The Aunt and the Nephew - P...

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The Aunt and the Nephew - Part 5

The Aunt and the Nephew - Part 5

A Fifth Imagining

inspired by the following story : 'Nephew's Special Examination ' and very loosely a continuation of : 'The Aunt and the Nephew

The Doctor and His Nurse Perform a Special Examination

The Doctor

The fellow's aunt was sitting in my office, doing her best to explain what she wanted done with her nephew, but not really getting to the point. She was relatively young to be aunt to a man of that age. Or maybe she just looked like her prime was yet to come. It could have been her hairstyle and carefully maintained looks as well I suppose. She was wearing her hair cut very short, almost masculinely so in fact. From afar it might be hard to distinguish her gender were it not for the rest of her anatomy, which left little to wonder about. She was nicely filled out, both in the bosom and around the hips. And the glasses she was wearing, wide-rimmed and metal-framed, gave her that extra aura of aloof attractiveness.

For all her otherwise carefully maintained comportment, she seemed more than usually nervous as patients go. Or rather, as requestees for our special examinations go. She'd been referred by a friend of an acquaintance or something, she wasn't all that specific about it. Not that it mattered very much. She was earnest and having said and requested the right things at the beginning of our appointment, I knew she was serious about what she wanted. She just had trouble explaining it outright.

Well that was all right. People can get understandably nervous about their wishes, their urges and things they want to see and experience. Her request was nothing much out of the usual. For me and my nurse that is. For her it was apparently embarrassing to explain and bring under words. I got her drift fairly well though.

Somehow or other she had stumbled upon her nephew and a friend of his, a male friend, fooling around together, with her nephew in his altogether, naked and rampantly erect. She told me she remained out of sight but was able to spy on the two and see what they were doing. From what she could make of it, they were ‘playing doctor' or ‘hospital' or something like that. Her nephew was the patient, his friend the doctor or nurse or whatever. He made her nephew take all his clothes off, underwear and all and then began to ‘examine' him. At first it was somewhat like during a doctor's examination, but rather quickly the focal point of interest shifted to her nephew's private parts. That's usually how things evolve in games like this.

Soon she saw her nephew's friend unashamedly touching and playing with her nephew's privates, pulling on his balls, squeezing and rubbing in all the naughty places. Apparently her nephew liked it all so much that he then orgasmed very demonstratively and copiously. They then changed roles and afterwards both went about their business without indicating anything of what had happened.

I listened attentively and gave her a serious and understanding smile.

"I see. And what are your concerns?"

"Well doctor. I don't know if it's normal for two fellows to be doing such things together."

"Oh, that depends. Essentially we no longer frown on intimate activity between the same sexes. Little harm can come from it unless taken to unusually obsessive lengths. Has that been the case?"

"I don't think so doctor. I haven't caught them at it again in any case. Not yet anyway."

"Ah. So much the better."

"Yes I guess so. But isn't my nephew too old to be playing doctor? Isn't that a little odd at his age?"

"Not necessarily."

"I found it very disturbing to witness."

"Indeed? Do you care to elaborate?"

"Well ... I suppose I should have barged right in and put a stop to everything at once."

"But you didn't."

"No. I don't know why I didn't."

"There are any number of possibilities. Hazarding a guess I would say you were either enormously outraged beyond reason or else strangely compelled to witness the scene to its conclusion."

"Yes. Its true I can't get the view of those two out of my mind. I see it before me all the time."

"Could you try and explain what you see in your mind's eye?"

"Well, I suppose that mainly I can't help but keep staring at my naked nephew, with his legs spread open and his .. his … you know his thing all big and stiff, sticking up into the air."

"Yes the normal mind does pick up on such images fairly easily. Does it disturb you that it did so in your case?"

"I guess so. I just couldn't help myself from looking. I was so transfixed I suppose, so light-headed and … and … wide-eyed."

"Don't be offended if I ask, but you have seen naked male organs before I take it? In a state of arousal?"

"Of course. It's not that. Maybe it was the setting, or the two together. Or their game. I don't know."

"Hmmm. Would it have disturbed you less if your nephew had been with a female, a girlfriend or lady acquaintance?"

"Maybe. I don't know."

"Or what about two females together? How does that strike you?"

"I … ah … I really couldn't say. It's all very confusing and yet interesting. Do you think there is anything wrong with me doctor?"

So there it was. This wasn't really about her nephew fooling around like a sissy boy with another guy, but about her being aroused by the whole scene. It is a hard thing to admit at first I suppose. So I listened attentively and made the right suggestions at the proper strategic moments. It wasn't hard to fathom her ultimate wishes in the matter. She had been so attracted and aroused by what she saw that essentially she wished to see the whole thing again, and preferably in greater detail and from up close. And have it last much longer as well. It's not really something most folks can come right out and ask. It has to be hinted at and slyly suggested and rationalized. Then agreed to with the necessary reserve and hesitation, before finally being wholeheartedly endorsed.

I'm good at negotiating the tricky path between such desires and the realization thereof. I coached her in the right direction, put on my most serious air and demeanor and agreed that the matter needed more looking into. In concrete terms that meant that her nephew would be coming to my office for a detailed special exam and that the aunt would be present throughout.

I explained how I went to work. In a day or so I would have her come back with her nephew. She wasn't to explain anything to him other than he was to have a medical examination. First he would be prepared by my nurse. She'd take him into a prep room and get him properly undressed and cleaned if necessary. She'd also lead him through a questionnaire, mostly about embarrassing things. After taking a few simple vitals she'd accompany the nephew into my examination room.

The aunt would be allowed to view all the proceedings, even the nurse's preparations, but she would be concealed. In the examination room proper she would be allowed to be present with her nephew aware of the fact, should she choose to do so.

Naturally there would be much more to it all than that. As they say, the devil is in the details. And those were best left unannounced, the better to enjoy them. Besides, there is an element of improvisation in my special examinations. How could there otherwise not be? We would be staging the whole thing for the aunt's benefit in the first place. I'd have to keep an eye on her reactions to see what it was she preferred having done to her nephew. I was pretty certain it wouldn't be a difficult examination at all. Prolonged and detailed perhaps, but not difficult at all. And probably very enjoyable for all concerned, myself, my nurse, the aunt and the nephew not in the least. Though it might take a while for him to realize it.

The Nurse

The doctor explained about this afternoon's special examination and told me how he wanted me to dress and look. I knew by now that in most aunt-nephew cases he liked me to appear as identical to the aunt as possible, clothing apart that is. I'd of course be wearing my nurses whites and cap, but he suggested I wear a pair of glasses with clear lenses, there would not be any need for a wig this time. I keep my hair cut short, like the aunt.

The idea of appearing identical to the aunt is to reinforce the nephew's linking the examination with his guardian so that later she will have less difficulty having him comply with the procedures the doctor will suggest she perform at home. Explained like this it sounds pretty screwy I guess, but it usually works very well in practice. Especially since most folks are just itching for an excuse to get a nephew or niece out of their pants or panties.

The aunt was a nice looking lady. So was the nephew. I showed the aunt into a waiting room, but actually it was more of a viewing room, with a one-way mirror and microphone going into the prep room, where I took the nephew.

He was indeed rather old as nephews go in these situations, but maturity is never simply measured in years. He was nervous as can be, his hands almost shaking. The aunt was nervous too, but from different reasons no doubt. Her bosom heaved perceptibly in and out as she breathed heavily. Her eyes closed from time to time, from the effort of controlling her emotions I suppose. I watched her refocus as she reopened them. I bet she was already imagining the examination in all its conceivable naughty details. She wouldn't be disappointed, I would do my best for that. So would the doctor.

"You can wait in here ma'am. Your nephew can't see or hear you, but you can do both. Feel free to look and listen all you want. I'm going to prep him for the examination and ask him some questions. Then we'll take him in to see the doctor."

"All right."

"Good. Just relax and watch. Now you might think that sometimes I'm exaggerating in the way I talk to your nephew, but that's part of the examination technique."


"Yes. You see, the doctor will of course use the correct technical, anatomical terms when talking to your nephew, instructing him what to do, asking him questions or so. But it's better if I do the opposite and talk more normally, more like a parent or a guardian would, more like an older person who's in charge. Do you understand?"

"More or less."

"Good. It's very effective for putting fellows like your nephew at their ease during examinations you know. I use everyday words for their special parts and places or when they have to do embarrassing things for the doctor."

"Embarrassing things?"

"Oh you know. When he has to undress and show his privates for examination. The doctor's examination is very thorough in that regards you know."

"Oh. That's good to know. Fine."

"OK. Now you just sit back and relax, enjoy the show. I'll start with your nephew now."

The nephew was standing in the next room, arms crossed and looking worried. I smiled and started out on the tone I wanted to set for my role, cheery and pert but yet domineering and condescendingly familiar.

"Hi sweetie. I'm gonna be your nurse. Are you ready for your examination? The doctor will be with us in a little while so we've still got some time to get a few things over with. OK?"

"Uh, OK."

"That's fine honey. Just relax. Everything's gonna be just fine this afternoon. You'll see."

"Uh, Nurse?"

"Yes sweetie?"

"Why am I here? How come I have to have an examination? I'm not sick."

"Well maybe so, maybe not. That's not for me to say. But you know, hon, it never does any harm to get a good check-up at the doctor's."

"I guess. But I still don't get it."

"Never you mind. Your auntie thought it time for you to see the doctor. So here you are. Besides, you're quite the grown up fellow already so to see. Youngsters like you need to get regular check- ups, just to make sure that everything's developing fine down there."

"…." (blush)

"It's all right. There's no need to get embarrassed or anything. Everybody grows up and starts to change sooner or later. It looks like you're already long past that time."

"Yes ma'am."

"And you've never been to see a doctor in the meantime?"

"Oh no."

"Well hon, it's certainly time you did. You can thank your auntie for that. She's certainly looking out for your well-being."

"I guess."

"You betcha sweetie pie. Now how about we get started? Let's get you undressed and into an examination gown. OK?"


"Sure. We can't have the doctor groping around under your clothes, now can we?"

"If you say so. Do I have to take my pants off too?"

"Why of course honey bunch. We're gonna have to weigh and measure you first of all and one of the most important parts of the examination will be to see how you privates are developed."

"My privates?"

"Oh sure. The doctor's gotta make sure your weenie and balls are in good shape and working order, there's some special measuring to do down there and all and we've gotta check your fannyhole too, inside and out. That's real important, especially for boys like you."

"What? But … but … you can't do that. There's nothing wrong with me down there."

"Well, we'll let the doctor decide on that. OK hon? Let's get those clothes off now."

"But please nurse. I can't do that … really, I can't."

"Oh? Why not?"

"Well, I've … I've never done anything like that before."

"Hmmm … I don't really think that's true now. Do you?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well sweetie darling, I guess it can't hurt if I tell you now, but your aunt knows that you already had your weenie and balls ‘examined'. Remember what you did with your boyfriend a few days ago? How you two were fooling about in your nudie? She knows about that."

"… But? What? How do you mean? I …"

"Honey bunch. Don't deny it now. Your auntie saw everything and told the doctor all about it. She saw your boyfriend undress you and pretend to examine your weenie and fannyhole. He was playing doctor with you, wasn't he? And you were being examined, only it was a pretend exam, wasn't it, so he could feel you all over and look at your naughty private parts? And I think you liked it very much and liked showing off in your nudie, especially with your stiffie. Isn't that right sweetie?"

"I ah … ah …"

"Listen darling. Your auntie's not really mad at you or anything. Not too much anyway. She's not going to punish you especially or anything. It's not very polite being so sneaky and all behind her back of course, but she understands what young men are like at your age, that sometimes they have special naughty urges to do things with their friends. She's not angry for showing off your weenie to your boyfriend and letting him play with you."

"She's not?"

"No she's not. But she's a little hurt that you didn't tell her afterwards. You should discuss these things with your aunt. I think that would please her very much. She's also a little concerned that you don't know everything you should if you're going to have a boyfriend."

"But I don't have a ‘boyfriend'. He's just a friend. We were fooling around."

"Well, we're not going into that at the moment. I really don't think your auntie cares if you like to play sissy-boy with other boys or undress with girls and ladies or anything. But she does want to know about these things in the future and she certainly wants to be sure you're all right and that you have the proper training and instruction. That's why she wants the doctor to take a good look at you."

"But please …

"No more whining now, hon-bun. We've still got a lot of things to take care of. I'll tell you what though. Before you go into the examination room I'll let you put some undies back on under your gown. The doctor doesn't mind it too much if patients are only wearing a brassiere or panties at first."

"But ... but I don't wear a bra or panties …"

"Sorry love. Of course you don't wear a brassiere. How silly of me to think so. I must have been confusing you with another of our patients. Anyway, I'll give you something suitable to wear under your gown, OK?"

"I guess …"

"Fine. Now let's step out of your clothes. Come on now sweetie ..."

That went pretty well all in all. Being told he'd been found out threw him off a bit. He was probably wondering what else his aunt knew about his secret habits so it was easy to get him to comply. Poor fellows. They always look so embarrassed when they hear they've been found out in this or that, jerking off under the covers or sticking things up their fannyholes, or fooling around sexually with their friends. It's nothing new but they just don't know it yet. And so it makes things easier for me and the doctor. Besides, sometimes they can be so darn cute when they blush all over from embarrassment. That's what the aunt was thinking too I bet.

I soon had him undressing halfway willingly. There was no trouble getting his shoes, socks, shirt and trousers off, but when he was standing in his undies he still hesitated. I put my hand around the hem of his underpants and slipped a hand underneath.

"Come on now sweetie pie. Let's pull those undies down now, shall we. Off they go."

"Oh … OK. …" (sigh)

"There we are. That's a good fellow. Well now. I don't know why you're ashamed to keep your weenie hidden away. It looks like a nice one. I bet your balls are just as fine."

"Ah …. I guess…" (small almost inaudible voice)

"You are a bit hairy down there though, aren't you? I don't think the doctor will like that very much. It's hard to take exact measurements with all that nasty hair. Let's see what we can do about that first, shall we?"

"What do you mean nurse?"

"The doctor likes his patients to be very clean of course. All over. That doesn't mean just taking a shower, but being clean around the privates especially, removing all the hair around our patient's weenies and fanny."

"But I don't do that. I can't do that …"

"Sure you can hon. All our patients have to. Fellows like you get their weenies and poophole shaved, the girls have to show up with smooth shaven pussy-slits and fannys or else we do it for them. Doctor's orders. Besides, it's nice and soft and smooth. It will be so much more fun next time you show your weenie to your boyfriend. I'm sure your auntie will like it better too."

"My aunt?"

"Certainly. She'll be taking special care of you from now on and will have to keep a sharp eye on you. Besides, I'm sure she shaves her pubies too."

"Her pubies?"

"You know what I mean hon. Between her legs, around her ladies slit."

"She does?"

"Well I would suppose so. I'll let you in on a secret if you want. I keep my pubes and ladies parts all smooth as a noodle too. Lots of girls and ladies do. Isn't that nice?"

"I guess so .."

"Of course it is sweetie, you'll find that out when you're allowed to play around with the girls. You would like to do that now, wouldn't you?"

"Do what nurse?"

"You know, do sex games with naked ladies and fool around and kiss their lady-slits. It's ever so much nicer when they're all soft and clean."

"Oh. I guess so …"

"Now come on over here. We don't have enough time to do it thoroughly today. We'll just use some cream to get most of your hair off. Afterwards your auntie will take care of the rest on your thighs and legs. Or maybe she can take you along to a beauty parlor next time she goes. How does that sound?"

"A beauty parlor? But that's for ladies only …"

"Do you really think so? You'd be surprised."


The Aunt


I bet the little sweetie both cringed and tingled at the same time. He must have been loving every moment of it, the little sissy. I was at any rate. Was I ever so glad I took my friend's advice and came to this doctor. It looked like he trained his personnel very well. The nurse appeared very competent in what she was doing.

It was interesting to watch my nephew being undressed and talked to by the nurse. She had a lovely choice of words and knew what tone to take with my nephew. I could see he was disorientated by it all, even just the talking. It was probably worse when he was undressing. He was really sort of cute when naked and removing his pubic hair was something I was looking forward to seeing done.

The nurse didn't waste much time covering his penis and balls with a white cream. She rubbed it in every nook and fold and all around his bottomhole. Just thinking about taking him to a beauty parlor gave me goose-bumps. What an absolutely lovely idea to come up with. I could see it in my mind's eye already.

The nurse had him spread his legs open wide while she scraped most of the cream off. Then she cleaned him up with a wash-cloth, going over his weenie and balls several times. When she was done I could get a better look at my nephew. This way he looked much younger than he was. Cleaner too and less masculine. I think it was going to be a good idea to keep him smooth shaven down there.

The Nurse

"There we are sweetie pie. Doesn't that feel much better now?"

"I don't know…"

"Sure it does. Why, soon you'll be so used to keeping your weener and balls clean, you'll wonder why you didn't start before. Anyway, let's get you weighed while you're still in your nudie, shall we. The doctor's absolutely adamant about weighing without clothes on you know. He insists every stitch come off, socks, wristwatches, panties, whatever. Why don't you step up on the scales here honey bunch and we'll see how you come up."

Now that I had him undressed and free of hair, it didn't look like he was going to be much trouble at all. Patients were usually very meek by this time, even the unruly and troublesome ones. I got him up on the scales, weighed him and then measured his height. I had to posture him just exactly so and took pains to make sure his penis was nicely exposed for his aunt. He wasn't circumcised, something I suppose she hadn't known. I bet she was enjoying the show immensely so far, her cunny all swollen and wet by now. I wondered if the doctor was planning on examining her too on some pretext or another? I hoped so.

I went to a medical cabinet and came back with a thermometer. It was large and wide. When the nephew saw it he must have realized it was going to be inserted into his anus and not his mouth, for he turned all red and blushed, and his penis, which wasn't really all that stiff up till now, began to twitch and swell.

"We're going to take your temperature now darling. All right?"

"Must you?"

"Oh yes. We can't get around that of course. It's very important to check your temp, it's always part of a proper examination. You know that, don't you?"

"I don't know. I guess if you say so."

"Oh yes indeedy. Now, since is your first time here with us, how you would you like to do it?"

"In my mouth …?

"Oh my, honey bunch. You can't be serious. Don't you know the doctor always needs to take rectal temps? He insists it's the only accurate method."

"Oh …"

"See the thermometer? See how large around it is?"

"Yes …" (sigh)"

"Well, it's obvious this is used up the fannyhole. Do you understand?"

"I guess … but please. Can't you just do it the regular way?"

"The regular way? But this is the regular way, honey. We always do it in our patient's bottoms. Even the much older patients have to do it in their fannys. OK?"

"OK … " (sigh)

"That's a good fellow, sweetie. You won't mind it at all, you'll see. But tell me now hon, since this is your first examination with us, how would you like me to do it?"

"Huh? I don't understand …"

"Well, do you want to bend over for me, so I can stick it in? Or do you want to lay down on the table?"

"The table?"

"Huh huh. Some patients like to lay down on their tummies, others lay on their backs and pull their legs up to their chest. But since this is your first time and since you've been fairly well-behaved so far I'll give you a little treat. Would you like that?"

"I don't know. What do you mean?"

"Well sweetie-buns, if you promise to be a good fellow and obey me and the doctor, I'll let you lay across my lap when I stick the thermometer into your bottom. Would you like that?"

"I don't know … maybe."

"I think you would, but you're just a little bit shy. Isn't that so? Why don't we just both go over here and I'll sit down. Now just bend over on my lap, with your weenie between my thighs. There we are. It's all right, just snuggle in, I'll open them up a bit wider. Sometimes it's hard to find a place to put a stiffie, isn't it?"

"I guess …"

"Well, it's all right. I don't mind with you. I can see you're going to be a very well behaved patient, aren't you, sweetie?

"I'll try nurse."

"Good hon. It's OK to push up against my lap. Don't be ashamed. It feels good doesn't it?"

"Nnnn … no … not really..."

"It certainly does so hon. I know that my male patients like it. So do the ladies. Anyway, I'll going to put a little something on your fannyhole to make it a bit slippery. That way the thermometer can slide up into you easier. All right, ready dear?"

"Y … y … yes nurse."

"Good boy. Now I want you to push like you're on the potty. Understand? Pretend you're trying to poop, that way the thermometer will enter more easily. OK sweetie? Give me a good push now. Come on, don't be bashful honey, Just push with your tummy, push like you're going poopie on the potty. That's a good fellow. I'm going to insert the thermometer a little bit deeper so we can get a good accurate reading. There we are. That wasn't so bad at all, now was it?"

"N … n … no nurse."

"Of course not. Can you feel it inside of your poophole?"

"Oh yes … "

"Well. I bet it feels good, doesn't it sweetie?

"A … little I guess …"

"Sure it does. Once they relax, our patients always enjoy it when we take their temperature. Besides, I bet you've already put a lot of things up into your fannyhole, haven't you hon?"

"N … n … no …"

"Don't fib to me now sweetie. I know that fellows like you play with their fannyholes when they're alone, isn't that so? I bet you like to use your fingers, don't you? Or maybe pencils or candles?"

"I don't know … "

"Sure you do honey bunch. That's not something to forget. So just tell me. The doctor's gonna ask you anyway and he knows how to examine boy's anuses, so he's gonna know one way or the other. He doesn't like fibbing. Neither do I, but I understand that the first time it's embarrassing to tell us all these special things you do in private when you have naughty urges. Right? Isn't that so?"

"I guess so … I don't like talking about these things."

"Well, there's nothing you can do about that, now is there? Why don't we just practice a little bit while we're waiting for the temp to register. OK?"

"Ok … " (sigh)

"Good. Now let's start again sweet'ums. What kind of things do you stick into your fannyhole?"

"A finger … sometimes … "

"Good. That wasn't so hard to admit, now was it? Now, do you stick it in deep, wiggle it round or maybe pump it in and out?"

"N … no … I guess I sort of … you know … just stick it in sometimes."

"One finger only? Not two or more?"

"Oh no. Only one."

"That's all you can take? Just one finger? haven't you tried to insert more than one?"

"Well … I guess so … but … it sort of hurts."

"Oh my. That doesn't sound so good, one finger only. The doctor will surely have to look into this. Now do you use anything else?"

"No … I'm afraid to try … "

"Well, that's all right sweetie. I'm sure you'll learn. Maybe your auntie will help you, or maybe the doctor will prescribe you a treatment for your poophole."

"Oh … "

"It's nothing to worry about. But tell me. Do like the way it feels when you stick a finger into your fanny?"

"I guess … sort of … "

"Hmmm … I bet it feels real nice. Do you like doing it to yourself sweetie? Do you like sticking your own finger up into your anus?"

"My anus?"

"Yes. That's medical word for a fannyhole. Understand sweetie? Do you like doing that?"

"I think so … " (sigh)

"It's all right to admit it. Everybody likes it really. It feels good, but it's embarrassing to talk about it, right?"

"Yes it is …"

"But we're going to help you get over that hon. OK? So you just keep doing your best. Promise?"

"Yes nurse … I promise…"

"Good. Now let's see how your temp is. I think it's been long enough. Ready hon?"

Slowly I retracted the thermometer, keeping a pair of fingers to either side of his anus, pushing in and out and slyly massaging his anus. I could tell he liked it very much, from the way it was quivering and pulsing in and out. It's cute to watch patient's anuses while they're being manipulated, more so when I know they're inexperienced. I was tempted to stick a finger or two of my own up into his rectum. I'm sure he wouldn't have protested. But I knew the doctor wanted to do it first.

I let the nephew rest a bit while I cleaned his fanny with a tissue. Then I gave him a small pat on his behind and told him he could stand up. I noticed his penis was very stiff now, almost erect enough for full sex penetration. Not that we allowed our patients any of that of course. But it was good to see he was responding normally.

I took the reading and noted it down on his chart and fiddled around with a few other things. It was difficult not to stare into the se-through mirror and break into a smile, for I'm sure the aunt was enjoying the scene immensely.

There was still some time to go before the doctor would start the exam. I used it to do some more questioning, to help the nephew get into the proper receptive and submissive mood. I wondered if I should get him into his gown and panties, but thought better of it. Sometimes it's helpful to observe a patient's sex organs during questioning. It reveals a lot.

So I told the nephew to sit down while we went over some questions about his personal habits.

"Well sweetie, we have sometime left before the doctor sees you. He'll be asking you a lot of questions, but we can help him if we cover some ground already. OK?"

"OK …"

"Fine. Now we were talking about your poophole just now and how you liked to stick a finger inside.

"Y … y … yes …"

"So tell me, what other things do you like to do when you play with yourself in private? Do you just fool around with your weenie or what?"

"I … guess … "

"That's not telling very much, is it sweetie? C'mon now. You have to explain better than that. How many times a day do you play with your weener? Once? Twice? More?"

"Oh not that many, nurse … just sometimes …"

"Not every day?"

"N … no … "

"Well, if you say so. But you had better not be fibbing. And where do you do it mostly?"

"In bed I guess … and in the bathroom when I shower …"

"Good. That wasn't hard to tell, now was it sweetie?"

"No … I guess not."

"Do you take all your clothes off when you play with your penis? Or do you lower your pants and undies or feel underneath them?"

"I don't know … sometimes all of that."

"Do you like to squeeze your balls as well, hon?"

"Yes … I suppose so …"

"Sure you do. Are you careful about it? Do you squeeze or pull on them too hard? Does it hurt afterwards when you're finished?"

"Oh no … "

And so the questioning went. I led him on as best I could, asking more and more embarrassing details. His answers were about as expected for someone his age, maybe even a bit on the subdued side, though he was probably playing down his naughty little private activities. Most of our patients do. At first anyway. When they've been back for several special examinations, their manner and comportment changes noticeably.

We were progressing further along into his experiences trying to get girlfriends out of their panties. It sounded like the poor fellow didn't have much luck in this department. Maybe he was a bit too shy and bashful, I don't know, but he stated that he'd never even gotten a good grope on a naked girl's cunt, never even managed to get a girlfriend's knickers down around her knees let alone his prick up into a cunny. Was he telling the truth? Hard to say of course on such short questioning.

But maybe there was enough truth to it. After all, he apparently succumbed readily enough to play sissy-boy together with another boy. That happens easily enough when you get too frustrated and the sexual urges aren't fulfilled. Not that it mattered much to me or the doctor if he really did prefer fooling around with same-sex mates.

I didn't have enough time to go into that further, for the buzzer went off signaling that I had just a few more minutes before the doctor wanted the patient in the examination room.

"Hear the buzzer sweetie? That means the doctor is almost ready for us now. Let's get you into a gown, shall we?"

"But I don't really want to be examined by the doctor … "

"Listen honey buns. We're not going into that anymore, understand? Your aunt bought you here for an examination and that's what you're going to have, whether you like it or not. So let's just do as I tell you. If you don't cooperate it will just make things more unpleasant."

"All right nurse …"

"Good. Here's a gown."

"Can't I wear something underneath?"

"Yes, I'll give you some undies to slip on, but first I want you to get into the examination gown. Just pull it up over your head sweetie, like putting on a dress."

"I don't wear dresses …"

"I know. That's all right hon, it's just a gown, no-one will say anything."

"All right … " (sigh)

"That's just fine. Now let's see what we have for you in the way of undies. Hmmm … these panties will have to do I suppose. Here you go."

"But I can't wear these. They're girls panties."

"Well there's nothing else honey buns. Just lift up the hem of your examination gown and step into them. Here … I'll give you a hand, c'mon."

"… I feel so silly … please … " (sigh and sob)

"Nonsense. Lots of boys wear girl's undies. It's nothing to be ashamed. In fact, I bet that your auntie won't mind at all. Anyway I don't mind and neither does the doctor. I know that for a fact."

"I don't know if I can … "

"Sure you can. Look there's little time left sweetie. Here, step into these."

"Oh … all right … "


The Doctor


I was watching my nurse and the nephew from within the ‘waiting-room'. As usual she was doing a very good job of preparing a special patient. Most of the preparation is mental of course, getting the patients into the proper receptive but yet apprehensive mood, letting them know that we know more about their nasty little habits than they would otherwise guess. Yes, nurse was very enthusiastic about her special work indeed.

The nephew's aunt was transfixed by what she was seeing, that was rather apparent as well. She kept her eyes on the see-through mirror, every now and then craning her head to get a better view of things. At times she put a hand up to her lips as if in surprised consternation, eyes wide, skin flushed red. I don't think it was from any form of serious disapproval at her nephew's behavior or revelations, but simply because she was so pleasantly shocked and aroused at what she was viewing. Yes indeed, auntie was really enjoying things and was looking forward to more.

"We should be ready to start the examination in a short while, just as soon as nurse has your nephew into the panties."

"Oh my doctor. Are they really girl's undies he's being made to wear?"

"Well, strictly speaking I suppose they are somewhat frilly and feminine, but we insist all our special patients wear them for the examinations, male or female."

"Goodness. How novel."

"As far as males go, there's much to be said for the practice. A bit of cross-dressing does no end of good putting unruly fellows into place you know."

"I suppose so."

"On the one hand it's very humiliating for boys to be forced to wear female clothing, especially when the dressing is done in the presence of a female. On the other hand it's usually a very arousing experience as well, very sensual and sexually charged. The conflicting ambiguities in his appearance will only be heightened when I start examining him. Being dressed up as a sissy-boy by older ladies is one thing, to be seen by a fellow male is yet more confusing, especially when I praise him for his pleasant appearance."

"Oh? Do you think it acceptable for boys to dress up?"

"There is little harm in the practice I have found. Esthetically it can very pleasing in certain circumstances. Many ladies take it as a high compliment."

"A compliment? I don't understand."

"Surely imitation is form of flattery. If a male goes out of his way to look more feminine, that is a compliment to the female gender in general."

"Hmmm … I never thought of it that way. What a novel theory. But you must admit, my nephew seems to be needing a lot of persuasion."

"So it would seem at first sight. Mostly it's just initial reluctance. Subsequent dress-ups will be far less troublesome. In fact he's been more cooperative than the norm."

"Really? It doesn't look that way to me."

"Maybe it's because this is your first viewing."

"Well, possibly."

"Yes, it's difficult to form an opinion with so little to compare it to. Perhaps you should be invited to view some of our other special examinations?"

"Oh doctor. Is that done?"

"From time to time, depending upon the patients and the requestees. Normally I broach the subject to someone I think willing. It does usually entail some form of reciprocity you understand."

"Oh, well of course. That's only fair …"

Was it ever. By now my nurse had the exam panties up around the nephew's buttocks. They were fastened by a string around the waist and inside a type of sanitary pad was fitted along the crotch and anal region. It was rather uncomfortable and vaguely embarrassing for the patient, especially the males. But that was of course the intention all along.

I asked the aunt to accompany me into the examination room, where we'd await her nephew.


The Nurse


I finished tying up the string around the hem of the nephew's examination undies. He'd shriveled up in the meantime, from mortification and apprehension no doubt, so I had no trouble fitting his penis into the undergarment. I gave it a good tug upwards, pulling it tight up against his testicles and the crack of his buttocks. I pressed the sanitary pad so that it fit snugly between his thighs. He didn't like the feel of it at all. I could tell from the grimace on his face. I told him that we always inserted sanitary tissues to catch any leakage from patients who can't control themselves properly.

I let the hem of his gown down and straightened out imaginary folds in the fabric, fluffing it in and out a few times. He flushed and turned red as he realized that indeed it looked like he was wearing a dress or lady's gown of sorts.

I patted the gurney, indicating that he climb up.

"Up we go sweetie pie. Just lay here and we'll roll you into the exam room."

"Why do I have to lay on that table?"

"It's really a gurney hon, a sort of examination table, it rolls on wheels. See?"

"But I can walk by myself … please … "

"Sorry darling, that's how the doctor does things here. He wants patients brought into the exam room on a gurney. The floor's cold you know. So come on, hop up here … "

"All right … "

"There we are. Now just lay down on your back, there's a pillow to make you comfortable."

Getting patients strapped in was usually a bit tricky. We didn't want them unduly upset or frightened, but it had to be done firmly and with as little resistance as possible. If the mental preparations had been taken care properly, by now patients were submissive enough not to put up too much of a fuss.

The nephew was surprised when I put a restrainer around one wrist and then the other. He wanted to know what I was doing, but I just smiled, shushed him and told him it was doctor's orders, that he didn't want his patients rolling off the gurney on the way to the examination room.

Grudgingly he accepted my explanation, but cared little for it all, especially when I strapped his ankles in as well. Now that he was unable to go anywhere or put up much of a fuss anymore it was relatively simple to insert the tongue depressor into his mouth. Standing at the head of the gurney he couldn't see what I was doing. I dipped the rubber mouthpiece into an anti-septicum tasting vaguely of mint and licorice.

"Now one last thing before we go see the doctor sweetie. Let's open your mouth a bit, shall we?"

"Why … "

"Never mind honey, just open wide like at the dentist's … that's my good sweetie … There we are. It's in place."

"Uhhh … uhhh … mmm … mmm … "

"It's OK sweetie. Don't try to spit it out. This is just so you won't distract the doctor by talking while he's examining you, or hurt your tongue or anything. It's only a bit of rubber. Just lay still while I fasten the straps … There we are. That's not so bad now, is it?"

"Mmm … mmm … "

"Don't try and say anything honey. Just relax. I think we're ready now. OK?"

The Doctor

The aunt was waiting at the entrance to the examination room as my nurse rolled the nephew in. She was trying to maintain an impassive face as her nephew passed by, but even from where I was standing I could see her working to suppress a grin of anticipation.

My nurse placed the gurney in the middle of the room, under the overhead lights. The nephew couldn't say much with the depressor in his mouth, but his eyes showed his helplessness. He must have realized that the examination at my hands was going to be somewhat more daunting than what he had experienced with my nurse.

I composed myself and tried to will myself into a state of professional aloofness. I put a hand on his shoulder and smiled.

"I'm going to be conducting your examination this afternoon. I want you to relax as much as possible and of course to cooperate to your fullest ability. I'm sure you'll do your best. Now, this will be a special examination because of certain concerns your aunt has. It seems you've been a naughty fellow and have been engaging in activities that you thought wouldn't be revealed to your aunt. That's not the case. Your aunt told me about them. She's worried about your well-being and development. I hope I'll be able to set her mind at ease, but to do that I will have to be very thorough when examining you. Do you understand?"

" mmm … " (nod of the head)

"Good. Now, just to set things straight and to make sure we understand each other, I'm going to ask your aunt to come over here and tell us what she saw. Ma'am …?"

"Thank you doctor."

"That's fine. Why don't you stand here next to your nephew and tell us all of what you saw. Don't be reluctant to go into detail if you feel it pertinent."

"All right doctor. A few days ago I came home and wondered where my nephew was. I heard some noise coming from an upstairs room. When I got there I received the shock of my life … Well … this is so embarrassing to recount …"

"Yes ...? Don't hesitate to confront your nephew with what you saw him doing … It's for his own good."

"Of course, but … well … it was very mortifying. You see, a friend was with him, a boyfriend, well a male friend I suppose is a better word. Their backs were turned to where I was standing luckily, so I could move to a more concealed location. Anyway, my nephew's friend was telling him take his clothes off."

"They were just starting to undress?"

"Well no, actually my nephew was already down to his underwear. He was just pulling his undershirt over his head. He still wore his undies … but, well … it was plain to see that he was very … aroused …

"In what manner?"

"You know … his thing … you know … "

"Just use any word you feel comfortable with. It's all right to use a familiar term if you wish."

"Thank you doctor. Well his thing … his weenie, it was all swollen and stiff. Sticking out like a tent pole … I thought, well I don't know what I thought really. I mean I thought boys shouldn't be doing such things as undressing each other and all. If it had been a girl I might have understood and gone away … but the two of them together … "

"I see … so this was totally unexpected? You'd never had any indication of your nephew being so inclined?"

"Oh no, doctor. Not at all. I was stunned. Especially when my nephew's friend pulled his undies completely off. There he was standing with his weener sticking out and stiff. Then his friend began to pretend to examine my nephew, feeling all over, pretending to listen to his heart, take his pulse and such."

"They had medical instruments then?"

"Oh no. Just some do-dads or other. I paid little attention to that to tell the truth. I was more interested in my nephew, what he was doing, or having done to him … "

"Naturally … and then?"

"Well my nephew pretended to have an ache or something in his ‘tummy' or ‘down there' or something, you know what I mean?"

"Oh yes, quite well, a classic ploy … "

"Then my nephew's friend started examining his weenie very carefully, squeezing and pulling and everything, grabbing and squeezing his balls and poking around and all. He got my nephew to lay down and open his legs … "

"Lay down on his back or tummy?"

"I'm sorry doctor. On his back, my nephew laid on his back and spread his legs way open wide and high … as far as he could I think … I could see his privates and his bottom and everything. Then his friend started doing some more things to my nephew, feeling around his … his asshole and all."

"I see … and your nephew's friend … was he still dressed in the meantime?"

"I'm sorry … I forgot … no he undressed himself very quickly in the meantime too …"

"I see. Your nephew didn't undress him? He did it himself?"

"That's right. Very quickly too."

"Yes. And this friend … was he aroused His penis was erect?"

"My goodness, was he ever. Why his weenie looked ready to burst, it was all stiff and thick."

"I see. And then?"

"Well, his friend continued fooling around with my nephew, saying things that sounded like make- believe doctor's talk ... you know … "

"Hmmm … I can very well guess … "

"Well, his friend kept on pulling and yanking my nephew's weenie until he suddenly went all stiff and shaking and then he came with his thing … "

"He ejaculated, you mean?"

"Yes … in great big gobs all over his stomach … "

"And then …?"

"Well, they rested a little while. Very shortly actually … and then my nephew did the same thing with his friend until he … ejaculated … as well. When they started to dress, I thought it best to leave."

"I see. Now during their ‘examinations', did they do anything other than handle each other's genitals? Like for instance did they kiss each other? Or perform oral sex? Or insert their organs into each other's anus?"

"Oh no … I didn't see any of that … thank goodness … but I do think they stuck fingers into each other's bottom a lot."

"Fine. Thank you. I would say that is a finely detailed account. Now, did you confront your nephew with this?"

"Oh no, doctor. I didn't know how to begin. I thought it best to get some advice and a friend suggested I see you."

"A well considered decision. I think we can get started with your nephew's examination. Now that he knows the reason he is here, I'm sure he'll be very cooperative. Won't you young man?"

The nephew was wide-eyed and flushed, probably from total mortification at his naughty little game being recounted in detail. In my own professional opinion it was very uninspired as sexual games go, but then again the nephew was probably only starting out in accumulating sexual experience. He'd learn more in the future. And he'd start learning more this very afternoon during his examination.


The Nurse


The doctor was ready to start the examination. He put a stethoscope up to his ears and nodded to me. I knew the routine.

"Sweetie, the doctor's gonna start examining you now. I'll tell you what to do if that's necessary. Otherwise just remain still and don't move, no matter what the doctor does, or where he feels. Understand hon?"

" … " (a nod)

"That's my sweetie pie. Now, I'm gonna loosen your gown and move it up a bit so that the doctor can listen to your heart and tummy. Take deep breaths when he listens to you. OK?"

I slowly lifted the hem of his examination gown upwards. Actually I sort of pulled it upwards so that it brushed over his skin. The gown made a soft rustling sound as I bunched it up around his upper torso. He was now exposed, expect for the undies he was wearing. I took a look at his groin, well I guess we all did, his aunt the doctor and I, but there was no bulge to indicate he was erect. That was all for the better since the doctor liked it that way. I think he liked feeling limp penises and then manipulating them into full erections.

First he started out with the usual procedures, listening to the nephew's chest, slowly going lower and lower until he was placing the tip of his stethoscope on the nephew's abdomen, around his navel and lower.

He probed the nephew's belly all over, pressing inwards with, two of three fingers, or sometimes with the flat of his hand. He said little but liked to smile at the nephew, looking straight into his eyes.

This part wasn't meant to last very long of course, it was just a precursor to the examination. The doctor nodded to me and pointed at the nephew's undies.

"Honey, I'm going to loosen your panties now, so the doctor can examine you a bit lower. We're not going to pull them all the way down yet, so you can relax. Understand?"

" … " (a nod)

"Good boy."

The doctor put the stethoscope back into his ears and pushed the hem of the nephew's panties lower, just not exposing his sex organ. He felt over the nephew's tummy and rubbed the mound just above his penis shaft. Feeling it smooth and denuded of pubic hair he nodded in approval.

The aunt was paying close attention, breathing and swallowing rather heavily. I couldn't help notice her bosom rising up and down. She noticed me noticing and our eyes met, I hoped in mutual understanding. We both smiled, the aunt's eyes closing from emotion and arousal. Her hands shook minutely and her lips were pursed together.

The doctor noticed as well and smiled understandingly at the aunt. She blushed, but her lips grimaced in a knowing manner.

He nodded to me again to continue. I knew what he wanted done of course.

"Darling, we're going to pull your panties down around your legs now, exposing your sex parts for the doctor. He's going to feel along your weenie and balls first, all right? You needn't be jittery or anything, the doctor's seen many weenies like yours. So there's no need to be embarrassed at all, even if you start to become hard and stiff, like when you do sex masturbation by yourself alone or when you play sissy with your boyfriend. Understand sweetie? Just let the doctor examine your weener and balls very carefully."

" … " (a helpless look)

"I know you don't like your auntie to see you like this all naked. But there's nothing you can do about that. Besides, she's already seen you in your nudie with your boyfriend. And she's seen you all stiff and hard doing sex games with him. So it doesn't matter what she sees anymore, now does it honey-buns?"

" … " (an undertermined shake of the head)

"That's a good fellow. Here we go now … "

I hooked fingers on opposite sides of the nephew's waist and slowly wiggled them underneath the hem of his panties. I slyly rubbed his naked flesh, noticeably moving around back, around his buttocks. I had him lift his hips up off the surface of the examination table and lowered the scanty garment over his behind first. His penis and testicles were still covered, but not more than nominally so. From thrusting his hips upwards, his organ was outlined through the thin fabric. It wasn't the bulge of an erect male shaft, but still a considerable bulge nonetheless. The friction, caused by pulling his panties very taut, must have been pleasurably disconcerting, that was my intention anyway.

I kept my gaze on the nephew all the while, looking pointedly into his own eyes, but every now and then moving my head so that it was obvious I was watching his genitals being uncovered. It didn't take long to uncover them completely, but I'm sure the interval seemed long to the poor nephew. I lowered the panties down around his knees and let them rest there.

The doctor nodded his approval and I stepped back.

"The doctor's going to feel your weenie and balls now hon, just relax, don't move or anything. Understand? It won't hurt one little bit. But you know that already, don't you? We're all sure the doctor will give you a much better examination than your boyfriend did. Right?"

The doctor just smiled knowingly and approvingly. The aunt nodded almost emphatically. I moved a bit to the side so that she could step up closer. I gestured her that it was all right to approach the examination gurney, even putting a hand along her shoulders to encourage her along. She smiled back at me and moved closer, at the same time seeming to press her body into my hand and arm, as if welcoming a possible embrace. I didn't miss the slight pressure and slid my hand ever so slightly around her waist, flattening my palm and moving my fingers ever so imperceptibly along the fabric of her dress. Though she was doing her best to appear restrained, I could tell she wanted to fix her gaze on her nephew's naked sex parts. But she took the time to give me a glance of what looked like approval. Her tongue moved ever so tentatively behind her lips. She looked at me knowingly and them gave her attention back to her nephew. I took my hand away from her waist, letting it slide downwards along the back of her buttocks. I would have liked to give her a good squeeze but thought now not the appropriate moment.

The doctor waited until he saw the aunt positioned advantageously, then he began his initial manual assessment of the nephew's sexual parts. He delicately took the penis into his hand and moved his fingers up and down the shaft, rubbing and pressing from time to time. He pushed the shaft upwards into the air, then flopped it down on the nephew's abdomen, exposing the underside of his penile shaft. He remarked on the relative lack of blemishes, the even complexion and the smoothness of the skin. With an amused air he mentioned the un-circumcised condition of the nephew's member. Was the aunt aware of this?

Apparently not, for she answered that she had had no opportunity to examine his penis up close. Not till now at least. Besides, when in erection and especially during sexual play, the foreskin often retracts on its own.

I could tell this was going to be an area of scrutiny for the doctor. Intimate scrutiny. But for now he left the nephew's foreskin be, and turned his attention to the fellow's testicles. Because of the nephew's position, his scrotal sac was partially clasped between his thighs. He could only open his legs to a small degree because of the panties down around his knees which meant that the doctor had to do some unpleasant groping to free the nephew's balls. He grimaced from the handling, these little orbs being naturally very delicate and sensitive, even more so when the owner is tense and nervous.

The doctor hefted the scrotum in his hand, as if weighing them. The subsequent handling was very thorough and meticulous, each separate testicle being probed, pulled, squeezed and kneaded. He felt along the seminal canals, probed into the creases along the nephew's groin and carefully felt over most of the nephew's intimate areas.

He nodded to me to start setting up the stirrup supports. When the aunt saw me take a metal supporter and place it into a holder on the examination table, her face lit up in a naughty surprised smile.

I felt that a bit of explaining was in order.

"As you can see, doctor now wants to place your nephew into gynecological stirrups. We do this for all our patients of course, both male and female, it being the most optimal method of accessing the genitals. You have no objections to this ma'am?"

"Oh my, no. Not at all. I'm just a bit surprised. I never would have guessed you put your male patients up in stirrups."

"We certainly do." (turning my head to nephew) "Now sweetie, as you can see we're fixing up some supports for your ankles. I'm going to unstrap your ankles and then fix them into the stirrups. That way we can get your legs spread widely open and the doctor will be able to examine your weener and balls more easily and do the same with your fannyhole as well. All without you having to move about. It will be much more comfortable for you this way, instead of having to hold your legs open on your own, like you did with your boyfriend. Isn't that good news?"

I don't think he thought so, at least not from the look on his face. Not that it mattered much. I fit the stirrups to each side of the gurney and strapped his ankles fast in binders. Now we could see all of his intimate areas far more easily, both the genital region and the anal. I could tell his aunt was enthralled, by her riveted gaze and heavy breathing. She held her hand up to her lips and let it slide down lower, to her neck and (heaving) bosom.

The doctor went to stand between the nephew's spread legs. He tugged a bit on the nephew's waist, indicating that he move down upon the table a bit more. He managed to do so, but it wasn't a very dignified maneuvering with ankles and wrists strapped in. It was cute to watch his penis and testicles flopping about as he jerked his way forwards. I smiled at him, rubbed his forehead and patted his cheek.

Putting fingers to either side of the nephew's anus, the doctor pulled the buttocks apart, exposing the fellow's anal opening even more. On first sight there was nothing out of the ordinary with his backdoor. All looked to be quite in order with no growths, fissures, hemorrhoids or external disfigurements to be seen. It wasn't very large as such things go, nor colored very darkly either. Rather, it was a pleasing shade of pink, clearly discernible from the surrounding skin color, with a healthy looking symmetrical build.

The doctor rubbed his figure up and around the nephew's anus. We could all see it distinctly contract from the physical contact. The contractions were probably involuntary and autonomous of his own will, so the doctor told him to relax, take deep breaths and then to gently start to bear down.

Clearly the nephew didn't understand. I explained.

"The doctor wants you to pretend you're doing potty. Push like you're trying to expel, push with your fannyhole hon, try and make it bulge outwards. That way the doctor will be better able to examine you back down there. Understand what I'm saying sweetie?"

" … " (a very unwilling nod)

"Good. Now give us a nice push honey pie, close your eyes if you wish, and pretend you're trying your best to poop. OK? I'm going to put my hand on your tummy. Maybe it will help if you have something to push against. Let's try again, shall we? Start nice and gentle, but keep on pushing. That's a good fellow."

" unnngghh ."

"Push out a little bit more now, sweetie. Push out against the doctor's finger, don't be shy about it. He's just feeling around a bit. We'll put something slippery into your fanny before the doctor sticks his finger inside. Right now he's just going to feel the outside."

The nephew flushed red and did as I told him. I don't know if he was flushing from the exertion of straining his anus or from the embarrassment of it all. Probably both. The doctor was quite thorough with his scrutiny and handling, pinching here, pushing a finger there, poking about and prodding. The aunt was fascinated by this part of proceedings and moved her head about to get a better of things.

The doctor demonstratively took a latex finger cot and rolled it onto his index finger, standing where the nephew could see his preparations. He dipped his rubber covered digit into a bottle of lubricating lotion several times, a goodly amount dripping down around his hand.

"Sweetie pie. We're going to feel around inside of you now. The doctor's finger is nice and slippery and won't hurt a bit when he sticks it up into your fanny. Just push out gently like you were doing before and it will slip inside before you even know it. OK?"

" … " (a grimace)

"Don't you worry honey. The doctor's going to start with one finger first. He's going to feel the inside of your poophole, your muscles and rectum. That's the last part of your intestines, way down in your tummy. There's lots of room inside, so once the doctor's finger is in, you won't be in any discomfort at all. In fact, I bet you'll like the feeling very much. Almost all our men patients do. But you already know that, don't you sweetie pie? That's why you liked it so much with your boyfriend, isn't it? Because he pushed his finger inside your bottom, right?"

" … " (a shake of the head)

"Silly boy. Don't fib to us. The doctor knows that it feels especially nice when he feels on that special gland inside of you. It's called a prostate gland. That's why young men like you, like fingers up their bumholes so much … So, OK sweetie, here we go … give the doctor a nice push … "

This time the doctor put his hand on the nephew's pubic mound, brushing up against his penis. Wriggling his finger about, he slowly inserted it up past the nephew's anal sphincter and into his rectum. The finger went in to the hilt, the doctor smiling at the nephew all the while. His penis had meanwhile stiffened to its maximum and swollen erect. The testicles in contrast seemed to have contracted inwards, the scrotum tight and taut.

As the doctor continued with his manual internal appraisal, the nephew held his eyes closed, breathing deeply while his penis twitched about. I whispered furtively to the aunt.

"Look at that darling nephew of yours, the naughty fellow. He's so embarrassed at being aroused by his examination. But I bet that secretly he's enjoying every moment."

"Do you really think so?"

"Undoubtedly. Young men do so love a finger or two up their assholes."

" … " (a nervous laugh) "I never would have thought that to be the case."

"We see it all the time here. And well, you can always try it out for yourself."

"Really? I wouldn't … I mean … I should have thought … "

"Don't be so prudish, after all he is your nephew. The doctor will instruct you properly afterwards should you wish. What to do, how to go about things and all. How to prepare your nephew and get him to cooperate willingly and even enthusiastically."

"Well, my goodness. How … how interesting. I suppose I should consider learning how to take proper care of him."

"Yes, you really should. After all, that's why we're here. To help you both."

"How wonderful."

How wonderful indeed. The aunt was so eager and willing she seemed ready to start right now. But of course it was far too early for any of that yet. The doctor had a lot to do. His finger was still inside the nephew's rectum, twirling about and feeling all around, no doubt pressing down on his prostate gland, determining if it was normally sized and healthy.

It was interesting to watch the doctor and the corresponding responses from the nephew. With his finger still buried up his behind, the doctor used his other hand to feel the nephew's very erect penis and tautly drawn scrotum. Not wanting him to orgasm so quickly into the exam, the doctor eased up his manipulating, but still left the nephew gasping from the powerful sensations. He slowly withdrew his finger and removed the finger cot, discarding it in a waste container. He then washed his hands thoroughly.

Indicating that he was now going to examine the nephew's foreskin, I took that as my cue to give an explanation what was going to happen next.

"Sweetie, The doctor's going to go back and check your weenie again, the tip this time and the little bit of skin that covers it. You know what I'm talking about? It's called a ‘foreskin'. Often it's taken away so that the tip remains totally clear, but that's not always the case. Usually it doesn't matter very much as long as you wash your weenie very carefully and regularly all over, underneath the foreskin as well. To do that, you have to be able to pull it down from around the tip. Can you do that?"

" … " (a non-committal nod of the head)

"Hmmm … it doesn't sound like you're too sure. Don't you pull the skin down from your weenie's tip when you have masturbation by yourself?"

" … " (definite negative shake of the head)

"Are you certain hon? Most un-circumcised fellows do it that way. And what about your boyfriend? Didn't he pull it down when you were playing together?"

" … " (another negative shake)

"Well, he doesn't know much about examinations then, now does he sweetie? We always have to pull the skin back and check the skin underneath very carefully. If it becomes too dirty it can get infected. You might need a serious operation in that case. You wouldn't want that to happen, would you?"

" … " (an emphatic negative shake)

"All right then honey pie. The doctor's going to examine your foreskin now and the tip of your weenie. He's going to have to pull it all the way down. Now it might feel funny at first, or sting just a little bit, especially since you're very stiff now. But we've got to do it so we can check you out thoroughly."

The doctor took hold of the nephew's penis underneath the glans, gripping the shaft and holding it aloft upright. He anointed the tip with lubricating lotion, rubbing it over the nephew's penis and exposed tip. Then gently, he started pulling downwards in slow jerking movements, repeatedly exposing more of the glans. Apparently the nephew was not used to exposing the tip of his organ with any regularity, if at all. He grimaced most pointedly and moved his hips about, in so far he could.

This was not to the doctor's liking. He warned him to lay still and gave the nephew an audible, but very harmless slap on his thighs. If he did not remain still, the doctor warned he would fit restraining clamps around the nephew's genitals and proceed from there with less concern about any eventual discomfort.

The nephew understood and lay as still as he could, eyes closed and watering.

The aunt frowned and turned to me.

"He's not blubbering, is he?"

"Oh no. I think it just stings a bit. It's almost an involuntary reaction you know. If he's really not used to retracting his foreskin, it can be somewhat painful at first. Even with the best of intentions, it's difficult to control certain physical reactions."

"Good. It's bad enough having a sissy-boy for a nephew, I don't want a cry-baby either. If he wants to fool around with sex-friends he'd better start acting like a grown-up."

"I'm certain he'll be doing his best. The doctor will prescribe a treatment and therapy for him to follow to help correct his condition."

"A little operation I suppose?"

"A little operation? Oh my, I'm sorry I didn't understand at first. No, no. I don't think circumcision is in order. The doctor is not very prone to prescribe it unless there is a dire medical or emotional necessity."

"If you say so. What kind of therapy would it be?"

"In simple terms it would be a daily series of stretching and elasticating exercises."


"Preferably so. They are not much trouble to affect and need little expertise once explained and demonstrated."

"I see. But is it wise to let my nephew do them?"

"Your nephew do them? Oh, I doubt the doctor would approve of that. The potential for mischief is simply too great. We certainly wouldn't want to encourage young fellows to start handling their privates on their own, would we?"

"I suppose not. Does that mean we must come back for daily treatments?"

"Not necessarily. I'm sure the doctor will recommend that you assist your nephew."


"Certainly. Why not?"

"Oh … well … I wouldn't have thought … I mean, I would have thought there to be some sort of device to use … "

"Yes, that's a possible alternative. But they are bulky and cumbersome. The doctor prefers not to use such retraction devices unless absolutely necessary."

"I see. Well in that case … "

In that case indeed the aunt would be having her hands full providing treatment for her nephew. Which is probably what she wanted in the first place.

The Doctor

It was interesting to listen in to my nurse and the aunt conversing behind my back. Of course, I pretended not to hear what they were saying, so not to embarrass the aunt. Though in truth I think she would be hard put to be embarrassed by anything anymore. She was simply far too engrossed and aroused by the examination so far.

So was I. The nephew's penis was fully erect by now, nicely hard and stiff, though he still had difficulty with his foreskin. It was simply too tight to retract easily. But that was all right, it provided scope for further examination and treatments.

I told the aunt that I would explain afterwards what needed be done, but that for now it was pointless to try and denude the nephew's glans. We would have to wait for his arousal to subdue. Yes, there were means of inducing that in short shrift, but for now I would put his erection to good use.

I explained that now was a good time to examine the nephew's urethral track by inserting a rigid sound that doubled as thermometer. This caused raised eyebrows, both for aunt and nephew, though I suppose the nephew's look was the more concerned of the two. I nodded at my nurse to give a short explanation. Putting on a smiling look of concern while brushing the nephew's forehead, she gave a description of what I would do next.

"Sweetie, the doctor's going to check inside your weenie now. Do you know how that's done?"

"No … no … "

"Well, there's nothing to be worried about as long as you relax and cooperate. But first we've got to ask if you ever have trouble wizzing? When you go pee-pee, does everything come out easily? Does it flow nicely, or does it come out in dribbles or spurts?"

"Eh … it's OK I guess … "

"You mean you can make pee-pee without any trouble? Is that it sweetie?"

"Yes … I suppose so."

"You suppose so? Don't you know? Well, in any case the doctor is going to check that out now, honey pie. He's going to check the little tube that's in the middle of your weenie, where everything comes out. We have to make sure that it's clean and open all the way inside, that there's nothing blocking the way out. Understand sweetie?"

"Uh, not really … "

"Well never you mind. The doctor's going to stick a very thin rod into your weener and see how far it can go. It will feel a bit funny, but there's nothing to worry about. All our patients are examined like this. OK honey?"

"Please don't do it there."

"Sorry sweetie. There's nothing to be done about it. See? The doctor's already got the little rod ready for you. He's cleaned it very carefully and put a nice slippery lotion on it, so that it will slip right on up through your pee-hole. Just relax now. Be a big fellow for us and let the doctor examine your weenie properly, OK honey bunch?"

" … sigh … "

"Good boy. That's our sweetie. We know that some of the things the doctor has to do are a little bit embarrassing, but we've got to put your aunt's mind at ease and make sure there's nothing wrong with you. Besides, now that you've started playing sex games with your boyfriend, it's important we make sure that everything's in good order, especially with your privates. Girls and ladies have to have their sex parts checked on the inside and so should fellows. This is part of the way it's done with weenies. You'll get used to it, sweetie. You mark my words."

That last bit threw him off and we could all see him outwardly grimace. I chuckled and told him not to be a sissy. If he liked things stuck up his bottom, he'd learn to like this too.

His aunt was craning her head to get a better view, so I had her come to the other side of the examination table where she could see everything in more detail. Her smile broadened as she came up closer, her eyes were riveted on the thin rod I was holding ready for insertion.

I motioned to my nurse to remain by the nephew and keep him occupied. She knew what to do of course, it was not the first time an anxious patient needed to succumb to the ambiguously suggestive reassurances of my nurse. Whispered words and the strategic placement of her hands have always done much to get some of our more apprehensive patients in a receptive state. She patted his forehead, rubbed his cheeks and twiddled around his ear lobes as she uttered soft words of encouragement.

So as my nurse used her suggestive vocabulary on the nephew, I was better able to concentrate on the little procedure at hand. Squeezing along the length of the nephew's glans, his pee-hole opened up wide enough for me to insert the tip of the plastic rod. It was rounded of course and entered easily enough at first. Then the nephew registered the intrusion and probably felt an amount of discomfort and anxiety. I told him to remain still as I moved the probe further up into his penis, twiddling around now and then to make the passage easier.

The aunt's eyes opened in amazement as the rod slowly disappeared up into her nephew's penis. The entire length of the penile shaft was now penetrated and I moved his penis forward, almost down to his thighs, the better to penetrate the final extent of his urethra. He groaned and gasped and tried to move his hips away, but I was prepared for this and held on to his penis. I told his aunt to help restrain her nephew by holding his thighs pressed down to the examination table. Surprised at first, she eagerly complied, perhaps a bit too enthusiastically at first, but effectively nonetheless.

The nephew calmed down and I told him the worst was over. The probing sound was now inserted as far as possible without penetrating into the nephew's bladder. His urethra now containing the sound, it was possible to palpate the length of the nephew's penis and feel the rod inside. This also allowed to feel for any abnormalities or growths along the urethral canal. I explained what I was doing and asked the aunt if she would care to have a cursory feel as well.

She blushed at my proposal, but more likely from eagerness than reluctance. In fact, I got the impression she didn't want to seem too eager, so I repeated the suggestion. It never did any harm to be knowledgeable about minor medical procedures I said and yes, she agreed that was indeed probably best so.

While holding the nephew's penis steady, I let the aunt feel and squeeze his organ. At first she touched it gingerly, almost daintily with the tips of two fingers, but I urged her to take a firm grip with all her digits and to exert sufficient pressure. She got the hang of it fairly rapidly and imitated my manner of examination, squeezing, probing and gripping the nephew's penis firmly.

I told her to keep her hand around his penis as I withdrew the rod so she could note the difference in tension. Slowly I eased the sound upwards and out, until it was fully retracted. The nephew gave a sigh of relief.

I explained that it would be necessary to repeat this procedure on a fairly regular basis to make sure his urethral track was kept free and un-obstructed. The nephew's sigh of relief turned into a groan of anxiety but with a chuckle I predicted he would come to appreciate his future examinations.

I now thought it a good occasion to do a detailed measurement of the nephew's genitals. True, they were in erection, that was utterly obvious, but that condition had to be noted down as well, the better to differentiate between the size of his penis when flaccid and when in full erection.

I set out a number of instruments. I placed them where the nephew could see them of course. It was somewhat mischievous of me I admit, but on the other hand adding a hint of apprehension wouldn't do the nephew any harm. Especially not when he discovered their ultimate innocent use.

But at first, to someone uninformed of medical practices, such an array of shiny, gleaming instruments looked daunting enough. Measuring devices for bodily parts, especially parts of an irregular form and size, require intricate constructions and unusual shaping. They seem far more ominous than they really are. Essentially the instruments were little more than rulers and calipers, their outward design simply a bit more complicated than a standard hobby-store tool.

Nevertheless the look on the nephew's face was priceless. His eyes wide open, his mouth in a grimace. The aunt too sported quite a look, but one of eager anticipation. She seemed entranced, her head askance, no doubt wondering how they were going to be put to use on her nephew. I thought I should enlighten her and took her aside.

"There's no need to be worried. We're just going to measure your nephew's intimate parts in detail. It shouldn't cause him much discomfort."

"Oh? Well, just do whatever you think necessary doctor. There's no need to spare him any discomfort at all."

"Of course not. I just didn't want to alarm you."

"Thank you for being so considerate of my feelings, I know my nephew is in good hands here. However these are odd looking instruments. Are these just to measure his weener?"

"Well, there's more than just the penis to measure. That can be accomplished with simple devices. We also need determine the size of his testicles, that's a bit more delicate as I'm sure you know."

"Hmmm … so they say."

"Indeed so. Then we need to measure scrotal volume, perineum mass and shape, determine various genital-anal proportions and alignments as well as the maximum distention of several orifices, notably the prepuce, urethral opening and the anus of course."

"Of course … "

"It's more or less standard procedure. My nurse will assist, but feel free to observe closely should you wish."

"Oh. Most certainly. Is this an important part of the examination?"

"All aspects are important, but yes it is. Your nephew seems rather well-endowed and he may show a marked diversion from the general norm. In that case, I might recommend a genital reduction or some type of modest alteration."

"Alteration? I don't understand."

"Well yes. It's not always beneficial to be largely equipped, if you understand what I mean. A large set of genitals is not always attractive nor optimally functional. From a purely esthetic point of view, modestly sized genitals can be more pleasing to the eye."

"They can be changed?"

"Well, it involves a bit of treatment of course and isn't accomplished in a single appointment, but yes, essentially a modest amount of alteration is possible with little difficulty involved. Does this sound attractive to you?"

"I'm somewhat overwhelmed at the moment. The idea never crossed my mind, but I must confess to finding the idea intriguing and attractive. I have never been overly fond of large … male equipment."

"Nor are many females. It's quite understandable and I heartily endorse the view. Often, less is better. Now on the other hand, it might be necessary for your nephew to be enlarged in other areas."

"Oh? Where?"

"Well the anal opening to begin with. It's almost certain he will progress to entertaining thoughts of anal activity with his boyfriend sooner or later, and he should be properly prepared for that eventuality. Proper dilation of the anus is absolutely necessary."

"Really? Don't you think that is an unnecessary encouragement? I thought it would be best to put a stop to his fooling around like a sissy-boy."

"Hmmm … there are of course many schools of thought on the matter, some wish to argue for suppression, others are more open-minded."

"And what are your thoughts doctor?"

"Personally I would say it matters little what gender does the penetrating if a person is inclined to appreciate anal stimulation. Females can provide the services just as well, though they must necessarily use something else than a penis. Fingers, dildos, dilators or probes of many sorts are all just as effective. If you find the idea of your nephew playing with fellow males disturbing, there are other ways of providing him with release of tension. But that is something to be decided upon later. We can always discuss your own preferences and inclinations after your nephew's examination. How does that sound?"

"Very satisfactory."


I smiled and nodded at my nurse. She bent down next to the nephew's face and gave him a knowing look. She stroked his cheeks and shoulders as she explained what we were going to do next. I have to admit my nurse had a way with words. How she did it I really don't know, but she had the nephew nodding and relaxing. He was still flushed in the face though, no doubt from her choice of words and phrasing. And to confess, I too found her way of addressing the nephew to be utterly enchanting and arousing. I sometimes wondered how it would feel to be in the nephew's situation, with the nurse whispering naughty words about what she was going to do with my privates. I rather think I would enjoy it very much. Maybe someday I'd see if I could set up an exam.

In the meantime duty beckoned.

The measuring was not very strenuous nor disagreeable for the nephew. At first. I measured various parts of the nephew's penis, both lengthwise and in width. It was detailed and necessitated handling his erect organ frequently but after a while he didn't seem to show any signs of embarrassment, even with his aunt watching attentively. His penis was more or less normally sized, though on the whole he tended to surpass the mean average for his build.

The aunt didn't appear to like hearing this.

Measuring the nephew's scrotum and perineum was a bit trickier and involved the use of small tape measures and specialized calipers, but once again involved little physical discomfort on the whole, if any at all. It was time to move on to some more interesting areas.

The foreskin or the urethral opening first? Both were simple to perform but the instruments involved would cause the nephew to experience more than the usual consternation. I decided upon the urethra first. The measuring device was little more than a metallic cone with a butterfly handle at the end. There were a series of notched intervals indicating diameter. All that had to be done was pinch open the nephew's urethral opening and insert the device to its maximum depth. When it couldn't be pushed in any deeper I would take a reading.

As I slid the device in with a firm hand, the nephew's face turned into a grimace. He let out a moan and bucked his hips. I told him to hold still, the measuring was almost done.

That wasn't entirely correct of course but it was just something routine to say. Besides, even though the nephew looked disconcerted and sported a grimace on his face, it's hard to tell the difference between pleasure and discomfort at the best of times, especially with special examinations such as those I conducted. The nephew's penis was rock hard and throbbing, a fact that didn't escape anyone's notice in the room, his aunt least of all. And such organs aren't in such a state unless pleasurably engaged in some manner or another. The circumstances may be embarrassing, but the pleasure is still evident. Even though the object of attention may be confused about it all.

Philosophical ruminations aside I withdrew the measuring device and gave it a serious look and a lengthy ‘hmmmm…' Almost on cue, the aunt asked if there was any cause for concern.

"That's difficult to say at the moment. I've only done a very superficial examination of your nephew's urethral tract. The opening is strictly speaking within the norm, though borderline narrow. The interior canal may be of an acceptable diameter, but then again perhaps not. It's hard to tell if there are any adhesions or constrictions present."

"My goodness doctor. How can you find out if there is anything wrong?"

"The simplest method is by inserting a pliable catheter or sound and assessing the ease of penetration along the urethral tract into the bladder."

"That sounds very uncomfortable."

"Not really. A first examination may be somewhat confusing for a patient such as your nephew, but it involves little hardship. Besides, many individuals come to find it a highly pleasurable experience and engage in private or with partners."

"Really? That sounds very intriguing."

"Oh yes. Males of course, by virtue of their genital configuration, have a bit of a harder time learning to appreciate the subtleties of sensations involved, but with some practice they usually turn around fairly easily. Females are more easily sounded and probed and are besides, more accustomed to the idea of physical penetration of bodily orifices, however insignificant it may be."

"It sounds like something my nephew should learn more about if you ask me."

"I'm inclined to agree, if only on general principle. And in your nephew's specific case I would say he would benefit greatly."

"Are you going to do it now doctor?"

"I'm not set up for this at the moment, but perhaps during a subsequent examination?"

"I think that would be fine."

"Good. We'll make a note of that. Besides, from what I can see, your nephew would definitely benefit from a therapy of urethral widening. We could schedule it for subsequent examinations perhaps?"

"Whatever you think is best doctor."

She should only know what I thought best. Then again, our minds seemed to be running along parallel tracks, I just had a head start from experience.

The nephew looked unhappy at hearing the news, but my nurse beamed a smile that lit up the room. She made several remarks to the nephew that she was delighted he would be making additional visits under her care.

While she was busy stroking his forehead and whispering about the upcoming genital treatments he would be receiving, I prepared a complicated looking little device for measuring the nephew's foreskin opening. Essentially it was a sort of speculum, or spreading device, but instead of inserting it into a patient's vagina or anus, this one was designed with a number of small smoothly curved blades that were inserted under the foreskin. Placed in a circular pattern, when opened, they expanded in unison, stretching the prepuce. A measuring scale indicated the subsequent diameter.

Normally it is sufficient to determine if a patient's prepuce can be withdrawn over the glans and restrained there during an erection. It's a simple enough procedure that can be performed with little training. But this method was a little more disconcerting for the patient and interesting to watch for onlookers.

Speaking to the aunt, I explained how the device worked and turned the little lever, giving a demonstration of how the blades expanded in unison. She grinned lasciviously when I pointed out the comparison to a vaginal speculum.

I screwed the measuring device back to the starting position and had my nurse lubricate the nephew's penis. She spread a goodly amount of liquid gel over the nephew's glans and rubbed a bit up under his prepuce. She told him to relax.

He might have done his best, but it didn't amount to much. He was tense as I held his penis and pushed upwards, bunching up skin over his glans. My nurse helped slide the blades under the nephew's prepuce, positioning them as deep as possible. The nephew grit his lips and closed his eyes, stiffening his hips. He was just anxious, for there could have been little discomfort involved, a slight chill from the metal blades aside.

I turned the screws, spreading the blades. As they expanded, the nephew's prepuce bulged from the inside, widening in diameter bit by bit. The opening grew wider, allowing for a clear view of the glans and meatus. When it seemed that the opening had been expanded sufficiently, I took a reading and asked how the nephew was doing. Did he feel up to additional widening?

He shook his head, which brought on a smile of benevolent compassion from my nurse. She explained that his limit wasn't reached and that it was very important that it be established just how far that limit was. Addressing myself to the aunt while my nurse continued her verbal ministrations, I explained the importance of proper foreskin retraction to the aunt.

"It is vital that the prepuce be easily and readily retracted in males. Not only for the obvious hygienic reasons, which I'll come to in a while, but also because a great deal of male sexual activity should ideally take place with a denuded penis. With circumcised genitals, there is of course no problem. The penis is then in a naturally denuded condition."

"Does that mean he should … you know … have a little operation down there?"

"Not necessarily. If we establish that your nephew can easily and comfortably retract his foreskin, then such treatment shouldn't be necessary. Circumcision is after all, a significant alteration and not always that easily undone afterwards."

"I see … "

"Besides, it looks as though that while your nephew is within normal parameters, it does seem he is just about bordering within the acceptable limits. I'll take another reading later perhaps, time permitting. Foreskin expansion is progressive and repeated exercise gives excellent results within a short time. Before we consider any drastic treatment like circumcision I would recommend you check your nephew's foreskin on a regular basis."

"How do you mean doctor?"

"The simplest manner is regularly retracting the prepuce for inspection. During washing comes to mind or upon bed-time prior to retiring for the night is also an ideal time. Your nephew can be told to do so himself or you could do so in his place. The latter would be more ideal of course."

"You mean I should check him?"

"Certainly. From what I've heard of his activities and proclivities, it seems called for. In any case, regular genital inspections are hardly superfluous. I would strongly recommend you commence with the practice. That way you can keep on eye on his development and hopefully notice anything untoward he may be up to. Fellows his age can be very active you know. They have very naughty imaginations."

"That's for sure."

As if she didn't know herself. Inwardly I chuckled. The nephew was now probably shaking to his bones from embarrassment and mortification at the planned changes in his household routine. His aunt seemed eager and willing to take him to hand, both figuratively as well as literally. Little did he know just how lucky a fellow he was going to be.

I smiled at him and patted his hips, nodding reassuringly.

The examination continued in all its intricate detail .....

The Doctor

After washing up I rejoined the aunt in my office. She was still a bit flushed, from residual arousal no doubt, but otherwise looking very pleased with herself and with things in general. I offered her a cup of tea while we discussed the results of her nephew's examination.

"I hope you are satisfied with what we accomplished this afternoon?"

"Most certainly doctor. It was very enlightening to say the least. I had no idea there were so many aspects to a medical examination for males."

"Yes, examinations can be quite exhaustive as to procedures and methods. Of course we've barely covered all of the possibilities for fellows such as your nephew, but we have made a good start. I hope your mind has been put to rest about your nephew's condition."

"Well actually doctor, I was wondering if you could explain things in a bit more detail. For instance in my nephew's case, do you think there is any real cause for concern about his inclinations?"

"Hmmm … I suppose you are referring to the sexual play with his male friend you witnessed?"

"That's correct doctor. I'm still not sure what to think about it all. What should I do with my nephew when we get home?"

"Well, first off I think he will need a good night's rest. However that aside I suppose you mean what should be done in the longer term?"

"Yes indeed. I suppose I ought to keep a close eye on him from now on, but what if he continues fooling around with his friend? Is there anything specific that you could recommend we do for my nephew? Is there any specialized treatment he could follow for instance? Any kind of therapy?"

"Well now. Let's look at things carefully. First off you've asked two questions I would say. One - should you be concerned about the sexual games he engages in with his boyfriend? Is it an activity you should strictly prohibit? And two - are there any medical or therapeutic treatments that would be beneficial to your nephew? Would you agree with me on this?"

"Why, yes. That sounds immanently sensible."

"Fine. So let's start with the first question. Should we be concerned about your nephew's sexual inclinations? More specifically - should we prevent him from engaging in any further homosexual activity? Shall we start with this first?"

"Yes doctor. That is fine with me."

"All right then. In my opinion sex-play with the same gender is little cause for concern. It is a normal phase for young fellows to go through and as such is quite common actually. Little lasting harm can come from it. Now, elders and guardians do tend to become somewhat apprehensive if not outright hysterical when they encounter this kind of activity. I try however to reassure them that there is nothing adverse about this kind of behavior as such. In fact, at times it can even be advantageous to encourage it, within certain limits."


"Oh quite. Now mind you, I think it best that you supervise your nephew more closely from now on, let him know that you do not approve of his furtiveness. Instead, encourage him to introduce his friend to you, get to know him better and perhaps allow the two fellows to engage in a little playing together under your supervision."

"Do you think that advisable?"

"Why not? Perhaps you can have them do their ‘doctor thing' again, the better to observe and maybe to give a few suggestions, or to keep things at an acceptable level of intimacy, whatever you judge to be best. I don't think you would mind a repeat, now would you? Wouldn't you like to see your nephew and his boyfriend fooling around in the nude again?"

"I confess I would, though I don't really understand why."

"Why do males find it so arousing to watch two females engaged in sexual play? It is one of their favorite fantasies you know."

"Yes, so I've heard."

"The same principle applies in you and your nephew's case I would say. It is simply enjoyable to view sexual activity, especially when an element of the unusual is involved."

"So you think it would be all right for my nephew to continue seeing his friend?"

"Essentially yes. I would however state your conditions. No furtive activity on their own, no sneaking behind your back. Insist on being notified and on being present when they engage in sexual play, in petting, whenever they wish to undress for each other, mutually inspect their genitals and so on."

"But I wouldn't have the slightest idea how to go about all of that."

"Well I'm certain your nephew knows the score by now. He'll be cooperative now that you've witnessed his examination today. There is after all, little you haven't already seen of him, now is there?"

"No I guess not." (a discrete chuckle)

"Even so, we'll all have a little talk before you leave. I'll explain things to him, how you wish him to comport himself from now on, what he'll be allowed or not allowed to do, how you'll be supervising him and his intimate activities. How does that sound?"

"Why doctor, that sounds very fine indeed."

"Fine. Now as to the second part of your question - should your nephew follow any sort of treatment or therapy? Strictly speaking that isn't really necessary since we've established that on the whole his sexual activity isn't all that reprehensible to begin with. Hence no formal treatment is necessary. However, I would heartily recommend that he be given regular examinations such as today and that you keep an eye on his sexual activities. Your nephew is obviously a highly sexually charged fellow and will understandably be needing a regular source of relief. For all its merits in certain exceptional situations, solo masturbation is not an advisable alternative for your nephew. It's an anti-social activity at best and does little to encourage the development of interactive social skills."

"So having a boyfriend is not something to be worried about?"

"Not really. But then again to counter any exclusive homosexual preferences, it would be best that he also engage in some form of sexual activity with females, they being either partner or as observer, supervisor. That's one reason why I find it so beneficial to have my nurse actively take part in our special examinations. There is no harm done at all by having fellows such as your nephew sexually aroused by an attractive female nurse, wouldn't you say?"

"Now that I think about it, I suppose not."

"Precisely. In your situation I would suggest that you yourself take a more active role from now on. Attend to his hygiene, wash him, have him undress and change clothes in your presence, supervise him and his friend of course, but also ask him about his secret feelings and urges from time to time. Have him explain them to you, preferably in detail. Ask him to explain his sex urges and desires. Talk about it together, have him tell you anecdotes or notable occurrences he's experienced. Maybe have him enact them out for you."

"How do you mean doctor?"

"Well obviously he will have strong masturbatory urges, in order to obtain sexual relief on a regular basis. You can inform him that there is no objection to that as long as he does it with your approval, preferably under your supervision and guidance."

"Do you think my nephew would do that? I wouldn't know how to begin."

"After today's examination there is, as I have said, little you haven't seen of him. I am inclined to think he will not put up much of a fuss. Perhaps he will fluster a bit initially, but I believe he cannot wait for you to see him naked again."

"Are you sure?"

"Why of course. You are a very stunning lady and anyone not wishing to undress for you is seriously in need of therapy indeed." (chuckle chuckle)

"Why thank you doctor …" (blush) "But even so …"

"I understand. Now there is perhaps another tack, so to speak as it were, that might be advisable to take with your nephew. It's slightly more unconventional, but I think it would be beneficial all things considered."

"And that is …?"

"Well, one manner of reorienting his sexual attention and yearnings towards more conventional male interests would be to immerse him in femininity, by having him enact a more female role, have him adopt certain female traits and characteristics, have him mimic female behavior and activities. Up to a certain point of course."

"I don't understand. You propose an unconventional therapy to get him interested in conventional sexual activities?"

"Yes," (chuckle) "It may sound confusing at first, but bear with me if you please. Male attraction to other males is often just an outlet for sexual urges otherwise not expressible."

"Mmmm … perhaps I suppose."

"Certainly so in your nephew's case. Perhaps he is a bit shy around girls, does not know how to make contact or strike up an acquaintance with girlfriends. He almost certainly has difficulty expressing his sexual yearnings towards girls. By acquainting him with all the many various aspects of femininity and by having him enact them all in person, he would very well come to feel far more comfortable in a female presence."

"Well, that does sound sensible in a roundabout way. I certainly find it an intriguing therapy, this inception of attraction by mimicry. But how to go about it? What should be done specifically?"

"There are various ways of going about this. For instance I would first suggest you acquaint him with intimate feminine accouterments, starting out with undergarments let's say."

"Undergarments? Do you mean lingerie?"

"Oh, yes indeed. Things like panties and brassieres come to mind first of all, undergowns, pantyhose, garters, things of that nature. Have him help out with the ironing, let him fold them, put them away. In short have him handle them."

"Yes …?"

"Ask him what he thinks, what feelings they engender, if he likes them, ask what his opinions are about their feel, texture and so on. He will probably express a degree of embarrassment at first, but you shouldn't have much trouble getting his interest."

"Then what should I do doctor? Surely not model them for my nephew?"

"Odd that you should suggest that. It's one of the possibilities, but not an initial one to start out with. A more appropriate plan would be to suggest he try them on himself."

"Surely not?"

"Surely so. They are only garments after all. Social convention dictates which are appropriate to which gender when worn in public, but in truth social conventions are in constant flux. Actors, for instance, are constantly required to dress for opposite gender roles and they come to no harm in doing so. A generation or so ago it was considered extremely unsightly for females to wear trousers and yet now it is considered of no importance at all. There are many other examples."

"That's true I suppose."

"And besides, when done in private, no one need dictate what is appropriate or not. If your nephew should benefit from some modest cross-dressing and if it would please you into the bargain, there is no reason not to take up the practice now and then, make it part of your household routine."

"What a compelling case you make doctor. I would never have thought of doing such things myself."

"It's nothing new of course. Throughout the ages unruly and difficult male adolescents have been made to undergo a reversal in sexual dress or roles for periods of times in order to correct their general comportment, unusual sexual habits, inappropriate inclinations or unruly dispositions. It will certainly do much to calm him and help him appreciate the charms of feminine appearance. I dare say his boyfriend and you as well will be much enticed with your nephew's dressing up. Perhaps you should suggest his boyfriend do the same."

"Oh? But I wouldn't know how … "

"I'm sure you'll find it easier than you think once the first steps are taken. If you wish, I will inform your nephew of the new arrangements, explain them in detail perhaps. How does that sound?"

"I would be grateful indeed."

"Fine then. Would you prefer to be present during the discussion with your nephew?"

"What do you think doctor?"

"I think you should stay. He shouldn't try to keep any secrets from you, so a frank and open discussion of what he will be required to do from now on really requires your presence. Besides, it will enhance your authority over him to no small degree. In the longer run, it will also enhance his feelings of affection and gratefulness towards you, though the initial embarrassment might be a tad unsettling at first."

"I see doctor."

"Might I also suggest I prescribe a form of medication for your nephew to take during the coming weeks?"

"If you think it necessary doctor. What would this medicine be for?"

"Well, it's not strictly a medicine as such. I was thinking more of administering to your nephew a sort of invigorating potion, something to tone him up a bit, to liven up your nephew's libido."

"But doctor. Now I really don't understand. Why would it be to his benefit to give my nephew anything that will heighten his desire? Surely the opposite would be indicated."

"Ahhh … bereft of desire your nephew will be an uninteresting fellow to attend to, hardly worth the effort of giving him your attention. He will also be harder to control, to hold authority over. But someone like him filled with desires and sexual longings can be far more easily controlled if you hold the authority to grant relief, to allow him to indulge in his longings and feelings. Do you understand?"

(a knowing smile) "Ahhh … yes I think I do indeed. Why, I had no idea you had thought things through to such lengths. Admirable."

"Thank you. It is more the fruit of experience than anything else. My thoughts and ruminations are hardly very profound."

"Hmmm … you are far too modest doctor."

"Well whatever. Now as to the medication, I take it you agree?"

"Oh yes. Most certainly now that you've explained things to me."

"Fine then. It's best administered daily. It has the added advantage of acting as a hair depressant, inhibiting the growth of body hair."

"My, how curious."

"I prefer to think it rather fortuitous instead. You might also note that in some individuals it might cause some swelling of the breasts and nipples, perhaps even markedly so. It's nothing to be alarmed at. The medication is sometimes used when the object is to specifically induce breast enlargement in males prior to other forms of corrective alterations, but then it is administered in substantially higher dosages."

"You mean that the medicine may cause my nephew's breasts to swell and grow larger?"

"Hmmm … the causality is seldom so straightforward, but the probability is always present. I just mention it out of precaution. I wouldn't want you upset should your nephew begin to sprout a nice pair of breasts."

(chuckle) "Oh. The idea alone is amusing rather than upsetting. How cute that would look. My nephew with a pair of titties in a brassiere."

"Yes. Many of my female patients think so as well. Actually I get such requests very often."

"Really? How enlightening this all is. Well, thank you for warning me. Should he begin to fill out ‘up there' I will certainly not become alarmed. Perhaps … well … perhaps now that you have explained this to me I shall even be somewhat disappointed should my nephew not transform into a more full- formed female appearance." (chuckle)

"Oh really? Well in that case we can easily adjust the dosage to accommodate your preferences. Would you prefer that?"

"I rather think so."

"Fine. I'll take care of it. You should be seeing results in a short while then, say within a week or so."

"Wonderful doctor. How exciting this has all turned out to be. You have no idea how grateful I am."

"Fine. Now, should we have your nephew come in now? Do you feel up to it? Or would you like to wait a while?"

"No, no. Now is fine doctor."

"Very well, I'll inform my nurse. I'll be back in a moment."

The Nurse

I was just finishing the nephew's post exam cleaning-up. Depending upon their profile we let them take a shower or perhaps a bath if the time was available. But for our present patient I decided that a sponge bath would be more appropriate.

I was giving him a good rub-down with a fluffy towel when the doctor entered the room. He took an appreciative look at the nephew and nodded to himself, smiling at some private thought. I wondered if they were running similar tracks as my own thoughts. I would have bet even money they were.

He gestured me over to him.

"Everything going well here nurse?"

"Fine doctor. Fine. We've got a well-behaved patient on our hands indeed."

"Don't we now. It's been an interesting experience for us all, wouldn't you say nurse?"

"Oh yes doctor."

"Good. Now, when you're finished in here, when he's properly dried and toweled, I want him brought to my office. His aunt and I are going to have a word with him, give him a little explanation of how things are going to be for him from now on. Do you understand?" (smile)

"I think so doctor. Is there anything special you'd like done?"

"Yes. I've suggested that he be taught some of the more intimate points of female comportment, you know, in regards to dressing up, appearance and demeanor. Let's see if we can start right now, shall we? Find something appropriately lady-like for our patient to wear, arrange his hair a bit, use some talcum powder and lotion discretely, maybe apply something scented as well. You understand?"

"Yes doctor. Completely. You suggest he be treated like a young lady since he likes playing the sissy-boy so much."

"Well, we're not going overboard with the concept, but yes, that's essentially correct. A bit of discrete and low-keyed gender-reversal seems to be in order here. I think the aunt is positively enthralled by the idea, and I'm sure the nephew won't put up much of a fuss either. What do you think nurse?"

"I agree doctor. Your diagnosis in these cases is always invariably correct."

"Aren't they now …?" (chuckle) "Well, I'll see you in a few minutes in my office."

"Very well doctor."

My my. This was getting better all the time. I turned around and smiled at the nephew. He was giving me a questioning look, somewhat puzzled though appropriately subdued. He seemed to sense the examination wasn't really over with yet. That more was yet to come.

I gave him a last rub-down, taking special care that his pubic region was completely dry. I pondered what to use and after looking through a few of the drawers decided to use a combination of baby-oil and talcum powder on his genitals and bottom. I told the nephew to bend over forward and spread his bottom open with his hands. He blushed and looked confused, but did as required.

I applied a minute amount of baby-oil to his anus and rubbed it in. This was, I informed him, to soothe his little bottom hole after all the insertions and stretching. Didn't it feel nice and soft as I rubbed it in? He made an indeterminate sound, but it appeared he was in agreement.

That done I had him stand up and turn to face me. I told the nephew I was going to apply some of the oil to the tip of his penis, since that was undoubtedly also sore after all the handling during the exam. He disagreed, saying all was fine, but I smiled and told him to jut out his hips towards me and see if he could retract his foreskin on his own.

The nephew blushed furiously and sighed deeply. I informed him he would have to get used to such treatments from now on and if he couldn't or wouldn't help out and cooperate, it would just be more unpleasant for him in the long run. Trembling, either from arousal or embarrassment or both, he did as instructed, slowly peeling back the prepuce from his erect penis. He grimaced but managed to expose his glans for me, the skin nicely pulled down around the rim.

"There we are sweetie. That wasn't so hard, now was it?"

(tentative shake of the head)

"Of course not. You're going to be practicing that a lot from now on with your aunt, so you must learn how to do it without being ashamed. The tip of your weenie looks a bit chaffed and red. Does it feel sore honey?"

"No … well, maybe a little bit, nurse."

"Well, there we are then. We'll rub in a bit of baby-oil and spread it out nice and evenly. Here we go sweetie. Doesn't that feel nice and cool after all the handling during the examination?"

"I guess so."

"It certainly does. Now let's add a dab or more and then we'll be finished with the oil."

After sliding his prepuce back over the glans I cleaned up a bit of oil that was leaking out. I spread out a clean towel on a small table and told the nephew to lay down on his back. He didn't seem to like taking position on a table yet again, but he did as told. I made sure the towel was under his hips and thighs and then had the nephew raise his legs up into the air over his tummy, soles touching together. This nicely exposed his genitals and bottom, making it easy for me to shake out an amount of flowery smelling talcum powder. I rubbed it in vigorously, neglecting no crease or fold between the nephew's navel and thighs. The powder felt very soft to the touch, dry and clean and was of course light in color, an off-whitish tint that paled the color of his flesh. It covered up the odd blemish here and there as well, giving him an even more youthful appearance, delicate and vulnerable. I would have liked to powder the rest of his body as well, but thought it best to refrain for the moment. There would be other occasions, if not done by me then probably by his aunt.

The nephew blustered a bit as I was rubbing in the talcum powder, complaining that it was far too childish a thing to do. I shushed him however and told him it was doctor's orders. I also told him that he smelled ever so nice and sweet and that he looked very attractive and soft.

I let him sit upright as I next applied a handful of moisturizing lotion to various parts of his upper body. Mischievously I started by rubbing an amount into his armpits and over his nipples. I whispered that this type of lotion was normally used by ladies to keep their bodies soft and clean. I stepped behind him and cupped his breasts. He flinched and made a face, but I just held on to him tighter, pressing on his chest and gently tweaking his nipples. They were stiff of course and I didn't neglect informing him that I could feel the difference. Surely he must be enjoying this I asked.

Well, he didn't say much, but then again the nephew hadn't been saying much during the examination either. That's usually a sign that in spite of all the embarrassment and the little measures taken to keep him off-balance and intimately exposed, the nephew was probably enjoying his examination more than he could have realized. He just needed to be made aware of the fact. I was sure that between his aunt and the doctor, he wouldn't be long in finding out.

I applied another generous handful of scented lotion onto my hands and applied it to the nephew's face, delicately rubbing it over his cheeks, forehead, under his chin and all over. Wasn't it a refreshing feeling I asked, soft and soothing and fresh smelling. I didn't get an answer and hadn't expected one anyway, but at least the nephew didn't make a face. I diligently massaged the lotion into his skin, then when finished I took a brush and went through his hair, stroking it into a style unlike that which he normally wore.

Finally without giving him much chance to complain I handed the nephew an examination gown of the more feminine sort, told him to put it on and to accompany me back to the doctor's office.

The Aunt

When the nurse came back with my nephew in tow I couldn't but help notice the changes in his appearance. Aside from the little tent-pole bulging in front of his examination gown, he seemed to have taken on a charmingly ambiguous look. Was this a somewhat vigorous looking tom-boy standing here in the doctor's office or just a sissy-boy in a gown? I couldn't help but smile and clap my hands together in approval. So this was how the doctor wished to treat my nephew, by giving him a more effeminate look and appearance? How charming and how appropriate. I never would have thought my nephew would submit to such treatment with so little fuss.

But here he was nonetheless, hair combed aside in a demure style, wearing a frilly-looking gown that was one step removed from being a negligee or chemise and smelling as fresh as a rose. Didn't he look simply charming! I smiled at the doctor, hoping I conveyed my approval.

"My goodness doctor! How changed he looks, this nephew of mine. Why, if I didn't know better I would have thought him now transformed into a charming niece!"

(chuckle) "Yes, he does look much improved wouldn't you say? Demure and alluringly attired. I'm glad you approve. We've found that having our male patients alter their outward appearance in such a manner does no end of good for their comportment and bearing. It's enlightening for many males to experience situations garbed in female attire, it helps broaden their perspectives in various ways."

"Well, I certainly hope so doctor."

"I'm sure that will be the case." (speaking to the nephew) "Now, tell me, how are you feeling after your examination?"

"I don't know. A bit funny I guess."

"Ah? Funny? Well as we can all plainly see, you do look quite the picture of health. Your complexion is radiantly fresh and clean, you look neatly and properly attired in your garments, I found no signs of illness or worrisome conditions of the body at all during my examination. In fact, you are still functioning quite well in the more intimate areas of your anatomy. Isn't that so young man?"

"I guess so … I'm sorry."

"Well, there's little to be done about that, nor does it matter really. Neither I nor my nurse are shocked by viewing male genitalia in a state of arousal. It may however be a somewhat different matter for your aunt though. You do understand that you have caused her no end of mental distress and upset with that naughty little intimate escapade with your boyfriend?

"I suppose … I'm sorry."

"No doubt you are. Not least by getting found out I wager. But that is past tense. From now on we're going to concentrate on the future, help you readjust your attitude and comportment, get you used to some little routines and habits that will, first of all, alleviate your aunt's justified concerns for your mental well-being and secondly address your own quite understandable urges and longings. Do you understand what we are talking about?"

"Uhh … I'm not sure …"

"Personally I think you have more than an inkling, but for the sake of forthrightness let me explain what will be required of you from now on. All right?"

Uhh … yes. All right."

"Fine. Now then. You are obviously a mature enough fellow in body and in age. Your intimate urges are also just as well developed and rampant, of that we are all aware. Now, this is all quite normal and healthy to a certain degree. No one is finding fault with you for experiencing the desire to indulge in some form of sexual exploration and gratification. We are all subject to such, at times bewildering yet powerful urges. There is nothing wrong with wishing to be naked with a suitable partner, to play sexual games, to fiddle around and fondle genitals and intimate areas, insert … things here and there into parts of the anatomy. There is little wrong with that at all. Even if you like to do so with a same-sex partner."

"But I …"

"No interruptions if you please. As I was saying, no one minds if you like to do these things with a boyfriend. But … and this is quite important for your aunt, who is I must remind you, charged with keeping an eye on your well-being and health, you have been far far too secretive about your activities and longings. That will have to change from now on."

"But how …?"

"I will explain. From now on you will be put on a supervised regime concerning matters of health and hygiene. What does that mean in particular? You will be coming back here to my office for subsequent examinations. We're going to have to keep a watchful eye on your development and progress. Do you understand?"

"I think so …"

"Fine. I don't think your examination was all that much of a hardship as you may otherwise believe. Isn't that so?"

"Huh? I don't understand …"

"I think you do. You were in an almost constant state of arousal, weren't you?"

"I guess … but …"

"No buts. In fact, you still are aroused and erect, aren't you? Come a bit closer please and stand where your aunt and I can see you better. There we are. Now lift up your gown please…"

"Huh …?"

"Your examination gown. Lift up the hem please. Hold it above your abdomen and expose yourself. There's nothing to worry about I would think. All of us have seen your intimate areas in a good deal of detail already. The examination is over, but I want to point out something to your aunt."

My nephew turned a deep red and began to tremble. But the doctor insisted he do as told. Reluctantly my nephew approached the doctor, his head bent low. But the doctor put a hand under my nephew's chin and told him to look us both in the eye, there was nothing to be ashamed of.

Well apparently there was for my nephew. Even though his weenie and balls had been on display on the doctor's examination table, he still seemed to find lifting his gown embarrassing and humiliating. The doctor said a few more things to him, more softly to his ear so I couldn't hear what was being said, he patted my nephew on the behind and indicated that he show himself to us.

My nephew finally did as told, reluctantly crumpling the hem of his frilly examination frock up above his abdomen. It was no surprise to see his newly shaven weener sticking straight out in front of him, but I couldn't help smiling anyway. Neither could the doctor who complimented my nephew on his new appearance.

"There we are now. That wasn't so difficult was it?"

"I guess not … "

"Of course not. Now fine. We're also going to have your aunt take you to hand in between examinations. You'll be needing quite a bit of supervision I fear and it's best she help you out."

"But I don't need any hel…"

"Please listen. There will be no discussion of the matter. From now on there will be no sexual escapades or fooling around without your aunt's permission. Do you understand what that means?"

"I don't know …I guess …"

"That means that if you and your boyfriend want to do special things together, sexual things or undressing or games, you will have to inform your aunt ahead of time. She will decide on the appropriateness and upon the time and setting."

"But I can't do that … !"

"Surely you can. And you must from now on. You mustn't view this as a punishment, but as an opportunity to share and to learn. You must learn to talk to your aunt about these matters. She's very concerned about your well-being. Discussing what your urges are and what you wish to do is very important to her. She will have her mind set at rest knowing what you are up to. Especially when she herself can see what you do with your friend, what kind of sex games you two play together. There is nothing to be ashamed of. Simply learn to tell her your feelings, what you like doing, what you like having done to you."

"But … but … "

"She won't be shocked. In fact I am of the opinion that aunt is a very open-minded person. From now on I am going to suggest she keep a very close eye on you indeed. She'll be seeing that you keep yourself appropriately clean and dressed. That means she will be overseeing your bathing habits and will be choosing your wardrobe as she sees fit. And very importantly she will be keeping close tabs on how you are to be gratified from now on."

" …?"

"I think you understand quite well what I mean. All fellows need occasional relief from their urges. If they can't find a partner they usually resort to some form of masturbation, some kind of self- gratification. I'm sure you do the same."

"Oh no, … I …"

"Come now, please. It's no great shame to do so, but it is very anti-social and furtive behavior, it is not something to be encouraged or tolerated. It is a nasty habit in fact and we're going to see you do not succumb to the temptation anymore. For that, you will need an outlet, some form of assistance. I suggest that you and your aunt discuss your masturbatory habits sometime soon, that perhaps you show her what you do to yourself, what you think about, what you imagine and that from now on she help you out."

"Help me out …?!"

"Certainly. It is important that she keep a watch over you, and lends a helping-hand and a sympathetic ear. When you get home later on I suggest you and your aunt get together for an intimate little discussion tonight. Tell her whatever she asks, if necessary show her whatever she wishes to see, do whatever she tells you to do. Need I say any more?"

"I don't think so … But …"

"Fine. I hope you do as I suggest. It will be to your benefit in the long run. You'll see."

I don't think my nephew really believed that, but it wasn't open to discussion anymore. After this the doctor let my nephew lower his gown. He discussed a few more points, just to get home his message I think, but I for one fully understood how things were going to be around the house from now on.

As I gave my nephew a good look from head to toe, I think he was beginning to understand as well.

Oh, was I ever looking forward to the coming days and evenings. I wonder what my nephew thought. Whatever it was though, it didn't make him any less stiff.

Continued hopefully ...