Some Diaper histories

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Some Diaper histories



My Summer in Diapers by Baby Tommy

I can still vividly remember the first time I was diapered. It was the summer of 1961 and I was eight years old, I was spending the summer with my sister and nephew in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, where my brother in law was stationed in the Air Force. She had been visiting us because my father had a heart attack and was going to have surgery. Kathy had suggested that I go home with her and stay until she came back for my mother's birthday, in August. It was the end of May the first day of my visit. Kathy was diapering my nephew Bobby and getting him ready for bed. I was standing beside her in my pajamas watching her put diapers on Bobby and wishing it was me because I still wet the bed a couple of times a week. When she was done getting Bobby ready for bed she turned to me and asked me if I would like to play baby and sleep in diapers. I remember saying that his diapers looked comfortable. Before I knew what was happening Kathy had lifted me up onto the changing table and pulled my pajama bottoms off. Then she reached under me to get me 3 diapers and a pair of plastic pants with teddy bears on them. She asked me to lift up my bottom so she could slide the diapers under me, I remember how soft the diapers felt as I settled back on them. Next she sprinkled baby powder on me it smelled so nice. And the way she pulled the diapers so comfy and snug using little ducky diaper pins. Then she pulled the plastic pants on over the diapers. They were a little small but they felt good. When she set me down she asked me if I would like to sleep in the second crib that was set up in the nursery awaiting the birth of my second nephew. After I was in the crib she tucked me in and pulled up the side. She went to get Bobby's bedtime bottle, when she came back she had two bottles of warm milk. She gave one to Bobby then came over to me and put the nipple of the second one in my mouth! Later that night woke up because my nephew was crying. Was I dreaming, I felt my pajama bottoms, I was wearing diapers and they were wet! I watched my sister changing my nephew through half closed eyes pretending to be asleep when Kathy finished changing Bobby and had him settled down, she came over and checked my diaper. I remember how gentle she was as she changed my diapers carefully trying not to wake me. She nearly jumped a foot when I said thank you she asked me if I would like a binkie to help me get back to sleep. The next morning when I woke up Kathy was getting my nephew changed. She told me not to clime over the side of the crib, she would be over to get me out when she was done with Bobby. When she got me out of the crib, she asked me if I would like to play baby longer? Her only rule was that if she put a clean diaper on me I could not take it off, I had to use it. When she was done diapering me we went to the kitchen for breakfast. I felt a little funny because all I was wearing were diapers and baby pants. When we got to the kitchen Kathy put Bobby in his highchair and my brother in law set up another highchair. When he was done he lifted me into it and positioned the tray as Kathy tied a bib around my neck I wound up wearing diapers all day and most of the time that summer. The only other time she asked me if I wanted to wear diapers was the first time she changed me! that day. As she was changing me she said that I would have to get dressed because we had to go into town to get me some plastic pants because Bobby's were too tight on me. True to her word when I got dressed she put a t-shirt on me and pulled my shorts on over my diapers. I felt self-conscious with the bulge in my shorts; you could tell I was wearing diapers under them. While were in Woolworth's baby we department, a lady walked past and said It must be hard having two babies so close in age and a third on the way. I was very small for my age. Kathy told her that I was her baby brother, and she was taking care of me so she could get used to taking care of two babies while she picked out a package of large white plastic pants. I think she saw me eyeing another package of print ones like the first pair I wore so she bought me them also. When we got back to the car Kathy had me lay on the station wagon tailgate, where she pulled down my shorts to check my diaper, in public and to pull on a pair of baby pants that fit I remember how they looked as they loosely puffed out over my diapers in soft folds. That day she also bought me a footed sleeper and a couple of pair of pants with snap legs. Sometimes on warm days Bobby and I would go out wearing only diapers and plastic pants, because I was so small for my age no one seemed to think I was to old to be in diapers. Over the summer Kathy made several matching outfits for bobby and me. The last day Kathy put diapers and my favorite teddy bear plastic pants on me for the long car trip home. I had to be changed at all the rest stops. It was late when we got home and I was asleep I was wearing diapers when I woke up the next morning. After that my Mother let me sleep in diapers. Sometimes I would wear them all day on Saturday. I was right diapers are comfortable, and better then a wet bed. They also made long car trips much more comfortable. I still think back to that summer and today, more then 40 years later I think that was one of the best summers of my life I still sleep in diapers every night. I am happily married with an understanding wife who likes to keep me in diapers.


My history by Tim

I can't quite remember if I was 5 or 6 years old, but I remember that I wanted to wear diapers and plastic pants. I had a young brother who was still in diapers, and one evening while I was taking my bath I saw my brothers pull-on plastic pants (toddler size) lying on the floor. After I had dried myself off, I used the white bath towel as a diaper. I didn't have and diaper pins, so I just tucked the towel in on itself. I then pulled my brother's plastic pants on over the thick white diaper towel. Just as I finished, my mom came into the bathroom and saw me standing there just in a diaper and plastic pants. She screamed at me and asked me what I was doing. I didn't say much and she told me to take them off and come into her room. After putting on my pajama's she told me that if I wanted to wear diapers so much, I was going to wear one that night. So true to her word, she carefully re-diapered me with an actual 21"x40" baby diapers and then placed a pair of snap-on plastic pants over my thick cloth diapers and plastic pants. After this was all said and done she place my pajamas over the bulky mass and told me to kiss my dad goodnight as well as the guests that were at our house. I knew that it was quite obvious that I was diapered, and I was truly embarrassed, but deep down was quite excited and felt great to be wearing diapers. I remember that night that my plastic pants had come un-snapped and asked my older brother (he was 1 1/2 years older and slept on the bottom bunk) to re-snap my plastic pants for me (for some reason, I couldn't do it myself). I don't recall if he said anything to me, but after that night, I never got diapered my mom again (she thought I'd learned my lesson...Yeah right). To this day, I still love wearing cloth diapers and plastic pants and even disposable diapers...thinking I'm a teenager still having daytime and nighttime accidents and having to wear diapers to school and at night.


Baby John

I was a bed wetter as a boy. My mother forced me to wear diapers to bed until college. She loved to humiliate me and thought it would make me stop wetting. When she got home from work late at night, and half in the bag, she would check to see if I had a diaper on, if not she pulled off my underwear and diapered me, legs in the air, like a baby. She used lotion and powder and added a few smacks on the ass. I used cloth diapers until I was fourteen and they came out with disposable diapers. The cloth diapers were doubled with plastic pants. When we had company over I had to come out in my diaper and a shirt to say good night. If my cousins, male and female, were there they teased me until I cried. Several times when I was thirteen my mother let her friend from work, also drunk, help to diaper me. They were laughing and my mother pretended she couldn't find the pins as the women held my legs up. I was so humiliated my face turned beet red. I ran into the bathroom but my mother said if I didn't come out she would hang my diapers on the line outside so my friends would see them. When I came out my mother smacked my ass all the way back to the bed. I let them diaper me and I made sure I was diapered every night after that. When we switched to disposables she saw this as an chance to humiliate me. I had to carry my diapers to the register and she would say to the girl. "do you believe he still pees his pants". Sometimes she would hold plastic pants up to me at the store to pretend to see if they fit. This went on until I went away to college. When I was seventeen I refused to diaper myself and she started to dial the phone to tell my girlfriend I need diapers. She was talking to her mother saying what a baby I was, I was sure she would tell. I ran and got the diapers and started to put one on but she grabbed it and pointed to the kitchen table, still talking on the phone. I got on the table and she gave me the full baby diaper treatment. She hung up and told me I was going to wear this diaper to school the next day. I was sent to school in a wet diaper`. I pulled my shirt out to hide it and I had to skip gym but I don't think anyone noticed. My mother was not done humiliating me. She picked me up from school and took me to the doctors, she told him that I started to wet during the day I tried to deny it but I was wearing a wet diaper. On the way out my mother asked the nurse for a diaper when the nurse came back she took it and me by the hand to the bathroom, there were several people in the waiting room. When we got inside she said loud enough for everyone to hear, "now get that wet diaper off". Every eye was on me as I walked out. The strangest think happened, I started to become aroused, that was the start of it. Now I crave public diaper humiliation the rush is like a drug. I am 44 now and love to be exposed for the baby I am. I think about diapers every day, I can not find any women in New Jersey to humiliate me so I have turned to men, I am straight but I need my drug. I fear one day I will be arrested for wearing a diaper in public and be outed to my friends and family, my wife does not know. Last week I let my (daddy) take me outside his house late at night in a only a big wet diaper, plastic pant and a large pacifier in my mouth. He led me around his front yard, my diaper was slipping down. I know it was stupid but I couldn't stop myself. He made me crawl to the front door, my ass exposed my heart pounding, face beet red but I got my fix and I'll be ok for awhile.

When I got to college I didn't wet the bed at first, then I discovered beer. When I drank beer I put a diaper on as changing wet sheets would have given me away. One Sunday morning I awoke to a clicking noise. It was my roommate taking pictures of me in diapers. I tried to get the camera but he ran out of the room. He later told me I would be staying with his girlfriends roommate on weekends and his girlfriend would stay in my room, or he would show the pictures to the fraternity I was pledging. He had them blown up to 8 by 10.Martha was the girls name she was really fat and grew up on a farm down south. When I arrived at her room I was in for a shock, she started to talk to me like a baby. She took me by the hand and sat me down and took off my shoes socks and shirt then laid me back on the bed and started to unbuckle my pants. I said I didn't want to have sex she said she was a virgin and wanted to stay that way. She started to scold me like a bad baby. I started to get dressed when she took out one of the pictures of me in a diaper and said she was going to put it on one of the bulletin boards. I begged her not to and agreed to do I was told. She laid out the rules. I would be diapered all weekend. I could only talk baby talk. I would be changed by here, if I was good. She locked up my clothes and said if I was bad she would call her friends to come over. She sowed me baby clothes, bibs and hats. I was a doll for here to play with. The first time she diapered me I could tell she had never seen a dick, she had fun playing with it and was startled when I came. She feed me baby food and treated me like a baby. The bathroom was locked and I was permitted to shit in there but only after I posed for a picture. She would make me hold it till I almost lost control. Over the months she had pictures of me in every position, some naked, legs in the air, powdered, with a pacifier. At first I didn't like being treated like a baby, but the hand jobs were nice. I told her about my mother and how humiliation was now a turn on for me. The next weekend her girl friend was there and I was humiliated as she looked on in shock. She liked to spank me and I was made to lay over her knees bare-ass and she would turn my ass red. They took me on car trips changing me in the back seat and to a hospital supply store in a big diaper under sweat pants to buy diapers and plastic pants just like my mother did. I now loved what was happening to me and in fact needed it. You could say I not only got my B.A. at college I got my A.B. Now I was an adult baby with diaper and humiliation fetishes and a submissive that liked being spanked. I get my humiliation rush today going to parties in a diaper and baby clothes and being changed in front of everyone. There are pictures of the last party on Yahoo club, Diaper Punishment. Look for baby JohnJohn. Its a rush having my naked pictures posted. You must be a member but its easy to join.


My history, by Chris

I have been a diaper lover for some time. I really do not know why it started, but for some reason I have always wanted to wear diapers and wet my pants. This is how I started to wear diapers.

When I was 13 years old, I finally got up the nerve to wet my bed. I did it on purpose, but like I said I really don't know why I like to do it. Anyway I wet one night, but my mom really didn't say much, she just thought it was an accident. I let it go a few days, then I tried it again. Mom really didn't care so I did again and I did it for the rest of the week. Mom never took me to a doctor or anything, but she did say that if continued to happen we might look into some protection. I thought this sounded great, but I didn't show it. Of course what did I do, I wet the bed again. Mom didn't say anything when I woke up, she just took my sheets to wash them. That night as I was getting ready for bed, my mom had put a pack of 'Goodnites' on my dresser. She told to wear these until I quit wetting the bed. Man was I happy. Yeah it was kind of embarrassing, but that is what I wanted.

From then on out I started wearing 'Goodnites' to bed. Mom and dad were cool with it. It became normal that I wore them. I would put one on after I got in the shower that night and would wear them around the house and watch TV with them on. On the weekends sometimes I would even wear them for a couple hours after I woke up until mom said I had to change. I think she knew that I liked them, but she never said anything to me.

Throughout the rest of my high school life I wore 'Goodnites' to bed. I even had one friend that knew about it, but he didn't care. He even said that he wet the bed once or twice that year and he was 16 at the time! I would even wet my pants during the day on occasions. That had to few and far between because that is a little more embarrassing. Like one time me and a friend went bike riding and I was 15. We starting down a trail and we wanted to make good time so I wet my pants. That was pretty cool, and my friend didn't joke me too much.

Well, I thought I would share my story with you and I hope this brings hope to all that like and want to wear diapers. Goodnites rule!



Diaper history of Alex

I was toilet-trained by the age of two. At that stage I don't really remember wanting to be in diapers anymore. I do remember that I was allowed to wear training pants (thick terrycloth ones) until about the age of four because I still had accidents in the night. I wasn't punished for them, however: if I wet the bed I would go and wake my mother, and she would come to my room and change the linen, give me a clean pair of training pants and put me back in bed.

I was about five when I started wanting to be in diapers again. I hadn't actually remembered this until recently. My friends and I would often pretend we were "big" by putting on our parent's shirts, pants, hat, tie, etc, but I always wanted us to dress up as babies. And I didn't care about baby bottles or baby outfits, only about getting to wear a diaper again. I never dared to wet one, but I got satisfaction out of wearing the diaper all the same. My mother either indulged this play, or didn't notice because at that stage my brother was still basically a baby and we slept in the same room, so I had easy access to diapers.

When I started school at age six I remember being jealous of my brother, who would walk around the house in just his training pants and a small undershirt. All our relatives thought he was "cute" (and he was!) but I wanted to be the one still wearing the thick terrycloth pants!

It wasn't until I was about eleven or so that I started *really* wanting to wear diapers. As I didn't have supplies, I was very frustrated. I tried wetting my underpants a couple of times while standing or sitting on the toilet, but I didn't get much satisfaction out of this. However, I sometimes wore old underwear together and pretended they were diapers, but I couldn't do this too often because I was afraid of being caught. That is, however, when I started thinking of myself as a "diaper wearer".

I was also hampered by the fact that my parents would not let me lock my bedroom door. And when I was younger they didn't knock before coming in. None of the doors in our house had keys, and wearing diapers would have been noticed right away! So it wasn't until I was about sixteen that I managed to get some better supplies.

I had moved into another room, built later, one that did have a key, and was able to indulge my passion. I bought a set of four diapers while out shopping for something else, sewed them together (badly) and had a makeshift diaper (although it was 'real' in the sense that it was made from real baby diapers).

I'll never forget the first time I put on that diaper. The feeling was amazing! It was soft and surrounded me perfectly! I simply lay on my bed with my legs apart looking at myself, shirtless, in just a diaper. It was fantastic! After that I'd put the diaper on a couple of times a week, but didn't pee in it for a couple of months. It goes without saying that I *did* rub myself a lot through the diaper, but I took care not to ejaculate in it, because I had nowhere to hang it up after washing it.

Eventually the temptation became too much, and I did pee in it. As I had no plastic pants, I had to do it while standing in the bath. It took awhile before I really got much of a stream going, but once I did, I filled that diaper up with warm pee! It felt wonderful! The warmth of the pee in the diaper against my skin turned me on so much, not to mention the sight of the diaper as it turned yellow and started to sag. I just stood there looking down at the diaper, feeling fulfilled at last. And then it started to leak, and the pee ran down my legs and into the bath. That was a turn-on too: the fact that I'd had an 'accident' with my diaper. I got hard really fast, and jerked off frantically by putting my hand inside my pissy diaper. I felt great!

Dealing with washing the huge diaper was a problem, though. I developed a system of washing it in the bath after wetting it, then hiding it away until nighttime, hanging it up after everyone went to bed, then taking it down in the mornings before anybody else used the bathroom. Quite often it would still be damp, but I'd have to hide it again until the next night. Sometimes it took three or four days to dry it in this way. I would keep it in a plastic packet in the dresser where I normally kept my books because I was the only one to ever look in there (the dresser did not have a lock). Eventually I got tired of dragging this huge, heavy thing around, and I tore the diapers into quarters and used them as rags for washing the car, floor, etc. Luckily no one asked me where they had come from, as we always had a rag or two in our cleaning closet.

After that I bought a white baby towel with a hood, cut the hood off and used that as a diaper, fitting some of my diaper rags in the crotch for some bulk. The towel was a lot lighter, and much easier to wash. Also, it looked like a towel, so I'd just hang it on the towel rail in the bathroom and warn people that it was *my* towel and not to use it. Plus, my diaper rags looked like old face cloths, so it didn't seem too suspicious. Since the towel was smaller, it fit more snugly, and I'd get a hard-on every time I wore it! I even bought myself some cute baby pins with animal faces on them, and pinned the towel on with four of them at a time.

I continued in this way until I was staying with my brother and sister-in-law and their children. I had to be very careful about where and when I wore my diaper. Luckily I had my own bathroom and could hang my diapers in there quite openly, but I had to be careful at other times because sometimes the rugrats (my niece and nephew) would come in unexpectedly. This was the only time I ever tried to tell anyone about my diapers. My sister-in-law was quite sympathetic, knowing that I used the family computer to read what she thought were porn stories (they were diaper stories, of course - well, most of the time!). She even let me use her email address to send mail from, and was very discreet about it. We got on very well, and she allowed me to watch the rugrats whenever they needed a babysitter.

One day she accidentally opened a diaper-related email meant for me. She wasn't really shocked, but she couldn't really understand it either. I tried to ask (in a roundabout way) if she would mind diapering me (in a totally platonic way, of course!), but she thought it was a come-on and stopped the conversation cold. It was a pity, because I'd been hoping she would mention it to my brother, to see how he felt about it (up to this day we have never discussed it). I'd have liked for the two of us to be "diaper brothers" together, like the boys in my story "The J-Birds in Diapers". But it didn't happen, and I had to continue hiding my diaper-wearing, and I promised my sister-in-law that I wouldn't ever mention it to her again. I kept that promise, and she allowed me to continue to babysit the rugrats, obviously on the condition that I never said anything to them or ever wore diapers in front of them. And I never did.

Now that I have my own apartment, I can wear my diapers more openly, and don't have to worry about people seeing them (I still hang them in the bathroom, but out of sight behind the shower curtain, so it's no problem even if people do visit). I still don't have 'proper' diapers, but I wear two of the baby towels pinned around me, and a half of one in the crotch and towards the rear for some bulk and padding. The effect this has is to make my bottom look huge, and to have thickness between my legs. I have to waddle when wearing the diaper, as putting my legs together is difficult. At least, with the diaper this bulky, it doesn't usually leak when I pee.

I don't like the idea of doing a number two in the diaper, and never have. But I put on my diaper almost every day, and use it at least half the time. I get emotional (and obviously some sexual) fulfillment out of wearing my diapers. I just wish there was someone else in my neighbourhood who liked diapers, as I'd love to be diapered by someone besides myself.


My history by Bill

Some background: DOB 1937. My Mother gave me a Saturday night bath from as far back as I can remember [and she washed everything] until I got out of sixth grade. I also got suppositories and enemas on a somewhat regular basis until I was 14 years old. At the age of 12 I was in the hospital for two weeks and the second week was put into diapers and changed just like a little baby boy. I liked the attention after the first day and sort of made a "game" of it, and even enjoyed it, even the rectal temps taken. My Mom took it this way at home a lot when I was a kid even when I was a teen of high school age. She would feel my forehead and if she thought I had a temp go get the thermometer and jar of Vaseline, shake it down and I would pull down the covers, and pull down my PJs and get on my belly. She separated the cheeks of my butt and inserted it, and hold it in for 4 minutes. Sometimes she shook down the thermometer and took it again. I would almost always get an erection [during bath time too] whenever she inserted anything in my anus/rectum. About 3 years ago I had a growth removed from inside the urethra of my penis and I started to wear diapers. Last summer I had two growths removed from inside the rectum. No cancers. One day I wet/messed my diaper and a friend, who was cutting the grass, knocked on the door to see how I was doing. He is 18 years old and I said, "Not too good - I just had an accident." He could smell it. "Oh!" he said, "That's OK, I change my little sister all the time. Do you want some help?" I said nothing but went and got the cloth-rubber pad, put it on the bed, and the wipes, baby oil, baby powder, toilet paper, rubber gloves etc. and took off my pants and lay on the pad in my diaper. I spread my legs, bent my knees, and my thoughts went back to being 12 again. He cleaned me up just like a baby and then gave me a bath just like Mom did, washed everything. At the time I really needed this type of care. He was my Care Giver for the rest of the summer once a week, and paid for his work. I am still in diapers at night, mornings, and when I go out. Next to my tools I believe my most sensitive sex organ is my brain, my skin and my anus/rectum.



My history, by DEPENDable

I was in the hospital in the seventh grade, and I was going to have surgery the next day. The nurse was giving me some stuff to clean out my stomach, and she said I should probably use some protection because I might have an accident in my pants. I don't remember much of the details but I remember ending up in diapers. I don't think I actually used them but if I could go back in time I would. Anyway the only thing I remember of that night is what the stack of the diapers looked like.

I think that's what made me want to find some. It was like a year later and I had a craving for diapers, I always looked on diaper sites, and envied the people. So then I decided I would check my physical therapy. There was this big changing table and a couple cabinets under it. So I checked under it, I had struck gold! Most of the diapers were too small but I could kind of fit some goodnights on. I did this for a while when one summer I decided to get my own.

In summer my little brother has Little League, and my parents usually go to watch him, so I would have the house to myself. I decided to go out and get some diapers of my own. I walked down to a local Walgreen's and but some depends my size. I hid some in my backpack went home and peed in some. Every now and then when everyone was gone I would do my routine. My routine is:

Go get to diapers, some Vaseline, and some gloves. I put one diaper on and act like a baby. I watch some TV and I pretend to have done something bad. I spank myself and go into the bathroom. I take off my diaper, put the glove on and put some Vaseline on my finger and insert it into my anus, and rub the Vaseline all over my butt crack. I'm straight, but I just love the feeling on valuing in my bum. I finish up that, put on a new diaper, crawl around a while, and sit down and take a dump. I love the feeling. The Vaseline really adds to it, it slips around. Anyway I sit around in it for a while like watch TV, and then I dispose of the evidence. I have been doing this for a while, and know one knows about it.


John's diaper history

I started wetting the bed every night at age 5. My mother use to put towels under the sheets every night to help soak up the pee. After about a month of this you could tell mother was getting pretty frustrated. We lived in a neighborhood with many 1, 2, and 3 year olds running around in cloth diapers and plastic pants. I had been playing outside after dinner and came in for the night into our kitchen. Sitting at the kitchen table was my mother and one our neighbors named Betty smoking a cigarette and talking. On the kitchen table were a stack of cloth diapers, pins, plastic pants and baby powder. I got a huge lump in my throat and asked, "who are those for? "Betty looked at me and said, "you, of course. Your mother says you wet the bed every night and I told her I could keep your bed dry."

My mother reached over and began to unbutton my pants and pull them down. Betty was folding 2 cloth diapers and laying them on the kitchen floor. She sprinkled baby powder all over the diapers and then turned to me and grabbed my underwear and pulled them off. She sprinkled baby powder on my butt and made sit on the diapers. She then sprinkled baby powder all over my penis. She picked up the diaper pins and put them into her mouth. She pinned each side tightly and pulled me up off the floor. Next came the worst part. She reached behind her and shook out a pair of pastel blue plastic pants. She opened them up and made me step into them. I can still feel them as she pulled them up over my knees and over my double diapers. I looked down at them and they had tiny little air holes at the top of the sides. I can still see them as plain as day. Betty made sure the leg band s were not twisted and the plastic pants were covering my diapers. She patted me on the butt. My mother and Betty took me back to my bedroom and put me in bed. Betty looked at my Mother and said, "if he really soaks a lot, you might want to fold a third diaper and use it as an insert." Then they left.

After a couple of nights my mother came home one afternoon with packages of cloth diapers, pins, Woolworth's pat-a-cake super large plastic pants, diaper pail, baby powder and diaper rash cream. My mother diapered me, put a tee shirt on me and handed all the diapers, pins and plastic pants she borrowed from Betty. She made me take those back to Betty wearing no pants. I knocked at their door and Betty made me come inside. She said, "I know you are embarrassed but you will thank me someday.". She snapped the waist band of my plastic pants and laughed. She had a 3 year old in diapers so we became friends and I stayed overnight many times at their house. I wore diapers and plastic pants every night until I was 17. My mother hung my diapers and plastic pants on the clothes line like all the other neighbors who had toddlers in diapers. It was very humiliating. I ran into Betty many years later and she whispered softly to me, "still wearing diapers to bed, John?" and then she winked.



For as long as I can remember before I turned nine I've always had a liking for diapers. Whenever I got the chance I was always taking diapers from younger cousins of mine or from the diaper bags of friends of my moms that I would hide in my room. My mom must have known something, or at least guessed it, but she never really did say anything that I can remember. Because when I would go to where I had hidden the diapers I had taken they would be gone. When I was nine though, she was watching a cousin of mine that was about two and a half for a few days while my aunt and uncle went out of town for a second honeymoon type of thing. He was staying in the bedroom that was next to mine that shared the same bathroom as mine so getting a few diapers of his to have for myself wasn't that hard. One morning while I was having breakfast I remember my mom going around and gathering up all of his things because she said that my aunt and uncle would be here after while to pick my cousin up. After I was done with breakfast I went up to take a bath like I always did.

It was while I was in the bathroom that I got busted big time. While I was in the bathroom she came in to get his bath toys only to find me laying there in one of his diapers. I don't remember exactly what she said but I do remember that she wasn't too happy. When she asked what I thought I was doing I remember telling her I wanted to see what wearing a diaper was like. I don't remember everything that was said but I remember having a feeling that I was in big trouble and that she said she would deal with me later. I went ahead and took my bath and had come back out into my room to get dressed. When I came into my room and was putting my shorts on is when I noticed the bag of my cousin's diapers sitting on my bed. I never will forget that just as I was finishing my mom came in and said – "not so fast young man, you want to see what wearing a diaper is like, you're going to." –

That being said I was told to get up on the bed and lie down. She was still pretty mad so I did as I was told. In just the matter of a few tugs she had both my shorts and my underwear off, and my ankles in her hand pulling my butt up off the bed as she slipped one of my cousin's diapers under me. I remember her saying that now she knows why she keeps finding diapers in my room, and that if I was going to act like a baby I was going to be a baby. And so it went.

For the next couple of days I wore nothing but a diaper and maybe a t- shirt, just like my cousin had done while he was there. Several times during the day she would check me and if I was wet I'd get changed just like I had watched her change my cousin. Messing, was something else though. Although I knew that that's what babies did in their diapers, that's something I had never done in any of the diapers that I had ever took. I knew that there weren't that many diapers left and I figured I could hold it until they were gone and I got my pants back. I learned my lesson though; when she put a pair of shorts on over my diaper and we went to the store. We went straight to the baby section where she loaded up on not only more diapers, but all the things that went with them. That did it. We hadn't even left the store before I knew what it felt like to have a messy diaper on. That's pretty much about it. She kept me diapered pretty much for the rest of the summer and I learned not only how it felt to be diapered but also how to use one for what it's meant for.


John R.

My mother made me wear diapers to bed every night until I left for college. I was sent to school in diapers, put outside the house in just diapers until the age of ten. My mother told my friends I was a diaper boy and they told the kids at school. I was humiliated every day at school. When I was 14 some guys from the wresting team caught me cutting through the woods. They pulled down my pants to see if I was diapered, I was not. One of the kids went home to get a diaper and powder. I was forced to remove all my clothes and they took turns giving me OTK spankings until they really made me cry. Then one of the boys laid me down and diapered me like a baby, legs in the air with lots of powder. One of the kids ran home and got his dad's Polaroid camera and took pics of the spanking and diapering. Then my clothes were thrown in the creek and I was sent home in just the diaper On the way home a group of girls from school saw me, one of them was a girl I had a crush on, they were laughing so hard I thought they would pee their panties. The boys told me if I told anyone the pics would be shown around school. I ran home, my sister was the only one home and she never told my mother. After several months the pics were shown around school anyway. My new name was pee pee pants diaper boy. Now I have very bad diaper and humiliation fetishes, I keep going out with thick diapers, sometimes showing. I have been changed in; the back seat, on the side of a busy road, at parties with people watching, restroom, outside the stall, the woods and behind a dumpster at a parade. I keep seeking more and more diaper humiliation. I would go on TV if they let me. I am thinking of running out on the field at Yankee Stadium in wet diapers and plastic pants.

Sister Watches My Diapers Changes.

My mother made me wear diapers to bed every night until I left for college. Up until age 12 my mother diapered me and she did not care who was watching. Looking back now I know she was trying to humiliate me as a way of getting back at my dad; he split when I was 5. My sister was three years younger than me. She was always allowed to be in the room when I was being bathed and diapered. I just thought it was normal I wet the bed like a baby and I was treated as such. That's what my mother said. My mother would say things to my sister as she diapered me. Like, "All men should be kept in diapers, look at Johnny's little pee pee it's like a baby's." I just lay there with my legs in the air fully exposed as she diapered me like a baby. It was not just my sister, it was anyone that happened to be at our house. My mother did not like closed doors, and my room was right off the kitchen. All my relatives, cousins, mothers and my friends ,and even delivery men. My sister loved the power she had over me. After age 12 I was allowed to diaper myself most of the time. My sister was in charge of making sure I did it. My mother did allow us to close the bathroom door but she took the lock off. My sister liked to walk in on me when I was getting ready for bed. She liked to catch me diapering myself so she could make fun of me. I only wet the bed about once a week after age 15 but diapers were still mandatory. My sister was still walking in to check to see if I diapered myself. Several times right up until I left for college, I dozed off while reading in bed. My sister would rat me out to my mother, who by that time was drunk. I would awake to my pants being pulled down, and while being scolded and spanked I would be diapered again like a baby with my sister watching with a smile on her face. You might think I was fool to let this happen to me but I was just used to it. I was brainwashed. My sister threatened to tell my girlfriend about me when I was 17,she had me doing whatever she wanted, all the work around the house even cleaning her room. One night when she was 14 she told me she would be diapering that night to be in her room after dinner, that was very early for diapers. I had gone a month without wetting and my mother was going to try it without diapers. My sister knew I would be wet in the morning but to be sure she made me drink a big glass of water and go right to bed. I knew it was wrong to let her diaper me but since she saw me fully exposed so many times and I had no choice. She did it just like my mother making fun of my dick and smacking me on the ass. My sister holds this over me to this day. I now know my mother was sick and she made my sister and me both sick. My sister is gay and a dominant. I am still a little pee pee pants diaper boy that likes to expose himself in diapers with people watching. I live in NJ and I will let anyone do this to me, sometimes I pay for it.

Due to the diaper humiliation I went through as a boy I seek the same as an adult. I have hooked up with a daddy-dom I found on-line. He likes to diaper and humiliate me in public. He has parties at his house and I am paraded around in diapers and sometimes handcuffs until they are soaked and drop to my ankles then I am changed like a baby, legs in the air with everyone watching and laughing. He like to take me to medical supply stores for diapers and plastic pants, sometimes he makes me wet my pants a little before we go in sometimes I am in double diapers and plastic pants. He speaks in a loud voice and act mad because I wet his car. He asks for diapers and sometimes they let me try them on. He has changed me in the back seat of the car parked on the side of a busy road or parking lot. He took me to a gay bar (I'm not gay) with short little gym shorts slit halfway up the sides and a short tee short with diapers under them. The diaper was visible on the sides and he made me sit at the bar and spread my legs so everyone could look up there and see my diaper bulge. He made me wet myself till the diaper was pulling down my shorts it was so heavy, then he made me play pool. My diaper was in plain sight and when I started to beg him to leave because I had to hold my pants up he stuck a big pacified in my mouth. This type of humiliation makes me hard, I love it. He filled a baby bottle with beer and told me to keep it in my mouth and pulled out my teddy bear and told me not to drop it or I would get a bare ass spanking right there. He led me to the restroom just as we got to the door my diaper fell to my knees. I had to walk in with them around my ankles. I went for the stall but he pulled me by my hair and changed me standing up in front of the mirror with guys walking in and out and holding the door open. I was so turned on by this he almost could not close the new diaper. Then the bouncer came and told us to leave so Daddy made we walk out with just the diaper and nothing else, all the way to the car where he belted me into the middle of the backseat for the ride home. Where I got a spanking.


Baby Ricky

As far back as I can remember, I was attracted to diapers. I was potty trained at age two because my baby brother was born and mom did not want two babies in diapers. I used to watch my mother change my brother's diapers and wish that I was getting that kind of attention again. By the time I was four my baby brother was also potty trained and so the diapers were put away.

I never thought much about the diapers until I was about six years old. I was playing outside across the street. As I cut through the neighbor's yard I was stunned to see a whole clothesline full of Curity cloth diapers just like the ones mom always used. I could not believe my eyes. My heart started to pound in my chest and I felt very dizzy. I had to have some of those diapers. I ducked back in the bushes and waited until I was sure no one was looking. Then I went to the end of the clothesline and grabbed four of the diapers off the line. I quickly ran back to the bushes undid my jeans and stuffed in the diapers as best I could. I zipped-up my jeans and pulled out my shirttail to hide the bulge in my pants.

I ran home as fast as I could and went directly to my room. My head was swimming and I was beside myself with excitement. I decided to stash the cloth diapers in the back of my closet and wait until bedtime to try them on. Just as I slid the door to my closet shut and turned around, there was my mother and she did not look happy. I just froze with fear. Mom told me to sit on my bed. When I was seated she told me that our neighbor across the street had just called and said that she had seen me stealing some of her baby's cloth diapers off of her clothesline. I didn't know what to say. She asked me if I had done that. I very slowly said yes. Then she asked me why I would do such a thing. All I could say is that I just wanted to know what it felt like to be diapered like a baby again. Then she got really angry and told me to stay sitting on my bed and not to move, she would be back soon.

After about 15 minutes my mom returned but she did not seem as mad. She talked to me in a soothing tone, saying that she wished that I had told her before about my desire to be babied. She said that if she had known she would have gotten me my own baby things. Next she told me that we were going shopping to get what I wanted so that I would not have to steal from other people. But first she said I would need to be dressed properly and that since I wanted to act like a baby that is exactly what I would get. Mom told me to get the diapers that I had stolen. As I did, she said that as punishment for stealing that I would spend the rest of the summer vacation as her new baby. I handed her the diapers. She folded them together so they would fit me then she told me to lay down on my bed so she could get her baby's diapers on him. I started to cry and tell her that I was not a baby and did not want to be treated as a baby. She did not pay attention to a word I said. She pushed me back on the bed, pulled off my shorts and underwear in one quick motion, lifted my legs in the air and slid my thick white diaper under me. Mom told me to lay still, she did not want to stick the baby with the diaper pin. She spread my legs and pulled the cloth baby diaper up between my legs and pinned it tightly at the waist with two little ducky diaper pins. Then she stood me up and made me look at myself in the full-length mirror. She said this is what babies look like.


Tuuv's Story


How I got into wearing diapers

Well i guess i should start from the beginning. I was born in 1975 (just turned 22). My dad was in the army so we moved around a lot. For some reason or other i never was never able to stay dry at night. When i was 5 or 6 i remember getting diapered by mom. I had to sleep in the same room with my older sister so it made for some interesting situations. My sister had her friend sleep over this one time. During the day we played this game where one of us would dress up and then come out and show the other two. Well my sister suggested her friend put on one of my diapers. I was so embarressed! Later that night my mom put me in my diaper and sent me to bed. I had to crinkel my way past my sister friends, embarressing me again! Soon after this my mom stopped making me wear diapers and i was left to wet the bed every night.


There not much more that happened until i was 10. By that time my mom and dad were divorced. My mom was sent to a course all summer to get a promotion so me and my sister were sent to live with our grandma. Soon after arriving my grandma tired of wet beds and put me back into diapers. The first night back in diapers was interesting. I sensed something was up when she told me to go back to my bedroom an hour before my bedtime. She followed me as i walked to my room and this got me worried. I thought i had done something wrong and was gonna get spanked. When we got to the room i saw a diaper laying on my bed. It's hard to explain my reaction to seeing a diaper on my bed. I was embarressed, excited and scared. My grandma told me to take off my pants, adding to the already ackward situation. I slowly started working on taking my pants down. I knew she meant business by her tone of voice. When i was finally nude she told me to remove my hand covering my front as she reached unto the bed and picked up the diaper. She put it on to me while standing up. When I was in the diaper she told me i would have to put one on every night and then she had me get into bed. That night i remember feeling the diaper, rubbing the front and moving around in bed to feel it rub against me. I know it felt good but there was a big part of me that felt it was not something a boy should enjoy doing. For the rest of the summer i was in diapers:) The only thing is it didn't really help cause it would rip and i was a heavy wetter. That summer is the bases for a lot of my fanstasies today. I wish i would have gotten more of a baby treatment and all that kinda stuff.


The next major event on my road to being an adult baby was when i was 11. My mom and sister went out for the night for some reason. I got bored watching tv so i started looking around the house for no real reason, just cause i was bored. In a closet i found a box of pampers. My heart rate jumped and i got a funny feeling throughout my body. I pulled one of the diapers out and looked it over. I felt it's softness and smelled the wonderful baby powder arouma. In no time i put the diaper on. It didn't really fit but i was able to get the tapes fastened. I didn't pee in it and took it off a little while later. I never tried them on again and never really thought about diaper for a few years. I had discovered the joys of masterbating and that was taking all my attention.


When i was 12 or so i found a diaper in the garbage can in the bathroom at school. I got that funny feeling again and just had to have that diaper. I stuffed it in my book bag and took it home with me that day. It had been used but that didn't matter to me. I put the diaper into the front of my underwear and sat back in awe. I soon started buying baby diapers, taping them together to try to get them to fit. For the most part that was my aby life then.


My mom went on vacation with her boyfriend a few weeks before i went off to college. Within minutes of them leaving i was in my car rushing over to a drug store to buy attends. I had never used them before but was really excited to try them. After almost passing out while buying the diapers i rushed back home to put them on. For two weeks i was in diapers every chance i could get. It was incredible! But sadly that had to end as i left home to start college.


I've been enjoying my diapers happyly ever sense:)



My True diaper experiences

I don't remember when it was that I had my first diaper experience, but I remember playing in the back yard with my brother and we wound up trying to put a diaper on me. After that I remember always looking at diapers with interest. Around seven I found some old diapers in the church bathroom and trying them on. It was great! By the time I was 8 I had stolen some Pull-Ups and wore them around even at home because they were so discreet, nobody knew. Then when I was 12 my grandma moved in and she brought along some adult diapers, Attends size large, old style. I took some and wore them whenever I could, but you would have laughed at me if you could have seen it. They were huge on me and so thick. It was truly bliss. From then on I have always liked Attends. They are the only ones that have felt like baby diapers to me. Later in high school I got my own room, and found a drugstore that sold Depends trial packs. They weren't my favorite but they were diapers. All through high school I wore diapers when I could, but only at night or when no one was home.

Then I joined the Navy and had money. When I finally got my permanent assignment I bought some and wore them whenever I could. When I would go home I would wear them and use them for their intended purpose, because it saved time and felt great while driving all that way. This is when I learned that diapers do leak and that they need the baby oil, powder, and rash cream. And of course I began to enjoy smelling and feeling like a baby. During this time I got into an accident that gave me plenty of free time spent on cruising the web. This is when I found DPF, Deeker's and Daily Diapers. When saw these sites my heart raced and I could hardly think about much else. I ordered my first cloth diaper and talked to the first ABDL I had ever met through chat. I was so excited I don't even remember who it was I talk to. A little while later I ordered my first baby clothing and was extremely happy. I really liked wearing onesies because it keeps the diaper from sagging to much. When I got my first cloth diaper I even wore it to work one day, but I was only there for 20 minutes. I was sweating the whole way.

A couple of months ago I went on a cross-country trip by car. I decided that I HAD to wear diapers the whole way. Of course not while I was around people I knew. It was nice except for when I got leaks. This makes it hard to get out of the car to into restaurants or rest areas to change. So one day I decided I am going to prevent the leaks by doubling up, and cut a slit in the first diaper so that it would over flow to the second. This was great but the bulk was really difficult to hide. This was really scary when I got pulled over for speeding. The cop knew I was military, and I really did not have to make up a story as to why I was wearing a diaper even though I was in the military. Luckily he didn't ask me to get out of the car and he didn't give me a ticket either, which was great. My whole trip was great with the exception of the rash I got. It really reinforced my desire to find a mommy or bay sitter to change me, preferably a girlfriend that will be open to my side. Recently I ordered a bunch of cloth diaper stuff and found that I like disposables more, they are easier to put on, and they fit better. Although the all in one with Velcro I am wearing right now is really good. That's my story.



This is a true account of how I started back in diapers.

When I was about five years old I was still wetting the bed enough that my mom kept a plastic sheet on my bed. Actually it was an old shower curtain. I hated the noise it made when I moved around in it but I had no choice. My younger brother was two and had his own room. He was potty trained in the day and was just beginning to achieve night dryness.

For some reason the summer after I turned five, I started to have daytime accidents where I would be outside playing with the neighborhood kids and without realising it I would wet my pants. All the kids would make fun of me and tell me to go have my mom change my pants. My mom was sympathetic at first but after a while I guess she decided enough was enough.

I was outside playing kickball with the other kids. I was on third base and all of a sudden I started to wet my shorts. I remember standing there with pee running down my leg and I could not stop. My mom heard all the laughing and come out to see what was going on. When she saw that I had wet myself again, she became very angry and grabbed me by the hand and led me inside. I thought that she would give me a spanking and put me in my room. Instead we passed my room and went straight to my baby brother's room. She picked me up and put in my brother's crib and stripped off my wet shorts and underwear. Everything was happening so fast that I could not say a word. Mom told me to lay still and then went over to the closet and came back with a box that said "BABY THINGS". I was still in shock as mom opened the box and took out two cloth diapers, some baby wipes, little ducky diaper pins, and some baby powder.

Fist mom took a baby wipe and proceeded to clean me up. As I lay there I remember how vulnerable I felt. Next she folded the two diapers together so they would fit me, grabbed my ankles and lifted me up then slid the cloth diapers under me. The whole time she is telling me that she is tired of cleaning up after me and that this had been the fourth time this week that I had wet my pants like a little baby and that if I was going to act like a baby, that she was going to treat me like a baby. She said that I was going to wear a diaper for the rest of the day just like a baby.

I was crying and telling her that I didn't wet on purpose and that it would not happen again. Please don't put me back in diapers. She said that I could show her what a big baby I was.

As I lay there mom sprinkled the baby powder on my diaper area then pulled the cloth diapers up between my legs and fastened them on each side with the little ducky diaper pins. When she was finished she stood me up on the floor and told me to go outside and play. I asked for some clean shorts to put on over my diapers but she said that I don't need any shorts and that I should let all my friends see that I was wearing baby diapers. I said "But they will think I am a baby". Mom said that they already knew I was a baby because they had seen me wet my pants four times this week.

Mom led me by the hand outside to show all the kids that I was being treated like a baby. I stood there in total humiliation with nothing on except my T shirt, shoes and socks, and cloth diapers. One of the kids said she thought I looked so cute, especially the ducky diapers pins.

After about an hour of teasing we started to play hide and seek. I was hiding and I felt that I had to pee. Before I could move I just let loose and wet my diaper. I was so scared I didn't know what to do. About that time the person that was it found me and noticed right away that I had wet my diaper. Instead of tagging me he went to the back door and told my mom that I had wet my diapers. My mom came outside and this time she was madder that I had ever seen her. She yanked me up by my arm and dragged me to the house. The whole time she was saying that she could not believe that I had wet my diaper. Mom took me back to my baby brother's room and put me in his crib. As she was unpinning my wet diaper she was saying that she knew now that I was a real big baby and need to be in diapers. I said that it was an accident and that I was not a baby. She said, "How can you lay there in a wet diaper and tell me you are not a baby that still needs his diapers. I could not answer.

Mom took off my wet diaper, cleaned me up and put a dry diaper on me. I was really surprised when she took a pacifier out of the box and told my to put it my mouth. I did as she said as I started to cry. She said look at you. I think you really are just a big baby. When she was done diapering me she set me on the floor and then took me over to the full length mirror on the back of the door so that I could see myself in diapers and sucking on a pacifier. Then she led me to the kitchen where she filled a baby bottle with milk, handed it to me and told to drink the bottle. I was then told to go outside for a little while and that she would call me in later. All of the kids had gone home by this time so I was not publicly humiliated again. I was worried about what my mom had planned.

When my mom finally called me inside she said that she had a surprise for me and that things were going to be different around the house. She took me down the hall to my baby brother's room. As I looked around I noticed that something was different. There was a diaper pail by the crib and diaper stacker full of cloth diapers hanging on the end. Then mom explained the surprise. She had been worried about how she could afford new bedroom things for my baby brother since he had been potty trained both day and night and no longer needed to sleep in a crib. Mom had found a solution. My brother and I would switch rooms and from now on I was going to be the baby. I could not believe my ears. Then mom showed me that all my brother's clothes had been moved to my old room and that my clothes had been packed in a box and that my new dresser was filled with baby clothes, diapers, and plastic baby pants. From now on I was to be the baby and would be treated just like a baby with pacifiers, baby bottles, diapers, I would sleep in the crib and eat my meals in a high chair.

For the next three years I was in diapers all the time. There was no attempt to hide my diapers or the fact that I was a big baby who still needed his diapers. Then mom potty trained me again and this time it took.

I will never forget my diaper experience and to this day I wear cloth diapers as often as possible.


Kidtimmy’s Story

I'm not really sure how it began. I was a "late bloomer" got out diapers late (sort of), started school late. I had problems in school because it was discovered that I had dyslexia. I was "babied" by my mom a lot when I was younger. I believe that to be the main reason, but I not totally sure.

I was never really caught in the act of wearing diapers, my mother would find my stash of diapers. She never really allow me to have any personal space, so had to hide them somewhere else in the house besides my bedroom, but she would eventually find them sometimes. That was never a good experience, she'd get really mad, I would just shut up and play dumb.

I think after she found some soiled diapers she decided to get me some help. I don't really remember how everything went exactly, it was a long time ago. I think I stopped for a while, I was around 9 or 10 or younger, I don't really remember.

Another close call happen when my parents went on a long vacation and we (me and my two sisters, more on them later) had a cousin "baby sit" us. At that time I was back to sneaking into diapers when I could. I found that the Sears catalog carried adult diapers, so I would order them. I had to wait by the phone a lot because the would call when the order was in. I would "intercept" any calls, until I got the "one". Then I would ride my bike (13-14 years old) over to Sears to pick up my order of diapers. Man, they wear the best diapers, thick, really baby-like. Unfortunately they stop making that style a few years later. Back to the close call, while my parents were gone I was planning on wearing diapers, a lot. So I order some before they left, so they come in as soon as they were gone. Unfortunately the baby-sitter got the call from Sears about the order being in. I saw her put my diapers in my parents room. She didn't ask us about them, so I took a few. Then my parents were due home, so I got rid of the rest of them. I thought everything would be cool, until my cousin mention them to my mom. I was confronted again, played dumb again, there was no evidence of them. That made her really mad again and very suspicious. I thought I was in the clear. A few other close calls happen, but she seemed not to pay much attention to it. I thought she gave up. Until I was older still (18-19) I started wearing depends or attends (I can't remember which one, but they were a lot thicker back then) I was "pushing it" with wearing diaper, I would be wearing diapers (usually wet or soiled or both) out of the house to go do things.

Like once I went to a movie in soiled diaper (I used lot's of deodorizer to help cover the smell up), lucky the

theater was one of those low, low budget one, mostly empty and the people that were there were mostly old "smelly" people anywise (they were probably in diapers too).

That was a rush, but I never did it again. I am always afraid being discovered, though it's also one of my fantasy's. I also went skiing in diapers too, (I also love to ski) It was a dead night at a local "hill" (more like ant-hill)

That too was a rush ! Another thing I did was to take pictures of me in my diapers, though I would purposely cut my head off from the shot, I didn't want anyone to see my face when I had them developed. Well, my mother found the pictures, really, really this time. Here I thought she gave up, but she was just waiting for some good evidence. She wanted me to go for some "help", (I guess when I was younger and went from some "help" I was too young and they thought it was a phase. Instead they help me with my dyslexia I mean dyslexia.) This caused a lot of "heat" at home, which made long for being a little kid again even more. So a couple of years later I moved out. But right around this time I also found my "soul mate" of sorts (my girlfriend) I gave up wearing diapers more and more. I nearly lost her when she found one of my old pics, that was hard to explain. In fact I never really did.. But she let it go, This was still before I discovered the cyber-world of diaper wearers.. Boy this is getting long... Oh, before I forget, my sisters. Well, I have two sisters, one a few year older, and the other 2 years younger. I think I did a good job of hiding from them, I they knew anything they didn't let on, which was good for me.

I went to a local college, so stayed at home, my sisters went away to school. My older sister got married right after college and moved away. My younger sister went to England for a year right after college, then moved out when she got home.

So for a large part of my teenage and young adult diaper wearing days I didn't see much of my sisters, which made wearing diapers a lot easier.

Boy, this is strange, we do have a lot of similar experiences and circumstances. But one difference, you still get to enjoy wearing diaper regularly.

The good old diaper days are more or less behind me now. I live with my girlfriend now, we are planning on getting married next year. I once in a great while I'm able to sneak into diapers for a while, but not as often as I would like. But I not going to give up everything I have now just to go back to being able to wear diapers when ever I want. What a paradox.

I have a couple of different fantasies. One is that my mom finds me in my messy diapers and lets me stay in diaper a babies me (I guess that goes back to the childhood thing)

Another would be playing with a diapered friend, go out and doing things in diapers or finding another "baby" with a mommy (real or fake) who would baby us. (I guess it comes from finding out that other people like to do the same thing I do) well, I got to get back to work, hope to hear from you again and answer any more questions.


Peters' bedwetter history

My early experiences are rather bland I hate to say. I never had much problem with training or bedwetting. There are only two instances in my early life that I can recall finding diapers and the thought of wearing them interesting. The first was when I was ten and staying overnight at a friends house. I had known he was a bedwetter but wasn't aware that nightly diapers were part of his life. I remember getting quite exited as I watched his mother diapering him at bedtime. After we were in bed he admitted to me that he liked wearing them but I can't recall much else about this incident. He moved away soon after and I never saw him again. The second incident was during a Halloween party when I was 13. One of the boys from my class came dressed in diapers and plastic pants. To this day I can remember my reaction when I first saw him dressed this way. I came in my pants. This was my first sexual feeling and I must admit I was confused about what was happening. Over the next few weeks every time I thought of the party I would get quite excited. During this time I was also developing quite an obsession for women's breasts as well and gradually they took over as my main interest.

What got me back into diapers now is mainly lack of other outlets. I became disabled several years ago due to an accident at work. I fractured a vertebrae and since then have not worked or had much of a life. Due to the chronic pain causing me to be a bit of a grouch people have gradually stopped coming around or wanting to spend to much time around me. I am not in a chair or anything so I do get out but it just seems to be better if I keep to myself. Mostly people I know come by when they have computer questions or need lessons on Internet related items...... And as for female company......not for a long long time. So naturally when I saw the first postings of the story it brought back old feelings. And then a few months ago I had a very erotic dream concerning me wearing diapers. Well I figured I must explore this further and went and made my first purchase. I couldn't find cloth diapers in my size so I bought several yards of material and made my own. The hardest and most exciting part was buying the plastic pants. It took several tries before I could get up the courage to enter the store where they were sold. I picked up three pairs and when I took them up to the counter I was shaking so bad I could hardly hand over the money. When I got them home I quickly pinned on a double diaper and then pulled on the plastic pants. I was hooked at that point. I am fairly certain that had I not been able to get them my desire would have fizzled. This probably has something to do with the two earlier experiences. I don't wear them very often as I am trying to keep the excitement level high. Your story helps a great deal in giving me something to look forward to. I have never discussed this with anyone and I thank you for giving me that opportunity.

My favorite fantasy is me as a ten year old bedwetter who is forced to not only wear diapers but also get treated much like a baby....crib, highchair. stroller...the works.

The funny thing I find in all this though is that even though I fantasize about childhood I don't particularly care for children. I will never be having any of my own and I really would rather people leave theirs at home if they come to my place. Funny how the mind works eh!


Baby Joey

My story isn't quite like those of other adult/teen babies, in that I'm not very much into being a baby. I do enjoy being in diapers as much as possible, and my dream has been to be in them all the time. This is how I got into diapers.

I was born in Cambridge, New York, and lived in a three story house just outside the city in a town called Chappaqua with my parents, until I was seven. When I was four or five, my parents were considering having another baby. I was adopted, for reasons of my mother's inability to have children herself. My parents had been considering another child, and just in case, they kept the leftover diapers from when I was younger in the closet in my room. I don't remember much of my first incident with diapers, except from what my parents have told me. Supposedly I had found some of the diapers, and went into the closet and tried to put one on. My mom heard noise in the closet and came in, and found me with the diaper. My parents took me into the living room and explained that I didn't need diapers any more, and asked why I had the diaper. I told them that I just wanted to try one on. They said that I didn't have to use them, and told me not to do it again. I don't recall trying to do that again until I was about six, when I had my best friend sleep over.

I asked him if he wanted to try one on, and he said OK. He never really did it, just kind of put it between his legs over his pajamas. He then threw it to me, and I ducked under the covers, removed my clothes, and secured the diaper with some tape. He giggled when I came out, and we went to bed. I don't remember if I took the diaper off or not, but I do remember that my parents didn't say anything if they knew. After that, my next experience was after we moved to Florida.

I was going through the closet in my 'playroom' and I found a half- empty bag of Luvs diapers. I built a fort with some large red mats that my parents had used in New York for group therapy (my mother is a psychologist and my father is a marriage counselor). I took the bag of diapers and put them in the `fort' along with a large baby blanket I had on my bed. I had put bubble wrap outside the structure to warn me if someone came in. I put the diaper on and absolutely loved it. I did this several times, and eventually my mom peeked in and saw me in the diaper. I didn't know at the time, but she later asked me what I did in the fort. I told her I didn't do anything, and she asked me about the diapers. "Do you pretend to be a baby in there?" I said no. She said ok, and the next time I looked for the diapers, they were gone.

The next time I was in diapers was when I got a new bike, I think I was about 10 at the time. There was a drugstore that had just been built, and I gathered my money and decided to buy a bag of diapers. I live in a group of houses that has only one entrance/exit, and there was a wall and fence that separated the shopping center from my community. A friend and I had found a hole in the fence through which we could fit, as there was an ice cream place near the drug store, and we liked to go there frequently. I rode my bike to the end of my street, and hid it in the bushes near the hole. I squeezed through the hole and walked across an empty lot towards the store. I went in, pulled out a "shopping list" (a piece of paper with the word "diapers" on it), paused for a moment as I glanced over it, and went to the rightmost aisle.

I didn't find the diapers there, and I quickly went to the back aisle of the store and walked down looking down each row for the diapers. I eventually found them near the middle of the store. I looked them over, with a quick glance around me every now and then to make sure that no one I knew was watching me. I pulled off a bag of the largest diapers they had, and walked to the checkout lines. I found the shortest line, put the package on the counter and waited. The lady at the register smiled and said hello, I said hi back. She told me the total, I gave her a ten dollar bill, got my change and left. I walked back to the hole, with the diapers in a plastic bag. I then pushed the diapers through the gap in the fence, and squeezed through myself. I got on my bike and went as fast as I could towards home.

I knew my parents would see me with the bag when I came in, so I put them in the bushes in the driveway. Both my parents worked, and I knew they would be going back to their offices shortly to see their clients. They said hi when I came in, and I smiled as I took off my shoes. By that time, I was ready for lunch. My mom made me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and said she had to go to work. I said bye, and my dad left shortly thereafter. As soon as I saw they were gone, I ran out to the bushes and brought in my package.

I opened the package at the top, and pulled out a diaper. The smell of a fresh diaper quickly overcame me, and I just had to put one on. I looked at it, and quickly tore off my clothes. I sat down on the carpet and carefully put it on. I was in heaven. The clock said 3:16, and I knew my parents would be home around four. I piled my clothes on the couch (I did my work in the 'office' - a converted garage. It has carpeting, three computers, a tv, and lots of boxes still unpacked from the move).

I sat around watching TV in just a diaper until 3:30. I then realized that I had to hide my diapers somewhere before my parents got home. Then I remembered a plan that I had. My uncle owns a hardware store in Tampa, and the last time I was there, I had built a wooden box with a lock on it. I stuffed as many diapers on it as I could, and found that I could fit all but six in it. I then put a small lock I had on the box and put it in the closet. I took the rest of the diapers in (still in bag) and hid them in my playroom closet. I knew my parents would be home soon, so I took my diaper off and stuffed it under the couch in the 'office.' I quickly re-dressed, and went back to the TV. When my parents came home, they had no clue as to my actions. Every now and then, I would wear a diaper to bed, and get up and take it off before my mom would come in to wake me up for school.

This continued for almost two years, until I was caught. My mom was changing the sheets on my bed, and she found a diaper. She asked me about it, and I said I just liked them. She told me that I was to never touch diapers again, and to give her the rest. I went to the closet and pulled out the bag with the six diapers. She seemed satisfied, and took them elsewhere. I eventually found them in a hall closet, and took them back. This went on for another 6 months, at which time I was caught again. This time I was threatened with going to see a psychologist next time I was caught. I didn't want to go, but I didn't want to give up my diapers either - I went back to my diaper habits about three weeks later. It was discovered again, and they took me to a shrink. She told my parents to just let me have my diapers, and I would outgrow it. (I haven't yet, and it's been over a year - which has puzzled my psychologist.)


Until recently I thought that I was the only one who liked wearing diapers and plastic pants. I would love to find a mommy to care for me and baby me. I have never been able to find anyone to share this with or to treat me like a baby. I want a lady who will make me wear diapers and plastic pants and will change me whenever I wet or mess my diapers.I am 29 years old and am very nervous about writing this case history, but am doing it anyway.I have read letters on how most adult babies were bed wetters and how their mothers put them back into diapers because they said that if they wet like a baby then they would have to wear diapers like a baby. Then they got so used to wearing diapers that they needed them or just liked wearing them. Sometimes, even after they grew up, their mothers would still make them wear diapers and treat them like little babies, because as long as they were going to wet their beds like babies, then mommy was going to make sure they were still treated like a baby.

I wish that is how I got started, but it wasn't quite that way. I never had a wetting or bed wetting problem. Once when I was 5 or 6 years old I was playing down the street with a friend in one of those screened in tents. It was raining and I had to pee. I didn't want to run home in the rain and get all wet so I stayed there. I wound up peeing my pants. A few minutes later my sister came down the street looking for me because I hadn't come home when it started to rain. When she found me and saw that I had wet my pants she kept telling me that I was going to be in big trouble.

As we walked home under her umbrella she kept repeating I was going to be in big trouble because I had peed my pants. When we got home and I walked in door, my mother started yelling at me and asking me where I had been. Then she saw the wet spot on my pants. She was still yelling and asked me why I peed my pants. Before I could answer her, she told me to come over to her at the kitchen table where she had been talking with a neighbour who had come over for coffee.It was very quite for a few minutes. I didn't say a word because I was scared and thought she was going to spank me. Instead of spanking me she said that since I had peed my pants like a little baby and wouldn't tell her why, she thought I should wear diapers like a little baby. My mom then picked me up and put me on the kitchen table. Right in front of our neighbour she took off my shoes and socks and wet pants and underpants. Then she left the room and went into my little brother's room to get some diapers and plastic pants. As I lay on the table bare assed in front of the neighbour I started to cry. When my mother came back into the room she had diapers, pins and plastic pants.She also had a wash cloth which she gotten wet at the sink. As she wiped me clean with the wash cloth I was still crying. She then started 'cooing' to me and telling me that it was all right to cry like a baby. At that I started to cry even more. Then she grabbed my ankles and lifted my legs and my bottom up and placed a diaper underneath me. I kept crying and crying as she pulled the diaper up between my legs and began pinning it in place. All the while she kept talking to me like a little baby. She was 'cooing' and 'gooing' me and saying, "There, there, little baby, you'll feel better when I get your diaper on. "She finished pinning on my diaper and picked up a pair of plastic pants. Again she grabbed my ankles and lifted my legs and first put in one foot and then the other through the leg holes in the plastic pants. She started pulling them up my legs and again lifted my bottom and pulled my plastic panties over my diapers. She finished up by checking to make sure my diapers were tucked inside my plastic pants. My mom then lifted me off the table. My neighbour asked my mother if she was going to put my pants back on me. My mother looked at me and then at the neighbour and said, "No, the baby doesn't need any other pants". They both laughed and the neighbour agreed with her. Mom looked at me and said, "Now you can pee like a little baby all you want to". She patted me on my diapered bottom and said I should go play baby. I walked out of the kitchen still crying and toddling like a baby because the diaper was so big. I hid behind the couch crying and fell asleep. I woke up a couple of hours later with mom pulling me out from behind the couch. She said my little brother was up and she thought that since she had to change one of her babies, she would check the other. I was dry. She changed my brother and then put him on the floor, and he started crawling around the table. She said, "That's it, show little Joey how a baby is suppose to play". She then told me that since I was still dry she would take my diapers off if I could stay dry for another two hours. A half hour later I had to pee. My mom told me I could not take my diapers off and that she wouldn't for another hour and a half. She told me I could pee in the toilet if I could do it without taking my diaper off, or I could hold it till she took them off, or I could just pee my diaper. She told me that if I peed my diaper she would just change me and keep me in diapers until some time after she potty trained my little brother, which wouldn't be for another year or so.Somehow I manage to stay dry until she took off my diapers, but not before I realized how comfortable they were to wear.I never thought about that again until I was about 12 or 13. Since that time I have never wet my pants or bed, until I began to realize how much fun it is to wear diapers and use them. In wet diapers, Baby Joe