My Mother, the Doctor and t...

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My Mother, the Doctor and the Nurse

I was twenty years old at the time of this story, and my mother was 44. I had gone over for a visit and breakfast with my mother when my lower belly started to hurt. When she asked me what was wrong, I said my lower belly was hurting a little. She asked, "When was the last time you went to the bathroom?"

I told her about 2 days ago, and she replied, "Well, do you think you might need an enema?"

I replied, "What? Me take an enema?"

She said, "Why not?"

I told her that I had never had one. She then suggested that we go to the doctor; that they can make you feel better.

I said, "Noooo...I hate doctors!"

She said, "They might give you a pill to make you better."

So I told her, "Well, then, I'll go."

We went to the doctor's office and waited for my name to be called. When a nurse called my name I went in. My mother stood outside and waited. The nurse asked me if I'd ever had an enema.

I said, "No, I never did."

She told me that the doctor might request it. So I said, "Let's wait till he comes in."

We waited in the exam room for about 10 minutes before the doctor walked in. It turned out to be a female doctor. She said, "Hello. My name is Doctor Linda Stevens."

We exchanged "hellos", and she then asked me about my problem. I told her I had a pain in my lower belly. As soon as she pressed on the spot, I yelled. She told me that I needed an enema to expel all of what was causing the pain. I asked her if she could give me a pill or something else and she said, "No."

So I said, "Well, thank you anyway, but I am not taking an enema."

She told me that it would not hurt at all.

So I told her, "Well, all right."

She told me to go get my clothes off and she would be right back. Then the nurse came in and said, "See, I told you." I just gave her a look.

The doctor came back in with the enema bag. I was getting so nervous; the nurse said, "Just relax."

The doctor told my mother that I was getting an enema. My mother told the doctor that I did not want one, but she told my mother that it was in my best interest that I get an enema.

The nurse told me to lie down with my rear in the air. I was getting soooo nervous. The nurse was rubbing my back. The doctor told me that I was going to feel something cold; that it was just a gel to help me so it would not hurt.

Then the doctor told me to take a deep breath; as I did, she put the tube in me. I yelled, and she said, "Shhhh...there, hon...relax."

I told I could not, and I kept yelling. The doctor told me that if I kept on yelling she would put a gag in me. I just wanted out. So the doctor asked the nurse, "Is there anything to keep him from yelling?"


Then the doctor told the nurse, "Hey...he really doesn't like can tell; his penis is not hard."

The nurse said, "Yes, I noticed that, too. Most men get excited from this."

I was still yelling, " more!"

The doctor told the nurse to put her stocking foot in my mouth to keep me from yelling. So the nurse got a small chair and got up and removed her shoe. She placed her stocking foot in my mouth. Then the doctor told the nurse, "Hey, look...his penis is getting hard."

From that they knew I had a foot fetish . So as the doctor was giving me the enema, and the nurse shoving her stocking foot in my mouth, I was relaxing a bit. Then the intercom came on and the doctor was informed that there was a patient waiting to see her. She asked the nurse to see if she could help the patient waiting outside. The nurse took her stocking foot out of my mouth and went outside. The doctor told me to relax; that I had a little more to go. I told her I wanted her to take it out. She said, "Soon."

When she started to put the enema higher I yelled again and told her to stop. The nurse asked my mother to see if she could calm me down. My mother came in. I was soooo nervous having my mother see me like this.

The doctor told my mother, "Try to relax him."

My mother asked the doctor how they got me to stop yelling before and that they should do it again. The doctor told my mother that the nurse put her stocking foot in my mouth.

My mother said, "Oooo...I see. Should I put my stocking foot in my son's mouth so he won't yell?"

The doctor told her that when the nurse did it, it gave him a hard on. So my mother said, "If his getting this enema is going to help him get better then I'll do it."

The nurse told mother, " will make him feel better."

So my mother took off her shoe and got up on the chair and put her stocking foot near me and looked at me and said, "Come on, dear."

The doctor came over and pushed my head down toward my mother's stocking foot and told me to suck my mother's stocking foot. I opened my mouth and sucked on it. I got soooo hard. I looked at my mother and she said, "Oh, don't worry, honey. The doctor told me you like stocking feet."

With that I stared to moan and my mother said it was all right if I came. I came soooooo hard!

The doctor took out the enema and said, "See...that was not so bad, was it? I looked at my mother and she just smiled.