Baby Mikey Learns A Lesson

Author: Anonymous
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Baby Mikey Learns A Lesson

Author: Anonymous

The evening news was just ending when I noticed the red and blue lights whirling around outside the window. Of course I had to go and see what it was about. In the small town I lived in you never saw a police car around, so this was something big! I opened the front door and stepped out onto the front porch, it was then I saw the police car was stopped in front of my house.

The shadow in the back seat of the car was about the shape and size of my son, so I figured he had gotten into some kind of trouble. There were two officers in the car, one stayed there, and the other, a female walked up to me. "Mrs. Jones, can we talk inside?"

I showed her in and we sat in the living room as she explained the situation. I was informed that Mike's friend Joey, the brat of the neighborhood and dared Mike to steal an embarrassing item from a local drug store, and that Mike had taken the dare and gotten caught. When I learned just what the embarrassing item was, I knew exactly how to handle the problem. I handed the officer a 20 dollar bill to cover the cost of the item and assured her it would not happen again. I followed her to the car and got my son and the item in question and dragged both inside.

Mike sat down on the sofa, his arms crossed and looking at me as though I was the one who had done wrong. "Go get the belt" I ordered. Mike knew better than to argue, he jumped up and ran to fetch the leather belt, which was the only thing his father had left behind when he ran off. "Strip" was my next order, and a now embarrassed 15 year old removed all his clothed in front of me. I had him turn and stand next to the couch his hands resting on the arm rest.

He didn't see me open the item he had attempted to steal, and remove one of the disposable adult diapers from the bag. I set it down on the couch in plain view for him. I was going to let him look at it for a while, meantime we had something else to take care of. I folded the belt over in my hand and quickly delivered 10 sharp spanks to his bare backside. Enough to cause him a good deal of discomfort.

"Now lay down!" I demanded pointing to the couch. He laid down with his head at the opposite end and the diaper at his feet, between his legs. Before I did anything I explained the rest of his punishment to him. "Michael, I am very disappointed in you. It's only the first week of your summer vacation and already you are in trouble. You are grounded for a month, and for that month you will wear the diapers you liked enough to steal!" Mike looked at me shocked and for the first time started to cry. I knew he wasn't really a bad kid, but since he had been hanging out with Joey he had been getting into more and more trouble and it was time to put a stop to it!

I unfolded the diaper and with a slap to his bare tummy Mike raised up so I could slide it under him. He said nothing as I pulled it up through his legs and tightly fastened the tapes in place. I took his pants and threw them down the basement stairs toward the washer and then sent him to bed for the night. I had to work hard to keep from laughing as his diapered but waddled up the stairs toward his room. I sat down and put more thought into how I was going to handle this. When I was satisfied with my plan I took care of a few things and went to bed. Chapter two

Just as I had expected I head Mike get up in the middle of the night, to go to the bathroom. First I heard him rattling the upstairs bathroom door and then the downstairs bathroom. He was quick to figure out they had both been locked and he was not going to use them. I heard him crying as he came back up stairs and every so quietly I heard him say through his tears "I can't believe I wet myself" I smiled contentedly and went back to bed.

The next morning I found Mike asleep in his bed in an obviously wet diaper. I started to take it off before he woke up, and started yelling at me "How could you lock the bathrooms!" he begged to know as he started to cry again. I calmly explained that his punishment was to wear diapers and he sure as hell was going to use them! He tried to argue it, but soon gave up. I unlocked the bathroom so that he could shower. Mike was very embarrassed that I stayed in the bathroom and watched him shower. I warned him, if he used the toilet or peed in the shower he would get quite a spanking and be in diapers for an extra month! Mike showered quickly and dried himself off.

Back in his room, I got a clean diaper on him, then told him to get dressed as he was going with me to the supermarket. Mike did as he was told, and within twenty minutes he was ready to go. As we left the house he kissed me and softly whispered "I'm sorry mom"

"I know you are honey, I know" I reassured him as we got into the car. I started the engine and then reached over and buckled his seat belt as he never would wear it himself. We drove down to piggly-wiggly to do our shopping.

In addition to the usually groceries I also loaded baby wiped, powder, lotion and more diapers into the shopping cart, much to Mike's embarrassment. We paid for the groceries and then headed home. on the way home Mike started to cry again. Without even asking him what was wrong I said "If you are going to cry every time you pee, it's going to be a long month" Mike wiped his eyes "Sorry, it's just I'm so mad at myself for getting myself into this." With one arm still on the wheel I hugged him with the other "You'll get used to it." He nodded t me, and wiped the last tear from his eye. I changed him as soon as we got home, and then we brought the groceries in. I was amazed at how helpful Mike was, putting everything away for me, and even starting the dishes without my asking. He certainly is well behaved in a diaper, I said to myself. Chapter Three The rest of the day was quiet. Mike cleaned his room and then watched TV. He was bored to death seeing as he was grounded, but he made the best of it. Two more diapers were changed before dinner, including his first messy one, which of course had him crying again. It was hard for me to see him crying so much, especially at 15, but again, it is for his own good. If this is what it takes to make him behave, it's well worth it!

We ate together, something we had gotten out of the habit of doing, and then he did the dishes and we watched TV together until it was almost his bedtime. I changed him for the last time for the day, kissed him goodnight, and left him alone in his room.

From my room next door, I could always hear any noise he made, and was glad to hear that having to wear diapers had not interfered with life. I waited one hour after the noise stopped and then went to check on him. As I expected I found him in bed asleep, his diaper half off as he wasn't able to get the taped to re-stick once he had taken them off. Even less surprising was a cum stain in the center of his diaper. Without waking him I changed him into another clean diaper and went to bed. Chapter Four

Within a few days things had gotten to seem normal. Mike no longer cried when he wet or messed himself and changing him got to be an expected part of the day. Mike was in a good mood most of the time, and was better behaved than he had been in years.

As the month came closer to ending I was actually going to hate to see it end. Between his behaving and the extra time we spent together I actually liked this whole diaper thing. But fair is fair, he had behaved and so I had to end the punishment.

About a week after the punishment had stopped I noticed that the supply of diapers was still going down, and a trip to his room late that night showed me that Mike was diapering himself at night, only to bed. and he liked diapers!

I decided not to say anything to him, and left it alone. But Mike came to me a few days later, his supply gone, he told me, with tears in his eyes that he wanted to be kept in diapers, and so my son, 15 years old, is diapered by me every night and changed every morning. How long will it last? I don't really know, I guess it depends on how long it takes him to find a girlfriend to diaper him :)