Back into Diapers

Author: Timmy
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Back into Diapers

Part 1

By Timmy


Hi my name is Tim. I’m thirteen years old and in the 7th grade. My brother John is seventeen years old and is a senior in High School. We grew up in an upper- middle class section of town. My parents pretty much gave us anything we wanted or at least within reason. Here’s the story on how I got put back into diapers.

One morning I woke up in a wet bed. I was a little concerned over having wetting my bed. I haven’t wet my bed since I was 5 years old. I dismissed it as being a one- time incident. I changed the wet sheets with some clean sheets and threw the wet ones in the wash. The next morning I woke up again in a very wet bed. For the next several days I tried hiding the fact that I was wetting the bed again. I changed my sheets on a daily basis and washed them myself. My Mother was wondering why I was washing my sheets myself, since normally she did all the wash. One particular morning I woke up wet as usual, but this time I didn’t have the time the change the sheets. I made my bed and thought to myself that I would take care if it when I returned from school. After school my mother asked if she could speak to me. I was scared that she had found out about my bedwetting. She asked me if I was having trouble at night. I replied that I didn’t know that she was talking about. She told me that she found the wet sheets on my bed this morning and asked me how long has this been going on. I replied to her “Not that long, just a few nights.” She said to me “Look honey, it’s Ok, lots of boys and girls your age have trouble at night. I’ll help you out tonight if that’s OK with you?” I said, “fine” but really didn’t know what she meant about “Helping me”

Later on that night as I was getting ready for bed, my Mother came into my bedroom and told me that she had something that would help me with my bedwetting. She brought in a pair of thick underwear. She told me that they were bedwetting pants and handed them to me. I examined the pair of underwear, which was lot thicker and had a plasticized-nylon outer-covering. It looked like training pants you see on toddlers. She said to me that these bed wetter pants would protect the bed from any more accidents. I asked her where she had got these pants from and she told me that John wore these to bed every night due to his bed wetting until the age of fourteen. I had no idea that my brother wet the bed, let alone wore these bedwetting pants to bed every night. I was embarrassed at the thought of wearing these pants, but I thought to myself that it would be better than waking up in cold wet sheets. I put the bed wetting pants on under my pajamas and they were a little more bulky than my jockey shorts. The next morning I woke up with my bed wetting pants soaking wet along with my sheets being wet. My mother came into my bedroom and saw that the bed wetter pants didn’t work all that well. My mother commented that these bedwetting pants worked fine with your brother, but I guess he wasn’t a heavy wetter like you. She told me to take them off and get ready for school.

For the next couple of nights I had to wear my thick bedwetting pants to sleep and every morning I woke up wet and with my sheets wet. She even tried using the Goodnites on me, but I always woke up with wet sheets to deal with. My Mother took me to a doctor to see if there was anything that he could do to stop my bedwetting or explain why that I had started to wet my bed at my age. He explained that a lot of boys my age experience bedwetting again and that it should go away in time. He suggested to parents to deal with the wet sheets and not make a fuss over it or have the bed wetter wear some type of protective pants such as Goodnitesä or junior diapers. We returned home from the doctors office and told me that she had some errands to run. That afternoon I played Nintendo and was unaware of what my mother was shopping for. She returned home with several big bags with groceries and a couple of bags from a Home Health Care Co. I didn’t think about what was in those bags.

Upon my bedtime, My Mother asked me to come into her room; she wanted to discuss something with me. “Tim, as you know that we tried using those bed wetting pants and Goodnites on you, but they didn’t keep you or the bed dry, so you father and I decided that it would be for the best to try something a little more absorbent.” She went and pulled out some cloth diapers and plastic pants from the Home Health Care bag, “I’m afraid that with your heavy wetting, those bedwetter pants didn’t work and that from now on you’ll have to wear diapers to bed.” “Oh come on Mom, You are not going to make me wear diapers and plastic pants like a baby are you?” I asked her. “Now dear, diapers are not just for babies, they make them in your size and even larger. No one outside this family will know that you have to wear diapers to bed. But until your bed wetting stops, you are going to have to wear these diapers and plastic pants to bed every night.” She instructed me to lie down on her bed. For the first time since I was three years old, my mother was going to diaper me for bedtime. She placed the thick soft white cotton diapers underneath my butt and pulled them up in place and pinned the together by two large diaper pins. I couldn’t believe my eyes; there I was, thirteen years old and wearing thick cloth diapers. Then she pulled the teen-size plastic pants over my night diapers and helped me put on my pajamas over the shameful cloth diapers and plastic pants. I looked like a toddler then a teenager that I was. As I walked out of my Parents' bedroom, my brother John noticed that my pajamas were on the bulky side and padded me on the rear end. He said to me “What gives little one, why are your pajamas bulky” and as he said this to me he pulled down my pajama bottoms enough to expose my shameful cloth diapers and plastic pants. “So I see that mom and dad decided to diaper you instead of wearing those bed wetting pants. I’m so glad that when I had this problem that those bed wetting pants worked, but I guess in your case diapers are the only choice for you.” “You’re not going to tell any one about this, are you John” I pleaded. “Heck no, Tim I use to wet the bed too, so I can feel for you.” As I entered my bedroom, I climbed into bed and noticed that it felt strange wearing thick cloth diapers and plastic pants. I didn’t want to wear diapers, like any normal teenager but I knew that the diapers would serve their purpose and protect my bedding. My father walked into my bedroom to tell me good night. He sat on the edge of my bed tucking in the sheets and blankets and said to me. “You know son, having to make you wear diapers were an extremely hard choice for your mother and I, but in the long run you’ll get used to wearing them to bed each night and will give you the good nights rest you need”. My father also commented that I wasn’t the only teenager to wet his bed and wear diapers. “You know that John wet the bed until he was fourteen and had to wear bed wetting pants and myself wet the bed until I was fifteen and my parents had me wear diapers and rubber pants. So as you now know that bed wetting runs in the family and you shouldn’t be ashamed of it.” After the lights were turned out I lied there in bed telling myself that these diapers weren’t all that bad. They were actually very soft and comfortable and heck this bed wetting problem shouldn’t last long and before you know it… I’ll be out of diapers for good!

Several weeks went by and every morning my parents would always come into my room and pull down my pajamas and stick their hand inside my plastic pants, only to find thoroughly soaked diapers. By now I was getting used to being diapered at night by my parents and felt very comfortable in my night diapers. Since my bed wetting was going on and I had to wear diapers at night, having friends sleeping over came to a halt. I did not want any of my friends to find out that I wet the bed and wore diapers. I had one friend in particular; in fact my best friend “Brad” that use to sleep over at my house every other weekend or that I would sleep at his house. Brad asked me why the sudden change and I told him that I was really busy at home, especially with final exams coming up. He bought the story and told me that once school got out, I should sleep over at his house or he could come over and stay at my house. I replied “That would be cool”.

One afternoon, Brad and I were playing down by the creek, when all of sudden I wet my pants. I didn’t know what to do; I didn’t want Brad to see me like this, so on purpose I fell into the creek to cover up that I had wet my pants. Brad just laughed with me as I got out of the creek dripping wet. I thought to myself, heck what was going on, I never had a daytime accident and luckily Brad never suspected that I had wet my jeans. I figured that I must have been caught up in the playing I forgot to go to the bathroom. I walked into my house and my parents seeing my wet clothing, said to me “You were playing in the creek again, weren’t you Tim?” “Yes” I replied. “How many times have you or your father told you not to play by that creek. You could have drowned young man”. “I’m sorry, it won’t happen again” “It better not young man, now get out of those wet clothes. Well I got away it with it. They never suspected that I had an accident in my pants. My parents told John and myself that they were going over to a friend’s house to play cards and that we're to be on our own for the night. I asked mom who would diaper me and she said that she had asked John to take care of it for tonight. After watching TV, I went into my room to get ready for bed. John followed me in my bedroom and told me to lie down. I did has he instructed in which he took off my jeans, shirt, underwear and socks. He went over to my diaper drawer and pulled out a thick cloth diaper and some diaper pins. He asked me to lift my butt up in which he slid my thick night diaper underneath me. As he pinned the diapers together he asked me how it felt wearing diapers again. I told him that I really didn’t mind wearing diapers and it really felt very comfortable being in them. John took a pair of frosty white plastic pants out of the diaper drawer and proceeded to put them over my thick night diapers. “There you go young man, all diapered up for the night”. “Can I ask you a personal question Tim?” “Yes, I guess so” I replied. “When I took off your underwear I noticed that they seem to smell of urine and earlier tonight it seemed like you might have wet your pants. Are you having a problem in the daytime as well?” “Please don’t say anything to mom or dad, I don’t know what’s happening and I think it was just a one time thing.” “You know Tim, you still have some of those Goodnites left over. You might want to wear one during the day, so that way if you did have an accident, no one would notice.” John added. “No I don’t think that I would like to wear something like that during the daytime. I’m sure that it will pass.” I replied back to John. “That’s up to you, but you know mom and dad will find out sooner or later. I think you better tell them what is going on with you. They’ll understand.

The next day was Saturday and we were all cleaning out the garage, then like the days before I had an accident in front of my parents. There I was standing in front of them in very wet pants. “Tim, did you just have an accident, how come you didn’t go to the bathroom.” My mother asked me. “ I didn’t know that I had to go, I guess I was too busy cleaning out the garage.” “Go on and get into the house and get cleaned up young man.” During the rest of the day, I had one more accident, but this time I was by myself and no one knew that I had a second wetting accident within the same day. Saturday night came to a close, I was diapered for the night. She didn’t say anything about my daytime accident. Sunday came and gone and I went to school the next day with Brad, wondering if I was going to have a daytime accident at school. I was hoping that I wouldn’t.

During the rest of the week went by and I only had two daytime accidents, but I managed to cover them up, but I was suspecting that Brad was on to me. He asked me why my jacket was covering up the waist and I replied that I didn’t feel like carrying it so I wrapped it around my waist. He seemed to buy that story, but I knew that he still questioned what was happening. On Friday, as I was coming home from school, I had wet my pants again, this time I had to walk into the house where my mother seeing my wet condition saying to me “ Young man, what are we going to do about this problem of yours. We can’t keep having you wetting your pants during the daytime.” “Mom I’m sure that it wouldn’t happen again, I promise” “You better hope so, now go and get changed before Brad comes over tonight” “What do you mean Brad is coming over tonight?” My mother explained that Brad’s parents were going out of town for the next couple of days and she asked if Brad could spend the weekend at our house. Since you and Brad are such good friends I told her that would be no problem if Brad stayed with us. “But mom, Brad doesn’t know anything about my bed wetting or that I have to wear diapers at night.” I protested. “Honey, I’m sure that we can hide that you have to wear night diapers. Even if he did find out I’m sure that he’d understand.” “Yes I guess your right, but how many of thirteen year olds still wear diapers to bed?” I replied. “A lot more than you think, why do you think that make diapers in large sizes if there wasn’t a demand for them.”

We agreed that they were going to put my night things in my parent’s room and that I was to be put into my night diapers before bedtime in my parent’s room. Since I would normally wear pajamas, concealing my diapers really wouldn’t be such a big deal. Brad came over to my house around 5pm carrying an overnight bag. He placed his bag inside my room. We played Nintendo until dinner time. During dinner, my parents informed us that we were going to the Mall of America tomorrow. Both Brad and I were excited over the fact that we could play at Camp Snoopy and even see that new Star Wars movie. After dinner we watched a movie and during the movie, I couldn’t believe it, but I started to wet my pants. I rushed into to the bathroom, but only to find that it was too late. My mother came into the bathroom, knowing something was wrong and saw that I had wet my pants. As she saw this, se said to me “What are we going to do about this young man, it's one thing to wet the bed at your age, but to start wetting your pants too. I think we should return to the doctor on Monday to see if there is anything wrong with you. Go to your room and change quickly. I think there is another pair of jeans that are the same ones that you have on, that way Brad won’t notice.” I did as instructed and returned to watch the movie with Brad and he didn’t seem to notice, or at least that is what I thought.

After the movie, my mom told us that we should think about getting to bed, as tomorrow will be a full day. Brad asked if he could use the bathroom first and I said go ahead. With Brad wants to use the bathroom first, this gave the perfect opportunity to change into my night diapers without Brad noticing. I quickly went into my parents’ room and my mother put my diapers and plastic pants on me. I put my pajamas over my thick cloth night diapers and teen-sized plastic pants. With the pajama top hanging over the bottom of my pajamas, it was difficult to notice the bulk of my diapers or plastic pants. I was walking toward my bedroom when Brad came out of the bathroom with a pair of sleep shorts and a tee shirt on. “Don’t you get a little warm with pajamas on?” Brad asked. “No I always sleep in pajamas, winter or summer.” I replied. This of course is a complete lie, I occasionally wear pajamas over my diapers when it was cold, but I would wear just my diapers and plastic pants to bed. I sat on the edge of my bed and Brad sat on the edge of his bed, which was directly across from mine, he looked at me and said “Tim, why do your pajamas look on the bulky side.” I replied that it was the type of fabric of the pajamas that made it look that way. I asked Brad if he wanted to see the newest Nintendo magazine which I received in the mail a few of days ago to change the subject. Which was heading in a direction that I really didn’t want. He replied that he would and got up and sat next to me. As we looked through the magazine Brad kept on looking at me and at my pajama bottoms. “Something not right here buddy, I’ve been noticing whenever you move around, I hear a crinkling sound, something like plastic.” Brad noted to me. “I don’t hear anything” I sounded back to him. He continued to look at the magazine as I got up to get another magazine, as I was bending down to pick up another magazine, Brad came up from behind me and started to wrestle with me. As we rolled around the floor, Brad’s hand went on my back underneath my pajamas. He touched my padded rear end and said to me “Your wearing diapers aren’t you?” “No, I don’t know what you’re talking about Brad!” With that, Brad forced me down on the floor pulled up my shirt and pulled down my pajamas exposing my thick cloth diapers and plastic pants. “I thought you said you weren’t wearing diapers Tim, what gives?” I got up and sat on the edge of my bed and explained to Brad that I started wetting my bed a few months ago and my parents make wear diapers to bed to keep my bed dry. Brad sat next to me and put his arm around me and said “its Ok buddy, I’m sorry if I embarrassed you, your secret is safe with me. I kind of figured that you were wearing diapers by the way your pajamas bulked out and the noise of your plastic pants. If it makes you feel better. I use to wet the bed until I was eight years old and my parents made me wear pampers to bed. So I can feel what you are going through. I shouldn’t be telling you this, but you’re not the only boy that has to wear diapers to bed. You know Matt that is in our class, well I found out that has a bedwetting problem and has been wearing Goodnites since they came out and before that he had to wear pampers like me. We were in the same cabin at summer camp a few years ago. And you know Mark, that boy in a wheelchair. Well since his accident five years ago that put him in that wheelchair, well he has to wear diapers all the time. He has to go to the nurse’s office to have his diaper changed. I’m the only one who knows that he wears them. Remember when I fell and cut my leg and had to go to the nurse’s office I had to go to the nurse’s office well as I was entering the office, his pants were just being pulled up over his diapers and I saw them stick out of his pants. He made me promise not to tell anyone about it and I told him that I wouldn’t tell a soul. You got to promise me that you wouldn’t say anything too. Boy was I relieved to hear that he used to have the problem too, but he was eight when it ended, but here I am. thirteen years old and just beginning to wet the bed and wear diapers. I had taken off my pajamas and was lying in bed with nothing but my diapers. Brad and I talked a little while longer and both of us fell asleep within the hour.

The next morning, I awoke around 7am just about the same time Brad woke up, we talked about our trip to the Mall of America and what fun were we going to have. As we talked, I realized that my night diapers were completely soaked underneath my plastic pants, but at least my bed was dry. I crawled out from under the sheets just in my diapers when Brad commented that it was a good thing that I was wearing diapers, as he noticed that I was a heavy wetter, as my diapers sagged underneath my plastic pants. Just as I was heading toward my dresser drawers to retrieve some clean underwear and shorts, my mother came into the bedroom to tell us to get showered and dressed. Brad said that I could go first, since it appeared that I needed a shower more than Brad, due to my very wet diapers. Once in the bathroom I removed my diapers and plastic pants and put them in the diaper pail behind the linen closet. I showered the baby smell off from me and dried myself off. I came out of the bathroom with my towel wrapped around my waist and told Brad that he could take his shower next. He took his clothes with him as he entered the bathroom. I returned to my bedroom to get dressed when my mom and dad came into the room and sat down next to me. They explained that since we were going on a long car trip (about 2 ½ hours) and since I was having some trouble with keeping my pants dry, that they thought it would be safer if I wore diapers during the trip. I said that I wasn’t willing to wear diapers during the daytime. I wasn’t a baby and I told them I wouldn’t have another accident. My dad said that’s what you said yesterday and the day before that, but you still wet your pants. My dad added “Look son, if you are going to continue with this daytime wetting, we don’t want to wet yourself at the mall or even in the car. By wearing diapers, if you have an accident, no one will ever notice. If you don’t wear the diapers and have an accident, you be more embarrassed without one. If you wear the diapers and need to use the bathroom, you can un-tape the diaper and relieve yourself.” My mom produced what appeared to look like a disposable baby diaper, but larger. They told me to lie down and as the disposable diaper was placed underneath me I started to cry. “I don’t want to wear diapers and I don’t want Brad finding out that I’m wearing diapers to the mall. I pleaded” “You’ll have to wear these disposable diapers during the daytime until your daytime wetting abates. If you decide to tell Brad about this, it is up to you.” my parents told me.

As the thick disposable diaper was drawn between my legs and taped on the sides, I could hear the crinkling of my diapers that I was about to wear for the first time. After my diapers were in place I was told to put on my shorts that I was going to wear for that day. My parents left the room as I put on my socks, shorts and shirt. I thought the budge of my diapers were noticeable especially the crinkling sound that the disposable diapers gave when I walked. Brad entered the room but apparently didn’t notice that I was diapered. My parents told us to get outside so that we could get a move on. While we were outside Brad said that he forgot his wallet and would be right back. Waiting outside was my brother John and myself. John said to me “Tough break kid, first you have to wear diapers at night for your bed wetting, now they have you wearing diapers during the daytime. Hopefully you can use the bathroom instead of your diapers and maybe mom and dad won’t diaper you during the daytime anymore.” “I hope I can too, I don’t want to wear diapers anymore than I have to” I replied. Brad and my parents came out of the house and we all got into the van. My mother came out with a few luggage bags and I asked what they were for. They said that we might be staying the night in a hotel and they packed some clothes of all of us. Also she appeared in toting a smaller bag and a fanny pack that could have been my diaper bag, but wasn’t sure.

Once in the van my brother sat in the back seat of the van and Brad and I sat in the middle seats. Everything was going good and Brad so far didn’t suspect that I was wearing a disposable diaper. We were goofing off, playing with my game-boy when Brad knocked it out of my hands accidentally. It landed on the floor, John grabbed the top part of my shirt un-tucking it from my pants as I bent forward to retrieve my game-boy. I did not realize that this had happened, so as I bent forward my disposable diaper came in plain view of Brad and John. Of course John already knew that I was wearing diapers, but Brad didn’t. Brad said in a loud voice. “My god, you’re wearing diapers, why in the world would you be wearing diapers during the daytime.” I didn’t know what to say. I was stunned by what has happened and I even think that John purposely did what he did so that Brad could see that I was diapered. My mom spoke up and explained to Brad that my wetting has increased and they feared that I would have a daytime accident in the car or at the mall, so to play it safe that Tim would wear a diaper today. Brad said that he was sorry, once again if I made me feel embarrassed and that it didn’t matter if I had to wear diapers again. The rest of the trip went smoothly, except that during the trip I had wet myself. I knew what my parents said to me that if I continued wetting I would have to continue wearing diapers. When we pulled into the parking ramp at the Mall of America, my parents asked if anyone had to use the restrooms before we entered the mall. My mom personally asked me and I sheepishly said that I had accidentally wet myself. “Well I guess we should change your diaper then!” my dad added. He told me to lie down on the van floor. As I lied down, John helped my dad out by going into the diaper bag and pulling out a clean dry disposable diaper, but this disposable diaper wasn’t white like I was currently wearing, but it was light-blue in color. My pants were pulled down, exposing my wet disposable diaper. The clean dry disposable diaper was placed underneath my wet diaper then the tapes were peeled off and the wet diaper was removed from me. While this was going on, Brad and my mom were watching. He then pulled the dry diaper between my legs and taped the diaper in place and my pants were pulled back up. I could help but notice that my diaper was now even bulkier than the original diaper. It even seemed to make more of the crinkling sound. I knew from that moment on, that my life wouldn’t be the same. My mom told me that the diaper I was now wearing was an extra absorbent daytime disposable. She bought them when she had purchased my other diapers. As Brad and I walked into the mall, Brad asked me what it was like to wear diapers during the daytime. I told Brad that I hated that I was going to have to wear diapers during the daytime, but at least now I knew that I was well protected if I had another accident. You could tell by looking at my budged out pants and the crinkling from the plastic that I was diapered.

The rest of the morning went great I forgot that I was in diapers and didn’t even realize it until lunchtime when we sat down for lunch, did I notice that my diaper was wet. After lunch my parents suggested that we see that new Star Wars movie on the fifth floor. Both Brad and I was excited and I’m sure that John wouldn’t mind seeing the movie too. My dad asked me if I needed to use the bathroom and I said that my diaper had been already wet. He handed John a fanny pack and asked him to change my diapers in the men’s room near the theatre. Now I knew what the fanny pack was for. It contained a clean diaper for me. John escorted me to the men’s room and told me that it would be easier if I would lie down on the diaper-changing table in the men’s room. John said it would support my weight as it said that I would hold up to 125lbs. Since I only weighed 100lbs, it shouldn’t be a problem. John helped up on the changing table and there were other teenagers looking on. I couldn’t care less, I didn’t know any of them and I was going to see the new Star Wars movie. John unbuttoned my shorts and exposed my soaking wet diaper. “My god, you’re wet. I’m glad you’re wearing diapers. He un-taped my diapers and rolled it up and placed it in the trash can next to the changing table. He got out the clean dry diaper from the fanny pack and placed it underneath me. As he taped the diaper in place, there were several teenage boys looking on seeing me being diapered by my older brother. I bet they never seen another teenage boy wearing thick disposable diapers, let alone being changed in front of everyone in a public washroom. You could hear the remarks from the others as they said to others “Look, he’s wearing diapers”. After John and I left the bathroom, Brad asked me where I got changed. I replied that John changed me on the changing table. “You mean on the diaper changing table, just like a baby?” Brad asked. “Well I guess so, but I’m not a baby and I bet I’m not the only old boy that has his diaper changed on that table.” I answered back. “I didn’t mean that you were a baby, I could just imagine the looks on others as they saw having your diaper changed.” Brad returned my answer. Brad, John and I went over and purchased three tickets to Star Wars and went inside the movie theatre. As we entered, I could hear a few boys saying “Look, there’s that boy who was having his diaper changed, can you imagine having to wear diapers at his age.” Since I didn’t know the boys, I didn’t care what they said about me. We watched the movie and enjoyed ourselves. After the movie, our parents re-joined us and we continued our shopping. I had noticed that our parents already acquired several bags worth of clothes and stuff. Before we decided to have dinner at the Rainforest Café, we put our packages inside the van. My parents asked me if I needed a change, but I said that I was ok. After dinner my parents suggested that we check ourselves into the hotel. We stayed at the Best Western Motor Lodge that had a very large indoor pool area with slides and other indoor games. We unpacked the luggage and packages from the Mall of America. We didn’t want to leave them in the car in fear of someone breaking into the van to steal them. John was in a hurry to put on his swim trunks and go down to the pool. Brad asked if he could join him, so both John and Brad were off to the pool. My mom told me that she wanted me to wear one of those cotton bed-wetter pants and a pair of plastic pants underneath my swimming trunks, in case of an accident, but I told her that it probably would be useless wearing something like that. She thought about it for a minute or two and then finally decided that I would be able to just put on my swimming trunks without any type of diaper. I was glad that I didn’t have to go down to the pool and let everyone see that I was still in diapers. For the first time today, I was going to wear something without diapers. I put on my swimming trunks, which felt good without having any type of restrictive clothing on. I knew that I needed diapers for the daytime, but swimming I could go without the diapers.

After swimming for about an hour and a half, all of us went back into our room. Since our parents had two rooms, we had the adjoining room next to theirs. My dad asked if we could stay in our room for the rest of the night, as my parents were extremely tired. My dad also asked John to take care of my nightly diapering. John went into the bathroom to take off his wet swimming trunks and he returned wearing his sleep shorts (boxer shorts) and a tee shirt. Brad and I just took off our swimming trunks and dried off as John was in the bathroom. After I dried myself off and John exited the bathroom, he told me to lie down on the bed. He went over to my luggage and pulled out a super thick disposable diaper and a pair of plastic pants. Brad was just sitting there watching TV all the while I was getting taped into my night diapers. Once again, I was surprised that I was being put into a different style of disposable diapers. This one was really thick, thicker than the ones I was wearing earlier in the day. John told me that our mom bought these for this trip, knowing that I wouldn’t be able to wear my normal cloth diapers, so these super thick nighttime disposable diapers were just the ticket for my bed wetting. I questioned why the plastic pants, and he just told me that it was an extra precaution if I leaked. After my plastic pants were pulled up over my thick night diapers we all sat there watching TV for about another hour. John had is own bed and Brad and I shared a bed. Brad told me that I had better not wet the bed and I replied “How can I wearing thick diapers like this” “Well they better hold or someone is going to get their ass kicked in the morning.” Brad responded. In the morning our parents came into our room and told us to get dressed as we were going out for breakfast and then heading home. John dragged himself out of bed and when into the bathroom. Brad asked my mom if he could use their bathroom and she said that it was Ok. Brad walked out of our room and my mom went over and retrieved a clean dry disposable diaper. She took off my plastic pants and un-taped my extremely wet diaper. After she dried me off she placed the thick disposable diaper underneath me and taped it in place. As she was finishing this, Brad returned from their room and John came out of the bathroom. Brad didn’t say anything about me wearing diapers again in the daytime but John couldn’t miss an opportunity to kid me about my diapers. “So is Timmy feels all better now that he had his diaper changed” Knock it off, my mother told John. We all got dressed and Brad did say that he couldn’t believe that I was going to wear diapers again, but I guess you need them to stay dry.

We ate breakfast at the hotel restaurant and then shortly after that left the hotel to come home. We dropped Brad off at his house because his parents returned from their trip and we headed home ourselves. John went over to one of his friend’s home and I stayed behind. After my parents unpacked my mom came into my room and while I was playing Nintendo and asked if I needed to be changed. I told her that I probably need a change. She went over and got out a disposable diaper and proceeded to change my diaper. As she was doing this is said “You know Tim, since your daytime wetting hasn’t debated and that you don’t care if you wear diapers, then we are going to the doctor’s office tomorrow morning and you will have to wear diapers to school for the rest of the week.” Mom I really don’t want to wear diapers, but I can’t help wetting myself. I figured that wearing diapers is probably the best thing for me” I responded. “Well, let’s see what the doctor has to say”. For the rest of the afternoon I studied for one of my exams. During this time frame I needed only one diaper change and my mom came in a changed my diaper without saying a word.

The next morning I was changing out of my nightly cloth diapers and placed into a disposable diaper .We head out the door and drove to the doctor's office. Once in the doctor’s office the nurse told me to undress and put on one of those hospital gowns. I took off my clothes with my mom present and put on the gown. I now was embarrassed that I was wearing a diaper and the nurse and doctor would see this. After the examination, he ordered some blood tests and some x-rays. He told my mom that he couldn’t see anything physically wrong with me, but until the tests came back he suggested that we cope with my wetting the best way possible. He was surprised to see me wearing a disposable diaper and said that most kids your ages resented in wearing diapers and that they would rather wet their pants or wear something that didn’t look like a diaper. My mom said that at first I was didn’t want to wear the diaper, but now after wearing them for a while, he knows that wearing diapers is what he needs to keep his pants dry. The doctor said that he would give my mom a prescription for disposable diapers so that way the insurance will pay for them. My mom thanked the doctor and asked if she could change my diaper in the examining office so that I could be returned to school without any more delays. My diaper was changed and I returned to school for the first time wearing diapers underneath my school clothes. Luckily since I had finals, I could come and go in between classes and that I could go home to have my diaper changed if I needed one instead of having the nurse change my diaper. While I was in school my mother decided to take advantage of the prescription that the doctor had given her and went to a large medical supply store. She explained that she needed diapers for her thirteen-year old son who was now incontinent and needed those twenty-four hours a day. The sales lady showed her dozens of disposable diapers and even some cloth diapers and waterproof pants. The saleslady went on in adding that most of children and teenagers still in diapers feel more comfortable in the Attendsä disposable diapers. She said that they did carry the new Pampersä in sizes larger than the normal size six that you might see on the grocery shelves. She showed my mom the “new” Pampers Size Twelve. These Pampers were exactly like the baby counterparts, but instead of the babyish design on the front, it was a little more geared toward the older child and teenagers. Though these Pampers still have the classic waist style (the ones without an elastic waist), she told my mom that the Pampers size twelve was the most cost efficient disposable diaper on the market. In all my mother purchased two cases of the Attendsä small disposable diapers, one case of Poudouceä disposable diapers, these were designed as a extra absorbent daytime disposable diaper or could be used as a overnight diaper. These Poudouce™ disposable diapers had an outer plastic covering were a light blue and she also purchased one case of the Pampersä size twelve. Which any unopened packages could be returned. Several dozen cloth diapers and two dozen teen-size plastic pants in white and light blue were also purchased. Along with other plastic pants she bought six pairs of snap-on plastic pants, to make diaper changes a little easier. She also purchased seven pairs of a diaper pants. These diaper pants were like thick training pants with plastic pants sewed together. They were also of the snap on variety. The medical supply store also carried a larger version of the Onesies, a tee shirt that snapped in the crotch for easier diaper changes, added warmth to the child and protection for that if you bend forward, you wouldn’t have that embarrassing showing of your diapers. Since all this protective clothing was a medical need, my mother had to pay nothing and it was all forwarded to the insurance company.

Brad saw me after class and asked me how the doctor visit was. I told him that we had to wait to see the results of the tests before if could rule anything out. Brad also said by the way my pants were just a little bulky and the sound of the crinkling plastic that I was wearing diapers to school. I confirmed his notions. Brad also said to me, “I can’t believe that you are starting to wear diapers to school. What are you planning on doing when gym class comes around? You’ll have to change in front of all the other guys and I bet they’ll notice your diapers.” “Well, I’m not sure how I’m going to handle gym class. Maybe my parents can get me out of gym class, until I stop wearing diapers.” I replied. “I hope so, for your sake” Brad said. We both went to our separate homes where I studied for my next final. Mark, my classmate who was in a wheelchair was in my next class. Since I couldn’t bring up that I knew that he wore diapers, I had to somehow let him know that I wore diapers too. I was interested in that another boy my age had to wear diapers to school and was interested in what type of diapers he wore and how he felt about wearing diapers. I had noticed that all my regular underwear was replaced with my new diapers. I couldn’t believe the variety of diapers my mother had purchased. My mother came into my room and asked me if I needed a change. I replied that I did. She also commented that I have noticed the extra diapers and that my regular underwear was replaced with diapers. She told me that as long as I continue in having daytime accidents that I was going to wear diapers. She had me lie down on my bed after I removed my jeans. She went over and opened a package of the Pampers size twelve. She told me even though they looked like baby-style diapers, the sales lady told her that will fit. I was surprised that these Pampers were extremely thick and had a cute design on the front. After my mother unfastened my wet diaper, she pulled the Pamper underneath me and taped them in place. She was pleasantly surprised to see that the “new” Pampers would actually fit me. The Pampers was high enough in the back and front for adequate protection. I looked into a mirror after my mother had left and admired that I was wearing regular baby-style diapers. Since I couldn’t ask Mark about his diapers, maybe I could accidentally show him that I wore diapers and what better diaper to have sticking out of my pants than that of a Pamper. After dinner I decided to go to bed early so my mom came into my room to get me ready for bed. She opened the package of the over-night disposable diapers and told me that she wanted to try these disposable diapers to see if they could hold up to my heavy wetting. My wet Pamper was taken off of me and these super thick light blue disposable diapers were drawn up in place and taped in place. My mother said good night and I felt about how thick my diapers were. Right then and there I knew that I loved being in diapers. I didn’t know why, but the added protection, bulk of my diapers gave me the security I needed. I was wondering if my additional daytime wetting had something to do with the pleasure of wearing diapers.

The next morning, my overnight diaper was wet, but not soaking like my other disposable diapers normally was. I liked the feeling of wearing these thicker diapers and I even like the light blue color of the outer plastic backing. My mom came into my room and took out a disposable diaper from the first batch she bought me, but I said that I would like to try wearing the Pampers to school to see if they could handle my daytime wetting. At first she said no, but then said “Why, no. If you are going to wear diapers to school, then I guess you can wear any type of diaper you want. You know that if you wear these Pampersä, there might be a chance that someone might notice that you’re actually wearing a disposable diaper.” “I’m sure that I can be real careful in making sure that no one sees that I’m wearing diapers” I added. My mom pulled out another Pamperä from its package and placed it underneath me then taped it in place. I was instructed to get dressed for school as she left my room. I went over to my clothes closet and looked over the jeans and pants that were hanging in the closet. I selected a pair of baggy jeans that had a wider waist and more of a baggy fit in the crotch area. I put on a printed tee shirt and looked myself in my door mirror. You really couldn’t tell that I was wearing a Pamperä underneath my jeans. I sat down on my bed and then glanced toward the mirror and noticed that there was a slight budge in my jeans. I don’t think that anyone who looked would really say to himself “Look that boy is wearing diapers”. I had my back facing the mirror and bent over. As I bent over my tee shirt rode up my back and in plain view you could see my disposable diaper stick out from my waistline. Now all I had to do bends over in front of Mark, hoping that he would notice my diaper sticking out of my pants and say something to me. As I walked out of my room, my mom told me that she couldn’t tell that I was wearing diapers the way I was dressed. As I walked to school I meet Brad and we chatted about what we were going to do the next weekend and during the summer vacation, which was less than two months away.

Once I was in my science class, I noticed Mark was sitting at a wheelchair desk and there were several other desks around him. I decided to sit directly across from him. We exchanged pleasantries and got on with our test. During the middle of the test I purposely dropped my pencil in front and in between Mark and myself. As I leaned over to Mark to pick up my pencil, I could feel that my tee shirt had ridden up, exposing my shameful disposable Pamperä I had on. I could tell Mark had noticed my diaper as he gasped and looked at me in astonishment when I sat back up in my chair. All the way through the rest of the test, Mark looked at me and glanced down at my pants. Now all that was to happen was that, Mark needed to ask me why I was wearing diapers. After class I walked out of class and headed for the library. As I was walking down the hall I noticed Mark was behind me. I walked into the library and sat down at a table near the rear of the library. Within a few minutes Mark came up to me and asked if he could sit at my table. I replied “sure, make yourself comfortable.” As we sat there and studied, I purposely scratched my back, as I did this, you could hear the crinkling sound when I touched the top of my diaper. Mark seemed to notice and looked at me when I did this. After about the third time that there was a crinkling sound when I scratched my back or side, Mark said “What’s that sound? Every time you scratch your back, there’s a crinkling sound, like plastic or something like that.” “I don’t hear anything”. I replied. Of course I was leading him on, hoping that he would ask me about my diapers, instead of me confessing that I had diapers on. After about 10 or 15 minutes, he said to me “Are you wearing a disposable diaper, Tim. I mean when you were in class earlier and leaned over to pick up your pencil, I noticed what appeared to be a disposable diaper. At first I wasn’t sure that you were wearing them, but now when you scratch your back or side, there’s that distinctive sound of plastic that only a disposable diaper will make.” “Ok, so I wear diapers. You’re not going to say anything to anyone else are you?” I asked. “No, I won’t say a word about your diapers, but you might want to tuck in your shirt so that you can’t see your diapers if you bend over” Mark replied. “And how do you know that there is a distinctive sound associated with disposable diapers, do you have younger brothers or sisters that are still in diapers?” I asked. “No I don’t have any siblings.” “Then how do you know the sound a disposable diaper makes if you don’t have any siblings that wear diapers?” I bounced back with. “The reason I know the sound a disposable diaper makes, is because since my accident several years ago, I need to wear diapers myself.” Mark said. “You got to be kidding, I thought I was the only one in school that needs to wear diapers!” I told Mark. “So why do you need to wear diapers?” Mark asked. I explained that I started wetting my bed several months ago and my parents put me into night diapers to keep my bed dry. But just recently I started in having daytime accidents and since the doctors are at a loss at why I’ve started in wetting my pants during the daytime. My parents thought it would be in my best interest if I wear diapers to school, so that way I won’t embarrass myself.

We talked a little while longer but we both had another test to take. After school let out, Mark asked me if I wanted to come over to his house and play Nintendo. I said sure, but let me check with my mom first. I called my mom and asked if I could go over to a friend’s house for the afternoon. She said it was ok in which Mark’s mom picked us up in her minivan. I was impressed the way the van was equipped to handle Mark’s wheelchair. Mark could use his upper body and arms so he could get in and out of his wheelchair by himself. Once we arrived at his home, Mark told me to go into the den and he would be in shortly. Only after about less than 5 min., Mark wheeled himself to the den and parked his wheel chair. He pulled himself out of the chair to sit on the floor so that the both of us could play Nintendo on the floor. I could tell that he must have gotten his diaper changed, as they were a lot bulkier than they were before. He bent forward to get the controls and I could see his plastic pants sticking out from behind his pants. He told me that he had to wear regular cloth diapers and plastic pants at home, since his daytime disposable diapers were expensive and were only to be used at school and other outings, such as Church, movies or going to the mall or such. I told Mark that I too, wore cloth diapers and plastic pants at night. I continued in saying that I like the comfort and the thickness of my cloth diapers and super soft plastic pants. Although I told him that I would be a little leery about wearing such thick cloth diapers and plastic pants during the day. Mark said that his mom made him wear this thick cloth diaper and plastic pants only at home and rarely outside the house although he did say that he wore them to the beach one afternoon under his swimsuit while on vacation on year. Since he didn’t know anyone, he just sat on the beach just in his cloth diapers and plastic pants.

I asked Mark on how he felt about wearing diapers at an age such of ours. He explained to be that when his accident happened, I was horrified that I was going to have to wear diapers again. He also said to me that during the first two months after the accident that he didn’t go outside the house in fear that someone would notice that he was wearing diapers. After a while he said that he got bored sitting at home and not being able to go out with other kids, even though he had to use his wheelchair, life would still go on. He finally got the nerve and started doing things outside the house and to his surprise, no one noticed that he was wearing diapers and even if they did notice they didn’t say anything. He continued in stating that now that it has been about 5 years since the accident I don’t remember anything but wearing diapers. He even said that once he was wearing his thick cloth diapers. Plastic pants and a tee shirt sitting just in his wheelchair, when a friend dropped by to visit him. The friend didn’t say a word about that he was just in his diapers, just accepted that this is the way it is was going to be, so the attention of his diapers wasn’t a big deal.

After playing Nintendo with Mark for about an hour or so and talking about how our lives were changed because of wearing diapers all the time, I had to go home for dinner. Mark and his mom took me home in their minivan. I thanked Mark for a great afternoon and told him that maybe we should plan an overnighter sometime. He said that he would like that; since he didn’t have many friends sleep over, due to his physical limitations and to the fact that he wore diapers. After I got home I told my mother that I needed a change before dinner. She told me that she was busy fixing dinner and that maybe I should ask John. I poked my head inside John’s bedroom door, which he immediately asked what I wanted. I sheepishly told him that I needed a change and mom was too busy to do it, so could you please change me. “Yeah, all right, let’s get to your room and change your little butt. We both went into my room and John went into my diaper closet and pulled out one of those really thick baby blue junior diapers. I lay on my bed and he pulled off my shoes and took down my pants. As he was un-taping my very wet diaper he told me that it probably would be a good idea if you started in learning to change your own diapers, that way you won’t need any assistance from anyone, especially in school. Although I bet it is nice to have someone look after you and change your diaper whenever you are wet. I kind of jealous that you are getting all this extra attention, just because you are wearing diapers. I said, “I’m sure that some of my diapers will fit you, if you want to start wearing them?” “No, he replied, I think that a guy of 17, is a little old to be wearing diapers and after all I don’t think my girlfriend would like her boyfriend still in diapers!” “I don’t know about that John, I bet she wouldn’t mind changing your diapers. Just think of the games you two could play if you started wearing diapers!” I replied. “Yah, right.” John said. After my wet diaper was removed, he cleaned me up a slid the clean thick diaper underneath me. He grabbed some baby powder and sprinkled some powder on the diaper and me. He carefully pulled the diaper between my legs and taped them into place. “There you go Cowboy, all diapered and ready for dinner,” as he padded my diapered rear-end. I got up off of my bed and pulled my pants over my thick baby-blue disposable diapers. I liked the feeling of these diapers. They were thick and the baby-blue color was babyish, just like Pampers or Huggies. During dinner I told my mom, dad and John that my new friend Mark has to wear diapers because of an auto accident he was in 5 years ago. I also brought up that since “I’m going to have to wear diapers to school, maybe you or dad can write an excuse for gym class for me. I don’t want to change in front of everyone. They’ll make fun of me because I’ll be in diapers.” “Well, I guess that would be an embarrassing situation. It’s not every day that you see thirteen-year old wearing diapers. But I think I speak for dad too, that you’re going to have to participate in gym class, like it not. You will have to undress like everyone else. It’s up to you on how to handle having them seeing your diapers. Since you don’t care about your daytime wettings and having us put you back into diapers during the day, then you’ll have to suffer the consequences. It is one thing for you to wear diapers at night for your bed wetting, but I think you have total control over your daytime wettings. It’s up to you, continue in wetting your pants and have to wear diapers, or stop wetting your pants and return to big boy underwear. You choose?” my mother told me. For the first time I’d realized what I was doing, but I couldn’t help myself. Deep down I wanted to wear my diapers, but I was scared what everyone else would think of my starting to wear diapers again at the age of 13. After dinner I returned to my room to do my homework. About 2 hours, my dad came into my room and told me that it was time for me to get ready for bed. Was I got up from my desk I started to undress myself. After I thoroughly undressed myself, except for the wet disposable diaper, I lay down on my bed. My father got out some clean cloth diapers and a fresh pair of plastic pants. As he un-taped my wet diaper he said to me, “Since that I see that you wet your diapers again, I’m assuming that you will be going to school in diapers tomorrow!” I can’t help it dad, and I really don’t want to wear diapers to school. But I don’t have any other choice, but wear them to prevent accidents.” “I know son. You’re trying your best to stop this problem, but I think you are right. You are going to have to wear diapers to school from now on.” I don’t think your classmates will tease you for wearing diapers to school. Just let them know it’s not your fault and you have to wear them to help control your bladder.” My dad said to me. My dad continued in putting my thick cloth diapers and plastic pants for me. After I was diapered for the night, he kissed me Goodnight and turned out the light. I lay there only in my thick cloth diapers and plastic pants wondering what tomorrow would bring!