Diapers Vs. Protection

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Diapers Vs. Protection

Summary: Bedwetting brothers have to wear diapers to bed every night, things change when they get older.

The whole story started when I was just a kid. You see, I'm a chronic bedwetter and have been most of my life. My mother told me that I did stop wetting the bed when I was about 2 ½ just after I was potty trained. My brother was born just before that, and mom did not want to have 2 babies in diapers. So she worked with me really hard, even with a newborn, to get me potty trained. Mom told me that I was dry both night and day for about six months. That is when I started wetting the bed again.

I don't really remember most of that time. I do remember having a little brother. And I remember a few things here and there, but nothing about wetting the bed and eventually being put back into diapers. It seems that I have always been in diapers at night. My little brother has never been out of diapers at night.

After my brother turned 2 ½ and was potty trained, and dry during the day, is when our little diapering ritual began. I was almost 5 when it all started. Just after dinner and mom was finished with the dishes she would call us to our room. She then would diaper both of us and then put on our pajamas. We were allowed to stay up for about an hour before we had to go to bed for the night. At that time they wore cloth diapers with plastic pants. Mom thought it would be more cost-effective to use cloth then disposables.

We never thought anything about it until we would go on a trip or have visitor over for dinner. If we went on a road trip we would have to wear disposable while in the car. Dad was afraid that we would fall asleep and wet. This would have been the unforgivable sin. It would be a bit awkward when I was eight and have to be taken to the restroom to have my diaper taken off when we got to our destination. Neither mom nor dad would be too discreet about the whole thing. But at least they did not do it front of or anyone. Our diapering after dinner happened even if we had company. And we would come back down after we were diapered. But we would be in pajamas and at that time I thought no one noticed.

This all changed just after my brother Chris turned 10. I was about 12 ½ and getting to the point of being in embarrassed to have my mom put me in diapers. I knew it was odd for a 12 year old to still be wetting the bed and having to wear diapers every night, but I was used to it. I have had a diaper on every night I could remember. But to be that old and have your mom still putting your diapers on was starting to bother me. And having dad change me was not really a better alternative.

So about a month after Chris turned 10 our parents sat us down to discuss our "problem". Our parents informed us that we are now responsible for our "problem". We were now old enough and should be responsible enough to put our own diapers on before bed. We would still need to wear diapers every night till we were dry for 3 weeks. But we would have to keep the plastic sheet on till we have been dry for 6 months. I thought I would have my plastic sheet on till I left for college.

There was one more thing. If we did not put a diaper on and wet the bed without a diaper on we would have to pay the consequences. First we would get spanked. Then we would be diapered by one of our parents till we had 7 consecutive nights dry, or 1 month. This news took both of us by surprise. We had never been spanked for wetting the bed before. We both have gotten plenty of spankings, just never for wetting the bed. They told us that it was for not taking responsibility for our problem not for wetting the bed. They also told us that we were changing to disposables; it would be easier for us to diaper ourselves when we did not have to deal with diaper pins. We would still have to wear diapers while on road trips unless we had been dry and sleeping in underwear instead of diapers.

From that point on we could put our diapers on when we wanted. We both normally put our diapers on just before bed. That also meant we did not have to wear in front of visitors. It was a little better being able to diaper ourselves, but it was still odd for me knowing that it is not normal for a 12 year old to be wearing diapers every night.

Things were going well with our new responsibility. Mom even got us some pull up kind for when we took naps and we could use them in the long car rides. This was nice; we would wear them under our briefs and pull them off just before we got to our destination. We still had to wear the disposable diapers to bed. Mom thought the pull-ups would leak. She also got rid of all the cloth diapers that were getting old and nasty, but kept the plastic pants. She thought we might need them someday if we started leaking thought the diapers.

All was well until about a month after my 13th birthday. I had gotten a TV with my birthday money and put it in our room. On this one Friday night we wanted to stay up late and watch a scary movie. We got permission from our parents. They said that since we did not have school the next day and we both have been acting well it would be all right.

It was about 11 o'clock, time for the movie to start. Mom had made us some popcorn and some Kool-Aid. Chris put his diaper and pajamas on before the movie started. I decided to wait. I was feeling a bit grown up. Staying up late to watch a movie I did not want to watch it while in a diaper too, kind of took away from the grownup feeling.

The movie was one of the old scary B movies. It was not that good, but still way cool to be watching a late movie on my own TV in my own room. I don't know how it ended I fell asleep about half way through. Mom must have come in to check on us because the TV was turn off.

I woke up the next morning to an odd feeling. Oh my God! I had wet the bed and I had forgotten to put my diaper on. I was panic mode. My heart was racing and my mind too. I was trying to figure out a way to hide my wet bed so I would not get into trouble. Just then my Mom came in to check on us. "Good morning boys. Did you have fun last night watching the movie?" "Yea" we both said. "You both fell asleep with the TV on, so I turned it off when I got up to go to the bathroom last night." "Thanks mom" I said. "Well it's time to get up. Breakfast will be done in a short while." Chris jumped out of bed and started to the bathroom to brush his teeth. Mom said "You too Chad." "I will in just a few minutes."

"I said now Mr." just as she said that she pulled off my covers to show me not only wet and not in a diaper but not in pajama bottoms either. That was one of mom's rules. We had to wear pajamas to bed, both top and bottoms. I'm not sure what she was more upset about the wet bed or the fact that I was not wearing pajamas. "Sit right there boy, I will be right back." I was scared; I was not sure what was going to happen. I did know I would get a spanking and I would be put in my diapers tonight and every night for a month. And just when I was feeling all grown up.

I was sitting on my wet bed in my wet briefs when my brother came back into the room and saw me. "Oh my God! I told you to put your diaper on before the movie. I was afraid this might happen." Just then my father came into the room and he did not look happy. "I can't believe it, not only does my teenage son still wet the bed, but he can not be trusted to put on his own "protection". What did we tell you would happen if you did not follow the rules?" he said in an angry tone. "I would get a spanking" I said in a quite voice. "And?" my dad asked. "That I would be put in my diapers by you or mom for one month, unless I have 7 dry nights in a row" I answered. "When was the last time you had 7 dry nights in a row boy?" dad asked. "Never" I answered.

"Before we begin your punishment, I would like to know why you did not put your protection on like a big boy?" he asked. "Well we were going to watch the movie and I was going to put my protection on after the movie was over, but I fell asleep." I answered. "Why didn't you think of that? You knew you were staying up past your bed time and you might fall asleep, why didn't you change before the movie like your brother?" He asked. "I didn't think I would fall asleep, I thought I would be ok." I told him. "Well you should have been a bit smarter like your younger brother, and got ready for bed before the movie." "Yes sir" I said.

With that said he went to the closet to get the "strap". It was just one of dad's old belts that he used to spank us with. He kept it in our closet to remind us to be good. Chris was sitting on his bed still in his pajamas, and I'm sure wet diaper. Dad came back to the bed with the belt in hand and told me to stand up. I was instructed to bend over the bed. My face was inches from the wet spot on the bed. He began to spank me with the belt on me wet underwear. It hurt like hell! I could feel his anger in every swing. I got 13 hard spankings before he stopped. I stayed there in position trying not to cry waiting for instruction.

"Chris, get me one of Chad's diapers please" dad asked in a polite tone. "Yes sir" he answered. What? I'm getting put in a diaper now? I thought I would be put in one before bed. It's morning. "Stand up boy" dad ordered. I did as I was told. He had me lay on the bottom part of the bed where it was dry. He pulled off my wet briefs and proceeded to diaper me. "I just can't believe it," he said under his breath. After he was done, he had me stand up and checked to make sure it was on tight enough and to took off my t-shirt since it was wet too "Alright boys down to breakfast" "Can I…" I started to ask. "No" he answered cutting off my question. I was not allowed to put anything over my diaper.

We went down to the kitchen. Chris had not changed out of his wet diaper either. But he did not want to disobey dad at this moment. He just went down to eat. He at least had pajamas over top of his diaper. Mom just shook her head when she saw me in just a diaper. We all started eating. It was quite at the table. After a short while dad told my mom that I was to be in diapers till Monday morning when I got ready for school. That was 2 full days. He also stated that I was not to wear anything over my diapers while at the house. Well he did want me to wear plastic pants just in case I would leak and he did not want any of the furniture messed up.

One of the odd things about this whole thing was that dad called them diapers. Since the new rules both mom and dad referred to our diapers as "protection". I guess to make it seem a bit less childish or babyish. But that day dad called mine a diaper. Later that week Chris and I talked about the whole thing. One time mom came in to see if Chris had his "protection" on and to check my diaper. They are both the same thing, came out of the same package. We thought it was a little odd.

That Saturday was a bit uneventful with the exception that I was in only diapers the whole day. And that since I was in diapers I was to use them. If I was caught using the bathroom I would get a spanking and I would be in diaper full time for a week. This meant wearing to school and I could not even fathom that thought. Both mom and dad would change my diapers, as they felt necessary.

But on Sunday things changed. Chris had a friend coming over to stay the afternoon. I spent most of the day in my room to avoid being seen in my diapers and plastic pants. But I did have to come down for lunch. Bobby saw me in my attire and was about to ask why when dad said, "He is being punished. He did not take responsibility for his own actions. He now has to wear diapers for the whole weekend" Bobby just replied with an "Oh" and nothing else was said. After lunch I retreated to my bedroom for the rest of his visit. I was hopping that he would not say anything about the diapers to anyone, but at least he went to a different school.

Most of that month went all right with the exception that I had to be put in diapers right after dinner and I was finished with the dishes. Dad did it most of the time unless he was working late. I think they thought it was inappropriate to have mom do it full time to her teenage son. Dad would have me go to my room and change into my pajamas without my underwear and bring him a diaper. He would diaper me wherever he was, and in front of whom ever was there. He did not want to be bothered coming to me for my punishment. But there was one night I will never forget. Dad had a friend of his over after dinner for a cigar and drinks. I was washing the dishes slowly hopping Mr. Long would leave before I had to be diapered. But mom told me to hurry up that it was getting late. I think she figured out my plan. After the dishes were clean and put away, I asked mom if she was going to diaper me since dad was busy. She told me no.

I went up stairs to get ready; I knew not to take too long. I showed up to the door of my dad's study and knocked on the door. "Come in" my dad answered. When he saw it was me, he asked Mr. Long to excuse him, that he need to take care of something. At that point I thought he was going to take me to another room. But unfortunately I was wrong. He told me come in, I did as instructed. I am sure Mr. Long saw my diaper in my hand. Dad told me to lie down in front of his chair and proceeded to put me in my diaper. I was so embarrassed. I was lying there naked in front of my dad's friend. Dad took his time unfolding the diaper and getting it ready while my pants were pulled down and my "business" was on display. Dad was telling Mr. Long that I was still a bed wetter and I need to wear diapers to bed every night. Mr. Long did not respond, he just stood there watching the entire process. I then was told to stand up and my pants were then pulled up over my diaper. I walked out of the room with a slight crinkle noise with every step. I went directly to bed, I was so embarrassed and humiliated that I did not want to talk or see anyone.

That was the fist but not the last time I was diapered in front of others. I will have to sit down and tell you more about it later.