First Play Exam of Angel

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First Play Exam of Angel


I am a male RN and live in the North East. After years of working in the ER, I began performing play exams a couple of years ago. Typically, I spend several weeks exchanging emails with my prospective “patients” before arranging an appointment for them. Many of my patients are first timers or are new to medical play and are more comfortable with the fact that I have lots of real experience and will not compromise their health or safety. Most of these “patients” wish to have a fairly basic exam that includes a breast exam, rectal temp, pelvic exam, enemas and a rectal exam. There are also exceptions to that.

I had been exchanging emails with (lets call her…) Angel, for several weeks and we finally made arrangements for her “appointment.” What made her different was that (even though this was her first play exam) she wanted the works! She wanted me to perform as thorough an exam on her as I could conduct. I made arrangements to meet her at a nice hotel and she arrived at the appointed time. She looked very nervous, so I offered her a glass of wine and we just talked for a few minutes. This is how the exam proceeded.

After I introduced myself, I spent a couple of minutes asking her a few questions regarding her medical and sexual history. After that, I asked her to undress completely and put on a cloth patient gown that opened in the back.

While she sat on the bed, I asked her to roll over onto her stomach so that I could take her temperature. I needed to take it rectally because (of course) that's the most accurate way. I bared her bottom and separated her cheeks with the fingers of my left hand and inserted the lubricated thermometer into her rectum.

She flinched at the initial sensation, but her anus quickly relaxed and I gently held the thermometer in place, twirling it for the 4 minutes it remained there. After 4 minutes, I spread her cheeks again and slowly withdrew the thermometer. I then noticed that her vagina was showing some early signs of arousal. I then had her stand up and face away from me and asked her to bend over at the waist and touch her toes.

During this part of the exam, I noted any curvature of her spine and any abnormalities on her back, buttocks, and legs. I briefly had her reach back and spread her cheeks for me so that I could view her anus for signs of hemorrhoids or fissures. I then had her lie down on her back and raise her arms, one at a time, so I could perform a thorough breast exam. I paid special attention to her nipples and the sensitive areas around them, noting her response to touch and stimulation.

I then raised her gown above her waist so I could examine her abdomen. I felt and listened to each area of her abdomen, noting any abnormalities, areas of sensitivity or increased responsiveness.

Once the abdominal exam was complete, it was time for her pelvic exam. With her still on her back, I had her place her feet on chairs at either side of the end of the bed, scoot her bottom all the way to the end of the bed and told her to let her knees fall wide apart.

At first, she was reluctant to let her knees fall apart, but I gently touched the inside of her thigh to reassure she and she slowly let her knees fall apart, exposing herself fully to me. Immediately I noticed that she had a large amount of pubic hair that was going to make the exam difficult and more uncomfortable for both of us. I told her that I needed to shave her pubic area and around her anus in order to do a proper, thorough exam. She was embarrassed at first, but eventually agree to let me shave her.

I began by applying shaving cream to her pubic area, making sure to cover every surface and crevice. I then took a safety razor and slowly begin to shave the pubic hair from her body. As I did this, she felt very vulnerable, but the sensation of the touch and the razor produced a sensation that was not unpleasant and verged on a tickle. She found it hard to hold still, but with much encouragement and manipulation, I nearly completed the task. For the area around her anus, I had her get on her knees with her bottom in the air and her head and chest on the bed. This position is very revealing and embarrassing for her, but afforded me with unrestricted access to shave her. Again I applied the shaving cream and gently shaved the sensitive area around her anus.

Afterwards, I washed off the remaining shaving cream from her pubic and anal areas. She was now ready for the rest of her exam, and I had her return to her previous position on her back, with her knees flexed and spread wide. I now began her pelvic exam.

I first examined her external genitals, looking closely at every detail and touching each area to determine areas of sensitivity. I also noted that she was showing clear signs of arousal. Her vagina was wet with self-lubrication, her clitoris was somewhat swollen, and she was having a difficult time remaining still for her exam. I paid special attention to areas that seemed to elicit a physical or emotional response and explored those areas to discover the limits of her responsiveness. I gently touched and manipulated every surface and crevice of her external genitalia, including her clitoris, taking great pleasure in witnessing her continuing arousal.

I then took a warmed metal speculum and gently inserted it into her vagina, opening it wide so I could view the inside of her vagina and cervix. I looked at every surface of the inside of her vagina and took note of its color, sensitivity and state of excitement. Once I had concluded my visual exam, I removed the speculum and let her know that I would now perform the bi-manual exam. I gently inserted two gloved fingers into her vagina and explored every interior surface, being alert for signs of sensitivity and her response. I explored her vagina at length, noting its elasticity and response to manipulation. I located her "G" spot on the front wall of her vagina, taking special note of the extent and intensity of her response to its manipulation.

I continued the stimulation until I was satisfied that her response was normal and complete. I now told her that I would perform her recto-vaginal exam. I removed my fingers from her vagina and gently inserted my middle finger into her rectum and reinserted my index finger in her vagina.

Her response to the intrusion of my finger in her anus was surprising in its intensity. This triggered an orgasm that was so intense that she temporarily lost her breath and began strong rhythmic contractions of her abdominal and pelvic muscles and causing a temporary pause in her exam. Once she had relaxed, I again explored each interior surface of both her vagina and her rectum, noting any abnormalities and any response or sensitivity to the exam. This exam needed to be performed with great thoroughness, but with particular sensitivity to her responses. Once I was satisfied that she had demonstrated an appropriate response, I slowly withdrew my fingers from her vagina and rectum, leaving her with a temporary feeling of emptiness. I then informed her that I must now prepare her for the rest of her exam.

I informed her that she would need a couple of enemas to facilitate her more detailed rectal exam. In order to ensure that she didn’t experience pain during the digital rectal exams, the insertion of the enema, or the examination of her anus/rectum via instruments, I had to use a set of rectal dilators to gradually relax her anus to better accommodate the necessary procedures. With her lying on her left side and with her knees flexed toward her chest, I used a lubricated, gloved finger to lubricate the area inside and around her anus.

After doing so, I lubricated the smallest of 4 rectal dilators (about ¾” in diameter), and slowly inserted it into her rectum. I allowed her to remain there with the dilator in place while her anus got used to the size and shape of the instrument.

After about 3-5 minutes, I slowly removed that dilator and replaced it with one that was slightly larger in diameter, allowing it to remain there for another 3-4 minutes. This was repeated until she had accommodated the largest of the dilators (about 1¼” in diameter).

At this time, her anus was much more relaxed and she again began to show signs of arousal. It was now time for her enemas. I instructed her to lie on the bed while I prepared her first enema. She would need a couple of enemas in order to prepare her for her more thorough rectal exam.

Once I had filled the enema bag with warm water and a little mild soap solution, I returned to her side and instructed her to turn onto her left side and flex her right knee, bringing her right knee up toward her chest. This gave me better visualization and access to her anal region and better control of the procedure.

As this was her first experience with enemas, I explained the procedure to her in great detail. First, I examined her anus and the area around her anus for abnormalities and signs of any problems prior to beginning the procedure. I then informed her that I would be performing a digital rectal examination to make sure that there were no internal abnormalities or problems prior to her cleansing enemas. I liberally lubricated my gloved fingers and gently inserted my right index finger through her anus and deep into her rectum. I had her bear down on my finger so that I could achieve maximum penetration, feeling each interior surface of her rectum for abnormalities or sensitivities. Once again I detected her restlessness from the stimulation.

Once I had completed her digital rectal exam, I slowly withdrew my finger from her bottom and liberally lubricated the enema tube. I slowly inserted the tip through her anus and into her rectum about 6”, and let her know as I unclamped the hose and the warm liquid started to flow into her bottom. After a short while, she began to experience some mild cramping, at which time I slowed the rate of infusion and she again became more comfortable. I continued to advance the enema tube into her rectum as the fluid flowed. This continued for several minutes while the contents of the enema bag emptied into her bottom. When all of the liquid was gone, I clamped the hose again and slowly removed the enema tube from her bottom.

By now, she was feeling like she needed to run to the bathroom, but I encouraged her to hold it for as long as she could before expelling. After a few minutes, she got up and went to the bathroom to expel the enema. Once she returned, I had already prepared her second enema.

This time, it was a large bulb syringe with plain warm tap water for her final cleaning. I instructed her to position herself on her knees, with her chest on the bed and her bottom in the air.

Again, I prepared her bottom by performing a digital rectal exam, being sure to adequately lubricate her anus and rectum. I generously lubricated the tip of the bulb syringe and slowly inserted its full length into her bottom. Since the nozzle of the syringe was much larger than the enema tubing, she got a sense of fullness and stimulation as the nozzle was inserted. This only increased her level of arousal. Once the nozzle was fully inserted, I gently squeezed the bulb, forcing the warm water deep into her bottom, causing her a sudden rush of warmth and pleasure. Once the bulb was empty, I slowly withdrew the nozzle and refilled the syringe, repeating the process 4 or 5 times until she was completely full. This fullness provided additional stimulation and she was again clearly aroused. She experienced mild cramping again, but tolerated the enema much better this time, even taking pleasure in the warmth of the feeling within her bowels. Once the enema was complete, I had her wait a few minutes and then go to the bathroom to expel the fluid.

When she returned, I informed her that it was now time for her rectal exam. I had her position herself again on her knees with her chest on the bed and her bottom in the air. I explained that I would now be performing a rectal exam on her using first an anoscope, and then a proctoscope. An anoscope is a tubular devise that is about 6” in length and is inserted into her anus to view the lower portion of her rectum. Once that was complete, I would withdraw the anoscope and insert a proctoscope, a tubular instrument similar to an anoscope, but about 10-12” in length. These instruments would be used to view the inside of the lower portion of her bowel.

She was now again in the very revealing knee-chest position, but she hardly seemed to notice. Her state of arousal was such that she couldn’t seem to keep her bottom still. I placed my left hand on her lower back and performed another digital rectal exam to be sure that her bottom was well lubricated and there was no obstruction.

During the exam, she become increasingly excited and when I inserted a second finger into her rectum, she climaxed with such intensity that her anus felt like it was cutting the flow of blood to my fingers. She was so exhausted after her orgasm, that I placed several pillows under her hips to raise her bottom in case she didn’t have the strength to hold her bottom up for the rest of the exam. I then lubricated the anoscope and slowly inserted it through her anus into her rectum. I slowly advanced the anoscope into her rectum the full 6”, carefully visualizing all of the interior portions of her lower rectum. I then slowly withdrew the anoscope and prepared the proctoscope for insertion.

Again, I performed a digital rectal exam prior to insertion of the proctoscope, being sure that the path was clear and that her rectum was adequately lubricated. I then inserted the proctoscope into her rectum, slowly advancing it until the entire 10” was deep in her upturned bottom. I then visualize every portion of the interior of her rectum for signs of abnormalities or disease.

Once the exam was complete, I slowly withdrew the proctoscope from her bottom and wiped her anus of excess KY lubricant. The rectal exam was now complete and it was now time for the rest of her exam.

I now needed a sterile urine specimen and informed her that I would need to put a catheter into her bladder to retrieve the sample. I had her lay on her back again, with her knees flexed and spread well out to the sides. While she was again fully exposed, she was now much more comfortable and do not seem to mind as much as before. I prepared her catheter by putting on a pair of sterile gloves and opening a sterile catheter kit. I placed the items between her legs and let her know that I would begin the procedure.

I gently separated her now-hairless labia with the gloved fingers of my left hand, opening her up for visualization. I washed her vulva and external urethral opening with a cotton swab treated with Betadine, moving it from her clitoris all the way down to her anus in one swipe. I threw that swab away and repeated the process with 4 additional swabs, each one eliciting a flinch from her and causing her to squirm with the stimulation of the cool liquid.

Once I had completed washing her off with the Betadine (with me still holding her labia spread with my fingers), I picked up the tip of the catheter, dipped it in sterile lubricant, and slowly inserted it into her urethra. As it began to enter her urethra, she experienced a momentary discomfort as her urinary sphincter dilated, but then the catheter continued its advancement deep into her bladder, causing the urine to flow through the catheter and into the collection bag. To make sure the catheter didn’t come out right away, I inflated the balloon at the tip of the catheter with 30cc of sterile water. She was now attached to the Foley catheter and collection bag, but experienced no further pain or discomfort with the procedure. Once the urine specimen was collected, I removed the water from the catheter balloon and withdrew the catheter from her bladder.

Her exam was nearly complete now and there was only one more thing. I had her turn onto her stomach so that I could give her an injection in her bottom. While she lay there, I prepared the injection by opening the sterile, disposable syringe and needle, and filled it with 3cc of Sterile Saline for injection (no drugs…just sterile salt solution that matches the concentration of salt in her body).

I approached her with the syringe, but she began the get scared. I explain that she needed the injection and that I would try to make the injection as painless as possible. She finally agreed and I exposed her bare bottom and selected a site for the injection. She continued to be nervous, but I reassured her and she relaxed again. I took a cotton swab with alcohol and wiped the spot on her upper, outer hip. I allowed the alcohol to dry (so it didn’t sting) and placed the fingers of my left hand on either side of the area to be injected. Once the skin was stabilized, I inserted the needle deep into her muscle with one swift movement.

She experienced a momentary “pinch”, but was otherwise painless. I withdrew on the plunger to make sure I wasn’t in a blood vessel, and then began to inject the liquid. As I injected the fluid, she felt a slight sensation in her hip, but not much more than a feeling of fullness at the site. When the liquid was all in, I quickly withdrew the needle from her bottom in one quick movement and put pressure on the site with the cotton swab. Her exam was now complete and she got dressed.