An Adventure in Wilderness

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An Adventure in Wilderness

By Akkano

Synopsis: The wilderness holds many perils for an unwary and inexperienced camper.

Disclaimer : The place names in this story (and name of the goddess Sheshani) are made up names and are purely imaginary. To the best of my knowledge, none of these places (or goddess Sheshani) actually exist.


Diane was talking to Pamela at work.

"I am fed up with Greg propositioning me all the time. So far I have ignored him, but if he propositions me once more, he will regret it. And he knows I am several years older then him"

"Just let it roll off, honey. He does that to all the females at work, doesn't matter what age. We are thinking of filing a sexual harassment complaint against him. You are welcome to join in if you like."

"I am not interested in a harassment complaint. I prefer to handle him my own way. I have done extensive amount of research on Greg's background and I am ready. Just one more sexual advance and he will regret it."

"Well, suit yourself" Pamela replied. "I don't know what you can do, but if you can take down that smirking bastard a peg or two, we will all be grateful to you."

It happened just two days after this conversation. As Diane and Greg were discussing the quarterly report, Greg said to her "Oh, by the way, sweetie, how about going away with me this weekend. My friend has this cabin in the woods and has agreed to loan it to me. The two of us can rock each other's world."

"Why, certainly, Greg" Diane replied with a smile, somewhat to Greg's surprise. He propositioned females as a matter of course, but more often than not he was rejected. He particularly wanted to get into Diane's panties. Diane was a gorgeous tall Nordic blond 5'11", the same height as him. She was slim without being skinny, with perfect set of breasts. Diane had often found him looking at her breasts.

Greg himself was quite good looking and attractive to the ladies. He, however, did not work out often enough and tended to be a little flabby without being actually fat.

"You mean you really are willing to go away with me?" he asked.

"Well, yes. You can be very persistent. While in the beginning I did not want to, you broke down my resistance slowly. After all, one can say no only so many times. Now I am interested in seeing if you are any good in bed."

"Oh, I promise you, you won't be disappointed. I often get compliments from ladies on my technique. So, will you be at my place at 7.00 p.m. Friday evening?"

"I can do better than that. My dad has this luxurious cabin deep in the wilderness. It is a large house, really, with a sunk in bath tub, Jacuzzi and sauna. There is nobody for miles around and the scenery is breathtaking. The kitchen and refrigerator are always stocked with all kinds of luxury foods. He has plentiful supply of beer, wine and a well stocked bar. My dad has extended a standing offer for me to use the cabin whenever I wish." (Her dad had died ten years ago).

"Why don't both of us take a week off and really make a vacation of it." Diane asked him.

"A week. Why that sounds marvelous. But I am warning you, babe, at the end of one week you won't be able to walk properly. You will probably need another week's vacation to recuperate."

"Well, I hope so. We will both of us talk to the boss. But things are slow and this being summer, there shouldn't be any problem in getting the time off, I hope."

As Diane has predicted, both of them were able to get the time off easily.

"Well, what time shall I pick you up?" he asked her.

"I think it is better if I drive. The cabin is totally isolated and not easy to find. Rather than keep giving you directions all the time, we will save time if I drive. I will pick you up at 7.00 a.m. on Saturday."

Totally isolated. Man, this was sounding better and better all the time. Nobody to bother them, lots of food, plenty of beer and he will get to fuck this stuck up bitch whenever he wanted. "What do I bring with me? I am not much for outdoors. I am more a city man."

"Oh, I know." (She had researched his background thoroughly and knew that he did not know a thing about outdoors. She on the other hand, was an outdoor buff, always going for hiking, camping, canoeing, bicycling in the mountains etc.).

"Don't worry. The cabin in the forest just gives us a marvelous view. It has all the conveniences of city life. It even has its own electric generator. We won't have to step out of the cabin. Just bring the clothes you will need for a week. The rest will be taken care of."

That night she called her friend, Helen.

"Helen, it is on for next week."

"He propositioned you again?"

"Yes, and it was the last straw."

"So you mean to go through with it. I hope it works out. I myself am looking forward to it."

"Yes, I do. Now remember our deal. You have to help like we discussed."

"Is he really that ignorant about outdoors?"

"Totally. I almost feel sorry for him. The poor sap has no idea know what he is in for. Well, that is his funeral." We are leaving 7.00 a.m. Saturday. I will see you around 2.00 p.m. at Hemlock Bluff."

"I will take off from work a bit early on Friday and be there Friday night. See you on Saturday. Good-bye." Diane packed one suitcase with some of her old clothes which she was going to throw away or donate to charity. She was ready for the trip.

Day 1.

On Saturday Diane arrived at Greg's place promptly at 7 o'clock. They put his one suitcase in the car and started on their way. As they got on to the freeway, Diane said to him "I have some hot chocolate in the thermos. Want some?" "Sure" Greg said as he filled two traveling mugs from the thermos. When Greg had finished his, Diane has merely taken a couple of sips from hers.

"You have barely touched yours." Greg said, picking up her mug.

"Sorry. I guess I am concentrating on driving. Why don't you finish mine."

Greg finished her mug as well. She had put a mild sedative in the chocolate. While a couple of sips did not affect her at all, Greg was soon asleep.

He was asleep for a good five hours. Diane took two breaks, but he did not wake up. He woke up all of a sudden around 12.00 p.m.

"Where are we?" he asked looking around.

"We are two hours from our cabin." Diane replied. After sleeping for this long, he felt a bit disoriented. He tried to find out where he was by looking at the signs. They had left the freeway long time ago and were driving on side roads. The signs he saw were of the towns or local attractions (White Mountain, Campbell Canyon etc.) which did not tell him where he was. In his mind, he was totally lost.

As he was looking around, his glance fell on a leaflet on the dashboard. For lack of anything better to do, he started reading the leaflet. It was about a snake called coral snake.

"Beautiful creature, isn't he?" Diane inquired as she saw him looking at the leaflet. It was indeed a beautiful looking snake, with red, yellow and black bands all across its body.

"Well, yes." Greg replied uncomfortably. He did not care for snakes.

"Well, he is as poisonous as he is beautiful. He is related to the king cobra of India. A single bite from the coral snake is almost always fatal. Compared to him, the rattlesnake is as harmless as an earthworm."

"Are, are there any coral snakes where we are going?"

"Oh, yes. The woods near the cabin are full of them. But what of it? We will never get out of the cabin anyway. It doesn't affect us."

"I guess so." Greg still wasn't satisfied. As far as he was concerned, the farther he was from any kind of snake, the better.

As time went on, he saw fewer and fewer cars. There was a definite feeling that they were moving away from population. Finally they came to a gravel road. The road became more and more rugged, towards the end it was little more than a dirt track. After driving a good 50 kilometers on the gravel road, they came to the place called Hemlock Bluff. Hemlock Bluff consisted of a small motel and a tiny general store. He did not see any houses or cottages and he wondered who the general store catered to. It seemed a forlorn, lonely and isolated spot. For the first time, he felt a bit apprehensive.

"Well, here we are." Diane said cheerfully.

"Where is the cabin?" he asked looking around.

"The cabin is an hour from here by motor boat. My friend Helen will be here soon with a motor boat. Oh, there she is" she said as he saw a woman come out of the motel.

He was stunned when he saw Helen. She was even more beautiful than Diane, if that were possible. She was a bit shorter than him, which made her non-threatening. He almost wished he could go to the cabin with Helen instead of Diane.

"Well, we are ready to go. Where is the motor boat?"

"I have a bit of bad news, I am afraid. The ceiling of the living room of your daddy's cottage collapsed this morning. You can't go to his cabin. He tried to phone you but your cellular phone was turned off."

"Yes. We decided to switch our phones off when we left, so as not to have any distractions. But what are we going to do now, Greg?"

"I don't know." Greg said, completely at a loss. "Sorry about your dad's cabin. What do you suggest?"

"Well, I am tired. I guess we check into the motel. It will be separate rooms, I am afraid. I need a good night's sleep. Tomorrow we head back. I am sorry, darling. Maybe some other time." Diane said as she circled his neck with her hand and kissed him on the cheek." In the process, she took care to brush her breasts against him slightly. Greg could also smell the slight perfume she was wearing. This drove Greg wild.

"There has to be another way." Greg said desperately.

"There is another way. You did not let me finish. How about the Devil's Point?" Helen asked.

"I don't know. The conditions there are a bit primitive. Would you be all right with that, Greg?" she asked him.

Greg was by now horny as hell and he was not going to let this chance skip.

"Of course it is all right. I am used to roughing it. Don't you worry." Greg lied. "If there is any problem, I will look after you." He told Diane as he squeezed her shoulder.

"Of course it will be all right." Helen said.

"But we will need all kinds of supplies."

"All taken care of, with your dad's compliments. Your dad felt so bad about ruining your vacation that he decided to do something nice for you. He knows that is your favorite place. So he has sent all the provisions you will need for your stay there." Helen said as she started dumping cartons in a large canoe which was moored by the shore. The cartons were identical in size to each other and it was impossible to guess what was in them.

"What happened to the motor boat?" Greg asked.

"Oh, old man McCutchen, who runs the general store and the motel here, was going to rent me one. But it is not working properly. so he let me have his canoe instead."

"It's a very large canoe." Greg was an illiterate when it came to outdoors, but even he knew that the canoe was too large.

"It is for two people to row. You and Diane can row while going. Coming back it will be empty so I will be able to handle it by myself." Helen replied.

"But I have never rowed before." Greg complained as they got into the canoe.

"Oh, stop your whining." Helen replied. "Both Diane and I have extensive experience in rowing. Diane will sit at one end and I will sit beside you. I will tell you how to row. Just follow my directions to the letter and you will be all right. Besides, I will always have an oar in my hand. If I see you doing something stupid I will yell stop. Then you stop rowing and I will complete the maneuver. There is no danger."

When they got into the canoe, both Helen and Diane removed their shoes and socks. "Why don't you also get comfortable, Greg?" Helen asked him.

After sitting in the car the whole day, Greg felt good after removing his shoes, socks and putting his feet up on the bench. The three of them dropped the shoes and socks in the middle of the canoe, along with the rest of the luggage.

Soon they were on their way. At first, the water was calm and still. However, after rowing about half a mile, they were already into furious rapids. So far Greg had done quite well rowing under the directions of Helen.

The rapids looked very dangerous. "How are we going to row through the rapids? OOPS, sorry." Greg asked. As Greg started speaking, Diane gave a lurch to the canoe with her oar, making Greg think that his lapse of concentration while talking caused the canoe to lurch.

"It's not easy. There is a way through the rapids. However, you have to know the exact path. A few years ago Diane and I came across this place and we fell in love with it. The scenery is so beautiful that we decided to spend some time trying to find a path through the rapids. Eventually we were successful. However, even a person with considerable rowing experience won't be able to find the path at the first go, if he does not know it already. That is the reason why there are no tourists here canoeing or boating. The only people who come here are the hardy hikers with a lot of hiking experience. As a result, usually this place is very quiet." Helen replied.

"Now, let us get something sorted out. Greg, please stop rowing. We are in calm waters here, for now. Diane will you please keep treading water. We have to settle something."

Greg wondered what Helen was upto. "Now, Greg you yourself will admit that when you started talking, your attention wandered from rowing and it upset the canoe."

"Well, I guess it did. Sorry about that."

"Sorry is good enough, for now. However, look at those murderous rapids. What will happen if you start talking when we are in the rapids and you make a mistake in rowing? Then before you can say sorry, we all will be in the water. Can you swim, Greg?" Helen asked him even though she knew the answer.

"No, I can't" Greg admitted shamefacedly.

"Well, Diane and I are excellent swimmers. If the canoe capsizes, we will probably be all right. However, you most certainly will not make it. Both of us will be too busy saving our hides to try to rescue you. So it is for everyone's well being, but especially for your own well being that you must not talk during the rest of the rowing. You agree with me?"

"Yes, most certainly. I won't open my mouth during the rest of the trip, I promise."

"And I believe you. However, both Diane and I will be talking and without intending to you may join in. We can't risk that. I am sorry, but there only one way to ensure that you shut up the rest of the trip. That is to gag you."

"Hey now, now wait a minute." Greg stammered.

"Well, can you think of another way?"

"Well why don't you row then? You are an expert rower according to you. You should be able to do the job."

"Oh, you mean Diane and I should do all the work, while you just sit around like a frail, old woman? Normally, I would prefer that rather than risk you rowing. However, I have to save my strength for going back. You must row while going. Even then I imagine Diane will be doing bulk of the work."

Greg wasn't sure if he was being set up. However, he could see the sense in what Helen was saying.

"I suppose you are right." he said to her, reluctantly.

"Believe me, this is the only way. I don't really want to do it, but if you have any other suggestion, I am open to it. Now, let us see. What can we gag you with."

Both Diane and Helen searched in the nearby area, careful not to upset the canoe too much. However, there was nothing suitable.

"Well, there is only one way. Diane, honey, if you will be so kind?"

Greg wondered what she was talking about. However he was horrified when Diane said with a sigh and with an obvious show of reluctance. "Oh, all right. Here." So saying, she held the oar with one hand, raised her skirt and expertly peeled off her panties with her other hand. She then threw them to Helen, who caught them with great skill.

"These will have to do. Come on Greg, open up."

"No way you are going to gag me with her panties."

"Well what do you suggest? There are only two alternatives, either her panties or my panties. But I must warn you that I started menstruating yesterday and I may have leaked a bit. You certainly don't want to go there."

"How about my underwear? I don't mind those, even if they may be dirty."

"Your underwear is way too big. You will have to open wide to accommodate it. It will start hurting your mouth in a few minutes. I don't want you in pain, Greg. I want you to give your full attention to rowing. Now Diane's panties are quite small. They are really more like a thong. They won't hurt your mouth. After a while, you won't even notice that they are there. Come on, now. Open up like a good boy.

"I don't know, Helen. I don't like the thought of dirty panties in my mouth. Maybe we should turn back. Diane's idea of checking into the motel does not sound that bad after all."

Helen shrugged and said "It is all the same to me. Diane?"

"Oh, no. I don't want to go back. Daddy has gone to all this trouble to give us these provisions for free and I want to take advantage of it. After all, I have been driving all day and I would like to enjoy some outdoors before I go back. What's the matter, Greg? I thought you wanted me."

"Yes, I do, Diane. In the worst possible way. But all the same,.."

"Then it is settled. If Diane wants to continue, then I also vote to continue. Sorry, Greg, it has to be Diane's panties after all."

Greg looked at the panties. Diane had not changed her panties for two days. That day in the morning she did not wear a panty liner. For seven hours in the car her naked pussy was in direct contact with her panties. As a result, her panties were soaked with her vaginal juices. When she made the two rest stops, she did not wipe herself after peeing both times. As a result, her panties reeked strongly of her sex and her piss. He could see yellow stains of urine on the panties. In addition, since the back of the panties was sitting well into the crack of her ass, he could see two large dark brown streaks in the back of the panties.

Altogether, the smell was very ripe and he felt revolted. He had had sex with many girls, but nobody had panties as dirty as these ones. He looked at Helen, who was waiting impatiently, with the panties in her hand. He could easily overpower Helen. He also may be able to overpower Diane. But that will almost certainly mean capsizing of the canoe and certain death for him. It was not worth the risk.

But he thought of something else. "Helen, you are being ridiculous. If you must gag me, why does it have to be Diane's dirty panties? She has clean panties in the luggage. Or better yet, there are my clean socks. We could use those."

Helen rolled her beautiful green eyes. "Really, Greg. You just don't get it, do you? Stand up."


"It's. O.K. Just stand up right here, where you are."

Greg stood up next to Helen. As he got up, the canoe lurched from side to side. Diane, of course, magnified the lurch with her oar.

"See that? Just standing up upsets the canoe. The luggage is in the center of the canoe and the suitcases are at the bottom. We will have to walk half the length of the canoe, rummage around in the luggage and again walk half the length of the canoe back. Chances are very good that somewhere along the line it will tip the canoe. We can't chance it. We could have used your dirty socks, but I see you are not wearing any."

Greg gave up, However, he made one last attempt. "Could you at least wash the panties a bit in the water?"

"Well, the water here is usually filthy, with a high

coloform bacteria count. If I wash the panties and then put

them in your mouth, chances are very good that it will make

you very sick. We can't have that, not when you are going to

spend several days outdoors. Diane's panties here, while

they may not be pleasant smelling, (here she sniffed the

panties and wrinkled her nose at the smell) at least will

not lead to any illness on your part. Now come on, you have

stalled long enough. Open up."

Greg had ran out of arguments and did not have any choice. He opened his mouth wide and Helen inserted Diane's dirty panties into his mouth. The foul taste of Diane's panties assailed his senses immediately. Helen stuffed the panties into his mouth with her finger.

"Now close your mouth."

He found that he could close his mouth almost completely. Helen took scotch tape from her purse and taped his mouth shut.

"There. Now we won't have any back talk from you. It will take us two hours to row. After one hour, we will take a little break and I will remove the gag for a few minutes. But until then give your full attention to rowing and follow my orders to the letter. Let's get this show on the road."

Helen sat next to him on the very small bench. Soon they were on their way. He could smell her perfume and it was driving him crazy. Here he was in a canoe with two gorgeous women but he wasn't able to do anything except obey Helen's orders.

The rapids were fast and looked very dangerous. However, as Helen had mentioned, the two of them seemed to know the way and the rowing did not seem too hard. Helen and Diane were chattering non stop, with Helen giving him orders once in a while. Greg could listen, but could not participate.

After abut one hour, Helen asked him to stop rowing and Diane kept treading water to keep the canoe stationary. Helen peeled off the scotch tape and removed the panties from his mouth.

"Thank you, Helen." he said. It felt good without the gag in his mouth. He saw that the dark brown streaks had almost disappeared. The urine stains also were gone. He could still taste Diane's juices. His mouth tasted terrible, with taste of piss, shit and Diane's vaginal juices mixed together.

"How is the water here?" he asked Helen.

"It's probably all right. However, it is better not to risk it. The water is fine where you are going. Better wait another hour before rinsing your mouth. Now that's enough chit chat. Time to get going. Open up."

Again the stinky panties went into his mouth. He knew it was going to take a long time to get the taste of Diane's juices out of his mouth once they reached the shore.

Finally, after what seemed a long time, they reached the shore. By now, Greg's arms were hurting terribly. With a great deal of difficulty, he helped unload the boat. Diane, however, seemed to be in good spirits. She had hardly worked up a sweat even after all that rowing.

Diane and Helen got out of the canoe easily. However, as Greg stood up and took one step, the canoe lurched dangerously. Greg froze with fear. He could not take another step forward.

"I am sorry, dear. I did not think." Helen said as she stepped back into the canoe and came towards him.

"Here, I will hold your hand. Don't be scared, baby, I won't let go. Now start walking slowly with me. Easy does it. That's a good boy. There, all done. That wasn't so bad, was it?"

First thing Greg did was to wash his mouth with water. After repeated washing, the bad taste in his mouth seemed to decrease a little bit.

"It will take time to get the taste out of your mouth, Greg. Just leave it. You may wish to wash your mouth with soap later on. That is what is done to naughty boys who put things in their mouth that they shouldn't." Helen said.

"Ha ha. Very funny." Greg remarked.

"Kidding aside, great job, Greg. You did very well. For someone who has never rowed before, you rowed one of the most difficult routes in water. You deserve a reward."

"A kiss?" he said, to get back at her.

"Don't be absurd. You should be so lucky. When you are done with Diane in a few days' time, we will talk and see if something works out between us. No, I meant a candy bar. Here is one for you and one Diane, for you." She took two Three Musketeers candy bars from her purse and handed them one each.

"Thanks, Helen. I am not going to eat mine now. Greg, would you please keep mine with you?"

"Well, I don't feel like eating it now either. Not with the terrible taste still in my mouth." Greg pocketed both the candy bars.

Every little move in the ladies' plot was carefully choreographed. It was important that Greg put at least one candy bar in his pocket. Diane was pleased when he put both of them in his pocket.

"By the way, it is O.K. to rinse your mouth in the lake water here. Drinking the lake water is also O.K. However, to be on the safe side, use this." She produced a small bottle from her purse. "This is iodine solution. Mix one or two drops with one liter of water and it will purify the water, killing the germs. It has the same effect as boiling the water. I am sure your daddy has packed a few more bottles for you." She handed the bottle to Diane.

"Excuse me, ladies. I have to take a leak."

As soon as he was out of earshot, Helen whispered to Diane "Well, good luck, dear. I have done my bit. He has got a taste of you bodily fluids. He has been introduced to the concept of obeying orders from a woman without question. From here on it is upto you."

"And you have done all the other preparations that we discussed."

"It's all taken care of. Good luck."

"Don't worry, everything will be fine. see you in a few days." Diane said.

Diane pulled Helen in her embrace and kissed her deeply. As they were involved in a passionate kiss, Greg returned. He was surprised to see them kissing. When they were finished, he asked them "Are you ladies lesbians? If so, I am wasting my time with Diane."

"Helen and I go both ways, Greg. We are as comfortable with guys as with girls." Diane replied.

"Well, I must be off. I will back in one week. When I return, I want to hear the words 'mission accomplished'. Have fun you two, and be careful of the coral snake. Remember, black, yellow and red bands."

"Are there coral snakes here?" Greg asked.

"Yes, there are. But don't worry. I have handled coral snakes many times. We will be all right." Diane replied.

"Well, shall we take our stuff over to the cabin?"

"What cabin?"

"Why, the cabin where we are going to live."

"There has been some misunderstanding, Greg. there is no cabin."

"You said that it will be a bit rough, so I assumed that there is a cabin."

"Well, I never said that there was a cabin. I just said that conditions are a bit rough. What you see is all there is."

"But where are we going to live?"

"Oh, I am sure daddy has given us sleeping bags, tent, an air mattress and all the other essential supplies."

"Well, if I had known that conditions were this primitive, I would have opted for the motel. Where do we shower, go to toilet?"

"If you cast your mind back, I never said there was a cabin. You jumped to conclusions. As for shower, we bathe in the lake. By the way, see this stagnant pool here? That is where you bathe. The water is calm over here and also is shallow, like a kiddy pool, so that there no question of you drowning. I will swim for my bath. The currents are very fast here, so be careful. Don't venture beyond the kiddy pool. If you get into trouble, I won't be able to rescue you. The currents are just too strong. As for toilet, the whole outdoors is our toilet. We will pick out a spot soon. I am sure daddy has packed tissue paper for us. If you don't know how to do toilet outdoors, why, I will have to toilet train you."

Diane had already started working on Greg. She had assumed the dominant role, with Greg reduced to obeying her orders.

"Now why don't we go for a little hike? That will free up our cramped muscles. After coming back, we can unpack, set up the tents and fix us a nice meal."

"But I have never set up a tent before in my life."

"I have. Just follow my orders, do what I tell you and you will be all right."

Greg was now definitely feeling apprehensive. He will have to spend the whole week doing Diane's bidding. He did not know a thing about outdoors, but following Diane's orders was definitely not what he had in mind.

He decided to assert himself. "Well, I am feeling rather tired. I don't think I want to go on any hike. Why don't you go alone? I will unpack what I can while you are gone. First I want to relax with a beer."

"Too bad. I know a spot about twenty minutes walk from here. The view is gorgeous, there is a nice clearing and it is in the shade. I thought we could start our sex-o-rama at that spot."

"You mean do it out in the open?"

"Why not? Who is going to see us, except may be a few squirrels and birds?"

Greg had not thought of doing it outdoors, but the idea certainly had merit.

"Well, maybe I am not that tired after all. A short walk with passionate sex at the end of it may be just what we both of us need."

"That's the spirit. I knew you will agree. I will get a sheet to lay down on the ground and we will be off."

"Let me at least get a beer before we start."

"There is no beer, Greg. I already asked Helen. Since we are camping out in the open, daddy had to supply us with just about everything and there was no room for drinks of any kind. The only kind of beer you will get is mother nature's own beer." she said, indicating the lake.

Greg was still wearing trousers. "Would you like to change into shorts before we start?" Diane said as she changed into shorts, folded her skirt and put it in her suitcase.

"I suppose so." Greg changed into shorts and following Diane, also put the trousers back in his suitcase. "Perfect." Diane thought to herself.

Diane put the sheet in a bag and handed it to Greg. "Here, you carry it." As Greg held the bag, he winced with pain, but did not say anything.

Diane, however, noticed his pained expression and asked him "What's the matter, Greg? Do your arms hurt?"

"Well, yes. A bit." Greg answered, embarrassed.

"It's all right. Rowing is hard work. When I did it the first time, my arms were sore as well. Here, let me carry the bag for you." she said, taking the bag from him. "You save your energy for when we reach the clearing." She said with a wink.

Poor Greg, he had never been so humiliated in his life. However, he started following Diane down the trail.

They were off. The path soon became difficult and started going uphill. In several places there was a steep climb. Greg found it hard going and several times Diane had to give him a hand, thus enforcing the feeling of inadequacy and inferiority on his part.

They were climbing through dense forest. The path was wide enough for only one person, Diane leading the way. He could see her strong, muscular legs and tight, gorgeous ass sway from side to side and he wanted her badly. He had an uncontrollable hard on. Soon he will be able to have her.

After forty minutes of hard slog, Greg was totally tired. He finally asked Diane "Well, where is the clearing? You said it was twenty minutes walk from the shore."

"It is twenty minutes walk by my pace. You are walking way too slow. Anyway, we are almost there. There is a steep climb here. Here, let me give you a hand."

After a few minutes of walking, to his relief, he heard Diane say "Oh, here it is."

As Greg climbed the last bit, he joined Diane in the clearing. There was indeed a breathtaking view of the valley on one side. It was a fairly small clearing, with part of it being in the shade.

Greg tried to take Diane in his arms, but Diane moved away from him.

"Soon, darling, soon. I have to go pee. I see you are all ready." she said, noticing his hard on. "Why don't you spread the sheet in the shade over there. I will be right back."

She went into the trees, leaving Greg in the clearing. She did not have to look hard for the box that Helen had left in the trees. She unlocked the box with her key and lifted the basket inside it. She opened the basket and smiled when she saw the live snake with multi colored bands. She hoped Helen remembered to feed it.

She carried the basket close to the clearing. Then she picked up the snake (one hand just behind his head and the other near his tail) and heaved it into the clearing, in the sun, so that it landed facing Greg. "Now the fun begins." She said to herself.

Greg was oblivious to all this. He had just spread the sheet on the ground in the shade and was putting the bag away when he saw the snake.

He looked up and saw this multicolored snake charge towards him. Now, many individuals have an irrational, pathological fear of snakes (totally unjustified, of course, but there it is). He saw the snake had yellow, black and red bands and he was charging furiously towards him.

If Greg had known his snakes, he would have realized that this was not the dreaded coral snake. The bands of the coral snakes go yellow-black-yellow-red-yellow-black-yellow- red and so on. This was a scarlet king snake and his bands went black-yellow-black-red-black-yellow-black-red and so on.

The scarlet king snake is a perfectly harmless snake, who achieves some degree of protection from the predators by imitating his deadly cousin, the coral snake. Mother nature is full of examples of mimicry like this.

The poor fellow was probably as scared as Greg, since he was yanked out of his comfortable home in the basket and thrown into the sunlight. He was not charging towards Greg, but was rushing towards the shade, where he could disappear into the dark and comforting bushes.

However, his more developed human cousin did not know any of this. He saw that this coral snake was charging towards him, presumably with the aim of biting him. He tried to run into the trees. However, he tripped on a tree root and fell down screaming. As the snake crawled into the shade, he came into contact with his bare left leg (he was wearing shorts). The snake slithered over his left leg and disappeared into the bushes. The moment the snake started crawling over his leg, Greg wet himself.

As the snake scurried into the bushes, Diane was waiting for him. She calmly picked up the snake, put him into the basket, put the basket in the box and came back into the clearing. She still had some use for the snake and she will pick it up later.

"Why, what's the matter, Greg? she exclaimed when she saw him. By now Greg had managed to sit down. Diane folded the sheet and put it back into the bag.

Greg was terrified. He was shaking all over and speechless with terror. "Well, cat got your tongue?" she asked him.

"B-b-big, c-c-coral s-s-s-s"

"What are you saying? Did you see a coral snake?"

"Y-y-yes, I d-d-did. It was h-h-huge. It almost b-b-bit me."

Diane smiled to herself at these pack of lies. He was trying to justify his terror to himself and trying to save face with her.

"Oh, I see him there in the bushes." she said as she ran into the bushes. She returned in a couple of minutes, giving Greg a chance to catch his breath. When she returned, Greg was sitting on the ground, holding his head in his hands. He was literally shaking with fear. She sat on a rock, so that her head was at higher level than his. She took him in her arms and cradled him to her ample breasts.

"There, there, sweetie. Don't be afraid. I have taken care of the nasty snake."

"Did, did you kill him?" Greg asked hopefully, looking up at her. By now he had somewhat recovered.

"Kill him? Certainly not. Snake is as much the creature of mother nature as you and I. He has he same right to live. I took him a distance away and let him loose in the bushes. He won't bother us any more. "

She looked down at him. "You are all soaked." She sniffed. "That is not all sweat, is it?"

He looked down and shook his head. She let go of him and stood up.

"Well, you can't walk the rest of the way like this. You will have to remove your clothes."

"But what will I wear?"

"Hmm, let us see. I could put a diaper on you. That is the only thing I can think of."

"What? Do you have a diaper with you?" Some of the old Greg was now returning.

"See that tree with big leaves? Those trees are everywhere. I could prepare a makeshift diaper with several of those leaves and some scotch tape. I have scotch tape in my purse."

"No, thank you. I prefer to walk with piss-soaked clothes. It may be deeply embarrassing, but it is better than wearing a diaper."

Diane shrugged. "Well, suit yourself."

Again they started walking, Diane leading the way. Although he put a brave face before Diane, Greg was mortified with shame and embarrassment. His erection, of course, had disappeared a long time ago. Neither he nor Diane mentioned the original purpose for which they had come to the clearing. Now all Greg wanted to do was to go back to the camp and wash up. The smell of urine emanating from his body was becoming unbearable to himself. For a moment, he wished he had accepted Diane's offer to diaper him.

Soon they encountered black flies. The black flies seemed to gather more around Greg. "They are attracted to the smell of urine. Just wave them away. They seem fairly harmless, for now." Diane said to him.

As they were walking, Diane was looking this way and that, trying to see if she could further humiliate Greg in any other way. She just wanted to scare the shit out of him by using the snake. Greg wetting his pants had come as a bonus. This episode had shaken him. However, it will take several episodes of humiliation to break his spirit. She still had several days to make things interesting for Greg. The old Greg was slowly returning. If only she could strike again while the iron was hot. She decided to keep her eyes open.

Soon they came to a large clearing. As Diane emerged into the clearing, she froze in her tracks. At the other end of the clearing, near the bushes, was a black bear. As Greg joined her, she whispered to him "We are in trouble. The bear has not seen us. Let us sneak back. No, too late." As she was speaking, the bear spotted them. Greg almost peed in his pants again. To him, the bear looked huge (it was average sized, but Greg had never seen a bear before).

It wouldn't do to run now. The bear may give chase and a bear can run much faster than humans can. She broke off two large branches from a nearby tree and gave one to Greg. The bear was still staring at them, unsure what to do. He gave an experimental growl.

Greg was already sick to the pit of his stomach. While fear of snakes is insubstantial, fear of a bear is very real. He had occasionally seen on TV news reports of attacks by bears. He was wondering if the bear would attack and he, of course, didn't have a clue as to how to deal with the attack. When he heard (what to him was) the bloodcurdling growl, he could feel urine escape his penis. He tried to hold it in, but a little bit of it escaped into his clothes. He was able to hold most of it in.

"Now, do as I do. Don't ask any dumb questions." Diane hissed. She took the branch in one hand, linked the other hand with Greg and raised both her hands. Greg looked at her and did the same. Then yelling "MARY HAD A LITTLE LAMB" at the top of her voice, she started advancing very slowly towards the bear.

Greg was astonished by this behavior. However, this was not the time to ask questions. He joined in the singing, yelling at the top of his voice. Diane knew only four lines.

Mary had a little lamb

Its fleece was white as snow

And everywhere that Mary went

The lamb was sure to go.

Then she started from the first line again. The bear was beginning to get uneasy. He had never seen a beast like this before, one with four legs, three arms and two heads. Judging from the amount of noise it was making, it must be a ferocious beast and a formidable adversary. Two of its limbs seem to be pointed at him, in a threatening gesture. He stood undecided for a minute. The monster was still advancing. Finally, the bear decided he was better off somewhere else and ran off in the opposite direction.

Diane continued singing for another two minutes and then stopped. Greg looked at her with new found respect and awe. "How, how did you know what to do?"

"Oh, that. Well, I have had an encounter with a bear before. But we had our share of luck." She decided not to tell him the truth. She may be able to use the truth against him at a future stage.

"You see, Greg, the bear is naturally an aggressive animal. If in doubt, it will attack first and think later. Our only chance was to convince him that we are bigger than him. Otherwise he would have torn us into pieces. We were lucky in addition to me being skillful." She did not mention to him that she also carried a loaded gun in her purse, for an emergency.

"Well, you certainly know the wilderness. I do feel safe with you about."

Now Diane saw her chance. "You do know what attracted the bear, don't you?"

"No, I don't. What was it?"

"Why, the smell of your urine, of course."


"You see that is how a bear marks its territory. He urinates on tree stumps, tree trunks, bushes, anything that happens to be handy. That tells other bears that it is his territory and they stay away from it. The bear was probably half a kilometer away, minding his own business. However, a bear has a very strong sense of smell. It probably got a whiff of your urine and came to investigate whether you are any competition to him.'

"And you saved my life. Thank you, Diane. I will never forget this."

"Next time we may not be so lucky. Most of the bear human encounters end with serious injury to humans. Now will you please let me put the diaper on you? We don't want the bear coming back, do we?"

"Oh, all right, I guess." He was still reluctant.

"Don't be that way, Greg. It is for your own good. Actually for the good of both of us. Now that we know that a bear is in the vicinity, we should take all the possible precautions."

After they walked a little more, they came to a small clearing. The ground was a bit uneven. However, there was enough space to lay down the sheet and there were two of the trees with big leaves nearby. "I think this spot will do." Diane said as she lay down the sheet. "Now, remove all your clothes. And to hell with false modesty."

He stripped naked. In the meantime, Diane picked several of the large leaves and taped them together to prepare a makeshift diaper. He lay down on the sheet and Diane slipped the diaper underneath him.

"Oh, my god, did you pee in your trousers again?"

"Well, just a little." By now Greg had gone beyond embarrassment.

"Peeing just a little is like being just a little pregnant." Diane said cruelly.

"I better use some of my hand cream as lubricant." she said, rubbing hand cream over his penis area. As she was doing this, he could not help but think that this was all wrong. Diane was supposed to lay down on the sheet, not him.

As Diane rubbed hand cream on his penis, he started getting an erection. However, Diane slapped his penis. "Now, none of that." she said to him. "I do not want to have sex with a piss-boy. You peed uncontrollably twice today, both times out of fright. Do not even think of having sex with me, ever again."

"Y-you did p-promise me a fuck, re-remember?"

"Well, we will talk about it later, when you are not reeking of piss."

Soon she was finished applying the hand cream. "I think I better spray some of my perfume on your penis. That will mask the smell of urine until we get back."

She had bought a bottle of cheap perfume for just such an eventuality. However, to Greg she said "I hope you realize how much it is costing me. This perfume does not come cheap, you know."

"Yes, I know, Diane. And believe me, I am grateful."

Soon she finished diapering him. "You can't carry your clothes with you. That will defeat the whole purpose of diapering you. We will have to leave your clothes here. The reek of urine may well bring back our unwelcome visitor."

"What do we do with my clothes then?"

"I will put them under a tree, and cover them with rocks. The smell will be almost gone in a few days and we can pick up the clothes the day before we leave. Now stay here and stay out of trouble. I will be back in a few minutes."

"Please don't leave me, Diane. What if the bear comes back?"

"Oh, don't be such a baby. I will be right back."

Greg was still under shock from the encounter with the bear. He was shaking with fear. Diane finished hiding his clothes quickly. She could see him from the bushes, cowering in abject terror, wearing nothing but a makeshift diaper of green leaves. "Perfect angle." she thought as she took pictures with her digital camera. She also took one minute of video footage. The whole thing could be transferred to her computer later on.

When she returned, they were off again, Diane leading the way and Greg following in his makeshift diaper. They stopped once more. Greg's diaper needed repairs. She picked a couple more leaves and fixed his diaper. Then she went into the bushes supposedly to pee. She again took his pictures and video footage.

By the time they returned to the shore, Greg was hurting all over. All he wanted to do was rest. However, Diane would have none of that.

"We still have about three hours of daylight left. We have to set up the tent, and unpack as much stuff as we can before it gets dark. We can unpack what is left tomorrow. We still have to make dinner. There no time to rest. Let us get to work."

They worked for a while, unpacking a few boxes. They found two tents, sleeping bags and a double air mattress. Diane was working twice as fast as Greg and she unpacked a lot more that Greg did. After a while, Greg had enough. He just quit and sat down on the ground.

"I am really, really tired, Diane. Can't we please rest for a while?"

"Oh, stop your whining, Greg. Look at it this way. you will be able to sleep well tonight. I know a way of getting rid of some of the tiredness. Let us both take baths before we get back to work. You in your kiddy pool and I will swim a few laps in the lake. Mind you don't get into trouble now. Here is soap for you." She produced two bars of soap which she had found in one of the boxes, and handed one to him.

She stripped naked in front of him and jumped into the lake. Normally the sight of her gorgeous naked body would have given Greg instant hard on. But he was too tired to care.

He bathed in the still pool cautiously. The cool water felt good on his hot, tired body. He was surprised how refreshed he felt at the end of the bath. In the meantime, Diane had completed several laps and she was toweling herself dry as he emerged from the pool.

"Thanks for the idea, Diane. I feel much better."

"You have a lot to learn about outdoors, Greg. Cold water is great for getting rid of tiredness. Much more so than hot water."

"Let's get dressed and get to work."

Greg opened his suitcase and took out a pair of shorts. As he was about to put them on, Diane said "Wait a minute Greg."

Greg looked at her with a question mark.

"There is a bit of good news. One of the boxes dad sent is full of adult diapers. My dad is incontinent and he uses diapers. One of his diaper boxes must have got mixed up with our stuff. Anyway, what this means is that you won't have to wear leaves any more, but will be able to use proper diapers." She spread a sheet on the ground.

"Now if you will just lie down, we will get on with it."

Greg looked at her astounded. "But why should I wear diapers now?

Diane was exasperated, "Oh Greg, use your brains for a change. We know the bear is on the loose. You have already peed twice in your clothes. If the bear visits our campsite at night and you pee after hearing him growl, he is certain to enter our tent and rip it apart. Do you want to take the risk? Even if you do, I don't."

"Do you think the bear may visit us at night?"

"I think it is quite likely. After all this is his home. We are the intruders here. He may well come to check us out. Don't worry. We will take all the possible precautions. And putting you in diapers is one of them."

"Do you mean to say I have to wear diapers 24/7?"

"Of course not. You don't have to do your business in diapers. You may remove it when you have to pee and put it back on when you are done. The idea is not to turn you into a baby, but to take reasonable precautions against the bear."

Whenever Diane said something, Greg was never quite sure whether she was telling the truth or whether she was setting him up. However, in this instance she appeared to make sense.

"Oh, all right. I guess I could live with that."

"And daddy has also sent baby powder, baby oil, the whole thing. Now we can diaper you properly."

Soon Diane had diapered him. As he started putting on his shorts, Diane said to him "Greg, may I make a suggestion?"

"Well, yes."

"You may wish to leave out the shorts. The diaper is quite thick and the day is still warm. With shorts on, you will sweat much more. There are just the two of us here. Since I myself put the diaper on you, you cannot possibly be embarrassed to waddle around in diaper in front of me. You just will be more comfortable without any clothes."

"I suppose you are right."

"Good. Now let us get to work."

Her daddy had provided two tents. "We will use one for sleeping and one to store supplies." Under her expert supervision, the two of them set up the tents and inflated the air mattress. For their tent Diane chose a spot a distance away from water. She also kept a good bit of distance between their tent and the supply tent.

Then Diane said "It is getting late. We better finish the rest of the unpacking tomorrow. Let us fix dinner. I have looked through all the boxes briefly and I know which boxes contain food."

"It is only seven o'clock. The daylight should be around for at least two more hours."

"True, but we need at least one hour of daylight after dinner to tidy up. Then we go to bed at sundown."

They lit fire and cooked dinner. After dinner they lingered a while over the coffee, just relaxing and talking.

Then Diane said "Now to tidy up. First we have to bury the garbage. We don't have any plastic garbage today. But if we did, we would wash it thoroughly with water and take it with us when we go back to civilization. Anything else, egg shells, fruit peels etc. we bury in a deep hole."

They went a fair bit away from their tent and buried the garbage in a deep hole. As they were coming back, Diane said "Now for the food. Remember our friend, the bear? Well, he may pay us a visit looking for food. So it wouldn't do to leave our food lying about. Bears are always hungry. The single most reason they visit campsites is that people carelessly leave food lying around and bears can smell food from a long distance away."

"Then what do we do with the food?"

"We put all the food in a container and hang it high between two trees, so that the bear cannot get at it. Here, help me pack everything in the container daddy has sent. God bless daddy. He has thought of everything."

As they were packing, Greg said to her "Why are you packing canned goods and dried food packets? Surely even a bear cannot smell food in an unopened can?"

"Have you heard of Yosemite National Park in California?"

"Yes, I have never been there, but I have heard of it."

"There the bears have learned to recognize the food cans. They cannot read, of course. But when they see a food can, from its general appearance they can make out there is food in it. They will attack it and at the very least mangle it. Bears are highly intelligent animals. Now our friend here has not been exposed to people that much, so I doubt if he can recognize a food can or a dried food packet, but I don't want to take any chances. If we had plastic garbage, I would put that also in the container, after washing it thoroughly with soap and water."

They rigged up the pulley system, Greg working under Diane's supervision. It involved climbing both the trees. Greg was dead tired and sore all over and of course could not climb the trees. Diane had to do it. By the time they had finished hanging up the food, it was beginning to get dark. "Let's stop now. We will finish unpacking tomorrow. We can leave the cartons as they are. Except our suitcases. They should be protected in the case of rain. The cartons are waterproof. Why don't you put our suitcases in the supply tent."

By the time Greg returned, he was feeling pretty good (notwithstanding his diaper), though extremely tired. After he got ready for bed, he asked Diane "How about we get it on tonight? After all, you promised."

"So I did." Diane said with a smile. She had this picture of him waddling about in his diaper the whole evening. "Tell you what. Don't remove your diaper just yet, but just get into the bed. I have to brush my teeth, take care of a couple of minor things and then I will join you."

"Well, get ready for the ride of a lifetime." Greg boasted as he gave a gigantic yawn.

"See you in a few minutes, lover." Diane replied.

Greg entered their tent. He had never been this tired in his life. As soon as he lay down on the air mattress, he was fast asleep.

As Greg walked towards their tent, Diane brushed her teeth and washed up at the lake. Then she removed her bra and put on a nursing bra. The nursing bra was the brainchild of Helen. "If he is scared out of his wits and you can get him to nurse on your breasts, a nursing bra will make him feel like a baby. He will start regarding you as a mother figure, an authority figure, someone much superior to him. It is great for breaking his spirit."

One more thing to do and she can join the lover boy in the tent. She walked over to the supply tent. She opened the lids of both the suitcases and left them open. From Greg's trouser pocket, she retrieved the two Three Musketeer bars. As she had hoped, Greg had forgotten all about them. She partially opened them and put them on the ground, besides the suitcases. She came out of the tent and left the tent flap undone. She opened the can of chicken broth she had brought with her and poured its contents all over the roof and the walls of the supply tent.

"I hope after all these preparations you do pay us a visit, Mr. Bear" she said.

As Diane entered their tent, she saw that Greg was fast asleep, just as she had expected. "Well, thanks for a wild ride, big guy." she said as she kissed him on the forehead. He was dead to the world. She made sure she had the loaded gun next to her. Then she lay down besides him and soon she was also fast asleep.

Day 2.

Greg woke up in the middle of the night. It was pitch black in the tent. He found that Diane was fast asleep next to him, snoring softly. He wondered what had woke him up. Then he heard the noises outside. They had been going on for a while, but he was so tired that it took him a while to wake up. Suddenly he heard a throaty growl and he became very scared. The growl awakened Diane. She turned to him and whispered "Well it is the pesky bear again."

Again there was a louder growl. Greg clung to Diane like a frightened child. "I am scared, Diane." She held him to her breasts. "There, there, sweetie. Don't be scared. Diane won't let the nasty bear get to you. Just lay down quietly and the bear will go away."

He remembered what Diane had told him. Most human bear encounters end with serious injury to humans. He felt panic rising within him. He started to sob into her large breasts. "Please don't cry, honey. If the bear hears you he will most certainly visit our tent. He is probably trashing the supply tent, though I don't know why." She whispered in his ear.

This frightened him even more and he wet his diaper copiously. Diane guessed what was happening. She inserted her hand inside his diaper and felt the stream on her hand. She smiled to herself and kissed him on the forehead. Greg knew that Diane knew what was happening and it added to his humiliation. With effort, he was able to reduce his sobbing to sniffling.

"That is better, honey. But you must be totally quiet. Bears have an acute sense of hearing." she whispered into his ear.

"We better do something about your sniveling." She removed her hand from his diaper and wiped it on the outside of his diaper. She undid the clasp on her nursing bra, exposing one breast. Greg, of course, could not see anything in the total darkness. She held her large breast in one hand and with the other hand, guided his face to her large, brown tit. His lips closed around her tit and he started sucking vigorously. He could feel the clasp of her nursing bra brushing his cheek.

"That's a good boy. You suck all you want, honey. That way you won't cry and the nasty Mr. Bear won't hear you."

Greg felt very secure and protected as he lay in Diane's arms, suckling on her breast. He knew she wouldn't let anything happen to him. He did not know exactly what she would do if the bear entered their tent, but by now he had developed a child like faith in her abilities. He clung to her tightly and started sucking harder. Diane rubbed his cheek with the clasp of her nursing bra and kissed him lightly on his forehead.

The noises subsided gradually and soon both of them fell asleep again, with Greg nursing on her breast.

When Greg woke up, daylight was streaming through the tent walls. He still had Diane's nipple in his mouth. Diane was also awake, looking down at him lovingly. She kissed him on the forehead and said "Let us go and see how much damage the bear has done, shall we?" He winced as he got an awful whiff of her morning breath.

When she mentioned the bear, it brought back the events of the night. He clung to her tightly and said "Do we have to? Let us just lie here for a while."

"Oh, don't worry, dear. The bear must have left hours ago."

As they were walking towards the supply tent, Diane said "I just don't understand it. I thought I had taken every precaution. We put all the food up in the trees. What could have attracted the bear?"

To Diane, the bear was a god send. The original plan was to simulate the bear attack. She was going to trash the supply tent in the middle of the night, confident that Greg would be too exhausted to wake up. However, a real bear attack would look more convincing than a simulated one. Just one thing she wanted to be sure of. She had got up at dawn, visited the supply tent and had found there what she was looking for. She had left everything as it was and gone back to sleep.

Soon they reached the tent and started to look around. "What is that awful smell?" It was , of course, the smell of stale chicken broth. "Oh, that must be the bear urine." Diane replied.

The bear had completely trashed the tent. Pieces of tent fabric were everywhere. Both the suitcases had been shredded and all their clothes were torn to bits. "Just as well we did not put any of the boxes in the tent." Diane said. After a couple of minutes, she cried out "Oh, this explains the attack. Here is the culprit." Greg hurried over to her side. She was holding a piece of the candy wrapper in her hand. "Does this look familiar, Greg?"

Greg's heart sank as he saw the piece of paper. "Oh, I forgot all about the candy bars. I am sorry, Diane. I really am."

Diane was angry. "Really, are you stupid or what? After my repeated warnings about leaving food lying around, you still left candy bars in your trousers? I know you are a novice then it comes to outdoors, but that does not mean that you have to check your brain at the door."

"What can I say, Diane? I goofed. I completely forgot about the candy bars. What can I do to make it up to you? Just name it and I will do it"

"Well, all our clothes are gone. You at least have your diapers. But all I have is what I am wearing."

"But I don't want to spend the rest of the vacation in diapers."

"Well do you know how to make clothes from tree bark? Even I don't have that skill. What are you complaining about anyway? At least you get to change clothes. If I want a change of clothes, I have to get naked and wash what I am wearing. Then it will take several hours to dry it. No, guilty as you are, you still have the better of the bargain."

"This vacation totally sucks. I wish I had accepted your suggestion of checking into the motel and returning to city the next day."

"Tell me about it. Well, what is done is done. There is no point in crying over spilt milk, or torn clothes in this case. Let us wash up, make breakfast and finish the unpacking. But first, let me change your diaper. I know you are soaked." She said with a knowing smile.

Greg remembered the previous night and turned red with shame. However, he lay still as Diane dried him, applied baby oil, and powdered and diapered him. He did not even put up a token resistance this time. He had wet himself several times so far and Diane had managed to convince him that the only way to keep the bear at bay was to prevent the smell of urine from reaching him.

By the time they had washed up and finished a breakfast of pancakes and sausages, both of them felt better. "Let us get on with unpacking then." Diane said. There were still several boxes left.

As Diane opened the second box, she exclaimed "Oh, joy. Oh, joy. Our problem is solved. Look what this box contains."

The box contained mainly female clothes. There were two shorts, several blouses, a couple of sweatshirts and three skirts and a pair of women's jeans. All the blouses were very frilly and feminine looking.

"Daddy is truly a king among men. There are enough clothes here for both of us." Her imaginary daddy was certainly coming in very handy.

"Great. I will take the shorts. They are not very feminine. And the sweatshirts. Perhaps the jeans. You will look good in skirts and frilly blouses."

"The hell I will. When I am outdoors I prefer to be comfortable rather than look good. And anyway, I never wear such frilly clothes. I don't know why daddy sent these. I guess he still thinks I am his sweet, innocent little girl. Or maybe he just wishes I would start wearing frilly clothes. Have you ever seen me in frilly clothes like these?"

"Well, no. But these are not work clothes, more like party clothes. We have never met socially before so I wouldn't know."

"Well, take my word for it. I never wear clothes like these. It is just one of dad's fantasies. No, it is shorts and sweatshirts for me. You are welcome to borrow the skirts and blouses."

"Have a heart, Diane. I would look ridiculous in skirt and blouse."

"Well, you are hardly in a position to argue. It was your fault that we lost all our clothes. This is the least you can do to make up for your mistake. No, it is skirt and blouse for you for the rest of the vacation."

"Well, I don't know. I may prefer to go without clothes rather than wear female clothes."

"And spend the rest of the vacation in just diapers. Yeah, that is much more dignified. Well, suit yourself. But you forget the black flies. Once those little minxes become horny, they start biting anything in sight, right and left."

"Minxes? Horny? What are you talking about? The black flies we saw yesterday were totally harmless."

"Greg, mosquitoes, black flies and similar insects do not bite for food, but for reproduction. The females lack a certain chemical necessary in the production of the egg shell. They can get that chemical only through haemoglobin from the blood. That is why they bite. The males do not bite at all. The females bite only when they are in heat. Mosquitoes are, of course, in heat all the time. Black flies come in heat in early August. I was surprised that they did not bite yesterday. But they will start biting any day now. If we go anywhere in the woods and you are attacked by black flies, it won't be a pretty site. A bite from a black fly is quite painful and leads to considerable amount of swelling. If I were you, I would wear any clothes I can get my hands on."

Greg looked at Diane. Was she telling the complete truth, half truth or a total lie? He had no way of knowing. He wished (not for the last time) that he knew more about outdoors. He shrugged. It wasn't worth the risk.

"All right. If you say so."

"I think you are doing the right thing. Just a while ago you were complaining that you did not want to spend the rest of the vacation in diapers. Any clothes are better than no clothes at all. Besides, when Helen comes to pick us up, would you rather face her in diapers or in skirt and blouse?"

"And those are my only choices?"

"I am afraid so. Now let us get dressed and continue unpacking."

Diane changed her clothes. Greg put on a skirt and a blouse. The skirt easily fit over his diaper and he wondered about that.

"Oh, there are also panties and bras in here. Since you are wearing a diaper, you don't need panties. But would you like to wear a bra? That would protect your blouse to some extent from sweat."

"No, thank you. I would prefer to wear a sweat soaked blouse to wearing a bra, if those are my only choices."

Diane shrugged. At least she was able to get him into female clothing. During the unpacking, she found several excuses to go into the bushes and take his pictures and video footage.

The unpacking went on well after lunch. They found another tent, which they set up again as a supply tent. There was another stove, some more canned food, a couple of beach umbrellas (also three more bottles of iodine solution) and much more.

In the afternoon Diane suggested another hike in the woods. It was hot and they were both sweating. "This time we will be prepared for the bear, since we know there is one about. We are both getting a little hot. Let's really work up a sweat by a hike and then we can come back and have a nice bath. Before we go, do you need changing?"

"Very funny, Diane. I have not used my diaper at all."

"I know that, Greg. What I meant was that by removing and replacing the diaper a couple of times, the adhesive tape might have started coming loose."

"It seems to be all right."

Diane checked it herself. It seemed to be adequate. "It should be all right until tonight. I will change your diaper before we go to bed."

Soon they were off. This time Diane took them on a different hike. Helen was supposed to have placed three booby traps on this trail. She was leading the way as before and she was on the lookout for the first trap.

As Greg followed her, he could see her hard muscular thighs, shapely legs and tight ass. Man, she was one hot babe. Maybe today he could talk her into having sex.

This trail did not go into the mountains, like yesterday's trail and Greg was able to walk this one without Diane's help.

Diane soon came across a wild cherry tree. The tiny berries were bright red and ripe. They looked very tempting. As her hand started traveling towards the tree, she nearly broke her arm snatching it back just in time.

In a flash, she thought of a way of greatly adding to Greg's humiliation if only he would cooperate a little bit. She looked back as Greg was passing the tree. Her heart leapt with joy as he picked a few berries and popped them into his mouth.

She let him chew a couple of times. Then she suddenly yelled out. "Oh, my god. Did you eat some of those berries?" Greg, totally confused nodded. "Stop chewing. And whatever you do, don't swallow. Didn't you know that the berries are poisonous?"

"No." He replied with mouth full.

"Don't talk, sweetie. You may accidentally swallow. Open your mouth." She slapped his cheek lightly. "Come on, open wide."

As he opened his mouth, she placed his chin in the palm of her hand and held his face by placing her fingers on both his cheeks. Then she squeezed his cheeks hard so that his face would stay open. She started scooping out cherry pulp and pits from his mouth with the two fingers of her other hand.

"It is my fault. I should have warned you about this tree. This is the 'poison cherry', a distant cousin of poison ivy. Its berries are bright red, as opposed to white berries of poison ivy. But they are a deadly poison, same as poison ivy berries. The animals thrive on them. But if you swallow even a little bit, it will kill you. The berries are very deceptive in that they taste sweet and not bitter." She was scooping stuff rapidly out of his mouth as she was talking.

She stopped and said "It's no good. There are just too many tiny bits in your mouth. I can't scoop out them all. You need to rinse. But there is no water nearby. I have an idea. Keep your mouth open and don't swallow." She moved closer to him and stood upon a small rock so that her face was at slightly higher level compared to his. At this close proximity she smelled of stale sweat and he wondered how he could have thought her sexy just a few minutes ago.

Greg was now really scared. The threat with coral snake was speculative at best. The threat with bear was more direct. However, here the poison was directly in his mouth. Never had he come so close to death. He kept his mouth open. He could see Diane's face directly above his. He could see the beads of sweat on her forehead. He could see that she was working her jaws and lips and he knew what was coming. Soon she spat out a small amount of spit. She was thirsty and her spit was thick and foamy. It hung on to her lips by a long strand as it descended slowly. He felt revolted. However, slowly her spit broke off from her lips and landed in his mouth. Here he was, wearing a frilly blouse and a skirt, about to take a woman's spit in his mouth. Can humiliation be carried any further, he wondered. The answer was, of course, yes.

"Now, remember, don't swallow. Just rinse your mouth and spit it out. As he spat, he could see tiny red bits of cherries in the spit. Diane repeated the procedure again. She was able to generate a bit more spit compared to last time. This time he could smell her sour breath. However, never was he more grateful to anybody in his life. He thought of her as a doctor performing painful surgery or giving him a bitter medicine.

Again he rinsed his mouth with her spit and spat it on the ground. "Not enough" Diane said. "I am thirsty myself and I just cannot generate enough spit. I have another idea. Squat down in front of me."

"What, what are you going to do?"

This time she slapped him hard. "Shut up, you son of a bitch. Do you want to swallow accidentally? I don't want your death on my conscience. Now get your ass down there and squat in front of me before you keel over and die a twitching, agonizing death."

Thoroughly terrorized by now, he squatted in front of her. She removed her shorts and lowered her panties. It was hot and she was sweating. This was the first time he had seen her pussy so close up. He noticed how dense and hairy it was. There were beads of sweat in her pussy hair. It smelled of urine, sweat and her juices.

"I was going to explain to you without you opening your trap. Now open wide and put your mouth under my pussy." My god, this can't be happening he thought to himself. "Give a tap on my leg when your mouth is half full." she told him. As he expected, she started pissing in his mouth. Her pussy hair were tickling his lips. He could see her yellow piss land in his mouth. He could taste her hot, acrid, bitter, salty piss. Soon his mouth was half full and he tapped on her leg. She stopped pissing.

"Now rinse thoroughly and don't swallow whatever you do. After rinsing, spit it out." He obeyed. As he spat out her piss, he could see that some red bits were still in his mouth. When he was done, he opened his mouth wide again and tapped on her leg.

Diane was able to repeat this three or four times. "That is it, I am afraid. I don't have any more piss. That should be enough. Thank god you are all right. I would never have forgiven myself if something had happened to you."

"Now, Greg, there is a bit of a problem. I don't have any tissue paper. Would you mind licking me clean? It's all right to swallow now. I think you are out of danger."

Greg was extremely grateful to her for saving his life. He started licking her pussy clean with his tongue. However, Diane had not had sex for quite a while now and she was already a bit horny. As his tongue entered her hairy snatch, she became aroused and started to moan. Greg finished cleaning her pussy with his tongue and started to withdraw his face. However, she firmly held his face in place so that his tongue was deep in her pussy.

"Don't stop, dear. Keep licking. God, that feels good." Greg was getting smothered in her hairy pussy. He was finding it difficult to breath. The rancid smell of her pussy was also beginning to get to him. He decided to get it over with quickly and started licking vigorously. As she was already horny, it did not take long to bring her to climax.

Her whole body shuddered and her frothy discharge entered his mouth and covered his face. He again licked her clean. Then he licked his lips to clean them.

By now, Diane had calmed down. "Thank you, dear. I needed that." She said, still holding his face in her pussy.

"You are welcome Diane. You saved my life. This was the least I could do for you." she heard his indistinct, muffled reply, since his face was still in her pussy. She was wondering whether to ask him to bring her to a climax yet again.

However, by now, all this activity was too much for him. The smell of her pussy, her urine, her spit had gone right to his head. He gave a mighty heave and threw up on the ground. He kept on retching again and again, till his stomach was totally empty. This pleased Diane tremendously.

"That's a good boy." She said, patting him on the head. "If you accidentally swallowed any of the poison cherries, this should have brought it all up. Now we know you are going to be all right. What a relief. I would never have forgiven myself if anything had happened to you."

"Now you be a good boy and don't put any strange objects in your mouth without checking with mommy first." she said as she ruffled his hair with her hand.

"Sorry, Diane. I will be more careful. The cherries looked so luscious and tempting that I ate them without thinking."

"Well there is a general rule of thumb about berries. White berries are mostly harmful to humans. Black berries are mostly harmless and many of them are good to eat. Red berries go both ways. Some are harmful, while others are harmless. All the same, please check with me before putting strange berries in your mouth. Come on, let us be on our way."

"Please, Diane. I am feeling very weak. Can't we rest here for a while?"

"Well, there is your vomit, my urine, both our spits and my vaginal juices. Who knows what creatures all these smells will attract? We better get away from here as soon as possible. We can rest after we have walked a bit."

He saw the wisdom in what she was saying. As for her, it was great if he was weak and tired for the next stage of operations.

The episode with wild cherries was not planned but was entirely a bonus. While it added greatly to his humiliation, it was necessary to get back to the original plan.

She saw that he had a few pussy hair stuck to his face. "I think I hear something in the bushes." she whispered to him. "Don't do anything, just sit quietly. I will be right back. I have to check it out."

From the bushes she was able to get good shots of his face. Using the zoom lens, pussy hair stuck to his face were clearly visible. His face was also glistening with her pussy juices. She took a few pictures. Then she returned.

"Greg, there are pussy hair stuck to your face. You may want to clean it up." Greg cleaned his face as well as he could without the help of water or tissues. He still could smell her pussy on his face.

Then they were on their way. Greg was feeling extremely weak. After walking for a while, Diane spotted the trap. There were a few rocks placed in the path. Right after that there was a sharp turn. After taking the turn, Diane waited for Greg. She hoped the trap would work. If it didn't, there were two more on the trail. Chances were very good that Greg would trip on one of them, in his weak condition.

As she had hoped, Greg stumbled on the rocks. Immediately he had to take the sharp turn and he took the turn while stumbling. There were more roots and rocks there right in his path. This time he took a header. Diane was standing right there. She would have shored him up if she thought he might receive a serious injury. After all, it would be a nuisance if he was incapacitated and she had to look after him for the next few days.

However, it did not appear that he would be seriously injured. "Oh, darling, are you all right?" She asked him. Greg sat down on the path. "I guess so."

"Why, you have skinned your knee." Diane took out small box of band aids from her purse and put a band aid on the wound. "We will have to wash the wound when we get back. Can you walk?"

Greg tried experimentally taking a few steps and found that he had sprained his ankle. Perfect, Diane thought. She just wanted him to be dependent upon her, and not seriously hurt.

"It's O.K., honey. Here, you can lean on me."

He felt even more weak and dependent on Diane as he had to complete the rest of the trail leaning on her. A little later Diane saw the next trap. It was even better than the first one. After the sharp turn, this time there was a steep drop. Helen had done her job well. If Greg had not fallen down the first time, he most certainly would have tripped at the second trap. She carefully maneuvered them around the second and the third trap.

By the time they got back, both of them were hot and sweating profusely. In addition, Greg also had a headache. Diane stripped and dived into the lake. Greg removed his skirt, blouse and diaper and entered the pool. First he rinsed his mouth thoroughly. However he could not get the taste of Diane's urine from his tongue. "Oh, hell." he thought as he washed his mouth with soap. This helped to a large extent. However, because of the sprained ankle, he found it difficult to take a bath. Bending over or sitting down in the pool was difficult. He sat by the pool with his legs in water and tried to wash himself by scooping water in his hand. He was getting frustrated.

Diane finished her swim and was toweling herself dry. She saw Greg sitting by the pool. "Why, what is the matter?"

"My ankle hurts too much. I don't know how to take a bath."

"Well, I suppose I will have to bathe you. But don't get any ideas. I am not your mommy. You will have to learn to take a bath by yourself soon." She said, further adding to his humiliation.

She produced a container and started pouring water on him. The cold water felt good and Greg was grateful to Diane for bathing him. After using soap and more water, he felt even better.

"Thanks, Diane. I don't know what I would have done without you."

"Always remember Greg. You can never go wrong if you obey my orders. Disobey me and terrible things may happen to you."

The evening and the night passed without any mishaps. Things had been progressing much faster than Diane had expected and she thought it best to give it a rest until the next morning.

Day 3.

The next morning during breakfast, Diane said to Greg "I feel like going for a long hike today."

"What about me?"

"Oh, you will be all right."

"What if the bear comes?"

"We will take all the possible precautions. If we do everything right, chances of the bear visiting you are negligible. Now one thing we will do before I go is to hang up all the food between the trees. That means you don't get anything to eat until dinner, after I return. So you better load up on breakfast. Another Granola bar?"

After breakfast they cleaned up and Greg put away all the food under Diane's supervision.

"Now do you have any food that is not up there?"

"I don't think so, Diane."

"Are you sure? We don't want accidents like we had two days ago. Well, your skirts and blouses don't have any pockets, so there cannot possibly be anything there. Go check the tent thoroughly while I get ready."

Greg carried out an exhaustive search of the tent, but could not find anything.

"See the bushes and trees over there? Do not go into them for any reason. There may or may not be a bear in there, but there are definitely coral snakes. If you get bitten by one, even I cannot do anything to save you, and I am not here anyway. There are some clothes to be washed. You can do the washing while I am away."

"Sure. Anything else I should do?"

"Let me think. Oh, yes. It you go to the toilet, be sure to dig a deep hole and fill it up with dirt afterwards. Bears are very inquisitive when it comes to smells."

"There is one more precaution you can take. Hold on a minute."

She went to the tent and was back in a minute. She handed him her dirty panties.

"You want me to wear these?"

"Well, bears seem to dislike the smell of human female. There is something in the pheromones of human female that seems to be mildly repellent for the bear. There are examples of bears attacking women, but if there is a man and a woman present, the bear usually goes for the man. Wearing my dirty panties (and this time it cannot be clean panties, as you argued in the canoe) will give you added protection. For maximum protection, do not wear your skirt over the panties. Let Mr. Bear get the full scent of my dirty panties."

"If you hear growling from the trees, don't panic. The Bear probably will not come after you. However, if you do hear growling, you should wear this, for added protection." She produced her dirty bra, the one she was wearing the previous day. Greg could smell the strong smell of her sweat. He could also see yellow sweat stains.

"If you do hear the growling, do not go into the bushes to investigate. Just sit tight. Do not go into the tent."

"I hope all these precautions will be enough."

"Oh, they will be. I am not saying that you will be protected 100 percent. But when you drive a car you are not protected 100 percent either. Just remember, many more people are killed in car accidents in North America in a day than are killed by bear attacks in several years."

"That is hardly a comforting thought."

"Well, all I am saying is that with reasonable precautions, chances of a bear attack are negligible. That day we were caught by surprise. I suspect so was the bear. Well, I better be off. I am going to do quite a bit of walking today. I will be back by 4 o'clock."

She picked up her lunch pack, water bottle and put it in her back pack. Then she picked up her CD player.

"Is that the Walkman?"

"Yes, I like to listen to Mozart when I walk." she said, showing him a Mozart CD.

"I have another one. Would you like one too? Something to pass the time?"

"Oh, thanks."

"Well, I am off. Be careful and don't get into trouble."

"Oh, all right."

Diane could see that he was scared. She approached him and kissed him on the cheek. "Don't be scared, sweetie. It will be all right. I will be back in the evening."

"Just remember. Whatever happens, don't go into the bushes and trees. Also stay out of the tents. Always have my dirty panties on and may be my dirty bra as well. You will be O.K." Even in sweatshirt and shorts Diane looked stunning, Greg thought.

Diane was on her way. A little later she doubled back and was at the camp again in half an hour. After careful search, Diane and Helen had discovered the prefect spot. She located that spot. She set down the Walkman. From this spot, she could get a clear view of their camp. However, it was almost impossible for Greg to see her.

She saw that Greg had started with her laundry. He was meticulously soaping, scrubbing and washing each item of clothing, just as she had taught him. He had her panties on over his diaper. The panties were stretched tight and he looked ridiculous. This won't do, she thought to herself. After returning to civilization, she will have to feminize him properly. She took video footage of his doing the washing in diaper and panties.

She removed the Mozart CD from the Walkman and inserted the CD of animal sounds which she had brought with her. The CD had only bear sounds. In the beginning there was one bear growling, while towards the end it was a recording of several bears growling at the same time.

She cranked the volume to maximum and connected it to a small microphone. In their experiment, they had made sure that the sound would easily carry to the campsite.

It took Greg a couple of minutes to notice the growling. Then he listened intently for a couple of minutes, with a look of increasing terror on his face. He got up from his chair and produced her dirty bra. Diane started the video camera.

He put on the bra properly, just as she had taught him. This was perfect. In the footage it was obvious that nobody was forcing him to do it, but that he was wearing the bra completely of his own free will. The proper way in which he put on the bra, without any hesitation also indicated that he had done it before. She zoomed in so that the sweat stains on the bra were clearly visible. The growling was still continuing. After he had put on her bra, the terror on his face decreased.

Hell, this footage alone might have been enough to force him to become her sissy, without all the humiliation, she thought to herself. They should be able to edit out the growl later on.

After letting it run for half an hour, Diane switched off the CD and got up. Her work was done. Now for the pleasure part.

She put away her photo camera, digital camera in her backpack and reinserted the Mozart CD in the Walkman. Then she spent the rest of the day hiking in the mountains. Without Greg with her, she could cover much greater distance in the day.

She had been to Devil's Point several times, but each time she was captivated anew by its natural beauty. Before she knew it, it was 4 o'clock. She looked at her watch. It will take her two hours to get back.

Greg spent the whole day outside the tent. He did not know why Diane had told him to stay out of the tent (She wanted to film him wearing her bra and panties) but by now, he had enough respect for her not to question her orders. If she told him to stay out of the tent, she must have a very good reason. After finishing the washing, he put the clothes on the clothesline to dry. He also had a short nap. He spent the rest of the time just lazing about and listening to Mozart.

His arms were still a little sore, but his sprained ankle was giving him more trouble. When he heard the bear growl, he was really scared. He wished Diane had been there to protect him. However, he had followed her directions and put on her bra. That did help in that the bear did not come into the clearing, but apparently went away. Diane really knows the outdoors, he thought.

When it was four o'clock, he eagerly awaited Diane's arrival. He was also getting hungry. However, when she had not shown up by 4.30, he started getting apprehensive. He could not think what could have happened to her. The thought was too horrible to contemplate.

By 5 o'clock he was in the panic mode. He wondered what he would do if anything had happened to her. There was no question of his going to look for her. For one thing, he lacked the outdoors experience. He had sprained his ankle. Besides, where would one look in such a big wilderness? Surely Helen would not expect him to go look for Diane.

But what would he do without her? What if the bear visited the campsite at night? Helen was not scheduled to come to pick them up for three more days. Why, oh why did he agree with Diane to leave their cellular phones in her car at Hemlock Bluff? He could have called somebody now. The thought of spending next three days on his own in the wilderness was the ultimate terror for him.

It was 5.30. Should he open the food container without Diane? Dare he open the food container? What if the bear is attracted by the smell of the food. But he must eat. His mind was a jumble of thoughts.

When it gets dark, he will have to worry about all kinds of creatures, including the coral snakes and the bear. He could feel the panic building up. He felt tears of panic welling up inside him. Then he realized that there was nobody to see him (he wished there was somebody) and he gave vent to his tears.

When Diane returned it was past 6.00 o'clock. Before returning to the camp, she visited the hideout and looked the campsite over. Greg was a basket case by now. She could hear his loud sobs. She gave a smile of satisfaction. The poor sap probably has never cried in his adulthood before this she thought. Well, do him good. He was not done crying yet today.

She decided to take some more pictures and footage. There was Greg, wearing her dirty bra and panties and crying his heart out. The sight was too precious.

After taking the footage, she came to the campsite. Greg leapt with joy when he saw her. He ran up to her and gave her a hug. Diane had been walking all day. Her hair was a mess. Her face was flushed, she felt hot all over. She was covered with dirt and she was soaking wet with sweat. She also reeked of sweat.

However, never had Greg been so glad to see a human being. To him, she was the most beautiful sight in the world. She pulled him close to her and held him in her arms.

"Diane, am I glad you are back. I was so scared." He continued sobbing in her breasts. The smell of sweat was stronger in her cleavage, but he did not care. At that moment, he was the happiest man in the world.

"It's all right, sweetie. Mommy is home."

"What kept you?"

"Later. First I am thirsty and I need a bath. Now that I am here, why don't you take down the food and get started with dinner. I will go for a swim in a minute." She sat down in the lawn chair.

As she sat down, Greg sat down on the ground besides her feet. He removed her hiking shoes and her socks. He took her tired foot in his hand and kissed it softly. Her feet were confined for a long time in the hot weather and he could smell the strong, sour stink of her foot odor.

He took two of her toes in his mouth and started licking. He could taste the sweat and the dirt. "Oh, that feels good, baby. Keep doing it. Lick my feet clean."

Slowly he licked all her toes clean. He licked between her toes. Then he started on her feet. Over the next ten to fifteen minutes he cleaned both her feet with his tongue. He was so grateful to her for coming back safe and sound.

"That was great, sweetie. Thanks. Now why don't you get dinner started while I go for a leisurely swim."

She went to the lake, stripped and jumped into the lake. To hell with iodine. She was thirsty. She scooped up water in her two hands and drank deeply. She did that several times. After a leisurely, refreshing swim, she came ashore and started drying herself. Greg was busy with dinner. She got dressed, filled her coffee mug with lake water (this time adding the iodine drops) and sat down in a lawn chair, facing Greg, sipping her water from time to time.

Greg sat down besides her waiting for dinner to cook. "Now, do you want to tell me why you were late?"

"Later Greg. After walking all day, it just feels good to sit and relax. Let us just chat. So, was the bear here?"

"Yes, he was. But I did not panic. I put on your bra, just as you told me to. Eventually he went away." Greg told her proudly. Now that Diane was there, he had put on skirt and blouse over his panties and bra.

"Good boy. We will make an outdoorsman out of you yet." she said, ruffling his hair.

As she took a sip of her water she said "You know, Greg, this cold water is all well and good, but after a long, tiring hike, nothing beats cold beer. Are you a J.R.R. Tolkien fan?"

"Not really. I did see all the 'Lord of the Rings' movies, but didn't particularly care for any of them."

"Well, I am. In one of his books he says" She started to sing softly.

"Water cold we may pour in need

Down the thirsty throat and be glad indeed.

But beer is better if drink we lack

And water hot poured down our back.

Well, refreshing as cold water is, I could use both hot water and cold beer right now."

"Well since neither is available, how about some dinner?" Greg asked, handing her a plate of hot food. Now that Diane was back, Greg was on the top of the world.

During dinner, Diane told him what happened. She took the same trail as she did the previous year. However, at one point, somehow several feet deep mud was formed on the trail. She did not want to risk getting trapped in the mud so she had to find another path. That had delayed her for two hours (in reality, of course, her delay was intentional, the purpose being to drive Greg into panic).

After dinner they sat talking over coffee for a long time. By the time they put away the food and got ready for bed, it was getting dark.

Diane said "Let us just sit here in the dark and admire the stars for a while. Greg, would you please get the flashlight from the tent while there still light enough to see? You will see a container besides the air mattress on my side. Lift the lid, take out the flashlight and bring it over. That way we can go back to the tent after the dark."

As Greg started walking toward the tent, Diane got up. Time to get to work. She stretched to get the kinks out of her muscles. Just then she heard a sharp, piercing scream from the tent.

Shit, did the snake bite him? She wondered. She had asked a doctor friend of hers about the bite of the scarlet king snake. After reading all the information Diane had given her from Internet, she assured her there was nothing to worry about. She handed her a course of general purpose antibiotics.

"If he does get bitten, wash the wound with antiseptic solution, just to prevent any infection. Then start him on a course of antibiotics. This is to prevent any infection from the germs in snake's saliva. When you return from vacation, bring him to me and I will give him a check up. He will be fine."

So it wasn't a big deal if the scarlet king snake bites him. All the same, it will be a nuisance. She started walking towards the tent.

When Greg entered the tent, it was almost dark. However, there was still enough daylight permeating through the tent walls so he could barely see. The lid of the box was half open. He squatted down and picked up the lid of the container with one hand. He dipped the other hand into the container to pick up the flashlight.

Instead, he picked up the snake. It took a couple of seconds for him to register the cold, soft feel of the snake's body. He saw the multicolored body before he felt it. With a sharp, loud scream he dropped the snake. The lid of the container went flying from his other hand. The snake hissed at him and he started wetting his diaper. The snake retreated into the darkest corner of the tent and lay there still and quiet.

By now it was almost dark. Greg was too scared to go out. He did not have the flashlight and he knew that soon the outside will be pitch black. However, he was sharing the tent with a dangerous, poisonous coral snake (so he thought). He was in a total state of panic, not knowing whether to go outside and get Diane or to take his chances with the coral snake within the tent. With a loud noise, he messed his diaper.

As Diane entered the tent, she saw Greg crouching in a corner, cowering with terror. "What happened, Greg?" she asked even though she knew the answer.

Greg pointed to the corner where the snake was lying. "S-s-s-s-" he could not finish the word.

"The coral snake again? In that corner?"

Greg nodded and continued sobbing. Diane glanced at the corner. She could barely make out the indistinct outline of the snake on the floor. She looked at Greg. She could smell his diaper. She could also hear him sobbing loudly. Well, let him bawl, she thought. She will take care of him later. Snakes can't hear anyway, so his sobbing wouldn't make any difference.

She produced three flashlights from the tent and turned them on. They had rehearsed this part before and she knew that the three flashlights, strategically placed, would flood the tent with light. Now there were no dark corners in the tent. The snake started to move and Greg's sobbing became louder.

Diane picked up the sack she had placed in the tent in the morning, opened it and held it invitingly before the snake. Snakes prefer dark places. The dark cavity of the sack looked much more friendly than all that light and the snake gratefully entered the sack. Diane held the mouth of the sack closed, went a few feet outside the tent and let the snake loose. Nearby she had put out a couple of sausages for him. "You have done well, big fellow." She said "Now have your dinner and be on your way." She had no further use for him.

Now to take care of the diaper boy in the tent. As she entered the tent, her nose was assaulted by the smell of Greg's diaper. Greg's sobbing had subsided by now. However, he was still sniffling.

"Well, Greg, you have really done it this time. You better to the lake and wash up."

Greg literally touched and kissed her feet. "Diane, please, please don't make me go to the lake. I am scared out of my wits." There was none of the old macho bravado left. He did not mind being totally vulnerable to her now.

"Well, how are you going to clean yourself up then?"

Shamefacedly he said "I, I was hoping, er, you, would you mind terribly?"

"Yes, I would. But it seems I have no alternative. You are too much of a scaredy cat, too much of a wimp to go to the lake and I won't be able to sleep with all that stench around."

She was tired and really wanted to go to sleep. But all this drama was necessary for her ultimate objective. Oh, well, a woman's work is never done, she thought. Plus she also wanted some sexual release and she meant to get some after she had cleaned up the sissy (by now she felt certain that she could consider him as her sissy).

She removed his skirt and blouse, panties and bra. Now he was clad only in diapers. As she lay him down on a sheet, he closed his eyes tightly against the bright light.

She opened up his diaper, revealing the mess within. "Here, let me put something on your eyes so the light won't bother you." She folded his panties and put them over his eyes.

Now he became totally oblivious to what was going on in the tent. Again it was time to take some pictures. The contrast of white diapers with against his yellow mess was quite striking.

She started the video camera before changing his diaper and thus caught the whole diaper change sequence on video.

The act of changing an adult messy diaper is quite odious. However, if a woman can get a man to mess his diaper and then has the fortitude to clean him, she is permanently in a superior position compared to him. There is something so humiliating in that act that he never can regard himself as her equal from that moment on.

She did not really expect him to mess his diapers. Although she hated every minute she spent in cleaning him, she knew that it was a welcome bonus. The process of his sissification was probably complete.

Soon she had cleaned him thoroughly. She put his diapers, wipes and all the waste in a large plastic bag and held it out to him.

"Here, go outside and throw it away." Greg just lay on his back and started to whimper. "Really, Greg, you are pathetic."

She went outside, threw it well away from the tent and came back. Tomorrow it will have to be buried. However, she will get the sissy to do it.

When she came back, she saw that Greg has stopped sniffling. However, he still looked scared.

"Come on, baby, let us get into bed." She switched off the flashlight and lay down in the dark. She took him in her arms.

"Are you still scared?"

"Yes, Diane. I still keep seeing that snake hissing in my face." he said, laying down his head on her breasts.

"Would you like to nurse, honey, like the other day? That will calm you down."

"Yes, please, Diane. Could I?"

"Sure, but not at my breasts. I have another place you could nurse. Lie down on your back."

He lay on his back. It was pitch black in the tent now. Diane squatted down on top of him and he could feel her thighs rest on his chest. Her pussy came into contact with his lips.

As he opened his mouth, Diane said "Start nursing, dear."

He could feel her pubic hair tickle his lips. He again wondered how strong the smell of her pussy was, even though she had just recently taken a bath. As he started licking her pussy, he could hear her moaning. Her pussy had a metallic and foul taste to it, unlike the last time and he wondered about that. He had never licked a woman's pussy before Diane and so had no idea what a pussy normally tasted like.

Diane had started menstruating that afternoon. It was a nuisance, as she thought the taste of her menstrual fluids may be too much for him. However, it was dark and he did not know what was happening. She also counted on his inexperience in such matters. He was scared out of his wits and was thoroughly docile. Maybe she could get away with it. He would have do it sometime, anyway, he might as well start now, she thought.

Soon Greg could feel her tense up and knew she was close to orgasm. He redoubled his efforts. Soon Diane gave a prolonged moan and climaxed in his mouth. He could feel her thin, frothy discharge on his tongue, along with the other metallic taste. However, this time it was totally foul tasting. It was a total contrast from the last time. He wondered if she was developing an infection. Maybe he should tell her. She may not be aware of it. As he licked her clean, he could hear her moaning again. His ministrations were making her horny again.

This time it took a bit longer, but eventually she achieved a second climax. Again the foul smelling and foul tasting discharge filled his mouth and he had to gulp it down to avoid getting his face dirty.

He cleaned her pussy thoroughly, taking her pussy hair in his mouth little by little and rinsing it with his saliva. Diane still sat on his chest spent and panting. As he was finished cleaning her pussy he could again feel a few drops of her metallic, foul tasting discharge enter his mouth. What is going on? he wondered. As he started licking her gaping hole again, he heard her say "That is enough, sweetie. You did well. you can stop now."

"Nursing did you good, Greg. You are much calmer now." She was right. His sniffling was a thing of the past and he did not feel as scared any more. However, his mouth tasted absolutely foul.

"Diane, I think you are developing an infection down here. The taste is different today." Came his muffled voice. He did not want to tell her it tasted foul and thereby offend her.

"Could I please have something to drink?"

She decided to tell him the truth. "Honey, I am not developing an infection. My monthly period started today. What you tasted was my menstrual fluids mixed with blood."

My god, now I must get the taste out of my mouth, he thought. How gross. While he thought the act was gross and felt ashamed of himself for performing it (it did calm him down nicely, though), he did not blame Diane for it. He was mentally incapable of that by now.

"Can I please have something to drink, Diane?"

"What is there to drink in the tent, Greg? Do you want to go to the lake and get a drink?"

He started shivering with fear. "I am scared. Couldn't you go and get a drink of water for me?"

"Well, the coral snake is probably still prowling about. I don't want to tackle him in the dark. It is very easy to step on one in the dark. If you step on a snake, he will almost certainly bite."

"Rattlesnake is the most common snake in North America and most of the rattlesnake bites are due to people stepping on one or picking one up (here poor Greg shuddered and almost wet his diaper again) in the dark. I don't want to chance it. If you remember, I have been out twice already, once to release the snake and once to throw away your dirty diaper."

"My mouth tastes absolutely foul. What am I going to do?" came the muffled voice again.

"Honey, I know how you feel. But there is nothing to drink. Wait a minute, there is too." she said as he felt her weight shift and his lips were in contact with her pussy again.

Oh my god, she is not really going to do that, is she? Thought Greg. He opened his mouth to protest. However, as he opened his mouth, her warm piss started landing on his tongue in a thin trickle.

"Now, Greg. My bladder is full. Once I start, it will be difficult for me to stop until it's all gone. Just try to swallow it with your mouth open. I will pee as slowly as I can."

To his surprise, Greg did not find it too bad. It did have slightly metallic taste to it because of her menstrual fluids, but this time she was not dehydrated. Her piss was plentiful and did not taste that much different from water, not too salty and not at all acrid to taste. In addition, she had taken artificial sweetener in her after dinner coffee and hence, her urine was slightly sweet (artificial sweetener is not processed by the body, but passes through the urine unprocessed, thereby making the urine sweet tasting).

After a while she was finished. He licked her clean. He had a couple of loose pubic hair in his mouth, which he swallowed. To his surprise, he found himself saying "Thank you, Diane." The bad taste in his mouth was gone.

"You are welcome, sweetie. Get used to it."

She put on her tampon in the light of the flashlight. They both were very tired by now. She took him in her arms kissed him on the forehead and started patting him lightly on the head. Soon both fell asleep.

Day 4.

Next morning first job was to get rid of Greg's dirty clothes. Diane had him dig a deep ditch. She told him to bury all the clothes, except the plastic bag. She had him wash the plastic bag thoroughly with soap and water. They would take the bag with them. Then he had to fill up the hole.

All this took quite a while. Afterwards both of them washed up.

"I think I will go for a long hike again today."

"May I please come with you today?"

"The question is not may you come, but can you come. How is your ankle?"

"It is much better. Let me walk and see."

However, he still had some pain in his ankle.

"That settles it. We cannot risk it. With hurting ankle, you won't be able to walk the rugged trail I have in mind anyway. I will be gone all day, like yesterday. Let me make some sandwiches and then we will hang up the food again."

To her surprise, Greg started to cry.

"Please, please don't leave me alone today, Diane. Yesterday I was so scared and lonely without you. Yesterday the bear went away. But what if he does not go away today. Please, couldn't you stay here today? Pretty please?"

Diane felt her heart melt towards him. She took him in her arms and wiped away his tears.

"There, there, sweetie. Don't cry. Mommy will stay home today."

He put his arms around neck.

"Thank you, Diane. You have made me very happy. Now you just sit and relax and tell me what you want. I will do all the work, since you have been so good to me. I will do the chores and you can supervise."

However, there was not much to do. After having a leisurely lunch, they just sat around, talking and soaking the sun. Then in the afternoon, Diane began to get uneasy.

"Greg, I really must go for a short walk. I am getting restless."

"Please, please don't leave me, Diane."

"It will be just a short walk, honey. Look, I will prove it to you. We had lunch about three hours ago, right?"


"I won't take any food or water with me. Here is my backpack." She demonstratively handed her backpack to him.

"How long can I walk without food or water? There is a beautiful creek less than an hour's walk from here. I will walk up to there, relax a while and come right back. I will be gone, for two hours, two and a half tops. I did swim quite a bit today. But I need some walking exercise. OK?"

"All right, I suppose." He said reluctantly.

"Don't be that way, sweetie. I promised and I will be right back. I am just taking my purse with the first aid kit in it. And of course, my Walkman."

"Should I take any precautions against the bear?"

"I don't think that is necessary. We have already hung up the food. I will be gone only a short while. For just a couple of hours during day time I wouldn't worry about the bear.

"Would you please give me the panties and bra you are wearing, just in case?"

"All right, I guess."

She removed her panties. There was a reddish brown spot on her panties. "Oh, dear. I have leaked a bit."

She handed the panties to Greg. Greg sniffed her panties. Then he removed his skirt and put on her panties over his diaper.

"I am wearing only a sports bra today, I am afraid."

He removed his blouse. He was not wearing a bra underneath. However, he put on the bra Diane gave him and put on his blouse again.

"It has nothing to do with the bear. You just like to wear my panties and bra, don't you?"

He nodded shamefacedly.

"Hey, there is nothing to be ashamed of. From tomorrow you may wear my under clothes which I have worn the previous day."

"Thank you , Diane."

"You are welcome, sweetie." She kissed him on the cheek and was off.

She reached the creek in a little less than an hour. She removed her hiking shoes and socks and sat down with her feet in the clear, cold water. She took out a cellular phone from her purse and phoned Helen. They had a long chat.

"Hello, Helen?"

"Why, what's the problem, Diane?" Helen sounded worried. They had decided that Diane would call her only in an emergency.

"There is no problem. It's over."

"You mean you are calling the project off? He was too difficult a subject?"

"No, silly. It is done. Mission accomplished."

"But you still have two whole days left. How did you do it so quickly?"

"Well, I had a good bit of luck. For instance, did you know that there is a bear on the island?"

"That must have come in quite handy. Did you have to simulate the bear attack?"

"No. The bear was most cooperative. Also remind me to tell you about the episode with wild cherries."

"Wild cherries? We did not plan anything with wild cherries."

"I know. It came to me on the spur of the moment. But it helped a lot. The snake was also very helpful. I released him, by the way."

"Good. But I still can't believe it that you have broken his spirit in such a short time."

"Yesterday he messed up his diaper."

"You mean he peed in it."

"I mean he pooped in it."

"You are kidding."

"Not. I cleaned his mess up. Afterwards he licked me to climax, twice."

"Well, that was part of the plan."

"But I am menstruating. He still licked me to climax. Not a peep out of him. Then he had the nerve to complain about the bad taste so I washed his mouth with my piss. He drank it all up."

"You are right. You have broken him."

"You bet I have. We will have the finale tonight. I am skipping all the other episodes planned by us. You may pick us up tomorrow around noon."

"If you have broken his spirit, do you still want to go through the finale?"

"I think it is necessary. He adores me, he respects me, he even worships me. But I don't think he fears me. If I am to be his goddess, it is necessary that he fear me at least a little bit."

"You see, Helen, the major world religions are based on two factors, love and fear. A good deal of fear is necessary to keep a devoted follower in line. So far I have shown him only the soft, caring, maternal side. He must see my fearsome side. I have no doubt that he is in love with me. But he must also learn to fear me to cement the deal."

"Diane, something has happened to you." Helen said admiringly.

"This is not the Diane that went to Devil's Point a few days ago. When I was busy humiliating Greg in the canoe you were so quiet that I had my doubts as to whether you will go through with the project. You are more confident, more self- assured and frankly, meaner. I like that."

"Well, Greg was not the only one changed by this trip."

"The Native Indians do say that the place is haunted. According to the legend, the spirit of the goddess Sheshani inhabits the place. The spirit brings forth latent virtues or vices in an individual and magnifies it several fold. That might explain your blossoming into a confident, self-assured bitch."

"Bitch, am I? Thanks a lot."

"So when do I get the possession of him? We agreed that you were going to break his spirit and then hand over the sissy to me. I will be responsible for transferring his allegiance from you to me."

"As to that, I am having second thoughts."

"Now, why doesn't that surprise me? But you promised, remember. My help was conditional upon me getting the possession of the sissy."

"Yes, Helen, that is how it started. I just wanted to teach him a good lesson and then hand him over to you. But over the last few days, I am myself surprised how much I like owning my own sissy. Maybe the spirit of that goddess Sheshani of yours got to me, I don't know. Yesterday when he started licking my bloody vagina I came almost instantly. I was already horny due to what I was doing to him. I am going to enjoy having my own sissy very much."

"I was looking forward to taking possession of him, or should we now say her?"

"Well, in spirit he is now what I make him. Since my plans include feminizing him, I suppose we could refer to him as her."

"I am sorry about this, Helen. Tell you what I will do. You may borrow her whenever you want. Plus let us both be on the lookout for another potential sissy. When we find one, and it shouldn't be hard, I will help you train him. Now I have acquired experience. We could both go to the Devil's Point. I could work directly with you in breaking him, or I could stay concealed on the island and help you."

"The possibilities are endless, I see. Can you imagine what the two of us together can do in that mushroom episode, the one you are not going to use any more? If he is convinced he is hallucinating, we could feed him a lot of stuff in a hurry. He will just think it is his subconscious surfacing. Oh, what the hell, you are my best friend. OK, she is all yours. But remember, you offered to train the next one for me."

"It will be a pleasure, dear. And remember, I will be extremely generous when it comes to you borrowing her."

"I still can't get over how much you have changed."

"Do you remember the opera we saw the other day, 'The Mikado'? The heroine in that opera sings :

I mean to rule the earth

as he the sky

We really know our worth

the sun and I.

I know just how she feels. Well, see you tomorrow around noon. Bye."

Before returning to the camp, Diane had to take care of one thing. She stopped off in the bushes near the camp. There she set up her Walkman, this time hooked up to a microphone and a timer. She synchronized her watch with the timer. She must be very careful and time it just right. She removed the Gilbert and Sullivan CD and inserted the CD containing bear sounds. This was a different CD compared to yesterday, with sounds of several bears growling at the same time. It will go off at a certain time.

As two hours were past, Greg started getting apprehensive. As time passed, fear started welling up from the pit of his stomach. Diane had promised she would be back on time, but would she keep her promise? However, at the end of two and half hours he saw her emerge out of the bushes.

"Oh, Diane you are back." He ran to her and embraced her.

"I told you I will be back on time, sweetie." she said to him.

The rest of the evening she appeared to be absorbed in thought. Finally during dinner he asked her "You seem to be preoccupied. Is anything the matter?"

"Well, not really. But tell me, how did you like our vacation so far?"

"I did not like it. I can't wait for it to be over."

"Oh, come, come. It wasn't that bad. But you will be happy to know that the vacation is over. We go back tomorrow."

"That is great. But why are we going back early?"

"When I went to the creek today, I saw a couple of salmon in the water. The salmon run is starting. Do you know what is a salmon run?"

"I have heard of it, but I don't know what it means."

"Do you know the life cycle of salmon? It is quite fascinating."

"No, I don't."

"The salmon is usually hatched in a small stream. As soon as it is hatched, the tiny hatchling starts flowing with the stream. From there it goes to a bigger stream, then still bigger stream, maybe a lake, then a river and finally it ends up in an ocean. Salmon is one of the very few species of fish that spend part of its life in fresh water and part in salt water."

"At the end of three or four years, salmon develops the urge to reproduce. Then it starts retracing its path. Back to the river, the stream, smaller stream and so on. Finally it arrives at exactly the same place that it started. From the ocean, it finds its way unerringly to the small stream where it was spawned, several hundred or even thousands of kilometers away. There the female lays a clutch of several thousand eggs and the male fertilizes it. By now both are exhausted. They have not eaten for days. They die of starvation and exhaustion."

"That does sound fascinating. But why are we leaving early because of that?"

"There is more to it than that. You see, the bears love salmon. They like to gorge on salmon. They need to get fat on salmon if they are going to survive the hibernation in winter. The bears know by experience when a salmon run is about to start in a particular stream and usually they arrive at the stream a day or two in advance.

"Salmon run usually takes place in early to mid August. The salmon run on this island is quite early this year. Usually it would start a week from now. So the bears are not here yet in big numbers. But in about 48 hours, the stream will be choke full of salmon and the island will be full of bears. Some of them may have landed already, attracted by the smell of salmon."

"Do you mean that there may be several bears on the island already?"

"I am afraid so. And maybe wolves."


"Yes, sometimes they are known to join in the feast. That is why it is important that we leave the island soon."

"But how are we going to communicate with Helen? We don't have a cellular phone here."

"It is not necessary. Helen is vacationing in Hemlock Bluff. She will know that salmon run is beginning and will be here tomorrow, probably around noon."

After dinner they did some packing for the next day. When they finally entered the tent, it was still light. Diane said "I haven't forgotten my promise."

"What promise?"

"I promised you a fuck. Remember?"

Greg had forgotten all about it. However, he was not sure he could fuck Diane any more. It would be like fucking his mother.

"Oh, it is not necessary, Diane. Let us just forget about it. I can't get the thought of bears out of my mind anyway."

"Oh, no. I never go back on my word. I promised you a fuck and fuck is what you will get. After all, this is our last night here."

When they entered the tent, Diane searched the tent thoroughly. When Greg asked the reason, "Looking for coral snakes." she said "We don't want a repeat of yesterday. I want to have sex with you, not change your diaper."

After a few minutes of search, she was satisfied. She hoped she had timed it right. She looked at the watch.

"Come on, Greg. Let us get it over with."

She removed her shorts and panties. She removed her tampon and the smell of her menstruation filled the tent. She lay down on her back. While keeping her feet on the ground, she brought her knees up and spread them apart, revealing her pussy.

Greg could see her blood soaked hairy pussy. The hair was matted with dried blood. The sight grossed him out.

"Now, Greg, leave your skirt and blouse on and remove your, sorry, my panties and your diaper. I have always wanted to have sex with a sissy in skirt and blouse."

All her actions were designed to prevent him from achieving an erection. However, Greg had not had any sex for several days now. As soon as he exposed his penis by removing the diaper, he instantly got a hard on.

While watching him, Diane was also intently listening for the CD. Just as Greg exposed his penis, the CD started. Initially, it was only one bear growling.

"Well, looks like Mr. Bear may be paying us a visit." Instantly she could see that Greg lost some of his erection.

"Not bad, not bad." She said, looking at his penis. "I have seen better and bigger ones. Just do your best with the limited equipment you have. Come on, Mr. Poopypants. Pleasure me. Remember, you are supposed to ejaculate inside me, not pee inside me."

Now growling of multiple bears started. Greg was doing his best to hold on to his erection. But he thought he was fighting a losing battle. It is not easy to retain the erection when one is scared out of one's wits. And Diane was presenting anything but an erotic sight, with her boobs totally covered and her dirty, bloody, smelly pussy on display.

However, even as he had lost some of his erection, Diane could see that what remained would be enough to penetrate her. She had not taken into account the fact that Greg had not had sex for a long time and was naturally horny. Come on CD, do your stuff, she thought. To gain some time, she asked him

"Wait a minute, Greg. Do you have a condom?"

"No, I don't. I had a packet in my suitcase, but the bear trashed everything."

"A whole packet, eh? Weren't you the optimist. But now we have no condoms."

She appeared to think for a minute. "Oh, well, with your obvious limitations, I doubt if you have enough sperm to make me pregnant anyway. Come on, diaper boy. I am waiting. Pleasure me. And god help you if you screw it up. Fuck me before the bears get here."

Greg decided to hurry it up. He was not sure he could hold the erection in view of the mounting fear. The growls seem to be coming nearer and nearer. Just as he was going to bend over to kiss Diane, the wolf howl started.

All of a sudden, the low pitched, throaty growl of bears was supplemented by a long, high pitched, forlorn wail of a wolf. In a few seconds, another wolf joined in, then another and pretty soon it was quite clear that a whole pack of wolves was howling together.

A wolf howl can be fascinating or frightening, depending upon one's point of view. It is one thing to hear wolf howl on Discovery or Animal Planet (which Greg had never done anyway). However, when one knows there is a very good possibility that a wolf pack is in the vicinity, wolf howl takes on a totally sinister connotation.

Diane had timed it perfectly. "Come on, you moron. Get a move on. We must finish the fuck before the wolves get here."

Oh, my god. Greg thought. He could not have fucked to save his life. There is something primeval about mankind's fear of wolves and snakes, which predates the garden of Eden. Throughout Greek, Judeo-Christian mythology, children's fairy tales etc. most of the animals are shown both in good and bad light. However, the wolf is always the big bad wolf and snakes of course have been cast in the role of perpetual villain since Adam and Eve.

Like a collapsing soufflé, Greg's penis shrunk and became flabby in an instant. A couple of drops dribbled from his penis. Given a few minutes, he may have been able to regain the erection.

However, Diane instantly jumped up. "What the hell." She wiped the tip of his penis with her index finger, rubbed it against her thumb and sniffed.

"Why, you pathetic wimp of a sissy. You make me sick." She held her finger to his lips.

"Lick." She ordered. "Lick it clean."

Greg licked his own piss clean from Diane's finger.

"Diane, please. Let us get out of here. Once we are safely away from the animals I will lick you to orgasm, I promise."

"Right. You would much rather put your tongue than your dick inside me. I knew from the start that you were only good as a cunt licker."

"Well, not this time. I have been more that patient with you, you wimp. I have saved your miserable life so many times I have lost count. In return all I ask for is a good fuck and you sissy can't even deliver that. Well, I am horny and I need a fuck now."

"Diane please, the wolves.."

She slapped him hard. "Shut up, you sissy. To hell with the wolves. First I need a fuck. I am horny beyond limit."

She gave him a hard push and he landed on his back on the air mattress. She took hold of his knees, brought them over to his arms and hog-tied him with ropes which she had kept handy for just this purpose.

She had practiced the hog-tie several times with Helen. Even with utmost effort, Helen was not able to release herself. Here Greg was petrified with fear and any resistance was out of he question.

Greg felt as if it was the end of the world. The animal noises were coming nearer and nearer and Diane apparently did not care about saving their lives at all. He saw her take out a huge strap-on double dildo. She put the smaller one in her vagina and tied the straps so that the bigger one was projecting out. He figured what she had in mind and it added to his fear.

She raised his skirt and lay down on top of him. She ripped his blouse and gave a vicious yank to his bra. The bra strap broke with a snap and the hook got buried into the flesh of his back. He cried out in pain.

"Diane, please don't.."

She slapped him hard again. "Shut up you bitch. did I ask you? You are my bitch now. Just lie quietly and you won't get hurt. Not much, anyway."

"The an-animals will get us."

"Well, then we will go with smiles on our faces, won't we? At least I will."

She lubricated his asshole thoroughly. She worked the tip of the dildo into his asshole. It had entered his asshole about half an inch. Then in one single, sharp stab, she penetrated him completely.

He screamed with pain. She slapped him again. "Shut up, bitch. You want the bears to come a-calling?"

However, he was overcome with pain. He screamed again. "Oh, shit." Diane pressed her lips against his, thereby muffling his screams. She inserted her tongue in his mouth and started exploring his mouth thoroughly. His screams were now coming out as whimpers. She started fucking him with slow, steady strokes. Greg found the pain unbearable.

With her hand, she got hold of his nipple and twisted hard. Greg could feel sharp, shooting pain through his nipple.

She established a kind of rhythm, with her dildo going in and out of his asshole and her tongue going in and out of his mouth.

What the hell, she thought, might as well show the sissy once and for all who is the boss here. While kissing she started transferring massive amounts of saliva into his mouth. He swallowed as much as he could. However, still the excess dribbled down his chin.

She increased the tempo of fucking. She could feel the orgasm nearing. Sweat was by now pouring from her onto Greg's body.

Soon she reached an earth shattering climax. She had never had such an orgasm before. Purely by chance, she managed to touch his prostrate at the same time and Greg ejaculated without getting a hard on.

It was getting dark. Diane cut the ropes to set him

free. She removed the dildo from her pussy and removed the

strap-on from her waist, still leaving the dildo in his ass.

She put on a fresh tampon by the flashlight. Then she

promptly fell asleep. Greg was still sobbing softly and


The animal sounds were still as strong as ever. Greg could feel blood dripping down his asshole. He felt totally violated and humiliated. He could not think what he could have done to provoke her wrath to such an extent. He was still as scared as ever. He rolled over to Diane and clutched her tightly, like a frightened baby.

He was still shaking with fear. He unbuttoned her sweatshirt, exposed her nipple and took it into his mouth. As he stared sucking, he became pacified and his fear decreased. The animal sounds slowly decreased and finally stopped completely. Greg fell asleep with her tit in his mouth.

Day 5.

In the morning Diane woke up first. She saw that Greg had her tit in his mouth. She did not remember taking him to her breast. She realized he must have done it himself and smiled to herself.

As she was looking down at him he also woke up. "Good morning, sissy." Diane said gently. There was no trace of the mean, vicious bitch of last night. She sat up and removed the dildo from his ass. She saw the dried blood.

"I didn't know you were a virgin, sissy. I would have been gentler."

"Why were you so mean to me yesterday, Diane? I was so scared of bears and wolves."

She lay down again besides him, took him in her arms and kissed him gently on the lips. "I was mean because you made me mad. I was looking forward to great sex for both of us and you let me down. So I ended up having what was great sex for me. You did not enjoy it, of course."

"I do not get angry easily. However, you don't want to get me mad, Greg."

He decided to be honest with her. "I don't think I could ever fuck you, Diane. Frankly, I feel intimidated by you."

"Why didn't you say this yesterday? It would have saved you a lot of trouble. Then you could have licked me to climax and that would have been the end of it."

"I suppose I was wrong. Sorry, Diane. I didn't think."

"That's OK, darling. From now on I will do the thinking for both of us. Just be sure to obey me. Now, about the animals. I never had any doubt in my mind that we were safe. The bears and wolves are much more interested in feasting on salmon than picking a fight with us."

"So we were never in any danger?"

"No, silly. I would not put you in any danger. Around me you should feel perfectly safe."

"Thanks, Diane. I do. Yesterday for a while I thought that you were ready to kill both of us."

"Oh, I would never do that, honey. Trust me."

"Thank you, Diane. I do trust you."

Diane felt great warmth and love towards him. Even though she may have to punish him from time to time, he was her own sissy. She put her lips on his, inserted her tongue into his mouth and kissed him deeply. Greg shut his eyes. To him, it was pure bliss.

"Come on, sissy. Let us get up. There is a lot to do. Your blouse is ripped, so is your bra. I have got a special dress for you today. Let us wash up and then start clearing."

They did not linger over the bath. They had a hurried breakfast and started packing. They were done a little before noon.

"Now, sissy, today you will be going into the civilization dressed as a woman for the first time. Upto now it was just the two of us, so it did not matter what you looked like. However, today you must put on make up. Helen and I will show you how. First step is to have a very close shave. Go shave and come to me for inspection."

When he came back, she gently felt his face with her fingers and sent him back for another shave. After he had shaved three times, she was satisfied. She produced a particularly frilly bra, panties and a dress for him.

"Today it is not the usual skirt or blouse, but a dress for you. I have some basic makeup with me. But let us wait until Helen gets here."

They brought all the boxes to the shore and sat down on two rocks, waiting for Helen. Soon they could see her and hear the motor boat on the horizon.

As soon as Helen came ashore, she ran to Diane. Diane got up and gathered Helen in her arms. The embraced and were soon engaged in a deep, passionate kiss. When they were done, Helen came over to Greg, took his face in her hand and said to him "Hello, sissy."

"Oh, hello, Helen." Greg looked up at her. He felt uncomfortable.

"There is no need to be embarrassed, sissy. I know what went on here the last few days. I am sure you will enjoy being Diane's sissy. She will make a great mistress. You are one lucky sissy." She kissed him on the forehead.

"Thank you, I think."

"Now, see what I brought with me, just for you." she said, showing him a bag of cosmetics.

"Everything needed to turn you into a beautiful woman is in here. It is a long ride back in the car. You and Diane will be stopping to eat, go to the washroom etc. and you should be able to pass as a woman, at least at the first glance."

"That's all we can hope for today, Helen. When we go back, we will start the feminization process in earnest and in a few week's time sissy should be able to pass as a woman. But today, we will just do the best we can."

"Let's go sit under that tree, sissy. There is a nice flat rock under it and we will be sheltered from the wind." Diane said to him.

As Greg started walking towards the tree, Diane handed over both the still and video cameras to Helen .

"By the way, Diane, have you thought of a name for her?"

"Well, I thought we could hold a christening party for her in a few weeks time and give her the new name at that time. You and I can toss around a few names to see which sounds good. Until then, 'sissy' is good enough. After all it is a woman's name, of sorts."

While Diane worked on Greg , Helen sat next to them, looking at pictures and video footage that Diane had taken. "My god, Diane. I am stunned by what you were able to accomplish. I especially liked the footage where you clean Greg and change his messy diaper. Also where Greg is all alone and he puts on the bra, all be himself."

"Have you done it before, sissy?"

"N-no, Diane showed me how to do it before she went for the hike."

"Well, still you did it very well. You are going to take to women's clothes like a fish to water. I can't wait to start feminizing you."

When Diane was done, Helen came over to inspect her work. "Turn around, sissy. Let me take a good look at you."

After inspecting him thoroughly, she kissed him lightly on the lips.

"Great work, Diane. She is the prettiest looking of the three of us." Both Diane and Helen were in sweatshirt and jeans, with hardly any make up on.

"Diane, why did I have to put on make up, while the two of you have hardly any on."

"Sweetie, Helen and I are natural born women. Nobody will mistake us for a man, even without any makeup. You, on the other hand, must take extra effort if you are going to pass as a woman. After a few weeks with me, you should be able to pass as a woman, without makeup."

Before they left, Diane and Helen made a thorough check of the now former campground. Except for the extinguished fires and a few disturbed grass patches, there was no evidence that anybody had camped there.

Diane helped Greg get into the boat. "Now, sissy. Sit properly like a lady. Straighten your dress and make sure it covers your knees. You still have to learn the mannerism of a proper lady. That will come with time."

Soon they were on their way, with Helen driving the motor boat. Greg was very uneasy about the camera footage.

He asked Diane "Please, Diane. Could we destroy the film you have taken? I like being your sissy but it is very embarrassing to me."

"Sure we could destroy the film, honey. But there is a small problem. When Helen was looking at the footage, she E Mailed it all to my computer and to your computer. So you see, destroying the cameras or the footage won't do any good."

"And I also sent a copy to my computer." Helen commented cheerfully while steering the boat. "I think I will also E mail the footage to his parents and his boss."

Now Greg panicked. He sidled over to Diane and said to her "Diane, please. Don't let her do it. It will ruin me."

"Helen, you bitch. You will do nothing of the sort. I don't want it generally known that he is my sissy. Not for a while, anyway. If and when I decide to make it public, we will have to do plenty of preparations beforehand."

She took Greg into her arms and kissed him passionately.

"Don't worry. Sweetie. As long as you are my sissy, I will protect you from any harm."

The still pictures and video footage was an added insurance that Greg would stay her sissy. It would take care of any tiny or latent spark of rebellion inside him. Greg did not miss the implied threat.

The return journey in the boat was uneventful. When they got down from the boat, Diane hustled Greg quickly into her car. "You don't want anyone to see you like this, do you sweetie? You still have a lot to learn about how to be a proper lady."

"Thank you, Diane. Do I still call you Diane?"

"Well, for now yes. I will think about what would be proper way for you to address me."

As they started the journey back, Greg was looking forward to lifetime of servitude to Diane.


"Hi, Pamela."

"Oh, hello, Diane. How was your vacation?"

"Oh, it was great. I had a marvelous time."

"By the way, what did you do to Greg? It has been two weeks since he returned from his vacation. There has been a sea change in him. He is more respectful, polite, almost timid. The old cockiness, arrogance is gone. Whenever I talk to him, he rarely meets my eyes, but looks down most of the time. The ladies I talk to tell me that he has not propositioned anybody since he returned. You said you will take care of him, but how did you change him this much?"

"Well to tell you the truth, Pamela, I did not do anything. We happened to vacation at the same place and we hooked up there. We fell in love. Now he has only eyes for me. He wouldn't even think of looking at another woman."

"Well for now anyway. My experience is that a leopard does not change his spots. I would keep an eye on him if I were you. It won't be long before he strays."

"Oh, I have no worries on that score. I am confident he will tow the line for a very long time to come. By the way, Pamela, this Saturday I am holding a sort of christening party. Would you like to come?"