A School Doctor

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A School Doctor

Today I had time for our new school doctor. I sat in the waiting room and then the doctor asked me in the exam room. Doctor was a young woman about 30-years old, brunette and she was very sexy. She was wearing a white blouse, leather skirt and black heel shoes and of course white labcoat. She introduced herself and told me that she will do a normal health check-up. She asked me a few questions and after that she told me to take off all my clothes except my underwear. She told me to sit on the exam table and she took a red, cold stethoscope from her pocket and started to listen my lungs, "Deep breath," she said. After that she examined my ears, throat and she took my blood pressure. "Then I would like to take your weight and height, so come here, please."

When she had took them, she said, "Now you can go to lay down on the exam table."

She started to exam my tummy with her hands and she also listened my tummy with her stethoscope.

After that she put stethoscope in her pocket and took pair of latex cloves from her table. "Next I will exam your genitals, so let's take these underwear off." She took them off and noticed that my penis was in erection.

"You don't have to nervous anything. This is a normal exam," she told me and started to feel my groin. "Then I will look at your testicles." She rolled my left testicle between her fingers and she did the same to my right testicle. "These seem to be ok, have you had any pain in your testicles?" she asked.

"No," I answered.

"Good, very good, now let's see your penis," she said and started to exam it. "You have nice and big penis, good erection," she smiled and pressured the shaft and the head of my penis and the pee hole. Then she took my foreskin between her fingers and moved it up and down a few times. She said, "This moves very fine also in erection, good!"

She took a tape measure from her pocket, "I have to measure your balls now." She measured them and said, "Your testicles are normal and penis in erection is 16.5 centimeter long, so I would said that it is enough long for you," and continued with a little smile

"I like to exam boys whose penis is long". Then she released her grip and took again her stethoscope and a little rubber hammer from her work table. "This might feel little painful," she said and started to knock my testicles with hammer and listened same time with the cold stethoscope. It felt quite painful and the doctor did the same exam to my penis. "Good sounds," she noted.

After that she told me to stand up from the exam table and come to stand in front of her. She sat in little chair and garbed on my balls and lifted them. She looked them very carefully and then she turned her attention on my hard-on penis. She turned it up and down, to left and to right, "It seems to be in order, next I check your prostate, so turn , please."

She continued, "I have to put my finger in your asshole and you might feel about to ejaculate, but try to relax."

She put her lubricated finger in my hole and I felt quite uncomfortable. It was the first time that someone examined my prostate. After little time she noted that it was normal and told me to turn again. She took a new pair of latex gloves and did a few milking movements with my penis and said, "Everything seems to be in order, but in spite of that I have to make sure that your puberty is fully developed, so I should take a semen sample from you just make sure."

I was little confused but she said it belonged to the exam. "Go to the exam table, lay down and relax," she told me and took a little can in her hand. "This is like masturbating yourself, think of it that way," and she started to move my foreskin, first slowly but then very fast. It was an absolutely great feeling and then it happened. I got a huge orgasm and she smiled. She forced all my sperm in her can. Then she put the can away and cleaned the head of my penis. "I know that it was a great feeling, I have done this to many boys. I think we got enough semen from you. I will now take your balls measurements," she said and measured them again.

"Ok, they are quite normal, did you felt any pain in your balls during the orgasm?" she asked.

"No, I didn't."

She examined my testicles again and said, "Very good, ok, the exam is over now, you can put your clothes on and you can also wash your genitals in the WC if you want."

After I had dressed the doctor said, "You are a normal young man, so I think we will see next year." I left from her room and returned in my class and I though that it was a pretty nice exam.