A Visit to the Gyno with My...

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A Visit to the Gyno with My Wife

By Anonymous

I met her at a party, she was cute and had a nice body, big breasts and a nice butt. We started a relationship and due to her religion we weren't allowed to have sex before our wedding. And of course the day of our wedding came. When we were finally married, she told me before thinking about sex and children she would go to a gynecologist the get a fully examination. She made an appointment with the new gynecologist in town. She appeared to be a young girl who just finished her studies.

On the day of her appointment she asked me why I didn't come along with her. I said why should I ?

She told me that I might want to be sure that she was OK and that our "sex life" could begin. And so I did go with her. When we were at the doctors we were greeted by a nurse. She asked my wife to fill in some forms and we could wait in the waiting room. The room was empty. After 10 minutes or so a pregnant woman came out of the doctor's room and the nurse told us that we could enter the room. We entered and I saw a very young woman, which should be in her late twenties and not older than 35. She had nice long black hair, her gynecologist's uniform showed a bit cleavage and she was standing next to a examination table complete with stirrups. She greeted us and told her us her name, Elly Franklin, and asked us to sit down. She asked a few questions about our sex life, and about children, religions, and even fantasies.

Then she asked my wife to undress behind the screen, when she did this she was asked to sit on the examination table. Then Elly began examining her breasts. She took one in her left cupped them and than the other. She than had to lie on her back and she had to place her feet in the stirrups. Elly took two examination gloves and put some KY Jelly on them. She spread the stirrups and began examining my wife's pussy. She said that her vagina was a little tight and she had to use a speculum. I saw her adding some more KY Jelly on it. She started inserting it in to her vagina. My wife made a little "being aroused" movement, which surprised me.

After examining her vagina, she began touching her labia. She then told us that everything was okay as far she could see. She told her that she was about to do the rectal exam. She said that a speculum wasn't needed at this point, because her anus was wide enough. After she had put her finger into my wife's anus, she said that her lower part of the body was okay, and even her breasts. She now was able to put her clothes back on.

Just after my wife was fully dressed again, a nurse entered and said that the following patient wasn't able to be here on time, and that she had made another appointment for tomorrow. Elly confirmed that and the nurse left. She than asked me how long ago it was that I had a physical examination.

I told her, that it was very long ago, and that I was healthy. Elly told me that everyone needed a full examination every year to keep healthy, and that it was time for a total exam, because she now had the time to do it. She told me to undress behind the screen.

I don't know why I did it, but I did. When I entered her examination room, she told me to stay facing the wall with my feet together.

She started to touch me along my back and on my shoulders. My penis came to attention by getting semi-hard. I then had to lay on my back on the examination table. Elly put my legs in the stirrups and tightened them with straps. I didn't understand why because I always thought that those stirrups were for woman. She told me that she had to strap me because I might move a little during the examination, males weren't used to being in this position. She first started to rub my nipples between her fingers. She than took a stool and she seated herself between my spread legs. She spread the stirrups more than my wife had been and she moved them more to the table so that my knees were almost above my belly. I was very embarrassed in this position and also because my penis began getting hard again.

She took my male member between her non-gloved hands and started rubbing it a little. She said that I had a very large amount of pubic hair, and that she could examine me the best if my pubic area was shaved. She called the nurse and asked her to come in the room. The pretty young nurse looked a bit confused when seeing me into this position.

Elly asked if she could shave my pubic area, because she had to make some important calls. The nurse (her name was Mandy) took the shaving equipment from a table and she started to smear some shaving-balsem on my penis and balls.

After she removed all my hair with a razor, she took a towel and cleaned the just shaven area. My erect penis was now fully erect. Mandy left the room and a couple of minutes later Elly returned, she looked at the whole case there between the stirrups and she laughed a bit, and told me that it looked pretty cute. She invited my wife to come and take a look. They both giggled, and then Elly again started examining my hard dick. She rolled it between her fingers and moved to my foreskin. She tried to retract it and she saw that this was pretty tight. She asked me if it always was this way. I told her when I was erect that I mostly couldn't jerk off in the normal way. She told my wife that is was better to remove the foreskin or at least the tip of it. My wife nodded, and Elly said that we should make an appointment to remove my foreskin, because it was not good if I could not retract my foreskin.

She continued and took my balls in her hand and started to rub them and roll them between her fingers. She asked me to cough twice and than told me that except for my foreskin my dicky and balls were in good shape. She put two gloves on her hand and I knew what was coming; the rectal examination. She placed a finger on my anus and then I felt her push and one finger was in. She said that I was in need of a speculum and she picked up the speculum and added some KY Jelly on it. She then put the tip of the speculum on my anus and inserted it with one move. I hurt a little but it was even a bit arousing. She used several things to examine my anus, a little mirror, several fingers and when her fingers where touching my prostate my dick began to leak some pre-cum. She saw it too and nodded. She said that I was very aroused around and in my anus. Elly then went to a shelve and took a little case out of it. She told me that she was going to collect a sperm sample, and asked my wife if that was okay. Irene nodded and Elly opened the little case, she took a pink coloured dildo or vibrator out of it.

My body shivered for a moment, because the only thing she was going to put it in was my anus. I asked here if that was necessary. She told me it was because she needed a sperm sample and I produced the best sperm when my prostate was been touched. She removed the speculum and inserted the dildo slowly and than noticed that someone needed to stimulate me with the dildo and someone needed to jerk me off and catch the sperm. She called the nurse again. She entered and Elly asked Mandy if she could lend her a "hand".

Mandy nodded and took a little sack in her hands and laid it on my belly. Then Elly began fucking me with the pink dildo, it felt weird and suddenly Mandy began to jerk me off. I didn't take long before I noticed I was almost at my climax, I told her this and Mandy put the sack around the tip of my penis. A second later I shot a whole load of sperm into the sack. It felt great; it was the biggest orgasm I had in years. I felt a little weird after that, with my feet raised up high in those stirrups.

She told me that she would send the sperm sample to a lab and that she would phone in the results.

Then she began about my foreskin. She asked me what I myself wanted, that she snip the tip off, or remove the whole foreskin.

I said that she'd better remove the tip, if that would have the same effect. After a little discussion, Irene and I decided that that was OK. But Elly said that she wasn't able to do this now, because she was expecting another patient in 10 minutes and that I would have to make a new appointment.

I told her that that was all right.

After being released from the stirrups I got dressed and we sat down in her office to make a new appointment. She said that it was very important for us that we let us examined each 6 months, because at my age males got testicular or prostate cancer fairly frequently, and my wife should do the same for her breasts. We agreed and we left.

I had to come back over 3 days to have the tip of my foreskin removed.