Drew's Visit to the Doctor

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Drew's Visit to the Doctor

  A true story circa 1988

I was never a big fan of going to the doctor. Since I was a little boy, in anticipation of a visit to the pediatrician, I imagined that I would find out that I had a rare disease. As I grew older, I realized the silliness of these thoughts, but nonetheless, did not look forward to these visits. I was a healthy kid, and apart from a visit to the emergency room when I contracted food poisoning, had managed to stay out of the doctor's office for a few years. But as a teenager in high school, there was no way to avoid it. A physical was required by the high school for matriculation.

So a couple of weeks before school was going to begin, I found myself in the waiting room of the Dr. Perlman's office. It was in a large medical complex and there were several other doctors who were part of this pediatrics practice. Dr. Perlman was fine, as far as doctors went. He was under 40 years old, very gentle and caring, maybe even a little effeminate. But I didn't mind. He never subjected me to anything embarrassing, and only used to take a cursory look and feel down my underwear. Now after puberty, I was self-conscious about my development. I thought I was pretty normal for my age. About 5'5" and growing, 120 pounds, and hairless except for a patch that had recently sprouted up around my penis. My penis seemed pretty small to me, much to my chagrin. You see, I was going to play soccer, and knew that in high school sports, I would have to use the gang showers in the locker room and likely be subject to some humiliating initiation rights by the upperclassmen. Also, I knew that most of the other boys in my area were circumcised, and I was not.

I was nervous in the waiting room sitting next to my mom. I was flipping through some magazines and my heart was starting to pound. I told me mom that I didn't want her to come back with me for the exam. She said okay.

The nurse called my name and told me to come back with her. My mom smiled at me, and continued reading her magazine.

I was sweating and nervous, but thought, let's get this over with. No big deal, everything will be fine.

The nurse was 40-something, pleasant looking much like my mom. A nice fit body with some noticeable curves and a pretty face with light brown hair, but nothing that was going to get me too excited. I was a horny teenager, so that put me at ease. In the exam room, she handed me a gown and told me to get changed into it, and she would be back in a minute for some preliminaries before Dr. Wexman came in.

"Dr. Wexman? I am Dr. Perlman's patient," I said, startled.

The nurse shrugged off my concern saying, "Oh, no one told you? Dr. Perlman had a family emergency that he had to attend to. He has been gone for a couple of weeks, I'm surprised the receptionists did not call your mother. Not a problem though, since Dr. Wexman has just joined our practice and is taking on some of his patients for now. I'll be back in a minute, okay hon?"

I was not pleased with this development, but what was I going to do? "Alright," I replied.

I quickly took of my shirt, jeans, shoes, and socks, and put on the gown.

The nurse returned and began her litany of tests. Blood pressure, weight, height, the usual stuff. She took my temperature using one of these digital instant read ear thermometers. Then she said she needed a blood sample, which I had no problem with. After getting her sample, she looked over the school physical form, and she said that she needed a urine sample. Again, no problem. This was not going to be that bad after all. I went into the bathroom while she waited in the main room, and peed into the cup. She said, "Thanks, hon. The doctor will be in for your exam soon."

Not bad at all. It had only been about 15 minutes, and I thought I was home free.

Then the door opened and a stunning woman walked in. I was totally blown away by this woman. She must have been only around 30 years old, about 5'9", perfect body. Big brown eyes and brown hair pulled back into a ponytail, with a great smile that she flashed as she shook her hand and said, "I'm Dr. Wexman, how are you?"

I don't even remember much of what happened next as I couldn't stop staring at this woman, so business-like and yet sexy at the same time. She had these deliciously round and full breasts that strained against the tight sweater she was wearing, along with a skirt that ended just above her knees, and a white lab coat. I was a typical teenager and breasts were my thing back then, and I immediately felt my penis jump up to half-staff. I felt faint and embarrassed at my reaction, and angry that I was with a woman doctor and no one had told me. This beautiful specimen was going to examine my body. The embarrassment calmed down my penis for a while.

I barely remember any of the beginning of the exam or what she said, since I was fixated on her. I was lying on my back and I remember her palpitating my lower stomach asking if anything was tender, when I realized that I was pitching a tent again. She had flipped up my gown from the bottom. This time, my penis was at full-mast and her soft fingertips were just above the tops of my briefs. She could not have missed this, as my rock hard member was pushing away my briefs from my body.

"Okay," she said, "everything good so far. You look a healthy young man." I was still lying on my back thinking that this was about over and feeling very relieved when she said, "I just need to examine this guy down here and see how you are developing."

Now, I was about to die. I told her, "everything is fine down there," and rushed my hands down to hold my briefs in place.

She smiled at me sternly and her tone changed. "Drew, you will be a good boy and let me examine you, won't you?" She raised her voice and said "put your arms above your head and leave them there. Lift up your bottom for a second."

I realized I had no choice and reluctantly and slowly did as I was told.

She put her fingertips on the sides of the briefs and in an instant, whisked off my underwear. I was flat on my back, gown folded up above my stomach, with my penis erect and pointing back towards my face, and a beautiful woman was staring at me.

She took the underwear in her hands and walked from the foot of the examination table to the chair near my head to place them on top of my other clothes. As she walked back, she leaned over near my head, placed a hand on my chest and gave it a quick rub, "Now that wasn't so bad was it?" She was trying to be nice and soothing again after she had turned stern a moment ago, but it wasn't working in the right way. I just thought she was sexy and I felt my penis twitch.

"Okay," she released as she moved back to my feet, in between my legs, "Let's have a good look at you now." She was standing and bent down, and I saw her plentiful tits shift down as they hung.

With her right hand, she cupped my balls and slowly started to twirl them around in her palm and her fingertips. She said, "Drew, now that you are a man, it is important that you check your testicles regularly to see if you notice anything irregular."

She continued this motion and then with her left hand, grabbed the shaft of my hard rod and gave it a firm squeeze. She was seemingly oblivious to my aroused state, which was only getting worse as she continued her examination. I was speechless and at the same time, trying to look up at the ceiling to stay distracted, but couldn't keep from staring at her, this downright hot babe.

"I see that you are not circumcised. Since you are developing, it is important that you keep the head of your penis clean. So I'm going to pull back your foreskin now," said the doctor.

She tried to slide it down, and I yelped out in pain, because it wouldn't go. She tried again, but I screamed out "That hurts!"

She gripped the hard shaft again and with her right hand rested it on my thigh.

She sounded surprised as she said, "Have you never retracted your foreskin?"

I replied, "No, I guess not."

She said, "So that means you haven't masturbated then?"

I had never been more embarrassed as this conversation was going on, and I was feeling things I had never felt.

She said, "Drew, I need to know. It is very important that I know because you could get an infection if your penis is not kept clean."

I replied, "I've played with my thing but nothing has come out."

Dr. Wexman's look softened and she said to me, "Don't worry honey, you are developing just fine. But I am concerned about what to do about this tight foreskin. It really hasn't stretched enough to make it down your penis, and it should have by this age. We may have to deal with this. I'm going to talk to your mother."

She released her hand from my penis and gave me another sympathetic rub over my thighs. "I'll be right back."

Wow, I thought. This has been an unbelievable afternoon.

My erection subsided somewhat by the time the door opened up, and to my horror, my mother walked in, along with Dr. Wexman.

Fortunately, I had covered myself up with the gown. The doctor said to my mom, "I'm going to show you the problem."

I clenched my legs together and sat up and blurted out, "what!????"

My mom said, "Drew, let me see. Dr. Wexman said that you might need a surgical procedure to correct this, a circumcision."

I blurted out, "Why didn't you tell me that Dr. Perlman wasn't going to be here anyways?" I was angry at this humiliating situation, but intrigued by the circumcision. I knew that I would fit in better in the locker room that way.

Mom said, "It is no big deal Drew. She's a doctor."

Dr. Wexman chuckled, "Drew, you don't have anything I haven't seen a million times before. Back to the matter at hand, Drew, we are going to have a look at you. I don't want to have to do the circumcision, but that may be the only option."

I calmed down a bit, and so had my penis. "Why not?"

Dr. Wexman almost turned to my mom as she responded, "you see, I am a firm believer in keeping the foreskin intact. It has become the norm now for babies. It keeps the foreskin moist and protected." She then almost whispered to my mom, "it is more pleasurable too, according to all the studies out there."

My mom said, "I didn't want him cut either when he was born. What is the other option?"

Dr. Wexman said, "Well, we can gradually try to stretch out his skin until the penis can poke through. He would have to be well lubricated and aroused and it may work. That is the way the body is supposed to do it."

My mom kind of laughed and said, "his erections could solve it?"

I could not believe this conversation and this topped it all off as the hot doctor said, "we will have to masturbate him. It should work and we can avoid the circumcision."

There was no way this was going to happen to me. I would do the circumcision. I could not live through the humiliation of being jerked off by this knockout doctor, with the gorgeous breasts.

The doctor abruptly returned to her stern, business-like, almost bitchy tone. "Let's get started now."

As much as I wanted to resist, I knew that she was in control. My mom took a seat to my side and said, "Drew, its best that we take care of this now."

Dr. Wexman said, "Okay, let's see this guy again" and lifted the gown back up. She said, "hands above your head again."

My penis was limp and small, probably only 2" or so. I was terribly embarrassed. Dr. Wexler didn't seem to care or notice, she leaned in and I again focused on her heaving tits jutting out from her taut body. She really filled out that sweater nicely.

She cupped my balls with one hand and grabbed my penis, but I think I was so embarrassed due to its small size, it stopped responding. The doctor massaged moved her hands up my torso and slid the gown up, trying to stimulate me. I stared over at my mom, who was sitting at the edge of her seat. She was clearly enjoying herself, with her breasts pointed out and the hem of her skirt having slid up to the high part of her thigh, as her legs were crossed.

Dr. Wexman had managed to get a twitch started again as she was softly massaging my chest and stomach, along with my semi-erect rod. I had completely given in and had resigned myself to letting her have her way with me.

She said," This is not working. I'm going to induce arousal. Get up." She slid the gown completely off and said, "this is just getting in the way. We're going to go another room that has the appropriate setup for this."

I was completely naked and standing now, in front of my mom and this beautiful doctor.

She opened the door and motioned for my mom and I to walk out. The doctor grabbed my hand and starting walking. Completely naked, with my semi-erect penis bouncing from side to side, I walked with her, with my free hand trying to cover my privates in this public hallway. This was a busy medical practice and I must have walked 60 feet before we got to the next room. I passed by 2 nurses and another girl patient who I swear were laughing.

This exam table had stirrups. Dr. Wexman told me to hop on and place my feet in them.

She didn't even wait and grabbed my ankles and motioned them into the stirrups. My mom hadn't said a word but I was annoyed that she seemed to be getting a great kick out of all of this.

Then she left the room and came back a minute later with the nurse.

This was too much. Now there were three women in the room, and me naked in stirrups. I was spread apart far and completely exposed. I felt the cool air on my asshole and my balls as the door shut.

I yelled at my mom, "why are you here?"

She smugly responded, "Drew, it is for your own good. We have to take care of this."

What did that have to do with my question, I thought. I was going to kill her later.

Doctor Wexman said to the nurse, "prep him for a semen extraction."

The nurse spread some petroleum jelly on my penis, my balls, basically my whole area down there. She liberally spread it, even sticking her finger into my anus with some of the stuff.

Then the doctor said to my mom, "maybe you can help out here. I think we will need a full effort here as he has never ejaculated before. Why don't you massage his chest. Pay special attention to his nipples."

My mom stood up, only too eager to help out.

She continued, "Nurse, you will be in charge of prostate stimulation."

Then, the doctor started rubbing my slick shaft and balls, as my mom massaged my chest, and the nurse stood by with a large vibrating rod. I knew it was a dildo, albeit small.

My penis was back. It was hard and strained against the tight foreskin. I looked up and saw the three woman, tits swaying down as they were hard at work. The nurse leaned down and rammed the vibrating dildo into my asshole. As she leaned over, I got a great glimpse of her breasts. Although they weren't huge, I actually caught her nipple as her bra swung down.

I was starting to feel good. Uncontrollably good. The doctor's every brush was feeling better and better. I saw the sweat on her upper lip and for the first time, clearly say the outline of her nipples coming through her skin-tight sweater. This was too much!

The feeling in my asshole was something I had never imagined before. Combined with the nipple stimulation, I knew I was about to erupt.

The doctor's head was no nearly over my bellybutton and she was basically lying down on part of the table, in between my legs. I tried not to look at my mom.

Then it happened. In one instant, I felt my penis slid through effortlessly but snugly through my foreskin and the feeling continued from deep within my body.

I felt my balls contract and my anus grab the rod. I sensed the slow movement of the come that had never been stirred like this before. Then it exploded out and shot out. Squirt after squirt. The first one doused Dr. Wexman's neck and dribbled down her chest. Her nipples were clearly protruding and it looked like her chest was soaked with sweat.

The rest of the come landed on my chest and some of it flew up to my had I swear.

It was my first and greatest orgasm of my life. My penis and foreskin were fine.

The doctor sounded winded as she said, "great job Drew, we'll have to check you out again next week. Your mom won't have to be here though. You can get dressed, and I'll see you next week." She gave me a quick slap of my thigh and smiled.