Josh's diaper tale

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Josh's diaper tale

Summary: Josh is a 16 year old boy who is going to have a fun time while his parents are away.

Josh has had your typical life. He was potty trained shortly after the age of two. By age five, he was wetting the bed. Like most boys, he stopped around the age of ten. His best friend, Anthony, also wet his bed. He however, didn’t stop until he was around thirteen. Anthony’s parents did something to help him that Josh wishes his parents did to him. While Josh’s parents used the old plastic sheet over the mattress, Anthony’s parents put him into diapers. Ever since Josh saw Anthony’s diapers in his closet, he has wanted to wear them. Josh isn’t sure whether or not Anthony knows that Josh knows about the wetting and the diapers.

It was June third, five days after school got out for the summer, and Josh’s parents were going to leave for a month and travel Europe. Josh was a bright boy for his age. You wouldn’t call him a genius, but you wouldn’t call him average. He was around 5’ 6’’, and 107 lbs. he has bright blonde hair with sky blue eyes.

“Now Josh, we have transferred a couple thousand dollars to your bank account for emergencies ONLY, understand?”
“Yes mom.”

“Every remaining cent will be put back into our account when we get back. You better save EVERY receipt buster; we are going to audit it all.”

“Okay, okay, I get it.”

After a quick talk, his parents got in their car and were off. He now had a whole month to do as he wished. Josh was well behaved though; he didn’t drink, smoke, or do drugs. He went into the house and sat down in the living room. He was trying to think of what he could do, and that’s when it hit him. He got some of his money that he had in his closet, got in his car, and took off. He drove for about an hour, he went to a store where no one would recognize him. He went straight to the baby isle and looked at all the diapers. There was a brand that caught his eyes, Teen Dipes. They had three sizes; small, 40-80 lbs, medium, 80-120 lbs, and large, 120-160 lbs. He was looking at them for a few seconds. He was amazed at the varieties; there were plain white, solid colors, pro sport teams, comic book characters, sci-fi characters, and brief style. He stood trying to decide what ones to get. He decided to go with the brief style, size medium. He grabbed a pack off the shelf and headed for check out. He got to a check out lane and there were three people ahead of him. He was very nervous about being caught by some one he knew. His gut was filled with butterflies. His time to check out finally came. He walked up and put the diapers on the counter. The cashier was around her late 30’s and as he got his wallet out, she commented on how her eight year old son really likes this brand of diapers. He just smiled, chuckled and said how nice. He paid the cashier, took the diapers and headed out to his car.

It took him about an hour and a half to get home. When he finally did, he went up to his room and took off his shirt and pants. He walked around in his character print briefs for a few minutes while he got the package out and opened it. He pulled the first diaper out and just looked at it. It was white with red print patterns that were in the shape of briefs. He brought it up to his face and smelled it. By now his dick was hard. He reached down and rubbed it for a few seconds. He couldn’t wait any more; he opened the diaper up, pulled down his briefs and pulled the diaper up against his crotch. With it there, he laid down on his bed making made sure the butt was in the right position. He then pulled the front up snug to his crotch and fastened the tapes. He then proceeded to rub his dick. He could feel himself getting ready to ejaculate, but he hated the thought of wasting a really cool diaper. He pulled the top of the diaper down rubbed a little faster. He finally ejaculated. He picked up a dirty pair of briefs and wiped off the semen. He pulled the diaper back up and headed off for the bathroom. He took the diaper off carefully and jumped in the shower. He cleaned himself up and got out. He dried off and then put the diaper back on, his dick was getting hard again. He walked back to his room and put his shirt and pants back on.

He got on the phone and called Anthony up.

“Hi, is this Tony?”

“Yeah, hey Josh.”

“Want to do something today?”

“Sure, want do you have in mind?”

“A movie or two and video games.”

“Cool, I’ll be over in a few.”

“See you then.”

About an hour later Tony pulled up in his car and got out. He went up to the door and Josh opened it. The two walked in and went into the living room. The two turned on the TV and started up a video game. They played for about a half hour, and then got bored. As Josh moved around, Tony heard odd rustling from Josh. After about two hours, Tony finally asked.

“Josh, is it me or are you rustling?”

“Yeah, it’s me.”

“What is it?”

With that, Josh just stood up and took off his pants. Tony just stood there opened eyed. He didn’t know what to say.

“Uhhhh, you wet yourself or something?”

“Well, no, not really. You see, I knew about your wetting the bed, I did it too. I also knew your parents had you in diapers, I found them in your closet. Ever since I found them there, I have wanted to wear diapers.

“Wow, I never expected that. I still like diapers a little too. I still wet the bed on purpose; just enough to have my parents keep me in diapers. Those ones are way cool, not like mine. Mine are all white, those actually look like briefs. Can I wear one?”

“You sure can. I have one question though; can I put it on you?”

With that the two boys went up to Josh’s room. Josh had Tony lay on the bed. He pulled his shirt up and took off his pants. Tony was lying there in his purple briefs, his dick hard. He pulled the briefs down to Tony’s knees. Josh pulled out a diaper, unfolded it, and slid it under Tony’s bony butt. He pulled the front up nice and snug, to cuddle his balls gently. He then taped the diaper closed. Tony’s dick was really hard now. Josh began to rub it fast. Soon enough Josh pulled the diaper back and Tony ejaculated. Tony felt so good, he had loved it all. Josh fixed the diaper and just rubbed Tony’s chest. Josh took his shirt and pants off and lay down next to Tony. The two just laid there next to each other and cuddled.

They ended up falling asleep on the bed. Josh woke up first. He opened his eyes and just stared at the ceiling. He looked over at Tony and thought how cute the boy was. He had thick black hair, brown eyes, and was around 5’ 7” weighing in at around 105 lbs. Josh looked down at the diaper Tony was wearing, the once pure white crotch had a faint hint of yellow color to it. He rubbed Tony on the chest to wake him up.

“Tony, Tony, you wet your diaper.”

“Huh, what?”

“You wet your diaper, man.”

“Huh, I did. Cool, its kind of nice to still wet the bed, it makes me feel like I am still a little boy.”

“That’s cool. I wish my parents had put me diapers for my wetting problems.”

Tony just smiled to that statement. Tony got up and went into the bathroom to take a shower and clean up. Josh got up out of bed and checked his diaper, still dry. He picked up his pants and shirt and put them back on. After a few minutes, Tony walked back into the bedroom butt naked. He got his shirt and pants off the floor to put them back on. As Tony pulled his underwear on, he stared at Josh, picturing him in his diaper and his dick began to get hard. He then lay on the bed and started rubbing his dick. Joey walked over, sat on the bed and took over rubbing Tony’s penis. Josh rubbed Tony for a few seconds before Tony felt himself getting ready to ejaculate. Tony stuck his hand down Josh’s pants, feeling the diaper and Joey’s dick, which was hard. Just as he began to do this, he ejaculated. When he did, he was caught off guard. Tony didn’t see semen; instead he just saw pee go all over his briefs. The sexual height was none the less though. Tony got up and took off his soaked briefs. Tony walked over to the dresser and got out a diaper to put on. After he got the diaper all set, he put his clothes back on. The two boys talked for a few minutes then Tony headed down stairs, got in his car, and went home.

Josh went through the house, shut all of the window blinds and locked the doors. He then took off his pants and proceeded to walk around in a T-shirt and diaper. He went down to the basement where he had a whole entertainment center set up. He popped in his favorite action movie and sat on the couch. As he watched the movie, he thought of Tony; Tony in diapers and how Tony actually liked them too, something that took him by complete surprise. As he thought of all these things, he became hard again. He stretched out on the couch and started to rub his dick and think back to Tony in his diaper and rubbing his hard penis. Within a few seconds, he ejaculated in to the diaper. He paused the movie, went up to his room and took the diaper off. He threw it in the trash, put on a clean pair of briefs and went back to the movie. He finished the movie and sat around in his shirt and briefs for the rest of the night.

When he woke up, it was eleven AM. He had fallen asleep on the couch. He sat up and stretched his arms. He reached down and scratched his crotch. He turned off the TV and VCR and headed up stairs. He went in to the bathroom and turned on the shower. He took off his shirt and walked over to the toilet and took a leak. After he was done he went back to the shower and felt the water, it was nice and warm. He opened the shower curtain and hopped in the shower. He was still groggy and not fully awake, so he didn’t realize it until he got in the shower, but he still had his briefs on. He looked down at them and just though, ah, fuck it. He washed his hair and cleaned up. He got out, took the wet briefs off and threw them in the hamper. He walked back to his bedroom butt naked and got out clean underwear. He pulled out his favorite pair of character briefs, looked at them, and put them back. He went to his closet and got out a diaper. He laid it out on the edge of his bed, sat his butt on the back of it, pulled the front up snug to his crotch and fastened the tapes. He got out a pair of shorts and a shirt. He went down stairs and got him some breakfast. After he ate, he began to think of things to do, but couldn’t come up with any thing that sounded fun. He decided to give Tony a call. Tony’s mother answered the phone and told Josh that he wasn’t home. He hung up and thought more of what to do. He went to his computer and logged on to the internet. He checked his email and then proceeded to a teen DL chat room. He chatted with other teens who felt the same way he does. He talked about experiences and shared photos for about two hours, then decided to get off. He was looking at all of the photos he had of teens in diapers. He had one of a really cute blonde around 16-17 who was stretched out on a bed rubbing his hard dick, which was pushing up on the diaper. He began to get really aroused, he began rubbing his dick hard, and soon enough, he ejaculated. He fixed his diaper, pulled his pants back up and turned off the computer. Just then the phone rang, it was Tony. The two talked and Tony decided to come over again. Around two hours later, he arrived. The minute Tony walked in the door, Josh was right there. Josh hugged Tony and they began to kiss. Josh reached his hands down Tony’s pants and grabbed his butt. Just then, the two stopped and ran up stairs. Josh went to the closet, got a diaper and threw Tony on the bed. He then pulled Tony’s shirt off and took off his pants. He saw Tony’s penis trying to escape the pressure of his lime green briefs. Josh rubbed it slowly and gently. After doing that for a minute or so, he pulled the briefs down to Tony’s knees. Josh put the diaper under Tony’s butt and pulled the front up and taped it. After Tony’s diaper was on, Tony took Josh’s shirt and pants off and began to rub HIS dick. The two rubbed each others dicks for awhile before each of them ejaculated.

After they both reached the height of sexual tension, they sat on the bed for a little bit. The two boys decided to go swimming. Josh got out two pairs of his swim trunks. He put one on and gave the other to Tony since he didn’t have one there. The two went to the back yard and got in the in-ground pool. They were in the pool for about three hours; they played basketball, Marco polo, and dove for rings. They got out and lay on beach chairs in the sun. After about an hour of that, Tony decided he should go. Josh said goodbye and Tony left. Josh sat on the beach chair for a few minutes longer, then got up and went up to his room. He got his favorite pair of boxers. A bright red pair with a black dragon wrapping around one leg and up around the front and back of the boxer printed on it. He was going to put on a shirt and a pair of pants, but then he thought, hey, I got the house to myself, I can go around in just my boxers. He left the rest of his clothes on his bed and went down stairs to watch another movie. He popped the movie in and hit play. He let the previews roll and he went in to the kitchen and got a glass of soda pop and a slice of day old pepperoni pizza. He went back to the basement and watched the movie. It was over by ten pm. He went up to his room, got on his computer and log on to the internet. He went to his favorite teen DL chat room and talked to his “online friends”. They shared stories of their diaper lives, the best diapers, how to hide them, and so fourth. They also traded more pictures. He talked for about an hour and a half, then got off and went to bed. He crawled into bed. He massaged his dick to make it become hard. Once it did, he rubbed it for a few minutes, then rolled over and rubbed his dick against his bed. Once he began to feel himself starting to get to the point of ejaculation, he rolled back over and continued with his hand. After a few seconds, he ejaculated in his boxers. He got out of bed, took off his boxers and wiped himself off. He went to the closet and got out a diaper. It was dark purple with white brief stitch lines. He put it on and crawled back into bed. He fell asleep on his stomach, the butt of his diaper shooting up in the air. He woke up the next day around noon. He rolled onto his back and stared at the ceiling. He got out of bed and his diaper sagged, he had wet it over night, heavily. He took off the wet diaper and threw it away. He put on a pair of red and black briefs and went down stairs. He spent the whole day lounging around in his briefs. When night came, he got into his bed and went to sleep. That night he had a very strange dream. He dreamed his parents came home early and had him sit on his bed. While he wondered what was going on, his dad pushed him down and held him down. His mom got out hospital restraints and tied them to the bed, she then quickly got his arms strapped in them, and she then got his legs strapped to the restraints tied to the end of his bed. His mom then proceeded to cut his clothes off leaving him in his briefs. His dad came over with a diaper. His mom pulled his briefs down to his ankles and his dad put the diaper on his son. Josh screamed out

“Why are you doing this?”

“This will teach you not to wear diapers. You will be restrained here 24/7, you will also use your diapers. I will feed you baby food and bottles. When you’re eighteen, we will release you. It is for your own good, we love our little baby boy.”

He then started to wet his diaper, hen he woke up. He sat up and was shocked at the dream. He quickly realized when he was wetting his diaper in the dream; he was really wetting his bed. He got out of bed and changed his underwear. From that night on, he wore a diaper every night. A few days later, he got a call from Tony. He told him that his dad was being transferred to a Texas branch of the company he worked for. His dad was getting nearly quadruple the pay he makes now. So in one week, Tony and his family had to be in Texas. This made Josh very sad. He was losing a great friend and a diaper friend. Two days later Tony was in his car following his mom, who was following her husband (Tony’s step dad). A little over three weeks later, it was time for his parents to get home. They came in around midnight. They brought plenty of souvenirs for him. When they asked him what he did while they were gone, he told them the usual stuff; hung out with Tony, watched games, played video games, surfed the net, etc. He also decided to tell them a half truth. He told them he had begun to wet the bed, so he went out and bought diapers to protect his sheets and clothes. His parents thought it was a great idea and wished they had thought of it for when he previously wet the bed. His mom told him she’d call the doctor tomorrow. The next day he went to the doctor, who couldn’t find anything wrong with him. His mom decided that he should see a counselor to see if it was anything psychological, he never told him of the diaper fetish or anything that happened while his parents were gone. His mom continued to buy him the Teen Dipes he liked so much. He continued to wet the bed through summer. Since it was summer, he just wore the diapers 24/7, but when school began, he just wore them at night. He still wet through his senior year. He actually found out that one of his friends from sixth grade, Adam, wet the bed and was in diapers for it too. Adam enjoyed the diapers to an extent, but he didn’t share Josh’s enthusiasm. The two did become even better friends though. Josh’s senior year is almost over and he is getting ready for college. He still wets and still wears diapers, and loves them.