The Aunt and the Nephew - P...

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The Aunt and the Nephew - Part 2

The Aunt and the Nephew - Part 2

A Second Imagining or Much Ado About Nothing

The nephew is a robust fellow and as such has normal urges and desires that are not relieved in the manner which Nature intends. Such a build-up of longings and needs must find an outlet and the nephew follows in the time-honored footsteps of countless adolescents by fiddling around and frigging himself.

At first this happens in what he thinks to be private moments and in secluded surroundings. After bed- time at night he rubs and tugs with abandon under the covers and at times he is just as unconcernedly active on the commode or in the bathroom when taking care of his ablutions.

Bt his aunt is no fool and being older is wise in the ways of the world and of adolescent nephews. She catches him at it one certain day, his pants and briefs draped around his ankles, his hands busily engaged in a pleasurable frigging of his stiff organ.

Being surprised in flagrante deflates his desire almost immediately, but not fast enough that he is able to pull one over on is aunt. She looks stern and reproachful, shocked and disappointed at his common vulgar behavior, but luckily she does not commence ranting and raving.

Indeed, inwardly she is halfway amused at catching her nephew in the act. She knows enough that lusts and desires with the attending physical manifestations of retention of secretions and fluids is not a healthy state to be in. A release from arousal is a physical recommendation, but how to go about it in a healthy and hygienic manner ? And more importantly how to bring up the subject ?

Apprehending her nephew in mid-act provides a convenient excuse to do something about her misgivings. She makes an appointment with the lady doctor and takes the nephew along.

In the doctor’s office, the nephew is left in the waiting-room to contemplate his fate while the aunt has a conversation with the doctor.

“How can I help you ?”

“It’s about my nephew I’m afraid.”

“Yes ….?”

“Well I don’t know how to say this properly, but the other day I fear I caught him …. Well … playing with himself.”

“Aha, I see. And you are concerned ?”

“Shouldn’t I be ? Certainly it isn’t healthy for a fellow his age to be doing that to himself ….”

“Hmmm … that would depend. Could you give me a more detailed explanation ? For instance, what exactly was it that your nephew was doing to himself ?”

“Well, you know …. His pants were down around his ankles and he was playing with his thing … his piddler.”

“Ah yes. And by ‘playing around’ you mean specifically that he was …..?”

“Euh … well it was all stiff and large and he was pulling it … frigging about and all….”

“Very well. Classic masturbatory behavior in other words. There was nothing else involved ? No objects inserted into the anus or such ?”

“Oh no …. Heavens no….at least not that I saw.”

“Yes well, it does no good to dramatize such occurrences. Adolescent, indeed, adult masturbation is a well nigh universal phenomenon and does little harm unless carried to excess or experienced as an exclusive preference. Generally it is but a passing stage, more inherent upon circumstances than upon inclination. I take it for instance that the fellow has no paramour or steady companion ?”

“No, I don’t think so. In any case he entertains no one at my home nor is he allowed to go away unsupervised.”

“Wise decisions on your part no doubt. But still, there are inherent imperatives in the average adolescent sexual drive that are best not ignored. Suppression is not always advised, nor is it physically beneficial either.”

“What do you mean doctor ?”

“It would be utopian to expect a subrogation of your nephew’s sexual inclinations, especially at his age. It is far better to acknowledge their existence and to somehow come to an accommodation of his physical needs and your notions of propriety. There are any number of possible mutually beneficial solutions.”

“Oh …?

“Most certainly. I can discuss them with you if you like, but perhaps it might be best if I saw your nephew and gave him a preparatory examination first. Though I doubt it, there might be certain physical indicators that will give me a better idea of what we are dealing with.”

“I suppose that would be a good idea.”

“Indeed. Your nephew is here I take it ?”

“Oh yes, doctor. He’s in the waiting-room.”

“Fine, I’ll have him shown in by the nurse. Now perhaps it would be best at this stage of the proceedings that I examine him alone. Your presence might be somewhat intimidating at first.”

“Is that wise ?”

“I believe so, for the moment at any case. Later on you will of course participate in whatever course of action is best. But right now I think I can best win his confidence if I examine him alone.”

“All right doctor. I understand.”

The aunt is however still present as the nephew enters the doctor’s office. She admonishes him to cooperate with the doctor and do whatever is required of him. Meekly he nods, despondent at this unexpected doctor’s visit. Even more disconcerting is the discovery that this is a female doctor, the same in gender if not in age and looks at his aunt. His heart is a flutter with apprehension as his aunt leaves the office. He is now alone with the lady doctor. She excludes an air of irreproachable authority, of sternness and expected obedience. She looks immaculate and bright in her white medical garb, stethoscope prominently displayed around her neck and her breast pockets bristling with vaguely threateningly looking clinical knick-knacks. The lady doctor wears largish glasses, imparting an extra aura of austerity and an expectation of immediate obedience.

And yet on a deeper level than he is conscious of, the nephew is mightily impressed and taken in with her appearance. The lady doctor is well groomed with straightly banged hair falling down to above her shoulders. It flows in harmonious waves as she moves her head, a curtain of dark hair rippling over her forehead and face. Her lips are glossed a full reddish tint and the light reflects off her spectacles as she speaks. Though he does not know it yet, the nephew is stricken by this formidable looking figure.

Smiling, the lady doctor announces that she will conduct a cursory physical examination. Before he can utter a word of protest, the doctor tells him to remove his clothes. The nephew’s heart skips a beat from trepidation. He knows the general rules of conduct in a medical setting, which of course require undressing to a degree. But in this present situation there is scope for misinterpretation and misunderstanding. He looks aside from time to time at the doctor to gauge her reaction as he begins undressing. First he removes his shirt and shoes, then undershirt and socks. From the look on the doctor’s face he knows enough to continue through and step out of his trousers.

Now he stands in his briefs alone, not much in the way of modesty to be sure, but still a last defense against complete and total nudity. The doctor has expected this. Indeed it is nothing she has not seen countless times, this last attempt at a retention of dignity.

But what a medical hindrance these misplaced notions of modesty can be. She points at the nephew’s groin and with an unmistakable flick of a finger indicates that he is to remove his last garment.

“Come now please. Let’s remove your undies. I need you to be completely undressed or I won’t be able to conduct your examination properly.”

“Yes ma’am….” (a quavering voice)

“There’s absolutely nothing to be worried about you know. I see naked patients all the time. Besides, we’re going to take a special look at your genitals and we can’t do that with you wearing panties or anything, now can we ?”

“You’re going to look at my what …?”

“I’m sorry, maybe I should use some other terms. In any case I’m going to have to examine you between your thighs very carefully, your piddler and balls if you like.”


“There’s nothing to be worried about. I do this all the time with my patients and it won’t hurt one bit if you cooperate fully. Your aunt has some concerns about your well-being and about certain activities she caught you at. You do know what I’m talking about I suppose ?”

“I guess ….”

“Hmmm … perhaps you’d like to tell me about it ?”

“I don’t think so….”

“Come now. There’s nothing to be ashamed about. Surely you can tell me. I’m a doctor after all. So. Your aunt told me she surprised you playing with yourself. Is that so ?”

“… I guess so.”

“Good, now see, that wasn’t that hard to admit, was it ?”


“Perhaps you could tell me exactly what you were doing ? Were you rubbing your piddler, or perhaps pulling on it ?”

“…Sort of …”

“A bit of both then ? I see. And your balls. Were you playing with them too ? Squeezing or pulling ? Frigging them hard or softly ?”

“…I don’t know.”

“Ah ? Surely you must have some recollection. Well I’ll have to take a good look anyway. Those are rather delicate parts and you must be careful handling them, especially when you can get carried away with yourself. Is that so by the way ? Do you sometimes get carried away because you get so excited ?”

“…I suppose so…. I don’t really remember.”

“Hmm hmm. Well we’ll see. And your bottom; do you play around with that as well ? Maybe stick your finger up into your poophole, or put something else into it ? Candles or pencils perhaps ?”


“You mustn’t be ashamed if you’ve done so. Many people do such things. But in your case I have to know to make sure you haven’t hurt yourself in any way. So. Have you been sticking things up into your bottomhole ?”

“…Sometimes I guess …”

“There we are. See how easy it is to tell me such things ? Besides I’ll be taking a good look inside of you to make sure everything is all right.

“Inside of me …?”

“Yes. To make sure you haven’t hurt yourself. It’s nothing to be worried about. It won’t hurt at all if you relax and do as I say. Now let’s step a little closer please so we can start with your piddler….”

The lady doctor continues her softly spoken litany while she positions the nephew. Standing in front of her, the doctor sits down and has the nephew spread his legs and thrust his groin forwards. He has difficulty assuming the required stance, more from embarrassment than from any physical disablement, so she helps the nephew by placing one hand on his buttocks from behind and pushing them towards her and keeping her other hand just above his pubis but pressing away from her. Positioned so, his genitals with penis stiff from embarrassment and trepidation, are prominently on display and easily accessible. The doctor starts a visual and manual examination.

First off she notes that the nephew is not circumcised. This is a delectable little detail that she had not expected. Foreskins are extra little appendages that offer scope for additional manipulation and examination, perhaps even a bit of modification, either modest or drastic depending upon personal preferences. Hygienic considerations will also come into play and education into the proper methods of cleansing is sure to be an agreeable pastime for both the doctor and aunt. The nephew will also come to appreciate the extra care his intimate little shaft of skin needs be given, although initially he may think otherwise. Denuding the glans is most likely to be a somewhat awkward proceeding at first, maybe even mildly painful if his opening is narrow and constricted.

She feels about the base of the penile shaft, squeezing and rubbing with different degrees of pressure as she moves upwards along the length of the nephew’s member. It is relatively smooth and soft- skinned, the odd prominently visible vein aside. The skin is furthermore unblemished and only slightly darker than the rest of his body. As male organs go, it is not overly large, an esthetic benevolence which the doctor can appreciate. She does not approve of extravagance nor of disproportionateness in physical manifestations.

The glans is still covered by the foreskin, but a tip of glistening darker colored skin and the small slit of the urethral meatus are visible. First the doctor feels the rim of the corona, a ridge of skin bulging underneath the prepuce. It is a sensitive area and easily stimulated, even when still covered. Were it to be denuded by retraction of the foreskin, any handling would have to be done carefully and preferably with suitable lubrication. She squeezes the glans and notes the oozing of fluid from the urethra. Clearly the nephew is experiencing a form of arousal from the handling of his genitals.

The doctor continues to handle and examine the meatus. She notes a reddish rim of skin around the opening. It is however not inflamed nor infected, just the natural coloring particular to this part of the penis. She asks if the nephew experiences any difficulties in piddling, can he readily pass water or does it come in fits and starts ? He claims no difficulties, but even so the lady doctor takes a small conical shaped object in metal and dips it in a sterilizing and lubricating solution. It is a combination probe and urethral measuring device which is fit into the meatus and inserted to its maximal extent. The sensation is startling to the unprepared nephew, as is the concept in general.

As the measuring device is pressed inwards, the doctor tugs downwards on the nephew’s prepuce, so denuding and exposing a large portion of his glans penis. Both actions are far from pleasant. The urethral insertion causes a burning sensation in his urinary canal and the stretching of his foreskin is no more pleasurable. She notes the depth of insertion and the width of maximal extension of the meatus and then withdraws the urethral measuring device.

The doctor cannot retract the prepuce completely, nor did she expect to. She clucks in mild displeasure and explains to the nephew that corrective measures will have to be taken. What these measures will exactly entail she does not explain. The lady doctor will appraise his aunt and after deliberation and discussion she will decide upon a course of action.

The doctor asks if the nephew has seen other piddlers and if so then surely he must have remarked that some of them, if not the majority, are quite different in appearance by virtue of being circumcised. The nephew knows but vaguely what she is referring to and pretends to plead ignorance, for his experience has been very minimal indeed. She goes on to explain the removal of part or the whole of the foreskin and of the reasons why such is done. Hygienic and esthetic reasons rank foremost amongst practitioners, though she herself is not much enamored of the esthetics. Rather she prefers classical notions of appearance mixed of course with an unproblematic ease of retraction whenever the necessity arises.

Generally speaking complete denuding is required for washing and hygienic inspection, which will no doubt be rigorously applied from now on by the aunt. Certain medical situations require retraction of the foreskin as well, such as during physical examinations or during certain procedures. Sexual activity, either solitary or in reciprocity with one or more participants is also a prime indication for denuding the male prepuce. Sensations are compounded and exposure of intimate areas enhances feelings of shared intimacy. This is why, the lady doctor explains, much care will be taken and effort spent on maintaining an appropriate condition.

The nephew is of course confused and amazed that so much effort be taken to examine this part of his anatomy. It is disconcerting to be sure, and yet gratifying. His penis is stiff and hard as never before, jutting out straight from his groin, pulsing and sore from the handling, but replete with a tingling pleasantness nevertheless. He is yet flushed and red from emotion, but from mixed sensations of half- felt shame and an inward arousal.

The doctor has noticed this and smiles to herself. Attending to such patients is always gratifying for in the end they become easily handled, and that in more ways than one she naughtily thinks to herself.

Now however she must progress to his testicles and scrotal sac. She has the nephew press his penis up against his abdomen so she can use two hands to feel about. She has the nephew spread his legs further apart, but such a stance is impractical to hold for a long time, alluring though it may be. So she stands up and has the nephew accompany her to an examination table. He is told to mount the table and lay down upon his back. There is a small pillow under his head so he is comfortable as the doctor spreads his legs and begins feeling about. However she prefers a more exposed position for her patients and has the nephew lift up his legs and hug them to his chest.

Now his private parts are easily accessible and viewed. The penis lays back on his abdomen presenting the underside for inspection. Lower, the pouch of his scrotal sac is taut and constricted by cause of excitation and nervousness. Even so the doctor can make out the double semi-hemispheric composition, each half containing a smallish testicular orb. As in all males these are sensitive to the touch. But medical necessity dictates that the doctor carefully palpate each testicle for nodes, lumps and other possible deformities. It is an exacting process that is done deliberately and methodically.

First the doctor hefts the scotum in general, tugs on covering skin, notes color, texture and degree of elasticity. She then twirls each gland between thumb and forefinger after making sure they are not attached by any adhesions or growths. This means that her fingers must completely envelope each testicle and tug it outwards before commencing a more meticulous examination. The lady doctor performs this in double simultaneously, stretching each testicle in opposite direction from the other all the while gripping firmly with a delicate touch.

Still, however delicate her femininely medical touch, the nephew is unused to such an examination and lets out several yelps of surprise. The doctor cautions him to remain still and unmoving, for this can hardly be considered a painful procedure. Indeed she warns, examinations of such sorts will come to be a regular part of his medical examinations and more likely than not his aunt will be conducting them from now on as well. They are a wise precaution and if done correctly no hardship at all. Wholehearted and dutiful cooperation is however a prerequisite. In practice that means no squirming or pulling away, no sounds or gestures of protest and prompt acquiescence whenever examinations are scheduled.

So warned the nephew ponders his future fate at his aunt’s hands. She too will be tugging and feeling up his piddler and balls from now on ? How unheard of. How disquietingly naughty and arousing. He wonders if it will be something to look forward to or to dread.

Meanwhile he is however brought back to his present situation by the lady doctor’s continued handling and probing. It feels as if she wishes to either yank each of his small balls from their comfortable pouch or else to mould them into a different shape, so diligent and determined is her examination.

Finally it seems she is finished, but somewhat ominously she remarks that his testicles are far too enclosed in their protective pouch and each will needs be massaged and manipulated to a greater degree of scrotal freedom. How this will be exactly accomplished she leaves up in the air, but the direction her thoughts take are not difficult to discern. The nephew concludes that his balls will be tugged and played with by more than one pair of hands from now on.

The lady doctor’s interest in this intimate part of his genital anatomy is not finished yet however. She takes a narrow measuring tape and a set of metal calipers, essentially harmless yet awesome looking instruments nonetheless, and uses these everyday devices to perform a bewildering and thorough measuring of the nephew’s genitals; penis and scrotum both. Lengths, girths, circumferences, elongations and curvatures are all measured, the results set down on a chart.

This finished, the doctor proceeds lower still. She places a small pillow underneath the nephew’s hips, so forcing his lower torso yet higher up in the air, with buttocks and anus more accessible still.

First however she kneads and palpates a smallish mound beneath the scrotum, the male pereneum. Generally it is an overlooked area of the intimate male physiognomy. In appearance it is essentially feminine even, much like the female pubic mound proper. The nephew’s pereneum is no less of a gentle swelling, lacking only the pinkish outer labial lips and the alluring slit of a female. The nephew sports neither, much to his detriment thinks the lady doctor, for in her mind’s eye she can easily envision the nephew being transformed.

But such suggestions would be premature she surmises, the nephew’s aunt, lascivious and mischievous as she undoubtedly is in her private fantasies, would have difficulty accepting such alterations to her nephew, however charming the outcome.

So the lady doctor decides to make no mention of her thoughts on this particular aspect of the nephew’s physiognomy. Perhaps a suitable occasion will arise in the near future.

Now she is finished with the genital apparatus proper and imparts such to the nephew.

“Well now. That wasn’t so bad, now was it ?”

“I don’t know …”

“Tsk tsk … You shouldn’t complain now. All we did was take a good look at your penis and testicles and measure them summarily. In the future I will probably be doing this on a regular basis as will your aunt.”

“Must she ?”

“Most certainly. At any rate that is what I shall recommend. I am certain she will heed my advice. On other occasions we shall have to perform other examinations as well. For instance I shall certainly have to examine the inside of your bladder and the urethral canal.”


“You mustn’t look so surprised. This is done all the time by doctors such as myself. All we do is insert a small tube through your piddler up into the bladder ?”

“Through my … oh no … ?”

“Yes yes. Into the hole where your pee comes from. It’s nothing to be concerned about. Now, before your aunt comes back I still need to examine your anus and rectal canal. So tell me, do you regularly put objects in them when you play with yourself ?”

“Anything in them ?”

“Yes. In your bottom, your poophole. Is that how you like to call it ?”

“I guess so.”

“We can call it whatever you like you know. I am used to using either medical terms or the vernacular. Most patients such as yourself are better served by using familiar terms however. So ? Shall we refer to your bottom, bum, poophole …?”

“It doesn’t matter …”

“Surely it does. Tell me then, how does your aunt call it ?”

“She uses different names ….”

“Ah ? Well then, let’s follow her example. There are any number of suitable terms.”

And so the lady doctor decides that the nephew’s poophole will be examined instead of his anus and that she will need to look up into his bottom rather than his rectum. But the difference is only in the naming, for by any other name the intrusion is just as disconcerting, just as embarrassing and initially as uncomfortable.

In this region male and female characteristics are congruent with no physiognomic differences of note between the two genders. However a psychological appreciation of the deed of insertion is still generally speaking better understood and withstood by the female gender. Unless of course the nephew should turn out to be a nancy boy or sissy by inclination. But even if he is not, the lady doctor shall have him confront the phenomenon of anal penetration and preferably teach him to look forward to its continued application. That is in any case what she will recommend to the fellow’s aunt. She is certain the aunt will eagerly follow her recommendations.

So a first outward and visual appraisal follows. The doctor spreads the nephew’s buttocks and places finger and thumb around the delicate rim of flesh comprising the outer sphincter. It is pinkish in color, firm and taut from apprehension. A delicate handling and probing causes an involuntary pulsation in and outwards. She pinches the outer sphincter and presses in with her uncovered finger. Resistance to entry is obvious so she tentatively concludes that the nephew is not a habitual self-buggerer.

But she must be more diligent and thorough, so in view of the nephew she dons a small and thin latex finger cot as protective covering. She holds it up in the air and wiggles her finger as if testing the elasticity and fit of the rubber, but in truth she does it to show the nephew what is to come next. She takes a glass jar and dips her finger into the contents, a glisteningly clear-colored lubricant. She daubs a bit onto the nephew’s anus and covers her finger yet again with the solution.

Rubbing slowly and deliberately she somewhat unnecessarily but perversely announces that she is about to stick her finger up into his poophole. He is to relax and distend his bottom as much as possible, preferably to push outwards against her finger, as if attempting to go potty.

The choice of words alone are embarrassing, yet he tries to do as the lady doctor orders. He does not succeed overly much this first time, from awkwardness and embarrassment no doubt. Yet her finger penetrates the barrier and slips up into the nephew’s interior.

She concludes that his rectal passage is narrow and tight, practically virginal. She would have thought otherwise given the aunt’s description of things, but perhaps the older lady was simply projecting her own fantasies and youthful practices upon her nephew. Whatever the case the nephew shall have to undergo a dilating treatment to elasticate his anal opening, else he will not experience much fulfillment from that part of his anatomy during intimate play.

Nor is excessive constrictiveness beneficial from an eliminative point of view either. The passage of waste matter is still the primary raison-d’etre of poopholes and bottoms and medically speaking it must be done in the most accommodating manner possible. A narrow and bunged up anus does no-one any good, not the owner, nor the care-provider. Therefore stretching and massage sessions will be the order of the day from now on.

While she is engaged in twirling her latex-coated finger about the inside of the nephew’s rectum, she questions him on his bowel habits. Her curiosity concerning his self-play was nosy enough, but now the doctor does not show any lesser zeal. She asks about regularity, timing, periodicity, volume, coloring and consistency. The questioning is horribly embarrassing but precise and unrelenting. She wonders aloud if the nephew can induce a bowel movement by effort of will alone and if not, if he can withstand an unexpected onset of the same. Does his preference tends towards the morning hours or the evening ? Do any particular foods effect his regularity ?

The answer to such a question is of course a given, but individuals differ in digestive peculiarities and she would like to gauge towards what extremes if any the nephew tends and even if he is aware of the effects of certain foods upon the eliminatory process in the first place.

She explains the benefits of regularity and of certain methods to aid and enhance internal cleanliness. The nephew has not heard much nor had much experience with clystering, enemas or any type of colonic irrigation at all for that matter. He is much surprised and more than a little aghast at the very concept of introducing water and other compounds into a poophole. Surely that is the reverse order of the nature of things ? What good can ever come from such practices ?

From the lady-doctor’s explanation much good indeed. She announces almost casually and off the cuff that his aunt will be advised to start him on a regime of regular internal cleansing.

He sighs, ponders the ways of the world and endures the lady-doctor’s diligent probing and internal rubbing and palpating. She even tries to insert a second digit, but this is a forlorn effort. She clucks in mild annoyance.

She withdraws her finger and the nephew thinks it is over with the handling of his bottomhole. Hope springs eternal perhaps, but is not always requited. She has simply retracted her own digit in order to now make use of a mechanical device.

The nephew has of course never seen nor imagined the existence of rectal speculi. In essence it is a simple contraption consisting of handles and blades, each diagonally connected to the opposing extremity, so that when the handle is depressed the blades open up. When inserted into bodily orifices like, the nostrils, ears, mouth, rectum, vagina and urethra, a more detailed visual examination of the targeted areas is facilitated. That anyone, even a doctor, should care to peer into the majority of these bodily openings is beyond the nephew’s comprehension. Nevertheless that is what the lady doctor intends.

She dips the speculum blades into the jar with lubricating solution, that in itself dispels any doubt where the instrument will be inserted, and then once again advises the nephew of her intentions to stick something into his bottom. Surprisingly the metal blades enter relatively easily, no doubt because the doctor’s finger has already charted the way in and prepared the narrow passage for a new intrusion.

It is cold however, this medical device and the nephew shivers and twitches. He does so even more as the lady doctor tightens her grip on the dual handles and forces the opposing blades into a more open position. The nephew’s bottom is stretched and elongated, much against his will. He lets out several grunts of surprise and tries to move his bottom aside. The lady doctor anticipates this and cautions him to remain still while giving a buttock several small taps of insistence.

This quiets the nephew, but only marginally, for he watches in trepidation as the doctor takes a large cylindrical shaped object in her free hand. Is this to be inserted into his fundament as well ? Surely not. It is far far too large. Such a device would rent him open like an impaled prisoner.

Luckily it is only an illuminator or more commonly called a flashlight. It is simply to be used to cast light into the otherwise dark interior of his rectum. Now why anyone should want to do so is way beyond the nephew’s comprehension, but even so he is relieved beyond measure that nothing else will be done with the illuminator.

The doctor switches the device on, shines it between the open blades of the rectal speculum and cocks her head to and fro the better to observe the nephew’s insides. The operation is painless, except for the continuing strain of the expanded speculum blades, but even so the nephew feels very ill at ease with the lady doctor staring up into his poophole.

But this too passes and soon the doctor has finished her rectal observations and retracted the speculum. Gratefully the nephew feels the pressure on his bumhole disappear and he relaxes his body once again.

The doctor announces that he may sit upright again, she has now finished with her observations. She notes down several remarks in his chart and uses her intercom to have the aunt ushered into her office. While she awaits the aunt’s entry, the doctor decides, at least for appearances sake, to complete her little check-up of the nephew by listening to his heart and lungs and doing a little discreet thumping here and there. Thus engaged she will present a scene of diligent medical activity as the aunt enters the office.

And so it comes to pass. The aunt enters the examination room to find the lady doctor bent over her nephew, stethoscope in ears listening to his heartbeat. It is a reassuring sight, almost archetypal in a medical setting. The lady doctor smiles at the aunt, announces she is almost done. Would the aunt care to take a seat ?

In truth the aunt would far rather approach her unclad nephew and do some discreet and unabashed gazing at his naked body, but good manners being innate due to her upbringing she accepts the doctor’s invitation and sits down, turning her chair discreetly to afford her a good view of her nephew nonetheless.

But the doctor is soon finished and hangs the stethoscope back around her neck. She has the nephew remain where he is for the time being and regains her own seat behind her desk. Sitting upright with a bright cheery demeanor she launches into an explanation of her findings.

“I don’t want to keep you in any suspense, so first off let me state that I find your nephew to be in good health.”

“That is a relief to hear.”

“Indeed so. Your reason for concern in regards to his youthful unruliness is however not unfounded. Aside from confirming to me his indecent private habits, I have found signs of habitual self- gratification.”

“Oh my …”

“Even so there is little cause for alarm as such. Such activity, asocial and narcissistic as it may be, is not necessarily cause for concern nor is it even unhealthy from a strictly physical point of view. Medically speaking there is nothing really amiss with a robust fellow such as your nephew engaging in a bit of frigging every now and then. Masturbation, certainly among his age group, is a well-nigh universal phenomenon, though it is not always looked upon with approval. The reasons are often cultural or historical and therefore subject to a wide range of unscientific bias and prejudice. It would lead us far astray from the concern at hand were I to go into such a discussion in depth. Suffice it to say that it is almost universally accepted amongst enlightened scientists and medically trained specialists that a bit of self-play every now and then can do little harm.”

“Why I never would have thought so…”

“Yes. Opinion has evolved on this matter since your youth I fear.”

“More’s the pity …”

“Aha … my opinion exactly. But we digress. Even though medically speaking there is nothing amiss with your nephew’s behavior, socially and psychologically speaking it is another matter. Solo activity of this sort is not beneficial to developing the necessary social and interactional skills necessary to successfully take him through future careers and relationships. It would bode well for your nephew were he to frig himself amongst other companions or be helped along by suitable tutors.”

“I don’t follow doctor …”

“Well, to put it more plainly if you wish, your nephew shouldn’t be frigging himself furtively. Since it is a normal human activity, there is little reason for him to try and keep his masturbation private. More ideally however would for him to be properly supervised in this activity. Perhaps even to share the subtle pleasures of physical relief with others of his age group or more mature and experienced persons.”

“Well, …. I …”

“Yes I understand it sounds somewhat unconventional, but the reasoning is medically and psychologically sound. Perhaps you should consider starting him on such a course. As therapy it is not without its benefits. And besides it is not reasonable nor healthy to expect your nephew, or anyone else for that matter, to suspend the pursuit of personal physical relief just because of circumstances.”

“I wouldn’t know who to think of ….”

“Medical personnel are trained for such treatments, though certain specializations are better suited than others. However the cost of seeing a medical specialist on a regular basis for such a mundane therapy is somewhat prohibitive when viewed cost-wise. I’ve found that looking within the extended family circle is a good place to find suitable candidates. Generally speaking relatives of the first degree are unsuitable for any number of obvious reasons. However others, such as for instance older cousins or aunts can be ideally suited.”

“Surely you’re not suggesting that I …?”

“A person in your position would be ideal.”

“Oh but I don’t really think that ….”

“Nonsense. In my experience I’ve found family members such as yourself to be in the best position of all to supervise such therapy. I’d suggest that you might care to give it a try right now.”

“Right now ? Why heavens…. I couldn’t.”

“Oh ? I’d be here to talk you through the procedure. Not that it is much of a difficulty mind you. It is mostly a question of doing the obvious.”

“Well perhaps … but surely the … well the mess and so …”

“There is far less mess involved than for instance in changing nappies. You’ve had experience in that I take it ?”

“Well yes, of course. I’ve always helped out in the family when necessary.”

“Well there you are. My argumentation exactly. You’d be doing much the same type of thing essentially. I’d really recommend you consider it.”

“I’d really have to think about it.”

“Fine. Perhaps you’d like a little demonstration now that your nephew’s here.”

“A demonstration ? Here ? Now ?”

“Certainly. Your nephew’s properly attired in any case (chuckle) and learning by observation is ever much more educative than textbook learning.”

“Well ….”

“I’ll be needing samples from your nephew in any case. I still need to draw blood and I’d like to get a urine and semen sample as well. If you really don’t feel up to it, you needn’t remain.”

“You mean to take these samples anyway ?”

“Oh yes. It’s standard medical procedure, especially in someone your nephew’s age. But if you really don’t care to observe, you can wait outside.”

“Well doctor… I suppose on second thought you’re correct. I should be thinking of my nephew’s welfare, not my notions of modesty.”

“Quite so. Shall we begin then ?”

The lady doctor wonders little about the aunt’s notions of modesty. These are sure to be perfunctory at best. From the look in the aunt’s eyes and her demeanor throughout the conversation, the doctor concludes that the aunt is little concerned about preserving anyone’s sense of decorum or propriety, but simply doesn’t wish to be thought of as too eager to personally involve herself with a series of intimately embarrassing therapy sessions for her nephew. In all probability she most likely cannot wait to start.

Well, the lady doctor will certainly oblige. She has seen many elder relatives of this sort and knows what to say and suggest.

Meanwhile the nephew has been listening with ears straining to make out the course of the conversation. He picks up enough to know he is the object of discussion. By now he has also understood that any further procedures in the doctor’s office, with his aunt present or not, are likely to be embarrassingly thorough with little concern for his thoughts on the matter.

As the lady doctor returns to the nephew’s side, she announces that it is necessary to obtain a urine sample. The nephew thinks of having to piddle under the watching eye of doctor and aunt and immediately grimaces from apprehension. But the doctor has other thoughts on the matter and other methods of obtaining what she needs. She explains out loud for the benefit of both nephew and aunt that young men habitually have difficulty piddling upon medical request. She chuckles condescendingly as she explains the difficulties of passing urine through an erect male organ and of the inherent inhibiting proclivities of certain involuntary responses in perceived embarrassing circumstances. That females suffer from the same problems when requested to piddle for a physician is glossed over. That is of no consequence. Rather it is the outwardly visible penis that is put to fault for male inadequacies.

The aunt smiles as the doctor reassures him that it is through no fault of his own that the nephew will have extreme difficulty piddling in his present stiff condition. But physicians have taken such embarrassing eventualities into account and devised appropriate devices for tapping urine directly from the source. The doctor plans on using a thin rubber tube to obtain a sample from the nephew’s bladder. It will be introduced via the urethra and slid along the thin natural canal until it is introduced into the bladder proper. This method has additional benefits. Not only is the urine sample obtained in this manner totally sterile from any possible contamination, but the enforced passage of the tubing is also beneficial in sounding the thin, but ever so essential urethral canal, so keeping it free from blockages and growth of adhesions along its not inconsiderable length.

The doctor’s explanation and intentions sound unnatural to the nephew. Whosoever conceives such procedures ? The aunt thinks otherwise and approvingly nods her head and purses her lips as she contemplates what is in store for her nephew. This procedure appears to be instructional at the very least and possibly quite entertaining.

The doctor looks at the aunt as if awaiting approval. Instead she is simply trying to gauge the aunt’s reactions. From the quick assenting nod and upraised eyebrows, the doctor knows the aunt approves, but does not wish to seem overly engrossed.

She takes a length of rubber tubing and lays it in a tray of sterilizing solution. After placing a towel around his groin, an amount of the same solution is delicately dribbled over the tip of the nephew’s penis. The doctor grips the shaft firmly, pulling downwards to expose as much of the glans penis as possible. The solution is cold and somewhat astringent. The nephew makes a face and tenses his body in anticipation of further unpleasantness. The doctor now squeezes firmly and forces a small opening in the slit of the nephew’s urethral opening. The almost miniscule hole, glistens with sterilizing solution and natural secretions. The lady doctor delicately guides the tubing into the pee slit and inserts it inwards with long slow but deliberate movements. Slowly but surely the rubber tube disappears into the nephew’s penis.

As a sensation, the insertion is odd and disquieting though not very painful except in the imagination. Every now and then the doctor encounters a turning or curvature of the urethral canal and she retracts the tubing slightly, twirls it counter or clockwise and reapplies pressure, pushing inwards. The nephew feels the tubing move up along the inside of his penis and into the interior of his abdomen. Even though the tubing stings and irritates at times, it is a disquietingly intimate invasion of his private parts, far more so than he experienced when the lady doctor gazed into his rectum.

After an almost impossible seeming length of tubing has disappeared into the nephew’s urinary opening, the doctor encounters a true obstruction. She tells the nephew to try and piddle and relax and as he ineffectively does so, she gives a hearty push and the rounded tip of the catheter enters his bladder. A bit of liquid dribbles out of his urethra, but the vast volume of urine is held back, checked by a clamp closing off the rubber tubing.

The doctor then takes a glass flask with stopper and allows the nephew’s urine to freely flow into the receptacle. An amazing amount of fluid, golden yellow and warm, Is tapped from the nephew’s bladder. He watches in amazement as he feels his bladder empty of its own accord, effortlessly.

The aunt too is entranced and engrossed. What a novel and hygienic manner of piddling she thinks. This is something she thinks should be done more often to nephews and males in general. She states her opinion to the doctor in the form of a question. The doctor disappoints however when she replies that from medical necessity, such a manner of emptying the bladder should not be a too frequent occurrence. Sometimes it needs be combined with an interior cleansing of the bladder or a good flushing, but such things are best left to the ministrations of accredited medical personnel.

The doctor now retracts the tubing, an act more quickly accomplished than the insertion, though just as disconcerting for the nephew. When the last of the tubing pops out of his pee slit, the nephew heaves a sigh of relief and relaxes visibly.

But things are yet not finished. The doctor has yet to demonstrate what her therapy entails and how it is provided.

There are any number of the positions the nephew may assume from standing upright to laying down supine, squatting, bent over forwards, sitting down on a chair or bed, even positioned over the aunt’s lap. The possibilities are vast and there is much scope for experimentation. Personal preferences will undoubtedly play a role. The doctor does not preclude any stance or posture and indeed even recommends a regular rotation for the sake of variety alone. However for this demonstration she explains that simplicity of positioning is desired. She wishes the aunt to have a good unobstructed view of the proceedings, nor should the nephew be positioned that a sudden onslaught of muscular weakness cause any inadvertent injuries. It is not unheard of she explains, for a male standing upright with no additional support, to experience a weakness in the legs and knees at the moment of release and to literally fall over from a violent and uncontrolled trembling and buckling of the limbs.

Therefore the nephew will lay down on the examination table, face upwards, legs spread and drawn upwards. In this simple and classic posture all of the male erogenous zones are easily accessible, penis, scrotal sac and testicles, perineum and anus can all be manipulated and stimulated without requiring the manipulator to assume any convoluted or uncomfortable stance. All of these areas can also be viewed during the proceedings, a not unimportant consideration.

Generally speaking not many accessories are needed if the proceedings are to be held simple. After all, most males need but a hand, a stiff prick and possibly some minimal lubrication to effectuate a good satisfying frigging. A female should be able to accomplish the same.

That said, the doctor states that from a hygienic point of view, it is advisable nonetheless to have several other aids on hand. A clean and ample towel is always useful as is a lubricant of sorts. In a pinch, natural lubricants such as saliva or seminal secretions can be used, but generally she prefers to utilize simple commercial lotions or creams, preferably fragrantly aromatic or sweet-smelling womanly concoctions. The doctor advises a trip together to a beauty parlor of cosmetician in order to decide upon a common preference later on.

Other aids such as anal penetrators, dilators or probes are commonly used, though here once again a human digit, suitably cleaned and with trimmed fingernails, can service a male just as well. Penile constrictors, rings, clamps, beads and other gadgets can also be pleasurable. This first time, the doctor will dispense with any such devices, though she does advise the purchase of such knick-knacks for future use.

The lady doctor explains that of necessity, the nephew shall need to be unclothed, though the degree of nudity need not necessarily be total. For simplicity’s sake initially she advises total undressing. The administrator should also contemplate the removal of at the very least outer garments, partly from fastidiousness and as protection from any eventual staining by male emissions. These can be quite forceful on occasion as well as totally unpredictable in both direction and quantity. There is little sense in dirtying an expensive or favorite outer garment. The doctor advises undressing down to at the very least undergarments. Or else a frock or smock may be donned as protective covering if so desired.

The aunt blushes at hearing this bit of advice, but must admit to its sensibility. She tries to imagine removing her skirt and blouse just prior to manipulating her nephew and blushes. Nevertheless she nods sagely at the doctor’s words.

So, her explanation done, the lady-doctor smiles at both aunt and nephew and heeds her own advice. She unbuttons her medical jacket and removes the white garment, placing it to the side. So surprised are both aunt and nephew that cannot help but stare. The doctor is clad in several undergarments, all pristine white and of obvious fine quality. Though the doctor wears a longish chemise, it is obvious that she wears a brassiere underneath and more than likely knickers or a panty, these last not being overtly visible. In any case there is no hint of pubic hair to be seen through the lower part of the chemise, an observation that can just as easily be explained by pubic shaving of course.

The semi-undressed lady doctor is an arresting site and appealing to both aunt and nephew, though to be sure, the nephew is somewhat confused and even yet more apprehensive than previously. A doctor stepping out of her medical apparel. Whatever is justification for such behavior ?

But the doctor must value her undergarments too highly to risk them being soiled by any male secretions or emissions. She dons a simple frock, not unlike a surgical gown, though bleached a crisp clean white. A clean large towel is finally placed upon the nephew’s abdomen, spread open from the pubis to his nipples. This is an incontrovertible indication that the doctor does indeed wish for the nephew to ejaculate fully and wholeheartedly. Somehow this last preparation causes the nephew a tingling and the onset of a pleasant lightheadedness. He doesn’t know whether to gaze at the partially unclothed doctor or close his eyes and drift off in a reverie of aroused embarrassment. He is only semi- conscious of his aunt being present in the examination room.

The aunt too is herself charmed and startled that the doctor should go to such lengths to display a procedure in such lifelike veracity. But startled or not, the aunt too thinks the lady doctor a lovely apparition in white. She shall have to carefully go through her own wardrobe to find something similar to wear. Instinctively the aunt steps closer for a better appraisal of the upcoming little demonstration which now begins in earnest.

The doctor strokes the nephew’s forehead reassuringly, and coos encouraging little utterances. Her turns of phrase are somewhat childish sounding to be sure, certainly not medically inspired, nevertheless the intent is clear enough. She shall frig the nephew to ejaculation, stimulate him here and there, observe him come to orgasm and relief. He is to let himself be stimulated, cooperate wholeheartedly and have Nature take its course. Shall he do as the doctor wishes ? If so he shall have a fine time of it and please both his aunt and the lady doctor into the bargain. If not, it shall be to his detriment and the doctor shall complete the therapy in another less pleasant fashion.

But truly there is little resistance to be expected. The nephew nervously nods his head in assent and shivers as he watches the lady doctor smile encouragingly for his benefit and comment upon the fine stiffly robust appearance of his male organ. He blushes from the compliment, mundane though it may be.

The lady pours a generous amount of lubricant into the palm of a hand and spreads it over the nephew’s genitals, reserving a goodly amount for the glans penis and foreskin. With her one hand she grips the tip of his organ and begins to move up and down, all the while forcing the foreskin lower and lower. With her other hand she cups his testicles and scrotal sac and slips a finger down into the crack of his buttocks and up into his anus. She kneads the nephew’s balls vigorously, pulling and squeezing, fingering each separately and rolling them around between finger and thumb. Afterwards she slips a finger up into the nephew’s bottom and twirls it around to and fro.

Between the energetic handling of his lower genitals, the expert frigging of the tip of his penis and the uttering of encouraging and endearingly naughty little turns of phrase, the nephew is soon brought to the brink of orgasm. His body is alteringly taut and supine, flushed and hot, infused with a wicked urge to expose himself and be frigged and penetrated to release. He mutters words and little phrases half understood but undoubtedly impolite in normal conversation. In counterpart the lady-doctor is no less restrained in her encouragements.

The aunt meanwhile watches engrossed and no little aroused herself. She wishes she could participate in the therapy. She must make a conscious effort not to start fondling herself between her thighs, such is the urge she experiences.

Such an intense frigging does not take long to book results. Arching his back and spreading his legs apart, the nephew is soon buckling his hips in cadence with waves of orgasmic release that flow through his body. He spurts short sharp bursts of whitish ejaculate over the lady-doctor’s hand and onto the towel spread over his abdomen. It is a not inconsiderable amount. The nephew moans from effort and pleasure, lips open, eyes closed, hips raised from the examination table.

Soon he is still and obviously replete and spent. The lady doctor retracts her finger from his bottomhole, pats the nephew’s buttocks and congratulates him on his performance. She tells him to rest momentarily and come to his senses by and by. She tentatively wipes her semen covered hand clean on a towel and collects an amount of ejaculate into a glass phial for later analysis.

Her task finished, she washes her hands and dons her medical jacket, once again the image of scientific propriety.

The aunt, long convinced of the sagacity of the doctor’s advice, especially by virtue of demonstration, composes herself as best she can and politely sits down to discuss further details of her nephew’s treatment. She will be participating wholeheartedly from now on and has little doubt that her nephew will be compliant and obedient as well.

In this she is not mistaken at all.