he entered.

As he flung open the bedroom door, he felt as though he'd been socked in the stomach. Was this vulnerable creature really his Moon? The bulge in his pants started swelling. Forcing himself to be stern, he moved towards her.

Her heart was in her throat as he slowly circled her, inspecting her. He sat down on the bed and rested his palm on her head.

“Hmm… don't you think you've forgotten something?”

Puzzled, she raised her eyes to meet his. He tugged on her nipple rings, making her gasp.

“This is my property, you know. Don't you think you should symbolize that?” He took out two medium sized stainless steel locks and snapped then shut across each nipple ring. The cold metal pressed against her breasts. Briefly, she shut her eyes.

They flew open again a moment later as he slapped her across her cheek.

“What's the use of closing your eyes? Our first time and you've already made a mistake. What do you think you deserve?”

“I'm so sorry, master. I deserve any punishment that you choose to give, master.”

“Yes, you do. And just for that, I will not remove your bonds until tomorrow morning. Is that understood?”

“Yes Master. Your slut understands”

“Now you may service me. Use your mouth.”

He was fully clothed. She tugged down his zipper with her teeth and pulled out his penis with her mouth. She started off with a few feathery licks, and then pressed the whole thing into her mouth, sucking it hard. He groaned and twirled his hands through her hair, pushing her head down and deeper. She worked in frenzy for a few glorious minutes until he came in her mouth. Without complaint, she swallowed it and looked up at him.

Lord, that must have been the best bit of fellatio in the whole world. He saw her looking at him with those huge, dog like eyes, and ached to just sweep her up in his arms. But he had to be rough.

He pushed her away roughly and she fell over.

“I'm tired slut. Good night.”


He looked at her with an amused, wicked expression. “What? My little slut can't be actually demanding pleasure, can she?”

Eyes downcast, she nodded mutely.

“Now isn't that impertinent of you? Get in here beside me!”

She hobbled over onto the bed and lay flat, her arms beginning to feel a little sore now. He pulled out something, which looked like some kind of metal rod.

“Your pleasure, slut. You don't deserve more.”

He thrust it into her and went off to sleep.


The night was a little painful, but it was the most pleasurable night in her life. In the morning, she awoke feeling so… satiated.

He was still asleep, one arm tucked possessively into her cleavage, under the chain.

“Master” she tentatively whispered. He stirred; he was a light sleeper. He pulled the metal rod out of her, making her gasp.

“Morning, slave. Go get me a cup of coffee.” He smiled as he lazily sucked on the rod.

“Master… how… I can't….”

“Oh yes you can. There's a chain between your hand cuffs, in case you haven't noticed. You can use a hand at a time. It will be difficult, true. But...” he smiled wickedly again “But, that's what your master wants, right? Making things difficult for his slut. Go on!”

She rose and hobbled away.

“Slut” he called after her “Since it's so difficult for you to walk, you can crawl all the way to the kitchen”

He watched as she wiggled away, her behind bouncing up and down. To hell with roughness, I need to take her today, he thought. He smiled. But I will humiliate her first.

She'd never felt so different in her life before. The way he treated her made her feel like a whore, but… very very sexy. She hummed as she quickly put the coffee on to percolate. She made breakfast and even managed to lay the table. She took the coffee in to him. He'd showered and he looked so delicious.

“Breakfast is ready, master.”

He nodded. He took hold of the chain between her breasts and led her into the dining room. She moved to sit beside him; all she got was a slap on the butt.

“At my feet, slave. Give me a hand job”

As she fondled him, he placed some food on a plate and set it down before her.

“There. Eat.”

She looked at him, her eyes growing wide.

“What? Do you think a bitch like you deserves more than this?”

He pushed her face down onto the food.

“Eat now”

She lapped up the food, continuing to fondle him while he ate.

“Turn towards me, little whore” As she twisted to face him, he splattered her face and breasts with his cum. She gasped.

“There. Now you look like the dirty little slut that you are. Tell me who you are, little bitch.”

“I'm your slut master”

He slapped her across her cum coated breasts.

“Not good enough. Try again.”

“I'm your dirty cumslut, master.”

“Better. And does my dirty little cumslut want a bath?”

“Yes please, master,” she whispered.

“Well, you'll have to earn it. What would you accept if I removed your bonds and let you have a bath?”

“Anything, master. This slut of yours will do anything” She would too, her body was beginning to ache and she longed to stretch herself.

“Hmmm… well… I haven't spanked you yet, have I?” Again the wicked smile. ”I promise you though… since this is the first, it will not be an ordinary spanking.”


She lay in the bathtub with her dark hair billowing softly around her face. He had lashed her hands above to the towel hanger so she lay in a semi sitting, semi prone position. Her legs were splayed apart and tied. Her exposed sex looked so fresh and pink. He couldn't wait until he finished this so that he could finally take her.

She gazed at him as he turned on the hand shower. He sprayed a jet of warm water all over her, then felt it with his palm.

“Ahh… its warm now.”

Then, without warning, he brought it down hard on her pussy. It made a resounding smack. She squealed.

He caught her hair and pulled it roughly.

“If you want to make noises, count for me, slave. You get 20 of these. And remember to thank me after each one, or I start over.”

He smacked it down hard again.

“One… thank you master”


“Two, thank you master”

And again…

“Three… thank you master”

And so it went on until he finished twenty.

He untied her hands and legs, and, to her surprise, gently massaged her pussy.

Those smacks should have hurt, but, despite the tears in her eyes, she looked radiant. Wow, he thought. He gathered her into his arms and hugged her, his face in her hair. Make it a quick bath, he told her; we need to do something fun after this.

She melted in his arms. Master or husband, whatever, she loved him so much.

“Thanks, C.R.” she whispered against his chest.

He squeezed her butt hard at this.

“That's master to you, babe. I'm in control here, and don't you forget it.”