Open Up Trisha

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Open Up Trisha

Open Up Trisha

Doctor Beverly Dawson was the calm and collected professional when she entered the exam room containing young Trisha Spallow, who was lying reclined on the examination table covered only with a light white gown and light blue sheet. She had removed her legs from the stirrups however and that was fine with Dawson, she would soon have them back again, "Hello Trisha dear. How are you today ?" she asked smiling at the young girl as she headed toward the sink which held the chart and notes on the girl.

Trisha simply nodded, she hated being in this office for what Doctor Dawson had made her endure. Her mother had said the Doctor was only doing what she had to in order to ensure she was healthy but that still made Trisha shiver and get goose pimples just thinking about it. "I'm fine Doctor Dawson" she said a bit nervously.

Tossing the papers on the chart over each other and glancing at the information she nodded her red head, "Excellent. Your blood test results showed a slight increase in your white blood cell count which indicates an infection beginning. Nancy will give you a penecillian injection before you leave, that should stop anything about to happen."

Sitting up and gripping the sheet the young girl was full of fear, "Ah...ah shot. I don't like shots Doctor Dawson," she insisted, her pulse, breathing and heart rate all increasing.

"Not many people do dear, but I'm afraid it's necessary," she said gently and sat the chart down on the counter. "Says here your mom called and said you weren't feeling well. Stomach pain; is that right ?" she asked professionally though just thinking of sliding her long and skinny fingers inside the girl's moist wet vagina was making her hot.

Trisha nodded, she didn't want to admit what her problem was and hoped the doctor would just say it was the stomach flu or something and order her home from school for a few days. Below her butt the young girl felt the puddle of wetness as the more rational part of her mind knew that Beverly Dawson wouldn't just let her out of the office that easily.

"Well don't worry Trisha" she said putting a hand on the girl's shoulder as she came up, "We'll find out what's going on. Now why don't you just lay back," she said putting one of her hands behind the girl's neck. "That's a good girl, just relax," she said once her young charge was leaned back on the table. "Good," she said and then took her hands and with a crinkle opened the blue gown after pulling the blue sheet down.

Nothing but the white skin of her patient greeted her. Trisha had a beautiful body, her breasts were perfect round orbs and she knew that it would be only moments before her hands were going over them and squeezing them professionally as it gave her a thrill personally. "So," Beverly started smiling at the girl, "How long have you had these pains Trisha ?" she asked professionally and brought her older wrinkled hands up to the girl's flat and tanned stomach.

"Uh well," she said thinking, the truth was she didn't want to go to school today because another girl had made fun of her yesterday and she didn't want to face her today, "I just got up this morning and didn't feel good," she said quickly, hoping it would pass for a reasonable answer.

"Uh hmmm," Beverly said as she pressed deeply into the teen's stomach, "Tell me if it hurts anywhere," she said moving her hands and again pressing hard into the teen.

Trisha made a few grunts at various places, she thought if she didn't then Doctor Dawson would know she was faking. She shivered slightly as the doctor's hands moved toward her pubic area but stopped. She jumped slightly when the doctor pressed into that area.

Dawson merely nodded, she had suspected that Trisha was faking and her grunts and non answers confirmed it. The only good news was that she had a real medical reason to continue checking, she had felt a mass inside the teen, probably not big enough to cause a problem but still she would take a look, "Well Trisha," she said pleasantly as she turned, "It's a good thing you came in today young lady. I need to have a closer look to confirm some things I felt," she said reaching for a white/blue box of yellow latex gloves.

Spallow gripped the sides of the table with her hands tightly, -Damn, Damn, Damn - she thought and shivered, "Doctor Dawson I'm ok really. I just uh need to rest," she said and then jumped slightly when she heard the snap of the glove going onto the doctors hand.

She watched in fear and trepidation, sweat breaking out on her brow and her heart rate increased as Dawson grabbed a blue tube that had the words 'KY Jelly' emblazoned on it in some type of fancy letters, "Wha...What are you going to do Doctor Dawson?"

Beverly just ignored her for a full minute while she went to the wall intercom and activated it with a touch of a button with her ungloved hand, "Nancy can you come into exam one and bring a fleet and a standard three quart with you."

"Sure thing Doctor Dawson, I'll be right there," came the reply of the cheerful nurse on the other end.

"Thank you," the doctor said and shut off the intercom and turned to see her patient with her feet out of the stirrups, she had pulled the sheet and gown tightly around her body and her knuckles were white from having such a death grip on the flimsy material. "Trisha please lay back down and get back into position," she said coming up to the teen.

The girl just shook her head lightly, " doctor I'm ok."

"Trisha," she began with a firm tone and tried to look stern, "I have to finish my examination and I need access to you. Now please lay back and relax or I can get staff in here to hold you down while I do the exam."

At that instant the door opened with a loud creak and Nancy came in. She carried a clear plastic bottle that was sealed in plastic with some type of nozzle also seperately sealed in the same hand. Her other hand was wrapped tightly around the stainless steel IV pole from which hung a blue bag that looked like an overinflated balloon. Steam was coming from the top of the bag and Trisha could see water dripping from it. She watched in horror as the nurse rolled the IV stand near the upraised stirrups.

Dawson nodded her thanks to Nancy and pointed to the teen, "Nancy would you please help get her back into the stirrups," she asked impatiently.

It took a good five minutes before Nancy had Trisha back in position, though her feet were now secured to the stirrups. The nurse was holding Trisha's hand as they both watched Dawson take a position between the teens legs. Beverly used her hands to force the girl's legs apart, "Open up and relax down her Trisha, it will be harder on you if you fight me," she said reaching over and uncovering the tray that contained the vaginal and rectal spreaders and the proctoscope that she would insert soon into the young girl's rectum.

Trisha felt tears coming down her face as the nurse rubbed her hair lightly, "Please Doctor...don't do this," she sniffed.

"It's required," is all Beverly told her as she sat down on a rolling stool, "Nancy while I get started down here why don't you do a breast exam on Trisha, be sure she doesn't have a problem there," she said as the squirting jell covered her fingers.

Nancy nodded as she pulled her hand from the teens and smiled at her, "Let's just open your gown a little more," she said and then started to gently rub her hand over the girl's left breast.

At the same instant Doctor Beverly Dawson began applying the cold lubricant to the girls puckered rosebud. She watched as the teens vagina got wet and when she felt the area was relaxed Beverly began her exam of the frightened and crying teen.

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