My Childhood Emergency Room...

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My Childhood Emergency Room Recollections

My Childhood Emergency Room Recollections

by Monty

My infatuation (obsession) with nurses and OTK spanking began in the 60's when I was about eight years old. I was stung by an insect (maybe a wasp or bee) and I had an allergic reaction to the sting. My right arm started to swell up and I was taken to the emergency room by a concerned relative, one of my female teenage cousins who was baby-sitting for me.

Upon sight of the wound, a very tall, attractive nurse had my cousin take me to a back room where it was announced to me that I would have to receive two shots on my "hiney." I HATED shots and started to whine and resist immediately, louder even when I saw this nurse preparing the shots.

My cousin, who was about 16 years old at the time, told me I didn't have a choice in the matter, especially since she was responsible for my welfare while she was sitting for me. In addition, I knew she was already upset that my trip to the emergency room disrupted her plans to hang out with her friends (she was looking hot in her shorts with her platform shoes and had a ton of make-up on). After some more whining and trying to run away, my cousin started to get angry.

To make a long story short, it wasn't long before my pants and underwear were pulled down to my ankles by my cousin and I was over her lap being told to stay still for the injections. My cousin informed me that the only choice I had was that I could receive the shots in my "little white butt or little red butt" if she had to spank me in front of the nurse, but that I was going to get them either way.

The humiliation of having my butt bared to my cousin and a beautiful nurse who was a stranger to me was too overwhelming as I continued to struggle and squirm and whine. The nurse announced that I had to be still to receive the shots.

My cousin, who was really upset, said, "That's it!! You asked for it!!" She proceeded to spank both of my cheeks very hard until they were both feeling very hot and tears started to stream down my cheeks!!! When she stopped I had agreed to stay still to avoid getting spanked anymore but as soon as I felt the alcohol-soaked cotton (on my already hot butt) that precedes an injection, I involuntarily started to kick and squirm again. The nurse pulled away and again said that she could not give me the shots unless I was still. This time she walked towards the door and asked for someone to come to the room.

My cousin was furious and scolded me while she continued to spank me (in retrospect, I was getting aroused and somewhat excited by the stimulation my member was getting while over my cousins lap -- she was wearing blue-jean short-shorts and her legs were really nice and shapely, and the memory of looking down from where I was on her lap and seeing her platform shoes still gives me butterflies when I think of it). When there was a pause in the spanking, I became aware of muted conversation (they were talking about me but I didn't know what they were saying). I also became aware of another nurse in the room who sounded very young (a candy-striper or student?) and this just added to my embarrassment and humiliation.

I started to kick and squirm again, but this time I felt two hands grabbing my ankles while my cousin held me down, one hand over the backs of my thighs and one on my back. I made a feeble attempt to put my right hand back but my cousin quickly pinned it behind my back with no effort and told me again to stop struggling (my left arm already felt paralyzed and useless by the insect sting). I cried hopelessly as I felt the cotton on my butt and then the inevitable prick of the needle as it went in and the contents plunged into my cheek. I started to scream and cry, probably more out of humiliation than from the pain. This process was repeated again for the second injection, the grip on my ankles, thighs and back by the candy-striper and my cousin tighter that ever.

After the second injection, I felt the grip loosening and the nurse offering comforting words like, "there that wasn't so bad, was it?" But as if in the same sentence, she started talking to my cousin, matter-of-factly stating that since they had me in this position, they may as well check to see if I had a temperature.

I immediately started to protest as I felt the candy-striper grip my ankles again. For some reason, I remember that my ankles were elevated now, and my feet were resting on the knees of the candy striper, who had sat in a chair next to my cousin and which probably meant that this was going to be a long, drawn out event.

My cousin administered several hard spanks, reminding me that they were not finished with me and that I better stay still. I saw the white stockings and shoes of the nurse approach again, this time sitting in a chair opposite my cousin as she continued to offer me comforting words. However, her words were, to me, fake, in a monotone as if she recited this regularly and on a daily basis to one or more of her victims ("OK, don't worry, it will all be over soon"). I felt my cheeks being spread apart, I'm not sure if by my cousin or the nurse or both!!! I offered one more protesting squirm which resulted in a couple of hard spanks to the backs of my upper thighs by my cousin. I probably just gave up after that, finally accepting defeat. My cheeks were again spread apart as I felt the cold, slimy lubricant applied to my butthole, followed by the cold glass thermometer which seemed to take forever to go in. All the while hearing the nurse drone on, "only a minute more, it'll be over soon."

During the time they held me in place while the thermometer did its job, the nurse offered her sympathy to my cousin by describing her experiences when she used to have "this type of trouble regularly" as a nurse on the pediatrics ward. She stated that sometimes she herself had to "give them a few whacks to keep them still."

After what seemed like an eternity, the thermometer was removed and I was allowed to get off of my cousins lap and pull up my underwear and pants. I did not, thankfully, have a fever and my cousin thanked the nurse and the candy-striper while apologizing for my resistance.

My cousin always used this experience as reminder of what could happen to me if I was careless enough to get stung by a bee or if I played sick from school while she was sitting for me (I have to admit I always felt a thrill rush through me whenever she raised the possibility of having to take my temperature again).

Ever since this experience I have been turned on by OTK spanking and nurse/medical fantasies.