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Corey's Diaper Wearing Adventure

Cory, an easygoing lad of thirteen with light red hair and blue eyes discovers he has a diaper desire, although he surprised his mother, and father by being potty trained just before reaching age two.

It was during the summer, Cory enjoyed many activities with his friends in the neighborhood. Then one morning he woke up to find he'd wet his bed. And he hadn't had an accident in bed since he was about four years old. He lay there and a feeling of shame came over him. "Why did I do this?" he thought. "I'm thirteen, and peed my damn bed, like a little baby." He pulled the sheets back and looked at the big wet spot on his sheets, then quickly got out of bed.

"Cory, shame on you!" his mother said coming into his room and seeing his wet bed and shorts. "Look at you, wetting in your bed, just like a little baby." "I just couldn't help it." He was almost ready to start crying.

"What am I going to do with you, put you back in diapers?" "No," he cried. "I'm too old to be wearing diapers." He was really worried that his mother was going to do just that. He sighed with relief after she sighed and left his room. But while having breakfast she told Cory it better not happen again. The next three nights were fine, and none of his friends had found out about it. And he sure didn't want that to happen.

Again in the morning Cory had a wet bed. His mother was quite upset with him. About a week went by and four more times he woke up wet. That night after coming in, his mother took him to his room. He stood there and could not believe what he saw on his bed. A changing sheet, two cloth diapers, pins, a pair of plastic pants, baby powder, and baby oil. Suddenly his diaper desires began take over. "Yup mom, guess I do need them."

His mother looked at him and nodded as she took him by the hand and took him over to his bed. "If little Cory is going to wet the bed, then he is going to wear diapers," she told him. After laying him on his bed and undressing him, she lifted his legs and rubbed the baby oil on him, then around the front. This made him feel good, and he almost didn't care anymore.

"From now on, you'll wear diapers at night Cory, as long as you wet your bed like a little baby, this is how it's going to be," she said folding the diaper, then lifting his legs, putting it in place and pinning it on, then pulling the plastic pants over the diaper. "In the last week, you have wet the bed four nights, and I have had to wash your bedding, and it's a good thing we've kept a cover over your mattress."

After his mother left, Cory sat on the edge of his bed looking at himself. A mischievous grin came over his face as he thought about wetting the diapers, and he knew by morning they would be wet. While watching television he soon had to go pee. The urge soon became so strong that he couldn't hold it. The warm pee soon filled his diaper.

His mother came into the room and looking at him knew he had wet. "You need to be changed, don't you?" With a sigh Cory nodded. Soon he was in his room again and his mother putting him in dry diapers. After finishing she took the wet diapers put them in a pail and left.

Soon while lying in bed, he began to think about being a baby again. When he'd move the plastic pants would make a crinkling noise. He rubbed them with his hand feeling the smooth texture, then put his hand between them, and the diapers. In the early morning, he awoke and could feel his diaper was very wet. He thought about telling his mother he needed to be changed, but would have to wake her up. "Could just start bawling," he thought and almost laughing. "That's what babies do when they're wet, and need to be changed." He soon went back to sleep.

About an hour later he awoke hearing Mark Johnsen, a close friend of his who was fourteen years old. "Hey Cory you ol' sleepy head... come on get up." Cory looked up as Mark entered. "Aw, hell," thought Cory. "What am I going to do? all I'm in is my diapers and plastic pants." But before he could do anything Mark moved over and pulled back the blanket and sheets. He just stood there a few moments looking at Cory. "Aw, dammit." Cory was about to cry. And he wondered why Mark wasn't teasing him.

"Hmm," sighed Mark. "So you wet the bed, too, huh?" With that Cory sat up very surprised " mean you still wet the bed?" Mark nodded then sat in a chair. "I didn't have any idea you still did, Mark, so... do you have to wear diapers, too?"

"Yup" Mark nodded. "Every night."

"Well, I..." Cory sighed. "About I week ago I woke up wet, then kept having accidents, so mom put me in 'em."

"Hey Cory it's no big deal, a lot of kids still wet the bed, even some adults."

As Cory was about to answer, they could hear his mother coming.

"Good-morning," she said as she went over and put her finger down the front of Cory's diaper to see if he was wet. He turned red but Mark was not paying any attention to it. He had it done to him, and seen his Aunt check his cousin, who was eighteen, and still a bedwetter. He also had daytime accidents.

"Yes, my little baby is sure wet," she smiled.

"Yeah," Cory laughed. "Me went pee pee in my diapers." Mark almost laughed out loud, but contained himself. "You certainly did, I do believe they are sopping wet." Cory lay back on his bed as his mother removed the plastic pants and wet diapers. Soon she was rubbing oil on him around his diaper area, then diapered him because he told her we wanted to wear diapers for awhile. He liked the feeling it gave him. And secretly he wanted to piss in them while we was awake.

Awhile later Cory, and Mark were playing with Cory's computer. "I don't know why she did" Cory told Mark. The first time I woke up wet she was mad, and after that, and after diapering me, she just decided I'm still her little baby" "That's how my mom feels about me" Mark said with a grin" Getting so involved in the game they were playing Cory didn't even realize that he had to pee again. Soon his diaper was soaking wet. Mark could tell that Cory had peed in his diaper. "Just peed your diaps, didn't you?" grinned Mark. Cory nodded with a sheepish grin. "Think I'll just get dressed now."

That afternoon Cory, Mark, and some other boys where in a vacant lot playing baseball. Cory and Mark were the captains, and Mark's team was beating Cory's team nineteen to seven. Adam Goldstien, who was on Mark's team, had just hit a home run and brought in two others. "Aw, damn" Cory thought, they're beating us but good."

"All right," Adam called out Phillip O'Leary. Jon James was up next and Richie Daniels who was pitching, struck him out.

While up at bat Cory's team managed to make two more runs. Cory suddenly realized that he had to pee. And bad, too. He felt a small warm spurt of pee run into his shorts and pants.

"Oh shit," he thought. "I better get to a bathroom quick." But another larger spurt of warm pee came out. Adam had noticed the small wet spot on Cory's pants and becoming wetter around the bottom of the zipper. He looked at him with a big grin on his face. Cory realized that Adam had just watch him piss in his pants. A sudden burst of shame came over him as Jon had noticed the large wet spot on Cory's pants from the middle to the bottom of the zipper.

"Hey guys, look," Adam called out. Cory just pissed his pants.

Cory's face turned red with shame as Adam, Jon, and a few of the others began to tease him.

"Boy, Cory," Jon said shaking his head. "A kid thirteen peeing his pants just like a little baby, a little kid three or four might do that, but you? Wow!" Adam nodded in agreement. "His mommy ought to put him in diapers."

Mark was getting unhappy with the others teasing Cory the way they were. "Aw, dammit, just lay off," he told them.

"Why?" asked Kev Adamson one of boys on Mark's team. "I know dang well you still wet the bed and have to wear diapers at night. "The others commented about Mark's bedwetting problem laughing and making remarks. "Yup, both of 'em need them," Phill remarked. Soon there were three more outs ending the game.

As Cory and Mark approached Mark's house they could see a car out in front. "Hmm," Mark mused "Aunt Beth is here, wonder if Brandon's with her, hey he is." As they got closer and seen Brandon sitting on the porch, a big wet spot around the middle of the zipper. A pretty big boy of eighteen with blond hair and blue eyes. An accident on his bicycle had left him without full control of his bladder when he was nine years old. "Hey, you two," he said smiling. He noticed Cory's wet pants, but acted like he hadn't really noticed it. "Mom, and I will be leaving in just a little bit. Mark, glad you came home before we left. "Guess I better go say hi," Mark nodded. Cory told them he better get home.

Soon Cory was in his room sitting on his bed as his mother was getting ready to diaper him. "I'll just diaper you for the night," she said with a smile. "If my little boy is naughty and wets his pants, then he is going to be put in a diaper." Cory removed his shoes and socks then stood and finished undressing then lay back on his bed while his mother rubbed baby oil and powder into his skin, then folded the two cloth diapers, lifted his legs, slid it under, pulled it up and pinned it into place, then got a pair of plastic pants and pulled them up over his diapers. Cory then decided he would go watch TV for awhile. While watching a rerun of Gilligan's Island, quite tired from playing baseball, he fell asleep.

"Cory," his mother called. He slowly awakened to feel a warm wetness in his diaper. He quickly felt under and around him to make sure it hadn't leaked onto the sofa and was relieved to find it hadn't. He then put his hand partway down the front of his diaper and sighed with a big smile. "Yup, sure soaked this one good." Then he looked up as his mother came in.

"Well, did you have a good nap?" she asked.

"Un huh, and I need to be changed, too."

"I'll take care of him," his father said as he entered the room. "Yes" his mother said. "Supper is about ready."

Cory started to his room with his father following him. He wasn't sure about this because so far his mother had done all the diapering, and now his father was going to diaper his teenage son.

"Hey Cory," his father smiled as they entered Cory's room and he got the changing sheet put it on his bed and laid down. "This is no big deal... after all I have done this to you before," he said as he got ready. Cory looked at him and nodded. "Besides, your Uncle Bob changes Brandon quite often." While he was being changed, Cory told his father about having an accident in his pants right in front of his friends, and how they teased him about it.

"Kids are just that way, son," he told him. "Glad mom did put me in diapers, said if I was a naughty boy and wet my pants I needed them."

After supper Cory was in his room and heard a knock at the door. Knowing it was probably Mark he answered it to see him standing there in a T-shirt, cloth diapers, with plastic pants over them, shoes and socks. And he was in just diapers, and plastic pants.

"Hey, how's my baby buddy doing?" he said with a grin.

"Okay," laughed Cory as he came out and they sat on the porch.

"Boy, Mark," Cory said shaking his head "You walked over here like that, didn't anybody see you?"

"Yup, Adam, and Kevin, an hey.. they just said hi, and asked if I was coming over here."

Cory was quite surprised. "Hey guys," a voice called out. They turned as Adam and Kevin walked up to them.

"Well," Kevin spoke up. "Guess they do look kind of cute in their diapers."

"Sure we do," Mark nodded "We a couple of cute babies."

Kevin laughed at this remark. "Hey we're going to play some night games."

Yeah," Adam added "And we told the guys they better not make fun of you, either. Cory and Mark just looked at each other. "Aw, hell," Adam spoke up "Everybody in the neighborhood knows you two wear diapers, and Mark just walked over here in his. I'll check and see if I can," Cory said standing. "If you can, better get your shoes on too, Cory"

As Cory turned to go in Adam spoke up. "Think you can.. or is your mom mad at you for pissin' your pants... hey, we shouldn't been so hard on you.

"Just put diapers on me," Cory told him. Adam and Kevin sat on the lawn as Cory went into the house.

"You never was able to stop wetting the bed were you, Mark?" Kevin asked.

"Nope," he replied "Just one of those who can't, and you'd be real surprised at how many teens who do."

"Naw, not really... have heard there is."

Later that night Cory entered his room. His diaper was really soaked and by now was beginning to get uncomfortable. He got his changing pad and laid it on his bed.

"Hmmm," he thought. He wasn't real sure but he thought Ronnie Jacobs, one of kids in the neighborhood. "Sure looked like he peed his pants. Awhile later while laying on his bed he fell into a deep sleep. His Father soon coming in tucked his son in bed and leaving the room.