Spanked In Toronto

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Spanked In Toronto

By Randy (with help from his wife, Sarah)

Part 1

"Billy, I'm going to call Nurse Leveau and have her come over and look at you. I'm sure she has a thermometer in her nurse's bag."

"Oh Mamma, no ... please no... I'll be OK."

"With a first reading of 103 and the thermometer now broken, young man? No sir. I'm not taking any chances. Your forehead may not feel that hot but you going to need to see a doctor if your fever is really 103. You stay right here while I call Nurse Leveau."

Amanda Fontaine walked down the hall to her bedroom and called her neighbor and longtime friend, Polly Leveau, a pediatric nurse at one of Toronto's finest hospitals. After hearing about the broken thermometer and the reading of 103, the experienced nurse asked,

"Amanda, were you in the room when Billy had dropped the thermometer?"

"Why no, Polly, why do you ask?"

"Just a little hunch, Amanda. Let me come over and have a look at Billy. Sometimes these things aren't always what they seem to be."

Ten minutes later, Nurse Leveau rang the bell at the Fontaine house and followed Amanda upstairs. Nurse Leveau swept into Billy's bedroom with the take-charge manner of an experienced head nurse in her late forties. Her nursing whites and hair gathered into a tight bun made her look even more business-like than usual. Since she was almost a second aunt to Billy, she immediately noticed that he looked more nervous than sick.

"Let's see how our patient is doing today, shall we, Billy?"

"I was going to get him up to get ready for church but he told me he felt sick and the thermometer read 103 the first time I took his temp. Then poor Billy managed to drop the thermometer after I put it back in his mouth for a second reading and it broke."

"Let's just see what we have here, Amanda. He doesn't look that bad to me." Nurse Leveau sat on the side of Billy's bed and felt his forehead.

"Hmmmm ... just as you said, Amanda, a little warm but nowhere near 103. Let's see how his back feels. She reached down through the back of Billy's collar and felt his upper back.

"That's odd. His back feels perfectly normal. No trace of fever"

"Well, I don't feel all that bad as I tried to tell mama. I guess the thermometer was broken even before I dropped it," Billy volunteered weakly. "I probably just have a slight fever."

"Enough to get out of having to go to church today," Mrs Fontaine joked, without quite realizing what she had said. "You know how he hates going to church, Amanda."

"Is that so?" Nurse Leveau said thoughtfully. After looking in Billy's mouth with a flashlight and checking his eyes, she looked pensively at the nearby metal lamp on his bed side table and at the floor. Looking back at Billy more intently, she asked,

"How exactly did the thermometer break, sweetheart?"

Billy swallowed and replied,

"I was trying to put in on the table but it dropped on the floor right here."

"And it broke on that thick rug, young man?"

A look of alarm flashed across Billy's face before he regained his composure.

"Yes ma'am. I can't explain how it broke but it did."

"Amanda, has this little lamp here been on at all this morning?"

"No, of course not ... not with all this direct sunlight, Polly. Why would that matter?"

And you haven't needed this lamp for any reading or anything, have you Billy?"

Billy shook his head, looking a little more nervous.

"Just a hunch, Amanda. Just a hunch." Nurse Leveau reached out to touch the metal lamp shade and added,

"The reason I ask, Amanda, is because this lamp has been on recently ... see ... feel for yourself. It's still a little warm."

"Why, yes it is ... what is going on here?"

"Well, Amanda, it looks like you have a case of what we nurses call broken thermometer syndrome. It's the most common reason for thermometers breaking when parents leave supposedly sick children alone with the thermometer in their mouths on school days or on mornings when their children want to avoid some event. In Billy's case, he thought he could get out of church today."

"What are you talking about, Polly? I don't follow you."

"It's really quite simple. In a misguided attempt to fake a fever and avoid some obligation, many children put their face under a table lamp and hold the thermometer nearby as well. The problem is that most of them don't realize how sensitive thermometers are to any real heat and how easily they explode when overheated. See how your thermometer broke at the mercury end?"

"Why, you don't say ... so it did. Billy, I want a straight answer from you, child, or you will be in serious trouble. Did you try to fake a fever and get out of church?"

Though Billy did his best to cover his alarm, it was now clearly visible to his mother and Nurse Leveau.

"No, mamma, really ... I wouldn't pull a stunt like that. I really do feel hot this morning ... not 103 but I do think I am a little sick. I forgot to mention that i did turn on the light to try to read the thermometer ... and that's when it dropped."

"A little sick ... that's not what you said when I got you up this morning. You said you felt really bad and wanted to stay in bed."

"Well I did feel bad then ... I guess I'm feeling a little better now ... but honestly, I really do have a fever."

"We'll see about that, young man," Nurse Leveau replied, reaching into her little bag and removing another thermometer.

"Amanda, I'm afraid you may have been fooled by the oldest trick in the book. You'd be surprised of how mothers tell me stories about faked temperatures. That's why we call it broken thermometer syndrome. I only have a rectal thermometer in my little bag but it should give us an accurate reading. "

"Mom, I'm too old for that kind of thermometer. I'm fifteen years old for Christs sake."

"Watch your language, young man. An baby thermometer won't hurt you. Stop fussing right this instant and roll over for Nurse Leveau. If you have any kind of real fever, we both owe you an apology. But if your temperature turns out to be normal, young man, you are going to get a lot more than some bedrest."

"Come on, child ... over you go."

"Billy, do as Aunt Polly says or you will feel something a lot worse on your bottom than that baby thermometer."

As Billy rolled over reluctantly, Nurse Leveau chuckled and said,

"The threat of a spanking certainly gets the attention of a fussy boy, doesn't it, Amanda?"

"Yes it does, Polly, especially when the fussy boy knows he has a sound spanking coming if it turns out he has been lying to me, faking a temperature, and covering it up with more lies.

Billy buried his face in his pillow, doing his best to hide the red color spreading out rapidly through his face all the way to his ears.

Drawing his pj bottoms down to mid thigh, Nurse Leveau pulled out a small jar of vaseline from her bag and opened it. Dabbing a thick glob on the end of her index finger, she parted Billy's cheeks with her left hand and reached in with her right index finger to spread vaseline around his rectum. After wiping her finger on a Kleenex, she shook the thermometer down, dipped it into the vaseline, and gently inserted it into Billy's bottom. As often with an older child, he stiffened up immediately.

"Relax, child. Don't tense and you'll be fine. There ... that's a little better. That's my good boy. It's just a thermometer"

Nurse Leveau held it in place with her right hand resting against Billy's cheeks while she chatted with Amanda.

"If Billy has been playing with your adult thermometer, Amanda, I suggest you get him a rectal thermometer until he shows he is old enough to be trusted. That's what we always tell mothers with children who fake fevers. No point trusting children like that with another adult thermometer which they might break."

Despite the muffled protest from Billy, his mother replied,

"I couldn't agree more, Polly. If Billy's temperature is normal, I'm get him a baby thermometer and we'll see how he likes that for the next year or so. More importantly, Billy is going to go over my knee for an immediate spanking right after you check his temp if it turns out to be normal. Boys lie in my home regret that mistake very quickly, don't they, Billy?"

Despite his flaming red face, Billy managed to turn and defend himself.

"But I'm telling the truth ... it was the thermometer which was wrong."

"Shush, child," Mrs Fontaine replied sternly to her son.

"Thermometers don't lie in my experience ... bad boys do. And it wouldn't be the first time you told mama a lie, would it, Billy?"

Billy blushed further and turned his head away in shame, remembering the incident ten days earlier when he had lied about finishing his homework. Turning to Polly, she added,

"Despite his age, Billy still seems to have trouble telling the truth. We're making some progress in recent years thanks to a lot of old fashioned discipline, Polly. But he still has a long way to go."

"Lying is the kind of thing one expects from small children, Amanda. If Billy were my child, he'd probably be spending even more time over my knee. As a pediatric nurse, I like to think of spankings as the best medicine for naughty children of all ages, especially boys Billy's age. Nothing cuts an older bad boy down to size faster than having his pants lowered and being put in over mommy's lap for a little boy's punishment."

"That's a nice way to put it, Polly ... spankings as the best medicine for naughty children. It's certainly medicine Billy still seems to need fairly regularly."

"Every child grows up at his own pace, Amanda. There's nothing wrong with a child who develops slowly as long as the proper parental love and discipline are in place. Billy is lucky to have such a good mother."

"I'd like to think that, Polly ... I'd like to think that. How's he doing?"

"Let's see ... hmmmmm ... just as I suspected ... his temperature is perfectly normal ... not a trace of fever."

Reaching up to his forehead, she added,

"Feel here ... even his forehead feels practically normal now ... he probably heated it up under this lamp. Your Billy is as healthy as ever, Amanda."

"Why, so he is, Polly. His forehead does feel about normal. Billy Fontaine, you know better than to lie to me about your fever and break my thermometer. I want the truth out of you right now or you will be spanked at bedtime every night this week. Do you understand me?"

Billy replied with a distinct quaver now audible.

"Mamma, I really did feel queasy this morning ... I held the thermometer up to the light to read it and it got too close and it broke ... really, it was not my ..."

"So, you bad boy, you did lie to me, didn't you? You didn't drop the thermometer. You held it up to the lamp. Just like you did the first time when I was out of the room and it got stuck on 103."

"Mamma, I'm sorry ... I wanted to stay in bed ... I really did feel queasy ... I'm sorry for trying to make my temperature go up. I just wanted to raise it a little .. and when it broke, oohh mama ... I didn't know what to say .... please, I didn't feel all that good in my stomach."

"Oh, now it's your stomach, is it? Young man, I'm going to give you something which will make any tummy troubles seem like nothing. Polly, if you don't mind staying a little longer, would you be kind enough to have a seat over there?"

"Mamma, nooooo ... not with Aunt Polly ... please, mamma, nooo!"

"Shush, child. You had plenty of chances to tell me the truth and you kept lying didn't you? Do you expect me to listen to you now that you are about to get a good spanking? Besides, Nurse Leveau has already seen your bottom so you don't have anything to hide. And since you lied to her, perhaps you will learn a better lesson if she sees how I take care of bad boys who lie in my home. Maybe you won't forget and tell another lie so soon this time. I just spanked you for lying ten days ago, didn't I, Mr Badbottoms?"

"Is it that frequent, Amanda?" The nurse had already gotten up from the bed and seated herself at Billy's desk.

"I'm afraid so, Polly. And that's just the lying. Billy seems to be in some kind of mischief every week. And lately, he has been developing some very naughty habits that teenage boys develop when left unsupervised."

"My, my ... I see," Nurse Leveau replied. "I suppose sooner or later this was bound to happen, as it does with so many boys Billy's age."

"Perhaps you can give me some advice later on how to deal with that. Billy, stand on your feet right this instant or you will be a very sorry little boy every night for the rest of the week."

Part 2

With tears welling in his eyes, Billy allowed his mother to pull him to his feet as he clutched his pyjamas bottoms up around his waist. Immediately, she sat down on his bed in the same spot where Nurse Leveau had just been.

"Noooo, mamma ... I'm sorry I broke the thermometer ... I'm sorry ... I promise I won't do that again."

"You're going to be a lot more sorry in a minute, child. I'm going to spank you for lying right now. And you will be spending most of the day in bed as an extra punishment with an early bedtime after dinner. And for breaking the thermometer, you will get another spanking tomorrow." In a flash, Billy's mother yanked him over her knees and quickly pulled him across so his feet waved helplessly in the air. At five feet 2 and a hundred and ten pounds, Billy looked at least two years younger than his age and put up what Nurse Leveau noticed was little more than verbal resistance. It was clear he was no stranger to this situation.

Seizing his wrists behind his back with her left hand, Mrs Fontaine pulled his pyjama bottoms down to his ankles before planting a sound spank on his chubby bottom.

"Stop struggling, Mr Naughtybottoms and lie still. You won't be needing these pjs for the rest of the morning. You've been a bad, bad boy by lying and breaking mommy's things and now mommy is going to show you what happens to bad little boys. You're going to get a sound spanking, Billy, and mommy's not going to stop until Nurse Leveau sees what a real cry baby you are. After you've learned a good lesson, mommy is going to put your naughty bottom in the corner while Aunt Polly and I go downstairs to discuss what can be done about your latest problem. I expect you to stay in that corner while we are gone. Do I make myself perfectly clear?"

Three sound spanks fell in quick succession on Billy's bottom, making his cheeks bounce back and forth wildly.

"Yesss, mamma, yeessssss ... I understand ... I'll be good. Please don't spank me ... please, not in front of Aunt Polly!"

It wasn't the first time he had been spanked in front of someone else. His mother's sister and a some members of her ladies's group had witnessed spankings in the past. But nothing like this had happened to Billy in the past two years since he had become sensitive about his body. Unfortunately, his pleas fell on deaf ears as his mother's hand began rising and falling rapidly. Mrs Fontaine spanked hard and she spanked fast, using her strong, right tennis arm. As Billy's bottom danced back and forth, his pleas quickly turned to real crying. In about three minutes, his fanny was the color of strawberries and cream. After another two or three minutes, it was red from top to bottom. By then, Billy had broken down completely and was bawling like a baby, oblivious to the presence of his neighbor. His legs kicked back and forth wildly to no avail. Ignoring the despite the color of his bottom, his mother spanked on steadily without the slightest sign of fatigue.

Only after about twelve minutes had passed did Mrs Fontaine finally stop. Immediately, Billy jumped up and did the kind of war dance performed by younger children after a sound spanking. Apparently, modesty was no longer on Billy's mind. With his loud, juvenile crying, his tear streaked face, and his hands furiously rubbing his red fanny, Billy looked more like a boy of ten or twelve. And it was clear he had learned a good lesson. After letting him dance around the room for a few minutes, Mrs Fontaine opened her arms and gave him an expression of pure tenderness. All anger had given way to maternal reconciliation and Billy quickly returned to his mother and allowed her to gather him on her lap.

"You took your spanking well, sweetheart and mommy is proud of you."

"Oh mamma .... I'm sorry I lied ... I'm sorry I lied ... I'll try to be better, mamma, I promise I will."

"I know you can be good, sweetheart, I know you can be good. You just need to try harder, that's all, sweetheart."

"I'll try, mamma ... I'll try... I promise I will."

"I know you will, honey, I know you will."

After a long hug, Mrs Fontaine stood Billy up and led him by the hand to the corner, warning him to stay put until she and Nurse Leveau returned. His crying had died down for the most part and a certain peace had already begun to settle in. As he stood there like a naughty third grader, the two women left the room and went downstairs to discuss Billy's latest problem.

A half hour later, both women returned to Billy's room. Nurse Leveau watched as Billy's mother took him out of the corner and put him straight to bed for the rest of the day. They returned downstairs and talked for another half hour. After extensive discussion of Billy's need for close supervision, Mrs Fontaine decided to change her plans for Billy during the two week anniversary cruise she and her husband were taking later that month. Instead of leaving Billy with her sister-in-law, she decided to accept Nurse Leveau's offer of babysitting for Billy and providing more the professional attention he needed.

Mrs. Fontaine also agreed to bring Billy the next afternoon to a pediatric clinic run by Dr. Susan Cordier. Since Nurse Leveau filled in at the clinic on Monday afternoons, she would be there to introduce Mrs Fontaine and Billy to Dr. Cordier.

The next day, Amanda Fontaine gave Billy his second spanking for breaking the thermometer right after lunch. And instead of giving him some corner time, she put him in the back seat of the car and drove him off to Dr Cordier's clinic. Upon arriving, they were greeted at the reception desk by the prettiest nurse Billy had ever seen. She was somewhere in her late twenties had fair skin, auburn red hair and mysterious green eyes which mesmerized the shy youngster. Equally stunning was her plump, hourglass figure which seemed to burst out of her tight nurse's uniform and jiggle whenever she moved. Nurse Rennie buzzed an intercom whereupon Nurse Leveau appeared from the back and welcomed Mrs Fontaine and Billy. She then fetched a clipboard with a long information sheet which she gave to Billy's mother to fill out while they waited in the little vestibule.

As Billy eased himself gingerly into his hard chair, he noticed they weren't the only mother and son waiting. Directly across from him was a rather stout, grim-faced lady in her late fourties with a decidedly unhappy boy about Billy's age sitting beside her. Billy tried to meet his eyes but the other boy kept looking away.

Five minutes later, Dr Cordier emerged. A tall woman with blond hair drawn back in a bun, she made an imposing sight in her long white lab coat as she strode into the waiting room. After introducing herself and making small talk with Mrs Fontaine, she shook Billy's hand and eyed him up and down briefly before turning back to Billy's mother.

"Thank you for filling out that form, Amanda. It's fairly routine preliminary information but we like to have it on file. I have one patient here before Billy which won't take long and then Billy will be next. It won't be more than ten or fifteen minutes. Thank you for your patience."

Dr. Cordier then turned to face the other woman and said,

"Mildred, I'm read to see Danny now. Come along, child."

As Danny rose and walked through the waiting room, Billy thought he heard something rustling and crackling. Dr. Cordier gestured forward with her left hand and Danny went along in front of her down the short hall.

"We're going to the second room on the right, Danny."

As doctor and patient vanished into the examining room, Dr. Cordier closed the door behind her and silence returned to the waiting room. Danny found it impossible not to stare at Nurse Rennie sitting at the receptionist's window a few feet away. Every time he looked at her, she seemed to sense his gaze and looked up, flashing a big smile which made him look away like a shy schoolboy. A few minutes later, Dr. Cordier's voice sounded on the receptionist's intercom.

"Judy, we'll need the diaper cart back here, please. Make sure we have some size 30s and a pair of the blue plastic pants."

"Coming, Dr," Nurse Rennie replied. She stood up and walked out of her office and into the first examining room. A few seconds later, she reemerged wheeling a small cart into the hallway and over to a sliding door not fifteen feet from where Billy sat. As she opened the sliding door, Billy noticed the top shelf of the cart contained two bottles of Johnson's baby oil, a bottle of Johnson's baby lotion, three bottles of baby powder, and some Vaseline. There was also a small, circular, metal container about four inches in diameter. The lower shelf of the cart was piled with what appeared to be folded disposable diapers and cloth diapers in various sizes, all larger than anything Billy had ever seen.

Nurse Rennie bent down and looked quickly through the disposable diapers on her cart as if taking inventory. She then stood up and reached into the closet where Billy glimpsed stacks of additional diapers in varying sizes. She took four large disposable diapers from the closet, placed three on the lower shelf of the cart and left the fourth on the top shelf. She then opened a little drawer in the bottom of the closet and pulled out a stack of blue and pink plastic pants in assorted sizes. She quickly hunted through the pile before selecting a pair of light blue, semi-transparent pants which she also placed on the top shelf of the cart. After closing the drawer and the sliding door to the closet, she turned to push the cart down the hall, glancing up at Billy. And then she paused to give him the biggest smile yet as she saw him staring wide-eyed at the her diaper cart. This time, her smile sent shivers up and down Billy's spine. It was a smile which made it clear she knew a lot more than he did. She then pushed the cart down the hall and disappeared into the examining room at the end where Dr Cordier had gone.

For the next five minutes, Billy strained his ears but heard nothing from the distant examining room. As his mother filled out the forms beside him, Danny did his best to read a magazine all too aware that Danny's mother was quietly studying him. He looked up twice, directly into her steady gaze only to retreat quickly into the safety of his magazine. A door opened in the distance and Nurse Rennie came down the hall to the edge of the waiting room.

"The doctor's almost ready for you, Billy. If you'll please come along with me."

As he stood up, his mother held his hand for a moment and cautioned him quietly.

"Billy, I want you to do everything the doctor or nurses ask and answer all of their questions. Is that clear?"

"Yes, mama ... don't worry."

"That's what I want to hear. I have told Dr. Cordier and Nurse Rennie to fetch me if you give them any trouble and I do mean any trouble, young man. I didn't get you all the way down here for an appointment with a special doctor to have you start acting up. If you need a reminder from mama about how to behave with the doctor, it's not going to wait until we get home. Dr. Cordier has an extra examining room which will be empty in a few minutes. If she feels you are being uncooperative, she is going to send Nurse Rennie out here. And if that happens, you will be taken promptly into that empty room and put over my knee for a spanking. Do you understand me, child?"

Billy flushed scarlet as he realized Danny's mother and Nurse Rennie could probably hear everything his mother was saying. His worst fears were confirmed as Nurse Rennie laughed and said,

"Mrs. Fontaine, I'm sure Billy will be a good boy for us today. Won't you, child? Come along now. We don't want to keep the doctor waiting"

Billy blushed even more at these words. Despite his misgivings about going with Nurse Rennie, he was even more eager to escape the waiting room for fear his mother had more to say along these lines. He was also eager to escape the eyes of Danny's mother and the broad smile which had appeared on his face. As he followed Nurse Rennie down the hall and into the first examining room on the right, he realized she gave off a distinct smell of baby oil and baby power. And when she handed him a hospital gown, Billy noticed traces of baby powder all over her fingers.

"Here you are, Billy. Please undress completely and get into this gown. You can have a seat on the examining table here. I'll be back in a second."

Billy hesitated for a few seconds after she closed the door before undressing quickly and getting into the skimpy gown. The last thing he wanted was for one of the nurses or doctor to enter when he was half-undressed. After tying the strings in the back, he placed his clothes on an empty chair and sat on the examining table making the white paper crackle with every movement.

A few minutes later, Nurse Rennie returned with the clipboard and information sheet from his mother. Billy was glad he had changed quickly because she didn't bother to close the door behind her. After placing the clipboard on the doctor's desk, Nurse Rennie tidied up the room and placed a few things on a little tray. Suddenly, the door to the other examining room opened and Nurse Leveau emerged holding Danny by the upper arm. As they passed the open door, Billy noticed Danny's face was red with embarrassment. Once again, Billy heard a quiet rustling and crackling noise as Danny walked by. And a fresh smell of baby oil and powder wafted into the room after he passed.

Before Danny could absorb this latest development, Dr. Cordier appeared in the doorway and said,

"Judy, please start getting the usual stats on Billy for me, height, weight, temp, and so on. I need to speak with Danny's mother for a few minutes." She closed the door and left them, her footsteps clicking down the hallway.

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Part 3

After making a few more preparations, Nurse Rennie turned to Billy and said,

"Come along, child. We need to check your weight and your height. Hop up on this scale for me please."

The weights on the scale were at Billy's eye level, giving him an even closer look at her baby powder covered hands as she moved the weights back and forth until the scale balanced out.

After noting his weight, Nurse Rennie lowered the metal flange down to the top of his head and wrote down his height. This, too, was duly noted on his chart.

"Good boy ... now back on the table for me, please. That's a good boy."

As Billy sat on the table, footsteps sounded down the hall and once again he grew nervous. Sure enough, the door opened and Dr. Cordier entered, this time leaving the door open behind her.

"How's Billy doing, Janet?," the doctor asked.

"Fine, so far, doctor. I'm just about to check his temp. Billy please lie back on the table and roll over on your tummy for me."

Billy swung his legs up on the table and lay down on his back presuming his exact position was not important."

"No, child, I want you on you tummy. I'm going to take your temperature now." As she spoke, she wheeled the little tray up beside the examining table so that Billy noticed the jar of vaseline, Kleenex, and stubby thermometer for the first time. His eyes widened and fear entered his face for the first time that day.

"Whaa? Nurse Rennie, I'm old enough to use a regular thermometer ... that's not ..."

"That's not what your mother tells us, Billy." Dr Cordier cut him off abruptly. "Apparently you broke your your adult thermometer yesterday by trying to fake a high fever. I'd say you're not ready for a big boy thermometer are you, Billy. Besides, this is the only kind we use here. Now please follow Nurse Rennie's instructions and roll over."

Billy's face flushed at this sudden revelation. He wondered what else his mother had told them. And he worried that his bottom might show signs of his recent spanking. As he watched Nurse Rennie open the jar of vaseline and stick the thermometer in, he panicked and forgot all about his mother's instructions.

"Really, Dr. Cordier ... I'm not sick ... I feel fine ... I don't even need my temperature checked. I need to go home now ... please ..." His voice quavered openly as he began to lose control.

With a sigh, Dr. Cordier placed her pen on the desk and said,

"Nurse, please fetch Mrs. Fontaine. Billy, what you need is a good, old fashioned lesson from mommy in how to follow instructions. You won't be the first older child who needed a spanking in this office and I'm sure you won't be the last. I'm sure you'll follow instructions much better after that."

"No, I'll roll over, I'll roll over," Billy cried out in sudden alarm as he quickly turned onto his stomach. "Please, Nurse Rennie, look! I rolled over. You can take my temperature."

But it was too late, Nurse Rennie paused halfway out the door and said,

"Your mother warned you specifically about what would happen if you showed any disobedience, young man. And children who disobey need to be spanked promptly if they are ever to learn to obey their parents and teachers. If you were my child, your fanny would already be turned over my knee right now." Calling down the hall, she called out,

"Mrs Fontaine, I'm afraid we will need you after all."

Billy begged and pleaded while lying on his stomach, hoping to change their minds up until the last minute.

"He refused to let me take his temp, Mrs. Fontaine. I'm sure a quick spanking will do him a world of good."

"Oh you can be sure of that, Nurse Rennie. Billy, get off that table immediately or I will spank you right here in this office ... one ... two ... "

Before she could reach three, Billy rolled back over and swung down onto the floor while begging for mercy and promising to follow all possible instructions.

"This won't take long, Dr. Cordier."

Planting three hard spanks to the back of his gown, she marched him out of the examining room and into the next room where she sat down on a straight-backed chair, pulled her struggling son across her lap, and spanked his bare bottom hard and fast until it regained most of the redness left after the earlier spanking. This time, there was no consolation hug or corner time afterwards. While still crying from pain and acute embarrassment, Billy was marched back into the other examining room. For a brief moment, he had a clear view down the hall into the waiting room where Nurse Leveau was talking to Danny's mother with Danny standing quietly by her side. All three people stopped talking and stared as Billy's mother marched him a few steps down the hall and into the other room.

"Thank you, Mrs Fontaine. I'm sure Billy will be a good boy for the rest of his check-up. You may go back to the waiting room if you'd like."

"Thank you, Dr. Cordier. Please feel free to call me again if he gives you any more trouble."

Billy was still crying as Nurse Rennie helped him up on the examining table and swung his legs up after him. He rolled over, his tears wetting the white hospital paper covering the pillow as Nurse Rennie raised his gown, spread vaseline on his rectum, and inserted the thermometer between his bright red cheeks.

"Billy, I'm recommending to your mother that she use a rectal thermometer for at least the next year or two and that she check your temp once a day at bedtime. It may take a few spankings before you learn to accept a baby thermometer but I imagine you get used to it in a few weeks. Boys who are immature and fussy do much better in the end with regular rectal temps. You'll see. It may even help you settle down at bedtime so you stay in bed and fall asleep faster. You have been allowed to grow up too fast, young man, and as a result you've developed some bad habits. But all that is going to change from now on. You mother has accepted my recommendation that the clock be turned back four or five years to fit your true, emotional age so you can grow up more slowly without the pressures and fears of a rushed adolescence. This will mean earlier bedtimes, afternoon naps on weekends and vacations, and more regular spankings when you are fussy, disobedient, or naughty. You will also be getting new pyjamas which will make it harder to abuse yourself: one piece sleepers with zippers in the back. When your mother finds signs of self-abuse, I have recommended a system of three to four punishment days immediately following each episode. A punishment day would mean coming home right after school during a school day and taken to your room for a spanking and a nap, followed by homework duty. You would come out of your room only for an early dinner followed by an early bath, your temp taking, and a bedtime spanking."

"I have also recommended that your mother check your bedsheets and clothing on a daily basis. If signs of self-abuse persist, your mother will simply turn the clock further back further and take charge of dressing, undressing and bathing. If your problem persists, we can always turn back the clock all the way as we do with the most serious, habitual self-abusers. That will mean two or three months of nightly diapers and plastic pants under your sleeper, something which will make it very difficult to abuse yourself. If you are caught abusing yourself during the daytime, the diaper punishment can always be extended to a few weeks or round the clock diapers during weekends and vacations."

"I have also recommended that your mother begin employing a baby sitter at all times when she is out so that you are never left alone without supervision. Nurse Rennie will be available for sitting, as will Nurse Leveau. As pediatric nurses, they both have experience with diapering children of all ages, even older children such as yourself."

Billy continued to cry as Nurse Rennie pulled the thermometer out, wiped him, and wrote down his temperature on a special chart.

"Nurse Rennie also knows to handle naughty boys who don't know how to obey."

"That's right, Billy. I used to be the school nurse over at Sacred Heart School on St. George and Bloor Streets. So I know first hand how effective a good spanking can be, especially with a child who thinks he is too old. I've also done a lot of babysitting over the years. As a trained nurse, I believe I can help you learn to control your impulses and be the good boy you are, deep down inside."

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Part 4

Dr. Cordier took a file from the top of her desk and put Billy's chart in the folder. She then took out a piece of paper with some writing on it and put it in her clipboard before settling back in her chair.

"Billy, I'd like to ask you some questions and I expect you to answer me fully and completely. If I feel you are holding back or not telling the truth, I will ask your mother to come back here again. She's already told me a great deal about your situaiton so I'll know if you're lying. Do you understand, child?"

"Yesss, Dr. Cordier," Billy stammered through his tears of shame.

A little knock sounded on the door and Nurse Leveau popped her head in.

"How is evrything going in here, Dr. Cordier? Do you need me for anything?"

"No, Judy. I think we have everything under control. Billy has stopped misbehaving after his mother gave him a firm reminder."

"Yes, I can see that. Mrs. Fontaine says he's an angel after a spanking."

"Most naughty boys are, Polly. Especially boys who are too big for their britches. We're just about to go over his little problem."

"I see. Will you be needing the diaper cart in here today?"

"No, not today, Polly, though it might be necessary when Billy comes back for his next check up in a week."

"Well, I'll leave you alone then. I've got to finish up some paper work and discuss Billy's babysitting needs with Mrs. Fontaine. See you later, Billy dear."

Billy buried his face in the pillow, hiding his tears and wondering when Nurse Rennie would pull his gown down in back so his bottom wasn't exposed. Unfortunately, she had seated herself in a chair against the wall and did not seem concerned in the slightest.