Bedwetting Regressions

Author: Steven
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Bedwetting Regressions

Author: Steven


Part 1


My name is Steven and I would like to tell a true story that happened to me on my very night as a freshman in college. This incident would become something I would never forget.

Being 18 years old, I really thought I had made it and had reached freedom at last. No longer would I be living in my parents home or under their rules. My new college roommate, Mike, was an acquaintance from my high school, so we chose to be roommates rather than accept potluck.

After getting settled in our dorm room we decided that since I was smaller, I would sleep on the top bunk and he on the lower. While putting my sheets on the 6" mattress I did pay particular attention to the fact that my new mattress was severely stained from previous bed wetting episodes. It was brought to our attention earlier in the day that our rooms were used each summer by boys’ aged 8 to 15 as part of a special camp program the college hosted. Obviously, my new mattress had experienced many boys who couldn’t control their bladders at night and had wet the bed like chronic bed wetters do. Seeing those mattress stains helped to rekindle the thoughts and memories from my own chronic bed wetting youth that had been such a dominant part of my life only a few years before.

The metal bunk beds were much the same as beds that could be found at almost any summer camp facility. They looked like youth style bunk beds and the springs squeaked a lot whenever you moved around on them. I finished putting the sheets on the bed and prepared for our first evening of college fun. My roommate and I caught up with some other people from another dorm and we all went out to some of the local college pubs to drink some beers and look for the action. Much beer drinking was done by all that night and we all got pretty loaded.

Mike and I arrived back at our dorm room around 1 A.M. and both passed out in our new beds. About three hours later, I was abruptly startled to find Mike screaming at me from the bunk below and kicking my mattress with his feet. When I finally came out of my slumber, I became acutely aware that I had just had a very complete and full blown BED WETTING Episode. My briefs, T-shirt, bed sheets, and mattress were completely soaked with the warm glow from my having peed the bed! I hadn’t had a bed wetting accident like this in over two years and at that moment I felt just like I was 12 years old again, waking up in yet another wet bed!

I must have been peeing my pants and bed for over a good minute before Mike realized it and woke up out of his own deep slumber. My heavy wetting had soaked right through the thin mattress and had completely drenched Mike's pajamas, sheets, and his mattress as well. It was a double bed wetting, something I had never done to someone else. If Mike had not been such a heavy sleeper, maybe he could have caught me in the early stages of this episode and minimized the damages, but this was not the case and the added humiliation of all of this was very real.

As he should have been, Mike was absolutely furious with me. At that moment I felt like a naughty boy Bed wetter, certainly not an older boy who was now in college. All I could do was to keep repeating over and over how sorry I was.

As he was disgustedly taking his wet clothes off and putting towels down over his wet sheets, so he could go back to sleep, he asked me flat out, "Do you do this often?" "No, I don’t" was all I could reply. Of course I now know I shouldn’t have lied and should have admitted to him the truth about my bed wetting past. I should have admitted that I had been a chronic bed wetter from ages 8 through 14 and was frequently made to wear diapers and plastic baby pants for it. At the very least I should have told him that I had always slept on plastic or rubber sheets and was certainly sorry I didn’t have one on my mattress that night.

On this particular night, while deep asleep, I may have been dreaming of wetting the bed when it was actually occurring. The restroom for our hall was also located down a long and damp corridor, so maybe subconsciously I decided it would be easiest to simply pee the bed like I had grown so accustomed to doing as a habit just a few years earlier. It also probably didn’t help that I was sleeping in unfamiliar surroundings. When I was a youngster, it was almost guaranteed that I would wet my bed anytime I slept in an unfamiliar place. At a minimum, with my past, I should have been on a rubber sheet.

After putting several towels down over the wet mattress and changing the sheets, Mike and I did manage to go back to sleep for the rest of the night. All I could do was to lay there for awhile on top of the towel which was by now becoming quite moist and think about what my roommate might do to expose or humiliate me for latest boyish bed wetting episode.

Would Mike expose my bed wetting problem to my peers in the dorm? What would they think of an 18-year-old boy still wetting his bed? Would I be ridiculed and forced back into diapers and rubber pants and made to wear them nightly as a result of this incident? The fear of these unanswered questions kept going through my mind as I slowly drifted off to sleep.

The morning arrived much to quickly and when I should have been preparing to go to orientation classes, I had to instead spend the morning cleaning up from my naughty bed wetting accident just as I had to do so many mornings when I was a boy. After Mike left for his class, I got out the blow dryer, opened a window and began the long process of drying both our mattresses out. When I was a boy, and wanted to try to avoid having my mattress displayed outside, I would use a blow dryer to dry my accident although no bed wetter can hide the stains that last forever.

To think, this whole nightmare could have been minimized considerably if I had only placed a plastic or rubber sheet on the mattress prior to my making the bed up the previous day. But how would I have explained the waterproof mattress protection to my roommate? Besides, they are so noisy to sleep on and they help make the announcement that a Bed wetter occupies the bed.

After blow drying the mattresses and putting them back on the bunk beds, I bundled up all the piss soaked sheets, briefs, t-shirts and towels and snuck off campus on a bus to a local Laundromat. I didn't want to use the facilities on campus, as I was very self-conscious about my wet sheets and someone else seeing me I might know. I felt my Bed wetters shame that morning and now I was going to get to experience some of the consequences of it. What a great way to start off my first day as a college freshman.

Looking back on it, Mike was really a good sport about my humiliating wetting episode and he surprisingly even let the whole issue pass without any outside discussions that I am aware of. Actually, if he had told anyone they probably would have laughed more at him than at me because he was the one who got peed on. I did my best to assure Mike that this was an isolated incident and one that would not happen again. I did feel bad about not being honest with Mike and admitting to him that I had been a chronic bed wetter throughout childhood and into adolescence.

With the passage of time, I now like thinking back on this incident and am actually glad that it was a bed wetting episode that would forever remain an important part of my total bed wetting history. The incident further helped to solidify in my own mind that I never really did outgrow bed wetting nor the label of “Bed wetter” that was so much a part of my life as a boy and early teen. After that incident and to avoid causing Mike any future discomfort, I decided to take responsibility and put a rubber sheet back on the mattress. The rubber was not nearly as noisy as a plastic one would have been, but I always knew I was sleeping on it. As time would pass, all of the bed wetting memories would resurface over the years to help remind me that “once a Bed wetter, always a Bed wetter!”

Today I am working on becoming a full time bed wetter again and letting the nighttime wetting habit reestablish itself. Every night I put on thick cloth diapers with waterproof rubber pants over top. I sleep on top plastic sheeted mattress protectors and am constantly reminded of my bed wetting status. I am wetting several times (usually somewhat awake) during the night.

It feels good to be able to finally accept and openly admit that I am a Bed wetter again. It definitely is a lot more work with all the extra laundry, diapers, rubber pants, and sheets, but bed wetting is a problem I know deep down I must give in to and allow to have control at night. I am hopeful that with the passage of time I will not wake at all during the night as I fill the diapers and rubber pants to their capacity. Now knowing and accepting that diapers and rubber pants will forever be a mandatory requirement each and every night as the “only” solution for the problem.


Part 2

This is a fantasy story which results from the true story covered in Part 1 of “Bed wetting Regressions” Lets just say these are a few of the events which should have occurred after 18 year old Steven wet his bed that first night in the college dorm room.

A few hours after Mike discovered my horrendous bed wetting accident, the sun came up and a new day was upon us. Mike verbally scolded me and said that because of my naughty babyish behavior, I would be punished and would be required to submit to and obey his every command. Otherwise he would tell all my other dorm mates what had happened and how I had wet the bed. The risks of Mike's telling others was too great, and I knew he had me by the balls. Rather than be subjected to any outside ridicule, I decided to go along with anything he requested just as long as the bed wetting incident was kept a secret between the two of us.

Mike's first order of the day was for me to get my piss soaked underpants out of the clothes hamper and put them back on. I was then required to get back on top of the freshly soaked yellow stained mattress as he made me pose for pictures. He even had me hold up a 12 x 18 inch cardboard sign in which the following words were written in large red and black letters; "I am a BED WETTER and I wet my bed last night." Mike seemed delighted in taking photo upon photo with me in this most compromising position. All the while he told me what a cute "baby" I made. Fortunately, he did assure me that the pictures would only be for his use.

Mike said, "I know you lied last night when you told me you had never wet the bed before, and I will give you one more chance to be honest and tell me everything concerning your prior bed wetting history." Frightened by his remark I felt it best to go ahead and level with him. I told him, "OK, it is true that I had a chronic bed wetting problem between the ages of 8 and 13 years old and I was forced to wear diapers, rubber pants, and sleep on a noisy plastic sheet because of it. I pretty much outgrow the problem around age 14, but did still have an occasional bed wetting accident each year after that." Mike responded, "Well, Steven, its obvious to me that you may be regressing into your past habits, so we will now need to monitor this very closely." Jim also stated that he agreed with many leading doctors who believed that thick diapers and rubber pants were the “ONLY” solution for older boys with bed wetting problems. At the minimum, Mike said that “Any boy who still WETS THE BED must be made to sleep on noisy plastic sheets to protect the mattress!”

His frustration with this whole ordeal was evident when he said, "Steven, you humiliated me to no end by pissing on me during your boyish bed wetting regression last night and behavior like this will absolutely not be tolerated. You will immediately go out, purchase plastic sheets, and have them on your mattress for my inspection by this evening. Also, be prepared to sleep with plastic sheets for the rest of the school year." I was a little shocked at Mike's affirmatives, but given the circumstances I knew I was in no position to argue with him.

As I was standing in front of Mike listening to his demands he all of the sudden grabbed hold of my right hand and twisted it around my back and forced my face up against the wall. He then took his other hand and grabbed the waistband of my wet piss soaked underpants and with a firm jerk gave me a wedgie I will never forget. The piss soaked underpants were pulled up high over my waist and almost to my shoulder blades. This left me fully exposed and vulnerable. Mike then produced a leather belt, and proceeded to administer BELT SPANKINGS.

"Now Steven," said Mike, "since you wet your bed last night like a baby, you will be punished for it." After each belt spanking he made me repeat out loud, "I am a bed wetter and deserve to be spanked, sir." This went on for about a total of 40 spankings, which left me feeling the shame and humiliation of what I had done. After he was finished, my butt stung and was fire engine red, and I couldn't even sit down for a couple of hours after his punishment. He told me, "You will be a good Boy Steven, and you will submit to each and everything I tell you to do from now on. If you don’t, you can expect much harsher punishments than these in your future."

The demands from Mike only increased as the weeks passed and he seemed more eager to find new ways to humiliate me. He made me well aware that I was now under his complete and total control. Also, I can't explain why, but I did start wetting my bed more regularly after this, and I seemed to be losing any control over when it would happen. Maybe it was because I was sleeping on a noisy plastic sheet again, and that "babyish" item in particular was reminding me too much of when I was 8 to 13 and was pissing the bed almost every night. Every time I made but the slightest movement in my bed, the sounds of the crinkly plastic sheeting made the rude announcement that a Bed wetter occupied the space. That aside, my bed wetting habit seemed to be slowly reestablishing itself with more than 5 wet nights per week. I was also becoming too well known at the Laundromat and did the best to try and disguise myself each time I had to carry my naughty bed wetter evidence across campus to be cleaned. By the way, our room had also begun to take on that distinct "bed wetter aroma" that is so typical of a Bed wetter's room.

With each subsequent wetting episode, my bed sheets and under clothes became soaked, and I do have to admit that I was kind of lucky that Mike had required me to use plastic sheets, or the mattress would have been destroyed. Each bed wetting episode produced even greater anger in Mike, and after a short while he started becoming more aggressive in his demands. He had hinted around about it before, but it was slowly becoming clear that Mike wanted me returned to thick cloth night diapers and rubber pants as the “solution” to my naughty wetting problem. He also made it clear that PUNISHMENT AND DISCIPLINE were to be applied as was necessary, so he could keep his college-aged BED WETTER in line!

One day, Mike searched through the yellow pages and found a medical supply store for me to call. With Mike listening in, I was required to call the medical supply store for information on the incontinent products they handled. Mike had given me a prearranged set of questions to ask. My voice squeaked horribly as I read the opening statement to the saleslady who had answered the phone, and it was obvious I was nervous as hell! I said, "Ma'am, I have a chronic bed wetting problem and am looking for incontinent products and supplies that will help keep my bed dry at night. I am currently wetting my bed almost every other night and am an extremely heavy nighttime wetter. What kind of products do you carry that might help put an end to all theses wet beds?"

The sales lady who identified herself as Mrs. Baker said, "Why we have a wide variety of incontinent products available for loss of nighttime bladder control that we can fix a young man up with. Why don't you come down to our store this afternoon so I can show you some of the special garments and supplies we have which are suitable for problems like these." I thanked her and said I would be there within the hour. Mike drove me to the store and waited out in the car while I went in for the necessary supplies. Mike ordered me to spend no less than two hundred dollars on cloth and disposable diapers, plastic and rubber pants, and other “bed wetter” supplies as he called them. Mike did emphasize that this particular shopping trip was also meant to humiliate me publicly. This outing was to serve as a punishment for my naughty behavior the last few weeks while at the same time getting me the needed protection for a "diapered solution" to the bed wetting problem. Mike said, "Steven you are being punished for your bed wetting. This ordeal is meant to teach you that bed wetting does have consequences. To assure that you will do every thing as I've told you, I am going to place a small transmitter in your shirt pocket. This way, I can listen to everything that is said from the car, so you better not screw any of it up!"

Needless to say, I was not looking forward to exposing myself as a Bed wetter publicly and to perfect strangers, but did I have a choice? When I entered the store I was terrified to see other customers in the store also. A middle-aged saleswoman finally approached me and said, "Hi I'm Mrs. Baker, how can I help you young man?" I told her we had talked on the phone earlier and she then said matter fact, "Oh why yes, your the young man with the bed wetting problem! Go over and take a look at what I've pulled out for you on the counter and I will be with you in a minute."

Just my luck, Mrs. Baker had displayed what was to become my new nighttime attire, thick cloth diapers and plastic baby pants. These items were on the front counter in plain view for everyone to see. My face turned beet red from the shame and embarrassment. Even though it may not have been true, I sensed that all eyes were know looking at me. Surely a college-aged boy who was purchasing adult diapers and rubber pants must have been an unusual occurrence.

I was quite amazed at the vast selection of items that had been displayed on the counter. There were thick disposable diapers, plastic and rubber pull-on and Snap-On style waterproof pants, thick cloth diapers, thick pull-on cloth diaper pants, and terry lined plastic pants. Everything on the table looked like it had been made for an overgrown toddler, only in this case, the toddler was going to be me! Mrs. Baker finished with her other customers after only a few minutes and this finally left just the two of us in the store.

Just as she was walking over to the counter to assist me, two girls about 16 to 17 years old walked through the front door and came over to Mrs. Baker. The younger girl said, "Mom, Julie and I were wondering if we could earn some extra money by helping you out in the store today. Mrs. Baker responded, "Sure Jennifer, why don’t you and Julie start at the front by fixing up the display cabinet.”

The two girls nodded OK and started to head for front display cabinet, but I did notice them both paying particular attention to all the items that had been placed on the counter next to me. I could see both of the girls turn to one another, giggle, and then smile as they looked at the adult sized diapers and rubber pants. Much to my discomfort, they began working in an area that gave them a great view of the items Mrs. Baker had put out on the counter for me.

Mrs. Baker turned to me and said, "I'm sorry for the interruption and I know you are eager for assistance. This will go alot easier if you allow me to ask you a few questions before we begin." If it were not for Mike listening through his receiver out in the car, I would have been out of that store in a heartbeat. Mike had previously told me to answer any and all questions fully and truthfully, or else I would suffer a worse punishment from him later.

Mrs. Baker said, "Now what is your name, young man?" "Steven," I replied. "Well, Steven, I don't want to embarrass you but your answers to my questions will help us make the right choices in choosing the appropriate bed wetter diapers for you. You mentioned over the phone you wet the bed, tell me about your history with bed wetting." I responded, "I was a chronic Bed wetter between the ages of 8 through 14. By the time I reached 14 years old I had pretty much stopped, but did still have occasional "accidents" each year after that. Since I started college, the bed wetting episodes have resurfaced and I’m now back to wetting the bed on average 4 to 5 times per week."

Mrs. Baker said, "Did you every wear nighttime diapers and waterproof pants as a boy? I then described how my mom had me wear super thick cloth style pull-on style diaper pants pants with plastic pants over top until I was 13. I also mentioned that I had always slept on plastic sheets regardless. I also told her that I did not have any protection on my mattress on those occasions when I wet my bed after my 14th birthday, and that each accident caused me to further ruin the mattress.

She said, "Well Steven, I appreciate your honesty and this has helped to establish several things. For one, your plastic sheets should never have allowed to be removed from your mattress even though you “thought” you had outgrown your bed wetting habit. Statistics show that most adolescent boys, who appear to have outgrown their bed wetting, will often regress from time to time and return to the habit that established as chronic bed wetters. Bed wetting for a boy can suddenly return later even into adulthood. This seems to be the exact case with you. Although it may seem somewhat babyish, and you may not like the idea of it, the "only real solution" to correct this problem is that you are returned to thick absorbent night diapers and plastic pants just like you wore for the problem as a boy. You need to accept this fact and I’m sorry but you really don’t have much of a choice!"

She also asked, "Do you currently have a plastic sheet on your mattress?" I responded, "Yes, my roommate made me put one on the bunk bed after I soaked the mattress my first night in the new dorm room." She said, "Steven, statistics show that 9 out of 10 boys who are Bed wetters, will wet the bed when they are sleeping in new or unfamiliar surroundings. Isn't it a pity that you weren't using your plastic sheets for waterproof protection that night? I hope you have learned your lesson young man – plastic sheets should go with you wherever you go from this day forward!" I answered that I had learned this lesson the hard way and would have to live with the mattress stains for the rest of the year. I told her this was why I decided to take responsibility for my actions and accept being returned to diapers.

I did have to wonder if all the questioning was really called for though. What gave this lady the right to pry into my privacy like this? I would much preferred to have kept the bed wetting a secret just like I had been able to do for the most part as a boy. However, Mrs. Baker would not give up her line of questioning and was persistent. She said, "Would you say you are a heavy nighttime wetter and can you tell how many times you may be wetting during the night?" I responded, "I know I am a heavy wetter because I can tell from how soaked my sheets, T-shirt, and briefs are when I wake up. I can’t tell if I wet more than once since I am sleeping so soundly while the bed wetting episodes are occurring." I could now see out the corner of my eye that both Julie and Jennifer seemed to really be enjoying listening in on this question and answer period and they weren't missing anything! They even kept making strange faces at me behind Mrs. Baker's back.

"Now Steven, I don't want you to feel embarrassed and it may make you feel better to realize that we get hundreds of boys in our store each year who are bed wetters just like you. We sell an enormous supply of diapers and waterproof pants to boys to help them with their problem. It is quite common for the boy to come in to the store with his mom when its time for new diapers and plastic pants. It store policy that there are absolutely no returns for these items, so it is a requirement that each boy have his measurements taken first, then be taken to the fitting room where he gets to try each style diaper or waterproof pant on for proper fit..

Now most of the times the Bedwetter’s mom assists her boy while using our fitting room, but since you are slightly older than our average bed wetter, I will be glad to help you with this today. Now go on back and please remove all of your clothes and sit down on the changing table and wait for me. I will be back momentarily and we will get you all fixed up so you can start sleeping soundly and waking up to dry beds!"

I absolutely dreaded what was going on and it seemed although being helpful that Mrs. Baker was taking advantage of my little problem. It even appeared as if she was making a special effort to talk just a little louder, just so Jennifer and Julie could hear everything that was being said. Not in any position to argue, I figured it would be better to do as Mrs. Baker told me since I did have Mike listening in out in the car and also so this whole ordeal could be over with that much sooner. I went back to the fitting room and undressed leaving my underpants and T-shirt on. I felt like I was waiting for a doctor to examine me as I sat on the changing table.

Mrs. Baker soon followed with Jennifer and Julie right behind her with an armful of diapers, plastic pants and other products suitable for a bed wetter. I absolutely couldn’t believer Mrs. Baker was going to employ these teen girls to help her as she chose my diapers.

Mirrors had conveniently been placed all around the room so the boy being fitted could be seen from every angle. As Mrs. Baker set the items down on the counter next to the changing table she took one look at me clad in my white boyish briefs and T-shirt and said, "Now why is it when I tell you boys to remove all your clothing you always seem to manage to leave some of your clothes on? Now I don't have all day Steven, so get your underwear off with now!”

She was treating me like an adolescent and I hated it. There I was, laid out on my back on the table, and fully exposed to absolute strangers in a room filled with adult sized diapers and plastic pants. Before starting Mrs. Baker took notice of my pee pee which was acting up a bit and becoming semi-erect without my control. She took hold of my penis with one hand while with the other she took two fingers and acted like they were scissors and made like she was going to cut all my pubic hair off. She said, "This will definitely need to shaved off because it can cause a problem with hygiene and cause irritation. It is recommended that if a bed wetter has reached puberty, he be regularly shaved completely in his diaper area. It may make him look somewhat prepubescent again, but there is no substitution for good hygiene. If you don't shave it off yourself, I highly advise you to have someone else do it for you Steven!" Jennifer and Julie giggled when Mrs. Baker made that remark.

Just then the phone rang and Mrs. Baker left the room to answer it. When she came back she said an emergency had come up and she needed to leave immediately. But she said, “Steven, Jennifer and Julie have helped me diaper bed wetters many times and will be able to assist you today so you don’t have to come back later. Jennifer even babysits a 12-year-old boy who she diapers for bed regularly because he is a chronic bed wetter just like you. So don’t worry, they will get you all fixed up with what you need.” Mrs. Baker then quickly disappeared and I was left under the charge of two teenage girls who seemed to enjoy the position they had been placed in.

Jennifer took control of the situation immediately and told me, “Now look Stevie, you will do as I tell you and we will not have any problems. If you resist, you will be punished severely. You are here to buy Bed wetter Diapers and we are here to make sure you get properly diapered!” With that Jennifer instructed Julie to get three cloth diapers and give them to her. Jennifer lifted my legs high in the air and slid the baby diapers underneath my bottom. Jennifer then took out some Johnson's Baby Oil and began liberally applying it to my private area. As she rubbed the oil with her soft hands I noticed that she seemed to be concentrating allot of the time rubbing it over my cock and balls. With only the first stroke of her hand, my little boy thing became fully erect and was standing at full attention. Jennifer commented, "Just like the 12 year old boy I baby-sit, I can see that you are going to enjoy being diapered very much Steven. Don't be embarrassed, it’s obvious that you are excited about going back into diapers! This will make the process of putting you into diapers all the more easier since we know your secret now!"

Next came the baby powder. Julie sprinkled entirely too much of it on me while making the following comment, "Make sure you always use lots of baby powder before putting your diapers on, because a case of diaper rash is something most boys just don't want to deal with. The powder makes you smell like the baby you look like right now!"

The diapers were then strapped over top my bulging erection and I was locked into my new baby attire with two large diaper pins. Jennifer commented, “I like to see my Diaper Boys in extremely thick and bulky diapers! Now to make your diaper ensemble complete Steven, we will need to put some heavy duty plastic pants over top your diapers to make sure they seal in all the wetting you are going to do in them." She slid a pair of extra large transparent side-snap plastic pants underneath the diapers and instructed Julie to snap the Bed wetter into his special pants. With each loud snap, I was further reminded of my new diaper shame and humiliation, which was occurring at the hands of teenage girls. Jennifer stepped in and adjusted the plastic pants up to high above my waist and said, "There you go Steven, now you will sleep just like a baby, but won’t it be nice to awake to dry sheets in the morning? Why don't you get up and walk around some so we can see our Diaper boy in his didies and get a better look at how they fit. The transparent plastic is great so we can keep track of what is going on inside your pants and it will be obvious once you have wet!”

“Wow,” commented Julie, “Steven sure does make a cute DIAPER BOY!" “Absolutely,” remarked Jennifer. “I just love the site when an older boy gets put back into thick bulky diapers and plastic pants! The boy look so embarrassed and ashamed when the bulge in the front of their pants tells the real story!”

I could hardly walk around due to the bulkiness of the thick cloth diapers that encompassed me, and my legs were spread wide apart. "That's OK Steven," said Jennifer. "These are designed to be your night diapers and you will usually be in bed when you have these diapers on. We always aim to put a Bed wetter into the thickest diapers possible so the contain his uncontrollable wetting and keep his sheets dry! I want you to start out with an initial purchase of 21 cloth diapers like these, that way you will have three pair for each night of the week. I also want you to purchase 7 pairs of the SIDE-SNAP PLASTIC PANTS. Although the snap pants can leak more than regular pull-on style waterproof pants, its especially good for older boys to be snapped into their pants to help remind them just what naughty boy’s they are."

Jennifer said, "Ok, now lets try out your next item," and she produced a pair of extra large, very thick, pull-on style cloth diaper pants. The thick pants actually reminded me of the style and type my mom had me wear to bed as a boy. She unsnapped my plastic pants, unpinned the diapers and put them in a pile. She told me to stand up and before she made me step into the thickly padded diaper pants one leg opening at a time she grabbed hold of my cock and applied more oil to it as she rubbed it making it fully erect once again. As she pulled the briefs up my legs it reminded me just how my mom and older sister used to make me step into my diaper pants just before I went to bed each night. Jennifer commented how these diaper pants might be much easier for me to manage on my own since I wouldn’t need to use pins. She said, "Remember, in order for these to be effective, they absolutely must always be worn with waterproof baby pants over top. You may find that you will need to wear two pairs of the diaper pants one over top each other for extra thickness. The boy I babysit always wears two pairs because he is a heavy wetter just like you seem to be."

Now why don’t we try a pair of frosty white plastic pants over top." She held the baby pants up in front of my face stretching the waist band wide and saying, "These help keep the Bedwetter’s bed nice and dry! These pants are very noisy though, so we will be able to tell just where our bed wetter is if the lights go out." Jennifer adjusted the plastic pants at both the waist and leg openings and then took her hand and gave my rear a playful swat with her hand. Her mild spanking didn't hurt because of all the thick padding, but it did produce a loud noise as her hand made contact with the noisy plastic pants. Jennifer said, “Trust me, if I were to properly spank you I would remove these diapers and plastic pants. I do know how to discipline a disobedient boy!"

"OK Steven," said Jennifer, "I think you should purchase 7 pairs of the cloth diaper pants and another 7 pairs of pull-on plastic pants – this way you will have a fresh set for each night. If you purchase a diaper pail, you can keep a weeks worth of wet diapers and plastic pants so your trips to the Laundromat can be minimized."

Finally and to my relief she said, "OK Diaper boy, we are almost through. Lets go total up all your purchases and I will include a couple rubber sheets that can be used over top your plastic sheets for extra nighttime protection. As we walked back to the main room she motioned for Julie to help by reading off the prices and putting my new bed wetting supplies into bags?

After paying cash for the supplies I started heading for the door with two large bags now under each arm. As I was leaving, Jennifer grabbed me by the arm, slipped a piece of paper in my trousers and said, "It was fun diapering you, I put an address and directions to a great baby store in town in your pocket. So now you can go shopping for the rest of your baby supplies. Julie and I would love to accompany you but we have dates with two senior football letter men this evening. You of course will surely be in your dorm dressed in your diapers for the night. When you get to the baby store make sure you purchase baby bottles, bibs, pacifiers, and a Diaper Pail! You are much more than a Bed wetter, you are a Diaper Boy now and should accept that this is what you are. Have fun making wettums in your new didees! By the way, if you ever need a babysitter, Julie and I know how to treat older boys still in need of diapers. Next time we meet we may even be prepared to shave you completely to make you look the part of a prepubescent Diaper boy! Please come back and visit us real soon." I realized the compromising position I had been place in and that there was simply nothing I could say that would ease the pain. I remained silent while only showing an extremely red face – please couldn’t this nightmare soon come to an end?

When I got back to the car Mike was in the front seat and was apparently in tears from having laughed so hard. He said, "Hey Diaper Boy, guess where were going?" and without giving me time for a response he said, "I hadn’t though about it but we will now go to the Baby Store just like Jennifer suggested, of course! Now let me see the directions she gave you." He said, "By the way Steven, you were a very good boy in the diaper store and I have this good behavior all on the tape recorder."

As Mike began to drive out of the parking lot I could not handle it anymore and actually did break down and started crying uncontrollably. Mike said, "Steven, its bad enough your a big pants pissing bed wetting baby, do you also have to be a big cry baby as well?" When we were about a mile from the baby store Mike pulled over into an abandoned parking lot and stopped the car. He said, "OK cry baby, get in the back seat and put on a pair of your cloth diaper pants with a pair of the clear plastic see-through pants over top." I did my best to resist and even told him I would absolutely do no such thing, but Mike looked at me and said, "I guess you don't know whose in the driver's seat do you? Do you realize how I could destroy your life at college with this tape, the photo album, and all of your other bed wetting secrets DIAPER BOY? Now get in the back seat on the double and get your diaper pants on before I have to make a scene and spank you right here for disobedience!"

Being in no position to argue, I did as Mike demanded as I knew know he had too much he could use to blackmail me if he wanted to. Mike did allow me to put my shorts on over top my diaper pants although it was quite obvious from the bulge that I was wearing diapers underneath. As we drove to the store, Mike gave me instructions on what I was to say to the sales clerk at the Baby Store. He told me to tell the sales clerk I was being punished because I still wet the bed and that I needed to purchase appropriate baby supplies as a part of my new disciplinary program. He also told me that I was to wet my diaper pants while in the store and was to report back to him for a diaper inspection with my freshly soaked diapers on. He said, "Remember Steven, I can hear everything from your transmitter and your conversation is being taped, so you better had do everything just as I've requested or we will just have to repeat it and do it all over again."

I went into the store and much to my displeasure there was a cute young blond sales clerk around my age who came right over to assist me. "Hi, My name is Cristy, can I help you?," I answered, "My name is Steven and I am an 18 year old bed wetter and am being punished for my naughty nighttime wetting. My roommate has instructed me to pick up a pacifier, bib, bottle, baby powder oil, and a diaper pail." She looked down at my crotch and seeing the bulge in my pants laughed saying, "Are you a DAYTIME PANTS WETTER as well? Its quite obvious you are in diapers right now."

"Anyway," Cristy said, "I would be delighted to help you locate all those items. Your roommate is right in disciplining you like this. Any 18 year old boy still wetting his bed should be punished for it. Now follow me and lets go get something for you to suck on." We walked down the first aisle and came to a wide assortment of pacifiers. She of course picked out the largest pacifier available and took it out of the package and stuck it in my mouth and told me not to take it out.

"That's a good Diaper Boy," she said, "and now lets find a nice big bib for you.” “ Here we go, this plastic bib should be large enough and its even got building blocks with A,B, C's on it. Now, lets slip your T-shirt off and have you turn around so I can tie the bib in a good knot at the back. We wouldn't want the Diaper Boy to be able to remove his own bib now would we? Perfect, why you look just adorable Steven, but now I must see just what the Diaper boy looks like in his didies."

Cristy pulled my shorts down over top my diapers and slid them down my legs and helped me step out of them. She admired the see-through plastic pants and wanted to inspect them closer so she slipped them to my ankles and had me step out of them. This left me standing there clad only in a pair of thick cloth diaper pants, a pair of white socks, a baby bib, and a large pacifier in my mouth. Cristy was sizing me up in my baby outfit when a young girl of about 8 years old came down the aisle almost to the point where we both were standing. The youngster pointed at me while she turned to her mommy who was standing at the other end of the aisle and said, "Look at the big baby, mommy. He wears diaper pants just like my baby brother." With that comment I lost all control and started wetting my pants and was completely helpless to stop it. The young girl stated, "Look, he's peeing his diapers!" The rush of pee quickly saturated the front of the cloth diapers and the excess began running down both legs and soaking the floor around me. Cristy, the young girl, and the young girl's mother were all now starring at me and could not believe what I had just done. In a fit of rage the girl's mother came down the aisle and grabbed her daughter's hand and quickly disappeared.

Cristy said, "Looks like we need to keep the big baby’s waterproof pants on him at all times! Now slip your legs into the leg openings and lets get them back on you before you have another pants wetting incident and create more of a mess to clean up." With my plastic pants now firmly adjusted back in place, she grabbed my hand and led me on off to the next aisle. Cristy told me that she would love to change my wet diapers but that it was much too early and that older boys who still daytime pants wet should be made to wear their wet diaper pants for at least 2 hours afterwards as part of their punishment. She said, "Now Diaper Boy, lets go get your baby bottles, oil, powder, diaper pail, and of course some Desitin for diaper rash."

After obtaining each of the items Mike requested and with a diaper pail now in hand, we walked back to the check out register and Cristy rung up the purchases. She asked me for my last name and where I was staying as she said, "I think you are a very cute Diaper Boy, Steven, and your pants wetting accident back there is something very special that I will definitely want to share with my friends. I belong to a sorority and for fun we occasionally like to borrow freshman boys from the fraternities so we can have our fun. I'm quite certain my sisters would get a kick out of a real Pants Pissing Bed wetting Diaper Boy and I know you would make the perfect subject for us." I would not have given her my correct name and address but knew that I had to, as Mike was in the car listening to our every word.

As I paid for the items Cristy gave me my shorts back and said, "The great thing about this little visit is that one of my friends runs the security cameras and when he saw you come in the front door he aimed all the cameras at you and we captured your entire visit on tape. I just know my sisters at the sorority house are going to love seeing your performance, especially your pants wetting accident. Of course I'll make sure they watch it before you come visit us! I can guarantee you that a visit to our house is something you will never forget!"