Corporate Punishment

Author: Trice Cummings
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Corporate Punishment

by Trice Cummings

I opened the certified letter and my body got a shiver as it told me that I was to be sentenced the day after tomorrow by the corporate punishment commission. After all I had been through the last few months now it came down to this.

"So you get sentenced tomorrow eh ?" My husband said as he read his letter to appear. He was quite smug about it as I guess he should be. I was the one to have a affair with a coworker and now by corporate rules I was to be punished or all parties were to be fired. Since my husband worked for the same company but not the same division or district didn't matter.

The corporate rules were strict ....NO INTIMATE CONTACT WITH OTHER EMPLOYEES UNLESS MARRIED BEFORE EMPLOYMENT... I held true to that rule until Paul showed up as one of my employees I had interviewed him and soon after started to see him on a regular basis. Then we were caught one day by my secretary who felt sorry for me because I was sick and brought some papers by my house for me to sign. I had given her a key long ago to enable her to retrieve work from my home when I was out of the country. She found Paul and I in bed together.

Once administration found out it was either go before the corporate punishment commission or be fired along with those I shared my bed with. They were quite strict about it saying that "Personal life issues compromises one's work habits." I had known other people that had gone through some corporate punishment before and mainly it entailed a good spanking to the back side of one's bottom on display to other coworkers.

That's how I actually met Paul personally...He was getting a hard spanking for excessive tardiness. I watched as his bottom took 28 hard strokes of the paddle. His body was magnificent and his manhood was quite arousing.

Ken and I had been married for over twenty years and things were getting dull. So When Paul pursued me one day I went for it. I was quite tall along with him, and slender. I only weighed 140 which was just right for my frame. I was quite slender and I loved to wear tight dresses.

I put the letter down after reading once more. Through the months I had been questioned extensively on my affair with Paul. I was even hooked up to a lie detector and questioned about where he touched me, and how many times we met. The questions were quite embarrassing.

"Did he suck your clit, your urethra, your vagina, your anus?" All of which I said yes too.

"Did you suck his nipples, his penis, his balls, his anus?" All of which I said yes too.

The lie detector went on for hours. And when it was done it had showed that I had told the truth about everything. My husband was very angry and I had been sleeping on the couch since then. He assured me though that he would take me back in his bed and as his wife after my punishment had been given.

My legs shook as I waited out in the hall along with Ken and Paul. Soon we were called into the big conference room. The table was big and full of male coworkers. I looked at them as they at me as I sat at the end of the table.

"This commission has reviewed your case thoroughly and has come to a decision as to your punishment.... Mrs.. Follis will you please stand."

I pushed back my chair and stood with a lump in my throat. I crossed my hands in front of me.

"Mrs. Follis this commission finds you guilty of having an extra marital affair with a subordinate....we sentence you to forty hours of Electro therapy to be carried out in the company's medical facility will be notified as to the date your sentencing will be carried out....this is the order of the commission."

"BANG>" A gavel struck.

Electro therapy?...what was electrotherapy? I thought to myself. I had no idea what that was but I was to get forty hours of it. The next few days I asked around about Electro therapy....I soon found somebody that knew a girl that had gone through it. I sought her out and found her alone in the mail room.

"Mrs.. Miller?"


"My name is Loraine...Loraine Follis....may I speak with you?"


"Well I was sentenced to Electro therapy and I wondered."

"Sorry ...I can't talk about that." The lady got tense and I could see beads of sweat break out on her forehead.

"But...I just wanted to know."

"Mrs. Follis is it?" I nodded my head. "I am not at liberty to discuss that with you or anyone else for that matter....I lived through it and you will if you will please excuse me I have work to do."

She picked up some mail and through it into a cart and wheeled it away in a hurry. I saw her looking back and shaking her head from side to side as she walked. I took a deep breath and went back to my office. That night another letter had been delivered to my home.

I was to report to the company's medical facility that Friday at 5:00 am. I was not to drive as someone would have to take me home. I knew that most punishments had been given out in the company's stage room. This was mainly used for people rehearsing presentations and sometimes punishments as needed. I was confused that I was to report to the medical facility that was on the second floor of our building. Ken wasn't all to happy about having to get to work that early but he would have to be at my punishment anyway along with Paul so he thought he would get some work done.

Friday came all to soon and as the letter said. I ate a good breakfast and refrained from putting on any make up. I was to take off any nail polish that I might have on. We drove in the dark in silence for a long time.

"You scared?" Ken asked.

"Out of my wits." I said to him. He then placed a hand on my knee and squeezed it. That had been the first time he had shone me any affection since this started. We parked in the parking garage below the building and entered the elevator. I reached up and my hand hesitated over the #2 button. I then pressed it and took a deep breath. When the doors opened the floor was dimly lit but there was a lady behind the large desk. Ken squeezed my shoulder and I took the steps out and the doors closed behind me. I was shaking like a leaf.

"Hi I'm M."

"I know who you are....your the only one that would be arriving at this time in the morning." The big woman said behind the desk. She was gruff and she wore a nurses outfit.

"Hold on just a minute...I'm trying to get all your papers in order." She said looking down and shuffling papers. I took another deep breath and waited.

"Ok now Mrs. Follis...or should I call you Loraine?"

"Loraine is fine."

"Follow me please." She opened a door and held it for me to go through. She closed it behind me and told me to take a left. I did and I saw a small room. On a hook in the wall was a green gown.

"Please disrobe and place on that gown....put your clothes in this bag I will be waiting right here." She moved just a bit from the open door so she couldn't see me undress. I slowly took off my clothes and placed them in the bag and put on the skimpy gown. When I walked out she headed down the hall and I followed. The gown reached just at my mid thighs. I was so tall that I loomed over the short round nurse.

"Nurse...can you tell me what's going to happen?"

"You are to get prepped for punishment."

"Well what does that entail?" I was walking fast to keep up with her and trying to keep my gown closed in the back.

"I'm not to divulge that information and you are here to comply with the contract of your punishment."

We walked briskly down the hall and nobody was around as far as I could tell. The lady then opened a door and turned on the light. She held the door open so I could go through. Just then is when I saw the door at the end of the hall just a few yards away. The sign on the door read " Medical Theater" I paused a bit and she turned around to see what I was looking at.

"You will know soon enough come on."

I turned into the large room that had a exam table with some small foot stirrups. It was covered with a green sheet. There was the usual stuff for a exam room. The nurse got down to business. She weighed me and took my height she asked me questions regarding my menstrual cycle and stuff like that. She then gave me a cup and told me to go around the half wall and give a urine sample. I did and when I got back she had me get onto the table. She then took my blood pressure and pulse and then told me to lay down and roll over to my stomach. I watched as she came up beside me with a thermometer, some KY and gloves.

"Do you have to?" I asked.

"Yes I have to." She said in a whiny voice mocking me.

"God this is so embarrassing."

"It's going to get worse before it gets better honey." She said spreading my bottom apart. Her cool finger then popped into my little hole and twisted around. I made a loud groan.

"Oh come off it....I know you were taken back's just my finger."

I turned a bright red as she said this. She knew, she knew everything about my affair. The glass rod was then introduced and she held my cheeks as my temp registered. She pulled the rod from my bottom cleaned it off and read it. The tissue she used to wipe the thermometer was stained brown. I turned a shade redder.

"We're going to have to get you cleaned out....looks as if your quite full.. Turn onto your left side."

I complied as she left out of my sight and came back. I watched with my upper body turned to her. She opened two foil things and placed them behind me. I rolled my upper body back over not wanting to watch her. She lifted my right butt cheek and quickly inserted one and then another suppository into my bottom. And I groaned once more at the invasion.

"Now hold that until you can't anymore...then go to the toilet."

I heard water running and I felt the suppositories start to work. Soon I was rushing to the toilet to get rid of them. The room filled with a foul smell as I had a good BM. I watched as the nurse rolled a IV pole over to the table and on it hung a clear bag filled with milky white fluid. I opened my mouth to start to complain then thought better of it. I was here at there mercy and I had to except what they were going to do to me.

I finished my duty and wiped. I then walked back to the table where the nurse had me lay back on my left side with my knee up to my chest. This exposed my anus to her and she parted my bottom just a bit and stuck her finger in and out a few times then the nozzle was firmly pushed into me.

"UGGHHH…" I groaned as the water gushed up into my insides.

"Massage your tummy and take deep breaths." The nurse said as she held the nozzle in my anus. Cramps hit me and I massaged them away and soon the bag was in me. She held her hand at my bottom and said that we would have to wait ten minutes for it to work. And work it did, junk spewed out of me like a waterfall and just when I thought it was over more and more came out. God this was punishment enough I thought.

The nurse hung another bag this time with clear fluid. When I got back on the table she placed me in a knee chest position with my feet in the stirrups at the end of the table. The nurse had to stand on the stool to reach my wide open bottom and soon the water filled me again. We waited and then I was let down to go...she told me not to flush this time. Junk still came out of me but it was mostly water.

"Looks like we will need one more." She said as she looked into the toilet to see brown chunks in there. She placed me back in a knee chest position and I took my third enema. This time the water ran clear from my insides.

"Ok up on the table....I need to get you shaved."

"SHAVED?.....What for ?"

"Because it says in your chart that your pelvis and anal area is to be shaved of all hair....THAT'S WHAT FOR."

I made a huffing noise as I laid back on the table looking at the bare ceiling. I just didn't understand what they were going to do. The nurse came up and helped my feet into the stirrups and parted my legs to the side. She placed little straps around each of my ankles to secure them into the stirrups. She then lathered me and started to take the hair from between my legs. I started to sniffle as tears came to my eyes.

"Stop that.. it will grow back after all your punishment is over with." She said as the razor made it's way down between my legs. Just then the door opened and in walked a older man with silver hair. I jumped a bit at the intrusion of my privacy and my face turned red as I was all exposed.

"My name is Dr. Bower...I will be performing your physical and readying you for punishment." The man said as he took my chart and looked at it.

"She almost ready....nurse?"

"Just a little more to go doctor you can start."

"OK then." He took out his stethoscope and came over to my side. He placed it on my chest and listened to my heart. He then made me breath deep as he listened to my chest. He then pulled up my gown and my instinct tried to pull it back down.

"No Mrs. Follis." I allowed him to raise my gown so that now my whole lower body was exposed to him. He then listened to my tummy and pressed on it hear and there.

"She's been cleaned out I see." He said.

"Yep two supps and three enemas." The nurse said as she was now shaving around my anus.

He pulled the gown back down and reached behind my head.

"Lift up a little." I lifted my head and he untied the tie behind my neck and slowly pulled my gown down. My hands went up and he looked at me a bit sternly and I pulled them away. He pulled the gown to just below my breast and with cold hands he massaged each one.

"Any pain, tenderness or discharge?" He asked me and I shook my head.

"Good." and he threw the gown back over me The nurse had cleaned up my bottom and left me there. The doctor went over to the counter and put on some gloves and sat on the stool between my spread legs. I saw the nurse holding a metal tray for him. I watched as he put KY on his fingers and brought them down to between my legs. I felt his fingers at my opening and then they were in me. He took his other hand and pressed on each side of my lower abdomen.

"Any pain or discomfort?" I shook my head no.

He then pulled his fingers out and reached for the speculum on the tray. The metal bills slipped into me and opened me up. He then showed a light into my open vagina and looked around.

"Her cervix is tightly closed.....let me have a Hawthorns clamp and a Sigmans stick.....Mrs.. Follis...I need to dilate your cervix just a may feel a little cramping."

"Why....what's it for ?"

"Later on I will have to insert a small metal flange into your uterus." Is all he said as the nurse handed him the stuff. I saw him take long metal thongs and I heard metal against metal as they went up into me. I felt a little cramp and moaned then the things were taken out and the bills closed and pulled away from me.

He lubed his finger again and I felt it at my anus he slowly inserted it and felt around then pushed deeper and felt some more. I took in a deep breath and held it as this was done. He then withdrew his finger and picked up something metal. He brought that to my anus and slowly pushed it into me. None of this hurt but it was sure embarrassing to have this stranger looking into my private holes. He shone a light up into my rectum then took the metal out of it. He took off one glove and put on a new one and relubed his fingers. He stood up and placed one hand on my knee as his other was at my bottom. He then inserted a finger into my vagina and one into my anus and felt around. Just then the nurse spoke up.

"Her urine sample came back with possible contaminates."

He made a huffing sound and withdrew his fingers from me.

"Well we better get a sterile specimen then." He said as he took off his gloves and sat back between my legs. He placed some new gloves on and then took hold of my vaginal lips and spread them wide I felt cool air on my pee hole and I hissed in some air as he held my lips tightly apart. The nurse handed him swab and he swiped it right down the middle of my crack over my pee hole hard.

"OOOO." I said. He did this two more times and then the nurse handed him a test tube looking thing with a very tiny but long tube on it. I felt the tiny tube go into my pee hole and then pull out. He raised the tube up to show my clear yellow urine that it held. He let me go and got up.

"They will be coming for her in about twenty minutes....I'm going to see if the theater is ready." He said as he washed his hands and left out the door. The nurse released me from the stirrups and told me to relax for a while. She went about cleaning up as I rolled onto my side.

"What was that all about?..... the doctor sure seemed interested in my bottom?" I thought. My hands were between my closed bent legs and I could feel my bare crotch. After a while two men walked into the room dressed in white lab coats. They looked like big bouncers with wide shoulders and huge body's that were well trimmed.

"Ok Loraine it's time to take you to the theater now." The nurse said and I sat up on the edge of the table and my body shook, and my heart pounded as I got up. One man held something in his hand and when I walked over to them they held it up.

" Open your mouth Miss" I looked to the nurse and she nodded her head at me. I opened my mouth to have the man shove something rubber into my mouth. The rubber was around metal and it held my mouth most of the way open with the rubber between my teeth in the back and a rubber piece held down my tongue. A metal part opened the sides of my cheeks out just a bit and a strap was placed around my neck. I tried to work my tongue but it was firmly held down to the bottom of my mouth. I fingered that the rubber was there to protect my teeth. I took in air through my mouth and it was soon dry.

"Breath through your nose." The nurse said as she came up and swabbed the inside of my mouth with some foul tasting stuff. I coughed a bit as this was being done.

The door was then opened and the two men led me out into the hall. I held my gown closed in the back as we made a left turn and my hart raced as we took the few steps to the door. One of the men opened the door and the other that was behind me gave me a gentle shove to move me through the door way. My eyes popped open as I saw what was in the room.

There in the middle of the large room was a table with large stirrups for my legs. There were small white tables sticking out from each side up by the tables head. There were straps hanging down from the whole thing. Things started to go in slow motion as I was led to the foot of the table and the men took my arms and helped me to step up the three steps to the tables top. They then turned me around and sat me down at it's edge.

I looked around violently to take in all the stuff. There were bags hanging from this pole and that pole that were attached at the head of the table. The nurse came over to me and slowly took the gown away. My hands tried to grab it but I was soon naked in front of all these men. tears came to my eyes as I sat there naked and scared.

"Now just lay back Loraine." The nurse said and I looked behind me. The two men came over after I stalled and took me by each arm and slowly lowered me onto the table so that I was flat on my back I covered my breasts with my arms. My head fit into a padded pillow that was secured to the tables top by two straps. My body shook and my mouth was so dry. The men took my arms away from my body and held them there. The nurse came up and placed a blood pressure cuff on one arm and the men started to attach my arms to each board with my palms up.

I started to cry as my arms were secured tight to the boards and a padded thing came across the palms of each hand. and was attached there. Now I had something to grip on to. I felt like I was being placed on a cross. With the pillow behind my head I could see down my body. The men slowly took my legs and parted them. I struggled to keep my legs from bending and going into the big wide padded stirrups. They knew just where to touch to make my legs give up and bend at the knees and they placed them into the stirrups and padded straps came around my legs and secured them tight. My eyes were wide as I watched through my tears as my legs became like my hands totally immobile. The foot of the stirrups was then pushed up against the soles of my feet tight and my feet plunged into the padding surrounding them as my toes were now slightly pushed back toward my body.

I flushed as the men made there way in and out from between my spread legs to make sure my bindings were tight. I was now spread out wide from my mouth to my legs. I felt something cool on the arm that didn't have the cuff on it and I looked over just in time to see the nurse plunge a needle into the crook of my arm. She then connected tubing onto it and tape the tubing to my arm. I looked up over my head to see a IV bag hanging there.

"Oh god what are they going to do to me?" I thought as my heart raced even faster. The nurse then went between my legs and spread them even wider so that my vaginal lips opened up. That's when I noticed the curtains on the wall between my legs along with a mirror that I was able to see my open crotch. I looked up to see my body laying stretched out on the table as there was a mirror on the ceiling as well. I saw the wires that protruded from my open mouth and my arms stretched out along with my legs.

I heard and felt some clinking below me to see the nurse place two poles onto the table just between the insides of my open legs. They looked like IV poles. When she moved away I looked into the mirror at my open crotch with no hair on it to cover me. The nurse came back and she placed a big huge full bag on the left pole and a clear IV bag on the other. Each had tubing that she looped around the poles top. The big bag had flesh colored tubing and the IV bag had clear tubing.

The nurse came up to my side and she pushed a small thing up by my head. she attached the tubes that came from the cuff around my arm to the machine. I heard a series of beeps and the cuff started to tighten. It got tighter and tighter and then slowly deflated. The nurse watched the machine and I watched her. She then turned to me and took off some stickers and placed four round things on my chest and side. She then brought up a machine to my other side and placed it out of sight above my head. She attached wires to each of the small stickers and brought the wires up over my shoulders.

"Beep.......Beep.....Beep." I heard and I knew that the machine was monitoring my fast heart beat. The nurse left for sometime and the two men came to each side of me. One took a strap and strung it under the wires just over my breast and handed it to the other man. There was soft padding where the strap hit on me. The other man took it to my side and I soon felt it sung against my chest and restraining me to the tables top. Another one was placed just under my breasts....The man had to lift each of my breast to get the padding under them. I flushed as he touched me. It to went taunt around my chest and I moaned a little at it's tightness. This pushed my breast up and out slightly from body. I look in the ceiling mirror to see the restraints going across my body. Then they took one more and strapped down my lower hips right up against my raised legs.

The nurse came back to me and she held a bowl with some metal tongs in it. She grabbed something from the bowl and it was a soaked piece of gauze in some brown stuff. I watched as she brought the cold wet gauze to my left breast and scrubbed it hard. The brown stuff dripped all over my chest.

"OOOH." Is all I could say with my mouth wide open. She did the same with the other breast and then left. She came back between my legs and she took the soaked gauze and scrubbed between my legs. I felt the cool stuff drip down around my open anus. When she was done she came back with a soaked wet towel and laid it over my breast. It was extremely cold and goose bumps broke out on my body and I shook with fear.

She bent down and pulled out something from under the table. I saw that they were two sets of wires. She placed a small clip on the wires and then laid it on my tummy. She went around and did the same to the other side. She then bent over and pulled more wires out and set this set just at the strap that went around my lower abdomen. A cart was then wheeled to the bottom of the table just to the side of me. I could see that it was covered with a green sheet.

I waited there listening to the beep's of my own heart beat and feeling the cuff around my arm inflate and then deflate. Everyone was silent as I laid there fully exposed knowing that whoever was on the other side of that curtain would see my body like this. I flushed at the thought of my coworkers seeing my shaved sex wide open.

The door opened then closed. I heard the doctors voice and I looked over to see two men with him in suits. I recognized them from the punishment commission. One man walked around my spread legs and stood on one side of me he looked forward toward the curtains with his hands crossed in front of him holding a piece of paper. He was looking professional. The other man stood to my other side in the same fashion. The doctor then rolled up between my legs facing the curtain as well.

My heart raced as the curtains started to part and the first person that I saw was Paul sitting right in front of my spread legs. As the curtains widened even more I could see that the seats had been all taken and men were looking down at my exposed body. Tears rolled down my face as it reddened from embarrassment. Once the curtains were all pulled away. The man on my left started to talk.

"This is the punishment of Loraine Fran Follis....I will now call roll for those that are required by the commission to be present.......Mr. Paul Simms?''

"Here." I heard through a intercom.

"Mr. Ken Follis?"


There were three other names that I didn't recognize but I knew that three people had to be present as witnesses to my punishment.

"All present." The man said. As the other man spoke up.

"Lorraine Fran Follis is hereby sentenced to 40 hours of Electro therapy, she will serve ten hours as of this day February 19th 1999. She will serve 10 hours a week from this day and so forth until the sentence is carried out....Sentencing may resume."

Then the doctor between my legs spoke. "First I will insert the urethra catheter into her bladder." He picked up a tube that had rubber at the end of it and then a metal tube.

"The metal sheath will conduct the electricity through her urethra and into the bladder that will be filled with sterile fluid."

I watched wide eyed as he parted my inner lips like before and brought down the large round catheter to my pee hole. I tried to scream out but my mouth and throat were so dry that all the came out were little squeaks. The tube felt red hot as it stretched my pee hole open to accommodate the huge size. I panted and threw my head from side to side in a no type fashion.

"I will now inflate the balloon that will hold the catheter in place." I watched through my tears as he then connected the rubber end of the catheter to the IV bag that hung there. My pee hole stung and burned and I panted through my nose.

"I will now introduce the metal cervical flange with the vaginal probe." I felt something metal being inserted into my vagina and it stretched me wide open as it filled my opening. He gave it firm pressure and I felt a slight cramp in my lower abdomen.

"Ughh." Is all I could say. The probe was so tight in my opening that it held there in place. This didn't hurt but it seemed to cause more pressure on the tube in my pee hole.

"I will now insert the metal butt plug- nozzle combination. This way we will be able to fill the colon with fluid to carry the current through her bowels."

Oh God where they going to electrocute me? I wondered. The doctor lifted the metal thing up for me and my coworkers to see. The thing was long and very big around.

"I will first lube around her anus with my finger as the nurse lubes the nozzle." I saw them work between my legs and the doctors finger entered me twisted then pulled out. I felt and saw in the mirror above me as the doctor worked the probe into my hole. It slowly disappeared as I felt my anus stretch wide. He then pulled it out a bit and with slow pressure pushed the thing up into me. I put my head back and turned it from side to side. small squeaks escaped my mouth as the huge thing was now in me.

"As she fills we can apply the clit and tit clips that will carry the current to those areas." I was panting hard and the beeps increased as the monitored showed my racing heart. I watched in the overhead mirror as the doctor connected the tubing from the big bag to a metal spout on the thing in my butt. He reached up and undid a clamp as the nurse undid the other one and my body started to fill slowly with fluid. I could feel the cool liquid going into my bladder and the warm liquid in my bowels.

The doctor then found my clitoris and I watched in fear as he pulled the skin back to reveal my small penis. He took it between his fingers and manipulated it until it started to swell. He then grabbed the small clip sitting on my lower abdomen. and brought it down onto my clit. He then let it go and there was a shot of pain into my pelvis and I tried to cry out. It took me a bit to get my composer as the cold towel was taken from my breast and now the doctor stood to one side of me. My belly felt quite full and I felt as if I had to pee real bad. My tits stood up and away from my hard nipples due to the cold and the doctor took one clip and brought it around my tit and released it onto the soft flesh. I shook my head NO as he was doing this but my cries went unanswered. The same was done to the other tit and now wires hung from each side of my protruding breast.

I took some deep breaths and my tummy cramped as my belly started to protrude out from my body. I could see the head of my little clit sticking out of the clamp around it.

"Her bladder has been filled with five hundred cc's of fluid....her bladder will have to be drained every two hours and refilled as her body makes urine. Her Colon will hold four quarts of fluid for the duration of the punishment. As it continues to fill her I will hook up the electrodes to her urethra and her vaginal probes." He sat back down between my legs and I moaned and groaned as I started to loose sight down there as my bowels filled with fluid. soon my belly looked as if it was nine months pregnant. With that much fluid in my small belly it stretched the skin taught.

"The electrodes have now been placed....and we are ready to commence the punishment....please lift the table to a forty five degree angle."

I continued to moan and grown and I felt the table jerk as it started to lift me up into a semi siting position. The water in my belly lowered and I was able to see it hang over the padded restraint that was at my hips. I was now facing everyone in the room. As they watched my naked full body rise up. The table stopped with another jerk and I moaned. The nurse came over and swabbed my open mouth again with the foul tasting stuff. The man to my left spoke.

"Let the 10 hours of punishment of Loraine Fran Follis start on my mark."


I heard a clicking of some switches and my body felt a tingling inside of it. it tingled in my breast, my bladder, vagina, and my rectum and throughout my whole belly and my clit. The tingling started to get stronger and I was soon feeling very aroused but still uncomfortable. My eyes were wide as I tried to feel what was happening to me. The tingling got even stronger and I felt like I was going to orgasm and I did, a hard orgasm, and all my muscles tightened up as the tingling increased. My eyes stayed open as my head lifted off the pillow as my orgasm increased in me until I screamed out with it. My hands tightened around the rubber things in my palms and I my body fought against the restraints. The orgasm peaked and pain shot through me as the current got stronger then stopped. I didn't notice but everyone had left the room as I laid my head down and panted through my open mouth.

All of a sudden a pulsing current hit my body and my head rose and my body had little mini orgasms that shook my body. My head bobbed as if I was having a convulsion as the pulses hit my private parts and I had little orgasms over and over in session. I couldn't concentrate on anything but the little shocks that hit my body and made me shake and shiver. I must have had 30 or so orgasm in the mater of a minute. Then the pulsing stopped and my head fell to the pillow.

"Oh God." I tried to say through my open mouth as I looked at myself in the mirror. I could see my tits were standing straight up and I could feel the muscles in my pelvis shake and quiver. Oh God there making come to orgasms right here in front of everyone. I closed my eyes. I didn't want to look at anybody see me orgasm.

The small tingling started again and I moaned as it increased and I was fighting against the restraints. My head came up and looked straight down as my orgasm got harder and harder and harder until it peeked and shot pain through me. My head fell back and I took one deep breath as the pulsing started and my body had the mini orgasms again my head bobbed as the pulses maid my body cum over and over again. It lasted about a minute and then stopped. The twitching of my tits and pelvis were there as my muscles were being stimulated to get me off.

The current stopped so that I could get my composer and tears rolled down my eyes as I looked at the people watching me orgasm over and over again. I took some deep breaths and looked around the room to see that it was still just me and the people watching me. Tears flowed harder as the tingling started again and I was soon in a full orgasm. My belly tightened around the huge amount of fluid and the orgasm shot through me painfully then stopped. The pulses began and this time I could hear myself squeaking as the mini orgasms went through my body. After what seemed like a hour my body was drenched in sweat and my muscles ached form tightening then relaxing.

I would toss my head from side to side and try and scream as the tingling started after a short break. But nothing came out of my very dry open mouth except little grunts, groans and squeaks. This went on what seemed for hours but all of a sudden when the pulses quit people rushed into the room. The doctor took his seat between my legs and the man was at my side. I made eye contact with Paul that was sitting right in front of me and he was slouched down in his chair...It looked as if he had been sleeping. I searched the room for Ken and he was up in the last row of chairs on my right. I could see him on the edge of his seat watching what they were doing to me.

"I will now drain the bladder and instill more sterile water." I heard the doctor say as I felt the thing in my pee hole being manipulated. The nurse came up and replaced the IV bag that was draining into my arm. She then swabbed my mouth with the foul stuff. The doctor hung the tubing to a half full IV bag and opened the clamp. Cool water drained into me once again until the bag was empty.

"Mrs. Loraine Fran Follis has now completed two hours of her forty hour punishment." I groaned as he said this. I felt like I had been here all day.

"We will now commence the punishment on my mark.....5...4...3....2...1... mark." I shook my head and tried to say no as the tingling started once again through my body. Oh god I thought I won't be able to do this four forty hours I thought to myself as my body started to tighten with the increasing orgasm in me. My chin dug into my chest as my orgasm peaked and I threw it back just to bring it slightly off the pillow and have it shiver there as the pulses made me spasm with orgasms.

So that's how it went....My bladder drained and refilled and then the orgasms started again. The ten hours wore on as men witnessed my most private act right in front of them. I was so happy when the man came in and said that I had completed the first 10 hours of my forty hour sentence. The things were taken from my body and I almost had to be carried as my body wouldn't respond to my commands. The men that led me in here helped me out of that room and back into the exam room where they placed me on the toilet and the nurse reached behind me and pulled the big metal thing out of my bottom.

The man stayed there and held me up as my body released the enema that I had held for ten hours. I could feel the muscles in my private holes quiver and shake. As my belly emptied I started to feel much better and the men asked if I was going to be alright. I told them yes and they went out to the other part of the partitioned exam room and stood. The nurse came over with gloved hands and she placed suave on each nipple then made me spread my legs. She opened my lips to reveal my clit and she touched it also with a dab of suave. It took me a hour to get my body under control.

"What time is it?" I asked the nurse as the men helped me to the dressing room.

"Five thirty." She said. I figured that my punishment had must of started around six. When I was dressed I walked out the door slowly to see Ken waiting for me. As he took my shaking arm the nurse called out.

"I will see you at five am sharp next Friday,"

A shiver went down my spine as this was said, and with my bent over body I got on the elevator. Ken took me home and put me in our bed and I slept. He brought me some soup to eat and I slept some more. The next day I arrived on the floor of my job walking slowly and slightly bent over as every muscle in my body hurt. People stared at me as I made my way to my office I couldn't look a man in the place in the eyes for fear they had seen me being punished. My secretary ( The one who caught us in bed) Walked in and placed some papers on my desk and with a smug look started out.

"Karen....Karen...come back here."

She came back and stood at the front of my desk.

"Don't you care what they did to me...don't you want to know?" Even though I had been forbidden to revel what went on or get double the sentence if it was found out I told any other woman....I wanted her to care about what happened to me at her hands.

"No...not got what you deserve....I'm sure." She then walked out with her head high.

Two months after that I found reason to fire her. After my punishment was complete. Ken and I had to watch Paul get punished but I will keep that for another day.