Little One - Making of a Sissy

Author: Robin Ecker
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Little One - Making of a Sissy

Author: Robin Ecker

(Fdom-m, drugs, mc)

Part 1

The Blonde looks down at you lying on the leather sofa in her office.....

"You don't understand poor baby. You don't understand that I can do absolutely anything I want to you. You are powerless to stop me." she thought.

The Blonde was right. But you didn't want to believe it.

The drug -- you weren't sure how she administered it, or what it was -- but it made you like putty in her hands.

It didn't make it any easier that she was younger than you, or that she was beautiful. You were fully conscious of what was going on, but helpless to do anything about it. You couldn't ever seem to remember anything about your secessions with her after they were over -- it was like a dream.

She flipped her long blonde hair back, smiling, completely in control. Self-assured and she knew it. She knew she controlled you, but it was what she DIDN'T know about you that had you worried.

No! She couldn't possibly know any of those nasty, naughty little secrets you kept from even your most intimate partners. Could she???!!

"Come on, lay back and relax, 'Little One.'" She liked calling you that because it made you feel inferior to her, somehow weaker, more submissive. She jokingly nicknamed you that early in the process. She didn't know just how close to the mark she was!

"Lay back on the couch and tell me what you know you must tell me, what you know you really want to tell me. Come on now, be sweet, Little One."

It wasn't suppose to be like this!!! It was suppose to be cold and professional. It was suppose to be distant! She was suppose to be a professional. More than that, she was an employee. Yes, not only an employee, but she was nowhere near your EXALTED corporate rank!

But it was YOU who was complying.....YOU who lay on the couch. Like in a very relaxed trance. No will to fight, no stamina. A piece of you was very much aware of the potentially dangerous position you were in. Very much aware that this girl was on the edge of pulling down that carefully crafted facade you perfected over years of anxiety.

It was terrifying. Knowing there wasn't anything you could do to stop the process was terrifying. You understood the danger, you felt the fear, but all you could do was watch and TRUTHFULLY respond....

"Tell me, Little One," she gently prodded, "tell me a secret. Tell me a secret so very well kept. Tell me just one today. You know you must. You'll feel ever so much better." She smiled, crossed her shapely, long, nylon clad legs. She watched your face for any reaction.

She purposely let her skirt ride up her thing. Not whorishly..... seductively.

She caught it! "You like it, don't you?"


"Don't lie, Little One. You like my legs. You can't seem to take your eyes off them. Trying to peek up my skirt, you bad boy?"

"no, no i didn't...." an almost pleading whisper

"Now that's interesting. Yes, interesting." she smiled.

Did she have something? Did she pick up a scent?

"Most men wouldn't mind acknowledging they liked a well shaped woman's leg." She shifted her weight and you heard the 'sizzle' of nylon rubbing on nylon. Again, she caught your reaction.

"It IS the legs, isn't it??? Hmmmmm, maybe not." she said thoughtfully.

"What is it then, if not the legs? What is it Little One?"

Before you could answer, she shifted again, slowly rubbing her legs together. Again you heard the nylon rubbing. She saw you flinch.

"Ah, I think I understand now!" she mused. She was proud of herself. "It's the stockings. The nylons! Isn't it, Little One? It's my nylons!"

"yes." You were compelled to tell the truth.

"Oh! Little One! Now THIS is interesting! I think we may have made a break through!"

-- LATER -- A Corporate Executive Office --

"So what have we accomplished after seven secessions? Do we know 'Little One' any better?" The stylish, aggressive woman executive took a particular delight in your new nickname, 'Little One.' She liked it, she hoped for more...

The Blonde was eager for the older woman executive's approval. "He's still very reluctant to express any strong feelings. He won't open up, even after our drug treatment. But today I caught an interesting reaction. He was aroused as I crossed my legs and showed a little thigh."

"Hardly significant, I would think. Don't most heterosexual males react to that stimuli?" the female executive asked.

"True, but I think he may have had a stronger reaction to my NYLONS. The sound the stockings made, as I shifted my weight. The texture, the color. He acted like a little boy caught with his hand in the cookie jar when I pressed him on that."

"So, perhaps we have a fetish? That could be useful." the older woman smiled.

"It fits the personality profile we're building, but I think there may be more, quite a bit more. A fetish is interesting, and useful. But I think 'Little One' is more complex than that. To paraphrase: 'Me thinks he doth protest too much' his lack of interest in the stockings."

The older woman looked thoughtfully at the Blonde psychologist. "What then, a cross-dresser?"

"Maybe. Even better if he were a closet submissive. We need to do a bio-feedback check. It should give me the edge I need over him. It will be less expensive, in the long run." The Blonde fingered an expensive wrist watch which had a small, intelligent bio-feedback sensor implanted in its plate.

"Give him this, call it a reward, make up some excuse. Then send him to our lab's waiting room."

"Nice watch, but what is it going to tell us, besides the time?" the woman executive asked.

The Blonde psychologists smiled, obviously proud of her high tech approach. "The watch, actually the bio-feedback sensor, will give us a reading on what turns him on. He will know he has at least one hour to wait for his appointment, that he has some time to kill. The film from our hidden cameras will be correlated with the responses from the bio-feedback sensor."

"What are you going to do, show him blue movies??" she laughed.

"Nothing quite that drastic. He will have a very limited choice of magazines to page through while killing time for his appointment. Nothing pornographic, mind you. I had something more subtle in mind: Vogue, Mirabella, Harpers, Cosmo, maybe even Ebony and Mademoiselle. Let's see what he hits on, what really interests him."

"I can even tell his preference in lingerie by measuring the amount of time he spends looking at a panty ad, along with his biological responses."

"Very well, get to it. We need results. This is very important appoour company."


"So, what exactly is our Little One? A cross-dresser, a fetish, what have you learned?" she asked the Blonde psychologist.

"You'd be surprised! First, he completely ignored virtually all the photographs which included naked people, both male and female. He even ignored the swim suit spreads."

"So, our boy doesn't like pictures of naked girls?" the executive asked.

"No, I'd say that 'skin' doesn't turn him on. Here's a partial list, by magazine, type of photo, and physical reaction:

1. Cosmo -------- naked woman -------- no response (no response)

2. Cosmo -------- panty shield ad ----- mild erection (Stared at photo for five full minutes, erection grew stronger)

3. Cosmo -------- female dominant pic --- mild erection (Rubbed thighs together, obviously excited.)

4. Mirabella ---- Victoria's lingerie --- mild erection (Just scanned the advertisement.)

5. Mirabella ---- "Linda" lingerie------- strong erection/spotting (Stared appoover five minutes, very strong erection. Picture not especially revealing, although lingerie appeared extremely frilly and feminine. Indications of "pre-cum" secretions.)

6. Ebony -------- raised skirt photo ---- strong erection/heavy spotting (Over five minutes staring at picture. Indications of "pre-cum" secretions.)

7. Ebony -------- LUV's diapers ------ strong erection/heavy spotting (Very strong reaction to diaper advertisement. Extremely strong erection. Subject obviously "moist" -- pre-cum stain near groin. Could very well have ejaculated, but "calmed down" while on the edge.)

"He has a very unique sexuality. He ignores pictures of naked women. But he likes women in short, revealing skirts, especially if it seems like the wearer is being exposed by a gust of wind or is appced to wear especially revealing skirts. He was turned on by any ad that showed a woman with her skirt being blown about her thighs. He came close to ejaculation when he saw a photo of a young woman, again, in Ebony, with a skirt cut so short it exposed her panty clad vulva. The photograph actually made it look like she had a penis, the vulva was so pronounced. He loved that."

The woman executive pondered this inappmation, as the Blonde continued.

"The panty shield ad showed a girl in lacy bra and lacy tap panties. He had a very nice erotic reaction. But I think he was more interested in her clothing than in the girl." the Blonde continued. "He was also aroused by a picture of a sexy female executive dressed in a "dominant black" business suit with the tops of her nylons exposed. The woman was surrounded by a group of fawning office boys, obviously submissive to her."

"Straight, but likes to be dominated?" the executive asked.

"Close. Very close. He paged through a copy of Mirabella and we got a very powerful reaction to a designer lingerie advertisement by "Linda." Now this is significant: he was mildly interested in some steamy Victoria's Secret stuff, typical black lace panties; but the "Linda" ad showed a young woman in a pair of pink petti-panties and cami top. She appeared almost juvenile. He stared at it appo15 minutes!"

"Not a 'black lace' boy, eh? He likes women in pink petti-panties?"

"No! He's PROJECTING!! He sees HIMSELF WEARING THE PINK PETTI-PANTIES!" But that's not all. He's interested in DIAPERS! He got so excitedoover a LUV's advertisement that he nearly needed a diaper himself! Seriously! Between the petti-panty ad and the diaper ad, Little One nearly messed his pants!"

"Luv's diapers?!" the executive exclaimed.

"Ah huh!" the psychologist continued. "Now, we have absolutely no evidence he is aroused by children. Quite the contrary. He does, however, seem to be aroused by THE CLOTHES of children and babies, like diapers and frilly little smocks and lacy baby bonnets."

The executive smiled, "Perhaps you struck a cord by calling him 'Little One.'"

"Yes! HE PROJECTS HIMSELF INTO THE BABY OUTFITS, JUST AS I THINK HE PROJECTS HIMSELF INTO THE RAISED SKIRT PHOTOS! I am certain he would submit to a dominant woman! He needs to be 'appced' to cross-dress. Better yet, if it were combined with inaantilism."

"Inaantilism?" the executive asked.

"A term we use appopeople who are sexually excited by being regressed to inaancy. Usually involves wearing babyish clothes, diapers, baby bonnets, plastic panties. Often involves 'wetting' games, nursing, and the like. It can be voluntarily. But I don't think so, in Little One's case. He definitely needs to be FORCED into the humiliation!"

"Why appced? If he obviously LIKES to be diapered?" she asked.

"He doesn't want to become a girl or a baby. He is excited by being made to dress and act like a baby! Fppced, that's the key. But not just as a baby boy. Little One would secretly quiver with shameful delight if he were appced to be a BABY GIRL! That would be an ultimate turn on."

"How amusing! Dressing our little stud muffin executive as a little girl is darling, but as a baby girl! Delightful!"

"Our Little One is a masochist. He probably has a lingerie fetish, and no doubt would find excruciatingly exciting to be appced to cross-dress, the more sissified and babified, the better! That means very 'little girlish' and lacy! He'd no doubt readily submit to "diaper discipline" especially if he were appced to dress and act like a little girl toddler or baby girl!" the Blonde smiled, "BUT it must always be FORCED, and he must always be painfully aware he is a male, that he is appced to be a simpering sissy by a dominant female!"

The executive looked thoughtful, " How do you intend to proceed with his development?"

"He needs a dominant mistress. He comes from an aristocratic, southern family. If not overt, he probably has latent racist tendencies. That, combined with his interest in the photo's of Ebony magazine, indicates a dominant, black female might be the most effective mistress.

"The Mistress would fppce him to submit to a variety of humiliating situations: she would combine petticoat punishment, humiliation, and inaantilism. Perhaps even some public humiliation, as long as it wasn't career threatening." the Blonde responded.

The woman executive was smiling broadly now, "Of course! Imagine what leverage I can exert on him. He is already well known as a 'macho cocksman' by most of the attractive young women in the company. What I wouldn't give to see him dressed as a little girl, in a frilly short party dress and those panties with the lace on the bottom. What are they called again?"

"'Rumba panties' the Blonde responded, "the kind little girls wear fpp special occasions. But don't you agree we should also proceed with the inaantilism?" she almost begged.

"Yes! Ensure the Mistress keeps him completely under her control. But what's this about public humiliation? I don't want to loose him as a corporate asset, just totally control him."

"I understand your concerns," the Blonde replied. "What I had in mind was to expose him to a select number of people. Perhaps one of our young female junior executives, or an ex-girlfriend he jilted, I've even considered recruiting Roger to help out."

"You mean the gay fellow in administrative services?"

"Yes," replied the Blonde. "Roger is actually the best of both worlds, he's bi. Little One seems to have some sort of macho thing against gays. He loves to 'bash' Roger, calling him, 'a little faggy fairy'."

"Oh!" smiled the woman executive, "now wouldn't that be an interesting turnabout!"

The Blonde agreed. "Yes, Roger has an excellent sense of humor. I'm sure Roger would love to turn the tables and play 'wet nurse' to Little One for a couple of days! It would exquisitely humiliating appoLittle One, having the so-called "little faggy fairy' dress him up in frills and petticoats, perhaps even changing his diapers. And who knows, maybe letting Little One 'nurse' like a good little baby," she winked.

The woman executive laughed, "Nurse??! You are a perfect bitch, I love it!! How absolutely humiliating appoour Little One! Feminized and babified by the very man he used to ridicule!"

The Blonde smiled, "Only one question, do you think he'd look sweeter in a pink ppoyellow panty?"

The executive laughed, "I don't care, as long as it's dripping with ruffles and lace; and very, very wet after you are finished with him. And pictures! Loads of pictures! Humiliate and embarrass him! Emasculate him with lace, ribbons, and diapers! Yes!!!"

She turned serious again, "Have you apund a 'handler' appohim yet?"

"Yes, but you know I dislike that term. His "mistress" is already being briefed. She will act as my assistant, until I can transfer his case." replied the Blonde.

"Ok, ok," the woman executive raised her hands in surrender, "tell me about the 'Mistress'." Janet is twenty-four years old, five foot eleven inches tall. I thought it more effective if she is shorter than him. She has a 38C-24-34 figure, long legs, and dark eyes. French-Jamacian ancestry, since I think Little One will be especially excited with a black domitrix. Actually, she looks a bit like Janet Jackson, only a bit lighter complexioned. Graduate degree in psychology, in desperate need of funds, and an avid feminist."

"Good, very good. Keep up the 'medication,' We must ensure 'Little One' continues to behave himself."

"Yes, of course. But the transition from a dominant male to a submissive does not happen overnight. I've explained to Janet that Little One must initially be dominant in their relationship. He MUST be sexually dominantoover her, until the proper time when we can reverse the roles."

"Will that be difficult appoher?"

"I don't think she relishes it, but she knows that her financial security is assured, and that eventually she will control the situation far beyond anything Little One could ever imagine.

Part 2

"Say hello to Janet, my new assistant."

You were almost speechless. Before you stood this beautiful, exotic, creature. Fine, chiseled features, pouting lips, creamed coffee complexion, and legs that seemed to go on forever! She was exquisite!

Janet followed the Blonde psychologist into the therapy room, with you close behind. You couldn't take your eyes of the seductive sway of her hips, and noticed a bit of a tell-tale pantyline beneath the tightly pulled fabric of her white, linen suit. She seemed the epitome of the modern, sophisticated woman....elegant, almost aloof. And you were captivated by the way her nylons 'sizzled' as her legs brushed together.

You've been subjected to a subtle combination mind-control technology and drug therapy over the past few secessions. The Blonde could now induce an almost trance like state where you were virtually helpless. It just seemed like you almost lost all control over your inner thoughts as you drifted through the dreamlike conversations. Soon, she was calling you "little One" and again demanding your inner-most secrets.

Janet had taken off her suit coat, revealing a white silk blouse and hint of lacy bra underneath. She sat opposite your couch, slowly crossing her long legs, revealing a provocative glimpse of thigh.

"Is she wearing nylon stockings and a garter belt?" you thought. Try as you must, you couldn't take your eyes off her. You hoped for an indiscrete move on her part, one where her legs parted over so little, perhaps showing a glimpse of panty.

"Are you staring at Janet's legs, Little One?" the Blonde asked.

You fell deeper into what seemed a dream-like state, and felt compelled to answer truthfully to her questions.

"yes....she has very nice legs."

"You'd probably like to look up Janet's skirt, like a naughty little boy, wouldn't you, Little One?"

You nod, blushing. You felt so embarrassed by that question, but you DID want to look up her skirt!

"Does that make your little 'tinkle' nice and hard, Little One? Do you have a little 'stiffie' growing right now?"

Your cheeks flushed, you slowly nodded 'yes.' You seemed to get even harder as the Blonde used such childish words like 'tinkle' and 'stiffie' to describe your erect penis. How could she shame you like this in front of this girl?!!

"If you are a sweet and absolutely truthful little boy, maybe Janet will let you look up her skirt." the Blonde laughed, and Janet slowly shifted position, letting her skirt rise a bit to show off a hint of stocking top.

Almost painfully, you nodded. That is what you wanted to see. But you burned red to admit it!

"Very well. Janet, Little One seems to be quite interested in peeking up your skirts. I think he likes ladies' undies, isn't that cute? Will you indulge this naughty little boy and show him a bit more of your lingerie?" She motioned Janet to stand.

Janet rose from her chair. The absolute picture of a prim and proper lady. She bent down and took the hem of her expensive linen skirt in both hands, then slowly straightened, raising the hem of her skirt a tantalizing few inches above her knees!

She smiled innocently, like it was the most natural thing in the world to do -- lift her skirts for your pleasure. She held her nylon clad legs tightly together like a calender girl, the hem stopping just as the tops of her nylons came into view. Then she turned around and looked coyly over her shoulder. She bent over ever so slightly, showing off a hint of white satin garter tab that tugged at her nylons. Your erection was quite visible as it strained against the fabric of your trousers.

Not in your wildest imagination did you ever think this haughty young lady would be coyly raising her skirt for you! It was a fantasy come true!

"Now you want to be good, and truthful, don't you, Little One? If you're not truthful I'll have to ask Janet to lower her skirt."

"no, please, i'll tell the truth."

"Good, now you must tell me more about your naughty little secrets. I will know if you are lying. And if you lie, you get punished, ok?"

You nod obediently.

"Good, now tell me, do you like lingerie?"


"Yes, Little One, ladies lingerie. You know, panties, nylons, bras, cami tops, babydoll pj's, garter belts?" responded the Blonde.

"yes, I guess so."

Janet turned to face you. Completely innocent, but lifting her skirt a bit higher, showing off her creamy thighs above the tops of her nylon stockings. "Have you ever worn any lingerie, Little One?" she asked, as she raised one leg provocatively, as you heard nylon rubbing against nylon.

How could she know??!! You fought hard to resist her!!!

"no, never..." but you feel yourself becoming more and more helpless.

"You are lying, Little One. Look at Janet. Tell me the truth, don't you wish you could wear her nylons? Wouldn't those nylons feel so good on your legs right now??" Janet was smiling sweetly, and slowly, seductively moving her legs together as she held her skirts up ever so innocently. "Nylons feel sooooo sexy, Little One! They make your legs feel so silky and feminine. It makes me want to rub my legs together. It feels so sexy!" Janet smiled, teasing you.

You lost your inhibitions. "yes,....i mean,... could i?"

"Could you 'what', Little One?" asked the Blonde.

"could i try wearing Janet's nylon stockings..." you whisper.

"But of course you can wear nylons, Little One. Perhaps you'd like some nylon stockings of your very own? But what would a big strong man like you know about ladies nylon stockings, unless you've actually worn a pair? Have you ever worn women's nylons, Little One?"

"yes, once. i tried on some of my sister's stockings. i like the feeling, but please don't tell anyone??"

"I won't tell a soul, Little One. You can share any and all of your little secrets with me. I think you would look lovely in smooth nylon stockings. Would you like to wear some back to your office today?"

Blushing, you shake your head, signifying you would like that.

Janet was standing there, raising her skirt higher, ever so slowly. Then the white lace trim of her nylon panty came slowly came into view. And Janet, striking an innocent, childlike pose, her left hand absentmindedly holding her skirt aloft, and her right hand at her mouth. She was sucking the tip of her right index finger.

"Since my little man knows all about nylon stockings, I should think he's also worn panties, is that correct, Little One?" Janet asked.

"yes, but just once. i swear!"

"How do they make you feel, Little One?" asked the Blonde, smiling.

"Pretty, and -- in a hushed voice -- naughty, a..... little sissy." you whisper.

The Blonde was delighted, in a very soothing and understanding voice she continued, "But of course, like a sissy. You would feel like a sissy, what with wearing panties and nylon stockings. Do you sometimes wish you could wear soft, pretty undies like a sissy?"

"no...i" you stammer.

"The truth, now, Little One." she demands.

"well...yes...i mean...ok....yes, maybe just to see what its like."

Janet continued to lift her skirt, she took the hem almost above her waist. Your eyes grew large with surprise. Janet was not wearing a sexy, French cut panty, much in vogue with today's women. Rather, she was clad in a pink rumba style panty, dripping with white lace and ribbons. The kind little girls wore!

"Tell me, Little One, what should Janet do to make you feel like her little sissy?" the Blonde continued.

"make me dress-up like a girl."

"Just any kind of girl? Would you like to be my little French maid, with frilly panties and a short skirt? Or maybe my little girl, in a frilly smock?" asked Janet.

"please don't make me say." you plead.

"Oh, you must answer, Little One! And right now!" Janet demanded.

"like a little sissy...... maybe even like a little sissy baby." you whisper.

"Like a LITTLE SISSY BABY??Y!" Janet giggled. "Tell us more, Little One."

You are excited, but very anxious about saying anymore.

"He liked the last one, the 'Little Sissy Baby' comment, go further, Janet, we almost have him." the Blonde commanded.

"Good LITTLE SISSY BABIES must suck their thumbs. Go on now, put your thumb in your mouth and suck for Mommy Janet." she commanded as she turned around to show you the frilly bottom of her panty.

You can't help obey. A grown man, a powerful executive, sucking his thumb, trying to be a good little sissy baby. You lie there in your Brooks Bros. suit, erection pushing forward, sucking your thumb like a contented baby.

"Very good!" Janet smiles, "such a good widdle one! My special, widdle panty baby." she cooed in baby talk. Janet is now in control of the secession. "Now tell me all about your special fantasies, your LITTLE SISSY BABY secret fantasies. Cause if you're a good and truthful Sissy Baby, I'll MAKE YOU WEAR MY LACY LITTLE RUMBA PANTY. You can even wear it back to your office!"

Janet moves close to you, still holding her skirt high. The Blonde takes your hand and gently moves it over Janet's nyloned legs. Your erection gets even stronger. Slowly Janet spreads her legs and the Blonde moves your hand past her smooth thighs. Janet smiled and turns around, letting the delicate lace of her ruffled panty tickle your hand. Your erection is so strong that you've spotted the front of your trousers, as you feel the ultra-feminine lingerie of this beautiful, black, vixen!

Then Janet unhooked the clasp at her waist and let her skirt fall to the floor. She stood there wearing a sexy white silk blouse, white lace garter belt, nylon stockings, high heels, and those frilly rumba panties. She looked for all the world like a sexy sophisticated woman who 'just happened' to loose her skirt!"

Janet knew he was as good as hooked now. "But little BOYS don't wear panties, do they, Little One?"


"If you are going to be MY sissy baby, you are going to have to be my LITTLE GIRL BABY. Would you do that? Would you be my pretty little girl baby??"

"yes, I will....but please don't tell anyone??" you whisper.

"My sissy baby GIRL??" she asks, as if confused, "do you want me to dress you all up like a little baby girl?"

"yes..." you whimper.

"What does a sissy baby girl wear? Tell me Little One." she gently commands.

"a diaper," you whisper, "a diddy and panties, and a baby bonnet and booties, and, and.... pwetty ruffled panties like Mommy has on."

The Blonde psychologist presses a button and begins a slide show of various exotic fashions. "Tell me what you like from these pictures, Little One. Tell Mommie Janet what makes you most excited."

The first slide showed a pretty, young woman dressed in a puffy, short sleeved, little girl style, pink party dress. She was wearing pink panties with white, eyelet ruffles sewn across the seat.

"Should I make you dress like that girl, Little One?" asked Janet.


Janet nodded, and smiled. The proceeded to show you a number of slides, carefully measuring your reaction to each. You moaned with excitement at a sexy young lady wearing a naughty French maid outfit, and loved the pictures of pretty young women dressed in juvenile costumes of pinafores, petticoats, ruffled panties and pretty stockings. You reacted strongly to a young woman in a Brownie Scout Uniform with an indecently short skirt, and swooned over a lace tiered wedding dress; not to mention your reaction to a can-can girl costume and short-skirted leggy model dressed in diapers and baby bonnet!

At that point they redirected you back to the infantilism theme.

"So you want to be my sissy baby, my little girl sissy baby," cooed Janet. "Tell me, if you were my little sissy baby, would you WET YOUR DIAPER for me?"

You stir, not even sub-consciously wanting to talk about this, but..

"If you won't wet, you can't be my sissy baby." she pouted.

"yes, Mommie Janet, i wet ....your sissy baby girl, please." you beg.

"Ok, Little One." Janet smiles, stroking your erection through the male trousers. I wish I could get you very wet, right now, Little One. But I can't send you back to work in wet pants, now, could I?" she cooed. "I want you to dream about how Mommie Janet is going to make you dress up like Mommie's Little Sissy Baby, in a cute lil pink diaper..."

You are sucking your thumb hard, and obviously near ejaculation.

"Yes, very soon my precious lil macho male going be Mommy Janet's very own lil sissy baby. Wearing a pretty pink diaper, ruffled plastic panty, lovely lil baby dress, cute lil baby bonnet and when he wets, Mommy Janet going to change her lil sissy and make him dry. BUT ONLY IF YOU OBEY ME!!!"

you nod, eager to please Janet.


"yes, Mommie Janet."

"Any time, any place. If you hear me say "BABYKINS" you will wet yourself!"

"yes, Mommie Janet."


"yes, Mommie Janet."

"And your last command, Little One, "SLEEP BABY." When you hear me say "SLEEP BABY" you will immediately fall sound asleep.

"Good," the Blonde concluded, "let's return him to normal. By the way, tomorrow I want you to order a complete set of costumes, all of those that excited him: little girl frocks, French maid outfits, brownie uniforms, can can girl outfit, wedding gown, prom gown, and loads of lingerie and babyish accessories!"

"It is time to end the secession. You understand he is a real bastard where beautiful women are concerned, and that he will most certainly move to both seduce and dominate you -- perhaps in a most cruel way. Are you certain you are strong enough to go through with this until we arrange for the role reversal?" the Blonde questioned.

Janet nodded. "It won't be easy, but I can put up with it for a week or two. Just until we arrange the reversal. Anyway, if I find he's becoming to cocky, you've given me "BABYKINS," "SISSY BABY," and "SLEEP BABY" to distract him." she giggled.

Janet nodded, then spoke directly to you, "Ok Little One, it is time to come back to the real world. When you wake up you will feel relaxed and ready to go back to work. You will only have some very vague and dreamlike impressions of what went on here. But you will have an overpowering urge to seduce and sexually dominate me. Do you understand?"

You nod your head. In a few minutes you seem to awake from a light sleep.

Aggravated over dosing off with these two bimbos (that's what you thought of the Blonde and Janet), you ask, "Well, did you learn anything interesting today?" Your voice laced with sarcasm.

Janet is once again the prim and proper young lady. The Blonde responds to your curt question. "A very productive secession. I expect you will learn to value Janet's expertise in her position as your new assistant."

"What!! Now see here," you explode, "I will not have this little bimbo as my new assistant! Just who in the hell do you people think you are?!!!" you rage, the epitome of the aggressive, male executive. Standing, you begin to storm out the door.

After you leave, the girls smile... Your training begins in full tomorrow!

Part 3

"It's been one hell of a month!" Janet complained to the Blonde. "I've put up with Little One's whims and wishes till I've had almost enough. I hate that male bastard!! Are we ready to put phase two into operation yet!"

"Yes, dear, we are. In fact we will today. I've had my operative in accounting, Roger, doctor his expense records so it appears he has embezzled over $40,000 during the past year. You may turn the tables on him today, if you wish."

"With pleasure!" Janet smirked "I've had him pawing me, making sexual overtures."

"But dear, that's exactly what I wanted. I want you to resent this man. I want you to ENJOY dominating him! It stimulates your creativity. One must know submission to be a truely great dominant."

"I don't know about that. You're not the one hoisting your skirts for that idiot!" Janet fumed.

"True. But it is over now. You begin taking control today.

- LATER............

"Janet, get your bla...., get your butt in here right now!" you screamed over the intercom.

"Yes, 'sir'," she responded, quickly entering your executive office with her note pad in hand. She was wearing a dark blue, tailored suit today, with sheer nylons and white high heel pumps. She still looked prim and proper, even after a month with you!

"Lock the door, Janet. You know the drill by now!"

She locked the door, and then took a seat in front of your polished executive desk, her lovely legs primly crossed at the ankle. "Yes, sir. What exactly is it that you need?" Her voice dripped with sarcasm.

"It's not what I NEED, Janet, its what I WANT. I WANT you, you little black bitch! Now I'd like you to take off that skirt so as I can see what you've got on today."

"No. Not today, Little One." she smiled.

"Little One??" what are you talking about, get your skirt off!"

"No. You see, I'm too busy thinking about how you'll enjoy your stay in prison....that is, after they take you away from here in handcuffs."

Janet proceeded to explain how she engineered what appeared to be a case of massive fraud against you. You examined the documents and knew you wouldn't stand a chance of getting out of this one. She had been too careful.

"You'll never get away with this!" you begin to protest, but it does no good.

"Too bad Little One. Now, be a good "BABYKINS" and let MOMMIE JANET enjoy the moment.

Suddenly, you experience an uncontrollable urge..."no, this is stupid.." to..."Oh my God!" You were unable to stop. You had absolutely no control! You were helplessly wetting your expensive Brooks Bros. trousers!!

"Oh My! I...oh...please, don't just stand there!!! Do something!" you scream, shocked and embarrassed by your actions! "janet! don't know what happened!! Please help me!" you begged.

"What should I do, Little One? Change and diaper you? You little sissy. My big, tough cocksman, standing there in wet pants! How could I ever have been intimidated by you! I'll even bet wetting your pants excites you, doesn't it? You'd you like me to change and diaper you like a SISSY BABY??? Well, SISSY BABY??"

By now you had stopped wetting and were totally humiliated, standing there in soaking wet trousers.

"Do you want to be my little SISSY BABY? Is that what you want, Little One? To be diapered and pantied like a SISSY BABY?" she laughed.

"SISSY BABY!!!!" Oh NO!!! Your hands went to your wet crotch and immediately found a rock hard erection. In a crazed frenzy you began stroking your erect penis and within seconds started shooting hot cum into your soiled underpants.

"SLEEP BABY" commanded Janet, leading you down to the floor. "Things are about to change quite drastically, Little One. Starting with those wet trousers." Janet walked over to your desk and dialed a number in Acounting. "Hi Roger. Yes, Little One is fast asleep. Come on up. I can't wait to show you Little One's new wardrobe!"


Peacefully, if suddenly, asleep. You had no idea your humiliating state was on display to the man you used to ridicule.

"Oh my! He IS a mess!" giggled Roger. "Poor little dear is wet and icky! That will never do! We must get our little darling into dry diddies."

"Exactly," cooed Janet, as she produced two suitcase filled with very special clothes for her "little one." "Like to see his new outfits?"

Roger couldn't wait to see them. He was almost beside himself with glee as he picked through the feminine contents. There were panties, nylons, garter belts, baby dolls, and petticoats. All tended toward frilly, pastel colors, with an occasional naughty black lace item. Holding up a delicate pair of sheer, black lace crotchless panties he giggled, "Slutty, very slutty! Only a cocksucking little slut would wear something like this!"

"Do you really think so," shot back Janet, with a straight face. "Hmmmm," she carefully examined the black panty, "that IS a thought! I think he'd do very well as a little cocksucking slut. But let's not forget about that virgin little rose bud he's been sitting on!"

"Dear yes," laughed Roger, "better order a couple of tubes of KY Jelly for our little girl, for when 'he' has his cumming out party!"

"Take a look in the second suitcase, Roger. We're going to start Little One out at a somewhat younger age. It will be a bit before he's ready for black lace and nylons."

"Oh, Janet, you didn't tell me he was into baby girl drag too!" Roger laughed as he picked up a frilly pink baby bonnet specially tailored to adult size. Holding up a pair of pink nylon panties, very full cut and dripping with white ruffled lace, "He'll look adorable in these! He'll be so mad he'll just piss!"

"That's why I'm also pinning him into a nice fluffy diaper." kidded Janet. "As a matter of fact, I signed him up for the "Little Princess Diaper Service" to make sure he always has plenty of fresh, pink diapers!"

"Oh, a BABY girl! I adore it! That will drive him crazy!" vamped Roger.

"Ah huh, sugar and spice and diaper him twice! Now lets dispose of his silly male clothes. I want him stripped completely before I apply the dilatory to get rid of all that nasty male body hair!"

They stripped you of your male clothes and carefully applied a lotion to remove all your mail body hair. Roger sprinkled a mixture of baby powder and itching powder over your bottom before pinning a pink flannel diaper in place.

He delighted in Janet's choice of lingerie and pulled the adult sized rumba panty over your diaper. Rows of white ruffled lace against the pink nylon of the panty would have caused most little girls to swoon with delight. Most males would be embarrassed enough to purchase the juvenile panty for a child, let alone be forced to parade about wearing one.

The rest of the outfit was, in Roger's terms, "outrageous......"

You woke up in a daze, but immediately realized that a great many things had changed! Your hands were secured behind your back with stainless steel handcuffs, and you heard the soft rustle of taffeta as you tried to stand up....

"Well, Little One is finally awake, what do you think of your new outfit?" smirked Janet.

You felt shock and horror...and you realized what she had done! You were dressed in an exceptionally frilly little girl style sailor suit dress!!

The white dress, with powder blue piping, was trimmed in eyelet lace. Little blue anchors adorned the jumper collar, and the ultra-short skirt spread wide, like an umbrella, with starchy white crinoline petticoats billowing out beneath like a tutu. You felt completely exposed....and you were!

You expensive male haircut was covered under a "curly top" wig complete with sausage curls and reminiscent of Shirley Temple.

It was the most feminine dress you could imagine, made all the more embarrassing since it was a juvenile parody of a male sailor's uniform! The choice couldn't have been more humiliating for you.

Your ruffled, pastel pink panty was completely visible beneath the childish petticoats! Worse yet, it was quite apparent from the well padded panty seat, that you were obviously wearing a DIAPER!

You wobbled to your feet as you tried to stand, and saw you were wearing white baby shoes and little lace trimmed ankle sox.

"what have you done....please get me out of this..." You were horrified and also terribly excited at the same time. Was this a dream or nightmare come true? To make matters worse, you felt an itchy, irritation around your crotch, but the handcuffs made any scratching impossible.

"Hush, Little One, or Mommie Janet will have to take you over my knee and spank her little baby." Janet giggled as she inspected her handiwork. "Oh, I almost forgot, what's a baby girl without a precious little baby bonnet." She held up a frilly pink baby bonnet and placed it on your head, tying in in place with a large pink satin bow.

You began to get angry, and advanced on Janet in a menacing manner. "What's the meaning of this? If this is a joke, it isn't funny!"

But your bluster had absolutely no effect on her.

"My, my, doesn't my little baby look precious! No, you are the joke, Sissy Baby. My precious little SISSY BABY, all pretty as a picture in his little girl's skirt and ruffled panty. You, LITTLE ONE, are the joke, my joke!"

You reacted to the key words and immediately grew a painfully hard erection, but with your hands cuffed behind your back, you couldn't reach your hard-on. The itching seemed worse too! Janet laughed as you tried to rub your legs together -- doing a ridiculous little dance -- in a vain attempt to stimulate your itching cock. You had no idea WHY, but you had the irresistible urge to cum in your diaper!!

"Does my SISSY BABY want to cum in HER widdle diaper?" she asked.

"yes...please..anything...yes..." you whispered, you needed relief! You squirmed, rubbed your legs together, and your petticoats bobbed up and down exposing your pantied and diapered condition.

"Good," she smirked, as she stood infront of you. She gently lifted your skirt and petticoat, completely revealing the bulging front of your well padded panty.

"Oh, good. I see you approve of your new outfit. You are an adorable little sissy, Little One. I never would have suspected how frilly little dresses and panties would have such an effect on such a big, strong man. Your little 'stiffie' is so precious!"

The sensation was unbelievable as she gently stroked your 'stiffie' through the panty, making you so excited there were tears of frustration in your eyes. "Little One seems to like his little diddies, he has a nice little stiffie poking up in them. You helpless little SISSY BABY."

But she would not let you cum just yet. Gently grabbing you through the panty and diaper, she led you toward the couch.

"Good, come over to Mommie Janet and sit on my lap, Little One."

You waddled after her to the couch and Janet swept back her skirt, revealing her long, luscious legs. She indicated you should sit on her lap. You would do anything for relief from that raging erection.

Sitting on your petticoat caused the front of the starchy garment to flip up, completely revealing your pantied and diapered status.

Mortified, but powerless to fight the erotic suggestion of SISSY BABY you pleaded for her to make you cum. Then you heard a knock at the door.

"Yes," replied Janet, "who is it?"

"It is I, Roger, from accounting," came the falsetto sing-song reply, "open up or I'll huff and puff and blow your house down."

"God! No!" Not HIM!!" you pleaded with Janet as you sat on her lap. "Don't let that little faggot see me like this!!"

Letting Janet see you like this was one thing, but not Roger. Not when dressed like a simpering little toddler!

"Ok, SISSY BABY, it's up to you. If you want to cum, you'll have to personally invite him into your new nursery, do you understand, SISSY BABY??"

Tears in your eyes, the SISSY BABY code word created an irresistible urge for orgasmic relief! Crying in shame, you nodded your hear for Janet to let Roger come into your office. "No, Little One, you must ask him to enter. And do so in a little SISSY BABY voice."

"Woger, pwease come in to my owwice, plwease." you lisped, still helplessly wiggling on Janet's lap.

Janet couldn't resist smiling as Roger virtually vamped into the room, effecting every homosexual stereotype ever invented.

Fringing shock and surprise, "Oh dear me!! Welllll, don't WE look absolutely adorable in our little panties and petti's? That can't be your big bad macho boss, could it, Janet? He's much too BUTCH to be caught in little girl drag."

Roger was certainly in his element.

Janet was openly laughing now. She reached down, pulling back the elastic of your panty, and her hand went into your diaper. Every so slowly she gently stroked the shaft of your erect penis. "Yes, he's really not very 'macho,' unless it's macho to prance around in a little dress and ruffled panty.

You burned with shame, your eyes downcast, but still wiggling around on Janet's lap trying to achieve sexual relief.

"Whatever ARE you doing to our little sissy, Janet. You are going to make that poor man..I mean, well I guess he's not much of a MAN, what with wearing a little girl's dress and all....well, with that poor little sissy's 'tinkle.' You are going to make HER panty all wet and icky!"

Burning with shame you moaned and wiggled on Janet's lap as she stroked your 'tinkle.' You tried to block Roger out of your mind.

"Oh no, Roger. Our little sissy doesn't have to worry about wetting his panty with cum, he's wearing a DIAPER!" Tears of humiliation began to trickle down your cheek. "Come over and feel."

Janet motioned Roger over. She took his hand, pulling back the elastic of your panty, and guided it into your diaper. "He can cum, or ever piddle his panty, and stay nice and dry."

You winced as Roger reached into your diaper and felt your hairless state.

"Oh a DIAPER! PANTIES AND A DIAPER? How absolutely campy. And I always thought he was so 'butch' but, he really IS a Sissy!! Perfect! And hairless too! Coochie coochie coo." teased Roger as he rolled the head of your 'tinkle' between his thumb and forefinger. "Such a good little baby girl, all nice and smooth, pinned in a fluffy little diaper! And what a precious little sailor suit! Goes so well with your frilly little panty!"

You were dripping pre-cum, and you could feel your 'tinkle' slipping between Roger's fingers. You were whimpering with shame and excitement, praying that he would let you orgasm.

Roger withdrew his hand and gave your bulging panty a playful squeeze.

Janet smiled. "You see, Roger, Little One is under a lot of stress. And you know, if the old days down south, nannies like my grandma used to pet the 'stiffies' of the little baby boys to keep them cooing and happy. Just like I'm doing to this little baby."

But just before you ejaculated, Janet stopped. "Here Roger, would you like to nurse him for a while?"

"Please don't do that, please Janet! Please let me cum!!" you plead.

"Now let me see all of you, you LITTLE SISSY." giggled Roger, knowing full well that phrase drove you wild with desire. "Can 'she' sing or dance?"

"No! Leave me alone, Get away you little faggot!"

Fringing shock, "Calling me a little faggot. Hmmmmm, dearie, I'M not the one wearing FRILLY BABY PANTIES AND A DIAPER. Now come over and sit on Roger's lap and we'll give you a little bottle to suck on. And if you are a good little baby, Roger will change your diddy when you wet."

"Fuck you, Roger! Fuck all of you!" you rage. "I'm getting this stuff off, right now, then I'm going to beat the hell out of each of you!"

"Ah huh, Little One is getting nasty, still thinks he's a big, bad man. Well, go ahead, BABYKINS, let's see just how macho you are." smiled Janet.

"Oh! Noooooooo!!" But it was too late, your erection deflated in an instant, with pleasure replaced by an uncontrollable urge to urinate.

"I think our little girl needs to go potty," smirked Roger, "need to go wee wee, Little One? Oh DEAR! JANET!!! I think it is too late! Perhaps you should re-name him 'Lil Miss Piddle Panties'!"

You jumped and twisted, trying to hold it, determined not to do this infront of Roger. "Do you need to go potty, BABYKINS?" asked Janet.

Bent over in a cramp. Your hairless legs together, shaking. You felt the first, awful squirt of hot liquid escape. Crying, legs clamped together, you started to helplessly wet your diaper. Since the diaper was only one layer thick soon a wet spot had appeared on your panty seat. A stream of liquid ran down your hairless legs. YOU WERE WETTING LIKE A BABY!

Roger giggled with delight. "Oh the big, tough, macho man is wetting his diaper! How sweet. I may be a 'little fairy' but you are nothing but a naughty little piddle panty baby! I think Janet ought to keep you in diapers for weeks, if not months to come!"

"I think we can remove the handcuffs from our little sissy. He's not every going to give either of us any trouble, are you, SISSY BABY?"

Again, the erection grew, and you knew you were helplessly in their power.

"Get some wet one's out of the diaper bag, Roger. I'll let you change our little girl today. That is, if Little One will say please, with sugar and spice on it."

With tears in your eyes you looked over at Roger. You were so helpless in your droopy wet diaper...."pwease Woger, pwease change my diaper. pwease, with sugar and spwice?"

"Of course! Delighted to change your diaper!! We wouldn't want this big sissy to get a diaper rash, would we??"

You burned with shame as Roger stripped off your wet panty and diaper, and applied the cool moist towlets to your hairless crotch. Soon Roger had you pinned in a nice fluffy diaper, and had pulled a new ruffled rumba panty to your waist.

"Janet, how are you ever going to get this big baby back to his apartment? You don't have any male clothes for him to wear. He certainly can't leave dressed like this, can he?"

"Oh, I think we can come up with something....."

She picked up a white, wrap around motorcycle helmet, complete with a tinted glass visor that would completely concealing the face of the wearer.

"Here, Little One, put on the helmet. You're going home now. On the back of Roger's motorcycle. Of course, you can refuse to use the helmet. You can even choose to wait here through the evening, and let the office see your pretty new clothes tomorrow morning.....the choice is yours."

Thankful of at least some chance to hide your identity, you accepted the helmet, and followed Janet and Roger out of your office. Since it was quite late in the evening, all the office personnel were already gone. All you had to do was get past the security desk to be out of the building...

You prayed no one would see you dressed like this. Even though they couldn't see your face, it was obvious you were a male dressed as a two year old girl.

The elevator opened. Thank God no one was there. Roger and Janet, one on each of your arms, assisted you inside. You felt completely exposed and helpless, but at least you were dry. You also hoped no one would notice your sizable erection, as it butted out the front of your panty.

Security! You still had to pass security to get out of the building! Usually a casual effort, but you had never done it dressed and diapered like a toddler!

"Please no! You can't do this, we have to get past security. No!"

"don't worry, Little One," smiled Janet, "I'll take care of security. The girl on guard tonight is a friend of mine."

You waddled quickly to keep up with Roger and Janet. Your little skirts and petticoats bobbed up and down, exposing your ruffled pantied bottom. Then you turned the corner and faced the security desk.