The Passionate Prisoners

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The Passionate Prisoners

Summary: In this book, we intend to examine the implications of erotic bondage by the use of case histories. We will examine bondage as practiced by married couples, singles, and groups. Written in documentary style.

This story is fiction, and should be treated as such.

The following story is for the entertainment of ADULTS ONLY, and contains descriptions of explicit sex. If you are not an adult, or reading sex stories upset you, do not read any further.

By Will Henry

Introduction by the Author

"My husband and I often employ bondage as a form of foreplay, and we have found that it invariably makes the sex that follows all the more exciting!"

The above comment by an attractive young housewife in the under-thirty age group illustrates the growing acceptance of erotic bondage in the era of the sexual revolution. For many years, a relatively small number of sexual sophisticates has understood the erotic implications of bondage. However, it has been only in recent years that bondage has achieved widespread appeal among the sexually knowledgeable. What accounts for this change of attitude? In the author's opinion, there are a number of reasons why bondage has achieved its current popularity.

In the first place, we are living, as I mentioned before, in the era of the sexual revolution. Thus, today, the average person has a much greater knowledge of the highways and byways of human sexuality. Not surprisingly, this increased knowledge has been accompanied by a greater desire to experiment with the so-called offbeat or "kinky" varieties of sex. As a result, many modern couples both married and unmarried have experimented with bondage. As might be expected, some have discarded it; but others have become bondage enthusiasts. Such bondage fans often build up extensive collections of pillories, leather straps, discipline helmets, and numerous other paraphernalia associated with erotic bondage.

There are various reasons why bondage has such a grip on its followers. At the level of purely conscious experience, we must recognize that bondage has great esthetic appeal. Erotic and often exotic clothing is an essential item at nearly all bondage sessions. Thus, the feminine victim may wear black brassiere, panties, and garter belt together with sheer black nylon stockings and spike-heeled shoes or exotic boots. She may wear long, black kid gloves or other items made of leather or rubber, and will sometimes even wear a complete outfit made of such items. In the reverse situation, where the female plays the role of the aggressor, she will be expected to dress for the role. Sleek boots, either knee or thigh length, are quite common apparel in such situations, along with other items made of leather or rubber. The masculine victim may be required to don tight-fitting leather or rubber items of apparel, or he may even be required to wear feminine clothing.

Naturally, such exotic costuming has an esthetic effect, particularly when worn by the female. However, the esthetic appeal of bondage is not restricted to the costuming commonly associated with it. For example, white clothesline rope employed to bind nylon-clad ankles and thighs together is esthetically appealing also, particularly when the victim is wearing black or dark nylons which make a vivid contrast with the white rope. And there are numerous other examples of the esthetic appeal of various forms of bondage.

In addition to its esthetic appeal, bondage has connotations that strongly suggest sex at a somewhat sublimated level. An example will serve to make this point clear. Among bondage fans, it is quite common to employ a red rubber ball strung on a dowel stick or rope to gag a victim. The sight of an attractive feminine victim with her mouth forced wide open by such a ball, her face straining with obvious discomfort, produces a highly erotic effect on bondage fans. The reason becomes obvious when we realize that the rubber ball is a phallic substitute. Thus, the gagging ceremonies are a form of symbolic fellatio, and a highly realistic one at that. The obvious strain on the victim's face duplicates that of a fellatrix attempting to accommodate a large penis.

Moreover, at an unconscious level, bondage is often employed to reinforce traditional concepts of the role to be played by each sex in relation to the other. Thus, traditionally, the male is expected to be the aggressor, while the female is expected to play the role of the submissive and yielding partner. Where a wife or other feminine partner submits to bondage as a form of sexual foreplay, both parties are permitted to act out their fantasies in a way that conforms with traditional role concepts.

While bondage is often thought to be the special interest of the male partner in such relationships, the gratifications for the female should not be overlooked. This is particularly true where the female comes from a sexually conservative or repressive home background. Women who come from such backgrounds are often highly inhibited, particularly when it comes to practicing offbeat or "unnatural" sex acts such as fellatio. For such women, bondage serves the function of allowing her to perform such acts without experiencing the guilt she would otherwise feel. When tied up and "forced" to indulge in such acts, she can rationalize that she had no free choice in the matter and therefore has no reason to feel guilty about it.

In addition, there appears to be a growing number of modern women who enjoy bondage for quite another reason. With the developing role of women in modern society, more and more women are obtaining responsible and even executive jobs in the world of business. Many such women are somewhat troubled by the dominant, unfeminine role they are expected to play in such situations and, in their private relationships with men, they like to reassert their femininity by playing the traditional submissive role. For such women, bondage has a strong appeal. Thus, for example, one lady executive who supervises numerous men at work likes to spend her weekends at the rural cabin of a younger boyfriend who subjects her to somewhat rugged bondage sessions that she finds thoroughly exhilarating. "It makes me feel like a woman again!" she remarked in commenting about the bondage sessions.

Of course, not all women like to play the submissive role. In fact, a growing number appear to prefer acting the dominant role in their relationships with men. In acting out sexual fantasies in situations where the male is submissive, bondage plays a practical and almost necessary role since it eliminates masculine physical superiority. Under these circumstances, it is not surprising that there has been an increasing interest in erotic bondage in recent years.

In this book, we intend to examine the implications of erotic bondage by the use of case histories. We will examine bondage as practiced by married couples, singles, and groups.

San Francisco, California February 1972

Will Henry

Chapter 1 - The Bondage Fan

Although bondage fans come from all walks of life and have no particular characteristics which distinguish them as such, Dale J. can be considered a typical bondage fan. A thirty-one-year-old bachelor, Dale has a college degree and works as a junior executive with a large corporation head-quartered in New York City. He has been interested in bondage since his late teens, and has an extensive library containing most of the literature on the subject. In addition, he has a large collection of bondage equipment which has been obtained at no little expense. The main bedroom of his Manhattan apartment doubles as a bondage studio, and various bondage items are permanently on display along one wall. Friends and casual acquaintances find the display quite kinky, but do not realize that most of the items have a practical application from time to time.

For the past three years, Dale has shared his apartment with his steady girlfriend, Judy. Like many young people, Dale and Judy are not opposed to marriage as an institution but do not consider it right for them. Therefore, they have elected to live together without benefit of clergy, Judy is a leggy blonde in her mid-twenties who stands five feet, eight inches in her stocking feet and has an eye-catching 37-24-36 figure. She comes from the Midwest and works as a secretary.

Prior to becoming acquainted with Dale, Judy had had no experience with bondage. In fact, she had never even heard of it. Dale introduced her to bondage quite slowly, and to their mutual delight Judy soon found it quite exciting to play the role of the trussed-up and completely helpless victim. After she moved in with Dale, weekend bondage sessions beginning on Friday evening after work became a regular practice with the two of them. During the past three years, Judy has acquired various costumes and items of clothing designed to emphasize her role as the helpless victim.

Although no two bondage sessions are alike, a typical bondage session took place one Friday evening after Dale had secured an important promotion at work. Before going to work that morning, he had as usual left detailed instructions for the type of costume Judy was to be wearing when he returned that evening. He was therefore in an expectant mood when he unlocked his door and stepped into the living room. As he expected, the lights were on but the room was deserted. "Come on, let's don't play hide and seek!" he called out in a pleasant voice.

It was a moment before July appeared, blushing prettily and looking rather meek and embarrassed. The comely blonde had dressed exactly in the manner he had instructed: skin-hugging white cashmere sweater worn over a black brassiere, brief, black leather miniskirt that barely covered her hips and which was hemmed to end a full two inches above her tautly suspendered black nylon stockings, slave anklet, and expensive black leather sandals with four-inch spike heels that left her slender feet steeply arched.

Teetering a little precariously on her spike heels, Judy self-consciously presented herself for inspection. Having been raised in a somewhat repressive atmosphere, she had never fully accommodated herself to Dale's exotic ideas about costuming, and often found herself exquisitely embarrassed when required to appear in front of him in such outfits. Dale whistled appreciatively as he looked her over, quickly noting the highlights. The outline of her black brassiere was fully visible beneath her white sweater, and he found the sight quite appealing. And although Judy self-consciously tugged at the hem of her brief leather skirt, she could not conceal the intriguing display of black stocking tops and milk-white thighs. Her long, full, and shapely legs were almost breath-catching in the black stockings and high-heeled sandals.

"Please, Dale!" Judy protested, blushing warmly beneath her heavy makeup. "Don't you think this outfit is a little extreme?"

"You look great!" Dale assured her. "I'm really in the mood to put you through your paces this evening!"

Judy gulped noticeably and her knees buckled slightly. "Now, please, don't be too hard on me!" she spoke in an unconvincing manner. "Don't you want your dinner first?"

Dale shook his head. "No. Why don't we go out for a late dinner afterwards? I'm anxious to get started!"

"All right," Judy answered meekly, looking rather alarmed as Dale stepped toward her.

Dale gave her leather-clad bottom a familiar smack with his bare hand. "Let's go into the bedroom, young lady!" he ordered as if he were speaking to a naughty child.

Looking reluctant and keeping her eyes demurely averted, Judy quietly accompanied him to the bedroom. From past experience, she knew that she would be given no advance notice of what was in store for her and that any suggestions from her would not be appreciated. Since no two sessions were ever alike, she always had to contend with the fear of the unknown.

"Put your gloves on," Dale instructed as soon as they entered the bedroom. He pointed to the long, black kid gloves lying on the dresser. Judy slowly began working the gloves on and required some assistance from him to get the job done. The skin-tight gloves covered her elbows and reached nearly to the short sleeves of her white sweater. The black leather gloves made a striking contrast with her white sweater, and made her bondage costume all the more appealing.

"Put your hands out, palms and forearms together!" Dale instructed.

Judy obeyed in a somewhat tentative manner, watching closely to see what would happen next. Taking a length of white clothesline rope, Dale quickly tied her wrists and forearms together in a tight but unrestricting manner. Although her gloved fingers were free to move about, Judy could see that escape was impossible.

"Dale, I wish you'd tell me what..", Judy's voice trailed off as he shot her a warning glance.

"You know what happens to girls who talk too much!" he reminded her.

"Please, Dale! Not a helmet!" Judy pleaded, already suspecting that it was too late to save her blond head from one of his discipline helmets.

Dale walked over to the closet to pick out a leather discipline helmet for his pretty girlfriend. He possessed several such helmets in various styles which he had acquired over a length of time. This time he selected a brown leather helmet which opened with a zipper down the back and had openings only for the mouth and nostrils. In addition, it was heavily padded at the ears to severely limit the wearer's hearing.

"Oh, please, Dale!" Judy pleaded in an urgent voice. "Please, not that! It's so uncomfortable!"

Dale paid no attention to her pleas and in a moment Judy's blond head began to disappear into the brown leather helmet. Making sure that it was fitted into place properly and that her blond hair was gathered completely inside the helmet, Dale pulled the zipper to completely enclose her head within the helmet. The bizarre leather garment fit her head quite tightly, distinctly outlining her features. Completely deprived of all sight and normal hearing, Judy stood haplessly awaiting her ordeal.

Dale quickly produced a red rubber ball strung on a dowel stick with ropes at each end, and pressed it against Judy's lips. With a resigned sigh, Judy meekly opened her pretty mouth as far as she could to receive the unwelcome object. Without further ado, Dale shoved the rubber ball between her lips and teeth.

"Mmmmm!" Judy's moan of despair sounded low and faraway as the ball forced her jaws uncomfortably far apart.

Stepping behind her, Dale quickly and efficiently tied the two ropes firmly at the back of her neck, thereby forcibly implanting the gag in her mouth and making it impossible for her to voluntarily expel it. Deprived of all sight, hearing, and the ability to communicate verbally, Judy stood meekly helmeted and gagged. Although the bizarre helmet totally concealed her pretty blond head, in some strange and exotic manner it seemed to make her all the more appealing.

Dale brought out a fifteen-foot length of clothesline rope and securely fastened one end of it to the bonds at Judy's wrists. Stepping up on the bed, he then worked the opposite end of the rope through a small hook in the ceiling. Stepping down to the floor, he slowly began pulling on the rope to take up the slack. Imprisoned in the private world created by the helmet, Judy had no idea what he was doing until she felt her arms being pulled upward. In a moment, Judy's arms were pulled out straight and Dale was beginning to feel her weight against the rope.

"Mmmmmmm!" Judy tried to protest through the gag, as her arms were pulled up quite uncomfortably and she found herself standing on her toes.

Making sure that Judy's spike heels were no longer in contact with the floor and that she was completely up on her toes, Dale quickly tied the rope to one of several hooks he had installed in the baseboard around the room.

"Mmmmmmm!" Judy murmured through her gag, shaking her helmeted head in a negative manner in a futile effort to protest the decidedly uncomfortable position.

Dale paused for a moment to cast an appreciative glance at his attractive and totally helpless prisoner. Her long and shapely body strained to the utmost, the grotesquely helmeted and gagged young woman made a beautiful bondage subject. As she stood high on tiptoe, the lithe muscles in her long and gorgeous legs were stretched tautly and rippled beautifully beneath her black nylons. Dale could feel his excitement rising as his eyes moved from her helmeted head down to the visible outline of her black brassiere and then down to her long, nylon-clad legs.

Totally helpless and completely at his mercy, Judy knew that she was helpless to protect herself from the tormenting that was soon to come. Blindfolded by the gag, she didn't know what to expect until suddenly she felt masculine hands on her breasts. Dale manipulated her well-filled brassiere in a deliberately familiar manner designed both to torment and embarrass her.

"Mmmmm!" Judy's muffled outburst revealed surprise and a trace of excitement.

Dale abruptly dropped his hands from her breasts and cupped them around her girlishly plump posterior. Blushing warmly beneath her helmet, Judy wriggled prettily as she felt his hands squeezing and fondling her comely bottom in a deliberately provocative manner. The pretty young woman realized all too well that he might decide to spank her, and that there would be no way in the world to stop him.

After tormenting her with his hands for a couple of minutes, Dale unfastened her leather miniskirt and allowed it to fall to the floor at her feet. As instructed, she was wearing expensive black panties and garter belt that matched her brassiere. Dropping to one knee in front of her, he worked the skirt free from her feet and tossed it aside. Taking another length of clothesline rope, he began tying her trim ankles together quite securely. The white rope stood out starkly against her black nylons, creating a thoroughly pleasing effect. Next, he took another length of rope and used it to bind her thighs together just above the knees. With the two lengths of rope forcing her long legs tightly together, Judy felt all the more helpless and under his domination.

"Mmmmmm!" Judy tried to convey her sense of discomfort to her unseen tormentor, but the rubberball gag forcibly held between her teeth made her unintelligible.

"We've only started, baby!" Dale replied, although he realized he was really speaking to himself since the heavy padding over her ears sealed off her normal hearing completely.

To torment his comely victim all the more, Dale brought out a metal-studded leather dog collar which had a five-foot-long leather leash attached to it. He quickly snapped the collar in place around her white neck. Although completely deprived of her vision, Judy quickly discerned that once again she had been confined in that humiliating dog collar and haplessly shook her helmeted head from side to side in futile protest.

Dale pulled the leash downward between the cleavage of her breasts and allowed his hands to explore the front of her black panties. Their dampness revealed that her discomfort was mixed with arousal. Pulling the elastic waistband of her panties outward for a moment, he slid the end of the leash inside her panties and worked it down into the pretty tuft of moist hair.

"Mmmmmmmm!" Judy's high-pitched squeal was muffled by her gag. Realizing only too well what her bondage master had in mind for her, the pretty young woman vigorously shook her helmeted head in a negative manner and continued trying to make her feelings known verbally despite the gag.

Dale stepped behind her and allowed himself a moment to contemplate her prettily rounded, pantie-clad buttocks. Girlishly plump but not too heavy, the two pretty hemispheres expanded the thin black panties to the limit. Dale pulled the waistband of the panties outward at the small of her back and inserted his right hand. With deliberate slowness be slid his hand along the velvety smoothness of her buttocks into the moist tuft of hair.

"Mmmmmm!" Judy moaned with a mixture of fear and delight, as she felt his masculine fingers exploring her most intimate parts. The prettily helmeted young woman could not refrain from wriggling as much as her bonds would permit, and was only too well aware that the telltale moisture that betrayed her inner feelings was soaking her tormentor's hand.

Dale's exploring fingers discovered the tip of the leash and he pulled it backward between her legs, allowing the smooth leather to brush against her vulva. Judy moaned and continually shook her head to show her opposition to the torments he was inflicting upon her, although she knew from past experience that her appeals would be in vain. Dale pulled the tip of the leash up snugly between the crevice of her satiny buttocks and released the waistband of her panties to hold it in place. The end of the leash remained sticking out of the waistband of her panties in a manner somewhat resembling a tail.

"Mmmmmmmm!" Judy groaned audibly through the gag. The thoroughly helpless young woman was keenly aware of the chafing and humiliating leash resting against her most intimate and sensitive parts, and tried not to think about its potential for bizarre torment.

Next, Dale began rolling Judy's white sweater up both in front and back, working it up in a neatly rolled fashion until her black brassiere was full on display. Confining and molding Judy's lush thirty-seven-inch bosom, the steeply pointed cups of Judy's brassiere stuck out saucily and invitingly. Massaging the two plump hemispheres in a deliberately familiar manner that left Judy moaning and squirming, Dale was tempted to remove the brassiere but decided against it. There were times when he thought a brassiere was much more erotically appealing than the no-bra look, and this was such a time.

Lighting a cigarette, Dale decided to take time out to contemplate his helplessly trussed-up victim. Strung up before him with her arms extended full length and her toes barely touching the floor, the long and shapely young blonde was a picture of delight for the bondage connoisseur. Inspecting her carefully, Dale did not overlook a single detail of his handiwork: the brown leather helmet that tightly molded her head, the red rubber ball forced between her pretty white teeth, the metal- studded dog collar clasped tightly around her neck and the leash that disappeared into her black panties and emerged in back, and the two white ropes that confined her long, shapely, nylon-clad legs. It had been one of his better efforts, and he decided that he had better capture the scene on his Polaroid before continuing with the session.

For her part, Judy could only wait in an agony of suspense and wonder what ordeal he had in mind for her next. Every muscle in her lithe young body seemed cramped, and she wondered how much longer she could endure the strain of being strung up as if she were on a gibbet. The total deprivation of sight, hearing, and voice forced her to live in a world apart, having no control whatsoever over what happened to her, and compelling her to torment herself by thinking of the things he might do to her.

"You'll enjoy these shots later on, honey!" Dale remarked idly, as he took several shots of his helpless girlfriend at various angles.

Setting the camera aside, Dale decided that it was time for something different. First, he released the rope that held her suspended in the air by unfastening the knot at the baseboard. Judy gratefully sank back on her heels and quickly lowered her gloved arms, which by this time felt almost completely numb from elbows to fingertips. Dale unfastened the rope attached to the bonds at her wrists and tossed it aside.

Next, he removed the bonds at her wrists. However, her gloved arms remained free only for a moment for he quickly retied them behind her back. This time he employed two leather straps, using one at the elbows and the other at her wrists, to tie her arms together in a manner that left her elbows in contact with one another. This forced her to thrust her prominent bosom forward even more, leaving her steeply pointed bra cups pointed upward at a steep angle.

Standing slightly behind her and to her right, Dale grasped the strap at her elbows to help balance her. With his free hand, he then grasped the tip of the leash that protruded from the waistband of her panties and began pulling upward in a gentle but firm manner.

"Mmmmmmm!" Judy gasped with protest as the leather leash began to exert pressure against her vulva and buttocks. Shaking her helmeted head vigorously from side to side, she tried to make him desist from tormenting her in such a humiliating and uncomfortable manner. Watching his squirming subject carefully, Dale continued pulling upward on the leash. Groaning beneath the gag and wriggling furiously, Judy futilely tried to escape from the continually increasing pressure of the strap. Finally, the tormented and nearly frantic young woman realized that she had only one chance. Despite her precariously high heels and the bonds on her legs, Judy began to hop around the room much in the manner of a frightened bunny.

Keeping a firm grip on the strap at her elbows so that she would not fall, Dale watched his prettily hopping girlfriend with great pleasure, and kept the leash drawn tight between her legs so that she would have no choice but to continue hopping in that undignified manner. Her plump, pantie-clad bottom jouncing nicely and her nylon-encased legs flashing, Judy gasped somewhat breathlessly through her gag and continually tried to protest by wildly shaking her helmeted head in a negative manner. Watching her undignified performance closely, Dale escorted her back and forth around the room. The pressure between her legs forcing her to hop against her will, Judy felt a mixture of humiliation and sexual excitement at being so completely under his power. The leather leash was sliding back and forth between the lips of her vulva, tormenting her in a manner that was both uncomfortable and exciting.

Dale did not relax the pressure until it became apparent that his attractive victim was totally exhausted and out of breath. When he finally released the leash, Judy stopped dead in her tracks and slowly sank to her knees on the floor to catch her breath. Dale took time out to enjoy another cigarette and to contemplate the shapely bondage victim who knelt helmeted and totally bound in front of him. While trying to catch her breath, Judy continually attempted to communicate with him but her gagged words were quite unintelligible. Dale, finding her muted appeals quite intriguing, kept a steady gaze on his helpless girlfriend.

After finishing his cigarette, Dale decided that it was time to torment her some more. Seating himself on the side of the bed, he began pulling the helpless young woman face down over his knees.

"Mmmmmmm!" Judy, instantly realizing that he intended to spank her, haplessly tried to protest through her rubber-ball gag. Almost instinctively, she tried to struggle against the bonds that confined her arms and legs, but there was no chance of freeing herself.

With little difficulty, Dale managed to pull his attractive victim into position over his knees, her long, nylon-clad legs up on the bed and in full view. Her girlishly buxom, pantie-clad bottom wriggled anxiously over his lap, the tip of the leather leash still protruding somewhat grotesquely from the waistband of her panties. To hold her in position, Dale grasped the end of the leash with his left hand and gave it a slight tug to take out the slack. Feeling the sudden pressure from the strap against her vulva and inside the crevice of her buttocks, Judy shuddered with a mixture of fear and excitement at having her helpless body controlled in such a bizarre manner.

With his free right hand, Dale slowly began working her black panties down. Contrasting vividly with her black panties, her pink-white buttocks were thoroughly breath-catching as they slowly came into view. Perfectly rounded and femininely plump, the two satiny smooth mounds wriggled and flexed in pretty anxiety as Dale slipped the panties down to the tops of her stockings. Feeling the soft breeze from the nearby window against her bare charms, Judy moaned softly through her gag and tried to brace herself for the spanking to come.

Slap! Dale applied the first spank quite lightly squarely across her right buttock, letting his hand remain in place for a moment afterward. The spank stung mildly, and Judy squirmed with embarrassment and excitement as she felt his masculine palm resting familiarly on her exposed bottom. The pretty young secretary always found it exquisitely humiliating to be spanked like a small child, yet her mortification was always mixed with sensual arousal.

Judy's right buttock was slightly pink when Dale finally raised his right hand. Slap! The second introductory spank landed on her left buttock, and once again Judy wriggled prettily across his lap. To torment her all the more, he kept a firm grip on the leather leash between her legs, constantly applying pressure to her most intimate parts. Forced to move in unison by the ropes at her knees and ankles, Judy's nyloned legs swung back prettily as if to protest the violation of her curvaceous buttocks.

Smack! The third spank landed with a crisp smacking noise squarely across the crevice of her buttocks.

"Mmmmmm!" Judy's high-pitched squeal was muffled by her gag but still quite audible. Jerking her helmeted head back both with surprise and pain, the helpless young woman squirmed involuntarily and unintentionally managed to pull the leather leash tighter between her legs. Although the helmet totally blindfolded her, she instinctively turned her face back over her shoulder in a futile effort to plead with him to stop.

Smack! Smack! Smack! Working slowly and systematically, Dale began spanking her plump buttocks with crisp but not brutally hard spanks. Each smack produced a muffled yelp and a pretty, almost snakelike wriggle from his comely victim. In a few moments, Judy's cute bottom was a light shade of pink on both cheeks and it was quite apparent that the spanks were beginning to raise the temperature of her pretty nates.

"Mmmmmm! Mmmmmmm!" Judy tried to protest, although she knew only too well that she would have to take it as long as he chose.

Smack! Smack! Dale's right hand continued to mete out punishment to Judy's inviting buttocks, while his left hand maneuvered the strap between her legs to torment her all the more. By this time, Judy's pretty bottom was prickling and itching in a thoroughly irritating manner and feeling quite warm and oversensitive. Tears formed in her eyes and she found herself kicking her legs merrily back and forth.

"Mmmmm! Mmmmmmmm!" Judy's muffled appeals sounded all the more urgent.

Slap! Smack! Dale carefully spread the spanks around on her nicely wide and rotund posterior, watching the flesh turn from pink to light rose. From time to time, he paused to observe the intriguing spectacle in front of him. In his opinion, there was nothing more appealing than a young woman in bondage squirming her spank-reddened bottom and kicking shapely, nyloned legs back and forth. Judy's performance did not disappoint him. Wriggling furiously as the heat continued to build in her attractive bottom, the helmeted and helpless young woman swung her bound, nylon-clad legs back and forth in a frantic dance that often left spike heels pointed toward the ceiling.

"Mmmmmm! Mmmmmmmmm!" Judy's muffled outcries mixed pain and excitement. The tight-fitting helmet prevented her tears from draining away properly, leaving her face wet and making her feel all the more miserable. Driven almost beyond endurance by the burning, smarting spanks and the leather leash that continually tormented her most tender areas, the helpless young woman tossed about wildly on his lap. She was soaking wet between the legs and that was apparent to both of them.

Smack! Smack! Slap! The continually increasing heat in her buttocks made each fresh spank more painful than its predecessor, and produced a correspondingly greater reaction from the hapless young victim. Gloved fingers clawed furiously in a futile effort to protect their owner's burning spank-spot, but there was nothing she could do to secure the slightest relief for herself. Gasping and at times fearing that she was going to choke on the gag, Judy sobbed heavily in her helmet and frantically jerked her hips back and forth on his lap in a mixture of anguish and arousal.

Dale finally paused to assess the results of his efforts. Judy's lovely buttocks were now an intriguing scarlet all over, and it was quite apparent that she had had enough for the time being. Pausing for a long moment to enjoy the combined effects of bondage, scarlet buttocks, and long, stocking-clad legs, Dale lifted his tearful victim to her feet. She was quite weak in the knees and would have fallen had he not supported her.

Pulling a plain, straight-backed chair out to the middle of the room, he seated her on the chair with her gloved and bound arms draped over the back. As soon as her bare and freshly smacked buttocks came into contact with the hard wooden chair, Judy let out a muffled yell and attempted to get to her feet. Easily keeping her under control, Dale pushed her back down against the seat and held her there. A length of clothesline rope tied around her waist and the back of the chair forced her to remain seated on the uncomfortable chair. To immobilize her further, he fastened a length of rope to the bonds at her ankles and attached it to the back rung of the chair, thereby pulling her feet well back under the chair and making it impossible for her to move her legs.

After securely confining his whimpering victim to the chair, Dale lost no time in working the leash back between her legs once again. Judy squirmed miserably in her seat as she felt the leather once again brushing against her most intimate parts, and tried to protest this bizarre mistreatment by negatively shaking her helmeted head. Paying no heed to her pleas, Dale stepped behind her and pulled the leash tautly between the crevice of her buttocks. Judy arched her back and wriggled frantically as he fastened the leash to the strap at her wrists in a manner that left the leash pressing quite tightly against her vulva and gluteal crevice.

Observing his helpless and inviting victim closely, Dale proceeded to disrobe completely. His thick maleness was already standing erect as he thought a-bout the bizarre abuse he was about to inflict on his totally helpless and provocatively attired young girlfriend. Looking quite confident and assured of himself, he walked over to her and stood astride her lap with his erect penis nearly brushing her helmeted head. Sensing his nearness despite the confining helmet Judy tensed in her seat in anxious expectation. Reaching behind her head, he quickly untied the rope that held the gag in place and removed the rubber ball from her mouth. Enjoying the sudden relaxation of pressure, Judy did not attempt to speak but instead tried to relax her aching jaws and catch a few fresh breaths of air.

Cupping her helmeted head in his hands, Dale quickly pulled it forward until her lips were brushing against the tip of his stiff penis. Making no effort to resist the assault he was planning, Judy took a deep breath and opened her mouth submissively in a wide oval. Keeping a firm grip on her helmeted head, Dale slowly began penetrating her inviting mouth with the head of his thick muscle. Feeling the warm moistness of her mouth encircling him, Dale paused for a moment to allow her to become adjusted to it.

Flicking the head of his penis with her tongue and gently sucking on it, Judy knew that he would soon want a much deeper penetration and submissively awaited his next move. She didn't have long to wait. Pulling her helmeted head gently but firmly forward, Dale inserted his throbbing member slightly farther into her yielding mouth. Judy swallowed audibly as his husky maleness forced her jaws widely apart, much in the same manner as the gag had previously done. Once again he paused for her to become accustomed to it.

Tormented by the bonds that held her helplessly in her chair and particularly by the tightly drawn strap between her legs, Judy squirmed with a mixture of excitement and discomfort as she meekly sucked on the sturdy masculine bar in her mouth. The pretty young secretary was an accomplished fellatrix, but always found it more exciting when forced to perform the act while completely helpless.

Closely watching his hard pen-is disappearing into the opening in her leather helmet, Dale carefully drew her head forward until he felt the head brushing against the roof of her wet mouth. Refraining from the temptation to begin pumping back and forth, he paused once again to allow her to get used to having it so far into her mouth. Although it was obviously quite uncomfortable for her to have it inserted so deeply into her mouth, Judy's eagerly flicking tongue and audible sucking noises revealed that she found it more exciting than unpleasant.

With deliberate slowness, Dale began pumping with his pelvic muscles in order to slide his throbbing member back and forth in the moist cavity. Watching his glistening pole alternately disappearing and reappearing inside the leather helmet, he timed his movements carefully in order to prolong the delightful sensations as long as possible. He kept both hands clasped on her helmeted head, gently guiding her head back and forth while at the same time reminding her that she was fully under his control.

Judy squirmed girlishly in her seat as his probing maleness continued to torment her mouth and throat, while at the same time the bonds and the strap between her legs continued to bedevil her constantly. The combination of the bonds, the leather helmet that totally imprisoned her blond head, his guiding hands atop her head, and the thick masculine muscle in her mouth made her feel completely dominated and mastered, totally feminine and submissive.

Unable to hold himself back much longer, Dale began pumping with quick, jerky movements. Although becoming short of breath, Judy managed to continue flicking her tongue against his slippery member as it slid back and forth in her mouth. With each forward thrust, Dale plunged his throbbing member deeply into her mouth. Finally, he gave one vigorous final thrust and sent his semen jetting into her mouth.

As if suddenly receiving a severe shock of electricity, Judy spasmodically jerked against her bonds as she felt the warm, thick fluid splashing against the walls of her mouth and trickling down her throat. Dale's hands forcibly held her helmeted head in position, forcing her to take all of his climax into her mouth. Judy made no effort to draw away, and submissively swallowed the murky fluid with audible gulps. Dale was in no hurry to remove his slowly relaxing member and allowed it to soak in her mouth a few moments before withdrawing it.

The weekend bondage session had gotten off to an excellent start ...

* * *

As can be seen from the foregoing example, Dale and Judy are typical bondage fans in a number of respects. For example, their activities follow the traditional sexual role pattern in which the male plays the dominant role and the female plays the submissive role. This is still the most common relationship among bondage fans; although, as will be seen in subsequent chapters, other relationships have been emerging in recent years.

Dale and Judy's bondage activities are likewise typical in the emphasis upon exotic costuming, bondage positions that have esthetic appeal, the use of sexual torment, and the use of relatively mild spanking for the purpose of sexual arousal. Other bondage fans employ similar techniques in a wide variety of ways for the purpose of sexual arousal and satisfaction.

Dale's obvious predilection for leather helmets designed to cut off the victim's sight, hearing, and power of speech is shared by many other bondage fans. While some do not go to the extreme of employing discipline helmets, blindfolding and gagging are typical features of many bondage sessions. Blindfolding seems to have esthetic appeal for the aggressor, while it affords the victim the masochistic thrill of being subjected to the unknown. Gagging, as has been noted, is a sublimated form of fellatio.

Likewise, Dale's bondage techniques are quite typical in that they stress torment and discomfort, but fall far short of inflicting real pain or torture upon the victim. Similarly, sexual torment is employed for the purpose of causing sexual arousal and not simply for the purpose of humiliating the victim. The typical modern bondage session has as one of its objectives sexual excitement for the victim as well as the aggressor. Most bondage fans strongly object to the use of the word "sadism" in connection with their activities, and rightly so. Modern bondage emphasizes restraint for the purpose of sexual arousal and gratification, and not for the purpose of inflicting pain or torture upon the victim. Of course, there are exceptions.

Dale's regular weekend sessions are also quite typical in the sense that most bondage fans strongly prefer to conduct sessions on a regular, planned basis rather than on an infrequent or casual basis. Many couples like to hold at least one bondage session a week, and some even conduct them more frequently. Like Dale and Judy, there are other couples who like to devote their weekends to bondage activities. Others arrange their vacations so as to be able to devote the maximum amount of time to their bondage activities.

In the following chapters, we will review other examples of modern bondage practices.

Chapter 2

The Varieties of Bondage

Bondage fans are not alike in their preferences and can be divided into various groups and subgroups. For example, as far as costume preferences are concerned, there appear to be three principal groups: those who prefer regular clothing worn in an erotic manner, those who prefer leather apparel, and those who prefer items of clothing made of rubber. The importance of leather and rubber apparel to the bondage fan should not be underestimated; for many devotees of bondage, such items of apparel are essential props for all sessions. Although it might seem curious to the uninitiated, bondage fans rarely show a predilection for completely nude victims. There are exceptions, of course, but most bondage fans seem to think that a certain amount of clothing is essential. However, it should be noted that the clothing worn by the victim may be totally inappropriate as far as individual modesty is concerned. Thus, for example, it is quite a common practice for a female victim to be attired only in garter belt, nylon stockings, and high heels or boots.

Bondage fans may also be grouped according to their preferences for bondage materials. Here again, there appear to be three principal groups: those who prefer ordinary ropes, those who prefer bindings made of leather, and a dedicated minority with a preference for chains or other items made of metal. However, preferences of this type are not often clear-cut with the result that most bondage fans do considerable experimentation with the type of bondage materials they employ.

As far as bondage positions are concerned, bondage devotees appear to fall into two groups. Some bondage fans insist that the victim be bound in the same position and in the same manner each and every session. Others insist upon a variety of positions, the more the merrier. The latter group is by far the largest, and it may safely be said that most bondage fans prefer to experiment with as many positions as they can dream up. In this regard, bondage fans often show an almost unbelievably fertile imagination.

As far as accessory equipment is concerned, bondage fans fall into two groups. One group is content to use ordinary everyday items such as chairs and beds. Others have a strong predilection for bizarre and often old-fashioned equipment such as stocks, pillories, gibbets, and similar devices. Some bondage fans have large collections of devices of this type, and there are homes where a spare bedroom or basement room doubles as a bondage studio. In one case known to the author, a wealthy couple has the guest house at their estate furnished as a bondage "torture chamber."

As might be expected, most bondage activities take place indoors. However, some bondage fans have a strong predilection for outdoor scenes and perhaps others would too were it not for such problems as lack of privacy and the vagaries of weather. Among outdoor bondage fans, forests appear to be the favorite setting for their activities. Forests provide an isolated and scenic atmosphere and, in addition, trees serve as a natural prop for bondage activities. Next to forests in popularity are outdoor swimming pools where diving boards, ladders, and poolside furniture provide excellent bondage props. Since the erotic aspects of dunking are well known, it is not surprising that in such a setting the bondage victim may be subjected to a variation of old-fashioned dunking stool. Similarly, in indoor settings bathtubs and shower stalls are also favorite bondage props.

Thus far, we have examined only the external mechanics of bondage. As far as personalities and emotional requirements are concerned, bondage fans may be roughly divided into three broad groups: dominant, submissive, and those who enjoy playing at both roles. Such a grouping is only roughly accurate, for within each group there are wide ranges of individual desires and preferences. Thus, one person may be highly dominant while another is only mildly dominant. Similarly, one person may be highly submissive while another may be only mildly submissive.

According to the traditional view, the male is dominant while the female is submissive. Today, it must be said that this viewpoint is a naive oversimplification. Whether one is dominant or submissive depends on one's emotional requirements and not upon whether one happens to possess a penis or vagina. Thus, we have dominant men and submissive men, dominant women and submissive women, and men and women who can achieve emotional satisfaction playing either role.

Since one's emotional requirements depend upon that elusive creation known as the human mind and are in no way related to one's physical characteristics, the preferences of bondage fans cannot be determined by their physical appearance. Thus, it is well known that physically well-built and aggressive men often like to play the submissive role and achieve great emotional satisfaction in being put through their paces by an attractive bondage mistress. Similarly, a petite, shapely, and highly feminine woman may be quite dominant.

Although bondage activities most frequently take place within a heterosexual context, bondage activities sometimes have homosexual connotations. This is patently the case where both the aggressor and the victim are of the same sex. It is also subliminally the case in certain situations where, for example, a dominant female who requires a male victim to wear feminine clothing may be satisfying her own unconscious lesbian tendencies.

Most bondage sessions are restricted to two individuals but that is not always the case. Bondage fans frequently make contacts with others who share their interests, sometimes only to exchange correspondence but often to arrange meetings. Such meetings may involve only an inspection of bondage equipment or photographs, but may also involve a bondage demonstration or a "swap bondage" session. Wife-swapping clubs composed only of bondage fans are also known to exist. In addition, couples who are interested in bondage occasionally like to have a third party participate in their sessions. In nearly all cases, the third party is a female. In some cases, the third party serves only as a nonparticipating witness to the bondage session. To the uninitiated, this might seem quite puzzling. However, there is a logical explanation for it. Although most of us are unaware of it, we all possess some exhibitionistic tendencies. For example, an extremely modest woman can manage to wear a transparent blouse or short skirt if persuaded that the dictates of fashion require her to do so, and in so doing she will satisfy her unconscious exhibitionistic tendencies. Persons with masochistic tendencies tend to have stronger exhibitionistic desires than the average person. Thus, the humiliation of being observed in bondage by a third person serves to gratify the victim's unconscious exhibitionistic tendencies. This is confirmed by the fact that it is often the victim who suggests that a third party be present at the session.

Although witnesses sometimes serve only in a nonparticipating manner, it is more common for the witness to serve as a participant. Occasionally, the witness plays the role of the victim or co-victim. More frequently, however, the witness serves in an active capacity either as the aggressor's assistant or as the sole aggressor. Thus, couples who have strongly submissive tendencies find it particularly exciting to be put through a session by an attractive bondage mistress. She can tie them together and torment them in ways that would be impossible if they were alone, and at the same time her presence will gratify their unconscious exhibitionistic tendencies.

To augment the victim's fantasies of helplessness, multi-party bondage activities are often conducted according to a simulated but highly realistic scenario. One of the most common scenarios might be called "the kidnaper fantasy." For example, one submissive couple might discreetly arrange to have themselves "kidnapped" by a dominant couple, who takes the victims to their home and subjects them to a weekend of bizarre bondage ordeals. A similar fantasy calls for the victim to be the captive of pirates or other brigands. Another and quite common fantasy scenario calls for the victim to be a political prisoner, usually at the hands of the Gestapo. In such situations, highly realistic costumes are often worn by all parties to add to the illusion of reality. Participants in such games often find that they get completely carried away by their roles and act out their parts quite convincingly.

The foregoing comments should not be construed to mean that such games are played only in multiparty situations. Many couples play similar games and use costumes suitable to the part they are playing. For example, one favorite fantasy among submissive females 'is that of being tied up and raped by an attacker. This can be accomplished quite easily by having the husband or boyfriend, masked to conceal his identity, playing the role of the attacker. A similar fantasy game calls for the female to play the role of exotic spy trapped in the coils of the secret police and subjected to various bondage ordeals to make her "confess." Or she may play the role of a victim of a white slaver. In reverse situations, the male may play the role of a naughty schoolboy being disciplined by his teacher or nurse. Or he may play the role of a pilot downed in the jungle who becomes the captive of an Amazon. Similarly, he may be a political prisoner who becomes the victim of a lady member of the Gestapo or secret police.

When the fact that the varieties of bondage are limited only by the imaginations of the participants is coupled with the realization that bondage fans possess extremely vivid and inventive imaginations, we realize that the varieties of bondage are almost limitless. In part, this helps to account for the rising popularity of bondage in recent years. The sexual revolution has meant greater awareness, more inquisitiveness about sexual matters, and a desire to experiment with all facets of sex. More than anything else, a sexual sophisticate looks for variety, and variety is one thing bondage has to offer in abundance.

The following case histories will serve to illustrate some of the varieties of bondage.

Case History No. 1

Bill and Karen J. are a young couple living in a western suburb of Chicago. Bill is thirty-two and works as a free-lance photographer, a line of work that allows him considerable leisure time. Karen is a long-legged brunette of twenty-six who worked as a secretary before her marriage two years ago. She possesses a figure suitable for modeling, and Bill has used her as a model for several pin-up layouts that he has sold to various men's magazines.

The two of them are avid bondage enthusiasts. "Bill got me hooked on it shortly after we started going together," Karen explained. "We've always been quite open with each other, and one evening after we started dating he explained his ideas about bondage and sex to me and even showed me some illustrated magazines on the subject. I'll admit I was a little shocked at first. Although I consider myself a liberal on sexual matters, I bad never really heard of bondage except in a rather vague way, and had never dreamed there was such widespread interest in the subject.

"It took Bill awhile to talk me into it, and then I agreed to go along with it only on an experimental basis. The first night, I remember, he only tied my hands together behind my back and then necked with me awhile. Although he left my clothes in place, he let his hands roam a little, and I can still remember how deliciously embarrassed and exciting it was when I realized I couldn't do a thing to stop him! For some reason, I have always been a little inhibited, and finding myself helpless like that was a terrific release for me.

"Bill had had enough experience to know not to push me too far too fast, and instead brought me along gradually. At the second session, he also tied my wrists behind my back and then tied my legs together at the ankle and just above the knees. He pulled my skirt up a little more than was necessary to do that, and, although I was wearing pantyhose, I still found myself blushing furiously and thoroughly enjoying being handled in this fashion. After that, he sort of took advantage of me with his hands and I really loved it!

"By this time, I was really interested in the subject and anxious to experiment with the more far-out things. The third session was really my initiation as a bondagette. Allowing me at my insistence to remain fully dressed, Bill tied me to a wooden armchair with a number of clothesline ropes. And I mean tied! After tying my wrists and arms securely to the arms of the chair, he tied me to the chair at the waist. To my embarrassment, he also tied me to the chair with two ropes, one around my torso just above my breasts and the other just below. By this time, I was beginning to feel as helpless as a trussed-up chicken!

"Next, he tied my ankles very securely to the front legs of the chair. When he had me like this, he took advantage of me by pulling my dress up all the way! I'm basically very modest and I'm afraid I just screamed and begged him not to embarrass me that way. That evening I had worn regular-length black nylons and he didn't stop until my stocking tops, garters, bare thighs, and even part of my panties were on view. Trussed-up as I was, there was nothing I could do except sit there and blush.

"By protesting a little too much, I got myself introduced to a gag. That was a completely new experience for me, and at first I didn't think I could stand it. Bill used a rubber ball strung on a rope, and that ball really pried my jaws and teeth apart. Although I could moan and make animal-type noises through the gag, there was no way I could effectively communicate with him. Feeling really helpless and a little scared, I knew I just had to sit there and submit to whatever he had in mind.

"Without even bothering to ask my permission, he proceeded to take some snapshots of me sitting there showing everything like that! Although I laugh about it today, I nearly died with embarrassment at the time. We still have some of those shots and perhaps you'd like to see them."

Reaching into a small drawer, she brought out some glossy 8x10 photographs. The snapshots showed Karen shackled to the chair and gagged in the manner she had described. She was fully dressed in a form-fitting knit dress but, as she had described, her dress had been pulled up to reveal long, shapely legs, dark stocking tops, white thighs traversed by dark garter belt supporters, and a glimpse of her black panties. Her pretty face showed considerable strain and distress from the effects of the red rubber ball shoved between her teeth and tied tightly in place by the rope on which it was strung. The entire effect of the photos, taken at different angles, was highly erotic and appealing.

"After getting it all recorded on camera," Karen continued, blushing slightly, "Bill began fondling me with his hands--not too roughly but very firmly as if to emphasize his complete control over me. Of course, I couldn't do a thing to stop him! I just had to sit there squirming and getting hotter by the minute. If I could have talked, I would have been just begging him to put it to me any way he wanted.

"When he saw how worked up I was, he untied me from the chair but made me leave the gag in place. He then led me into the bedroom and undressed me completely, deliberately taking his time about it in a manner that I found quite maddening. He then had me stretch out supine on the bed, and he tied my wrists to the bedposts in a spread-eagle position. Tied and gagged like that, I had no choice but to lie there squirming while he proceeded to disrobe. As might be expected, he was thoroughly aroused.

"I was expecting him to jump right on top of me, but it was even wilder than that. Grasping my ankles with his hands, he pulled my legs apart and knelt on the bed between them. He then began pulling my legs back until my knees were nearly touching my breasts and my calves were resting on his shoulders."

As Karen, who was blushing prettily by this time, paused to light a cigarette, it was easy to imagine those beautiful long legs of hers being drawn back in the manner she had described. "Well, to go on," she continued. "While I let my legs dangle down his back, he used his fingers to gently pull the lips of my vulva apart and then proceeded to bury his face right in it!

"I was already hot anyway, and that really did it! When he worked his tongue around inside of me, flicking my clitoris from time to time, only that gag prevented me from screaming with excitement. I was really pumping my hips and of course I was about as wet as a girl can get. Being tied up and totally helpless to stop him from tormenting me like that made it all the more exciting.

"Finally, he stretched out on top of me and I felt my vaginal canal expanding as he inserted that rock-hard lance of his. Kissing my gagged mouth all over, he began pumping back and forth with a very rhythmic motion. Despite all that had happened, he had amazing self-control and really knew how to time himself. For my part, I was nearly going insane. Fighting against the bonds and wriggling around under him in a manner that I would previously have thought completely shameless, I found myself experiencing my first multiple orgasm by the time he had reached his climax.

"He left me tied up like that for a few minutes afterward, apparently to give me a little time to think about my new status as his helpless bondagette. He then untied me and we took a long hot shower together. Although that first real taste of erotic, really sexual bondage had left me emotionally drained, the shower refreshed me considerably and I found myself ready for some more bizarre sex as soon as we had dried ourselves off.

"Bill was as delighted as he was surprised when I boldly told him that I was ready for some more whenever he was. After thinking a moment, he told me to get dressed up in garter belt, hose, high heels, and my kid gloves while he waited in the living room. I had never dressed fetish-style before, and I'm afraid I blushed scarlet and felt thoroughly brazen when I appeared in the living room a few minutes later wearing only my elbow-length black kid gloves, black garter belt, very sheer black nylons, and what were then my highest heels--a pair of patent leather pumps with slim three-inch heels.

"Bill didn't waste much time depriving me of my freedom. I had been trying to preserve a little modesty by covering myself with my gloved hands, but he soon put a stop to that by strapping my wrists together behind my back with a leather strap. He then blindfolded me with a folded black scarf that left me totally in darkness. Next, my knees and ankles were tightly lashed together with two leather straps. Once again I felt all my limbs confined and knew that I was completely under his control.

"As he forced me to a kneeling position on the carpet, I could feel my excitement rising once again. Fastening a rope to the strap at my wrists, he booked the rope around the strap at my ankles and drew it up short until my wrists and ankles were in contact. He then tied that rope securely, leaving my torso and head drawn back at an angle that left me feeling very vulnerable in front.

"Although I couldn't see a thing, I could sense that he had pulled up a chair and was seated right in front of me. Since he had not gagged me, I had a pretty good idea what he had in mind and I could feel my heart beginning to pound rather rapidly. You see, I had always had something of a block about performing fellatio for anyone, and Bill was well aware of this.

"In a moment, I felt the tip of his penis brushing against my cheek. He was holding my head firmly with both hands, preventing me from turning my face away. It didn't take him long to work up an erection, and he began tormenting my face and throat with the head of his thing. It was deeply humiliating for me to be abused in that manner, but I must admit that I found it bizarre and exciting.

When he finally told me to put it in my mouth, to my own surprise I was ready and eager to do so.

"With the blindfold cutting off my vision, I had to grope a little, but my mouth finally found the tip of his penis. Opening my mouth as far as I could, I began working that big hard muscle into my mouth. It pried my jaws and teeth apart much in the same manner as the gag had done, and I could almost feel it throbbing with excitement. It was so big that I thought I would surely choke on it, but I managed to get it in much farther than I would have imagined possible.

"Kneeling there bound helplessly and blindfolded with that big masculine thing completely filling my mouth, I felt completely debased but highly aroused. I began suckling on it with an abandon I would never have dreamed possible. Although it really wasn't necessary, he was holding my head down with both hands so that there would be no escape. Finally, he rose part way out of his chair and I found myself with a very nice warm mouthful. When he released me afterwards, he reciprocated by bringing me to a climax with his tongue.

"Of course, after this experience I was hooked on erotic bondage. Since that time, bondage has been an integral part of our life in general and sex life in particular. Bill has numerous bondage devices in his collection and I have various costumes to wear during our bondage sessions. The two of us like considerable variety in our bondage sessions, and Bill can be quite ingenious in dreaming up ways to tie me up and torment me almost beyond endurance."

Case History No. 2

Maxine L. and Jeff R. are a young couple who live in Milwaukee. Jeff is twenty-six, a college graduate who teaches school. Maxine is also a schoolteacher. She is a five-foot-four brunette of twenty-five with a full, buxom figure. In public, she dresses in a conservative manner that does not emphasize her figure, wears horn-rimmed glasses, and wears her long brown hair done in a tight bun at the nape of her neck. To casual acquaintances and even close friends, she seems like a completely average young woman. They would receive something of a shock if suddenly confronted with the truth about her.

"There is more than one side to Maxine, and the same's the case with me," Jeff explained. The three of us were seated in Maxine's small but cozy apartment in downtown Milwaukee. Wearing a navy-blue suit, beige hose, and dark pumps with medium heels, Maxine looked like any young woman schoolteacher might. In fact, with her glasses and conservative hairdo, she looked rather unprepossessing.

Jeff handed over a 4x5 photograph of a young woman wearing an exotic leather costume. Her gleaming black leather dress was tightly molded to her buxom figure, and cut in a wide V down the front, past the cleavage of her full bosom. The dress was hemmed to end at mid-thigh, leaving the welt of her black stockings partly on view. She was wearing knee-length high-heel black leather boots, which were laced down the front from knee to toe. The heels must have been four inches high, and left her feet arched in a manner resembling a ballet dancer.

She was wearing arm-length black leather gloves. Her long brown hair was worn loose and hung nearly to her waist, and she was heavily made up. It took me a few moments to realize that the young woman in the picture was in fact Maxine! The two of them grinned when they realized how I had nearly been deceived.

"We both love leather and bondage," Maxine explained. She handed over another photograph of herself. In this one she was wearing only boots, stockings, tiny bikini panties made of black leather, a matching bra-halter made of rubber, and an old- fashioned-looking, extremely severe black corset. The corset, which appeared to be heavily boned, pinched her waist in to almost unbelievably narrow proportions, which had the corresponding effect of expanding her bosom and hips. In the photograph, she was shown under complete restraint, bound in a standing position to a vertical metal pipe with various lengths of rope. Her wrists were pulled behind the pipe in a crossed position and tied securely, While her elbows were tied tightly together in a manner that left her forearms in contact. Ropes were tied around her torso and the pipe just below her breasts, at her waist, and just above her hips. Her legs were tied together at the ankles and knees, and then tied to the pipe with additional ropes. Her mouth fully packed with what appeared to be some cloth material, she was gagged with a black scarf.

"With us, bondage and leather garments go hand in hand," Maxine related. "During our bondage parties, I always wear something made of leather." As if to prove her point, she began handing over various photographs of herself. All of them featured her in a wide variety of leather outfits, ranging all the way from brief leather panties to complete leather costumes. In several of them, she was dressed from head to toe in leather, including leather helmets tightly molded around her head. In all of the photos, she was under some form of physical restraint, bound with ropes or leather straps and nearly always gagged in some fashion. The bondage positions revealed a great deal of imagination, ranging from casual and easily maintained positions to positions that involved total restraint and must have been quite uncomfortable.

"I have always been interested in leather outfits, boots and skirts and that sort of thing," Maxine replied when asked about her interest in leather. "However, it wasn't until after I started dating Jeff that I learned that really bizarre, far-out leather garments could be obtained. Since he loves leather perhaps even more than I do, he started encouraging me to build up a wardrobe. We're still building our collection, in fact, and I don't suppose we'll really ever get enough items to suit us. I like the feel of leather, particularly tight-fitting leather costumes, but there's more to it than that. Normally, I'm a somewhat inhibited person. However, for some reason when I'm wearing leather it's different! And that's particularly true when I'm wearing one of my more bizarre leather outfits. I really let my hair down, both literally and figuratively. It's hard to explain why, but that's the way it is.

"My introduction to bondage was Jeff's idea," Maxine answered, when asked about her interest in bondage. "Although it's hard to remember now, I don't think I had even heard of bondage--erotic bondage, I mean-until Jeff suggested it. I suppose any girl would be reluctant at first, and I know I was. However, I knew I could trust Jeff and I began to let him experiment with me.

"It didn't take me long to discover that the idea was quite appealing. At first, Jeff would do something simple such as trying my hands behind my bark and perhaps tying my ankles together. He would then sort of torment me with his hands, not going too far but making it clear that I was really under his control. Although it was highly embarrassing to be so helpless and at his mercy like that, I really found it exciting. It really made me feel feminine to be mastered like that. You must remember that this took place just after we had started dating, at a time when I was still reluctant to have sex with him.

"With each new bondage session, Jeff kept adding something different and I found it all quite interesting. At the same time, he was continually pressuring me to have sex with him. My resistance grew weaker with each date and I finally gave in, although I told him there was one condition. I wanted it to be a very special occasion, with plenty of leather and bondage, so that neither of us would ever forget it.

"It all worked out better than we had expected. Jeff got permission to use the cottage his parents own up on Lake Winnebago for the following weekend. We drove up there on Friday afternoon as soon as school was out, the trunk and backseat of the car filled with bondage equipment and costumes. Before leaving I let my hair down all the way back and then tied it Viking-style in a single braid at the back of my neck. I then changed into a very brief mini-dress that I had never worn publicly before, together with charcoal-colored pantyhose and high-heeled patent leather pumps.

"That weekend I really found out what it was like to be a bondagette, and it all started the minute we got into the car! On an impulse, Jeff decided that some partial restraint was in order right then and there. As a result, I soon found my hands tied behind my back while my knees and ankles were tied together quite tightly. He then pulled my mini-dress back until the body-sheath of my pantyhose was well on display. Blushing and helpless, I sat like that all the way to Lake Winnebago.

"The white rope made a vivid contrast with my dark pantyhose, so anyone who looked in the car could have seen that I was tied up. Although that was exquisitely embarrassing and made me feel very anxious, I also found it kind of exciting to think that someone might see me in bondage with my dress pulled up so boldly.

"Jeff wouldn't untie me even after we reached the cottage. Instead, after helping me out of the car be escorted me up the driveway with my legs and wrists still tied. Hopping and feeling thoroughly embarrassed and silly, I was just sure someone would drive along the road and see me, but no one did. He finally got me inside the cottage where he stood me facing a wall in the corner, while be unpacked the car.

"Finally, I was released and allowed to change into a leather outfit. This consisted of the leather dress that you saw in the first photograph, arm-length black kid gloves, black nylon hose and garter belt, and my best pair of boots--four-inch high-heeled patent leather boots that come over the knee and are laced all the way down in front. Jeff laced me into the boots himself, making me sit on a chair with my hands tied behind my back while he did so.

"To get us in the mood for sex, we began experimenting with various bondage positions. The furniture in the cottage was mostly of the outdoor wooden type that is ideal for bondage. Over the space of the next couple of hours, I found myself tied in various positions over the chairs, the tables, and the bed. I didn't utter a peep to complain, mainly because my mouth was fully packed with an oversize handkerchief held firmly in place by a scarf tied at the back of my head. At some stage of the proceedings, Jeff added a combination mask and helmet made of leather that completely covered my head and the upper half of my face, leaving me in total blackness. While tying me in these various positions, he was continually using his hands to caress and pinch and otherwise torment me. Since I was wearing nothing beneath my leather dress except my garter belt, I was completely defenseless against his hands. Getting felt up when you can't do a thing to protect yourself is always twice as exciting, and I'm sure it wasn't hard for him to see the reaction I was having.

"During this time I could hear him hammering and doing some work of some sort, but it wasn't until later that I discovered that he had been fastening a couple of pulleys to one of the beams in the cottage ceiling. Finally I was untied and while still masked and gagged was led to a position directly under the pulleys. Jeff tied my gloved wrists together very securely, and then tied that rope to another rope strung over one of the pulleys.

"Of course, I didn't realize what was happening until my arms suddenly started pulling upward. A moment later, I was standing barely on tiptoe and every muscle of my body was pulled taut. Since I couldn't make a sound, I tried to protest by shaking my head but of course he wasn't deterred by that. My legs were free but not for long. Taking a two-foot-long metal bar with leather cuffs at each end, he quickly snapped the cuffs around my ankles which left my booted legs spread in a wide inverted V. Boy, did I feel helpless, vulnerable, and uncomfortable!

"Without further ado, he proceeded to pull my leather dress up completely to my waist, securing it there with a belt around my waist. Realizing how much I was exposing myself, I would have screamed if it weren't for the gag. As it was, I had no choice but to stand there blushing and feeling horribly immodest. Once he had me trussed up to his satisfaction, completely helpless and exposed, he started tormenting me with his hands. He even took a leather riding crop and starting smacking my bottom with it, rather lightly and just enough to make me all warm and itchy back there. He continually kept his fingers between my legs while he was doing that, and it wasn't long before he had me in a frenzy.

"I was just dying for him to take me right then and there, and was wishing he would remove the gag so I could tell him so. But he didn't have to be told what I wanted. In a few moments I suddenly felt his hard thing brushing against me and realized that he intended to take me from behind! The idea of being possessed from behind like that, as if I were some kind of animal, while all tied up and gagged, was intensely humiliating, but at the same time almost unbelievably exciting. Of course, there wasn't a thing I could do to stop him. Suddenly I felt that powerful, rock-hard muscle separating the lips of my vulva and sliding forcefully into my vagina. Gripping my breasts firmly, almost roughly, he began pumping back and forth with vigorous thrusts that nearly took my breath away. It was rough, raw, almost savage sex, and I was nearly crazy with excitement although I was intensely uncomfortable in so many ways I lost track of them. We both came with a wild spasm.

"We both needed some time to recover our bearings after that, and took time out long enough to go out for dinner. When we got back, Jeff had me change into an outfit consisting only of my long kid gloves, black garter belt, black stockings, and knee-length high-heeled boots. When I asked him what he had in mind, he told me he bad an idea that was even wilder than the first. I didn't see how that was possible, but I soon found out!

"To keep me in the dark about his plans, once again the mask- helmet was fitted over my head. He then tied my wrists behind my back, and had me sit on a cushion on the floor with my legs extended. He then fastened leather cuffs around each ankle. Up to that time, it all seemed very simple to me but I of course had no way of knowing that those leather cuffs at my ankles were attached to ropes strung over the pulleys in the ceiling!

"When my feet started moving upward, I suddenly realized what he intended to do! Up I went, feet first! Hardly before I realized what was happening, I was strung up feet first with my head completely off the floor! It's a good thing that cottage was in a rather isolated spot, because I'm sure you could have heard me screaming for blocks. Feeling my entire body swinging to-and- fro like that, I had never felt so helpless and downright terrified in my life.

"Despite my screams I was pulled up until my head was a good three feet off the floor, and the ropes were fastened to leave me in that position. Boy, was I strung up like an animal in the slaughterhouse! My legs were pulled apart in a slightly uncomfortable and horribly immodest fashion, but I was too petrified to be thinking about my modesty at such a time.

"He stepped up in front of me and I could tell that he had removed his clothing. Seeing me in that position had given him an erection and I suddenly felt that hard thing of his brushing against my lips!! He said nothing and, to my complete surprise, quickly pressed his face down between my legs and started licking my vulva!! He used his fingers to spread me well apart, and my whole body shuddered convulsively as I felt his tongue on my clitoris.

"Although I had never done such a thing before in my life,. I quickly opened my mouth and started working his hard muscle between my lips and teeth. It wasn't easy in that position, but I soon had my mouth bulging with rock-hard cock. He was sucking me and I was soon reciprocating. Imagine me, that prim little schoolteacher, strung up like an animal and sucking like crazy on bone-hard masculine cock!! I felt wild, almost depraved, and could hardly believe it was really me. I soon creamed with by far the wildest orgasm I had ever had, and about the same time he gave me a real mouthful.

"We spent the remainder of that weekend trying out other bondage positions and stunts. After that, I was a confirmed bondage addict and so was Jeff. These days, the two of us consider bondage and sex synonymous."

Chapter 3

Bondage and Spanking

Insofar as spanking and related forms of physical punishment are concerned, bondage fans fall into two principal groups: nonspankers and spankers. A third group might be classified as mild spankers. Although many bondage fans are nonspankers, some of them outspokenly so, bondage and spanking are such closely related subjects that it is impossible to consider one without the other. A brief analysis will clarify the reason for this relationship.

To-state the matter in simple terms, it all depends on where one starts. Let's take the case of two hypothetical individuals, X and Y. X starts out as a bondage fan. Y starts out as a spanking fan. Granted, it is somewhat unlikely that X will become a spanking fan. But what about Y? Isn't bondage such a logical, and sometimes even necessary, feature of spanking that it's quite likely that Y will also wind up as a bondage fan? The fact is that many spanking fans have become bondage fans.

Until somewhat recently, the erotic implications of spanking have been muted or misunderstood. However, the era of the sexual revolution has seen an increasing interest in, and understanding of, erotic spanking. Today, many married couples and other adults employ erotic spanking as a regular form of sexual foreplay, having discovered that their sexual ardor is considerably increased by the prior application of the paddle or strap.

The following case histories will illustrate the connection between bondage and spanking.

Case History No. 3

Even though she secretly loved dressing in kinky, fetish- style clothing, Brenda Sanders nevertheless blushed a little as she inspected herself in the bedroom of her Dallas apartment. The shapely twenty-three-year-old secretary was wearing a long-sleeved white blouse, tight-fitting micro-mini made of black leather and hemmed to end just below her hips, sheer, black nylon stockings neatly rolled to leave an enticing gap of about four inches of bare thigh, and custom-made black patent pumps with four-inch tapering spike heels. Every detail of the costume was designed to bring out and emphasize the attractive brunette's sensuous young figure. She was wearing no bra, and the form-fitting and diaphanous white blouse left her firm, lush breasts fully on display and bulging against the front of the blouse like two young melons. The ultra-short leather skirt and rolled black stockings, together with the spike heels, were all designed to enhance the appearance of Brenda's long, smooth, and shapely legs.

The erotic costume was not entirely Brenda's idea. Instead, it had been suggested down to the last detail by Brenda's employer, Roy W., a wealthy and still relatively young executive in the oil and gas business. Ever since the two of them had discovered their mutual interest in the more bizarre aspects of sexuality, they had developed a close relationship with Roy serving in the role of mentor for his inexperienced but interested young protegee. In fact, he had paid the cost of maintaining her luxury apartment, and saw to it that she received a generous allowance in addition to her salary.

The knowledge that her tutor in the art of bizarre sex was waiting in the living room made Brenda's heart beat a little faster as she took one final look in the mirror. Knowing that she could prolong the moment of decision only so long, Brenda took a deep breath and headed for the living room. She had spent considerable time practicing walking in the four-inch spikes and had mastered the art of walking gracefully in them, although she had to take small steps and walk quite erect to avoid pitching forward.

Well aware that she was blushing a bright scarlet, Brenda slowly entered the living room. Roy promptly set his Scotch-and- soda aside and gave her a quick once-over. "It's about time you showed up," he remarked, in a voice that showed only mild annoyance.

"Was it worth waiting for?" Brenda asked hopefully, slowly walking toward him and then turning in profile so that he could inspect her. She was proud of her long legs and shapely figure, and knew only too well what kind of effect she could produce on him.

"Yeah, I'll have to admit that," he conceded, his eyes focusing on her long, nylon-clad legs and the intriguing gap of carnation-white flesh between her rolled stocking tops and the hem of her micromini.

"Are you going to be very severe with me this evening?" Brenda asked, watching him closely to see what his reaction might be.

He avoided meeting her eyes. "Don't you think I should be?" he asked quietly.

"Did I really make that many mistakes at work this week?" Brenda asked, in a voice that feigned surprise. It was a question she invariably asked at their Friday-evening get-togethers, as if to give him a pretext for inflicting bizarre sexual punishment on her.

"You know the answer to that!" he replied, giving her a meaningful glance. Finishing his Scotch-and-soda, Roy got to his feet and walked over to a small suitcase he had brought with him. Placing the suitcase on a table, he opened it to reveal an assortment of leather straps and other bondage devices.

Brenda paled slightly as she caught a glimpse of the imposing collection of items obviously intended to be used upon her. "What's all that?" she asked in a dubious voice.

"Just got it today," Roy explained. "I've had it ordered for some time. It's a complete training harness, from head to toe!"

Brenda gulped noticeably although she felt a rising measure of excitement at the thought of being totally imprisoned by the bizarre harness. She watched closely as Roy brought out an elbow- length special leather glove that was obviously designed to encase both hands and arms together. "Come here!" Roy told her. "And put your hands behind your back, palms touching each other."

Brenda complied without objection, watching rather apprehensively as Roy began sliding the glove over her fingers and up her hands and arms. Almost completely unlaced, the unusual and highly confining glove slid easily into place. Roy quickly began lacing it up firmly, gradually forcing Brenda's forearms and elbows into close contact with one another.

"Hey!" Brenda gasped, in a voice that mingled discomfort with a trace of excitement.

Roy finished lacing up the glove and tied the laces in a firm knot that wouldn't slip. There was no conceivable way that Brenda could free herself from the unusual glove, and the pretty young secretary felt completely helpless. "You won't even give a girl a chance!" she told him with a feigned pout.

"You haven't seen anything yet!" Roy assured her. Next, he brought out a harness designed to imprison her torso. This consisted of two parallel straps, designed to encircle her body horizontally, connected to a wide belt for her waist. Roy quickly snapped the belt tightly in place around her waist, nipping her waist in more than a little.

"Hey, that's pretty tight!" Brenda protested, a little breathless.

"I'll tighten it up some more after you get used to it!" Roy replied.

"How could you?" Brenda asked. "It already feels like a corset!"

The pretty young bondagette watched anxiously and with some embarrassment as Roy pulled the two horizontal straps upward through the cleavage of her breasts and draped one over each shoulder. Next, he stepped slightly behind her and began pulling the other half of the horizontal straps up between her legs. As instructed, Brenda had worn no panties beneath her micro-mini and she was soon feeling the straps brushing against her bare thighs and more intimate areas. The straps connected with a buckle in back and Roy began drawing the two straps tautly through the buckle loops.

"Ooooh!" Brenda grimaced, as she felt the straps drawing embarrassingly tight between her legs. "That's awful tight!"

The straps pulled her micro-mini up both in front and back, revealing a fluffy patch of dark brown hair and prettily white girlish bottom. Roy buckled the straps tautly in such a manner that they would constantly exert a chafing pressure between her legs. Blushing prettily at the highly embarrassing and somewhat uncomfortable sensation between her legs, Brenda stood meekly as Roy slipped a leather strap around her gloved wrists and hooked it to the horizontal straps of the body harness to render her all the more helpless.

Next, Roy produced a couple of leather cuffs which were connected by a very short chain only a couple of inches in length. Roy dropped to his knees in front of her to fit the cuffs in place around her ankles. Putting Brenda's long and beautiful legs under restraint was always one of the highlights of any session as far as he was concerned, and Roy deliberately took his time about confining her shapely, nylon-clad ankles in the cuffs.

"How do you expect me to move around in those?" Brenda asked, watching closely as her ankles were imprisoned. Roy did not bother to answer as he produced another leather strap and employed it to strap Brenda's lush thighs together just below the tops of her rolled stockings. The only part of her body left free was her pretty brunette head and Roy quickly took steps to remedy that shortcoming. Reaching into the suitcase, he brought out a specially designed leather-and-rubber head harness. Brenda gulped at the sight of the imposing device. "Roy, that looks a little rugged!" she protested, in a voice that betrayed underlying excitement.

Roy began confining her pretty brunette head in the harness. The harness consisted of two horizontal straps fitting around the wearer's head, one at the forehead and the other at jaw level. These straps in turn were connected to a vertical strap running from the nape of the neck in back over the head to the forehead, where the strap divided in two to go around the nose and reach the lower horizontal strap. A red rubber ball was strung on the lower horizontal strap to serve as a gag. "Open your mouth!" Roy ordered, after buckling all the straps in place. Knowing that she was passing up her last chance to say anything intelligibly for some little time, Brenda reluctantly opened her pretty mouth. Roy promptly popped the ball into her mouth, prying her jaws and teeth well apart and forcing her to bite down constantly on the ball. Brenda's eyes widened noticeably and her pretty face immediately showed the strain of being gagged in such an uncomfortable manner. Roy carefully tightened the lower horizontal strap to make it impossible for her to dislodge the ball from her mouth.

Roy paused for a moment to admire his helpless victim. Confined in leather from her head to ankles, Brenda stood blushing prettily as she felt his inspecting eyes carefully going over her trussed-up body. Although she could wriggle and turn her head from side to side, there was no choice for her except to stand there much like a statue as long as he wanted.

As she had suspected, Roy was in no mood to be rushed, and decided to leave his pretty subject on display for awhile. Pouring himself another drink, he sat down and leaned back to admire his handiwork. Feeling miserably helpless and a little undignified, Brenda demurely kept her eyes averted as she stood there displaying her bizarrely trussed-up body. The red rubber ball in her mouth made her jaws ache, but she knew it was useless to try to seek relief.

Roy made her stand there for a full twenty minutes while he finished his drink. Before beginning with the next step, he carefully pulled her micro-mini skirt up until it was completely inside out and held in that position by the body harness. Blushing scarlet and trying to protest through her gag, Brenda found herself standing there with her pretty brown tuft of hair and girlishly plump white bottom constantly on display. Such completely immodest exposure left her feeling thoroughly brazen and highly embarrassed, yet she could not suppress a surge of excitement at being forced to exhibit her lush feminine charms in that bizarre manner.

The comely brunette bondagette shuddered visibly and paled slightly when she observed Roy picking up a sleek and obviously well-oiled black leather razor strap. Of course, she had known it would be only a question of time before that happened, but it was still difficult to face the fact that that sleek strap soon would be curling around her most sensitive parts in a manner designed to set her aflame.

"Let's go into the bedroom!" Roy suggested, grasping her left arm firmly just above the shoulders.

With the cuffs at her ankles preventing her from walking even with tiny steps, Brenda bad no choice but to hop. With her slender feet steeply arched in the four-inch high heels that was a difficult and quite uncomfortable task, and the hapless young brunette would have fallen several times had not Roy's arm steadied her. It was also a completely undignified method of locomotion, and Brenda was quite self-conscious about her jouncing and flip-flopping breasts that were quite evident beneath her diaphanous blouse.

A little breathless and quite red in the face, Brenda finally made it to her destination. Roy seated himself on the bed and quickly pulled his helplessly shackled victim face-down over his lap. Save for the two leather straps tightly drawn through the crevice, her girlishly lush and satiny smooth buttocks were saucily bare and completely defenseless. Her gloved fingers, caught in the efficient single glove, clawed the air helplessly and could do nothing to protect her comely posterior. Confined in the strap and cuffs, Brenda's long, stocking-clad legs stretched out full-length on the bed to complete the picture of helpless feminine pulchritude. Brenda shuddered and strained against the bizarre collection of straps that kept her totally restrained. Unintentionally squirming her pretty bottom in anxious expectation of the spanking to come, she tried to prepare herself mentally for the ordeal. As much as she dreaded the pain, she knew she wanted it and in fact required it to attain the level of sexual excitement she needed.

Deciding to commence the session with his open hand, Roy set aside the strap for the time being. Positioning Brenda's helpless body just exactly the way he wanted it, Roy studied the quivering white bottom for a moment and then raised his right hand in the air. Knowing that the assault was coming and that there was nothing she could do to protect her sensitive bottom, Brenda shuddered and tensed the muscles in her pretty nates. Smack! Roy's rough masculine hand landed squarely across the velvety smooth and yielding target with a firm smacking noise.

"Mmmmmm!" Brenda's pained yelp was cut short by her gag. Her brunette head snapped back sharply and her entire body jerked against the bonds that held her fast as the sudden jolt of pain surged through her hips.

Observing her reaction closely, Roy held his hand pressed down firmly where it landed for several seconds. Smack! Deciding to warm his attractive victim up in a systematic manner, Roy applied the second spank on her left thigh just above the top of her neatly rolled stocking.

"Mmmmm!" Brenda once again threw back her harnessed brunette head as his capable hand left its imprint on her tender flesh.

Smack! Smack! Roy began working up her left thigh and buttock, applying crisp spanks that stung smartly and left her flesh tingling noticeably. Each brisk spank produced an audible moan of pain from his gagged and helpless victim, who could do nothing but writhe against her bonds and kick back her stockinged legs in pretty protest. Roy watched her movements quite closely, enjoying every sensuous jerk and twist to the utmost. Putting a pretty and completely defenseless young woman through her paces with hand and strap was one of his favorite hobbies, and his leggy young secretary was his favorite pupil.

"Mmmmm! Mmmmmm!" Brenda moaned unintelligibly through the rubber-ball gag, which by this time felt thoroughly uncomfortable in her mouth.

Slap! Smack! Having worked up the left side, Roy began working down the right. His capable palm smacking briskly against her exposed flesh, he made sure that no part of his alluring target was overlooked. By this time, Brenda was swinging her stocking-clad, bound legs back and forth in response to each spank, unintentionally putting on a pretty display of young womanhood in distress. Her bottom tingling and prickling from the effects of his hand, Brenda felt thoroughly miserable as she lay writhing against her bonds on his lap. The torso strap between her legs had worked up uncomfortably tight and continually chafed against her vulva. But notwithstanding all of her discomfort, the moisture between her legs and the coital-like jerks of her hips made it all too evident that she found such bizarre mistreatment highly exciting.

Roy paused to observe his squirming victim. Brenda's bottom and thighs were a pretty shade of pink, and he decided to give her another dose with his hand. Once again beginning on her left thigh just above the top of her rolled black stocking, Roy began working up the left side and down the right. Each resounding smack produced a muffled moan and a spasmodic jerk from his twitching victim. Tears blinding her eyes, Brenda swung her nylon-clad legs prettily back and forth and futilely tried to reach back with her gloved fingers to provide some protection for her smarting bottom.

"Mmmmmm! Mmmmmm!" Brenda could do nothing more than make animal-like noises as his hand continued to pepper her defenseless posterior.

By this time, Brenda's plump bottom and tapering thighs were rosy all over, and the entire area felt uncomfortably dry and itchy and prickling-hot. Roy decided that she was sufficiently prepared for the strap, and reached for the sleek, well-oiled strap at his side. Knowing that what she had been through had only been a preliminary warm-up and that the real assault was still to come, Brenda froze with a mixture of terror and excitement.

Thwack! The slippery black, leather razor strap coiled around the curved surfaces of her lovely bottom.

"Mmmmmmm!" Brenda's soprano squeal was considerably muted by her gag. The comely bondagette bucked up on his lap with a convulsive jerk as the strap bit into her tender flesh with a fiery caress.

Her long legs jerked back reflexively, while her gloved fingers worked frantically and futilely in an effort to reach back to protect herself.

Smack! Once again the strap descended on her pretty nates, this time slightly lower and right across the most sensitive parts.

"Mmmmmmm!" Brenda groaned through her gag, and she broke into tears as the pain jolted through both cheeks of her tender bottom. Her stockinged legs flew backward at the knees, pointed heels nearly reaching her thighs. Her entire body jerked against the bonds that held her captive in an instinctive effort to attempt to escape the pain he was inflicting on her poor posterior.

Thwack! Whack! Slap! Allowing a few seconds' interval for the full effect of each application to sink in, Roy began applying the sleek strap in a systematic manner designed to torment every sensitive nerve end in her curvaceous posterior. Covering both hips and thighs down to the tops of her rolled stockings, he applied the strap with a wrist-snapping motion guaranteed to obtain the maximum effect of the strap.

"Mmmmmmm! Mmmmmmm!" Brenda's high-pitched squeals, although muffled by her gag, revealed anguish mingled with arousal. As the glowing fire in her buttocks and thighs continued to build to a higher flame with each fresh application of the strap, the shapely brunette bondagette tossed about wildly on his lap with her hips jerking with coital-like movements, her long legs waving prettily in the air. Soaking wet between the legs, she found her excitement mounting to a fever pitch. Completely over-powered, she wanted him to take her in the most brutal way possible.

Whack! Thwhack! Smack! The strap continued descending on the quivering target. By this time, Brenda's girlishly wide posterior and upper thighs were a glowing red from the combination spanking and strapping, and the entire area was in flames. Watching her twist and kick and squirm sensuously about on his lap, Roy could tell that she was both physically and emotionally prepared for the final onslaught. "That's enough of that for the time being!" he remarked, tossing the strap on the floor.

Picking his sobbing and twitching victim up easily in his hands, he tossed her face-down on the bed. Brenda did not attempt to avoid him but instead lay crying and convulsively jerking against her bonds as he quickly stuffed a couple of pillows beneath her stomach to elevate her scarlet and burning hips. She could see that his erect penis was sticking out of his trousers and, as it always did at times like that, it looked simply huge.

Kneeling quickly on the bed, Roy unfastened the bonds that confined her long legs and then unbuckled the torso strap between her legs, pulling it out of the way. Brenda moaned with a mixture of despair and excitement as the sudden departure of the strap left her feeling horribly vulnerable right where it mattered most. Pulling her long legs apart somewhat impatiently, Roy knelt between her thighs. Bracing herself for the final attack, Brenda winced with pain as his fingers probed her burning bottom, spreading the cheeks apart.

"Mmmmmmmmm!" Brenda shuddered spasmodically, as she felt the head of his hard penis probing the small entrance.

Roy positioned himself carefully and moved forward with a vigorous thrust, the head of his penis sliding into the tiny opening and spreading it apart.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm!" Brenda's scream was mostly muffled by her gag. Arching her back and jerking against her leather bonds, she had no choice but to submit to the painful penetration. Instinctively, her sphincter muscles sought to expel the foreign object but that was impossible.

Pausing for a brief moment to let her get used to it, Roy pushed forward with a vigorous thrust that forced the walls of her anal canal well apart. Feeling as if she were being torn apart inside, Brenda shuddered with pain and masochistic pleasure. Tears streamed down her face and she would have begged for mercy had it not been for the gag. Roy did not stop until his sturdy member was deeply inserted in the ultra-tight channel.

Feeling the muscles of her anal canal clutching his thick penis, Roy grasped his pretty victim at the hips to hold her in position, and slowly began pumping his pelvis back and forth. As she began to adjust to the presence of a masculine rod in her rear channel, Brenda found her excitement rising and began to respond with wriggling movements of her hips. To torment her all the more, Roy slipped one hand into her wet bush and worked a finger into her vulva.

"Mmmmmmm!" Brenda reacted with a girlish wriggle as his finger found her sensitive clitoris and began massaging it gently.

Timing himself quite deliberately, Roy gradually increased the tempo. Moving back after each forward thrust until just the head of his member was inside her, he would pump with a quick thrust that sent the hard muscle back in clear to the hilt. His probing fingers never let her vulva, continually tormenting her and forcing her to wriggle her hips in response. Forced to endure the bizarre assault, the pretty bondagette found herself aroused nearly to the point of hysterics.

Roy could no longer hold himself back. Pumping almost brutally, he rammed his throbbing penis forward as far as it would go and sent his climax jetting deep inside her. Twisting and shuddering convulsively, Brenda achieved the violent orgasm that only Roy's bizarre mistreatment seemed able to produce. Completely conquered and knowing that more kinky sex would soon be in store for her, the young bondagette relaxed happily on the bed in the prison of her leather bonds.

Case History No. 4

The experiences of Arthur P. demonstrate how youthful experiences can lead to an adult interest in spanking and bondage. While in his early teens, Arthur was sent to live with an aunt and uncle in a somewhat isolated rural area. The uncle operated an extensive agribusiness combine that kept him away from home frequently. This left Arthur at home under the supervision of his Aunt Helen, an attractive but robust woman in her mid-thirties with a severe and dominating personality.

From the beginning, Arthur was kept under extremely strict discipline. There can be little doubt that his Aunt Helen was a sadist. For the slightest infraction of her rules, Arthur was soundly spanked with the hand and hairbrush. He was always spanked on the completely bare bottom, and his aunt did not even permit him to prepare himself. Instead, his aunt personally lowered this trousers and shorts for him, even after he was a mature young man well into his teens.

The spankings were never laughing matters by any means. Pulling her skirts up out of the way, his aunt would make him stand sideways between her legs and bend over her left thigh until his head was nearly touching the floor. Holding him firmly between her strong thighs, she would apply a long and sound spanking. Her procedure was almost always the same. She would commence with her hand and spank until her palm was stinging too much to continue. She would then switch to the hairbrush and apply it almost unmercifully. Finally, she would toss the hairbrush aside and finish up with her hand, once again smacking away until her palm stung too much to continue. Although her hand was large and capable of imparting much more pain than might be imagined, it was the hairbrush that really hurt. Arthur inevitably wound up howling and sobbing long before the spanking came to a halt.

For repeated or severe offenses, his aunt would humiliate him in various ways before and after the spanking. For example, she would undress him completely and make him wear a pair of nylon panties and occasionally a woman's slip. Thus attired, he might have to stand or sit in the corner for as long as an hour before the spanking. And after the spanking, he was always made to wear the panties for the rest of the day under his regular clothing. If spanked at bed-time, he was sometimes required to sleep in a girl's nightie afterwards.

Although Arthur was never a weakling, and in his later teens became quite a well-built young man, he could never bring himself to resist his aunt's will when it came to discipline. When she would berate him and start preparing him for a spanking, he would find himself completely tongue-tied and unable to offer any opposition although he found such treatment almost unbearably humiliating and the physical pain almost unendurable at times. He was too inexperienced to understand the masochistic tendencies that caused him to submit so meekly to his aunt's domination, but he recognized from his earliest teens that he was sexually attracted to her. When she would pull up her dress prior to spanking him, often revealing dark-brown stocking tops, garters, and bare thighs, Arthur would have to fight to keep from having an erection. Alone in his room after a spanking, he invariably found relief by masturbating.

From his early teens, Arthur strongly preferred robust, buxom young women who resembled his aunt. It was not until he was into his twenties and away from his aunt's domination, however, that Arthur realized that he was hooked on the type of bizarre mistreatment she had administered. Tormented by a strongly compulsive urge to be dominated and humiliated by a woman, be began searching for dominant women who would compel him to act out his fantasies.

As a result, he found himself standing at the apartment door of Eleanor F. The two of them had met by correspondence and she had assured Arthur he would never forget one of her treatments. Although he realized the potential dangers of completely delivering himself into the hands of a total stranger, Arthur was too driven by his compulsions to avoid the temptation. Taking a deep breath, he knocked on the door.

Arthur's heart began pounding rapidly as the door swung open. Eleanor stood in the doorway, her hands on her sides, glaring malevolently at him. An attractive brunette, she was robust, buxom, and obviously quite strong-just the type of woman to whom Arthur was most attracted. She wore a sleeveless white blouse, arm-length black kid gloves, formfitting leather skirt hemmed to end about three inches above the knees and slit along each side, black nylon hose, and gleaming patent leather pumps with four- inch-high heels. "Come in if you dare!" Eleanor told him in a contemptuous voice. "But don't forget to close the door behind you!"

Although his knees felt slightly weak under him, Arthur could not resist the temptation. Stepping inside, he closed the door behind him. Eleanor's apartment was lavishly furnished but Arthur was too overcome by her to notice the surroundings. In the presence of the striking and haughty dominatrix, he found himself quite tongue-tied and helpless, much as he had been when undergoing discipline from his aunt.

With confident strides, Eleanor walked over to an easy chair and seated herself. Crossing her legs with a rustle of nylon, she did not bother to adjust her black leather skirt that rode back to reveal black stocking tops and a glimpse of milk-white thigh. Her legs were full, almost heavy, but quite shapely and smooth, and Arthur could not refrain from gazing at them in obvious fascination.

"Now, tell me, why are you here?" Eleanor asked with an imperious smile, knowing only too well that her latest masculine victim would experience considerable embarrassment in trying to verbalize his feelings in front of her.

"Well, I ... er ..." Arthur found himself stammering as he tried to answer the surprising question.

"Go ahead, tell me!" Eleanor demanded, flashing him an angry glance.

"Well, I came be--because ..." Arthur continued to stammer, becoming red in the face.

Eleanor was quite amused at his embarrassment, but could see that he was plainly at a loss for words and decided that there was no point pushing that type of torment too far. "You came here to be my sex slave, isn't that right?" she asked in a commanding voice.

"Y-yes!" Arthur managed, unable to meet her withering gaze.

"In that case, you can't stay dressed up like a real man!" Eleanor told him in a sarcastic voice. "Take off your clothes! All of them!"

Arthur gasped at the surprising and quite humiliating command. Quite aware that she was watching him with the utmost condescension, he began disrobing and was soon down to his shorts. Red-faced and feeling thoroughly humiliated, he managed to bring himself to remove them. He could see the look of bemused superiority on her face as he finally stood in front of her, completely nude.

"Put that on!" Eleanor demanded suddenly, tossing a pair of pink nylon panties on the floor in front of him.

With fumbling fingers, Arthur embarrassedly picked up the wispy garment. Nearly tripping, he somewhat awkwardly stepped into the panties and pulled them up his legs. The tiny nylon garment clung to him firmly, and Arthur's cheeks burned hotly as he stood meekly in front of his bizarre tormentress attired in the shameful feminine garment. Despite his deep humiliation, he could feel his excitement rising at the prospect of being put through his paces by such an attractive dominatrix.

"You look very sweet in your panties, slave!" Eleanor told him, just to torment him. "Now, down on your knees, this instant!" Her voice was suddenly harsh and strident, and she pointed a gloved. forefinger haughtily toward the floor. Almost without thinking, Arthur collapsed to a kneeling position in front of her.

Eleanor uncrossed her legs and extended her feet together, her gleaming patent leather pumps directly in front of Arthur's face. The submissive male slave gulped hard when he noticed that both gloved forefingers were pointing insistently toward her feet! "Kiss my shoes!" Eleanor demanded in a superior voice.

Arthur swallowed and hesitated, feelings of intense humiliation mingling with excitement at the thought of performing such a submissive act.

"Go ahead, slave!" Eleanor told him. "It will teach you humility!" Her forefingers continued to point insistently toward the pointed toes of her spike pumps.

Unable to resist any longer, despite the humiliation involved, Arthur impulsively leaned forward and pressed his lips against the tip of her right shoe. Feeling his lips in contact with the icy-smooth leather and sensing the nearness of her nylon- clad feet and shapely legs, Arthur could feel the expanding tautness in the front of his panties. Allowing his lips to linger for a moment, he proceeded to kiss the other shoe in the same fashion. When he drew back afterwards, their eyes met for a brief moment, and his shamefaced look made it quite apparent to Eleanor that her latest male trainee was completely enthralled by her.

"Stay on your knees," she told him. "I'll be back in a minute." She got up and strode from the room with purposeful strides.

Finding himself alone, Arthur obediently remained on his knees. Although he couldn't help wondering what torments might be in store for him if he remained, he knew that he did not wish to escape the demanding dominatrix who obviously understood the art of tormenting the male. Eleanor returned in a moment and Arthur gave a start when he noticed that she was carrying a tray of bondage materials.

"Please, you don't have to tie me up!" he told her.

"I'll make all the decisions!" Eleanor told him with a freezing glare. "Now, hold out your hands!"

Feeling helpless to resist, Arthur meekly extended his hands and watched as his wrists were quickly and efficiently snapped into a pair of stainless steel handcuffs.

"See if you can get out of them!" Eleanor told him in a confident voice.

As Arthur futilely tried to remove the manacles, Eleanor proceeded to snap leather cuffs around his ankles. The two cuffs were connected by an eight-inch chain, which made it possible for him to walk only with very small steps.

"You're not going to get away now!" Eleanor told him.

Arthur realized that she was right, and began to wonder what he had let himself in for. Knowing that he would have to suffer any torment she decided to inflict, he felt a growing sense of panic mingled with a strong surge of masochistic excitement at the thought that he was now the helpless captive of that buxom and attractive dominatrix. He wanted to speak but his mouth felt parched.

Eleanor fastened a leather dog collar around his neck, deliberately making it uncomfortably tight. She clasped the leash attached to the collar in one gloved hand and looked down superiorly at him. "Now I'm going to take you into my torture chamber, slave!" she informed him, in a voice that made it all too evident that she was really relishing the idea of tormenting him. "Believe me, I wouldn't want to be in your place for anything!"

Arthur trembled noticeably as he listened to the threatening words, but she gave him no time to reply.

"Come along!" the comely dominatrix ordered. "You have to crawl, of course! Let's go!"

Yanking on the leash, she started leading him from the room. Shackled and wearing the shameful panties, Arthur felt a mixture of excitement and humiliation as she led him on all fours. Gazing at her pencil-thin spike heels, steeply arched feet, and shapely, nyloned calves, he was a willing prisoner.

Eleanor led him into the spare bedroom of her apartment, which had been set aside as a bondage studio. The room was done in black leather, and numerous bondage devices, some of them quite bizarre, were strung on hooks on two of the four walls. The third wall held an oversize mirror. Hooks and similar devices were attached to the ceiling. Arthur's eyes widened with surprise as he suddenly found himself in the strange and terrifying surroundings. Almost instinctively, he tried to pull back, but Eleanor gave him a firm yank on the leash and forced him into the room.

"Come in here, slave!" Eleanor demanded. The dominatrix picked up a three-foot slender switch and slashed it vigorously across his pantie-clad buttocks.

"Ow!" Arthur yelped with surprise and pain as the lithe switch cut smartly through the thin material of the panties.

"You'll get some more of that if you try to resist me!" Eleanor warned in a menacing voice. Yanking firmly on the leash, she pulled Arthur toward the middle of the room.

Cowering on all fours, Arthur took a quick look around the bizarre room to examine the various bondage devices that were on display. He realized that some of them might be employed on him that very evening and involuntarily shuddered as Eleanor closed the door to the torture room. They both knew that she could do anything she wanted to with him and that he would simply have to suffer the consequences. Her contemptuous, malevolent glare as she gazed down at him made it all too evident that she was going to enjoy making him suffer.

Eleanor walked over to a dresser and picked up a device that resembled a pear. It was in fact a chokepear, an efficient and extremely uncomfortable gagging device. The choke-pear consisted of two halves of solid rubber held together by a metal mechanism at the large end. The mechanism controlled a concealed inner spring which, when released, would force the two halves of the pear apart inside the wearer's mouth. The spring was quite powerful and could not be controlled by the victim.

"Open your mouth, slave!" Eleanor demanded, dangling the pear in front of his mouth.

"Please, don't!" Arthur pleaded in a hoarse voice.

Slash! Eleanor brought her switch down against his bare back with a nasty slash.

"Ow!" Arthur gasped as the switch cut into his flesh. Suspicious and reluctant but not really suspecting what the choke-pear could accomplish, Arthur submissively opened his mouth. Eleanor quickly popped the pear between his teeth and adjusted the mechanism to release the spring. As the choke-pear suddenly flew open in his mouth, pushing his jaws painfully far apart, Arthur jerked as if a sudden jolt of electricity had been sent through him. Making animal-like sounds of pain and distress, he frantically clawed at his mouth with his manacled hands in an effort to expel the painful object.

"Take your hands away this instant!" Eleanor demanded, slashing at his bare hands with her switch. Stung by the painful cuts across his hands, Arthur reluctantly lowered his them. His face distorted by the expanded choke-pear in his mouth and unable to speak in an intelligible manner, Arthur mutely appealed with his eyes for release from the uncomfortable object. But the cruel smile she flashed him in reply told him there would be no mercy from her.

Without wasting any effort, the bizarre dominatrix lowered a rope from a mechanical pulley in the ceiling and fastened it securely to his handcuffs. She then flicked the switch that activated the mechanical pulley and Arthur found himself slowly but surely being pulled in an upward direction. Eleanor could not refrain from smiling at the wild look of alarm on his face as he realized what was happening to him. She had deliberately arranged things so that he was facing the full-length mirror that adorned one wall and could therefore observe his own ascent. It wasn't long before he was on his feet with his arms being pulled high over his head. His muscles straining, Arthur began to wonder how much more he could stand. Watching him carefully and thoroughly enjoying the discomfort she was inflicting on him, Eleanor did not turn off the switch until Arthur was standing on his tiptoes with every muscle in his body stretched to the utmost.

Observing his own torment in the mirror, Arthur could hardly believe what was happening to him. Yet he found it strangely exciting to be trussed up so helplessly in the bizarre bondage chamber of that buxom and attractive dominatrix. He could see her in the mirror, standing slightly behind him and observing him with a mixture of amusement and contempt. It seemed plain to Arthur that she hated men intensely and wouldn't stop at anything to humiliate or hurt them.

With her new male slave reduced to total helplessness, Eleanor decided to torment him all the more by partially disrobing. She loved to tantalize her helpless male victims by flaunting her voluptuous body in front of them, forcing them to watch, and denying them the feminine charms so provocatively displayed before their very eyes. Deliberately standing behind him so that he could only watch her in the mirror, Eleanor began unfastening her blouse. Arthur's eyes widened as he watched the blouse opening in front to reveal a well-filled black brassiere. Eleanor slowly removed the blouse completely and draped it over the back of a chair. Next, she unfastened her black leather skirt and gracefully stepped out of it. She was wearing a skimpy pair of black panties and matching garter belt.

Clad only in her arm-length black kid gloves, black brassiere, panties, garter belt, sheer black nylon stockings, and skyscraper high heels, Eleanor paused for a moment just to tantalize her trussed-up masculine victim. Forced to look at her through the mirror, Arthur gazed with fascination at her lush, scantily clad figure. Forgetting for a moment the discomfort he was experiencing, he drank in her wide but smooth white shoulders, steeply pointed black brassiere, narrow waist, plump pantie-clad hips, and full but shapely, nylon-clad legs.

Reaching behind her, Eleanor unfastened her brassiere and began removing it. Arthur's eyes widened as the two plump mounds tumbled from the black cups of the brassiere, jouncing saucily in front of his eyes at their sudden freedom. The boldness she displayed in flaunting her voluptuous figure in front of him was a vivid reminder to Arthur that he was totally helpless and at her mercy. Arthur watched as if hypnotized as she hooked her gloved fingers into the waistband of her black panties at each side, and with deliberate slowness began pulling down the wispy garment. Watching intently in the mirror, Arthur saw the triangle of luxuriantly rich brown hair slowly come into view. Eleanor was proud of the thick, almost shaggy, growth of brown hair between her legs, and loved to torment her masculine victims with it in various ways.

Tossing the panties aside, Eleanor paused for a moment behind him to give him a view of her voluptuous figure. Clad only in her long black gloves, garter belt, black nylon hose, and high heels, she created an almost blinding effect on her helplessly trussed-up victim. Gazing at her plump, pink-tipped breasts and the lush triangle of brunette hair between her legs, Arthur was willing to serve her any way she demanded regardless of the humiliation and pain she might exact as her price.

"Now I think it's time for me to play with you awhile!" Eleanor told him, in a voice that made plain she was really going to relish the task. With his body strung up in total helplessness and his jaws painfully distended by the choke-pear, Arthur could do nothing but shudder as be observed the sadistic dominatrix. picking up the whipping switch. Standing behind him and to his left, she took careful aim with the switch, allowing it to brush against the thin seat of his panties. Watching in the mirror, Arthur braced for the assault.

Swish! The switch hissed through the air and landed squarely across the tightly stretched seat of his panties. Arthur's helpless body twitched reflexively as the switch stung sharply across both sides of his hips. Eleanor observed his reaction with a faint smile on her lips and then, tucking the switch under her arm for a moment, stepped forward and rudely yanked his panties down to expose his hips.

Swish! This time the switch landed on his completely bare hips, stinging like a lick of fire. The choke-pear in his mouth rendered Arthur's cry of pain inarticulate, and his entire body tensed as he tried to brace himself for the punishment. Glancing at the front of his body in the mirror, Eleanor detected the erection that betrayed his true feelings about the cruel treatment she was inflicting upon him.

Swish! Swish! Swish! Eleanor began applying the switch vigorously to his defenseless buttocks, swinging from various angles to obtain the maximum coverage. Forced to endure the energetic switching, Arthur wondered how much he could stand. His outcries of pain were completely muffled by the bizarre and uncomfortable gag in his mouth, while his buttocks burned and prickled and itched in a thoroughly maddening manner. To add to his discomfort, every muscle in his body ached from being stretched out in that torturous position.

Observing her victim closely both directly and in the mirror, Eleanor continued putting the switch to him with forceful snaps of her wrist. The sight of his twitching body, the crisscrossed red lines on his buttocks, and his erection made the task all the more enjoyable for the sadistic dominatrix. She always found particular enjoyment in chastising a sexually aroused male, as if she were punishing him for his arousal.

"Mmmm! Mmmmm!" Arthur tried to protest and plead through the restricting gag, but his muffled and half-choked attempts made no sense. Tears in his eyes, he tried to look back over his shoulder to appeal to his punishment mistress.

Swish! Swish! The cumulative effect of the vigorous switching made each new application all the more painful. Arthur's strung-up body twitched spasmodically each time the switch lashed across his burning buttocks. Tears washing down his cheeks, he gasped for breath and continued to make muffled sounds through the expanded choke-pear in his mouth.

Finally, Eleanor decided that it was time to subject him to some other form of torment. Tossing the switch aside, she flicked the switch that reversed the overhead pulley. The rope that held him up suddenly relaxed and Arthur found himself standing normally on the floor once again. Eleanor released the rope, allowing him to drop his manacled hands in front. He was breathless and weak, and could offer no opposition as Eleanor pushed downward on his shoulders to force him to his knees in front of her.

Arthur gulped as he found himself staring at close range into the triangle of rich brown hair. In a thoroughly contemptuous manner, Eleanor grasped his head with both gloved hands and suddenly pushed his face lightly against the thick underbrush. Grinding her hips, she rubbed his face in it. "That's just a sample of what you'll have to do for me, slave!" she told him as she released his head. "Now I'm going to take that gag out of your mouth. But if I hear one single word from you, back in it goes! Understand?"

Desperately eager to get the painful choke-pear out of his mouth, Arthur nodded his head vigorously. Eleanor began working with the mechanism that controlled the spring, and the pressure inside his mouth immediately began to subside. The two halves of the pear gradually came together, and Eleanor finally pulled the device from inside his mouth.

"Remember, I want complete silence out of you or else!" Eleanor warned him.

Cowering on his knees on the floor, Arthur watched with a mixture of fear and excitement as the scantily clad dominatrix walked over to a leather chair and seated herself. Attired only in her long black gloves, garter belt, black stockings, and gleaming high heels, the bizarre bondage queen gazed down haughtily at her helpless male slave. Tormented and thoroughly aroused by her voluptuous charms, Arthur wanted to speak but did not dare.

"You're going to worship me, slave!" she informed him in an imperious voice. As she spoke, the attractive dominatrix moved to the outer edge of the chair and spread her legs well apart. Arthur gazed intently at the heavy triangle of dark brown hair which almost entirely concealed the pink lips of her vulva.

Crawling on all fours, he began making his way over to her. Eleanor pointed a gloved forefinger toward the floor. "You must start at my feet!" she informed him with a sneer.

Feeling completely abased but eager to comply with her bizarre demands, Arthur immediately lowered his face to her feet and began kissing her shoes. "Kiss my shoes all over!" Eleanor told him, watching him closely. "Take your time about it!"

His face burning, Arthur kissed the gleaming patent leather spike pumps from toe to heel as she had demanded. Masochistic excitement mounting as he performed the degrading task, Arthur could not refrain from licking the smooth leather with his tongue. Eleanor watched his submissive performance with obvious satisfaction.

Barely able to restrain his excitement, Arthur moved his lips from her shoes to the cobwebby nylon covering her feet. Shod in the four-inch high heel pumps, her pretty feet were arched almost vertically in a manner the young male slave found quite enthralling. Trembling with agitation, he kissed her nylon-clad feet ardently, pressing his lips tightly against them. Gradually, he began working upward with his lips, licking her ankles and full but shapely calves.

"Take your time or I'll make you go back and start over again!" Eleanor warned him.

Gazing upward from time to time at the brunette delta where he would ultimately have to worship his bondage queen, Arthur worked his lips up her nylon-clad calves to her rounded knees. A disdainful smile on her face, Eleanor observed him carefully. Moving farther between her legs, he began kissing her plump, tapering thighs. Trying not to move too quickly, he worked his way up to the expanded tops of her black nylons and finally allowed his lips to brush against the velvety smooth bare flesh. Eleanor spread her thighs wider apart to receive his enforced attentions, and watched haughtily as he eagerly began kissing her bare thighs. It wasn't long before his face was brushing against the thick underbrush of brunette hair, and he could feel her smooth thighs brushing against the sides of his cheeks. Unable to restrain himself any longer, Arthur buried his face in the thick bush and planted a firm kiss on her vulva. Eleanor clamped her gloved hands down on his head, pressing his face tightly against her and allowing him no escape.

"Use your tongue, slave!" the buxom dominatrix urged.

It was a command that did not have to be repeated. Arthur eagerly extended his tongue and began to flick it against the soft, plump lips of her vulva. His face buried in the brunette delta, he couldn't see what he was doing and had to grope with his tongue. By extending his tongue as far as possible, he managed to work it between the outer folds of her vulva.

"Keep doing it!" Eleanor demanded, pushing his head closer to her with her gloved hands.

Her feminine fluids soaking his face and trickling into his mouth, Arthur worked his tongue up and down inside her split. Thoroughly enjoying his servile caresses, Eleanor began working her pelvic muscles back and forth in simulated coital movements. Flicking her clitoris and vaginal entrance with his tongue, Arthur found himself swimming in, feminine honey to the extent that his sucking sounds were quite audible.

Completely aroused by this time, Eleanor could not resist the opportunity to inflict more discomfort on her servile male slave. With a suddenness that completely astonished Arthur, she forcefully lifted him upward and turned him face down over her lap!

"Aaaah!" Arthur gasped as she clamped her buxom thighs painfully tight around his erect penis.

Smack! Eleanor's gloved hand smacked down vigorously against his bare buttocks.

"Owww!" Arthur yelped, his manacled legs swinging backward in response to the smarting spank.

Smack! Keeping a firm grip on his stiff penis with her strong thighs, Eleanor began spanking his bare bottom smartly with her gloved hand. His buttocks still stung and prickled uncomfortably from the switching, which made the hand spanks hurt all the more. Blinking back tears and gritting his teeth to keep from crying out, Arthur jerked reflexively each time her gloved hand came into contact with his bare bottom.

"You need lots of discipline, slave!" Eleanor told him, continuing to apply her gloved palm without pause.

"Ouch! Oh! Don't!" Arthur gasped in a hoarse voice.

Smack! Smack! Eleanor smacked first one cheek and then the other, quickly reddening his bottom. Each vigorous smack produced an outcry of pain from Arthur, who found himself writhing in anguish across her nylon-clad thighs. Despite the pain and humiliation he was enduring, he found rising masochistic excitement in having to submit to discipline from his mistress's gloved hand and made no real effort to escape the punishing blows.

"Your bottom is getting red, slave!" Eleanor told him in a sarcastic voice.

"Ouch! Oh! Please! Oww!" Arthur exclaimed each time her gloved hand descended against his burning bottom.

Smack! Whack! Smack! Eleanor began spanking even harder, bringing her gloved hand down with crisp, ringing spanks. His bottom burning and throbbing painfully all over, Arthur began to sob quite heavily. Jerking against the bonds that held him prisoner, the hapless male slave twisted about on his bed of masochistic torment. Eleanor took great satisfaction in watching his masculine buttocks turn a fiery scarlet under her capable palm; it was always a pleasure to see such visible evidence of the pain she had been inflicting.

"There! That ought to hold you for awhile!" Eleanor told him as she applied a final extra-hard spank. With a rude shove, she pushed him off her lap to the floor. Arthur lay in a heap on the floor, sobbing hard but highly aroused by the bizarre abuse he had suffered. Eleanor quickly got to her feet and walked over to pick up the switch she had previously discarded. Still attired only in her long gloves, garter belt, black stockings, and spike-heeled pumps, she stood in front of the full-length mirror with her legs well apart and the switch held menacingly in her hands. The thick triangle of hair at the fork of her legs was glistening with moisture.

"Come over here, slave!" she demanded, pointing a gloved forefinger to her midsection.

It was apparent what she wanted. Crawling on all fours, Arthur quickly made his way over to her and buried his face in the moist clump of hair. Eleanor spread her legs even farther apart to give him more space to work in. Her gloved hands pressed against his head, plastering his face against her wet charms. "Bring me to a climax!" the sadistic dominatrix ordered. "And use your hands on yourself!"

When Arthur hesitated about complying with the humiliating order, Eleanor slashed the switch smartly down his back. Arthur quickly capitulated, his manacled hands fumbling and stroking his erect member. Glancing back over her shoulder, Eleanor watched his bizarre self-manipulation in the mirror.

"Go on!" she urged, flicking him continually with the switch to spur him on. "Bring us both to a climax!"

Highly aroused by the masochistic ordeal to which he had been subjected, Arthur frantically worked his tongue up and down her pink groove while at the same time manipulating his throbbing penis. Despite the humiliation of having to masturbate in front of her, he was completely overwhelmed with masochistic excitement and soon ejaculated with vigorous spurts. Thoroughly enjoying his self-abasement in the mirror, Eleanor quickly experienced her own orgasm.

Nearly exhausted by the bizarre treatment, Arthur spent sometime alone in the bathroom afterward trying to recover. He looked quite meek and more than a little sheepish when he finally emerged. Eleanor, who had replaced her clothing, was seated with her shapely legs crossed in her living room easy chair.

"I wonder if we could, er, could get together again," Arthur inquired somewhat embarrassedly.

Pleased but not surprised to find that she had added another male slave to her stable, Eleanor smiled imperiously at him. "I'll be even harder on you next time, slave!" she warned.

Chapter 4

Marital Bondage

"For the past couple of years, my husband and I have experimented with bondage and we both agree that it has added a great deal of spice to our sex life!"

The above statement, by a pretty young woman, demonstrates the growing acceptance of bondage as a form of erotic foreplay by many of today's married couples. As modern couples continue to experiment with wider variations of sexual activity, bondage and other sexual games once thought to be kinky, or even perverse, have enjoyed a surprising surge in popularity. We have already examined some of the reasons underlying this development, and in this chapter we will review this phenomenon specifically within the marital context and with particular reference to situations where the female plays the submissive role.

Although there are a variety of reasons why married couples indulge in bondage activities, there appear to be two principal explanations. In the first place, male-dominant bondage allows the parties to enact erotic fantasies that conform with traditional concepts about the appropriate role for each sex. In a confusing world of changing sexual patterns, women's liberation, and even female domination, male-dominant bondage sessions reassert the old-fashioned concepts that equate femininity and helplessness, masculinity and aggressiveness. Thus, in commenting about their bondage sessions, many married couples make the point that bondage allows them to play traditional roles denied to them in real life. Remarks one young housewife: "Of course, the days when a man could simply hit a woman over the head with a club and drag her off to his cave are long past. But I think a lot of us still have a longing for the cave-man type and the concept of the aggressive man overpowering the female. With my husband and myself, bondage helps us to act out these fantasies. It makes me feel more feminine and I think it makes my husband feel more masculine."

The second principal reason underlying the growing popularity of marital bondage has been the discovery that bondage often works wonders in releasing inhibitions. Even in this relatively enlightened age, many women come from backgrounds that are astonishingly repressive as far as sex is concerned. Such women often develop strong inhibitions about sex, and, when they allow themselves to indulge in sexual activity, they experience correspondingly strong guilt feelings. For such women, bondage provides a neat solution for their problems. Bound in helpless subjugation, they can indulge in various sexual acts with reduced or no feelings of guilt since they can rationalize that they are being forced to submit and have no choice in the matter. This is particularly true with respect to fellatio. Many women with strong inhibitions about oral sex find that they can perform, and even enjoy, fellatio when tightly bound and "forced" to perform the act. Remarks one housewife: "Before discovering bondage, I couldn't possibly have performed fellatio. Now, when I'm trussed up to the point where I can barely budge, I find that it's not only easy but quite enjoyable. But I must have the feeling that I'm being forced to do it."

Another woman described her husband's bondage-fellatio technique as follows: "When my husband decides that a bondage session is in order for me, I must dress only in bra, panties, garter belt, nylon stockings, and high heels. Dressed like that and carrying some clothesline rope for him to tie me up with, I have to report to the living room. My hands and elbows are tied tightly behind my back and my legs are tied at the ankle and knee, leaving me completely helpless.

"I am then placed face-down over a rather long wooden coffee table with my head extending over one end. My husband then sits on a hassock in front of me so that my head is in his lap where I can fellate him. He likes to stretch these sessions out as long as possible, making me use every trick in the book with my mouth and tongue to please him. He keeps his hands on my head so that he can maneuver me as he wishes.

"Believe it or not, I really enjoy being tormented like that. To me, being tied up completely helpless and having my mouth filled with that bone-hard thing of his is terribly exciting. We both enjoy seeing how far I can take it in, and it gets pretty rugged at times. Yes, I always take his climax in my mouth. In fact, he likes for me to leave it in afterward until it really begins to go soft."

The foregoing comments should not be construed to mean that bondage serves to relieve inhibitions only upon the part of the female partner. In fact, many men find that they are able to perform much more adequately sexually when their female partner is in bondage. "My wife and I are both ardent bondage fans," reports one man. "I can be dead tired but the sight of her in scanty attire and tied up in some manner can always get me going."

The following case histories will illustrate the bondage practices of some modern married couples.

Case History No. 5

Sheila and Bryan L. are a married couple living in the Cleveland area. A college graduate of thirty, Bryan is a civil engineer. Sheila is a pretty honey blonde of twenty-seven who works as a fashion coordinator. She has an excellent figure and was a finalist in the Miss Ohio contest several years ago. The two of them have been married for three years.

"Bryan got me started on bondage before we were married," Sheila related. "At first, it was just mild things such as tying my hands behind my back when we were alone together in his car. It was a completely new experience for me, of course, and while it was a little uncomfortable and embarrassing at first, I soon began to find it enjoyable and a little exciting.

"It soon became something of a regular thing for me to be restrained in some manner when we were out on dates together. Some of it was just in fun, of course. For example, sometimes he would take me to a drive-in restaurant with my hands tied behind my back. Despite my protests, he would leave me tied up and would feed me by hand himself. Of course, that always made me feel like a helpless baby.

"And of course sex was involved. When my hands were tied behind me, he always made sure that my skirt was up so that my pantyhose were well on display. Naturally, there was nothing I could do to keep his hands from roaming, and I invariably wound up blushing hotly and having my clothes in complete disarray. Although I'm not exactly the inhibited type, I still found that it was even more exciting to be helpless and unable to resist his advances. Compared with some of the dates I had had, it was nice to feel that I was with a fellow who knew how to master a woman.

"The first time we went all the way together, it was sort of an accident. By that I mean neither of us had actually planned for it to happen that way. it was a warm summer day and we had gone on a picnic together in a rather isolated wooded area near where I lived at the time. I remember that I was wearing just a brief halter, white short shorts, and sandals. Bryan had put some lengths of rope in the picnic basket, and after lunch persuaded me to let him tie me up. He put me in a standing position against the trunk of a tree, tying my wrists together behind me and wrapping the ends of the rope around the trunk of the tree. He then tied my torso to the tree just above and just below my halter, making the ropes quite tight and putting just enough pressure on my breasts to make me squirm a little.

"I guess he had been planning to tie my legs together, but things never got quite that far. I could see that he had a pretty big lump in his pants, and apparently the sight of me all trussed up and vulnerable like that finally got to him. Anyway, the next thing I knew he was unbuttoning my shorts! Of course, I screamed and protested, as any girl would under the circumstances. Remember that it was broad daylight and there was a possibility that anyone could have come upon us.

"Well, despite my screams and protests, I was quickly deprived of my shorts, and there I stood blushing in a very skimpy pair of white panties. I begged Bryan to replace my shorts for me, but instead he promptly began lowering my panties! Of course, I nearly died at that. Screaming and just begging him not to do such a thing to me, I just had to stand there and watch as my panties came down my legs, right off me, and into Bryan's pocket. There I stood, wearing only my halter and sandals!

"Of course, you know what happened next. Despite my blushes, screams, protests, and frantic efforts to break loose, I didn't have a chance. Bryan didn't waste a second getting his pants open, and of course it was standing straight up. Just as if I were some kind of animal, he shoved his hands between my legs and jerked them apart, lifting me right off my feet until my thighs were parallel with the ground. He then stepped between my legs and sat me down on it, real hard!

"Oh, was that ever wild! Of course it was rape, although that word didn't specifically occur to me at the time. Trussed-up like that, I couldn't do a thing to protect myself, and wound up crying and begging Bryan to have mercy on me. He had his hands under my hips by this time and kept moving me up and down, while at the same time vigorously pumping his own hips.

"I was soon nearly out of breath and almost in hysterics. But for some reason, being trussed-up like that and taken in such a brutal, almost savage, manner was wildly exciting. Despite my tears and pleas for mercy, I could feel myself getting more worked up by the moment. It hurt and my whole body ached, but I loved it. I remember thinking that someone might discover us like that and would obviously think that Bryan was raping me, but that thought just seemed to make it all the more exciting.

"We both came to a climax in a short time, and I think my own orgasm was even more intense than his. Bryan was a little sheepish afterward, but I quickly assured him that I really loved it no matter how I had carried on. Of course, after that experience we were really into bondage as a form of erotic foreplay. I started reading up on it so that I could know as much about it as Bryan.

"We began collecting bondage equipment of various types, and I began to experiment with various costumes. Partly I suppose because of that first experience--both of us have a strong preference for outdoor bondage scenes. We have a weekend cottage some miles from town, and we like to get there as often as we can for a bondage weekend. There are some excellent bondage props in the cottage, but we prefer to get outdoors as much as possible. Not only are outdoor scenes attractive, but there's always the possibility that someone will discover us--which I always find very exciting."

Like many bondage fans, Sheila and Bryan like to photograph some of their sessions. Sheila showed me a set of eight outdoor photos taken of her during a recent weekend at their cottage. The photos were so much better than commercially available photos that one could tell at a glance that the two of them were genuine bondage enthusiasts.

In all of the photos, Sheila is fully dressed in long-sleeved blouse with bare midriff, short black pleated skirt, rolled black nylons, and black patent leather pumps with three-inch spike heels. The photos all show her seated on the ground with her hands and elbows tied behind her back, while a scarf gag covers her mouth completely. In some of the photos her legs are free, while in others her ankles are tied in a crossed position.

In a couple of the photos, her knees are also tied together with an additional rope passed under her knees and around the back of her neck, forcing her knees nearly into contact with her chin. In all of the photos, her short black dress has been allowed to ride up over the tops of her rolled black stockings, leaving a glimpse of bare white thigh on view and making a highly appealing display of shapely legs in black nylons and high heels.

"As you can see from the photos," Sheila explained, "we like imaginative costuming. I almost always wear hose and heels, even during outdoor sessions in the woods where it's more than a little difficult to get around on spike heels. Even during very informal sessions when I'm wearing just blouse and shorts, Bryan always insists that I wear high heels.

"If we can't get away to the cottage for the weekend, then we arrange a session at home. I think that all of the furniture in our house has been used as a bondage prop at one time or another. Since I like the sensation of being raped, I am often tied in a position that leaves me vulnerable in one way or another. Sometimes he will tie me and make me wait for what seems like hours, but waiting seems to make it all the more exciting.

"At home, we also do outdoor bondage scenes whenever it's feasible. We have some lawn furniture in back that is ideal for this purpose, and also some trees that we use from time to time. For example, one of his favorite tricks is to take me outdoors on a warm day just at dusk and tie me to one of those trees in a vulnerable position. He then goes away and leaves me by myself, sometimes for an hour or even longer. That's an experience that is not only uncomfortable but a little scary, but there's nothing I can do but wait. His usual practice is to wait until it's really dark and then sneak up and attack me before I realize what's happening. Believe me, that's an experience! Sometimes in the dark I'm not even sure it's him, and it's a good thing I'm always tightly gagged on such occasions or everyone in the neighborhood would hear me screaming. But, no matter how many times we've done it, I still get the wildest orgasms when I'm attacked like that.

"Another bondage game we like to play is called Abduction. To make it more exciting for me, I'm never given any advance notice when he plans one of these sessions. He will suddenly grab me, usually at a time when I don't even realize he's in the house, and quick as a jiffy I'll be tied, gagged, and sometimes even blindfolded. He then dumps me over his shoulder like I'm a sack of flour, hauls me out to the car, and tosses me in the trunk. We then go for a drive out in the country somewhere. Of course, it's pitch-black and uncomfortable in the trunk anyway, and it seems as if he deliberately chooses the roughest country roads and has an absolute genius for hitting every chuckhole in the road. As a result, I get bounced around like a basketball, but of course there isn't a thing I can do to make it easier for myself. When we get to some rural and isolated area, he will stop the car and haul me out of the trunk. Tossing me over his shoulder, he will carry me off someplace where we can't be seen from the road and rape me. Once I remember he positioned me face-down over a tree stump, bared my bottom, and without further ado proceeded to take me from the rear.

"These abduction games involve some really rough bondage and sex, but that makes it more exciting for both of us. We're always trying to think up new games along this line. For example, one time I played the role of the attractive female spy caught by the secret police. That time I wound up supine and spread-eagled on the kitchen table wearing only garter belt and hose, while a sawed-off broomstick served as a dildo as I performed fellatio for him!

"Thus far, the two of us have never attempted to get in touch with others who might share our interests. I'm sure that our ideas are pretty far-out for most people, and I'd like to see the expressions on some of our friends' faces if they discovered some of the things we like to do. But there can be no doubt that bondage and rough sex have added a great deal of spice to our life."

Case History No. 6

Carol P. is a willowy blonde of thirty who lives in a well-to-do suburban area of St. Louis with her husband Jim, an architect. A shapely and vivacious woman who worked as a restaurant hostess prior to her marriage, Carol has been married for four years. She and her husband are dyed-in-the-wool bondage fans and the two of them engage in regular sessions.

With Carol's complete acquiescence, Jim is the dominant member of the twosome. Carol's life is regulated down to the last detail and in ways that other couples would not even consider. For example, Jim is in complete charge of Carol's wardrobe and selects all of her clothing for her. He even has a code of dress regulations that she must abide by at all times. For example, Carol is forbidden to even own a girdle even though she is rather girlishly plump in the hips and, in her opinion at least, needs a girdle at times. Like many men, Jim also has an aversion to pantyhose and requires Carol to wear regular-length stockings and garter belt instead. "As short as skirts are these days, I have to be very careful," Carol says. "But even so, there are times when I just can't help showing hose tops and garters, such as when I'm getting out of the car. Although it's very embarrassing for me, Jim insists that it's really sexy and won't have it any other way."

When the two of them are alone around the house on evenings and weekends, the dress regulations require Carol to go about the house in ultra-short skirts that continually display stocking tops. "I've never really gotten used to the idea of going around with my long legs constantly on display like that." Carol flushed a little as she spoke. "But I must admit that it keeps Jim interested in me."

Around the house, Carol is expected to wait on Jim hand and foot, catering to his every whim no matter how unreasonable it might be. At times, she is required to serve him while fettered in serving shackles. This consists of leather-and-chain hobbles at the ankles and stainless steel cuffs at the wrists. Both the hobbles and the cuffs have ten-inch connecting chains, which permit her to move about and perform any assigned task although she must be careful. Any complaints by Carol on such occasions may result in her serving a sentence in an antique metal scold's bridle that Jim acquired at considerable expense from a private collector.

Another antique bondage device that Jim owns is a chastity belt picked up in England a few years ago. He particularly enjoys making Carol wear it when they go out for an evening. "Deliciously embarrassing is the only way you can describe it," Carol remarked about the chastity belt. "Of course, others don't know I'm wearing it but I'm still very self-conscious about it. And I always have to be careful that the outline of it doesn't show through my clothes."

Along with bondage, the two of them share a mutual interest in dunking. They have an outdoor swimming pool in their backyard that is well secluded and often serves as the stage for their bondage sessions. Jim has even installed lights so that the pool can be used for nighttime bondage sessions. In their garage, he keeps a modern replica of an old-fashioned dunking stool. This consists of a solid wood armchair securely attached to a twelve-foot-long four-by-four. When removed from the garage, the arrangement can be mounted on an inconspicuous platform at the side of the pool where it serves as an efficient dunking stool.

"We've had several interesting episodes with that dunking stool," Carol related. "In fact, the latest occurred just last Saturday and in broad daylight. I had just returned from a shopping trip where I had had my hair done for a party we were going to that night. It was a warm day and I was wearing a light but form-fitting summer dress, beige hose, and white pumps.

"As soon as I got home, Jim called me out to the backyard. When I saw that dunking stool in position at the side of the pool, I knew only too well what he had in mind. Of course, I tried to beg off, telling him among other things that it would simply ruin my new hairdo. But when he has his mind made up on something like that, there really isn't much point arguing with him, and I soon found myself seated in that chair.

"As usual, he tied me securely to the chair with various clothesline ropes. My wrists and arms were tied to the arms of the chair, while my ankles and knees were tied to the front legs of the chair. To make it more embarrassing for me and interesting for him, my dress and white slip were gathered up to the tops of my legs-leaving stocking tops, garters, and bare thighs completely on display. Of course, I kept pleading with him to spare me at least until the party was over, but he wasn't even listening.

"The next thing I knew the chair was swinging out over the water and, as usual, I was squealing as loud as I could. After pausing for a moment to torment me, he simply released the chair and I went down like a rock. In nothing flat, I was totally immersed in the water. Oh, is that ever a horrible feeling to be trapped down there like that! Although I know Jim isn't going to let me drown, it's still almost impossible to keep from panicking when you're so helpless like that. As usual, Jim left me down there about as long as I could stand it, and I thought my lungs were going to burst before I finally felt the chair being lifted. Finally I emerged from the water, totally soaked of course and feeling very much like a drowned rat. Needless to say, my new hairdo was totally in ruins.

"Jim let me sit there at the side of the pool for a few minutes still tied in that chair. Soaking wet and with my skirts still pulled up over my nylons, I know I made quite a sight. Jim, who thinks that there is nothing more appealing than a girl who is soaking wet and tied up at the same time, couldn't take his eyes off me and I knew the session was far from over.

"Finally, Jim untied me from the chair and I got to my feet. With my light dress and slip soaked clear through like that, naturally you could see everything. Sloshing water in my shoes, I walked into the house with Jim following from the rear where he could enjoy the view. Leaving a damp trail as I went, I made it to the family room bath where Jim had me peel off everything except my garter belt and stockings.

"Still damp and shivering, I stood there trying hard not to complain as he fastened a wide leather dog collar around my neck. There was an extra-long slim leather leash attached to the collar, and from past experience I knew what that meant. He passed the leash under my legs and brought it up quite firmly right between the crevice of my buttocks, and as a result I found myself standing up on my toes. Believe me, that is a very uncomfortable and humbling way for a girl to be forced-marched to the main bedroom. On the way, I caught sight of myself in the full-length hall mirror. Oh, what a sight I made! Long-legged and looking even longer-legged on my toes like that, wearing only garter belt and hose, with that humiliating collar and strap doing their meanest--I still blush just thinking about it.

"In the bedroom, I soon found myself supine and spread-eagled on the bed with my wrists and ankles tied securely to the bedposts. Jim quickly hooked up an electric vibrator he often likes to use on me, and it didn't take him long to get it firmly fitted into my vagina. The speed of the vibrator can be regulated within quite a range, and he started it out nice and low. In a moment, I was beginning to squirm and twist quite nicely.

"He quickly peeled off his clothes and jumped on the bed astride me. In a moment he was leaning over me, allowing his thing to dangle against my face. It was partially hard to begin with, and it didn't take him long to get a good erection. I opened my mouth and began working the tip in. I like to do it nice and slow, with plenty of tongue-flicking, and I could tell that he appreciated it. He was working the vibrator adjuster with his hand, and he turned it up a notch.

"He let me work it into my mouth at my own speed. He's pretty well built down there and it's always a real mouthful to manage at first. By pausing at various stages, I managed to get it in very deep, the way he likes it. Once again he turned the vibrator up a notch and waited for a few moments while I got accustomed to having my mouth filled like that. Finally, I turned my head from side to side under him, letting him know that I was ready for him to begin stroking.

"Turning up the vibrator to make me squirm all the more, he slowly began pumping back and forth atop me. I always love this type of double assault when I'm completely helpless like that, and I was soon wriggling and moaning under him. He took his time about it, but gradually I could feel the strokes becoming faster and the penetration deeper. Every few seconds he would turn the vibrator up a little more, and soon had me pumping my pelvis with regular movements.

"Finally, I couldn't hold back any longer and simply went wild! Moaning and making all kinds of animal noises, I flopped around under him as much as I could and sucked like crazy on that rock-hard stick of his. He was thrusting for-ward, hard, with each stroke, really jamming it in me nearly to my throat. That hurt, but the pain just turned me on all the more. He waited until the very last moment before turning the vibrator up to full speed. That really made me jerk around under him, and I braced myself for what I knew was going to be a real load in the mouth. He thrust forward with one final ram and I could feel the jets of warm fluid splashing against the back of my mouth. With that vibrator going full blast and his thing popping off deep inside my mouth, I felt totally conquered, completely overwhelmed. That's just the feeling I need to really set me off and I went off like a string of firecrackers.

"That's a sample of the type of bondage fun and games that Jim and I go in for. As you can see, we like costuming, dunking, bondage, and of course plenty of wild sex."

Case History No. 7

Doris and Larry W. have been married for fifteen years and both are in their late thirties. Doris is a brunette of medium height, pleasantly buxom without being overblown, who looks much younger than her actual age. The two of them live in a suburb of Chicago, where Larry works as a salesman. They are both confirmed bondage fans and have been so as long as they can remember.

"My husband and I get a little amused when we hear the under-thirty crowd acting as if they invented kinky sex," comments Doris. "My husband and I have been confirmed bondage fans, or you might more accurately say bondage-spanking fans, since our marriage fifteen years ago. And, I might add, we're just as much interested in it today as we ever were. With us, it's a way of life and we wouldn't think of changing."

In their relationship, Larry plays the dominant role. "I grew up in a home where the male was boss, but definitely," explains Doris. "My father kept my sister and me in line with spankings even when we were in our late teens and early twenties. Of course, you have to remember that this was nearly twenty years ago when things weren't so permissive as they are today, and in those days we weren't the only girls who got our bottoms warmed when we needed it.

"Those spankings were never any laughing matter either. They were always completely bare-bottom affairs, even when we were fully grown, which often meant unhooking stockings and lowering our girdles as well as our panties. Dad used his hand and an old- fashioned leather razor strap, and never stopped until the physical evidence persuaded him that we had learned our lesson. That meant flaming-red, burning-hot buttocks that stayed glowing hot for hours afterward.

"I can still vividly remember the humiliation of having to unfasten my good nylons, pulling down my girdle and panties, and hoisting my skirts before getting across Dad's knees. But the burning pain and heat of the spanking always made me overlook the humiliation, at least for the time being. Of course, all of this is ancient history now, but it does explain why I like the idea of having a man in charge of the house."

As he has done for a number of years, Larry tries to schedule at least one bondage session a week and sometimes arranges two. "As many times as we've done it," Doris explains, "I still get very apprehensive and do a lot of nail-biting beforehand. When Larry decides to conduct an evening session at home, he calls me around noon to give me advance notice. Of course, this gives me several hours to think about it and I usually manage to get myself worked up into a pretty good state.

"On such evenings, it is understood that I must be in my bondage uniform when he gets home. Although variations occur from time to time, the basic costume consists of sleeveless white satin blouse, full arm-length black kid gloves, abbreviated and very tight black satin skirt a couple of sizes too small, black nylon hose, and spike-heeled patent leather pumps. The undies must all be black: brassiere, panties, and extremely tight girdle of nylon and spandex elastic. This outfit is designed to be both appealing and restrictive, and I must say that it accomplishes both purposes. The skirt is so tight that it serves almost like a pair of hobbles, forcing me to take very tiny steps. To climb stairs or perform similar acts, I simply have to lift it out of the way. The girdle is also very tight, much tighter than I would normally wear.

"Wearing that outfit, I have to serve Larry drinks and dinner as if I were the maid. Of course, in that restrictive outfit I'm a little uncomfortable and it's difficult getting around in that tight skirt, but Larry always enjoys making me wait on him like that. Knowing, or least having a good idea of, what's in store for me afterward, I always find it is a good idea not to complain too much.

"After dinner he takes me into his study for the first stage of the ceremonies. A plain wooden chair is placed in the middle of the room, and I am required to sit backwards on it, moving as close to the back of the chair as I can get. This of course leaves my legs split well apart and pulls my skirt up to reveal stocking-tops, garters, and bare thighs. First, my gloved wrists are tied together in a crossed position in the small of my back. Next, my ankles are tied to the back legs of the chair. To make me feel all the more helpless, my thighs are then tied quite securely to the sides of the chairs by ropes wrapped tightly around my thighs just below the tops of my stockings. Of course, while this is going on there is nothing for me to do but sit there and stew. Next, he brings out the leather punishment helmet. The one we have is made of brown leather, opens with a zipper, and is mounted on a firm leather discipline collar that fits snugly around the neck. The helmet has openings only for the nostrils and the mouth, and is well padded around the ears to block out most sounds. It is quite an imposing punishment device, and I always swallow a little hard at the prospect of being imprisoned in it.

"Of course, my wishes are never consulted in the matter, and my head and neck are promptly confined in the collar and helmet. When my husband zips it up, that helmet really fits my head like a glove, even outlining my features. Of course, I can't see myself in it but Larry has taken some pictures of me in it so that I know what I look like.

"Next comes the gag, which is always mandatory as far as Larry is concerned. Although he occasionally likes to experiment, he basically prefers to employ a rubber ball with a length of rope inserted through it. I'll have to admit that that rubber ball is devilishly effective. When he pushes it between my teeth and ties the rope tightly at the base of my neck, I have no choice but to constantly bite down on the gag, and that soon has my jaws definitely feeling it.

"When I have been helmeted and gagged like that, a leather leash is attached to a ring on the front of the discipline collar. My legs are untied for the time being and I am helped to my feet. My hands are left tied behind my back but that doesn't mean they have nothing to do. My satin skirt is rolled up and I am required to hold it up with my hands."

At this point, Doris produced a photograph which showed her attired and shackled in the manner she had been describing. The photo shows her head completely encased by the leather helmet, while the rubber-ball gag forces her mouth wide apart, and the discipline collar forces her to hold her head severely upright. Her wrists are tied in a crossed position behind her back and her gloved fingers are holding up her black satin skirt to reveal plump, tapering white thighs emerging from the tops of sheer black stockings. The whole effect of the photo is of helpless and willing submission.

"Larry then takes the leash and leads me down to a spare room in the basement which we have set aside as a bondage chamber. He uses all sorts of bondage positions and, during the course of a session, I am usually tied in at least three different positions. The helmet and gag are always left in place so that I can't see what's in store for me and can't complain no matter what he does to me. He has quite an imagination, and some of those sessions can really get grueling after awhile.

"For example, at our session last week he started me out by removing my skirt and tying my legs very tightly together at the ankles and knees. He then attached a rope to the bonds at my wrists and began pulling it upward through one of several overhead devices he has installed in the ceiling. It wasn't long before I was bending very far forward, and was beginning to feel considerable strain on my arms and shoulders. He didn't stop until I was standing well up on my toes, and in fact was hardly touching the floor.

"I don't know how long he kept me in that position, perhaps just a few minutes, but it seemed like forever. It wasn't long before every muscle in my body was aching, and I was desperately trying to signal him through the gag to release me. I'm sure it was a very appealing bondage pose as far as he was concerned, but it was pretty rugged for me.

"The next position was easier, at least to begin with. Untying me completely, but leaving the helmet and gag in place, he had me stretch out supine on a low-slung wood coffee table that's about a foot high. My knees hung over the end of the table, which permitted my ankles to be tied to two of the table legs. He then passed my wrists under the coffee table and tied them somewhat loosely together. Another rope was tied around my waist and the table. That completed the bondage, which in itself was not too uncomfortable. However, as soon as he had finished restraining me, he simply turned the table over on the floor! This left me lying face down on the floor with that table right on top of me, and there wasn't a way in the world I could work my hands free. That basement floor of ours is good and hard, as I found out during the next fifteen minutes. That position wasn't painful but it was wretchedly uncomfortable, and there were times when I thought he was going to leave me there all night.

"When he released me, I thought I had had enough bondage for the evening and tried to tell him so through the gag. But he had one more position in mind and that was a session on the wheel, as we call it. We have a large, old-fashioned farm-wagon wheel mounted along one wall several feet off the floor in such a way that the wheel can be spun around quite freely. Still helmeted and gagged, I didn't realize what Larry had in mind until he stood me on a wooden box and I could feel the wheel at my back. A ride on the wheel is always wild and I found my knees getting a little weak under me at the prospect of being given a good spin. Larry quickly tied my wrists and ankles to various spokes of the wheel in a slightly spread-eagle fashion. Suddenly I felt the wheel turning, and around I went! Larry kept turning the wheel and of course it kept gathering momentum with every turn. Was that ever a wild sensation! If it hadn't been for the gag, I'm sure the neighbors could have heard me screaming. Larry didn't stop turning the wheel until I was completely breathless and hopelessly dizzy, and then he let the wheel run down of its own accord. I wound up standing on my head and simply had to remain in that position until Larry released me a few minutes later.

"I was a little wobbly on my knees and he gave me a couple of minutes to sort of recover my composure. Before proceeding once again, he had me place my hands behind my back with each palm cupping the opposite elbow. He then tied my wrists and forearms very securely together. When I felt his fingers unfastening my stocking supporters and rolling my hose neatly down to my knees, I knew what was in store for me next and really found my knees getting watery under me.

"Unzipping the zipper at the side of my girdle, Larry pulled it down with a firm yank to around my knees. As might be expected, my panties were pulled down along with it, leaving me completely bare and vulnerable around the midsection. He didn't waste much time pulling me face down over his lap, and I felt my thirty-nine inch bottom sticking up as bare as can be. As usual, there was a horrid pause, and I found myself quivering and puckering while the helmet concealed my blushes.

"He began with his hand, deliberately applying light spanks to torment me. Smacking lightly and almost gently, and leaving his palm in place for a moment afterward, he began working up one side and down the other. Helmeted, gagged, and helpless, I couldn't do much except squirm and kick my legs. In a couple of moments, he began spanking a little harder, and I could feel myself getting nicely warm and prickly. I knew I was getting pink back there, although of course I couldn't see for myself.

"After that light warmup, I suddenly found myself receiving a very crisp zinger that smacked right across the crevice and really flattened me. Of course, I bucked up and would have shrieked had it not been for the gag in my mouth. Taking his time about it, he applied about a dozen similar smacks, making sure that both cheeks received equal coverage. By this time, I was crying softly under my helmet while squirming and swinging my legs back and forth. As usual on such occasions, I was noticeably wet between the legs and I suppose that shows what I really thought about being spanked while completely helpless.

"As soon as the hand spanking came to a halt, Larry went to work with the strap. He keeps an old-fashioned black leather razor strap well oiled just for such occasions, and my whole body jerked spasmodically as that sleek strap coiled around the curves of my buttocks. The gag muzzled my howl as I felt the burning heat surging through my hips, and I instinctively tried to work my hands free to protect myself, although of course that was impossible. He began applying the strap to me with slow, deliberate strokes, curving that smooth strap completely around my buttocks each time. He really knows how to do it, and each application made my entire body jump as if a jolt of electricity had suddenly been passed through it. My buttocks began to burn furiously with a deep, penetrating heat, and I was soon crying quite hard, although the helmet prevented that from being apparent. Had it not been for the gag, I'm sure my shrieks would have been simply earsplitting.

"The strapping just seemed to go on and on, really driving me frantic. I squirmed and wriggled furiously on his lap, kicking my stockinged legs as much as my lowered girdle would permit. As the bonfire continued to build up in my buxom hips, my excitement continued rising to a fever pitch, and I'm sure his trouser legs must have been quite soaked as a result. Twisting my helmeted head around over my shoulder, I desperately tried to plead with him, but of course I couldn't make any sense through the gag.

"The strapping suddenly came to a halt, and I found myself being forcibly lifted to my feet. Still helmeted, gagged, and bound at the wrists, I was quickly positioned in a kneeling position on a wooden chair with my bosom resting on top of the chair, my burning and scarlet bottom jutting outward in back. Knowing that I was helpless and vulnerable in two ways, I couldn't do anything except tremble and drip between the legs.

"In a moment, I felt his rigid cock probing my vulva and I breathed a sigh of relief. Sometimes he goes the other way and he's so big that he nearly slices me apart. He slipped it in, and I felt my vaginal walls expanding to receive it. Grasping me at the waist to maneuver my body, he began pumping while I started working my hips around as fast as I could. We were both so worked up that it didn't take us long to climax. I always find it especially a thrill to have to submit to intercourse while I'm helpless to defend myself, and as usual on such occasions that made my orgasm all the more violent."

Chapter 5

Bondage Threesomes

In this chapter, we will consider the subject of bondage threesomes with particular reference to married couples who seek outside participants for their bondage sessions. As we noted in an earlier chapter, bondage threesomes occur in a variety of contexts. Thus, a third party may serve either as a passive witness or as a participating witness.

The passive witness performs a more important function than might be realized. The additional humiliation of being observed by an outsider provides added and often intense masochistic excitement for the victim, and also helps to gratify the victim's unconscious exhibitionist tendencies. Passive witnesses would probably be employed much more frequently were it not for the fact that many persons cannot be trusted to be discreet about such matters.

A participating witness can serve in one of four capacities: sole aggressor, co-aggressor, sole victim, or co-victim. Couples who are both submissive enjoy finding a third party who will put them through their paces together, while couples who are dominant like to find submissive individuals to serve in the role of victim. In the latter case, the victim is most often a female. However, males sometimes serve in such roles; particularly men with strongly submissive-transvestite-bisexual tendencies.

Normally a third party (nearly always female) will be sought out to play the role of co-victim in situations where the wife plays a submissive role in the marriage. The co-victim in such a situation performs a number of functions, not the least of which is allowing the wife to satisfy her unconscious lesbian tendencies. Single girls who desire to play the role of co-victim usually find no shortage of couples willing to allow them to play this role.

A third party may also serve in the role of co-aggressor. A male is rarely called upon to play this role, since dominant males do not want their participation and dominant females have no need for them unless their victims possess strong homosexual tendencies. However, dominant females are often called upon to act in the role of co-aggressor. This usually occurs in situations where the third party joins with another dominant female to inflict double torment upon a submissive male. However, occasionally a dominant female will be called upon to assist a dominant male in inflicting masochistic torment upon a submissive female. This most frequently occurs where the victim has strong lesbian tendencies, but also has strong inhibitions that permit her to indulge in lesbian activities only under duress.

The following case histories will provide some examples of the activities of bondage threesomes.

Case History No. 8

Betty C. is twenty-two, a college senior majoring in journalism. A comely brunette who stands five feet, four inches and possesses an appealing 36-24-35 figure, Betty is an adventurous and fun-loving girl who has traveled extensively in Europe and the States. She has had a succession of boyfriends but prefers to avoid any serious involvements at this stage of her life. Betty regards herself as a sexual sophisticate and, among other things, has experimented with erotic bondage.

"As far as I'm concerned, I practically earned a master's degree in sex last summer!" Betty remarked with an amused smile as our interview began. "Let me explain. Last summer I received an invitation to spend my vacation in Vancouver with a couple of friends of my older sister, whose names are Ken and Nancy. I had never been in that part of the world before and jumped at the chance.

"The scenery was breathtaking and I fell in love with the area immediately. Ken and Nancy are only about four years my senior, so we had lots in common, Nancy is a leggy honey blonde who's very pretty and has a really eye-catching figure. She worked as an airline stewardess with an international line before getting married, so she knows her way around. Ken's family is quite wealthy and the two of them live on their own private estate in an extremely large house. In fact, you might call it a mansion. That of course meant they had plenty of room for me. The first few days there was plenty to keep me busy: horseback riding, swimming, sunning, and so on. Either Ken or Nancy or usually both of them were with me most of the time.

"However, I soon began to notice that Ken and Nancy bad a habit of slipping off to a small guesthouse that was located some distance from the main house. Although it was obvious what they were up to, I was still rather puzzled about what was so special about the guesthouse. After all, presumably they could have done the same thing in their own bedroom.

"This continued for several days, and I must admit that my curiosity began to get the best of me. One evening I noticed the two of them slipping away right at dusk, and couldn't resist the temptation to follow them. After giving them a few minutes' head start, I walked down the path that led to the guesthouse. It had grown quite dark and I had no fear of being accidentally discovered. When I came closer to the guesthouse, I could see that a light was on and that one of the windows was wide open. When I got close enough to the guesthouse to take a peek inside, believe me, I had to clap a hand over my mouth to keep from screaming with surprise! It was one of those scenes that you might read about or see in a movie, but it wasn't anything you'd expect to see in real life.

"Wearing only a pair of dark-brown nylons and a garter belt, Nancy was strung up by her hands to a hook in the ceiling! She was nearly off the ground, her entire body straining and her long blond hair flowing down her bare back. Ken, stripped to his shorts, was standing behind her and to her left, and was putting a leather strap to her bare buttocks!!

"I could hardly believe my own eyes. On the surface, you would never dream that those two would go in for something like that. Completely stunned by what I was watching, I stood there looking on as Ken continued applying that strap to her hips. With each application, Nancy jerked almost spasmodically and, throwing back her head, would utter a cry that mingled pain with definite excitement. It was readily apparent that she was thoroughly enjoying the bizarre abuse he was inflicting upon her.

"That strapping just seemed to go on and on. Although Nancy's buttocks soon became a flaming scarlet and every muscle in her body must have been aching from being stretched out like that, she never once complained or asked to be spared. From time to time, I caught sight of her face and, though she was sobbing and her distress was quite apparent, it was obvious that she was wildly excited. Ken never seemed to let up with the strap. It was apparent from the hefty bulge in his shorts that he was thoroughly enjoying himself. He had seemed like such a pleasant and bland fellow that it seemed almost impossible that he would be capable of inflicting such pain on a woman.

"To my own astonishment, I found my own excitement rising as I watched that bizarre scene. I tried to imagine what it must be like to be in Nancy's position with the strap being put to me unmercifully by a well-built and thoroughly aroused male. I kept glancing at the bulge in Ken's shorts and wishing there was some way for me to get in on the act.

"Nancy's pretty buttocks were fire-engine-red when Ken finally tossed the strap aside. She was sobbing and begging him for sex in a highly aroused, almost abandoned, manner. It was hard to imagine that such severe mistreatment could have excited her that much, but there was no doubt that she was simply carried away.

"Biting my nails, I watched as Ken stripped off his shorts. Boy, was he ever built! He stepped up behind her and grabbed her roughly, pulling her helpless body toward him. Although I couldn't see distinctly, it was apparent from Nancy's earsplitting screams that he was impaling her anal canal on that thick pole of his! The very idea made my knees get weak under me. Sobbing and crying out with exclamations that mixed pain and excitement, Nancy writhed sensuously as he stood behind her pumping vigorously. As they twisted about, I could see that sturdy red muscle pumping in the crevice of her buttocks. It was a horrifying yet fascinating sight, and I found myself getting wet between the legs at the thought of being in Nancy's place. The pain she was enduring must have been excruciating, but it was quite obvious that she really wanted it that way.

"When their spasms and loud gasps made it apparent that they bad both achieved an orgasm, I decided that it was time for me to slip away. I was shaking like a leaf from what I had seen and, deciding that I couldn't possibly face them that evening at least, I retired to my room for the night. As I lay in bed, I couldn't take that bizarre sight out of my mind for anything. It was so exciting, so compelling, that I kept thinking about it. Feeling a little juvenile, I found myself masturbating and soon reached a warm, wet climax.

"I finally drifted off to sleep afterward, but the next day I couldn't help thinking about what I had seen. It was all so bizarre and different from anything I had ever experienced that my curiosity was simply overwhelming. For some reason, I knew I wanted to at least experiment with it. Although I naturally had grave reservations about what I was doing, that afternoon I confessed to Nancy that I had seen everything the previous evening.

"She looked quite surprised and embarrassed, but then laughed when I remarked that I wished some of my boyfriends would treat me that way. We started talking about it and she explained in considerable detail about how the two of them were ardent bondage devotees. She added that an entire room in their house had been set aside as a secret bondage chamber, but that they had been using the guesthouse during my visit because they were afraid that they would be overheard in the house.

"By this time, I was just dying to see that bondage chamber and also wanted to get some experience myself. I admitted as much to Nancy, who seemed quite surprised but pleased. Explaining that they had never had an outsider participate in their sessions before, she indicated that she was sure that Ken would have no objection.

"Of course, as might be expected, Ken didn't have the slightest objection. In fact, he decided that it was time to initiate me right then and there! He and Nancy held a brief conversation, and then she asked me to accompany her to their bedroom. On the way, she explained that Ken wanted us both to be dressed in fetish-style outfits for the occasions Deciding that it would be better not to ask any questions, I went along with the idea.

"In their large bedroom, Nancy began showing me part of their extensive collection of leather and rubber apparel and boots. I had seen some pictures of garments like that, but had never realized that individuals actually had collections of them. I would liked to have spent some time examining them, but Nancy explained that Ken could get quite impatient if we made him wait.

"At Nancy's suggestion, I dressed in a basic outfit consisting of black nylon panties, matching garter belt, and sheer black nylons. Omitting a bra, I put on a skimpy leather halter that left my midriff bare and showed considerable cleavage. With this, I wore a very abbreviated black leather skirt that failed to cover my stocking tops. With some assistance from Nancy, I then put on full-length kid gloves that fit me like a second skin. Finally, Nancy brought out a pair of spike-heel knee-length black leather boots that were laced all the way up in front. Fortunately, they were a perfect fit. It took me awhile to lace them up properly, but the results were well worth the effort. The boots left my feet arched quite steeply, and molded very tightly around my ankles and calves, outlining them perfectly. Properly booted and wearing the leather outfit, I examined myself in the full-length mirror. I'm afraid I blushed a little when I realized how short my skirt really was, but I was really pleased with the outfit. Although I had never worn such high heels before, I found that they were surprisingly easy to walk in and really had an enhancing effect on my legs.

"Next, it was Nancy's turn to dress up fetish-style. She wore the same basic outfit of black panties, garter belt, and nylon hose that I did, but by way of contrast decided to wear a rubber outfit. This consisted of a rubber skirt hemmed to end just at the tops of her nylons, together with a pretty rubber jacket that fit her buxom figure quite nicely. Rubber gloves, a small rubber cap, and knee-length rubber boots completed the outfit. I must admit that I had never realized that a rubber outfit could be so appealing.

"Telling me that Ken wanted to attend to her first, Nancy told me to wait in the bedroom until Ken was ready for me. She was gone for some little time and, as might be expected, I became more and more apprehensive with each passing minute. My mind kept going back to what I had seen in the guesthouse, and my heart was soon pounding wildly. When I heard Ken's steps on the stairs, I was really in a state.

"He quickly burst in to the room, carrying a dog collar and some rope. Knowing that I was blushing vividly, I kept my eyes lowered as he paused to give my fetish costume an appreciative glance. Although it didn't do any good, I couldn't refrain from tugging at the hem of my leather skirt in a futile effort to cover up my stocking tops.

"I couldn't help feeling a little undignified as he snapped the dog collar around my neck, letting the leash hang down in front. Next, he tied my gloved wrists securely together behind my back in a crossed position. By this time, I already felt quite helpless and within his power, and when I noticed that he was visibly aroused I felt my excitement beginning to mount.

"Taking me by the leash, he started escorting me down the stairs. With my inexperience in such matters, I found it extremely humbling to be led by the leash like that, as if I were some totally inferior creature. In addition, I had to be careful negotiating the stairs in those spike-heeled boots, and couldn't help blushing warmly when he continually looked back over his shoulder to observe my progress.

"When we made it downstairs, Ken led me into his study. It appeared to be like any other study might be, although larger than most. I was about to ask him why he had taken me in there when he pulled aside a bookcase to reveal a door. As I soon discovered, the door opened to a secret stairway that led down to their bondage chamber. It was just like some old Gothic novel, and I felt my heart in my throat as he started leading me down those winding, dimly fit stairs.

"Finally, we arrived in the bondage chamber. It was just like a dungeon! The walls were black and the lighting was deliberately low, creating a dark and foreboding atmosphere that had an immediately chilling effect on me. In the dim light, I could make out various chains, straps, and bondage devices attached to hooks on all four walls, while there were various bondage and torture-type devices scattered around the floor of the large room. It was just like something out of the Middle Ages, and I felt my knees weakening under me at the prospect of being tormented by some of those bizarre devices.

"I had forgotten about Nancy until Ken led me over to one corner. There was Nancy strung up to a hangman's gibbet in total subjugation! She was still completely attired in her rubber outfit and was blindfolded and gagged with a rubber ball on a dowel stick. Her hands were tied to the horizontal bar of the gibbet, while her ankles were tied to the base of the vertical bar. An expandable metal bar extended from the gibbet into the small of her back, forcing her to arch her back and thrust out her midsection in an almost unbelievable and totally grotesque manner! It looked as if every muscle in her body must have been stretched to the utmost, and I didn't see how she could endure it. Her vision totally obscured by the heavy blindfold, she seemed oblivious of our presence.

"I didn't have to be told that my turn was next, and could feel my teeth chattering as Ken led me over to a wooden device on the floor. The device, which I later learned was known as a St. Andrew's cross, consisted of a six-by-six wooden frame with two other lengths of wood forming an X within the frame. I had no idea how it might be employed, but I soon found out.

"To make sure that I did not object to any of his plans, Ken decided to start out by gagging me. Without realizing what I was letting myself in for, I quickly opened my mouth when Ken produced another rubber-ball device similar to the type I had seen Nancy wearing. He forcibly fit it into my mouth between my teeth, and I suddenly found out how uncomfortable it was to have my mouth pried open like that. I tried to protest but it was much too late.

"Untying my wrists temporarily, Ken made me stretch out spread-eagle fashion on the cross so that my arms and legs were atop the X-shaped lengths of board. Beginning at my gloved wrists, he proceeded to tie all four limbs securely to the cross. To make this task easier for him, he had placed various lengths of rope under the cross beforehand. Gagged and helpless, all I could do was watch as my wrists, forearms, elbows, and upper arms were securely lashed to the cross. Next, my ankles, calves, lower thighs, and upper thighs were likewise lashed to the cross. It took some time and it was all quite uncomfortable, but I found it quite exciting to be restrained in such a helpless manner. Of course, I could see that he had tied me in a manner that would leave him quite free to torment me sexually, and it was quite a frightening sensation to realize that he could do anything he wanted to me and that I was powerless to stop him.

"When he finished tying me up, he promptly proceeded to prop the frame up against the wall. Gagged and spread-eagled like that, there was nothing I could do as I suddenly found my weight pressing down uncomfortably against the ropes. However, the ropes were tied securely and held me firmly lashed to the cross just like some sacrificial victim.

"Ken left me suspended like that while he began disrobing. In a moment, he was completely undressed and of course he was quite aroused. Knowing that I would simply have to endure whatever form of sexual abuse he had in store for me, I found myself writhing against my bonds with a mixture of fear and excitement. Although he hadn't even laid a hand on me, I was fully sexually aroused.

"Without further ado, Ken proceeded to turn the frame twice on its side and, to my astonishment, I suddenly found myself hanging upside down! With the blood suddenly rushing to my head, I tried to protest through my gag but of course that was impossible. My short leather skirt fell back, leaving my black panties fully on display. But that was only the beginning of it. Ken stepped forward with a pair of scissors and there was nothing I could do but make protesting noises through my gag as my panties were promptly cut apart and removed with a firm yank!

"There I was with my legs spread-eagled, absolutely showing everything! Ken took his time inspecting me and all I could do was squirm with embarrassment. To torment me all the more, he pried the lips of my vulva wide apart with his fingers and leisurely took his time to inspect me at close range! It was easy to see that he was a master in the art of making a girl feel immodest and ashamed.

"After this he left me for a moment and went over to Nancy, who was only a few feet away but outside of the range of my vision. I heard a loud moan from her plus the sound of cloth ripping, which made me think that her panties were being cut away the same as mine had been. I began to hear a low buzzing sound, but it wasn't until I heard Nancy's moans that I knew he was tormenting her with a vibrator.

"When he finally returned to me, I shuddered and then froze in horror when I noticed that he was carrying a lighted candle! But there wasn't a thing I could do to defend myself and in a moment that candle was sticking upward out of my vagina! You can just imagine what a grotesque sight I presented lashed to the cross like that with that candle flickering between my legs!

"Standing back to admire his handiwork for a moment, Ken left me suspended in that bizarre and somewhat frightening manner as he returned to Nancy. Once again I heard the vibrator and her moans that mingled discomfort with excitement. Although I wondered how much more of this bizarre torment and abuse I could endure, I must admit that it was wickedly exciting. That hard candle forcing my vagina] walls apart constantly felt like a sturdy phallus, and I found myself working my pelvis with coital-like movements.

"Ken returned and knelt on a small bench right in front of my face. This left his stiff thing parallel with my face, and there was nothing I could do but submit as he began tormenting my face and throat with it! Maneuvering it with his hand, he rubbed the tip against my throat, chin, cheeks, lips, eyes, and forehead while I moaned with excitement and deep sexual humiliation. I was beginning to realize how exquisitely exciting it could be to be subjected to sexual abuse, and I'm sure it was quite apparent to him that his new bondage convert was one highly aroused young woman.

"He left me for a moment to attend to Nancy, but quickly returned. Without giving me a moment to try to catch my breath, he removed the candle from my vagina but promptly replaced it with a large vibrator. Turning the vibrator on for a moment, he watched for a moment as I simply had to writhe and squirm with that phallic object constantly vibrating against the expanded walls of my vagina. Once again he knelt on the small bench in front of me and started tormenting my face with his hard penis once again. By this time, I was really going wild and was nearly dying to take it into my mouth as far as I could. He finally removed my gag and almost instantly inserted his bone-hard muscle into my opened mouth. It was so big it hurt, but I loved it! Although every muscle in my body was aching, that vibrator in my vagina and that big cock in my mouth were driving me crazy. I was sucking with loudly audible slurping sounds and he began pumping back and forth with regular and firm strokes. I could almost feel him ready to explode in my mouth. Suddenly that warm sticky fluid began spurting into my mouth in erratic jets, giving me quite a mouthful. At about the same time, I started going off with a multiple orgasm that was simply out of this world. My entire body jerked and writhed against the bonds that held me lashed to that cross, and I began to realize the thrill of being a helpless bondagette. He made no effort to draw back from me and I willingly kept it in my mouth, trying to suck all I could out of it. The waves of my orgasm had barely begun to subside when I realized that I wanted a lot more of this bizarre, offbeat sex!

"That was my initiation to bondage, and I suppose that it almost goes without saying that the three of us spent the next few weeks enjoying various forms of offbeat sex. Ken and Nancy gave me a complete course in bondage, spanking, and kinky costumes, and I must admit that I was quite an enthusiastic convert. Although I've always considered myself quite liberal when it comes to sexual matters, I was really astounded at how uninhibited I could become when under restraint and forced to do things I otherwise probably could never have done.

"One example will prove what I am talking about. One afternoon Ken rather impulsively decided to conduct an impromptu bondage session. This took place in the main bedroom rather than in the dungeon, and this time Nancy and I were wearing only garter belts and nylons. Ken bound us at the ankle and wrists with clothesline ropes, and then decided to give us both a good smack-paddling with his hand.

"Sitting on the side of the bed, he took us one at a time over his lap and spanked us smartly with his open hand. He spanked me first, and that big rough hand of his soon had me squirming like a worm. I could feel myself getting nice and wet between the legs as the temperature in my bottom started going up and up. Before he stopped, my bottom was as red as a ripe tomato and my face was wet with tears.

"After my spanking, I watched as Nancy got hers. She really squirmed and carried on as his hand started slamming down on her tender bottom, really flattening each cheek and quickly making her a nice hot pink all over. She kicked her stockinged legs as much as the bonds at her ankles would permit, and she wound up crying and begging him to stop, although it was apparent that she found the spanking quite exciting.

"Following her spanking, Nancy was tied on the bed in a supine and spread-eagle position, her wrists and ankles spread well apart and securely tied to the posts of the bed. Still bound myself, I began to wonder what Ken had in mind. I soon found out! Picking me up bodily, Ken deposited me right on top of Nancy in a sixty-nine position!! You can bet that Nancy and I both howled with protest! Neither of us has the slightest lesbian tendencies, or so we thought. But despite our protests and indignant pleas, Ken tied me in a spread-eagle position over her so that our faces were right against each other's pussies! He pressed my face down against her and pushed her head up between my legs, telling us that we would both stay like that until we made each other come.

"We were both reluctant, and tried to fight it for a minute, but I finally felt Nancy's tongue going to work and I began to reciprocate. Boy, was that ever wild! I'm sure I could never have done that without being forced to do so. For the next few minutes, Nancy and I lay there squirming with our faces plastered against each other's wet pussies, our tongues driving each other frantic. In an amazingly short time, we had the sweetest come any two girls would want to have.

"After that, Ken used similar lesbian-type stunts on the two of us. Although I'm sure that neither of us could have voluntarily done such things, it was really quite easy and exciting when we were given no choice in the matter and simply had to do so. But I think that shows you how bondage can really get you to lose your inhibitions."

Case History No. 9

Jeanine and Ralph C. are both thirty and have been married for six years. The two of them live in Minneapolis, where Ralph works as a management consultant. He is a well-built, athletic man who was once a regular on a Big Ten football term. Jeanine is an extremely attractive platinum blonde of European origin, who is also quite athletic and once competed in the winter Olympics.

The two of them are ardent bondage fans and both strongly prefer playing the submissive role. Although it might seem curious that such physically well-endowed people would prefer to play sexually submissive roles, it is one of the anomalies of masochism that masochists are frequently well-built, healthy, and athletic individuals. For example, athletes are often masochists, and it is not unfair to say that the self-punishment required in training for many forms of athletic endeavor is in fact a form of masochistic enjoyment.

"When the two of us are alone, we take turns playing the submissive role," explains Jeanine. "We usually alternate from one week to the next, but we don't follow any rigid schedule. For example, we may reverse roles right in the middle of the week. In fact, there have even been times when we alternated roles more than once in a single evening. It all depends on what kind of a mood we are both in. We have been married long enough that we can kind of sense what the other wants.

"However, it is understood that whoever is in charge must play that role to the hilt. For example, when it's my turn to be boss, I am really a dominatrix. I even dress for the part in severe clothing and give orders that are deliberately unreasonable. And I even make him dress for the submissive role, often requiring him to wear a combination of women's clothing and shackles. I might add that we have quite a collection of items for this purpose.

"For example, I often require him to serve me attired in a complete French maid's costume consisting of frilly black undies, a firm black satin corset that compresses his waist quite a bit and also serves to hold up his long, black net stockings, abbreviated and flared black uniform dress trimmed in white and worn with highly starched white apron, high-heeled black sandals and little white maid's cap. I even require makeup and complete feminine accessories.

"While waiting on me hand and foot in this outfit, I usually require him to be restrained in some manner. Quite often this consists of a pair of serving shackles: metal cuffs that confine both wrists and ankles and which are connected by ten-inch chain hobbles. The wrist and ankle hobbles are also connected to one another by a four-foot-length of chain, which serves to confine his movements all the more. Although this outfit is quite confining, he can still perform chores in it.

"On such occasions, I usually dress in dominatrix style: leather slacks or skirts, boots, long black nylon hose, long kid gloves, and similar garments. Over the past several years, we have managed to acquire a nice collection of fetish-style boots of various types. Most are knee length and all of them have high, tapering heels, at least three inches, and up to five inches in length. Lacing up and polishing my shoes is one of my husband's chores and, although that often takes a considerable amount of time, I never seem to hear any complaints.

"When we are dressed up like that, my husband is expected to wait on me hand and foot. Although I am completely unreasonable, he can expect to be punished by more bondage for the slightest shortcoming. Thus, he may find himself serving me with his head confined in a tight leather bridle with a metal bit between his teeth. Or he may have to wear the leather discipline helmet, which covers his head completely except for his eyes and nose.

"If I have no chore for him to perform at the moment, he may be tied in a manner that leaves him completely immobile and quite uncomfortable. We keep a collection of ropes and straps throughout the house for this purpose, and also have some special bondage devices in our spare bedroom. Thus, he may find himself confined in a modern replica of an old-fashioned pillory, or he may find his arms tied to an overhead trapeze drawn up to leave him on tiptoe.

"As further punishment, he may find himself subjected to a good hot spanking. Thus, attired in his French-maid outfit and shackled so as to make all resistance impossible, he may be turned up face down over my lap. After raising his uniform skirt, I slip his panties down to the tops of his stockings and then go to work briskly with my gloved hand. Just using my hand like that, I can lay on a spanking hard enough to leave his bottom burning brightly for some little time afterward.

"At times when I am in charge, I am also in command in the bedroom. On such occasions, he is always at least partially restrained and I always play the aggressive role. Sometimes, I even blindfold him so that he can concentrate on the task of pleasing me. He is quite proficient at cunnilingus and really loves doing it for me. I might add that, on such occasions, I invariably take the top position when we have intercourse.

"Of course, when my husband is in charge, our roles are completely reversed and he is the bondage master while I am the servile sex slave. To keep me reminded of my lowly status, I have to go around the house attired in skimpy punishment-type costumes designed to show off my figure in a highly provocative and embarrassing manner.

"For example, I am often required to wear an outfit consisting of see-through white blouse with nothing beneath it, long black kid gloves, an ultra-short black or red satin skirt that might look more appropriate on a drum majorette, a heavily boned waist-cincher type corset that really gives me an hourglass figure, long black stockings held up by supporters attached to the corset, and spike-heeled black leather sandals with four-inch-high heels. With this I wear very heavy makeup and am often required to wear my platinum-blond hair in two long braids.

"When waiting on him while attired in this manner, I am usually restrained in one form or another. Most often this consists of the serving shackles I mentioned before. Although I can get around in them quite well, it doesn't take long for them to become quite heavy. However, I know if I complain I will spend some time gagged in one manner or another.

"When he has nothing better for me to do, my husband will dream up some new method of restraining me completely. At one time or another, I am sure that every piece of furniture in our house has been used as some type of bondage prop. He invariably ties me in ways that leave me totally immobile and also vulnerable for various forms of sexual torment.

"From time to time, I know I can expect a spanking along with the bondage. He uses only his hand but, believe me, that is more than enough! He invariably peels my panties down and puts me face down over his lap for the warming. Although I am usually restrained in some manner on such occasions, he nearly always leaves my legs free because he enjoys seeing stockinged legs kicking back and forth while the spanks are being applied. And I'll admit I do plenty of kicking when that solid hand of his builds a blazing fire in my posterior!

"When he is in charge, I am treated like a slave girl in the bedroom as well as elsewhere. I like to think I'm a pretty good fellatrix; at least I get plenty of practice. When I am performing fellatio for him, my husband likes to use a dildo or vibrator to torment me and we usually bring each other to a climax that way.

"Although we play these various roles with each other, both of us much to prefer to play the submissive role. Sometime ago we realized that it would really be ideal if we could find someone who could train us together, but of course that was easier said than done. However, about a year ago we made contact with a divorcee, whose name is Grace M. When she offered to give us one of her personal 'treatments' in the privacy of our home, we jumped at the chance."

Jeanine went on to describe how an appointment was arranged with Grace for an evening of domination and offbeat sexual thrills. The dominatrix specified that Ralph had to be attired in his French-maid's outfit and be under restraint at the time of her arrival. In addition, she stipulated that Jeanine had to be wearing one of her punishment-type outfits, and that various bondage and discipline devices be readily available.

Thus, the evening of the appointment found Ralph dressed in the maid's outfit and confined in the serving shackles. For her part, Jeanine wore her long gloves, see-through white blouse, abbreviated red satin skirt that failed to cover her stocking tops, and four-inch-high heeled sandals. The two of them made certain that an ample supply of bondage and punishment devices were distributed around their living room. Visibly nervous, they awaited the arrival of the dominatrix. The loud, authoritative knock on the door made them both jump.

"I'll get it," Jeanine spoke up. The attractive platinum blonde swallowed hard and suddenly backed up a few steps as she opened the door. Grace stepped quickly through the door, slamming it behind her. Tall, severe, and obviously supremely confident, she glared at the two young people. An attractive but stern-looking brunette who appeared to be in, her early thirties, she was dressed in a black coat, boots, and gloves. In one gloved hand, she held a menacing riding crop.

"Come here, you!" she glared malevolently at Ralph. "Help me off with my coat."

Slowed by the serving shackles at his wrists and ankles, Ralph stepped forward to remove her coat for her. She was wearing a severe black satin dress that fit her buxom figure quite tightly and was hemmed to end several inches above her knees, revealing shapely legs attired in black nylons and knee-length black leather boots.

"Take off your clothes!" Grace demanded, turning to Jeanine.

"What?" Jeanine looked quite dumbfounded.

"You heard me!" Grace told her, "Take off your clothes! Everything except your hose and garter belt."

Blushing prettily, Jeanine began complying with the humiliating order while the other two watched her closely. In a moment, the pretty platinum blonde was standing in the middle of the room attired only in her black garter belt and nylon hose. As she felt the newcomer's eyes on her plump breasts and pretty triangle of fluffy hair, Jeanine tried to cover herself with her hands as much as possible.

Turning on her heel, Grace walked over to an easy chair and seated herself. Crossing her attractive legs with a flourish, she permitted her black dress to ride up to reveal nylon-clad thighs and black stocking tops. Although her severe and domineering manner left Ralph feeling quite apprehensive, he could not refrain from casting an admiring glance at her shapely, booted legs.

"Tie her up!" Grace demanded, looking sternly at Ralph. She pointed to some ropes they had placed on the sofa in anticipation of her arrival. "Tie her legs together and tie her wrists behind her back!"

The two young people exchanged glances as Ralph picked up some ropes to carry out the order. Unable to cover herself with her hands any longer, Jeanine felt thoroughly immodest as Ralph tied her wrists together behind her back in a crossed position. Next, he dropped to his knees and tied her legs together at the ankles and just above the knees, the white rope making a vivid contrast with her black stockings. Totally helpless and completely within the power of the attractive dominatrix, Jeanine felt her heart beating rapidly.

"Now bring me a couple of ropes!" Grace instructed.

Ralph immediately complied, and stood watching apprehensively as Grace quickly tied his wrists together with one of the ropes. With the other rope, she tied his nylon-clad knees tight together. This restrained him considerably more than the shackles had done, and the male sex slave looked quite alarmed as he awaited the torment she undoubtedly intended to inflict upon him.

"Now I'm going to have some fun with you two!" Grace told them with an imperious smile.

The two young people exchanged alarmed glances at this comment, but both refrained from saying anything. Realizing that she could do anything she wanted to do with them and that they would be helpless to resist, both began to feel a growing sense of alarm. But their fear was mixed with masochistic excitement and neither of them was thinking of trying to back out of the strange bargain they bad made.

Getting to her feet, Grace picked up a couple of rubber-ball gags strung on lengths of clothesline rope. At her command, Ralph and Jeanine meekly opened their mouths and permitted themselves to be gagged. Grace forced the balls firmly into their mouths and tied them tightly behind their heads in a manner that indicated that she was quite expert in the art of bondage.

"Now I think I'll make myself comfortable, if you don't mind!" Grace told the bound-and-gagged pair.

Ralph and Jeanine both gave a start as the attractive dominatrix began removing her dress! She calmly removed it and stood in front of them attired only in arm-length black gloves, well-filled black brassiere, matching panties and garter belt, and magnificent high-heel black patent leather boots. Her figure was robust and strong but quite attractive, and the black garments made a startling contrast with her milk-white flesh. The two helpless prisoners stared intently at the voluptuous dominatrix who held them completely within her power. After pausing for a moment to give them time to admire her striking figure, Grace casually reached behind her back and unsnapped her brassiere. Her large, pink-tipped mounds tumbled from the cups of the brassiere as she pulled off the garment. She had good reason to be proud of her full breasts, and smiled to herself as she noticed that her two captives were staring at her in admiration. Waiting for a moment to prolong the tension, Grace finally slipped her hands into the waistband of her panties and began pulling them down. She stepped out of them and tossed them aside, making no effort to conceal the heavy growth of dark-brown hair at the fork of her legs. Their excitement rising with each passing moment, Ralph and Jeanine stared at the attractive dominatrix who was now wearing only long black gloves, garter belt, black stockings, and boots. Grace stood malevolently in front of them, her hands on her sides and her booted feet well apart.

"You two slaves are going to have to worship me like a queen!" she told him with a freezing glare.

Picking up a lightweight wooden paddle, she seated herself on the sofa with her shapely legs well apart. "Come here, slave!" she motioned to Ralph.

Forced to hop by the bonds at his ankles, Ralph made his way over to the dominatrix.

"Down on your knees!" Grace commanded in an imperious voice.

Gazing at her lush breasts and the inviting brunette triangle on display, Ralph sank to his knees before his attractive tormentress. Her shapely, nylon-clad legs and gleaming boots were only inches away. From her position nearby, Jeanine watched intently and anxiously.

"Now I'm going to take that gag out of your mouth," Grace told her kneeling victim. "But that's for my benefit and not yours! Understand?"

Ralph nodded, and submissively lowered his head as she reached behind him to unfasten the gag. Pulling the rubber ball from his mouth, she tossed it aside.

"Now you have to worship my boots! With your tongue!" Grace told him in a haughty voice.

Ralph swallowed noticeably but quickly complied with the humiliating. order. Pressing his face toward the floor in front of her, he extended his tongue and began flicking it across the toe of her right boot. His face red with humiliation, the bound and bizarrely attired male slave found the submissive act undeniably exciting. Without being told to do so, he licked the toes of both boots until they were shiny wet.

"That's enough for now, slave!" Grace told him, reaching down to push his head back. "It's quite obvious you like kissing my boots!" Ralph cast a shamefaced glance at Jeanine and quickly lowered his eyes. "Now you must worship me here!" Grace pointed a glove forefinger toward her midsection as she spoke. She was seated on the outer edge of the sofa, her buxom thighs spread well apart to expose the brunette triangle and the pink crease in its midst. Casting another shamefaced glance at Jeanine, Ralph hesitated and swallowed quite hard. With his lack of experience, he suddenly found it difficult to perform such a submissive act with another person looking on. Grace watched him closely, a look of cold fury coming over her face as he continued to stall.

"I guess you need some punishment, slave!" she told him. "And that's exactly what you're going to get!" Displaying a surprising amount of strength, she grasped him under the arms and pulled him up over her lap.

"Hey! Don't!" Ralph instinctively protested, as he suddenly realized what she intended to do. With his wrists and ankles tightly bound together, there was nothing he could do to protect himself. Aware of his erection pressing against her lap, Grace flipped back the black uniform skirt to reveal his frilly black panties and the lower part of his black satin corset. The exposure of his intimate feminine garments provoked a sardonic laugh from the dominatrix, who lost no time yanking the tiny panties down below the tops of his black stockings.

"Ow!" Ralph gasped as she caught his erection firmly between her thighs.

SMACK! Grace brought the paddle down against his bare buttocks with a noisy splat.

"Ouch!" Ralph exclaimed, jerking against the bonds that held him prisoner.

"Pansy!" Grace taunted him. "I'm going to set that bottom of yours on fire!"

Smack! Smack! The buxom dominatrix began putting the paddle to his bare buttocks with noisy smacks that stung furiously. Ralph tried his best to hold still and to avoid crying out, but the cumulative effect of the paddle made each smack more painful than its predecessor. From her position a few feet away, Jeanine watched the bizarre scene with mounting excitement. Knowing that she would have to endure the same type of masochistic torment very soon, the submissive young woman could feel her own buttocks tingling as the paddle smacked smartly against Ralph's unprotected backside.

"Ouch! Ow! Please!" Ralph could not hold himself back as the paddle left his buttocks scarlet and burning hot. Tears blurring his vision, he frantically squirmed about on the shapely, nylon-clad thighs that served as his bed of masochistic torment.

Smack! Smack! The paddle continued to descend against his throbbing buttocks with noisy splats. Sobbing quite hard, Ralph begged her to stop and tossed about in a futile effort to avoid or minimize the painful smacks.

"Are you ready to serve me now?" Grace finally asked, a note of triumph in her voice.

"Y-yes! Y-yes!" Ralph tearfully stammered. "Please! I'll do anything!"

Grace spread her thighs apart, allowing his trussed-up body to slide to a kneeling position between them. His buttocks burning and aching from the thorough spanking he had received, Ralph instantly buried his face in the dark-brown delta and began kissing her feminine charms in total masochistic subjugation. Grace opened her thighs as far as possible and pressed her gloved hands down on her slave's head. "You have exactly three minutes to bring me to a climax, slave!" she told him in a stern voice. "Otherwise you'll get some more punishment!"

Extending his tongue as far as he could, Ralph flicked it between the outer folds of her vulva. Her feminine moisture began to flow, seeping into his mouth and leaving her hair and his face damp and sticky. Jeanine watched intently from the sidelines, finding it more exciting than she had imagined to watch such a scene of masochistic submission.

"Keep doing it! There! Not there!" Grace issued terse commands to her kneeling slave. The attractive dominatrix began rocking her hips back and forth on the sofa, slowly at first and then with quick, jerky movements. His tongue inserted deep between the folds of her vulva, Ralph caressed her ultra-sensitive clitoris with frantic swipes. Thoroughly enjoying his caresses as well as the humiliation she was inflicting upon him, Grace held his face closely plastered to her wet charms as she rocked her hips back and forth on the sofa. Well within the three-minute limit she had established, the buxom dominatrix reached an intense climax.

"That's enough for you for the time being!" Grace pushed him away with a rude shove. "Sit on that chair over there!" she ordered, pointing to a wooden chair a few feet away. Breathless and in somewhat of a state of shock after the ordeal she had inflicted on him, Ralph made his way over to the chair. He winced visibly as he lowered his throbbing buttocks against the chair, and Grace smiled with satisfaction at the discomfort she knew he was experiencing.

"Now, you! Come over here!" Grace turned her attention to her female slave.

With her stockinged legs bound tightly together, Jeanine was compelled to hop as she made her way over to the dominatrix. Quite frightened and trying to not even think about what might happen to her, the lovely young blonde stood apprehensively before her tormentress. Grace pushed her to her knees and removed the gag from her mouth.

"Now, it's your turn!" Grace informed her, spreading her thighs well apart and bossily pointing a gloved forefinger at the brunette triangle between her legs.

"No! Not that!" Jeanine exclaimed in a shocked voice.

"Go ahead, slave!" Grace told her. "You don't have any choice in the matter!"

"No, I couldn't! Not with another girl!" Jeanine begged in a deeply agitated voice. "I've never ... I couldn't! Oh, please!"

"I guess you need some punishment too!" Grace told her. She reached down and quickly pulled Jeanine's helpless body face-down over her buxom thighs. Bound at the wrists and legs, and attired only in her garter belt and sheer stockings, Jeanine made a lovely picture with her girlishly plump white bottom quivering in expectation of the spanking to come.

"Oh, please, don't spank me too hard!" Jeanine impulsively pleaded, although she knew she sounded like a child.

Holding the squirming young woman firmly down across her thighs, Grace reached for the paddle. Smack! The solid paddle smacked noisily against Jeanine's tender nates, flattening the two resilient cheeks temporarily.

"Eeek," Jeanine emitted a high-pitched feminine shriek as the paddle bounced against her cute bottom.

Smack! Smack! Grace began putting the paddle to her pretty victim with crisp, loud smacks. As the paddle set her soft and well-rounded bottom ablaze, Jeanine squealed with girlish shrieks and swung her stockinged legs prettily back and forth. From his uncomfortable position on the chair, Ralph watched Jeanine's spanking with a mixture of compassion and excitement.

"Ouch! Oh, please, stop! Ow! I'm burning up!" Jeanine begged, crying softly. "Please! Ouch, that hurts!"

Smack! Smack! Thoroughly enjoying the sight of Jeanine's reddening and squirming buttocks, Grace continued putting the paddle to her attractive victim. With her comely buttocks burning and prickling furiously, Jeanine struggled futilely against the bonds that held her prisoner. As the paddle turned her spank-spot a flaming crimson, the pretty young blonde sobbed hard and begged to be spared.

"Oh, please! Please! Ouch!" Jeanine's distressed voice was partially choked by her tears. "Please! I can't stand it anymore! I just can't!"

Grace finally paused, holding the paddle aloft in a threatening manner. "Ready to serve me now?" the dominatrix. asked in a haughty voice.

"Ooooo!" Jeanine was clearly distraught. "if-if you're going to f-force m-me, I-I g-guess I d-don't h-have any ch-choice!"

"That's right, slave! You have no choice at all!" Grace informed her, opening her thighs and allowing the tearful young woman to slide to the floor between her thighs. Jeanine gulped hard at the sight of the brunette grotto right in front of her face, and cast a quick and shamefaced look in Ralph's direction.

"Go on!" Grace urged her. "Do you want another spanking?"

With a distressed moan, Jeanine capitulated and lowered her blond head into the brunette underbrush. Constantly reminding herself that she was being forced to perform the act against her will, Jeanine meekly stuck out her tongue and began working it up and down the coral cleft. The helpless young woman trembled noticeably as Grace's feminine fluids bathed her face, getting into her mouth.

"Keep doing it! You have to bring me to a climax this way before you get up!"

Groaning with despair at the humiliating announcement, Jeanine haplessly worked her tongue into the folds of Grace's pink vulva. Though she kept telling herself that she was being forced to do it, the pretty young blonde suddenly found her excitement rising as she performed the enforced act of lesbian servitude. She eagerly pressed her face tightly against the damp, sticky bush, working her tongue up and down with wild abandon. Ralph watched Jeanine's submissive performance with obvious amazement.

"That's right! Keep doing it!" Grace told her. "There! That's right!"

Watching Jeanine's blond head closely, Grace rocked her hips back and forth with quick, jerky motions. Drinking in the feminine fluids in audible gulps, Jeanine concentrated on Grace's clitoris. The buxom dominatrix quickly began to spasm and soon reached a violent climax. With Grace's gloved hands clasped on her blond head, Jeanine made no effort to pull her face away from the wet nest.

"Stretch out on your back on the floor!" Grace looked over at Ralph as she spoke. Ralph quickly complied, stretching out supine on the floor. "Now, I want you two to put on a little show for me!" Grace spoke, releasing Jeanine from her grip and getting to her feet.

The two of them watched as the dominatrix pulled back the front of his uniform, revealing his erection. She then untied the ropes that held Jeanine's legs together, leaving her tied only at the wrists.

"I'm going to let you two do a sixty-nine, but you'll have to do it while I watch!" Grace informed them.

Thoroughly aroused by the masochistic torment that the attractive dominatrix had inflicted on them, the two young people needed no further encouragement. Jeanine quickly knelt astride Ralph's supine body and leaned forward to take his bone-hard cock deep into her mouth. At the same time, he raised his head until his nose was buried deeply in the crevice of her buttocks and began orally caressing her pink groove. It wasn't long before they both climaxed with violent spasms that proved that their initiation to third-party bondage had been a success.


While no prognosis can take into account everything that might happen in the future, it seems safe to say that in recent years erotic bondage has made a significant breakthrough and now appears to be on the way to significant public acceptance. It appears that the decade of the seventies will offer great excitement and variety to the true bondage lover.

The End