Andrews true story

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Andrews true story

This entire story is completely true.


Part 1


It was a cold winters day when my mother woke me for school. She came in my room and saw that I had wet the bed yet again. This isn’t unusual as I wet every night and sometimes in the day. Mom said, "Andrew, I think we better get you in the bath". My mom always bathed me even though I was 6 because I was a little slower then other kids or even classed as backward. After my bath my mom sat me on the bed and had a talk to me. She told me that she had seen the doctor about my wetting and he suggested I wear special underwear called "KANGA PANTS." These were like normal underwear but had a pouch in the front which was plastic-lined so an absorbent pad could be placed in.

I agreed to wear the Kanga pants because I was sick of wetting at school and been called "pee wee", so my mom told me to stand up and then pulled the pants up like normal underwear. Then she reached to a large white packet and pulled a double absorbent pad out. She then came over to me and opened the pouch in the front of my pants and slid the pad down between my legs. It felt strange. It was like trying to walk with a book between your legs.

After the rest of my cloths were on I looked in the mirror and could see I had a slight bulge in the front of my pants, but thought it was better then having accidents. School went well and I did not wet once, although I think the pad was slightly wet. When I got home my mom checked to see if the pad was wet; it was soaked. Mom told me to pull my pants down, after which she pulled the wet pad out and put a clean one in. Mom told me the doctor had arranged for me to go into hospital for some tests to see why I still wet and not maturing properly for my age (Jesus, I was only six). At bedtime my mom took me into my room and suggested that I wear a nappy at bedtimes so I don’t get horribly stinky wet. I immediately objected "no no no no no!" I shouted and ran and hid, I was soon found as I was crying that much. Mom said, "okay, darling, don't get upset you go into the hospital tomorrow, so another night of wet beds doesn’t matter".

The next day I awoke to the usual wet bed and went down stairs in my wet pyjamas. My mom was drinking a cup of tea and reading. I sat on the floor and said, "mom." My mom looked and said, "What, darling?" I asked how long I would be in hospital for. She replied, "about a week." I started crying and said I don't want to go in, but my mom reassured me that it was for the best and I might come out a normal little boy.

At about 9 o'clock my mom got me bathed ,Kanga pants on, and dressed. She then called a taxi to take us to the hospital which was about 20 miles away. On arrival at the hospital we went straight to the children's ward wear a big coloured nurse greeted us and took us into a treatment room. The nurse helped my mom get me into my pyjamas. My mom said, "What about his inco pants?" The nurse told her to leave them on me. I was frightened and started to cry and get hysterical. I was that bad; the doctor injected a sedative into my arm.

The next thing I can remember was waking up in bed in the children's ward. There were about 20 beds in the ward and all were full. I felt strange in the crotch area so I had a look. There was a little plastic bag attached to me around my penis which was full of urine. A nurse came over to me and said that she would remove it. Now I was awake. I asked what the bag was for. I was told it was just to collect a sample of my urine so it can get analysed.

After the nurse took the bag away I just sat on the bed looking around the ward at the other kids, but I kept staring at one in particular who was in a bed with sides on. The boy I was looking at was about 9. He was just laying there making funny noises and slavering,(obviously mentally handicapped but never seen a kid like that before.) I couldn't help notice all he was wearing was big terry toweling nappy and a pair of rubber pants. As I was staring at the boy a nurse came in and told us all to sit at the table as it was tea time. Great, I thought. I was starving. It was my favourite fish fingers, peas and chips. While I was drinking my tea I felt a trickle down my leg then heard a kid say, "Ha Ha! Andrew's wet his pants!" All the kids laughed, but I cried. A nurse came and took me to the bathroom.

Once in the bathroom the nurse tried to cheer me up and said it didn't matter that I wet all over. She put some clean pyjamas on me then allowed me to stay at the nurses station for a while, too. I could face going back with the other kids. After an hour I was told to go back to the ward which I complied when I got back to the bed. I noticed the handicapped boy's locker had a big stack of fluffy white nappies on it. They were huge, a lot bigger then babies' nappies. The big boy in the next bed was called Alex he said the nappies were for me and they were only over there, so I didn't know. I told him to shut up and that I didn't wear nappies and they were for the handicapped kid. At that a male nurse came in and started taking the nappy off the kid and I watched. First he pulled the rubber pants down, then unpinned the big nappy pin, after which he unfolded the front of the nappy. I could see the kid had shit himself. The nurse took the nappy off him and gave him a good wash in bed. The kid was just playing with a teddy bear while the nurse was sorting him out. After a wash the nurse folded a square nappy into a kite shape then lifted the kid's legs up and placed it under him. He then got some baby powder and covered his butt and crotch in it before bringing the sides and front of the nappy together tightly and pinning it on him. The nurse now pulled the rubber pants up over the kids bum by lifting his legs again and pulling sharply.

At about 8pm a big nurse came in and told us all to go to bed and we did. I fell asleep almost instantly but awoke an hour later to find a nurse checking my bed. It was wet and wet bad. I started to cry and heard the nurse say to a student nurse, "This patient is like a baby with his peeing and crying." the nurse took me to the bathroom and gave me some clean pyjamas. I was still upset so the nurse took me to see the baby ward where all the newborns or sick babies were. She took me in and I looked at all the babies. I noticed some nappies and rubber pants on a table along with powder, the nurse took me near the nappies and pants and held some trainer pants up and asked if I would mind wearing these. I said, "no way, I am not a baby."

The nurse talked to me and told me it would be less embarrassing for me to wear training pants than to wet myself and that no one would know. After a while I agreed with protest to wear them. The training pants were snap-crotch type, so the nurse laid me on the changing table. She then lifted my legs up like a baby and slid the opened-up pants under me. I protested but the nurse said they're easier to put on laying down and if she did it at my bed the other kids would know. Once the opened pants were underneath my butt she reached for the baby powder and covered my butt and crotch with a thick dusting. I remember it smelt and felt nice. She then covered my nappy area with baby lotion before pulling the front of the pants up to meet the back. She then clicked together the four press-studs which made a loud click sound on each one before lifting me off the table. After I got off the table she helped me into my Mickey Mouse pyjamas and guided me back to the ward. As I walked I could here the trainers rustle slightly and could smell the sweet scent of the baby powder. Once back to my ward she turned down my newly changed bed and told me to get in. She marked on a care chart at the end of the bed that I am incontinent and been persuaded to wear some protection and should be made to go to the toilet every hour.

After about a hour a nurse came and woke me and took me to the toilet and said I had to stay to I have a wee which I managed after a minute or so then went to bed. The next time I was woke I felt wet but the bed was dry I realised I'd wet myself as usual just like a baby. The nurse took me to the baby ward and looked for another pair of trainers. Unfortunately the only ones that were left were either pink or nursery print. She told me to choose. I said, "I'm not wearing them," but the nurse said no one would see them through my pyjamas, so I reluctantly chose nursery print. I was yet again lifted on the table. My pyjamas were pulled down and trainer pants unfastened. My legs were lifted and the trainer was removed and put in a laundry bag with dirty baby nappies. The nurse got a damp flannel and washed my nappy area all other before powdering and putting nappy rash cream on me, after which in her usual routine lifted my legs and sliding the trainers underneath me and snapping the fasteners closed. As I got off the table I noticed in a mirror I looked just like a toddler in baby pants with these printed pants on. The nurse helped me back on with my pyjamas and I returned to the ward. I was left to sleep the rest of the night.

The next morning a different nurse came and took three kids at a time to the bathroom to get showered. I was nervous when it was my turn and told the nurse what I was wearing, but she was not bothered and told me to get stripped. There were two other kids in the bathroom, so no way was I going to strip with baby pants on, but the nurse grabbed me and shouted, "DO AS YOUR TOLD!!" She stripped me as I was struggling and I ended up standing in nothing but nursery print trainer pants which were full of urine and starting to leak. The other kids stood silent for a moment and then went into fits of laughter. I started crying.

I found my self just frozen in one spot but crying in hysterics. At that I felt my self dirty my pants. I'd seen a nurse give me a injection that made me drowsy. Another nurse held me down.

I woke up in a empty room. I went to move but found I was tied to the bed with leather restraints. I felt funny between the legs. I looked down to find a massive white fluffy nappy on and large rubber pants. I screamed and shouted then a nurse came in with my mother. I was crying and asked why I was tied to the bed and wearing the biggest nappy I had seen. My mother explained that the nurses were worried about me when I went into hysterics, so they sedated me to give me a rest for a few day. And I was wearing a nappy because I was dehydrating, so the nurses were giving me fluid through a drip, which means I would wet more.

After my mom explained the situation to me a nurse came in with a clean nappy. I asked what this was for. My mom said my brain had not developed fully and not learned how to warn when I needed the toilet, and a psychologist recommended I was just left for 2 years then re-toilet trained. This is probably the reason I could not write or read very well or count at six years old.

The restraints were undone and the nurse asked if I wanted my mom to change me. I said I didn’t want to wear nappies but I was threatened with sedation if I didn’t comply. My mom lifted my legs up and pulled my rubber pants down. Then she unpinned my nappy which flopped open and was very soggy. She then lifted my legs up and slid the dirty nappy away before wiping me with baby wipes. She then got hold of the extra fluffy extra thick white nappy, folded it into a triangle and lifted me up and placed me in the centre before pulling the massive wad between my legs and around my back. then pinned it in place with a very large nappy pin. She had me stand up, then produced a pair of extra large baby blue rubber pants with little teddy bears on. She held them up and told me to stand into them and I complied. She then pulled them up over my nappy. They were very big and went almost to my chest. She said, "there now." The doctor came and said we can go home. My mom bought some new shorts for me from a disability shop, which had plenty of room for a large bulky nappy. I put them on and also put a T-shirt on and some shoes.

On the way home I asked my mom what do I do about school. She said that I would be going to a special school for people with learning difficulties and they know how to get people like me reading and writing.

When we got home my mom said, "Do you understand that you have to wear nappies for about 2 years and why?" I answered, "Yes, but I don’t like it." My mom said, "I know, but it can’t be helped. My mom had a book in her hand it was a catalogue for nappy accessories in my size.

My mom ordered the following:

  • 10 pairs of rubber baby pants various colours and prints
  • 50 terry toweling nappies
  • 10 extra large nappy pins
  • 20 pairs of trainer pants
  • 10 onesies in various colours
  • a nappy pail

After my mom filled in my order she checked my nappy. To my disgust I had dirtied it. My mom said, "It's okay, it’s not your fault." She then went and got a hot soapy dish of water. My mom striped me, just leaving me in my nappy and rubbers. She lifted me up and laid me across her knee on my back. She lifted my legs and pulled the rubbers off me. She undid the nappy and wiped away the excess matter of my butt. She then thoroughly washed my nappy area and put loads of baby powder on before pinning a clean nappy on and putting a pair of white rubber pants on she then sent me to bed. After about ten minutes my mom came in and asked if I would like my pacifier back as she noticed I still suck my thumb, even though I've been without it since I was five. I was frightened and found the idea of having my dummy back nice. I agreed, my mom produced it from behind her back and placed it into my mouth. It felt nice and I sucked on it eagerly, my mom kissed me good night and I dropped off to sleep with my pacifier.


Part 2 - The Special school

I woke to the sound of my mam coming in my bedroom she said "good morning sweetheart how are you?" I tried to answer her back but then remembered the dummy in my mouth., I spat the dummy out and said hello to my mam, she came over to me and put a finger underneath the elastic on my rubber pants she said oh your all wet wait here till I run you a bath.

Ten minutes later my mam called me into the bathroom I started walking to the bathroom and noticed how heavy and soggy my sagging nappy was, my mum pulled my rubber pants down before unpinning my nappy then lifted me into the bath.

After my bath my mam dried me and noticed I had nappy rash she said oh poor son is your botty all sore I nodded my head she cuddled me and said mammy make baby’s botty better I protested and said I AM NOT A BABY my mam told me to calm down, it was just a figure of speech, then led me to the front room.

She told me to sit on the floor on a opened up nappy for a while so some air got to my bum as I was sat there she told me we were going to have a look at my new school today so have to look smart. After a while she told me to come to her and she laid me on my back across her lap before grabbing a big nappy I pleaded not to wear a nappy to go have a look at the school so she said ok we’ll put some snap shut trainers on you she reached into the draw and pulled out what looked like snap fit rubber pants .The pants were actually rubber pants lined with six layers of thirsty terry towelling and had press-studs at the side similar to the ones I had worn in hospital but much thicker, they had little teddy’s and dogs and cats on them with a baby blue background. My mum lifted my legs like a baby and placed the opened up pants underneath me then got some sudo-crème and put a generous helping on my bum and crotch area she then pulled the front up firmly to the back and started closing the press-studs each one made a loud snapping noise. She then stood me up they felt nearly as thick as my nappy I wore on the night. In fact you could class them as a all-in-one nappy I suppose. I looked down at my self and started pleading with my mam that I don’t want to ever wear trainers or nappies again but my mam said, "look, son, you are incontinent so you are just going to have to wear them until you are ready to be potty trained both mentally and physically." I started crying then my mum put a dummy (pacifier) in my mouth.

My mam walked back in the room with me a pair of shorts and a T-shirt, she held the shorts open and I stepped in my mam pulled my shorts up they were tight over my trainer pants and did not cover them fully at the back. She then put the T-shirt on me which came over my shorts hiding my underwear we were now ready to go.

My mam’s friend Julie took us to the school in her car and my mam gave her a carrier bag to put in the boot, it looked like any other school but you could tell it wasn’t by looking at the children, some were in wheel chairs others were shaking all the time and the teachers looked like nursery nurses in their nursery print overalls. A small older teacher came to us and said, "oh, this must be Andrew and Andrews mam, please follow me to the office."

We arrived at the teachers' office and the small woman told us both to sit down then shouted to her secretary to get a cup of tea for my mam and a juice for me. The lady induced her self as Mrs Hardwick the headmaster of the school and then started talking about what the doctor’s had said about my slow development. After a couple of moments the secretary came in with a cup of tea and a toddler training beaker full of juice , I said, "I can drink out of a cup, you know," but the headmistress told me that all the kids have to use these because some had behaviour problems and throw the drinks around the room, at that I started drinking out of the small spout of the beaker.

After my mam’s chat the teacher told us that I should start the school tomorrow and that a carer would pick me up and take me home. After we left the school Julie suggested we go to an amusement park for the rest of the day as it was a nice hot day. My mam agreed and off we went the drive to the amusement park. It was about 1 hour about half way there. I told my mam I needed a wee real bad, Julie pulled over but before I could get out of the car it was too late. I wet my trainer pants. My mam said, "never mind I’ll change you when we get there." We carried on traveling. We got to the amusement park and my mam paid the entrance fee after which all rides are free. Once we drove in and stopped my mother came round to the back of the car and told me to lay down on the seat. I said, "no, not here, do it in the toilets." My mother said, "if you think I’m carrying a smelly wet nappy about all day, you got another thing coming." I lay down in the car and my mother pulled my shorts down after which she unfastened the press-studs on the all-in-one nappy or trainers as she called them to me, wiped my bottom with a damp sponge she brought with her, before putting lots of baby powder around my nappy area with her soft hands, and then the same with baby lotion to prevent nappy rash. She then took a nappy out of the bag and folded it into a kite shape. I asked what about my trainers but she said, "I didn’t bring any only nappies, and anyway your trainers are just all-in-one nappies." I started crying but my mam slapped my bum very hard and shouted, "KEEP STILL! ITS NOT MY FAULT YOUR NOTHING BUT A OVERGROWING PISSY-ARSED BABY!" I heard my mam whisper to Julie that I was a freak and should have died at birth.(I'll never forgive that.)

I lay there sobbing, wishing I was dead as my mam placed the nappy underneath me before wrapping it around me and putting the large nappy pin in place. She then got some plain white snap close rubber pants and lifted me again to slide the back under me and then closed the snaps.

Once the big fluffy terry nappy was in place she tried to put the shorts back on me, but they would not fit, so just put the T-shirt back on with no shorts. I was too depressed and upset to complain. We started walking towards the attractions at the park but I was walking or waddling slow with the thick nappy on, so Julie carried me like a toddler and said my mams just upset and didn’t mean it. I did not respond. After ten minutes Julie said, "cheer up, Andrew, do you want to go on a roundabout?" I said yes, so we waited until it stopped and she put me in a little car on it. While waiting for the ride to start I heard a girl about the same age as me ask the person she was with "Ma'am why has that boy got a nappy on?" The lady said that I might not be well, when she said this I remembered I had no shorts on so pulled my T-shirt down to try hide my nappy, which proved ineffective against the huge wad between my legs. As the day went on I started to cheer up and ignore the fact that everyone could see my nappy. I had some candy floss and a toffee apple and went on lots of rides before we went home.

In the car I fell asleep and didn’t wake up until we got home. I woke to my mam changing my nappy. It looked like I shit it while I was asleep. She bathed me, then Julie told my mother to go and sit down and she would sort me out.

Julie got me out of the bath then wrapped me in a large towel and told me to go in the front room which I did. Once in the room Julie dried me thoroughly before laying me on a clean towel. She opened the baby powder before telling me to lift my legs slightly and open them wide and sprinkled it on my crotch before gently massaging it into my groin. She then had me lay on my tummy and rubbed some on my bum. Julie grabbed a clean nappy of the pile and folded it in a triangle shape before pinning it on me. She then got a pair of baby blue rubber knickers and had me stand up and step in them after which she pulled them up firmly and tucked all of my nappy in. These pants went half way up my back. She next got my sooty and sweep pyjamas and put the bottoms on me, pulling them as high up as possible to try hide my nappy. She failed. It still stuck out then put my top on me. I sat downstairs and watched "The Bionic Man" on TV. After an hour my mam told me to go to bed which I did, then started to think about what she said about being a freak. I then prayed and asked God to take me and stop my misery.

The next day was new school day. My mam got me up as usual and bathed me and put a pair of thick training pants on me and a pair of dungarees then gave me some Weetabix for breakfast.

There was a knock at the door. It was a carer from the school to pick me up. I begged not to go to a backward school but this just fell on deaf ears. I walked out to the school bus with the carer and got on and sat down. The carer strapped me into a harness so I could not stand and said it was school rules to protect the driver. On the way to school I remember that I was very nervous and accidentally pooed my pants but no one noticed, so I kept quiet. Once at the school Mrs. Hardwick told me that she knows I can't control my toilet habits. but if I do feel the urge to go just ask. I said "yes, Mrs. Hardwick," and was shown to a sandpit and told to play in there.

I started to play with the backward kids and found it fun. We were all like toddlers, but only half of us had to wear nappies. After a while a carer came and said she could smell something peculiar and started to check all the incontinent pupils. After a while she got to me and marched me to a room.

In the room was a large table and a bath and a pile of funny things which turned out to be disposable nappies. I never seen disposables before.

Th nurse took my dungarees off me and said, "You can’t wear them. Your nappy leaked they're soiled. She then unsnapped my so-called trainers. The smell nearly caused me to vomit. She wiped the excess matter off with a clean part of my nappy before bathing me and asked the head if my mother had sent any paddy pads. The head said no.

The carer said that she will have to put a disposable on me and that I should tell my mam to send some nappies for me tomorrow. I nodded my head.

The carer lifted me out of the bath and dried me before lifting me onto a table and powdering me with baby powder. Then she slapped my bum and said that every time I wet or dirty myself I would get a slap on the legs. The carer lifted my legs up like a baby and slid the toddler size nappy under me. She then pulled the tapes open, fixing them to the front of the nappy. They fit perfectly as I was small for my age. She told me that since I had no clean clothes I would have to wear only a nappy. I started to cry, so she put a dummy in my mouth to shut me up. I was taken back to the main classroom with the other kids. A couple looked at me just in a nappy but no one had any adverse reaction to me. I went into a corner and started playing with a box of toy cars. I played for about half an hour when a bell rang and we were all ordered to sit at a table. It was break time. A carer came with several training cups full of milk and about six baby bottles. We were all given a training cup and the carers fed the kids who couldn’t feed themselves with the baby bottles. After break I felt a warm sensation in my crotch area. I looked down and could see a yellow stain forming on the front of my nappy. Some other kids saw the stain and shouted, "ANDREW'S WEED HIS NAPPY!" a carer heard and picked me up and took me to the changing room where the wet nappy was removed and a large hand slapped my buttocks and a stern voice shouted, "YOU DIRTY BOY! NEXT TIME SAY YOU WANT THE POTTY!" I started to cry and said I could not help it. I did not feel it till it was coming out. The carer said, "you will feel it by the time I finish with you." The carer reached for the baby wipes and wiped my bum before covering me in a large amount of baby powder. She then lifted my legs up and slid a new disposable under me before taping it on and taking me back to the classroom.

About a hour passed when a carer came to me with a toddler training potty and placed it in front of me. She then laid me down and unfastened my nappy before sitting me on the potty in front of the class. I was told not to move until I did a wee wee. I started to cry out of humiliation as some other pupils were laughing at me. After a few minutes I felt the urine come out and the carer clapped and said, "good boy why cant you do that all time in a potty?" The carer laid me down before putting the nappy back on me and gave me a light pat on the bum and told me to tell when I want to go to the toilet.

Several months passed and I learned to control my wetting and messing during the day a lot better and returned to ordinary school minus the nappies. I still wet the bed until I was fourteen but did not wear nappies because it was felt it could damage me psychologically if I did.


Part 3 - Andrews car crash

 The year is now 1996 and I am 25 yrs of age I have been dry day and night for the last 10 yrs .

I set off from work as usual I put my seatbelt on then started the engine and off I went on the 20 mile drive home. I was nearly home when I came to some traffic lights which were on red. I slowed down and stopped at the lights to wait for the green light to come on. After about 30 seconds I heard a loud horn. I looked in the rear view mirror and saw a jack-knifed 38-tonne lorry coming towards me fast. There was nothing I could do but hold on and close my eyes. It seemed to take forever for the lorry to hit my car, then it came. BANG! It crushed my car like a matchbox. I opened my eyes and was amazed I was still alive with no pain. I looked round the rear of the car including the rear of the roof was flat the lorry was on top of it. The driver of the lorry came running to the front of the car and opened the door to see if I was all right. I said to him, "YOU USELESS PRICK! YOU COULD HAVE F*****G KILLED ME!" I picked the first thing I could up which was a wheel brace and went to hit him with it but my back suddenly went into a spasm and I screamed in horrific pain.

Ten minutes passed then the fire brigade and ambulance and police arrived as the seat of my car was pushed right up to the steering wheel with the impact and I was in pain. The fireman had to cut the side of the car off to get me out. After clear access was gained a paramedic injected me with a morphine-type drug to ease the pain and put me on oxygen. Then they lifted me out of the car onto a spinal board all the time with me screaming in pain.

After I got to the hospital I was examined and sent for x- ray’s and a C.T scan. I was told I had no fractures of the back but had severe inflammation because of whiplash and would have to stay in hospital a couple of days until the inflammation went down. I was taken to a ward and put into a bed and also put on a morphine drip to ease the pain. I slept most of that day. I woke up to a wet bed and started having a panic attack. With worry of what was happening to me I pressed a buzzer for the nurse. The nurse came in and saw what had happened and told me not to worry. She changed my gown and the bed and went and got the doctor.

The doctor came in and told me that because I had inflammation in the spine that the nerves controlling my bladder might be getting trapped, but this should get better when the swelling goes down. I accepted his answer and calmed down. The doctor left.

About an hour later I wet the bed again and had to have the bed sheets changed. The nurse this time put a disposable sheet underneath me then went away. She returned a few minutes later and said that I had a choice to be catheterised or wear a inco pad until I was better and in control of my bladder. I did not like the sound of tubes going up my penis so chose to wear a inco pad. The nurse returned with a large-shaped green pad and a pair of net type pants, but I was in so much pain as she tried to put the pants on that she went and returned with a incontinent nappy. She rolled me on to my side then laid the nappy out before rolling me back on it then pulling it between my legs and taping it up.

It felt strange wearing a nappy again after all this time. Every time I moved I could hear it crinkle I managed to dose back off to sleep again. I awoke to find my wife at my bedside. It was visiting time. I started talking to my wife then repositioned myself in the bed. My wife said, "What’s that noise when you moved?" I told her what had happened to the nerves in my back. She then pulled the covers back and started giggling at me in my nappy. I laughed with her. After visiting the next shift of nurses came on duty and the head nurse of the previous shift came round and introduced us to the next while telling them what was wrong with each one of us.

Around 10 PM a nurse came to me carrying a nappy and a bowl of water and sponge and said, "Are you the one who is incontinent?" I said, "Well I got a bad back and weeing myself sometimes." She said, "Well, you’re the incontinent one then." She pulled the covers back and untapped my nappy which was wet and said, " My word, you are a wet boy." She then started washing my groin area with the sponge. She was absolutely beautiful and I could not help getting a erection and started blushing. She told me not to worry and she would take it as a compliment. She carried on washing me then put the clean nappy on me before covering me up. As the days went on my back got better as did my bladder control and I was discharged and sent home to recover.

After a few days of sitting in the house I got bored so went to the off-license and got a crate of lager and a bottle of vodka. When my wife came home from work I suggested that we both have a quiet night in the house after tea. My wife agreed as she loves a good drink an hour and again. My wife started drinking vodka & coke and I opened the lager. I drank about 6 cans that night before going to bed. I woke to the shouts of my wife and discovered I had wet the bed and she had rolled over and lay in it (she was not happy).

We both thought it was just a one off or my back had not had time to heal yet, so dismissed it and changed the bedding and went to sleep. The next time I had a drink the same happened again and the next time and the next time. Finally my wife told me to go to the doctor to see what the problem was as it had been 6 months since the crash.

I went to the doctors the next day but he just said, "If it only happens when you have had a drink…DON’T DRINK." So I went home and told my wife. My wife told me to see another doctor but I was too embarrassed so I refused and purchased a bed pad for the bed to use when I had a drink. This protected the bed but my wife was still getting wet if she rolled over, so I suggested we get a single bed for me, but she said, "No way, we might as well not be married if we sleep in single beds." As time passed my wife said, "Why don’t you get some of them big nappies you wore in hospital." I went red but she said "no one would know you would only wear them on a night." So I agreed to see if I could get some.

The next day we were in the chemist and my wife told me to ask about the nappies, so I plucked up the courage and said I had a disabled incontinent aunt staying with me and she forgot to bring her inco pads.

The pharmacist produced a large packet of opti-fit nappies and charged me £25 for them. I took them home and got one out of the packet. It was white and very thick, thicker than the ones I had in hospital. I put them in a cupboard then we went out for the day. After we returned we did the housework and had a Chinese take-away and had a drink. After I had 4 cans my wife said, "don’t you think you better put a nappy on before you get that drunk you cannot do it." I sighed and agreed. I went upstairs and got a nappy out of the packet and unfolded it and laid it on the bed. I then laid on top of it and positioned the nappy under my bum. I then pulled the front between my legs snugly and pulled the back round and taped it up before putting my tracksuit bottoms back on. I then returned to the front room where my wife told me to prove I had one on. I pulled my bottoms down to reveal my big thick white nappy and she started giggling and patted me on the bum. I pulled my pants back up and carried on drinking.

At about 11 PM we went to bed I had drank about 6 cans of lager. I walked upstairs with my wife and could feel the wad between my legs and also here the crinkling of the plastic backing. I got undressed and my wife was giggling again and said, " DOES BABY NEED HIS NAPPY CHANGING?" I told her to stop taking the piss out of me. My wife said, "ANDREW, LIGHTEN UP, I AM ONLY JOKING!" My wife did not know what had happened to me when I was a kid so I thought it was about time I told her.

After I told her what happened when I was a child we went to sleep. I woke the next morning I woke to a dry bed. I was chuffed I had not wet myself in the night. I got out of bed and immediately noticed my sagging nappy that looked pale yellow and realised I had wet my nappy in the night. My wife said not to worry as at least the bed is not getting wet anymore. I left my nappy on while I had breakfast. After breakfast I went into the bathroom and run a bath while I took the pissey wet nappy off. I undone the tapes and the heavily wet nappy dropped to the floor, I picked it up and rolled it up and put it inside a plastic carrying bag before having a bath.

After my bath I went upstairs and my wife asked me if I was alright. I snapped, "HOW WOULD YOU FEEL IF YOU HAD TO WEAR A NAPPY LIKE A BABY!" My wife shook her head and went downstairs while I got dressed. I returned to work 5 months later back to normal except my wetting problem when I had I drink of alcohol.

About 18 months past and I was still wearing a nappy when I was drinking and both my wife and me were used to it. One day while shopping during the day I felt a trickle down my leg and looked down and saw I had wet my pants. There was a large puddle on the floor and the front of my jeans were soaked. I could not understand what had happened. I had not been drinking and had not wet myself since I was a kid. I got upset and went home to get changed. I got home and stripped and got a wash and put a grey-coloured jogging suit on before going down to the shopping centre to meet my wife.

I met up with my wife and we had a cup of coffee and talked about what had happened. We dismissed it as a one off and the rest of the day was uneventful. We went home and put the shopping away then went to visit my wife’s parents. After a while I glanced at my groin area and noticed a small wet patch in the crotch of my jog suit bottoms. It was about the size of a thumbnail and no one noticed so I said nothing. We went home that night and did not have a drink.

We both watched a film on TV and went to bed about 1 am. I did not put a nappy on as I had not been drinking. About one hour after going to bed I woke with the very strong urge to urinate so I got out of bed and ran downstairs. As I was going downstairs I felt my bladder give way and weed all over the carpet. I shouted, "NO NO NO NO WHATS WRONG WITH ME!" My wife came running out and said, "What’s wrong?" I told her what happened and she cleaned the carpet while I got cleaned up. After we both got back to the bedroom my wife told me that I should see the doctor again and I agreed. She also suggested I wear a nappy for the night which seemed a good idea, considering what had just happened.

I went to the cupboard and pulled a nappy out of the bag but my wife took it off me and asked if she could put it on me. I hesitated then agreed. She laid the nappy out on the floor then had me lay on it before pulling the thick nappy between my legs and taping it up. She had me stand up and gave me a pat on the bum. We both got back in bed and dropped off to sleep.

The next morning I woke to find my nappy was dry and I was about to take it off but my wife suggested I leave it on instead of wasting it in case I have a accident during the day again. It sounded reasonable and I was not going anywhere today so I just put a tracksuit on over it. I telephoned the doctors to make an appointment and was told there was a wait of about 3 days. We both had breakfast then did some housework. Most of the day went uneventful upon until suppertime. My wife asked me to go to the corner shop for some butter. I said, "I can't because I’ve got a nappy on," but she said you could hardly tell, so off I went. As I was walking to the shop I could hear my nappy crinkling with every step I made. I got to the shop and stood in the queue to be served. Two teenage boys behind me were joking to each over and I could hear it was about nappies. I felt behind me and could feel I had my T-shirt tucked in my nappy and it was in plain view. I felt embarrassed and made my purchase and went home. Once home I went to the bathroom and ripped my nappy off and lay on the bed crying.

My wife came into the room and asked me what was up, so I told her what happened and told her I could not take this anymore and wish I was dead. She told me to pull myself together and the doctor would sort me out. We decided to go to the cinema to put my mind of my problem so we got in the car and set off to the cinema. About 10 minutes into the journey I got stabbing pain in my tummy and pissed all over the car seat. My wife went ballistic and turned the car around. We got home and I got changed and cleaned the car seat up.

My wife apologised for being angry with me and asked if I still wanted to go to the cinema. I said, "no, in case I wet," but my wife went upstairs and got a nappy and told me to put it on for protection, then I would be all right. I laid the nappy on the floor and pulled my pants down and lay down on the nappy, then pulled the nappy between my legs and fastened it with the tapes. You could tell if you looked that I was wearing it but decided no one is going to be checking to see if anyone is wearing nappies. We got to the cinema and got a large coke each and a bag of sweets then watched the film and went home. Once home I checked my nappy to find it was dry so decided to leave it on for bed just in case.

The next morning I woke expecting my nappy to be wet with the amount of coke I had drank and not been to the toilet, but was shocked to find it dry. I took it off then had a bath and got dressed, but was developing a slight stomach-ache. I set off to work and when I arrived told my supervisor that I needed time off tomorrow to go to the doctor. He asked, "What for?" I told him for back pain. He accepted my answer and I went about my job.

At dinnertime I went to a fast food shop with my work mates when my bladder suddenly gave way and pissed my self-in front of them. They all laughed. I ran out embarrassed and humiliated. I ran home and phoned my boss and told him I would not be in anymore today as I was ill. When my wife came home from work she asked why I was home early so I told her what had happened. She was sympathetic and cooked tea that night. After tea we sat down and talked about my problem my wife suggested that when we go out I wear a nappy, but I did not like this idea as I was coming up 26 and not a baby.

The next day arrived and it was time to go to the doctors. I told the doctor what was happening and he decided I need to see a urologist to see what was going on, but there was an 8 month waiting list. Meanwhile, he would arrange for me to see a continence advisor. I went to see the continence advisor who explained I was not the only one with my problem and talked a while. She then put me on a list, which means I would get free nappies delivered to my door, which was a help as buying them was making us financially stretched.

When I got home I told my wife about the waiting list and the free supply of nappies and thought the free nappies would help to some degree anyway. With the rest of the day we decided to go to see my wife’s parents. We sat there chatting away when all of a sudden I wet myself all over the furniture. I ran out and went home. I got changed and put a nappy on then went back to apologise. When I got back her parents said it didn’t matter and my wife had explained my problem to them but suggested I wear a nappy in future and stop worrying what others think. I told them that I was now wearing one and that the furniture would be safe in future. They then suggested that we go on holiday with them to take my mind off it and they would pay for us. We agreed without thinking things through.

We got home that night and I decided that it was time for me to wear nappies most of the time and my wife agreed with me. I then realised that we were going on holiday and would have to take a supply with me and then started worrying about customs opening my case to see it packed with adult size nappies. My wife told me to stop worrying and the chances of customs opening my case was a thousand to one and anyway, so what if they do open it.

We were both sat down watching TV when I felt my bladder empty. I told my wife what had happened and she said, "Good thing you got a nappy on then, isn’t it?" and we carried on watching TV before retiring for bed. Once upstairs my wife passed me a nappy and told me to get changed which I did. First, I unfastened the wet nappy and took it off. Then I lay down and put a clean one on before putting the wet one in the bin.

The next day we were getting ready for work when there was a knock at the door. It was a parcel delivery man with a large box addressed to me. I took it in and opened it to find two packs of disposable nappies. They were even thicker then the ones I had been wearing. I opened one up and put it on and taped it up. I could hardly close my legs. There was no way I was going to work like this, so I took it off and went to work in normal underwear(BIG MISTAKE). When I got to work my boss heard about what happened in the fast food shop and asked if I was all right I said I was fine.

While carrying out my duties at work my bladder gave and I flooded my pants. I again went home and did not return to work that day. My boss came on the night to see me and I told him about my problem and what I had to wear. He told me to have a few weeks off then come back in and you can go home to change anytime you want. After my boss went I had a bath then got a nappy out and put it on. I felt very babyish as I stood there with nothing but a big white thick nappy on. I put some jog suit bottoms on and you could clearly see the bulge in my pants, so I put a long t shirt on which covered my bum up. I had to walk with my legs slightly apart as the nappy was that thick.

Over the next few weeks I was wetting my self more and more and more and the free nappies were coping well with been so thick.


Part 4 - The Holiday

It was Saturday morning and we were up early as we were going to the travel agents with the mother in law (Judy) to book a holiday.

I went downstairs and had breakfast before taken my very wet nappy off and having a bath. Once cleaned up I put some nappy rash cream on as I was sore then also some baby powder before going upstairs to the bed room. I reached into the cupboard and pulled out a nappy and unfolded it and placed it on the bed. I then lay on the nappy and positioned it right before pulling the thick white nappy between my legs securely and taping it shut.

I went downstairs to watch TV while my wife ironed my clothes, the curtains were shut so nobody could see me sitting in just a large nappy. After a few minutes I heard the door open and Judy walked in she immediately apologised and went to walk out. I told Judy to stay and said that she knew about my problem so it did not matter. Judy sat on the chair and commented how well I was accepting having to wear a nappy. My wife came downstairs with my clothes and handed them to me so I got dressed.

We got in the car and my wife brought a plastic bag with a spare nappy just in case. When we got to town we went to the travel agents and found the perfect holiday for three of us which was a fortnight in Spain departing tomorrow. We went to a few shops and got some sun cream and some baby lotion and baby powder and also some nappy bags.

Once we were home we started packing our cases we had one for nappies and 2 for clothes, by this time my nappy was very wet so I took it off and got washed and put a clean one on. We decided to have a early night as it would be a long day tomorrow so retired to bed.

I woke the next morning to find a horrible smell in the bed room and realised I had not only wet my nappy but soiled it as well I got washed and a clean nappy on before checking our travel papers are in order.

Judy came round at 10 o’clock and we got in the car and set off for the airport. Once we were at the airport we checked in and had to go through customs, I was frisked and was asked about the bulge in my pants, which I explained I was incontinent. The custom officer ordered me into a room and I was told to take my nappy off which I did. The officer ripped my nappy open to see if I was hiding anything and then destroyed half the nappies in the case in the same fashion before telling me to get dressed. The room was small and had a large table in it so I had to try put the nappy on standing up which I failed. Judy walked in the room to see what I was doing and got embarrassed and went to go out. I shouted at Judy to help me, she came back in the room and asked what I want and I told her I could not get my nappy on standing and could she stick the tapes if I held the nappy. Judy told me she had a better idea and told me to lie on the table, which I did. Once on the table she told me to lift my legs in the air as far as I could, She then pushed my legs over my head and slid the nappy under me before dusting my bum with baby powder. Judy then told me to put my legs either side of the table and then she pulled the wad between my legs and fastened the tapes. I then got off the table and got dressed the best I could. We left the room and my wife was waiting outside Judy told my wife what she had done and we hurried to our gate where the last call was being made. Once on the plane my wife asked if I enjoyed somebody else putting a nappy on me and I said it was ok. I asked my wife what we were going to do about more nappies as most of them were destroyed and she said we might be able to get them in Spain.

Once in Spain we got on our escort bus and got took to our hotel where we all got changed and I changed my nappy before going to a bar for a drink.

We got talking to a couple who had a handicapped kid who we could see was wearing nappies and after a while my wife told them about my problem and asked if they had any spare nappies for me. The couple told us that they only use reusable nappies as it is better for the environment but I was welcome to borrow a few and also said they have some rubber pants which were far too big for the kid and would certainly fit me. I said thanks and she took us to her room and produced 4 terry nappies and a snap pair of adult size rubber pants and a pack of very large nappy pins. I said I could not wear those so she put them back down and said if I change my mind that they will be still there.

After a few drinks we went back to our room and my wife nagged me for not taking the terry nappies, we played cards for an hour then it was time for bed.

I lay on the bed and unfastened the wet nappy and washed my nappy area I went back to the bedroom and got a clean nappy out and unfolded it on the bed.

I lay on the nappy and pulled it up between my legs and secured it.

A few days later I started running out of nappies so went to a pharmacy to purchase, some more which cost me £40.00.

It was the night before our departure and they was a fancy dress competition, my wife and Judy dared me to go as a baby just in my nappy which after a few drinks I agreed!. My wife dressed as a Hawaiian girl and Judy as Lou Lou as we were going to the competition my wife produced a baby’s rattle and a pacifier and told me it make me look more authentic which I agreed.

At the fancy dress we were all lined up on the stage me just in a nappy with a rattle and a pacifier in my mouth won outright and I was told it was the authentic looking wet patch on the nappy that won it. We won a boat trip but unfortunately it was for the day after our departure. After we got back to the room Judy started joking saying orrrr has baby wee weed his nap nap, I just laughed with her and put the rattle and pacifier down and went to get my nappy changed.

Today was our departure day and the lady with the handicap came round and told me to take the terry nappies and rubber pants for home in case of emergency’s which I accepted out of politeness. With the nappies was a catalogue from the firm that supplies them. We got the transfer bus to the airport and started the 2-hour flight back to the UK.

Once we landed and cleared customs I went to the toilets and put a clean nappy on then we set off for home. About 1 mile from our house we developed a tyre burst so we pulled other and I set about changing the wheel. Once I got the wheel off the jack slipped and the car came crushing down on my hands braking 7 fingers and 2 thumbs. My wife jacked the car up to untrap me and replaced the wheel on the car before rushing me to hospital. Once at the hospital I had a few x-rays and my hands were put into special splints and bandaged up and I was told not to touch or move them for 4-6 weeks. We got in the car and I had a soiling accident in my nappy then I realised I would not be able to look after my self. I told my wife what I had done and my predicament and she told me that there was no way she could change me, as it would knock her sick. Judy said she could not do it all the time because she had to work so my wife phoned my mum who agreed instantly. My wife picked up some disposable nappies and also the terry nappies and rubber pants and took me to my mums. My mum fostered kids so was experienced at changing nappies and also dealt with me when I was younger. We entered my mums and my wife left straight away to drop Judy off. My mum was in the middle of changing a 1 year old and I watched her expertly change the 1 year old little boy's nappy and then she told me to lay on the couch but then decided it was too low with her having arthritis. MY mum stripped me apart from my nappy and told me to lie over her knee. But I told her I was too heavy. My mum told me to leave my back on the couch and just put my bum on her knee, which I did. She got one of the foster kids a girl about 18 whom was still staying there to get some cotton wool and a bowl of hot water and then she started on me. She untapped the stinky wet nappy and told me to put my legs up as high as they go then she pushed them slightly over my head with one hand and washed my bum with the other. The shit was all over my pubic hairs and she told me that the hair would have to go. She powdered my bum and slid a clean nappy under me and told me to put my legs down while she fastened the tapes and then she told me to sit on the floor. She looked at the terry nappies and read the catalogue and said that she was in a routine with the kids and I would be changed when they are and do as I am told. My mother told me that she preferred terry to disposable and was going to order me some more. I protested but my mum said I do as I am told or I end up in a home until my hands are better. In the catalogue they sold all different kinds of rubber pants and adult size baby clothing and she told me she was going to order some clothes for me that make it easier for nappy changes.

My mum hand fed me at tea time as with my hands broke I could not feed myself.

After tea my mum ran me a bath and led me to the bathroom where she bathed me and then she told me to stand up in the bath before rubbing some type of cream over my pubic hairs. A few minutes later she told me to sit in the bath again and then she rubbed my pubic hair with a cloth before telling me to stand again. When I stood up I found that the cream was hair-removing cream and all my pubic hair had gone and the skins smooth like a baby. My mum helped me out of the bath and wrapped me in a towel and sent me downstairs to sit in front of the fire. My mum entered and started changing nappies on the four kids in nappies she had. Next it was my turn she opened the snap shut rubber pants up and then expertly folded a terry nappy and called me over I protested but she said if I didn’t do as I was told I would go in a home. I went over to her and she removed the towel and I lay across her knee, as before she told me to lift my legs and pushed them back while she slid the thick terry nappy and rubbers under my bum. She then put lots of baby powder over my nappy area before letting my legs down, next she pulled the thick white nappy between my legs and up to my belly before pinning the front to the back with six nappy pins. She then pulled the opened up pants between my legs and snapped them closed. It felt nice but strange to have my mother treat me this way. I sat on the floor with my legs wide open because of the thick wad between them my mum then went into the kitchen and came back with 5 baby bottles of blackcurrant juice and gave the babies one each and then put one between my bandaged hands, I protested but she said that I had no way of holding a cup and to shut up and start drinking. I put the teat of the bottle to my mouth and started sucking, it took 10 minutes to get the hang of it and felt weird. After the bottles were empty she put the babies to bed but let me stay up and made me a bottle full of coffee. At about 10 PM she told me that she was going to bed and that I would have to as well she put me in a bed in the spare room and left a baby bottle of water in case I got thirsty in the night.

The next morning my mum came in the room at 10 Am and helped me out of bed and sat me on a chair and spoon-fed me baby rusks as she was doing with the little kids. She got the girl to feed me while she fed the babies. The girl who was called Kay kept speaking to me like a baby such as "open wide for the train baby" and calling me a good baby boy. After breakfast my face was rubbed with a sponge and what had dropped onto my chest removed and a baby bottle of baby formula was pushed in my mouth I drank it, it tasted very nice. After breakfast my mum bathed and changed the babies and then told me to lay on her knee. She unsnapped the rubber pants and unpinned the soaking wet terry nappy and told me to lift my legs and then she slid it from under me and cleaned my nappy area with some pampers baby wipes before powdering it and putting nappy rash cream all over my hairless groin. She then slid a disposable under me and taped it up and helped me into my clothes before removing the wet nappies and rubber pants and putting them into the washing machine.

My mother entered and asked me if I wanted a cup of tea and I yes. My mother returned with a cup of tea and a baby bottle of tea and gave me the baby bottle.

I sucked on the bottle and I dropped the baby bottle a few times and my mum said it was a good job it was in a bottle otherwise it would go all over the carpet. There was a knock at the door and my mum answered it and signed for a large parcel. My mum opened the parcel and it contained: -

  • 5 pairs of rubber pants (some with nursery prints)
  • 20 large terry nappies
  • 10 onesies (some with teddy bears on and 2 with pictures of nappy pins and pacifiers on)
  • 20 nappy pins
  • 1 training potty
  • 4 pairs of toddler style pyjamas but adult size
  • 5 pairs of shorts with extra room for a nappy
  • 10 baby style bibs but in adult sizes
  • 1 large nappy bucket

I told my mother that enough was enough and I was not wearing them but my mother told me that she preferred me to use terry nappies and the onesie’s were so she could change me without having me strip. The pyjamas were for fitting over my nappy and the potty in case I needed to go to the toilet in a rush.

I hesitated for a minute and suspiciously accepted her answer and asked about the bib’s, she told me that it was to stop me getting food all over my self and furniture. My mum told me that she would make sure my wife only knew about the nappies and nothing else.

My mum put the big baby things away and put the television on for me, shortly my wife knocked at the door and came in to see how I was. She talked for a while and then I realised I was very wet. I told mum and she was going to change me in front of my wife in her usual style. I protested but my wife told me to stop been silly. My wife stripped me apart from the nappy and mum told me to come over to her and lay across her knee. I lay with my bum on her knee and she unfastened the tapes and told me to lift my legs up in the air, she then pushed them over my head and slid the wet nappy out from under me. My mum asked my wife to pass the Pampers baby wipes, clean nappy, baby powder and nappy rash cream over which she did while giggling. While mum held my legs in one hand she washed my bum with the baby wipes and then let my legs down and told me to open them and then washed my groin area. Next I was told to lift my legs again and a clean nappy was slid under my bum and then rubbed lots of baby powder into my bum and massaged nappy rash cream in. My legs were let down and she powdered my hairless groin and rubbed cream in. The nappy was then pulled firmly between my legs and fastened to the back and I was then let off her knee to sit on the couch just in a nappy.

My wife asked my mum why I had no pubic hair and my mum told her when I soiled myself it was all stuck to the hair so she got rid of it for hygiene purposes.

My wife left shortly after and mum went and returned with a onesie and place it over my head before making me lay down for the snap fasteners to be closed, as I lay there my mother dressing me in baby clothes I felt like a helpless baby. The onesie was the one with nappy pins and pacifiers on. My mum asked me if I liked been a baby and I said I was not as bothered as I was about it. My mum went into a draw and pulled out a pacifier and asked if I wanted it, I was shocked and angrily refused.

My mum changed the babies’ nappies and placed them in a playpen in the middle of the room and went out to do some washing.

I watched TV for a bit and then my mother came in and put the babies in high chairs and put bib’s on them, next she got a big bib and put one on me. My bib had a picture of Winnie the Pooh on it. My mum spoon-fed the babies and Kay spoon fed me it was liquidated vegetables Kay was cooing to me as if I was really a baby.

After I was fed my mother got 5 baby bottles of baby formula and told Kay she had to feed the babies and she would see to me. My mother sat on the sofa and told me to lay my head in her arms and then put the baby bottle in my mouth. I soon fell asleep and woke at 8-o clock to a very wet nappy. My mother got me to lie across her knee again and sent Kay for a terry nappy, rubber pants and baby wipes and pyjamas. My mother undid the crotch on my onesie and told me to lift my legs and then she slid the nappy away and as before wiped me clean with baby wipes and then powdered my bum before sliding a freshly folded clean nappy under me and letting my legs down. She then had Kay to pin the nappy together with six nappy pins, next she picked up a pair of nursery print rubber pants put them over my ankles and lifted my legs and pulled them over my nappy right up to my chest before snapping the onesie back together. I then stood up and Kay held the bottoms of the pyjamas open for me to stand in and pulled them up and then fredded my arms in the top and put my head through.

The pyjamas were like kids but in my size and had picture of Teletubbies on them. I protested but was told to stop moaning or she would show everybody what a cute big baby I was.

Things carried on like this until my hands were better and I was always put in normal clothes for my wife visiting. I sometimes go up to my mothers on a weekend and she still changes my nappies when she can.