Mark And Mary

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Mark And Mary


Medical Technician Students


This imagination is my try to write something different, this is story with a little bit of everything, based on some of my experiences, imaginations and talks. My english isn't so good, but I hope you like it.

Mary and her boyfriend Mark were students of Medical school. At the end of their education for medical technicians they and other girls and boys from their class had to go to practice in local ambulances and hospitals. That Monday it was turn for them and two other of their friends for giving intramuscular injections practice in general hospital in their town. They already knew all theory about giving those injections (jabbing upper, outer quadrant of gluteus maximus muscle with needle holding syringe like a dart, checking for blood and injected medicine slowly), they already learned, even and practice, to prepare injection,  they passed exam about all theory, but they still be a little bit afraid cause that day they had to give their first injections to real patient. It's good that we will give our first injections to adult, I don't know how I would give my first injection to some child. I'll probably cry with child too. Mary said. You think that it's better. Child don't understand anything else except pain, even before injection children cry, but adult people feel deference between givers. I don't know. Anyway it will be hard, but we will manage it. When they arrived in hospital stuff took them to Main nurse in infections department. He was about 45, a little bit fat woman, with eye glasses at the half of her nose and she looked like she was always smiling. After she showed them procedure again and checked theirs knowledge about injections She order them to prepare injections according to the prescriptions. Excuse me, Mark said, but here are a lot of prescriptions, how many injections we have to give. Well young boy, after few years of this job in this department, I simply forgetting number of injections I gave in day, and for today and for you number isn't matter, your practice isn't few second show, you can't learn it with only one injection. O.K. who are patients, are they cooperative or some kind of "hard people" You are lucky about patients, We had some kind of epidemic in local college, A lot of students got stomach infection and most of them are hospitalized here. They are receiving cocktails of antibiotics twice a day so they use to injections.

When they finished preparation Nurse separate them in to 2 groups, first with Mark and other girl, and second with Mary and other boy. Main nurse took Mark's group and other, younger nurse took Mary groups.

First Room - Mark

When they opened a door Nurse loudly told to patients "injection time! who is first today?" Mark was a little bit surprised when he came in, all of patients were smiling and kidding with nurse, it was obvious not only they use to injections but they joked about it. It was large rooms with 4 beds with 4 male patients. All of them were young (between 18 and 21). You don't believe mam, but I'm first this turn. Patient in first left bed said, and quickly uncovered blanket from himself and rolled to his stomach. Well, well, since it is your turn I brought to you special giver for today. Anyway, boys, those two young man are future technicians and they are in practice in our hospital. I hope you don't mind that they give shots to you today. Ok, but I want girl o.k., but you must be good, otherwise tonight shot will be very bad, since I'm in nightshift tonight.

And nurse uncovered tray with syringes and gave first one to Mark's school friend girl.

Lady, it's your turn to show him how gentle you are.

Mark concentrate his mind and eyes to young nurse student and injection process. She was confused. It was her first shot and she didn't expect few things. She didn't expect that atmosphere there, and especially not young boy as her first patient. He was young, not more then 20, smooth tall boy with muscled body. She took a syringe and cotton ball from nurse and raise injection in front of her eyes and checked for air. Then she bend over patient and swabbed his left butt cheek with cotton ball, took a cotton ball in left hand and sticked his cheek with needle in her right hand.

" op& & ..op& & & .op& ..op& .op..op.op,op" other patients loud. Like soccer game. She pulled plunger and medication start to flow in his smooth muscled butt. She was concentrate and didn't hear others. On other side he seemed cool, his muscles wasn't tensed and she could slowly injected medication in his butt. She had to inject 6 cc of fluid from 10 cc syringe. Somewhere when she already injected more then a half of medication she pushed plunger harder to finished it faster. At first moment he didn't reacted, but when she almost finished his muscles started to tense. When she finally pull out the needle, she noticed that muscles on his neck tensed for a while and heard his "ouch".

"sorry, she said, it's my first shot" and swabbed injection site on his butt. Since it bleeding a bit for a while she put his left hand to hold cotton on injection point. ok, ok, never mind, it was good, good. He told her and roll to his right side still holding a cotton ball with hand.

It was turn to Mark. His patient was average 20 years old man, with shortcut black hair. He looked a little bit shy. While Mark was taking syringe and cotton pad from nurse he already turn to his stomach and stripped his pajama pants and white briefs to the bottom of his butt. Mark approached him from his left side and bent over him to swab his butt. He noticed 3 red spots (previous injection's sites) on left and 2 on his right cheek, so he swabbed his right cheek. Boy was cool, relaxed, even when Mark sticked his skin with huge needle. He injected medication slowly and boy stayed relaxed to the end of process. Since Mark swab boy's butt with cotton he took back his briefs and turn to back with smile in his face like he was talking to Mark that it was good and painless shot. When they turn to other side of room Mark noticed that two other patients were looking how they giving injection to others. It was turn to left side 18 years old boy, with blond hair and average muscled body. His eyes was scared. Nurse gave syringe to female student and tray to Mark and approached to boy from left side of bad. He rolled to his stomach and already uncovered his muscled round butt. When nurse hold young boy with her left hand for his back and with right hand for one of his leg, Mark noticed that he is one of uncooperative patients. Mark's school friend quickly swabbed boys butt, and jabbed injection in his right cheek. He tensed his muscles from legs to neck and tight his butt. It was very hard to her to injected medication in so tensed butt. While she trying to be as gentle as it possible he didn't relaxed his muscles. Finally when she pulled needle out he kicked his legs but didn't scream at all. It wasn't so bad isn't it, nurse said, covering his butt with underwear and pajama. No, it wasn't. He said and Mark saw tears in his eyes.

While Mark was giving injection to last patient he realized that he had better luck than his school friend. His second patient, young slim, almost too thin,  and smooth 18 years old boy was cool during injection, just like he was watching TV laying on his stomach, like nothing was happening on and in his butt. He didn't say anything  after injection, just turn around and covered himself with blanket.

While they were leaving room, first patient still holding his hand on injection site

Second Room - Mary

Mary's group entered in room which looked almost same as one where Mark had his first real injection giving experience. Large, white room with 4 beds and 4 patient in each of them. The difference was that in Mary's room were 4 female patients. All young, slim and scared. When they came in and when nurse uncovered metal tray, there were silence, nothing to heard, nobody talk, just sounds of syringes and  needles in metal tray. Mary realized that every girl were scared about injections, or embarrass, but she also became scared. "What if one of those girls start to scream?". But there wasn't time for thinking, nurse gave her first shot for first girl in left bed near to door. She was 19 y.o., small and slim but girl with nice body, short black hair, and obviously she was very shy. Girl just rolled to her right side and slowly uncovered her small left butt cheek. Mary checked syringe for air in it (push all air out through needle) bend over girl and slowly and gently swabbed her butt. When she jabbing her butt with needle, Mary realized that little girl was holding a bed ends strongly with her hands, her butt were tensed, but she didn't scream or cry, or Mary didn't hear she did it.  Mary was pushing the plunger slowly as she can, trying not to hurt girl's small butt. When she pushed injection out of her butt, and swab injection site with cotton filled with alcohol, Mary realized that girl was soundless crying all time. Mary was sad about her, she gently pull his underwear back, and told her: "it's over". Young girl didn't say anything, she was still laying on her side and cry.

Next turn was Bill's (medical technician student in Mary's group). His patient was more then 20 y.o. girl, with average body, nicely shaped butt and very tall. She read a book when they arrived, and already was prepared for injection while Mary was giving injection to first patient. She laid in her stomach, with upper part of body raised a bit (reading a book on her pillow), with her butt exposed to giver (her blue pajama was slipped to the bottom of her butt and she didn't has underwater at all). Bill took 10cc syringe filled with 6cc of medication, checked it for air, push a plunger for a while in front of his eyes and told her: "Relax yourself, it's better and much more painless if your muscles stay relaxed" "Don't talk much, young man, if this is your first shot, it isn't my first shot. I received more shots then you have years in your life, so do it. My butt isn't in exhibition to you." He was confused a bit, he bend over bed, swabbed her butt with cotton ball and jabbed needle in first to half then all of it's length. He pushed plunger then. During all time of injection she read a book, without any move, with completely relaxed muscles. She was extremely cool, even turning pages on book. When he finished and pull needle out she finally told something: "good shot, just I'm not sure was it injection or nail." "dress yourself lady, your butt isn't here for exhibition"

They turn around on other site of room and next 2 patients. First, fat small girl turn on her side and uncover her butt. It looked like great ball in surround with white sheets. Bill took syringe again, bend over her and jabbed needle quickly. Her butt shaked a bit. She screamed much more then it really hurted her. When he finished he asked her: "are you o.k. it wasn't so bad". She was still screaming. "I doooont liiiiikeee shoooots". Mary's patient and last patient in room was 20 y.o. girl, very thin and tall. Her butt looked  like there is no muscles at all. Her butt has signs of previous shots, not only small red spots in injection sites but few larger blue spots. "She is crying a lot Mary", Nurse said "And we use to hold her, Bill will help me". They hold her, Nurse to her legs (just down of her butt cheeks) and Bill to his back with both hands. When Mary jabbed needle in her small thin butt she kicked her legs and back but she didn't scream. While Mary was pushing medication in her left butt cheek she was kicking her legs as much as she could cause Nurse hold it still. It was terrible experience to Mary, She was sad about that girl, but she had to give her that shot.  Girl cried. A lot. Mary done it, push the needle out, swabbed her butt with cotton and finally their first injection giving experience was over.

Few Days Later

After practice in local Hospital Mary and Mark were exchanging their experiences and feelings. It was hard to both of them, experiences were full of confusions, hard moments, afraid, but they finally gave their first injections for real, and Nurses told them that they are good.

In next few days Mary and Mark Was talking a lot about injections, patients feeling, technique, givers, pain. They talked about recent shots they gave, about their own experiences with shots they received, other peoples talks, theory about injections classes about it. Mark was sure that every injection in butt must hurt. He had received few injections as kid and teenager, last when he was 15 and every of them hurts a lot. " you didn't know to untensed yourself" Mary said" You are afraid of injections" "No, I don't afraid, shots just hurts whatever" "well, I received my last shot few months ago, and as I told you then it didn't hurt me at all" "I didn't believe you then and I don't believe you now. It is just story for me" " No it's true, I'm relaxing my butt before injection since I was 10 and injections just don't hurt me. Maybe one of 10 in last 10 years." "I'm sure that injection to womens hurts more, and if my injection was painful to me it must be painful to you." "Listen, you are afraid of injections and I wish to prove you somehow that shots could be almost painless if you know to manage yourself." "I wish to saw that" "Well young boy, if there will be any reason to you to get a shot I'll wish to be giver, and in same way, You to be giver to me." "Maybe there will not be any reason in next years" "We learned that some doc's prescribe injections of saline to some hypochondriacs, it's safe, why we shouldn't try it.?"

"To give injection to each other?" "Why not if you are not scared of getting injections just like some of our first patients " "No I'm not. How we will do it" "We can take some syringes, needles and saline vials in our next practice, and we will do it when some of us were alone at home, maybe next week when my parents will be on trip." " O.K., next week, you'll see that I have right" "O.K., we will see!"

Next week came, they took all they had to take to prepare their first injection play at Mary home. Mark came at her house since her parents gone, and Mary brought injection set from her room. "Who will be first patient, should I" "O.K." Mark said, How we will do it "You can prepare injection, fill it like in hospital with 6 cc of saline, use same needles and Iill lay here on sofa." Mark pick up a syringe, put a needle on it, and started to fill it with saline. Mary laid on sofa, stripped her levi down to her butt, and stripped her briefs. She was cool, with smile on her face. When Mark finished with preparation, he sat on sofa, next to her butt and ask her: "Are you ready?" " Yea, and don't try to make it painful, push that plunger slowly, I exactly know how fast you pushing it" "Don't worry, Here it come" He massage her right butt cheek with cotton, and ask her again: "Ready?"

He jabbed needle in it's full length in same moment when she said "yes". He waited for a while to saw her reaction, but since she didn't say anything and didn't move or tensed any part of her body He started to push saline in her butt. He was gentle in giving, pushing saline slowly, and she was very, very, cool. When He pushed plunger to the end, and pulled needle ot, he jumped in front of her head to saw her reaction, to find any sign of pain in her face. But she smiled. "As you see, it didn't hurt me" "well, As I can see, no, it didn't hurt you at all" She put her clothes on and pick up next syringe: "Now, let we see you, are you afraid?" "no, why should I, it's just a stick".

He unzipped his levi, pulled it down, and slipped his boxers looking to her. She was filling syringe with saline in front of her eyes: 2 cc, 3 cc, 4 cc, 5 cc, 6 cc, and a little more. Then she put vial on desk and checked injection for air in it, pushing plunger a bit so a little bit of saline was pushed out of syringe. When she finished it he was still staying in front of her holding his pants in his hands. "What are you waiting for, are you afraid?" She said with smile "No, sure not" He said and lied down to sofa on his stomach. She sat next to his butt. And put her hand on it "Rest yourself, you are still tensed" She wait for a minute holding her hand on his right butt cheek, but suddenly he grab his boxers, turned it back and sat on sofa. "Mary, I'm afraid. I scared of injections" "So what?!" She was angry" I knew it, why didn't you told me the truth?" "I don't know, just I afraid of shots. It hurted me a lot before" "Well, it's time that you learn to hold your scare or you will run away chicken. If you start to running I'll hit you like target and that will hurt you for real" "ops, you are angry" " Lay down, believe me, It will not hurt you" And he laid on sofa again. She took his boxers and pull it down to end of his butt, and swabbed his butt cheek again "You have to stay untensed till the end, it's the most important thing" She said and jabbed the needle through his smooth skin." "Did this hurt?"

"No, I just feel that something is in my butt" "Then o.k., stay relaxed I pushing saline in you" She hold syringe in left hand and pushed plunger slowly. Saline begun to flow in his muscle. He was relaxed. She was doing it very slowly, looking partly to his reaction and partly to injection. When all of 6 cc of saline was pushed in his butt she hold his but cheek with her fingers around the needle and pull it out. Then she put cotton on injection site.

"So, painful or not?" "Painless, I almost didn't feel anything, just.." "Just?" "It wasn't bad feeling, it was good feeling" "Sure it was" She said" Mark,& . " She laid next to him " This turn me on" "Me too" Mark said and hold her .