Swim Story

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Swim Story

Author: Anonymous

Kenney and I go to his aunt's house every day during summer so she can baby-sit us. Her name is Aunt Helen and she has a large pool that Kenney and I swim in every day. He also has a 2-story 4-bedroom house that I like. She doesn't have any kids, but lots of nephews that come to visit all the time. Every morning it's usually hot outside, and even hotter when we get to her house, and Aunt Helen takes us upstairs to the bedroom she calls the nursery. She tells me to lift my arms so she can take my shirt off, then she has me sit on the dressing table so she can take off my shoes and socks. Next I lie down on the table so she can take my pants off, and put some shorts on me she calls little swimmers. She slips them under me and pulls them up and fastens the sides together like a diaper.

When I'm done she does the same thing to Kenney. I meet Kenney last fall when we were in the same 5th grade class together. He's 10 years old and I just turned 11 years old. We became best friends before the 1st week was over. I meet Kenney's aunt over Christmas holiday, and liked her a lot. When I found out she was going to baby-sit us during the summer I was happy. Aunt Helen has been taking care of her nephews a long time and that's why she made a nursery room out of one of the spare bedrooms. Finally she has changed Kenney's pants to shorts like mine, then Aunt Helen tells us to go play in the backyard, and don't go into the pool unless she's there. Aunt Helen has some swings, and a jungle gym, and a slide in the back yard that I always like to play on.

Aunt Helen won't let Kenney or me go swimming until 10 am, then we get to swim until lunchtime. When she tells us it's lunchtime Kenney and I get out of the pool pronto, because Aunt Helen doesn't like to wait around for us. While we are on the patio, she takes our swim diaper off us, then she dries us off. When we are both dry, Kenney and I race upstairs, nude, to see who will get to the potty chair first. Kenney usually wins the race. Aunt Helen always makes us use the potty chair before she lets us eat lunch-She doesn't want messing around after lunch, before we take a nap. By the time I finish on the potty, Aunt Helen has gotten up to the nursery, and has taken out diapers for Kenney and me to wear during our nap. She usually diapers Kenney first, because sometimes I'm still on the potty when she gets there Kenney is almost always on the dressing table before Aunt Helen makes it upstairs. She puts the diaper under Kenney's rear, and then she powders his rear and his pee pee, and then fastens the waist tabs to the front of the diaper. Usually just as she is finishing Kenney, I come into the nursery room from using the potty and Aunt Helen asks me "Did Kenney win the race again?" I say "yes", while Aunt Helen motions me to get up on the dressing table. When she is done with diapering me, Kenney and I race down to the kitchen to see what is for lunch. As Kenney and I sit down at the table, Aunt Helen starts putting bibs on us so she doesn't have to clean up any mess Kenney and I make. Kenney likes to use a booster seat, and I like to use the booster sling when I eat. The booster sling goes over the back of the chair and comes up between your legs and is tied behind the back of the chair. The higher it's tied the higher you sit up in the chair.

After lunch is over, Aunt Helen wipes our faces and hands, then takes our bibs off of us. Kenney and I take our plates to the sink and rinse them off, then we put them into the dishwasher. Aunt Helen has to remind us to get our baby bottles out of the microwave oven, and go upstairs to take our naps. Aunt Helen makes us nap for at least 2 hours, but sometimes we sleep longer. I think Aunt Helen makes us nap that long so she can watch her T.V. without being upset by Kenney and me. When we get back up to the nursery, Kenney always picks the crib that is made out of wood, and I get the white painted crib. Kenney and I fit into them with a little room to spare. I'm 51" tall. Kenney is 53" tall and has no room left over in his crib. Aunt Helen comes up a couple of minutes later and tucks us into our cribs, then she puts our baby bottles into our mouths and kisses us on the foreheads and tells us to have a good nap. Aunt Helen pulls the rails up so we climb fall out then she turns off the lights.

When Kenney and I wake up, 2 hours later, Aunt Helen checks our diapers to see if we are dry. A lot of times I've wet my diaper and sometimes Kenney is wet too. When I wet my diaper during naptime, Aunt Helen takes my diaper off and makes me sit on the potty for a while, then she gives me a bath. Some times Kenney takes a bath with me, even if he does not need one. When I'm through, Aunt Helen asks us, "what kind of shorts we want to wear outside to play in". Kenney wears the diaper he still is wearing outside to play in. If I wet my diaper during naptime, Aunt Helen puts a clean diaper on me, and doesn't ask me what I want to wear outside. If I wet myself during naptime Aunt Helen makes me get back up on the dressing table so she can diaper me again. She puts baby oil all over my rear, and my pee pee so I don't get diaper rash. At about 6:00 P.M. when it's time to go home, Aunt Helen puts our clothes back on us, over our diapers, so we are dressed when Kenney's mother comes by and picks us up. Aunt Helen always sends us home with the underwear we came in a paper bag.

When I first met Kenney last fall, I was still having wetting accidents all the time. They were little ones, so the only one that knew it was my mom and me. One day while I was playing on the schoolyard during recess I had a big accident. Kenney saw the front of my pants were wet and he loaned me his sweater so I could wrap it around my waist so no one would see that I wet my pants. When I went over to Kenney's Aunt Helen's house for the first time during Christmas, Kenney told his Aunt Helen that I had some wetting accidents during school. His Aunt Helen took me up to the nursery room for the very first time and sat me down in a chair and asked me about my wetting accidents. I was embarrassed and nervous as I sat there answering her questions. "Does your mom know? Have you seen a doctor? What does he have to say about it?" I told her that the medicine I took at one time did not work, and the doctor said I would probably grow out of it. That was when I was starting the 2nd grade I said.

"When was the last time you wore a disposable diaper, David?" Aunt Helen asked me. "The end of last summer when I went with my aunt up north to visit some relatives. She didn't want me to have an accident in her car on the way up, or while we were there. She made me wear a diaper 24 hours a day all the time while I was with her for over 2 weeks," I said. "Well, I guess you are use to wearing diapers by now David, so when you go back to school next Monday, stop by my house, before you meet Kenney to walk to school with him, and we will put a diaper on you so you don't embarrass yourself anymore at school" Aunt Helen said. "But the other kids at school will see me wearing a diaper at school and tease me all the time" I said. "I have a lot of nephews, and some of them have the same problem you have David, like Kerry and Jason who are twins. I use an elastic belt to hold their shorts or pants up and no one knows they are wearing a diaper at school. They have been wearing diapers to school since they started pre-school, and now they are in the 2nd grade now," Aunt Helen said. When Monday came I ate my breakfast early so I would have time to stop by Aunt Helen's house on my way to school. Aunt Helen said this would be our little secret, and she would not even tell Kenney what was going on. When I got to her house, we went upstairs to the nursery room and she had me climb up onto the dressing table. She unfastened my shorts and took them off over my shoes so she would not have to put my shoes back on me trying to save some time. She took my printed underwear off, then slipped a Pampers diaper under me. She rubbed baby oil all over my rear and my pee pee. She pulled the diaper up between my legs and told me to spread my legs so the diaper would fit better. She pulled the waist tapes open, then said "We had better put a diaper doubler on your pee pee in case you have a big accident." She then attached the waist tabs to the front of the diaper and said, "I have one more thing to put on you just in case" She pulled out a pair of plastic pants with snaps down the front on each side and said, "no one will know if you wet your pants, even if you wet them all day long." Then she put them under my rear and pulled them up and fastened the snaps together in the front. When I looked down at the plastic pants I noticed there were teddy bear prints all over the front and back. "I like them," I said. I hopped down off the table and Aunt Helen was holding my shorts down close to the floor so I could step back into them. "When you come by here tomorrow David, don't wear any underwear and wear this belt with your shorts or pants from now on. It will make diapering you easier for me." She fastened the front of my shorts together, then she put the belt through the belt loops and fastened it together and said "Now you can go to school and stay dry all day long David, and I will see you tomorrow morning." When I got to the next corner, Kenney was waiting for me and said, "You are a little late David, What held you up" I didn't say anything and thought to myself, I've better get to Aunt Helen's house earlier from now on, and, what would Kenney say if he knew I was now wearing a diaper to school every day from now on.

I went to Aunt Helen's house until school ended for the year, 2 weeks ago and Kenney never found out that I had a diaper on me every day. A lot of times I was grateful to Aunt Helen because I had some big accidents during the school year. One day last week, Kenney and I had just woken up from our nap, and Aunt Helen was putting a clean diaper on me when she got a call from her office-She answered the call after she had finished with me. She came back into the nursery room and told Kenney and me to put on a tank top and some sandals on our feet so we don't burn them on the hot concrete outside. "You boys go get into the car and I will be there in a minute," she said. Kenney and I didn't know what was going on, but we did what we were told to do. Aunt Helen came out the back door of the house so fast I thought she was going to take off and start flapping her arms and start flying. She got into the front seat of the car and started telling us what was so wrong.

"The computers in my office crashed, and I need to get there quick or the newspaper won't get out on time," Aunt Helen said, "Are you boys in the car seats and strapped in yet?" Aunt Helen asked us. 1 looked over at Kenney and he was snapping his crotch strap to his shoulder belts when he said "I will show David how to do it in a minute, Aunt Helen" Kenney pulled my shoulder belts together and snapped them together over my chest. Then Kenney reached down between my legs and pulled my crotch strap up and snapped it to the shoulder belts and he pulled a belt that tightened all the belts at the same time. "David is in now Aunt Helen" Kenney said. "Aunt Helen, do you know the only things David and I are wearing back here is a tank top, sandals and our diapers" Kenney said. "Don't worry Kenney I don't think anyone will notice that you boys are wearing diapers in public, and if they do it's none of their business what you boys are wearing," Aunt Helen said. She pulled into a big parking lot and found a spot under a tree and parked the car under the tree. "You boys stay in the car and don't go any where, I will be back in about 10 minutes" Aunt Helen said. "Aunt Helen," Kenney said, "Where do you think we might go?" Kenney asked as he spread his legs to show Aunt Helen his diaper. "Oh, I forgot," Aunt Helen said and started laughing. "David, Kenney knows how to run the DVD if you boys get bored, I will be right back soon" she said as she closed the front car door behind her. As soon as she was out of sight Kenney and I started wrestling with each other while we were still strapped in the car seats. "David I want to show you something, so lets get out of these car seats."

I had just finished unsnapping my belt and was on the back seat facing the window when a lady walked up to that window and knocked on the window. "Are you boys all right in there? I thought you might need some help or something," she said. She looked down to see me wearing a tank top and a diaper. I saw the surprise in her eyes when she realized I was wearing a diaper. Kenney saw the surprise in here eyes too and said, "My aunt takes our clothes with her so we won't get out of the car while she's away, and David and I are still being potty trained, that's why we are wearing diapers" After the lady heard Kenney say that, she turned and started walking away, shaking her head back and forth. Kenney and I started laughing so hard. Kenney turned towards me and said," I want to show you something "What Kenney" I asked. "Sit back in the car seat and I'll show you," he said.

I sat back in the car seat facing Kenney, then Kenney said ready? I guess so I said. Kenney took his right hand and put it down in my diaper and grabbed my pee pee and started rubbing. "Is your pee pee getting bigger David?" Kenney asked me. "Yes I said, "What are you doing?" "I just wanted to show you something I learned from my big brother the other day," Kenney said as he played with my pee pee. My pee pee was getting bigger as Kenney kept rubbing it. Then I started feeling something I had never felt before. I let my head rest back into the car seat headrest and then something happened. My pee pee started to jump around by itself and I felt real good. While all this was going on Kenney continued rubbing my pee pee. The great feeling lasted about a little time I was done I was so tired. "What did you do, Kenney?" I asked. "I rubbed you, David, that's what my brother calls it," Kenney said. I spread my legs so I could rest my pee pee a little better. "Did you like that as much as I did when my brother did it to me" "I loved it," I said. Just about that time Kenney saw Aunt Helen coming towards the car and said "Don't tell Aunt Helen about this or we might get into trouble, that's what my brother says," Kenney said. Aunt Helen opened the front car door and said "I hope you boys didn't get too hot while I was gone". "Why don't we go by the ice cream place and get us a cone." "My treat" Kenney and I were strapping ourselves back into the car seats when Kenney asked "Do you think they would serve 2 boys wearing only tank tops and diapers?" Aunt Helen said "No they would not, you must wear shoes too." We all started laughing. When we got to the ice cream parlor, Aunt Helen decided to use the drive up window. She asked what we wanted and we told her, and she placed the order at the big talking ice cream cone. As we pulled up to the window to pay and pick up our order Kenney and I tried to hide our diapers by shielding them with our hands. When we left I told Kenney, "I don't think anyone saw our diapers there."

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