Company Doctor

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Company Doctor

I am called Gus and I am a 37 year old single male. Gus is a nickname for my last name ­ August. Most of my adult life has been spent building a business. I own and operate a small company with 52 employees. These men and women have been good workers through the years and the company has prospered. I have rewarded them with above average salaries and provided health insurance for them and their families at no charge. There is no charge provided they use the general practitioner and dentist that I contract with. If they use another physician then the usual insurance applies which they pay a portion of the premium. We have used Dr. “B” for several years. Having a contract with him is good for both of us financially. Good for me in lower costs and good for him in a large patient base. With 51 employees and their families this approaches 150 patients. I explain this to lay the groundwork for the episode that I am writing about.

Last summer a single woman, 36 years of age, moved into the new home at the end of the block I live on. Her name was Valerie and she was a family physician, new to the area. I had welcomed her to the neighborhood and while talking with her she explained how she was trying to build a practice. I told her of my arrangement with Dr. “B” and she said she would like to be a physician dedicated to a company too.

She had been an ER nurse and decided to go to medical school, graduating from a prominent university. We had one thing in common. I had been too busy building a business to find the right woman to settle down with and she had been too busy with her medical career to find the right man. We saw each other over the next couple of months to wave and visit for a few minutes.

One Thursday I received a call from Dr. “B” and he informed me he was taking an early retirement and moving down to the Gulf Coast. This move would take place in three months. Time enough, he said, for his patients to find another doctor. Word travels fast in the medical community and on Sunday afternoon Valerie came down to my home while I was washing my pickup. She said she had heard about Dr. “B’s” retirement and hoped that I would consider her to become our company doctor. She said she would offer the same arrangement I had with Dr. “B”.

I made some vague excuse about how I was considering several doctors and that she was on the list. She asked if I had a problem with a female doctor. - The truth is I don’t. In fact, I have been to several female specialists and once had a female doctor in a clinic treat me for two wasp stings on my upper inner thigh. This involved having my genitals exposed to her while she treated the area. But this was different. Being examined by a female doctor that was a neighbor made me uncomfortable. Her seeing me nude in her office one day and out in my yard the next would embarrass me.

I’m no prude. I have been to nude beaches before and often lay out nude by the pool in my backyard. My home is bordered by woods on three sides so it is very private.

Valerie became rather assertive saying that she had graduated second in her class and could show me her impeccable credentials during her internship. I told her that I didn’t doubt her qualifications, it was just that…

She then asked what I was concerned about. I decided to be completely honest with her. I explained that I was uncomfortable with her examining me, perhaps my being nude sometimes, and then seeing her in the neighborhood. She said she understood my point but she was a professional and that it would not interfere with our being neighbors and friends. I said that was easy for her to say since she was not the one being examined. As she was leaving she said that perhaps something would work out. She smiled and left.

The following Friday morning Valerie called me at work and asked if I could stop by her office that afternoon about 4:30. She wanted to discuss her being our company doctor. I told her I would be there. I arrived at her office about 4:20 and met her receptionist. I was asked if I had an appointment and said no, that the doctor had called me. The receptionist called Valerie and Valerie told her that I was there for a consultation. I took a seat and waited.

At 4:30 the office staff left and Valerie locked the doors and then invited me into her office. She had a nice office with her diplomas on the walls.

She began by telling me about her years spent as an ER nurse and how she had decided to go to medical school. She pointed out her degrees and showed me her recommendations from her professors and other physicians. She said that it was slow process building a practice in a new area and she really needed my support. She assured me that she would provide dedicated quality care to me and my employees and their families. I told her I was impressed with her accomplishments and wished her well but I was still uncomfortable. She said she had worked out a solution to the problem. I didn’t know what she meant.

She came around her desk and asked me to follow her. She led me into the first examination room and while washing her hands she said she was going to give me a full physical exam, at no charge, so I could judge her qualifications for myself. She then removed her white lab coat and asked me to remove all my clothes. Before I could respond, she began unbuttoning her blouse and pulling it out of her pants. I asked her what she was doing and she explained that to make me feel comfortable she would perform the examination while nude. This way, she said, we were on an even playing field. That when she saw me in the neighborhood and remembered seeing me in the nude, that I would also be remembering seeing her in the nude. In a way, that made sense to me.

I watched her as she removed the blouse, revealing a black bra, and she told me to hurry up and undress. I removed my shoes and socks, pulled my shirt over my head and unbuckled my pants. Valerie removed her shoes and foot stockings (or whatever the ladies call them) and began to slide her pants down. She looked up at me as if to say, “Well, drop you pants” and we both slid our pants down and stepped out of them. I was now wearing just a pair or boxers and she was wearing black panties that rode high on her hips. She looked me in the eye and said on the count of three. One, two, three, we each stepped out of our underwear. We were now standing completely naked in front of each other.

Let me take this time to describe each of us. Valerie is tall, just over 6 feet and about 145 pounds, and well proportioned. She has short red hair (a natural redhead I noticed) and blue-gray eyes. Her pubic hair is trimmed into a vertical bar about an inch wide. Her legs are long as is her back. She has the build of a swimmer. Her breasts are small, perhaps a B cup, with small nipples. But I like small breasts and thought they looked beautiful. Her hips curve slightly and her butt has an almond shape to it.

She has a slight tan except where a one-piece bathing suit fits. She is an attractive woman, a 7, maybe an 8 on a scale of 10. I am 6”4” and weight 232 pounds. My college football days and military training have stayed with me and I keep myself in pretty good shape. If you are interested, I am about 4.5” soft and a little over 7” erect and I’m circumcised.

Valerie notices that I have no tan lines and asks if I go to a tanning booth ­ that they are dangerous. I tell her that I have never been to a tanning booth, that this is from the sun. I explain that I lay out nude at my pool but do use a low spf sun block. She then says that she will need to do a skin check as part of the exam.

She instructs me to hop up on the table, which I do. She places the stethoscope on my chest and back and checks my breathing and heart. She then uses the various instruments to check my eyes, ears, nose and throat.

She then places the blood pressure sleeve on me and takes my pressure. She comments that my pressure is a little high at 135 over 90. I tell her that I stay at 120 over 80 but I’m sure it high simply because of where I am.

She then uses the little rubber hammer to check my reflexes. She then produces a small syringe and says she needs a blood sample. She is quite good at taking blood ­ I didn’t feel a thing. Of course my eyes and mind were on other things at the moment, her breasts and red pubic hair to be exact.

She then tells me to stand up and she sits down on the table and hands me the stethoscope. I asked her what that was for. She said to keep things perfectly even, that I would examine her just like she examines me, that she would guide me in the procedure. I put the ends in my ears and she guides my hand with the round end of the stethoscope to her heart. My hand brushes her breast as I hold the round end to her. She explains what I am listening for in the thump-thump of her beating heart. She then places my hand over her lung area and takes several breaths. I follow her instructions and use the instruments to look in her eyes, ears and throat. I check the reflexes of her knees and the inside of the elbows. I placed the blood pressure sleeve on her but she adjusts it and pumps it up to the right amount. She then explains what I am listening for as she releases the valve and watches the dial. She then tells me that her pressure is higher than normal too, for the same reason, no doubt. Valerie then suggested that we forgo the blood sample, which was OK with me.

Valerie then gets off the table and tells me to get on the table and lay on my stomach which I do. She says she want to take my temperature through the rectum, which is more accurate. Before I can protest she adds that I will be taking her temperature the same way. I decide to keep quite. I watch as she reaches for the KY jelly and applies some to the index finger of her right hand. She then uses her left hand to spread my butt cheeks and applies the lubricant to my anus, pushing her finger inside me. She then coats the thermometer with lubricant and said she is going to insert it now and to try and relax. She inserts the thermometer and while we wait for the minutes to tick by, she starts to ask questions about my business and what I do to relax, all the while keeping her left hand on my butt cheek. I tell her that I have a boat that I keep at a large lake about an hour’s drive from here and that’s how I “get away from it all”. Work takes up so much of my time that I mostly stay by the pool at home when I can, and at night I relax by being on my home computer.

She removes the thermometer and says that I am one degree below normal but I tell her that that is normal for me. She then grabs several tissues and wipes the lubricant from my anus then washes her hands. I now am able to see her butt for the first time and I watch her as she stands at the lavatory. Valerie does have a nice body. She then says to get up and hands me another thermometer as she assumes the position on the table. She asks me to wash my hands, which I do and then she asks to see my hands. She wants to check the length of my fingernails, which are fine. I have managed to keep from getting a full erection so far but I am beginning to grow. She told me to apply the KY jelly to my index finger on my right hand which I do. I spread her cheeks and pause to look at her anus and part of her vaginal lips. Thoroughly enjoying the view. She apparently thinks I’m waiting for instructions on the use of the thermometer so she tells me to place my index finger on her anus. I am now told to rub her anus with the jelly and to insert my finger into her anus about an inch and rotate my finger while I am in her, which I do. I then coat the thermometer with lubricant and she tells me to slowly insert the round bulb into her as I slowly rotate the tube. I follow her instructions and insert it until she tells me stop.

I mimicked her now and placed my left hand on her left butt cheek and ask her what she does to relax. She said that, like me, she works a lot and has little free time. But she did enjoy walking and riding her bike. She had grown up with friends whose parents had a boat and she like to ski and swim (I knew she had a swimmer’s body) but didn’t have the opportunity now. I suggested that we should make the time and I would take her out on my boat. She said she would like that and would like to see my pool too.

The time was up and she told me to pull the thermometer straight out and wipe it off and then read it. Her temperature was normal. I took some tissues and cleaned the lubricant from her anus and from between her cheeks. I then washed my hands.

Valerie then pulled the rolling stool to the center of the room and placed a towel on it. Nothing worse than bare skin sticking to vinyl she said. She opened a drawer and brought out a magnifying glass with a light on it. She said she was going to check my skin for any signs of melanoma. She had me lean over and she began with my scalp. She stood up and checked my face and neck, saying that the neck, the tops of the ears, and the nose were especially prone to skin cancer. She then checked both arms, my shoulders and back. She then told me to bend over at the waist, my feet about two feet apart and let my arms drop. This was so she could check the alignment of my spine. I knew that in this position she could see by testicles hanging down from the rear. Knowing that, I began top have an erection.

She sat back down and began moving her hands over my butt and this caused my erection to continue to grow. She checked the backs of my thighs and calves. She asked me to turn around and face her. I hesitated and she repeated it. I told her that I couldn’t help it, but I had an erection.

She placed her hands on my hips and slowly spun me around telling me that it was perfectly normal for a male patient to have an erection during a physical exam.

She stood up and looked at my throat, chest and abdomen. She sat back down and said she was going to check my genitals - almost like she was asking permission. I was still fully erect and our eyes met and I rolled mine to the ceiling. She smiled and said it was actually easier to check the penis when it was erect because all the skin was pulled tight and she could see all of it. She held my penis in her left hand as she looked at it through the magnifying glass. She made a joke by saying that it was monster penis but then “realized” that it was the magnifying glass fooling her. I smiled a “kiss my ass” smile at her. She went on to say that I had a very nice penis. That it was a little larger than average and showed no signs of Peyronies disease - curvature of the penis. She held by testicles in her left hand and checked them. The she lifted up the scrotal sac and checked the underside.

Valerie noticed that I had a little fluid on the tip of my penis. Without saying a word she dabbed at it with a tissue and threw the tissue in the trashcan. She finished the skin examination of my thighs, legs and tops of my feet. She said that while I did have some sun damage there was no sign of skin cancer.

She placed the magnifying glass on the desk and said she would now do a genital exam. She once again held my penis and felt for lumps. She held open the pee hole and said she needed to swab the inside of my penis. She warned me that this would sting for just a moment. She stuck the swab in my penis and quickly removed it. With her hand holding my penis and with me looking at her naked body I really didn’t notice any pain. She then massaged my testicles, checking for lumps and showed me how to do the same.

She said I should check my testicles every time I took a shower, that the soap and water made it easier to feel for lumps and any painful areas. She then had me turn my head and cough as she checked me for a hernia. I asked her what the reason was that a man had to turn his head to cough. She looked up at me and said so I wouldn’t cough in her face. Duh! I thought there was some valid medical reason.

Valerie then told me it was time for the “big boy test” ­ the prostate exam. Se told me to bend over the exam table and to rest my elbows on the table. I heard her opening a drawer and this time she put a latex glove on her right hand. Once again she got the KY jelly and applied a liberal amount to her middle finger. She placed her left hand on my left cheek and told me to relax. She spread my cheeks and began rubbing the lubricant on and in my anus. She then inserted her middle finger, found my prostate, and began massaging it. This felt so good and I began to make some sounds like oohs and ahs. She then asked if I felt as though I was going to have an orgasm.

I told her yes, any moment now. She removed her finger and said that my prostate felt fine and that I would have to have an orgasm later.

She removed the glove and tossed it in the trash, grabbed some tissues and cleaned my anus and between my cheeks and had me stand up straight. As she moved by me, my erect penis brushed up against her him. I said I was sorry, but it just won’t go down. She looked at my penis and saw that there was another drop of fluid on it. This time she didn’t use a tissue but simply wiped it off with her thumb and wiped her thumb on the towel. She once again said that it was OK and that she had an erection too. I had a questioned look on my face so she pointed to her nipples, which were both sticking out.

She pointed to the magnifying glass, indicating that I should pick it up. I picked it up and she stood before me. She said she knew that she didn’t have any skin cancers but that I could still look her over. I didn’t want to appear too obvious so I started with the back of her neck and then her shoulders. I moved the lighted glass down her back and placed my hand on her back to bend her over as she had done to me. I ran my fingers over her spine checking the alignment. Now I don’t know the first thing about a spine ­ except that I have one ­ I just wanted to see her butt and vaginal lips in this bent over position. The sight of a woman from behind and bent over really excites me.

As I continued down her thighs she stood up and I looked at both of her long legs. I placed my hands on her hips and turned her around to face me, as she had done to me. Since I was seated, I began with the front of her legs and worked up each thigh. As I got to her pubic area I patted the inside of both thighs, and she spread her legs a little wider. I told her that I thought I would not have to check her for hernia, and she smiled. I commented on her shaved pubic area and noticed that she had recently shaved it. She said her bathing suit rode high on her hips so she needed to keep herself trimmed. I moved up her abdomen onto her breasts. I acted startled and commented on what large boobs she had. Then added, that it was only the magnifying glass. She returned the “kiss my ass” smile. I looked at each breast and nipple and told her that her skin looked perfect to me.

Valerie then moved to the end of the table and pulled out the stirrups and adjusted them. I first thought this was another exam for me. She then sat on the table and lay down on her back, put her feet in the stirrups and motioned me to stand between her spread legs. She said I could exam her, but asked if we could forgo the use of the instruments and a pap smear. I said that was fine with me. She then said to notice this, and she pulled her vaginal opening apart and showed me her swollen lips and her clitoris that was out from under its hood. She said you have your erection and I have mine. It was quite normal she said for the doctor and patient to become aroused during a physical exam when they were of the opposite genders. She said that her gynecologist was a man and she would often become wet when he was performing a pelvic exam on her. She had noticed that he would have a bulge in his pants and knew that he had an erection while he examined her. Or course, nothing improper was ever said or done.

I moved the tips of fingers through her pubic hair, feeling its silkiness.

I used my thumbs and opened her vagina. She told me to insert a finger into her and to feel the inside wall, which I did. She was very wet at this time. She asked if I would wash my hands before the breast examination. As I stood beside her she placed her left hand behind her head and laid my hand on her left breast. She explained how a woman feels for lumps in her breast as she guided my hand is a circular motion around her breast. The same procedure was repeated for the right breast. I noticed a small mole on her right breast where the areola meets the skin of the breast. I asked if she was aware of the mole and she said it was a STM. I asked what an STM was, thinking it might be a potential area of concern. She replied that it was a small titty mole.

She rolled over and positioned herself on the table, on her knees, and leaned forward, resting on her elbows, her butt held high. She told me to put a glove on my right hand and apply the jelly as she had done. I said that I’m no doctor but I did know that women do not have a prostate. She asked if I wanted to do a digital examination of her rectum like she had done to me. Of course I did. In her bent over position I had a perfect view of her anus and vaginal lips and inner folds and was pausing to look at them. She looked over her shoulder and asked me if I was enjoying the view. I was a little embarrassed and mentioned something like I was waiting for her instructions. She told me to apply the jelly on and in her anus like I had done for the rectal thermometer. Then I was to slowly insert my middle finger and feel the inside wall of her rectum. She must have been enjoying this because I heard her softly moaning. I removed my finger from her and pulled off the glove. I grabbed some tissues and once again cleaned the lubricant from her anus and from between her cheeks.

She stood up and faced me and said that we were almost through. She then handed me a cup and said she wanted me to give her a urine specimen but I could do that in private in the hall restroom. It took several minutes for my erection to subside enough so that I could urinate. There was a knock at the restroom door and Valerie asked me if I was all right. I explained that I was letting things “calm down” and I would be there in a few minutes.

When I returned to the exam room I handed the cup of urine to her. I told her that this had always been embarrassing to me. Giving a urine sample to a nurse, usually a woman. She smiled and said that she would be right back and left the room. She returned shortly and handed me a cup of her urine and said that we were still even.

She asked me if I had masturbated while I was in the restroom so that my erection would subside and I could urinate. I told her I had not, that being away from her helped it to go down enough so that I could pee.

However, standing there naked, in front of a tall, good-looking naked women, caused me to become erect once again. She notice my erection and said she that was good, that she needed me to be erect again because she wanted a sperm sample to have my fertility count checked.

She told me to lie down on the table on my back with my legs hanging off the table. She placed a pillow under my head and a towel on my abdomen. She said that she usually had the male patient go to the restroom and masturbate into a cup to obtain the sample. She added that I could do that if I preferred. I told her that this way was just fine with me and that I was looking forward to this part of the exam. She stood between my legs and stroked my penis in her right hand and she cupped and rolled my testicles in her left. She said that sometimes she obtains the sperm sample while doing the prostate exam. I told her that I could understand since I felt like I was going to climax during her examination of my prostate. She said that when the sperm was collected that way she had a nurse with her to hold a cup at the penis to catch the semen. The patient usually could not hold the cup steady during that type of orgasm.

Some fluid appeared at the tip of my penis and Valerie rubbed it onto the head of my penis. She said that most men find the head of the penis to be especially sensitive. I told her that it felt wonderful and closed my eyes. She continued the up and down movement of her right hand as she massaged my testicles with her left hand. An orgasm was about to happen and she realized it and suddenly stopped, and squeezed my penis. I opened my eyes and was about to ask her why she stopped when she told me she stopped to allow the climax to build. After about a minute she began stroking again only to stop once again. This happened one more time. It was really frustrating.

As she began stroking me again she said she would not be stopping this time. I felt the climax building and began to tighten up and raise my hips. I was unaware of her moving her left hand from my testicles and placing the collection cup under the head of my penis. I exploded into the cup for what seemed to be about thirty seconds. I felt her squeezing my penis to get every drop. As I regained my composure and opened my eyes I saw her looking at me and smiling. She patted my leg and said that I had provided quite a volume of sperm. She placed the cup on the counter and then held a cloth under the warm water faucet. She then squeezed my penis again to clean off the tip and washed the whole area with the cloth. She removed the towel and said that that concluded the exam. She reached for her panties and said she wanted to talk to me again in her office.

I interrupted her and reminded her that there was one more thing to do. She asked what that was. I told her that while I would never be able to obtain a sperm sample form her, that I did want to bring her to climax on the exam table, using my hands as she had done to me. She laid the panties back on the chair and positioned herself on the table in the same way I had. She said that she could really use one right now. Her legs were hanging off the table and I stood between them. I began rubbing her clitoris and she softly said that that felt so good and closed her eyes. I reached over her and placed my left hand on her left breast and played with the nipple. She put her hand on my hand that was on her breast. I first thought she was going to move it away but she pressed it onto her breast saying that she liked her breasts rubbed along with the nipple. She moved her hand away and rested her arm across her forehead.

I was watching for signs of an approaching orgasm and when I saw her eyes shut tightly and her hips began to rise up I stopped. She said no, no, don’t stop, as she opened her eyes. I told her that turn about was fair play. She pleaded with me not to stop again, saying that she needed to have a climax desperately. I removed my hand from her breast and concentrated on her clitoris. As I began rubbing her again she asked if I would do something special to her. I asked what that was. She asked if I would rub her anus while I rubbed her clitoris and when she began to climax if I would press my finger into her anus. I winked at her and reached for the KY jelly again. I had her scoot up some and put her feet on the table with her knees bent. This allowed me access to her bottom. I kept my right hand on her as I used my left to squeeze out some jelly. I then found her anus with my left middle finger and began rubbing it. Entering her just a little bit and removing my finger. Her breathing became heavy and she started moaning and I knew a climax was fast approaching. As she climaxed I inserted my middle finger into her anus, pulled it out and inserted it again. She made a moaning sound while saying yes, yes, yes. As her orgasm passed she took my left hand and placed it to her chest to feel how fast her heart was beating. I had never stopped rubbing her clitoris and when she realized it she looked me in the eye. I winked at her again and said to let’s go for two.

She was in no position to argue.

She closed her eyes again as she enjoyed what I was doing to her. I decided to take a chance and do something extra to her. I thought about having intercourse with her right then and there but decided against it. Instead, I lowered my head between thighs and placed my mouth over her clitoris. She immediately said oh my goodness. I used my tongue to press onto her clitoris all the while using my left middle finger to toy with her anus.

She reached out with both of her hands and placed them on my head and held me there. As I alternated between sucking on her clitoris and flicking it with my tongue, she began to tighten up and I heard her breathing increase.

As I sucked on her, she climaxed and squeezed my head between her thighs to the point that I could not hear. Her orgasm lasted over a minute and when I rose up, her body was glistening with sweat. Once again I had a full-blown erection. She lowered her legs so that they hung off the table again saying that her legs were so weak that she couldn’t hold them up. I sat on the table beside her and patted her inner thigh as her breathing returned to normal. She noticed my erection and smiled and said that it didn’t take it long to come back to life.

She told me that that was the most powerful orgasm she had ever had. No one had ever brought her to climax by using their mouth on her. She opened up to me and said that while she had dated, men did not take to her very well.

I couldn’t believe that and told her so. She explained that she was tall, taller than a lot of men and they did not like that. Also, so many men were turned off by the fact that she was a doctor and earned, or could earn more money that they did. She finished by saying that men wanted a woman with larger breasts than she had and she was considering a breast augmentation.

I told her to stand up and asked if there was a full mirror in her clinic.

There was one in another room and we walked to that room. We stood in front of the mirror, looking at the two naked people looking back at us. I told her that when she was with me, she looked kind of small. And that she should be proud of her height. I stepped behind her and reached around her and cupped both her breasts in my hands. My erection was pressed against her bottom. I told her that I liked smaller breasts on a woman and that her breasts looked beautiful. I told her of an expression that I and some other men had ­ anything more than a mouthful is a waste. Plus, smaller breasts don’t droop. As far as her income potential was concerned, that wouldn’t bother me. I probably make more money now than she would when her practice was up and running. Even if I made less than she did, I am comfortable with myself. Money is not everything. I took her hand and we walked back to the first exam room.

I told her that the examination was over now, but she shook her head and said not yet. She said she owed me one. Valerie had me lie on the table on my back once more. She had me move down so that my feet were hanging over the edge of the table. She stood between my legs and I was anticipating her masturbating me with her hands once again but she surprised me. This time she winked at me and leaned over, lowered her head, and placed her mouth over my penis and began going up and down on it.

Now I have known women, that while they would perform oral sex on me, they did not like to have me ejaculate into their mouth. I didn’t know whether Valerie would allow me to or not. I knew I could not hold back very long so I decided to ask her. As I called her name, she raised her eyes to me. The sight of my penis in her mouth and her eyes looking into my eyes, well, I almost lost it right then. I asked her if she wanted me to try and give her some warning when I was about to climax. She lifted her lips from my penis and asked me if I had removed my mouth from her as she climaxed. I didn’t need to respond. As she placed her mouth back over my penis I closed my eyes and laid my head down on the pillow.

She continued the up and down movement and I felt a climax building. She could tell also because she stopped, removed her mouth and pressed her thumb into the tube on the bottom of my penis. As I looked up she said she was going to let it build up into a more powerful orgasm. She did this to me once more. Just before she began for the third time she smiled and said this time it would be for real. Finally. She was right about the climax becoming more powerful. As I felt it begin I wrapped my legs around her butt and pulled her in close. I erupted into mouth and actually hollered, something I seldom, if ever do. After my orgasm was over and I opened my eyes I saw that she was still had her mouth over my penis. I though she would once again get a warm washcloth to clean my penis but this time she used her mouth. She licked the shaft clean and ran her fingers from the base of my penis to the tip to remove the last traces of sperm. She used her tongue to lick off the remaining semen and the put the tip of her tongue into the opening.

She stood there for a few moments and then said that now the examination was complete. I was too exhausted to argue. She said that I could use the restroom in the hall if I needed to, that she would use the one in the back. I got up and on wobbly knees made it to the restroom. I watched her as she walked down the hall and turn the corner. I got back to the exam room first and began getting dressed when Valerie walked in. She began getting dressed also. Watching her get dressed was as exciting as watching her get undressed.

When we were both dressed she walked out of the exam room and I followed her into her office. She sat down behind her desk and I sat down in the chair in front of her desk. It was an unusual feeling to be sitting there. This was where we were a little over two hours ago. The events of the last two hours were still fresh on my mind and I began to smile. She noticed and asked what was on my mind. I said I was just remembering the events of the last two hours. I told her I had no idea what she had planned when she called me for the appointment. She raised her eyebrows and said it was her plan to conduct my examination with both of us nude, but had not planned on it becoming as intense as it had. Not that she was complaining, she added.

She said it was important to her to have me comfortable with her as a physician. If there would be occasions when I would be nude with her, should she not be able to do the same with me. She said she hoped that I appreciated her effort to assure my being comfortable.

I told her that I had just found our new company doctor. She stood up and extended her had and I took it and we shook hands. Shaking hands with a woman, that just a little while ago, I had my mouth on her clitoris making her climax. Now that was a weird feeling. Valerie had confused me. She was so business-like now, once we were in her office. I wanted to see her socially but now didn’t know if she shared the same feeling. She added that when I was her patient and an annual exam was needed, that we would conduct mutual exams on each other each time, after hours, or course. She winked and said that this was something she bet Dr. “B” never offered. I had a vision of that and said thank goodness that never happened.

I took a chance and said to lets seal the deal over dinner, that I knew of a great Italian restaurant. She accepted saying that that would be great and we left her office.