Sick Days and Diapers

Author: Timmy
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Sick Days and Diapers

By Timmy

Summary: This fictional story is about Marc, who is 16 years-old and becomes sick with the flu and ends up in diapers.

Sick Days and Diapers – Part One

Hi, my name is Marc and I’m 16 years old. I live with my parents Mike & Joan and my brother Jared who is just two years younger than me. I live a pretty normal life, attend high school and have several friends, like most guys my age. I don’t have a girlfriend...yet, I have friends that are girls, but none of them are anything but friends to me. I’m not sure why I don’t have a girlfriend, but I know that I don’t want to rush that part of my life. What happened over the next several months to me will forever change my life.

During late February, I came down with the flu. At first it was the every day type of flu that everyone was getting. I couldn’t keep anything down and was on a liquid diet to keep my nourishment at check. I was alittle weak and then on the third night of my flu, I woke up to a wet bed. I was mortified that I had wet my bed, since I hadn’t an accident like this since I was six. I was trying to clear my bed of the wet sheets and bedding, when my mom came into my room to check up on me. She saw me standing there in my very wet boxer shorts stripping my bed of the obvious piss-soaked sheets. She assured me that since I was pretty sick, it wasn’t all that uncommon to have this problem. I never imagined that I could wet the bed at 16. Guys my age don’t have to worry about this type of situation. Jared my brother although had to deal with this problem when he was younger. He wet his bed each and every night until he was 10. My parents had to deal with his constant bedwetting by having him wear Goodnites to bed each night to keep his bed nice and dry. For several years, Jared woke up with a sodden GoodNite wrapped around his waist each and every morning.

After my bedding was changed and I changed myself into a dry pair of boxer briefs, a pair of lounge pants and a t-shirt. I sat down at the kitchen table to try to have a bit to eat. My mother made me some toast and a glass or two of a breakfast drink full of vitamins and other valuable nutrients. I kept my breakfast down and I was happy for that. About one hour after breakfast I felt like I was going to get sick and within a minute or so, my breakfast and anything else that was in my stomach came up. I felt pretty miserable. My mom gave me some more medicine to help with the stomach flu in which I decide to lie back down for a couple of hours. Once I had lied back down, my mom was worried about that I was losing weight and that I was sick for alittle longer than what she expected. She called the doctor and made an appointment for later in the afternoon. I woke up around noon feeling alittle hungry, which was a good sign, but I also woke up to another wet bed. I couldn’t believe that here I was 16 and wetting the bed like a little baby. My mom again assured me that I was probably having these wetting episodes because of the flu and I shouldn’t worry about it. How could I not worry about it, I didn’t want to wet the bed anymore than I wanted to be sick. My mom told me about the doctor’s appointment for later that afternoon. After a very light lunch which I finally was able to keep down. I decided to sit in the living room and watch alittle television. My mom once again stripped my bed down to the mattress and washed both sets of my wet bedding. About a half hour prior to getting ready to go to the doctor, I was up in the kitchen getting myself something to drink when all of a sudden I felt the urge to pee and before I could turn around and go to the bathroom, I peed my lounge pants so bad that a small puddle formed on the kitchen floor. My mom was in the kitchen and saw what had happened. “My god, Marc, did you just pee your pants?” “I couldn’t help it, I didn’t have much of a warning and before I tried to go to the bathroom, my bladder just let go. I’m sorry mom, I’m not trying to do this...” as I sobbed while talking to her.

“That’s ok honey... I know that you’re not trying to do this on purpose. Go and clean yourself and get dressed, we’ll go early to the doctor and see what’s wrong” my mom told me. I walked back to my room, soaking wet. I peeled off the wet mess that I was wearing and decided to take a shower to rid myself of the urine smell that now accompanied me. After my shower I felt better as I put on another pair of my boxer briefs and pulled up a pair of jeans and took and t-shirt out and pulled it over me and tucked them into my jeans. I was comfortable that I was dry once again. Once dressed, I joined my mom and we drove to the doctor’s office which was located in the clinic and hospital of our local city.

I registered for my appointment and within a few minutes, both my mom and I were escorted to the doctor’s office. The nurse took my heart rate, weighed me, took my blood pressure, took my temperature and then asked me a few questions about my flu like symptoms. I never said anything about that I had wet the bed twice or even that I had wet my pants just an hour prior. It was my mom that told the nurse about my wettings. I could just die when my mom told the nurse about it, because I kinda felt like a little baby instead of the strong 16 year-old I was. The nurse scribbled down the info, but never said anything to me or my mom. Hopefully she didn’t think that I was a bedwetting dweeb or something on that order.

The doctor walked into the examining room and looked at my throat, looked into my ears then asked for a blood test. He told me and my mom that flu was going around and it was possible that I had it. When he then read that I had this flu like symptoms for about three and half days and that I started having wetting accidents, he got concerned. He asked me, If I was ever a bedwetter and I told him “no”. The doctor explained that I should have been over this flu a day or so earlier but with the recent bedwetting and daytime wetting, he thought that it would best if I had an overnight stay in the hospital to check things out. My mom agreed with the doctor and signed the necessary admission documents. Of course I didn’t want to stay overnight in the hospital, but I thought it was probably best if I take my mom and the doctors suggestion especially if they could find out why I was wetting the bed and myself during the daytime.

As the necessary paperwork was being prepared, I had another accident and this time it was right in front of the doctor and nurse. I could just many 16 year-old guys you know wet their here I was in the examining room with very wet pants. The nurse just said “Oh, dear... we better get you cleaned up before they take you upstairs”. She left the room, where as the doctor handed me a clean dry hospital scrubs and a pack of baby wipes to clean myself up. I had to walk into the bathroom in front of the doctor and of course my mom with my wet pants clinging to me. The doctor assured me that everything would be ok and not to worry about my wettings as he thought it was just a side effect of the flu I had.

After I had cleaned myself up and put on the hospital scrubs, I felt alittle naked or like I was wearing pajamas because I didn’t have any underwear on. Hopefully I won’t have any more wetting accidents, as these scrubs won’t do anything to absorb any urine. The nurse walked in carrying a regular hospital gown, and something white tucked with the hospital gown. She proceed to place the hospital ID tag on my wrist and then told me to get re-dressed with what she handed to me. I asked if I could just wear the scrubs, but she explained that because of any other tests that would be administered, it was the policy to have these gowns on. I asked for a pair of underwear, in which she replied that she gave me some ones that would help me out. I walked back into the bathroom within the examining room once again and took off the scrubs I was wearing I unfolded the hospital gown and took the white underwear that was fold up and looked at it. I knew by touching it, that it wasn’t regular underwear but it was sort of made of paper. I then realized what it was by the experience of my brother’s past bedwetting and those Goodnites; I was holding a pair of disposable pull-ups or underwear. I couldn’t believe for the first time in a very long time that I was going to have to wear a pull-up.

I pulled the pull-up on and then put the hospital gown on. I walked back out of the bathroom and asked the nurse if she had any regular underwear. She explained to me that it was best if I wore something alittle more absorbent so if I had another accident. She was right, but it felt weird having something a lot more thicker than my regular boxers or the boxer briefs that I normally wore. My mom sensed my predicament and assured me everything was going to ok. Once I was checked into the hospital, a guy came into the room with a wheel chair to take me and my mom to my room. As I sat down, I could hear a subtle crinkling sound that the pull-up I was wearing made. I looked around at the hospital intern to see if he noticed the crinkling sound coming from my padded bottom. He didn’t seem to notice or possibly he was use to hearing and seeing all types of problems.

After I was in my bed, the doctor came back and told me and my mom that several test were ordered and that I was going to have a bladder scope to find out why I was wetting myself. He told my mom that the test would probably take about three hours and that she could go home and bring some stuff for me, like magazines and my game-boy. She kissed me goodbye and told me that she would be back before I came back to my room. After she left, the same intern came back with the wheel chair and took me down to the OR. He had me stand up from the wheel chair and lie down on the OR table. He took out some supplies that looked like some tubing and stuff then proceeded to lift up my hospital gown, I started to stop him, as I didn’t want him to see the pull-up I was wearing. He told me that he needed to prep me for the bladder catheterization and bladder scope that was going to be administered. He lifted up my hospital gown and said to me... “Well, let’s get that wet diaper off from you.” First of all, I was completely caught off guard that the intern called it a diaper and not the pull-up I was calling it. Secondly I was surprised that my so-called “diaper” was wet and that I didn’t even realize it. The intern ripped the sides of my wet pull-up and washed and cleaned me up. I felt like a little baby having my pull-up or diaper removed and cleaned up.

One of the nurse’s came in and gave me some medicine that would make me sleepy and help me relax with the tests that would be otherwise very uncomfortable. I remember the nurse starting to insert the tubing up my penis, but after that I don’t recall too much. I woke up several hours later in my hospital bed with both my parents and Jared sitting in chairs next to my bed. My dad asked me how I felt and I told them I was little queasy, alittle tired, but ok for the most part. We talked alittle bit and then I had the feeling that I was going to throw up. My mom quickly grabbed the puke bucket and placed it next to me. I took it and threw up some clear liquid and as I was throwing up, I felt a warm sensation spreading around my groin and buttocks. I felt miserable, throwing up and all and know it seemed that I was wetting myself.

My mom called for the nurse and after she helped me with the puke bucket and gave me some more medicine to help with the queasiness. I felt alittle better once the shot kicked in; she asked me if I needed a change. I really didn’t want to let her know that I wet the bed, but for some reason the bedding didn’t seem to be wet or anything. I then thought to myself that I was wearing a pull-up so as I placed my hand under the sheets to feel how wet the pull-up was, I discovered that I wasn’t wearing a pull-up that I had on earlier, but I felt smooth plastic wrapped around my waist and it even crinkled as I touched it and to make matters worse the garment I was wearing was soaked.

“Are you wet?” the nurse asked me again. “Not here, Please!” as I pleaded to the nurse. “Don’t worry, your family knows about your problem, but they can wait outside while I take care of your problem.” My mom, Dad and Jared got up and left the room as the nurse pulled out what seemed to be a disposable diaper, a box of baby wipes and some dry cloths. She pulled the covers away from me and then pulled my hospital gown up; exposing the shameful wet diaper I was now wearing. The nurse sensed my question and told me that after the tests, I had wet myself so bad that the pull-up I was wearing earlier got completely wet and the temporary solution was to put me in a regular style disposable diaper. As she pulled the wet diaper up from under me and then placed the clean dry one under me and taped it securely up, I thought to myself that at least she said “temporary”. I could tolerate wearing something so babyish for just a short while, but I really didn’t want anyone else to know of my little secret.

My parents and Jared re-entered my room after the nurse walked out. My parents explained to me that I was going to have to stay in the hospital alittle longer than expected. I didn’t even get out to ask why, when I fell fast asleep. Before I knew it was morning and I felt like crap. There were tubes everywhere sticking out from one of my arms with all types of fluids dripping into my arms. I was even hooked up to some machines that were beeping. I wondered what the hell was wrong with me and then I placed my free hand underneath the sheets only to discover that I had a wet disposable diaper on. A male intern walked in, said “Good morning, I’m glad to see you finally decided to wake up!” and then grabbed another clean dry diaper and placed it on the bed and then proceeded to change me. I was really embarrassed that I was having my diaper changed and even more embarrassed that I was being changed by a young male intern. All he said to me while changing my diaper was... “I bet you’ll feel a lot better with a dry diaper on.” One other thing he did say, that was to comfort me was... “Don’t be embarrassed, you’re not the only teenager here in the hospital to be wearing diapers...there are lots of other guys your age having to wear these things.” How could I not be embarrassed, I was in the hospital, 16 years old and wearing and wetting diapers like a little baby?

After my embarrassing diaper change, breakfast was placed in my room. For the first time in about 24 hours, I was going to eat. I later learned that I was in a coma for two straight days and my parents were worried that I might not come out of it. I couldn’t believe that I missed two whole days out of my life and I didn’t even know about it. I was hungry and that’s a good thing since I hadn’t had an appetite in several days or even that I haven’t had anything to eat in over two days so I was anxious to eat something. An intern that brought in my breakfast place the tray on the table that was rolled up next to me and he help me peel off the protective coverings from the apple juice and fresh fruit. I devoured the fruit and what little cereal I got. I quickly drank the apple juice and asked for some more. While I was finishing my breakfast, my parents walked into my room and greeted me with a bunch of balloons and a get-well card. I laughed at the humorous card they bought me, which lifted my spirits.

In a short while a team of doctors and interns came into my room to go over my prognosis. My main doctor explained to me that I was one lucky guy. Apparently I just didn’t have the flu as my parents had originally thought. I had caught or developed a very serious virus that attacked my internal organs and then with the flu that I had that if I didn’t come in when I did, I probably might have died. Although my prognosis was elevated from serious to good condition, I still had quite a bit to go through to get me back to my normal self. Most of the damage to my internal organs, basically my kidney’s and intestines are on the bend, my bladder although still needs some additional procedures to get my bladder back to normal function. He further went on to explain that later this morning, I was going to go back to the OR to have my system flushed out. They want all the toxins and whatever is left of the virus out of my body. He explained that the flushing should take about 24 hours and with that hopefully my bladder would react to the flushing.

Within the hour, another intern came in to give me a shot that would help with the discomfort of the bladder irrigation. After he administered the shot, he helped into a wheel chair and escorted me toward the OR. The doctor explained that I should be back into my room in about 2 to 3 hours, depending on how fast my system reacts to the flushing. Once in the OR, I was placed on the table, where they started to prep me for the irrigation. The intern then uncovered me and proceeded to un-tape my sodden disposable diaper. Frankly I was getting use to having my diaper changed and I wasn’t all that embarrassed. The nurse explained to me that I was going to hooked up to several IV’s and that I was going to be hooked up a system that would flush out my intestines. She didn’t replace my wet diaper with a clean dry one, but I was connected to a catheter. She also told me that once the flushing was completed, I was going to have to drink about 24 ounces every hour on the hour. She also told me that because of the irrigation and additional fluids, I would require something little more absorbent once I got back into my room.

I really didn’t experience any type of discomfort, but I did feel me peeing quite a bit. I’m kinda glad that she removed the diaper I was wearing, as much as I was peeing; the diaper wouldn’t have held this much. After about 2 hours, my procedure was finally over and I was placed back into a disposable diaper. I was wheeled back into my room, where that same male intern came in to give me my first 24-ounce liquid drink. He told me to drink it all in which I did. I didn’t taste all that bad, it kinda had a fruity taste. After I finished the drink, he asked me if the nurse explained that I would have to wear something alittle more absorbent. I told him yes, but just figured that I would have to wear a thicker disposable. He walked to the supply cabinet and pulled out what appeared some soft looking white cloth and some several other things I quite couldn’t make out.

He walked back toward me and placed some cloth diapers, diaper pins, some baby powder and what appeared to be a large pair of vinyl or plastic pants. I just stared at the babyish stuff and said... “I can’t wear those, why can’t I wear what I was wearing before... I’m not a baby!” He simply replied to me “Oh course, you’re not a baby, but unfortunately disposables will leak on you because of the bladder irrigation and the additional fluids you’ll have to drink, these cloth ones will keep you dry on the outside.” “But...but, I don’t want to...” “It won’t be that will be just for a day and then hopefully you’ll get control over your bladder, but until then, you’ll have to wear these.” With that said, he pulled my gown up and un-taped my wet disposable diaper. I didn’t even know that I was wet especially when I was just changed an hour ago. After he cleaned me up, he placed the really thick cloth diapers underneath me and positioned them to apply the baby powder. “This will help prevent diaper rash” the intern told me as he sprinkled the baby powder all over me and the diaper. He then pulled the diapers between my legs and pinned them on each side with the diaper pins that he had taken out of the supply cabinet. After my diapers were pinned on snuggly he took the large plastic pants and pulled them up and over the thick diapers. He told me that I was going to be changed about every two hours. I couldn’t believe that I was going to have my diaper changed about 12 times. I just hoped that no one that I knew other than my parents and brother would ever hear about my need for diapers in the hospital and I further thought that I was not going to have to wear diapers anymore once this procedure was completely over.

I lied in my bed, wearing thick cloth diapers and plastic pants underneath my hospital gown and I was really embarrassed of what I was wearing. My parents and my brother Jared came back into my room and comforted me and telling me that this was only temporary and once I got better, I wouldn’t have to wear these diapers anymore. I was somewhat embarrassed when Jared got a complete and good look at me lying in the hospital bed wearing nothing more than a really thick cloth diaper and a pair of plastic pants. I bet he was alittle concerned or maybe even amused that here was his big brother, who was 16 years old and wearing bulky cloth diapers and plastic pants. During the next hour, an intern came in and gave me another 24 ounce drink and with the next hour, the same intern came in to change me. He pulled the plastic pants away from my diaper and I was shocked to see that I was indeed soaked. I guess they were right, that I kinda needed these thick cloth diapers to keep me from wetting the bedding and hospital gown. He changed me into another clean dry diaper and pulled my plastic pants over my shameful cloth diaper.

The doctor came in and examined me and told me that every thing seemed to be on track although I was going to have to stay in the hospital another few days. My parents visited me every afternoon and night and during the next day, while I was still wearing thick cloth diapers and plastic pants, some of my friends stopped by to visit me. I’m glad that I was in bed because I didn’t want them to notice that I was diapered. They brought me a new game for my game boy and asked me what was wrong. I basically explained that I had a serious virus that did some damage to my internal organs but I was on the bend. I told them I was hoping that I was going to return to school next week.

While my friends and I were talking, one of the friends started to look around. I didn’t pay much attention to him, but when he opened up the supply cabinet within my room and saw the disposable diapers, he took one out and said to me as he waved it in the air...what are these for and why are they in your room? I looked just as surprised as everyone else was and just said, I think they were in here for the last patient. “You don’t have to wear these diapers, do you Marc? My friend asked me as he placed the disposable diaper back into the supply cabinet. “Of course not, I’m 16 years-old, guys our age don’t wear diapers.” I’m glad he didn’t push the issue or even look underneath the covers of my hospital bed because I was afraid that my friends might notice the thick cloth diapers and plastic pants that I was wearing. I would have been more embarrassed, because my diaper was getting pretty wet. After my friends decided to leave and give me some much-needed rest, one of the interns returned to change my piss-soaked diaper.

The next morning, the doctor came in to check my progress towards the bladder irrigation that had happened just a day or so ago. With the assistance of his nurse, the doctor pulled away the sheets and pulled my hospital gown up exposing the bulky diaper and plastic pants I had worn all night long. I got slightly embarrassed that he was examining me and then without any noticed pulled my plastic pants away from my diaper. He was quite pleased when he noticed that my diaper even though was wet, wasn’t soaked as he thought they might be. He looked at me and told me that everything seemed to going ok and that through my progress in the last 24 hours, the recent blood and urine test that I should be able to resume somewhat normal bladder control within the next several days. I asked him what he meant by somewhat normal bladder control, in which he honestly told me that, the damage to my bladder might be permanent, yet all signs are showing signs of progress and improvement.

The doctor left me just for a minute with my plastic pants pulled down on one side and with my diaper unpinned as well. He walked over to the supply cabinet and pulled out a nice clean dry disposable diaper and came back over to me and said... “I think we can take these awfully thick cloth diapers and plastic pants off from you. I’m sure that you’re not going to need them as thick anymore. Would you like that Marc?” What could I say... what normal 16 year old would want to stay in thick cloth diapers and plastic pants... of course I said yes. The doctor pulled the plastic pants completely away from me and then unpinned the other side of the wet diaper I was wearing. The nurse cleaned me up in which the doctor placed the dry disposable diaper underneath me and carefully taped them up in place. I was quite pleased that I was wearing something a lot less thick, but I was still wearing a diaper. He sensed my disappointment and then said to me... “I’m sure that before you leave the hospital here young man that you’ll be leaving wearing normal boxers like you use to wear and not these diapers you have to wear for now. I was hoping that he was right. I really didn’t care to return to my home, let alone school in having to wear diapers.

My parents visited me before lunchtime but they couldn’t stay long. With my extended stay in the hospital, my parents kinda neglected Jared and other chores around the house. They decided to take Jared out for lunch, which I thought was a good idea. To tell you the truth, I was kinda getting alittle sick of my parents being around all the time...don’t get me wrong, I love my parents, but give a break, I’m 16 years old. Just after having my lunch, Kyle one of my good friends stopped by to see me. I was itching to get out of bed and Kyle asked if I wanted to take a stroll down to the cafeteria for a snack. I said, sure, hand me my robe. Since I was changed earlier in the morning, I finally got to wear hospital pajamas instead of the hospital gown I had to wear, even though they were hospital pajamas, and to make matters worse, they were pretty thin so I crinkled a bit as I climbed out of my bed. I was hoping that Kyle didn’t hear what I thought was quite obvious. Kyle handed me my robe in which I put it on and where Kyle and I walked out of my hospital room and toward the cafeteria. We chatted about my return to school and hopefully resuming a normal life. Was we walked, anyone that wanted to notice could hear the crinkling sound coming from my disposable diaper. Kyle looked at me from time to time, but never said a word about the crinkling sound. Maybe it never crossed Kyle’s mind that someone my age could be wearing a disposable diaper or even that anyone pass the age of three for that matter would be wearing diapers.

I knew that if Kyle did find out that I was wearing diapers, he of all my friends would probably understand. You see Kyle and I have been friends since he and I were about 7 and we’ve been through almost everything. When Kyle was 9 years old, he started wetting the bed. At first I thought it was alittle funny that my best friend who was 9 years old and was wetting the bed like a little baby. I didn’t find out that Kyle wet the bed, until one night when he slept over at my house. Not only did Kyle wet the bed, I was sleeping in the same bed and even I got alittle wet. He was so scared that I would spill the beans and tell all our friends that he was a bedwetter, but I promised him that I would keep his secret. Things only got worse for Kyle. One night while I was spending the night at his house, I learned that Kyle’s parents had a different outlook to his bedwetting. I could tell that Kyle was really dreading and even getting slightly embarrassed about getting ready for bedtime. Kyle’s mom came in and told Kyle and myself that we needed to get ready for bedtime. “Mom, please don’t, not in front of Marc.” Kyle asked of his mom. I didn’t quite understand what was going on, but what ever was about to happen, Kyle was petrified. “Now you know what we said and since you were wet last night, there is no point of arguing with me” his mom stated.

With that being said, his mom told me that I could get undressed and get on my pajamas for the night. Kyle started to cry when his mom walked over to his dresser drawers, pulled out his pajamas and then something white. I really didn’t pay too much attention as I started to get undressed. I was little weirded out that his mom was still in the room, but whatever. Kyle undressed too, pulling off his pants and shirt, then his mom pointed to his bed. As I pulled my pajamas out of my bag, Kyle lied down on his bed just in his boxer shorts. All I heard from Kyle was “Please mom, don’t”. “That’s enough out of you.” His mom said back to him. While I started to put on my pajama bottoms over my boxers, his mom removed his boxer shorts and pulled the white thing that she had gotten out just a few minutes ago from underneath his pajamas. I was kinda interested in his pajamas more than I was wondering about the white thing. In my mind, his pajamas kinda looked alittle juvenile. After she pulled the white thing out, she placed it underneath Kyle’s bottom and started to pull it forward. Only now, did I realize what the white thing was. Kyle’s mom was pulling a disposable diaper on him and not only was it a diaper, the diaper was really thick. I could tell that Kyle was really embarrassed. I would be too if my mom was diapering me in front of my best friend. After his disposable diaper was taped up securely, his mom unfolded his pajamas and had Kyle step into them. Not only was Kyle wearing a thick disposable diaper, Kyle was made to wear footed sleepers. Kyle looked like a little toddler boy instead of the nine year old he actually was. After everything was said and done, Kyle’s mom exited his room and told us not to stay up too late.

Kyle just sat on his bed wearing a footed sleeper and to top it off, you could really tell that he was wearing disposable diapers by the way they bulked out from his sleepers and the way he crinkled he moved about. Kyle still had tears in his eyes when I asked him why he was dressed the way he was. Kyle sobbed and explained that since he started wetting the bed, his parents were upset that he was wetting the bed. Kyle tried to explain to them that he wasn’t wetting the bed on purpose, his parents had enough. 9 year old boys shouldn’t wet the bed like a baby, but since he was, his parents decided to put him in bulky thick pampers and sleepers in hopes to embarrass him to stop his babyish behavior. I couldn’t believe that my best friend was wearing diapers to bed. He was worried that I would stop being his friend and spread it around school that he wets the bed and has to wear diapers. I told Kyle that I was a better friend than that and I wouldn’t even think of spreading such a horrible secret that Kyle had to endure. Kyle and I sat up in his bed and talked alittle longer and in which I realized that Kyle was starting to feel a lot better about his situation. I still was amazed that my best friend was going to wear thick disposable diapers and a sleeper to bed. Kyle crinkled with every movement he made and I just wondered what it felt like to wear diapers like that at our age. In the morning, Kyle and I woke up fairly late in the morning and even before we got up from his bed, Kyle’s mom came in, unzipped his sleeper to confirm that Kyle had another wet night. His mom just said to him... “When are you going to stop this bedwetting Kyle, but since you were wet, you’re going to have to wear diapers again tonight. I looked at Kyle and while he stepped out of his sleepers, you could tell that his disposable diaper was quite wet. Kyle went over to his dresser drawers and pulled out a clean pair of boxer shorts and crinkled with every step while he walked toward the bathroom.

After Kyle went into the bathroom, I got dressed and shortly after, Kyle walked out of the bathroom just sporting his boxers. Kyle finished getting dressed when I made my first comment... “Bet it feels pretty good wearing regular boxers again, after having those wet diapers on”. “You can say that again...” Kyle kinda laughed with my comment. I never did say anything to anyone else about his bedwetting problem. It took about six months of Kyle being diapered each and every night before Kyle’s bedwetting problem finally disappeared. There was even a few nights when I slept over at his house that Kyle was even made to wear regular thick cloth diapers and plastic pants underneath those cute footed sleepers of his. I knew that Kyle was embarrassed that he had to wear diapers for his bedwetting, but I never made fun of him. Just prior to Kyle giving up his bedwetting problem, his parents punished him further about his bedwetting by having him wear pampers underneath his daytime clothing during one of our trips to the Mall of America. Kyle was so self-conscious that day that he thought everyone knew that he was wearing a disposable diaper, but in reality no one ever noticed. The only thing I really noticed was the crinkling sound, but I really didn’t think anyone else seemed to hear his diaper crinkling. I think this was the main reason Kyle’s bedwetting disappeared. He feared that he would have to wear diapers during the daytime and possible even to school. That’s one thing Kyle wasn’t about to do, was having to wear disposable diapers underneath his school clothing.

As I remembered about this and Kyle’s bout with bedwetting and having to wear disposable diapers underneath his pajamas, things have turned full circle. I was now the one wearing awfully thick disposable diapers underneath my pajamas and this was probably the reason I thought that Kyle would understand over any of my other friends. But like Kyle in those earlier years, I too was really embarrassed that I was wearing diapers like a little baby and unlike Kyle who wore them when we were only nine years old, I was sixteen and now having to wear something generally only babies wore.

Once we reached the cafeteria in which Kyle bought me a snack and a carton of milk. I was pleased that I was finally away from my hospital room and with a good friend at that. As we ate our chocolate cake and drank our milk, Kyle asked me how I was handling everything. I simply just told him that I was glad that I was going to be released from hospital the very next day, because I was getting alittle sick and tired of being in the hospital. “No, that’s not quite what I mean... I was just asking you how you’re know what?” Kyle asked me. I wasn’t quite sure what he was getting at, but I was getting nervous where this conversation was heading. I was hoping that Kyle wasn’t referring to what I thought he was referring too. All I could muster to say was... “Well, it’s ok; I’m getting use to sleeping a lot.” “It’s ok, Marc, you don’t have to be embarrassed around me, I understand probably more than you can know!” I should have left well enough alone, but no, I told Kyle that I didn’t understand what he was talking about. “Well, I was referring to on how you’re handling having to wear diapers.” Kyle asked me and as he continued to say to me... “Don’t worry, I won’t tell any of our friends about your new underwear!” “But, how did you know or find out?” I asked Kyle.

“If you don’t recall... about seven years ago, I had to wear them because of my bedwetting and it’s hard not to hear the obvious crinkling sound of a disposable diaper or even the look of thick cloth diapers and plastic pants that you wore earlier”. “What... when did you see me wearing cloth diapers?” I embarrassedly asked of Kyle. Don’t worry, it’s no big deal... so what if you have to wear diapers again... I won’t tell anyone. “But when did you see them, I never let anyone see that I had to wear those cloth diapers and plastic pants” I told him. Kyle told me that he came back later on that evening by himself to visit me so he walked into your room. My parents weren’t there and you were soundly asleep and your covers were tossed aside somewhat, exposing that you were wearing thick cloth diapers and plastic pants... and to top it off, I could tell that you were pretty soaked inside those plastic pants of yours. I didn’t what to wake you and embarrass you because you had to wear diapers again, but I’m not sure I fully understand why you are wearing diapers, but I swear that I won’t tell anyone. You’re secret is safe with me” Kyle told me.

I explained to Kyle that I had a severe infection that affected some of my internal organs and most of all, my bladder. Because of the infection I lost my ability to control my bladder, so I have to wear diapers for a while. “You’re not going have to wear diapers when you return to school next week are you?” Kyle asked me. “Gosh, I hope not, my parents and the doctors think I should get normal bladder control within a day or so”. I replied. After we finished our snack, I told Kyle that I needed to get going back to my room. He got up and as we walked back toward my hospital room, I crinkled with each and every step. Just before we got to my floor, Kyle just said... “You’re wet aren’t you?” “Yeah, but how did you know?” “I really didn’t but kinda figured that you probably needed a diaper change.” Kyle told me. I turned red when he mentioned that I probably needed a diaper change, but he was right, I was wet and was in desperate need of a nice clean dry diaper. Once in my room, Kyle told me that he was going to excuse himself, so that I could get some rest... and with a wink of his eye... he also added “a diaper change”. Once Kyle left, the male intern came in and pulled out a clean dry disposable diaper and proceeded to change my piss soaked diaper. I felt much better having my diaper changed, but in the same sense I was embarrassed that here I was 16 years old, not only was I wearing diapers, I was getting my diaper changed by a male intern...once again. I guess it didn’t matter who changed my diaper, either a female or male nurse or intern, I was having my diaper changed like a little baby.

The next morning, I woke up to my usual wet diaper pressed against my sixteen year old groin and buttocks. I was deeply concerned that I was wet again. The intern came in right before breakfast and changed me into a clean dry disposable diaper. My parents came in while I was eating breakfast and soon after that my doctors came in and told me that I was going to be released before lunchtime. My parents hearing and seeing that I was still wearing a diaper expressed their concern with the doctor. “What about his bladder control, when can we expect to see improvement so he doesn’t have to wear those things?” The doctor told my parents and myself... “Well, after the latest tests, it seems that his bladder suffered more damage than the rest of his organs the virus caused. We are hoping with some additional bladder irrigations and some bladder re-training, Marc should see or hope to see some improved within six months or so.” “So what does that mean to Marc?” I really didn’t want the doctor to answer that, because of what he said just moments before. I knew there this was leading. “Well, we obviously can’t have him use the catheter because of how sick he got when we used them earlier, so unfortunately I’ll write you a prescription for some diapers that will fit your teenage son” the doctor said to my parents.

“Marc, I know having to wear diapers a lot longer than what you expected is disappointing to you and I can understand that you’ll probably be upset that you’re sixteen years old and now having to wear diapers again but you’ll get use to them after a period of time and while I know this isn’t what you expected when you got released from the hospital. I can assure you that they make disposable diapers that are quite comfortable to wear... even to school. I have several patients that are about your age that have to wear diapers and they tell me that they are really soft and comfortable and most people or their classmates can’t hear or tell that they are wearing diapers” the doctor explained to me.

I couldn’t believe that I was going home from the hospital having a disposable diaper underneath my pants. Before the release papers were in order, the same male intern returned one last time to change me into a clean dry diaper. My parents and my brother were in the admissions office settling my discharge papers. He told me since I was going to have to wear diapers at home; it was probably in my best interest if I learned how to diaper myself. He told me that once I un-taped any wet disposable diaper; I would have to clean myself to prevent diaper rash. After I cleansed myself, he showed me how to position the disposable diaper underneath me and how to tape them up securely and to ensure that the leg gathers were on the outside to prevent leaks. I tried several times and with several diapers before I finally got the hang of diapering myself. After I finished with my final diaper change, I put on my street clothes and examined in the mirror of my room what it looked like wearing a disposable diaper underneath my pants. I was pleasantly surprised to see that there was little bulk that showed from my pants. I really didn’t think that anyone could tell that I was diapered, unless they carefully looked or heard. The diaper crinkling was a bit audible, but not bad, but after all, I was wearing diapers.

Right after I was discharged from the hospital, the doctor approached my parents to give them the prescription for the diapers they will need for their teenage son. He also told them that I should return to the hospital within the next two weeks for a doctor’s appointment and a bladder irrigation. He told me not to worry that he’s seen several cases like this and before you know it, you’ll be able to shed your diapers and be back into your boxer briefs. As my parents and my brother Jared and of course myself left the hospital, I was alittle embarrassed not to mention self-conscious about having to wear diapers underneath my pants.

Sick Days and Diapers – Part Two

My parents decided to stop at Wendy’s for lunch and boy was I glad we did. This would be my first meal outside the hospital. Like I stated earlier, I was alittle self-conscious about being in public with diapers on. A few of my classmates were there as well and they came up to me and my parents to talk to me about my recent hospital stay. I was worried that they would be able to detect that I was wearing diapers, but luckily for me, no one said anything, nor did they suspect that I was diapered. I know my parents were concerned that their teenage son had to wear diapers and how I was handling it, just told me while we were eating our burgers that... “You see, your classmates didn’t even suspect anything was out of the ordinary, so I think you don’t have to worry about anyone discovering your new situation. I’m glad that he actually didn’t mention “diapers” right in front of everyone, as I would have been totally embarrassed if anyone overheard our conversation.

We arrived at our house around 2:30pm in the afternoon. I was glad to finally to be at my house and in my own room. I just decided to lie on my bed watch alittle TV. My dad came into my room and asked if I was ok. I just told him that I wanted to rest just a bit and watch alittle TV. He asked me if would best if I changed into a dry one. I sort of forgot about the diapers I was wearing, but thought maybe I should. I didn’t quite know that if I was wet, but I figured if I was, it would be best to have a dry one on. My dad brought in the bag from the hospital and then handed me one of the few disposable diapers that was left from the hospital to me. I took the diaper from my dad in which he asked me if I wanted him to change me. I was embarrassed for two reasons... the first reason was my dad actually handed me a disposable diaper which would fit me and second was that he asked me if he should change me. I knew that I wouldn’t mind having my dad change my diaper, but then again I was 16 years old and having my dad change me would possibly make me feel like a little baby having his diapers changed. So with that in mind, I told my dad that I could handle it. All he said to me was... “Ok cowboy, just drop your wet one in the kitchen garbage until we can get a special container for your wet diapers”.

After my dad left and closed the door, I took the dry diaper and tossed it one my bed. I unzipped my pants and pulled them down to exam if my diaper was wet or not. Sure enough, I was wet. Apparently to the better diaper designs, I didn’t even realize that my diaper was wet, which I guess is a good thing. I think in the future I probably should change my diaper alittle more often, I won’t want to leak. I decided to take off my jeans and once I removed my wet diaper, I cleansed myself with a baby wipe then I opened up the diaper and positioned on the bed so I could sit down on it. I brought the diaper up on myself and taped it up and spent a minute or so re-taping it. I’d rather have my diaper fit as tightly as possible as I figured that loose diapers wouldn’t be that comfortable. I assured that the leg gathers were on the outside, just as the intern showed me to ensure that I don’t leak around the leg openings. After I had changed myself, which in essences was really the first time since leaving the hospital, I was pretty proud that I actually mastered the art of changing a diaper. Once I changed myself, I pulled my jeans back on and decided to join the rest of the family.

I took out a Pepsi out of the refrigerator and took out some Doritos’s and started to munch on them. Jared joined me as my dad walked into the kitchen and asked me if I wanted to join him in going to the local health care/ medical supply store for some of my supplies. I told him that I really didn’t want to go there and embarrass myself that I was a teenager still in diapers. My dad understood my concern and told me that he would take care of everything. But before he left, my dad and my mom wanted to talk to me. They basically understood that I was alittle depressed over the fact that I needed to wear diapers, but I shouldn’t let the diapers run or ruin my life. Just because I had to wear them, I shouldn’t let it bother me and things should change just because I had a different type of underwear on.

They were right... I shouldn’t let my new found underwear ruin my life. So what if I have to wear diapers, I’m still the same guy I was a week or so ago, but the only difference between now and then was I had to wear diapers. Hopefully my friends would see it that way too. Once my dad left and my mom went to another part of the house to do whatever she does, Jared and I continued in our snacks. He told me that I was brave that I was taking wearing diapers so well. I thanked him, but on the inside I knew that things would change and since it’s only been a half of a day since being out of the hospital, my attitude could change depending on other people’s reaction to my situation.

My dad drove to the other side of town were he knew of a medical supply store that had a good reputation of great service and products. He entered the store and was greeted by a young guy, probably in his late 20’s. The sales guy asked my dad what he could do for him today. My dad explained about my situation and that I needed to wear diapers for a period of time. He asked my dad on how old his son was and my dad told him 16. “Wow, that’s got to rough on a young man like that” he said to my dad. “Yeah, it’s going to rough I think, but he’s handling it pretty well though” my dad responded. My dad handed the sales guy the prescription for the youth/adult diapers in which the sale guy asked a few questions, as in my weight, height, waist size, etc. He also asked if he was looking for Disposable diapers, Pull-ups or Male guards. My dad told him that he was looking for disposable diapers, as the Pull-ups leaked on him. The Sales guy went over to the computer and plugged in the prescription and my dad’s insurance card and then went to my dad and told him some good news and some bad news.

First of all, my dad’s insurance would cover the cost of the disposable diapers, but the bad news was they only limited them to one case every two months. The sales guy asked my dad if his son just needed the diapers at night or all the time. My dad told him that I had to wear them all the time. He then asked my dad how many diaper changes do you think he would need during a course of a day. My dad had no idea on how many diapers I would need throughout the day, but estimated about 3 or 4 diapers a day. “Well, that’s going to be a problem. If your son goes through 3 or 4 diapers in any given day, that will be roughly 120 diapers per month. Unfortunately most cases of disposable diapers come in about 96 diapers per case. That leaves a shortage of 24 diapers that will have to come out of your pocket”.

“That is a problem, I guess there is nothing else we can do, but buy some out of our pocket”. My dad added. The sales guy asked my dad on how long his son was expected to be in diapers in which my dad replied that it could be six months or so, hopefully sooner. “Well, there is one solution to this problem. On this prescription and accordingly to your insurance, you can purchase a case of disposable diapers and also purchase a few reusable items as well” the sales guy told my dad. “What do you mean by reusable items?” my dad asked. “I’m not sure if your son will go with using reusable products, but if you go with a disposable diaper during the daytime and use cloth diapers at night, you should be able to able to get by with what your insurance will cover instead of having some out of pocket expenses, especially if our son is in diapers longer than a few months. My dad thought about it and figured that I would only use the cloth ones at night and no one outside the family would ever need to know. My dad agreed and then he had to pick out the diapers for his 16-year-old son. With the suggestion of the sales guy, my dad purchased a case of the Attends ‘9’ disposable briefs or diapers, how ever you want to look at it. Once he the decision about the disposable diapers was over he had to pick out some cloth diapers. Once again with the suggestion of the sales guy, he purchased seven super soft, heavy absorbent cloth diapers, the pin on style and seven pairs of V.I. P plastic pants. The plastic pants resembled regular baby pants, but they were some of the best on the market and they were pretty soft and silent. The only thing they didn’t have was some diaper pins, which the sales guy instructed my dad that he could purchase those at a supermarket or even at Target. He also recommended to my dad that with cloth diapers, he might consider having him use baby powder to reduce the chances of diaper rash.

After everything was said and done, paid for, my dad loaded up the SUV with the case of disposable diapers and my cloth diapers and plastic pants. He drove toward the nearest supermarket and picked up a few packages of diaper pins and a container or two of baby powder. Apparently my dad couldn’t believe that he was in the baby aisle picking up some supplies for his sixteen year son. He looked the aisle over and saw the baby powder and then the baby wipes. In the corner of his eye, he spotted the diaper pins hanging on a peg hook with all the other baby supplies. He saw several pairs that had very juvenile designs, such as ducky or bear heads, but he finally spotted the regular white diaper pins and took two packages. Right after picking the diaper pins, he saw some diaper rash cream but just couldn’t bring himself in buying anything else especially the diaper rash cream as he was himself embarrassed that his 16 year old son had to wear diapers. He was just hoping that his son’s incontinence would be short lived, but whatever the outcome he still loved his son and would support him in anyway he could... even if it meant buying diapers for his son even when he’s in college.

Once his dad came home and unloaded the diaper supplies and placed them in his son’s room. Luckily for me, I was watching TV in the living room and never really saw my parents bringing in or putting away my diaper stuff. While they were putting away my stuff, my mom questioned the cloth diapers and plastic pants, so my dad had to explain it to her about the cost of the disposables or actually the lack of insurance coverage for more than one case of disposable diapers over a two month period, so figuring it out, if Marc wore cloth diapers at night and just at night, the case of diapers would probably last the entire two month period... hopefully.

My mom came into the living room and informed me that dinner was about 20 minutes away. I couldn’t believe that I was just vegging out for last several hours. I guess I really needed it, or other wise my parents probably would have said something to me, like get out of the house and do something constructive. I reached down the front of my jeans and felt that I was wet. On that note, I decided that I probably should change before dinnertime. I walked out of the living room and headed toward my room. Once I was in my room, I didn’t see the packages of diapers lying about, so I decided to look in my dresser drawers. I opened up the top one that has my underwear in it and discovered that there was no underwear in there, but what were in its place were my disposable diapers. I looked underneath the diapers, thinking that maybe my underwear were underneath them, but nope... no underwear. I was afraid to look any further in fears I wouldn’t like what I would see, so I grabbed one of the diapers out of the top drawer and changed my wet one into a clean dry diaper. I was kinda surprised that it only took one day to master the art of changing my diaper.

I walked out of my room and headed to the kitchen. Was I walked, I did notice one thing about the diapers my dad purchased, is that they crinkled a lot more that the diapers I had in the hospital. Other than the crinkling and just alittle more bulk in the front of the diaper, I thought that these diapers fit perfectly and were snug and comfortable... for a diaper that is. We pretty much ate in silence, but did discuss that I was thinking about having my friends over tomorrow to let them know about my condition and that I now have to wear diapers. I really didn’t want them to find out on their own, which I’m sure they probably wouldn’t take it every well hearing it from someone else or worse seeing our hearing my diapers. My parents thought I was pretty brave to take this head on by telling my friends.

After dinner and alittle TV, I was getting tired and told my parents I thought I’d turn in, since I was going to have probably a long day ahead of me. I said good night to my parents and even to Jared. As I walked into my room and pulled out another dry diaper to change into for the night then took off my pants when my dad walked in and told me that he needed to talk to me. My dad was walking toward my dresser drawer when I said to him... “Dad, I already got one out (as I waved the diaper a bit in front of my dad) and besides, I think I can change my own diaper, but thanks for thinking of me”. “No that’s not what I came in here to talk to you about.” My dad sat next to me and that’s when I knew that things were about to get serious. “First of all I want to say how sorry were are about how things came out with the virus you had, especially the fact that your going to have to wear diapers for awhile, I’m sure it probably is going to rough going back to school having to wear those” my dad told me. “Dad it’s not your fault that I got sick and has far as the diapers go, I’m sure that I’ll be able to handle it... I’m a big boy” I told him. My dad just chuckled a bit on my remark “I’m a big boy” as I was just sitting there in a diaper and t-shirt. “Well, this afternoon at the medical supply store, the sales guy informed me that our insurance will only cover for some of the diapers so I can only get one case which will have to last you for two months”. He told me. “Well, how many diapers came in the case?” I asked. “96”. He responded. “That’s only about a month or so, what else can we do... will you have to buy some out of your own pocket?” “Not, really... the sakes guys did have one suggestion that would stretch your supply of disposable diapers to last you most of the two months, if not all!” What did he suggest?” On that note, my dad got up and walked back toward my dresser drawers and opened up the second drawer and pulled out some cloth diapers, diaper pins and a pair of plastic pants. I knew that these looked like, as if you remember I had to wear them in the hospital.

“Dad, you can’t be serious... you don’t expect me to wear regular diapers, like a baby, do you? I told him. “Marc, you’re not a baby, but this is the only solution to wear these cloth diapers and besides it’s only at night and no one will ever have to know!” “But dad... its cloth diapers and plastic pants... but Ok, as long as it just for nighttime.” I told him. He handed me the diapers, plastic pants and the diaper pins and said to me... “You might want to sprinkle some of that baby powder before pinning yourself up, I want you to prevent diaper rash.” He instructed me. “Dad...” as I was embarrassed over that he told me to use baby powder to prevent diaper rash. I took the diapers and looked at them but really didn’t quite know how to put them on, as the intern in the hospital put them on for me. My dad sensed my lost in having to deal with cloth diapers over disposable diapers asked me... “Do you need some assistance Marc? “Yeah, I guess I do, I responded quite embarrassedly. “Well, just lie down and I’ll help you with your diaper” my dad told me.

I lied down on my bed and my dad place the cloth diapers, diaper pins and the plastic pants next to me and then retrieved the baby powder and the baby wipes in my closet. He sat down next to me and then pulled the tapes away from my sodden disposable diaper I was wearing then proceeded to wipe down my crotch area with a baby wipe. All I could do is look toward the wall as he cleaned me up. I knew that I could do this myself, but I kinda liked the attention. After I was cleaned up, my dad told me to left up my butt in which he place the thick cloth diapers underneath me and then sprinkled the baby powder allover the front of my and the diaper. He then brought them up and pinned them up snuggly and then took the plastic pants and handed them to me and told me that I could pull them on myself. I stood up and pulled up the plastic pants up and over my shameful cloth diapers. I thanked my dad for the assistance and told him that I would try changing into my cloth diapers tomorrow. “If you need help tomorrow night, just ask... I don’t mind changing your diapers, kinda just like when you were little.

I climbed into bed and for the first night in some time, I was in my own bed. Boy did it feel nice to be lying there in my bed, with the comfort of flannel sheets, it was heaven... but then I realized that I wasn’t wearing boxers like the last time I was in this bed but I was wearing thick cloth diapers and plastic pants. I felt the smooth plastic that encased the thick folds of the soft diaper underneath. I felt the diaper pins that securely held them in place and wondered if anyone else that had to wear these things if they ever felt this way about them. I know that I shouldn’t, after all I’m 16 and most 16 year old boys don’t wear diapers but now that I’ve found myself bound by diapers, I don’t mind the comfort of diapers straddling my lower region.

I woke up about 9:30 in the morning and just like the time I was in the hospital; I knew that I was wet. I guess that’s one thing about having to wear cloth diapers over disposable diapers, you can feel the wetness unlike disposables, where they keep you nice and dry even when they are wet. I guess I’m going to have to get use to having that feeling in the mornings, unless... one, that I stop wetting and get our of diapers completely, which would be just the best thing that could happened to me or two, the insurance company changes their policy about only supplying me with only one case of disposable diapers every other month.

I decided to wait in changing my diapers until I take my shower. I climbed out of bed and put on some lounge pants and headed to the kitchen for some breakfast. After eating my corn flakes and having a bagel, I went into the bathroom and turned on the shower. I took off my lounge pants then proceeded to pull off the plastic pants away from sodden cloth diaper. The smell from my wet diapers was pretty strong, but I guess that is what comes with wearing cloth diapers. I unpinned my wet diapers and placed both the diaper and plastic pants inside the container that my parents put into the linen closet just for this purpose and climbed into the shower and washed away the baby smell that now accompanied me.

After my shower, I felt much, much better. I wrapped a towel around myself and found myself lying back on my bed strapping another disposable diaper on myself. I was just standing in front of my closet pondering what to wear when my brother Jared walked in. He would normally come in sometimes in the morning to borrow whatever clothing I would lend him, but this time, I was just standing there in my diaper. He said... “Excuse me; I’ll come back when you’re dressed!” “Nonsense, there is no point of being embarrassed, because I’m not. It never bothered you to walk in on me when I was just in my boxers or boxer briefs, so I expect that just because I’m in a diaper, things won’t change between us” I told Jared. “Ok, I just thought you might be embarrassed.” He replied. “What is to be embarrassed about? Some guys wear boxers, some wear boxer briefs and some wear tighty whities, but some guys like myself have to wear a diaper... it’s all underwear!” I told him. “You have a great attitude Marc. I don’t think I’d be this brave and comfortable if I had to wear diapers again!” “Well, I decided to deal with this as a young adult and since this is the cards I was dealt with, I might as well make the best of things and not worry about something I can’t control. Jared asked me if he could borrow one of my sweaters and I couldn’t refuse my brother, who is pretty cool with the fact that his older brother is now wearing diapers! I decided to wear my cotton track pants, an Abercrombie & Fitch long sleeve shirt and a hooded A&F sweatshirt. This is what I would normally wear on a Saturday, but now since I found myself bound in diapers, the crinkling sound was a lot more evident.

I called Kyle and told him to come over for the afternoon. He quickly accepted my invitation but I didn’t tell him that I also invited all my other friends as well. I didn’t think there was no point in telling him that I was about to spill the beans about my recent virus that attacked my internal organs and especially my bladder that resulted in me having to wear diapers again. As I played around the Internet a bit before Kyle coming over, I noticed that in having these cotton track pants on, there was a slight bulge in my pants not to mention the crinkling sound was very audible to anyone that cared to notice. I guess maybe it was my plan all along, to have my friends maybe notice the extra bulk and the sound of plastic crinkling underneath my track pants. I was just hoping that my friends would accept me for who I was and not what I had to wear. I was the same guy they knew before I got sick, but now I have to wear diapers and not the boxers or boxer briefs I use to wear.

Kyle came over shortly before 11am. I invited him up to my room and both of us played around the internet searching out anything we could think of. As both of us sat at my computer, I could tell that Kyle overheard the crinkling coming from my pants. He finally embarrassedly asked me if I was still having to wear diapers. I confirmed his suspicions by letting him see just the top of my disposable diaper. “Dude... that’s got a suck, having to return from the hospital still in diapers. Are you going to have to wear diapers to school on Monday?” Kyle asked me. “Yeah, but it’s not all that bad. At least I’m not wetting my pants!” I responded to him. I finally decided to tell him my plan about telling the rest of my friends about my situation. I said that I wanted everything out in the open and if some of my friends have a problem with me having to wear diapers, then I guess I know who my real friends are... like you Kyle. He told me that he’d be my friend no matter what... even if I had to wear big bulky cloth diapers and plastic pants, like he saw me wearing the in hospital. Little did he know that I did have to wear bulky cloth diapers and plastic pants to bed! I’m sure he’ll find that out for himself later.

My friends Mike, Dave, Cameron and Ryan came over about the same time. All four guys kinda were a bit curious that they all were invited over to my house all at same time and with Kyle being there as well. They asked me how I was feeling and I told them I was glad to get out of the hospital, but I had some complications due to the virus I had. I didn’t come out right away and tell them that I was diapered but I kinda wanted to ease them into the idea of my newfound underwear. I just told them I just wanted to spend some time with them before going back to school on Monday. I offered each of my friends a can of soda and then led them to my room where we could play some video games. Was I walked to and from the kitchen; I crinkled with every step I made. It wasn’t all that audible, but it still was audible to any one of my friends who cared to listen.

After we had our sodas in our hands and gone back to my room, I brought a few extra chairs in my room so that way all of us could sit by my computer and play video games. As I sat down, I crinkled a lot louder than just walking. Ryan looked at my strangely as I sat down and even looked at the bulk that seemed to fill out my track pants. He didn’t say anything though and as we played the game, each of my friends seemed to look at me when I readjusted my self, crinkling a bit as I did this. Not one said one word about what I thought was obvious, the bulk in the front of my pants and the crinkling of my disposable diaper. I finally decided to bring up the conversation about my situation or condition as it might be.

“Ok, guys, there is a reason why I brought all of you together here today. I first wanted to thank each of you for visiting me in the hospital. I mentioned earlier that I had some complications of being sick.” I started to say, when Dave interrupted me by asking if I was ok. I told them that I was ok, but this is what I wanted to tell you. At first they thought I had the flu, but I had a serious virus that attacked my internal organs and I even was in a coma for two days. Luckily, I came out of it, but there was a complication that might affect me for a few months or forever, they are unsure as of yet. Most of my internal organs have resumed in the normal function, but one organ was severely damaged. “It’s not your heart, is it? Cameron asked. “No, it’s not my heart.” I responded. “Well, what is it then and why are you beating around the bush?” Cameron asked. All of a sudden, Ryan just said “Yah”. I think Ryan finally put two and two together and after hearing the crinkling sound and even seeing the diapers in that supply cabinet in my hospital room that day, knew that I was diapered. He didn’t say anything though as I had to continue in telling them.

I just want to say that I’m the same guy you knew before I got sick and I’m planning on keeping it that way and I hope nothing changes (except for his diaper) I heard Ryan quietly say to himself, as the others didn’t seem to catch it. “The organ that was damaged was my bladder and now I have very little control over my bladder. Do you guys understand?” I told them. Mike just said to me... “Well, how do you go to the bathroom then?” as he genially asked. Ryan finally stopped his silence and said to Mike and the others... “No you idiots, Marc has to wear diapers to control his bladder, can’t you tell, gees, haven’t you heard the crinkling sound coming from Marc’s pants or even noticed the extra bulk in his pants?” “No way, you mean you’re wearing diapers right now?” Cameron asked. “Yeah, I’m wearing a disposable diaper” and I got up , pulling my track pants down just enough for the guys to witness first hand that I was wearing a disposable diaper and embarrassedly as I was, my diaper was alittle wet.

“That’s got to suck having to wear diapers again, but why diapers and not those shields or something less diaper-like?” Dave asked. Well, that’s a good question and at first I had to wear a pull-up but because of the leaking, I couldn’t wear those and during the bladder irrigation, they put a catheter on me, but it left me quite raw, because apparently I must have some type of allergic reaction with latex or the tubing the catheters use, so it ruled those out. This left basically only one solution to my lack of bladder control and that is what you are seeing now... disposable diapers.” I responded.

“So those were your disposable diapers I pulled out of that cabinet at the hospital when we came to visit you?” Ryan was inquisitive. “Yeah, I was really embarrassed at first because I was wearing diapers and when you came to visit, I didn’t want any of you to find out because I thought for sure that before I left the hospital I wouldn’t have to wear them anymore, but I guess I was wrong and that’s why I decided to tell you guys now before you discovered it on your own or heard it from someone else” I told them.

“So what does it feel like to wear diapers again... I bet they are pretty uncomfortable?” Mike asked? “Yeah, at first in the hospital they were pretty uncomfortable, then I was wetting pretty heavily but now since my dad bought me these diapers, they actually are pretty comfortable, but of course not as comfortable as boxers or boxer briefs” I told them. So I can I ask how many do you go though in a course of a day” Mike added. Cameron just said “A little personal don’t you think Mike?” “That’s ok, I don’t mind you guy’s asking questions and I would rather get everything out in the open without anyone speculating what I can’t or can wear or whatever the questions might be. So far I’ve been going through about three to four diapers and that includes a nighttime diaper. But that might change when I fully realize on how long I can go before changing my diaper” I told them. “So, what about school and even gym class? How will you be able to hide your diaper while changing in gym class? I don’t think that’s something someone can actually hide, especially the crinkling. Our gym shorts can’t hide to much, let alone your Huggies?” Ryan stated. “Come on Ryan that’s pretty mean to refer to Marc’s underwear or diapers as Huggies!” Cameron shouted to Ryan. “Oh, like none of you thought that his diapers actually looked too much like Huggies or even Pampers, come on guys... Marc is wearing a freakin diaper... how many other 16 year olds do you know that still wear diapers? Ryan asked the guys. I just sat there as Ryan and some of the others discussed my diapers. Kyle on the other hand was totally quiet during this entire conversation and finally he said... “Give Marc a break, it’s not like he’s had a choice in the matter. Do you think for one moment Marc wants to wear diapers and what about school? Do you really think Marc wants to wear diapers to school or even having to change in gym class, knowing quite well that he’ll have to expose that he’s wearing a disposable diaper?”

“I guess not” Ryan softly said. “I guess I can see where you guys are coming from. You’re right Ryan, I guess my diapers do look like Huggies, but after all they are diapers, there is no way around that. Yes, Ryan I probably am the only 16 year still having to wear diapers, but I don’t have a choice. As far as school and gym class, I’m not quite sure how I’m going to handle it, especially gym class, but that’s kinda why I wanted to tell you guys today, so that way I have some support shall I need it at school. I know one thing, there is no way I can get out of wearing diapers to school, at least until my bladder corrects itself and who knows when that will be. So Guys, can have your support while I go through this or are you ashamed to be seen with a guy still in diapers?” I asked Mike, Dave Cameron and Ryan. I knew where Kyle stood or at least where I hoped he stood. Kyle came over to me, sat next to me on my bed, put his arm around me at said... “Of, course I’m here for you and I’ll give you all the support you need and no, it doesn’t bother me that you have to wear diapers, crinkling and all. In fact if you want, I can change your diaper right here and now. I’m sure you’re pretty wet by now?” Mike, Cameron, Dave and Ryan looked at me and what Kyle said to me... I think they thought I was serious. Marc looked at me and said... “Just don’t change me into one those Huggies... there a bit too tight and anyways they might leak!” as I laughed. Kyle laughed with me and with my comeback. The other guys finally realized that Kyle was kidding and we laughed and in essence at my expense or at my diapers.

After the laughter died down, Mike, Cameron, Dave and Ryan came over to me and said... You shouldn’t even have to consider thinking that we wouldn’t be your friend just because you have to wear diapers.” Mike said with everyone in agreement. “Although you got to admit Marc, that things won’t quite be the same, sure you’re the same person you were a week or so ago, but some people won’t see it that way when they discover that you’re wearing a diaper” Ryan added. “It shouldn’t matter what I’m wearing, either it be boxers, boxer briefs, tightly whities or even diapers, it’s all basically underwear!” I stated. “Well, what ever the outcome, we’ll stand behind you no matter what!” Dave said to me. After we discussed any further questions regarding my condition, what might happen in school and of course my diapers, we decided to play another video game. I decided to let the other guys play first, as I needed a change. I got up and went over to my dresser drawers and pulled out a clean dry disposable diaper from the top drawer and walked away going toward the bathroom with the dry disposable diaper in my hand. As I walked past my friends, they looked at my holding a diaper walking toward the bathroom. After I left my room, Mike said to the others... “I was wondering if he was going to change his diaper before we left. His pants were bulking out a lot more while we were talking, so I assumed he had wet himself”.

We continued until about four in the afternoon playing video games and talking about school, sports and one thing I was finally glad that we didn’t talk about is my condition and or my use of diapers. Ryan, Mike, Cameron and Dave decided to go home for supper. Kyle was about to go home too, when I asked him if he wanted to stay for supper and even for the night. Since it was a Saturday night, Kyle really didn’t have anything else going on so he accepted. My parents were kinda glad that I decided to have one of my friends over for the night, instead of becoming isolated over my condition. Kyle ran home to grab a change of clothes and some toiletries and such. Kyle returned and put his things into my room, whereas we both headed to the kitchen for dinner.

After dinner, Kyle, Jared, my parents and I went into the living room to watch a DVD movie. We all had a great time watching the movie and for the one of the first times, I didn’t think about what I was wearing. The movie ended around 9:30 that evening where my parents decided to call it a night. Kyle and I looked at each other and knew that it was a bit early to go to bed ourselves, so Kyle and I played some video games. Just before we were going to sit down to play, Kyle suggested to me that I might want to change. I looked down and saw a small wet spot on my crotch. Kyle sensed that I was embarrassed and just told me that is what friends are for and I shouldn’t be embarrassed because I leaked. I guess I wasn’t totally embarrassed that I had a small wet spot on my jeans, or that Kyle had to remind me to change, but what I was embarrassed was that I didn’t even know that my diaper was wet and needed a change. I walked over and pulled out a clean dry diaper from my dresser drawers and headed to the bathroom to change. When I was out in the hall going to the bathroom, my dad came up to me and asked me if I was ok in changing into my nightwear. I told him that I probably needed to learn how to pin on my night diapers, as this might be the best time to start.

I changed myself and was amazed that I was indeed soaked. I was surprised to feel that my jeans weren’t a lot more wet than they actually were. Boy did these diapers hold quite abit. Once changed, I walked back into my room where Kyle and I played video games until about 1am. Kyle asked if he could use the bathroom first and I told him to go ahead. Kyle walked out, where I decided to go ahead and change myself into my night cloth diapers. I undressed and pulled out some thick cloth diapers, diaper pins, some baby powder and a pair of plastic pants. I pulled at the tapes of my disposable diaper, which if you haven’t guessed, was wet. I folded the cloth diapers like my father showed me then I sat down on the diaper, sprinkled some baby powder then pulled the bulky mass between my legs. I grabbed the diaper pins and carefully pinned the diapers around my waist. I spent the next minute re-pinning my diapers to ensure that they were tight enough, yet not too tight that they would be uncomfortable. I figured I better roll up the wet disposable I had on previously and then threw it in my trash bin. I was just about to pull up the plastic pants over my thick cloth diapers when Kyle walked back into the room. I stopped and stared at him and Kyle stared at me for a minute but then he just said... “Don’t stop, you can finish changing your diaper. I looked at him and then just pulled the plastic pants up and over my shameful cloth diaper. “I suppose you’re wondering why I’m wearing cloth diapers and plastic pants?” I asked him. “Not really, I saw them when you were in the hospital, so I guess I shouldn’t be totally surprised” Kyle responded. I pulled a pair of lounge pants over my diaper and sat down on the bed to explain why my parents had bought me regular cloth diapers and plastic pants because of the limited supply of disposable diapers the insurance company would pay for and anyways I told him it was just for nighttime.

“That’s cool with me. You don’t have to explain anything” Kyle told me. “Well, you ready to turn in?” he asked me. “Yeah, I guess” I replied. Kyle then pulled off his lounge pants and climbed into bed with just his boxer shorts on. I started to climb into bed with my lounge pants when he said to me... “Dude, you never use to wear lounge pants to bed, you always just wore your boxer briefs! Are you wearing the lounge pants because you’re wearing diapers?” “Kinda, I’m just a little embarrassed that you saw me in my cloth diaper!” “Look, you said it your self, it doesn’t matter what a person wears for underwear. Just because you wear diapers, you should be comfortable going to bed” Kyle told me. With that being said, I pulled off the lounge pants that concealed my diapers and climbed into the bed. Kyle just chuckled a bit and I asked him what was so funny. “I guess I’m just going to have to get use to seeing you in diapers. It’s just alittle funny to see my best friend in cloth diapers and plastic pants”. “Yeah, at first I thought it was alittle strange to be wearing these thick cloth diapers and plastic pants, but after I thought about it and realized that I would be wearing them only at night, I figured what the heck. Sure beats waking up in a wet bed, even waking up with a wet bed and a disposable diaper that leaked!” We both chatted alittle while longer, but we both finally drifted off to sleep.

In the morning, Kyle woke up first while me lying there with the sheets half on me and half off and while I slept, Kyle couldn’t help but notice that I was completely wet. I guess he could tell by the way my diapers snagged inside the plastic pants that covered my bulky diapers. Kyle thought to himself that his best friend really did need diapers to keep himself dry. After I woke up, Kyle got dressed while I walked into the bathroom to change out of my wet cloth diapers, plastic pants and changed into a nice dry disposable diaper. Right before Kyle went home for the rest of the weekend, he once again asked me how I was going to handle going to school the next morning fully knowing that I was going to have to wear a disposable diaper. I simply told him that I really wasn’t too concerned about going to school in diapers, after all the diapers I was wearing was just like any of the other guys underwear, only a lot thicker and a lot more absorbent. Kyle left for home and I continued throughout the day doing what ever I would normally do, only stopping every few hours to change my wet diaper.

Sunday night came and I changed myself once again into a thick cloth diapers and a soft pair of plastic pants before I turned in for the night. While I lied in bed just in my cloth diaper and plastic pants I thought to myself... “What am I going to do in school? How can a seemingly normal 16 year-old go to school wearing a disposable diaper underneath one’s pants! I don’t think I ever recall seeing or knowing about anyone in high school having to wear diapers. I just stared at the ceiling wondering how all my other friends and or classmates would handle a high school student wearing diapers even thought I have to wear diapers because I was pretty sick and ended up in the hospital. I don’t think I ever fell asleep that night, but apparently I did, as my dad woke me up for school the next morning... only to find that I was soaked again... Thanks God for diapers or I wouldn’t have gotten the sleep I did and I would be pretty miserable right now. While I was changing out of my obviously soaked cloth diapers, I was just wondering how I was going to hide the fact that I was wearing a disposable diaper to high school.

End of Sick Days and Diapers