Girlfriend's Proctology Exam

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Girlfriend's Proctology Exam

About ten yeas ago I was dating or should say living with a cute little Cherokee Indian gal. She was about 5.5 135 lbs 36c cup tits nice ass and long flowing shiny black hair with eyes to match. She was a mother of two young sons and was a great companion at the time, however things do change and we went our own ways.

She had been having problems with her stomach hurting and going to the bathroom for about a month when she finally booked into see the dr. the day came and we went to the Doctor and he examined her from head to toe. then came the part where he said OK I need you to undress and get on with the rest of the exam. not liking to be naked in front of strangers she kinda put up a fuss but got no where quick.

The Doctor left and I helped her with undressing and getting the gown on not like she needed help but I was trying to comfort her as much as I could. Soon the Doctor and nurse were back in the room and the nurse was preparing the exam table for her to be on. with the stirrups in place the Doctor told her to assume the position that the ladies all know too well. First he did the usual breast exam and then moved down to her stomach and was examining her when she started to plead with him to be easy it was hurting her in places.

Soon he was onto the vaginal area and did his external and manual check then the inside manual check. time for the speculums to be used he did warm them before placing them inside her cavity. Once inside and examining her most intimate spot he did the swab and said from what he could see every thing looked normal but the test results would confirm that for sure. Moving on down and putting on a new pair of gloves the nurse then squirted a large glob of KY jelly on his glove and he proceeded to go inside her rectum. Soon he said just as I thought and pulled his finger out of her rear passage and removed the dirty gloves. He told her she was very impacted and needed immediate attention back there. He told the nurse to prepared a warm enema with some kind of solution added to it and administer it to her right where she was and to make sure she used the double balloon catheter on her also since she was going to be left on the table in the exam position.

She started to protest and the Doctor told her with no kindness that she was going to do as told as he was in charge and would not put up with any nonsense from a young woman her age. I was kind of enjoying seeing her being humiliated for once as she could and would be a real bitch when she wanted .I could tell her to shut up and it didn’t matter but here she is now in an uncompromising position and naked on top of it with the Doctor in charge and couldn’t do a thing about it I was loving every minute of it.

Soon the nurse tells her to relax that she is getting ready to do her enema and relubes her rear passage again and then inserts the balloon catheter past the first balloon. she stops and inflate the first balloon and gives it a minor tug to make sure it was in place. then on to the second outside balloon and inflated it too. now my poor little Indian girl is lying there with a balloon in her ass as well as a balloon on the outside of her as well. the nurse then wheeled the iv pole over and connected the tubing to the catheter and started the flow of solution inside her. before long she is complaining of cramps and thrashing around like a kid. the nurse stopped the flow and massaged her stomach for a little bit the started the flow again.

This time when the cramping starts again she kicks the iv pole over and it makes a good noise and she screams as the balloon in her ass is stretching her to the limit. the Doctor comes running in and seen what was going on and told her right then and there he had had enough of her and she was going to get the treatment know if she liked it or not. imp standing at the head of the table trying to calm her down and I’m even getting a cussing from her so I said OK I’m sitting down and they can do the rest of it.

The Doctor then got out the type of stirrups that the whole leg fits into that bends at the knee. he put them on the table in seconds flat and had her legs into them and strapped down tight and she was not going no where now.

The whole time this is happening I’m getting a erection the size of a ball bat. finally she met her match and was not getting her way. I loved it. The nurse refilled the bag and was not friendly this time as she was a little rough on her now as she gave her the rest of the enema. soon the enema bag was empty and she remained on the table for a good 15 minutes before the nurse released both catheters from her she told her to hold it in as she was not getting off the table.

She then went next door and brought back a bed pan bucket looking thing I’d call it and only then was she allowed to relieve her self. it stunk like hell but I loved it she was finally being taught she could not to be a bitch to every one and get by with it all the time. she went in the bucket for a good 15/20 minutes before she finally quit with the nurse saying it was time to have her rinsing enema now . the look on her face was priceless as she didn’t know what to think or do .the nurse then relubed her and inserted another catheter of the same type and administered it to her with no complaints this time except her grunts and groans from being filled up so much.

With this enema over she was allowed to expel while in the same position . the same about 20 minutes before she finished and she looked pale this time around. The nurse cleaned her up and called the Doctor in to finish up with her. when he came back in he was still in a foul mood from her actions in the beginning and told her since she was now cooperating with them he was going to go ahead and do a procto scope exam on her.. he said I see no reason we should reschedule since you will have to be cleaned out again . he called another nurse in and told her to got the proper stuff for the rest of the exam and she would be needed also to assist in this exam.

He then put on a fresh pair of gloves and inserted another type of catheter in her and put some kind of gas in it to expand her colon. while he did this he inserted this long black flexible looking thing up her ass also. soon she was screaming it hurts oh stop I cant take it. that was it the Doctor had had enough. He told the nurse to prepare a large piston syringe of Demerol and give it to her in each cheek of the ass. This was getting interesting as well as scary for me but hey she started her own fate when she started bitching and kicked over the enema pole.

Soon the needle was full and the nurse walked over and got on the stool that the Doctor was on and swabbed her right butt cheek. then AWWWWw the nurse stabbed her in the ass with the over sized needle and gave her half of the shot in that side of her ass. Soon she pulled it out and did the same to her other cheek now she was crying a good flow of tears down her face.

The Demerol didn’t take long to take effect and soon she was all calm. He was up inside her colon for about 45 minutes. After it was over he cleaned her up and removed all his instruments from her and I helped her to the bathroom where she sat and passed the gas they injected up her rectum for a good 30minutes. It was not funny for her at the time but it was to me but I never let on until later when we discussed her behavior that day. We didn’t last as a couple to long after that as she decided she wanted to go back to LA and I wouldn’t go with her so we left one day while I was gone to work. Even though she took several of my things I’m glad she is gone.