The Aunt and the Nephew - P...

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The Aunt and the Nephew - Part 3

The Aunt and the Nephew - Part 3

A Third Imagining or Cosi Fan Tutti

For undisclosed reasons an older niece comes to reside at the aunt’s household. She is almost two years older than the nephew, beautiful and lithe, nubile and finely proportioned, a delight to behold and watch.

But being older, she has no time nor interest in her male cousin. The poor fellow is ignored by the niece, glossed over, unnoticed in the daily scheme of things. Now to be sure she is conscious of his presence, but it is an annoyance at the best of times, something she can do nothing about. She makes the best of things.

So does the nephew. He lets his imagining get the better of him, and concocts mental scenarios that are adolescently naughty and improper, but understandable enough. There is little occasion for him to observe his older cousin in a state of undress, but signs and indications of her intimate charms are to be found throughout the house if one knows where to look.

The nephew is knowledgeable and one day when he thinks his aunt and cousin to be away, he ruffles through a clothes-hamper and finds a number of articles of lingerie and female undergarments. Some belong to his aunt and while these are disquietingly arousing in a manner he does not really understand, the nephew is more interested in underwear belonging to his female cousin. He finds more than an abundance and is soon nervously fingering through a collection of used brassieres, slips, panties, knickers, chemises and what not. Being in the hamper, all have obviously been worn. The nephew holds some of the articles open for inspection or lays them on the floor. Others he fondles, feels and rubs between his quivering fingers. After an interminable time of imaginings and over- dramatized little theatrics of the mind, the nephew tentatively unbuckles his belt and cautiously lowers his trousers and briefs. He kneels down, legs akimbo, spread open.

Needless to say his piddler, an almost congenitally unruly organ at the best of times, has already been stiff and erect upon his arrival at the hamper. It juts out straight and true, upwards and heaven-high, pulsing and eager. Almost instinctively the nephew commences a slow stroking, nothing intended to bring about orgasm or relief, but simply a pleasurable, almost absent-minded frigging. He fondles the undergarments while doing so, and is soon rubbing them over his prick and balls in a heaven of delight.

Emboldened and lost in the reverie of his arousal, he has one of the girl cousin’s panties, obviously soiled with discolored stains at the crotch, up against his face. The nephew cannot help but sniffing in the female cousin’s odor, a musky scent originating in the groin consisting of more than a hint of girl’s piss and from secretions of the sexual organs. It is intoxicating and enthralling, intimate and private, arousing, captivating, wonderfully sexual.

Carried away by an instinctive reaction to female pheromones and the scent of his cousin’s cunt, the nephew is soon uncontrollably and vigorously frigging his piddler with an undergarment around his pumping hand and another unmentionable pressed up against his face.

In this state of mind, rapturous and almost frenzied with lust and longing, he is unaware of his immediate surroundings and caught completely off guard as his aunt and cousin walk into the bathroom, wondering what all the odd rustling and moaning noises are about.

They are quickly enlightened as they both gaze upon the nephew, busily pumping his tumescent prick, eyes closed with a pair of panties pressed up against his face. His eyes are closed from lust, his tongue almost hanging out, his breathing fast and deep.

Aunt and niece are surprised and aghast, but not so much that they leave the bathroom in haste. Instead they stand with mouths in a surprised grimace of repulsion and condescending disgust at what they immediately recognize to be a filthy male habit. Yet apparently their moral rectitude is of such integrity that they feel they may watch intently as the nephew begins to spurt little jets of semen over his hand and the entwined undergarment.

It is only as the nephew nears the finale of his bout of self-gratification that he opens his eyes and sees two figures towering over him. Shocked beyond measure he falls over backwards and tries to extract himself from the underwear twirled around his hand and pressed up against his face. He cannot stop the spurting and moans half in self-pity and half from pleasure, under the gaze of his two female relatives.

If he could, he would crawl into the hamper and never emerge, or flush himself down the commode. But such solutions do not realistically present themselves and the nephew is forced to face the consequences of his naughty habits.

The aunt does not start screaming or ranting, but stands with a determined demeanor, her face granite and steel. She orders him to clean himself up and then to retire to his room. She will come to a decision and impart her verdict later.

The niece has also been gazing with eyes wide open and intent and is not sure if she should be outraged or hysterical with laughter. Though old enough to be acquainted with the general make and build of male sexual organs, she has never seen a male frig himself nor spurt out his white fluid. Nor has she participated or lent a hand for any acquaintance, date or boyfriend. The sight is repelling enough in essence, yet still oddly compelling and disturbing. She would like to watch for a longer time, but instead is entreated by her aunt to retire to her room and to calmly contemplate what her appropriate reactions ought to be.

She does as her aunt orders, but her contemplating is far from calm.

After gaining several instances of advice from friends, acquaintances and confidantes, the aunt comes to an enlightened decision. It does not take long for a consensus to form from her enquiries. Instead of risking escalating confrontations and potentially disrupting situations in her household, the aunt is advised to seek wisdom from a professional source.

That evening she makes an appointment with the lady-doctor and briefly explains the situation via the phone. She is given an appointment and left with advice on how to proceed treating her nephew (and niece for that matter) in the meanwhile. Since this is a matter that involves all members of the household, the lady-doctor shall see them all together.

And so they arrive at her office. The aunt and niece, ladies two bonded in alliance by virtue of gender and feminine disgust, stand with heads held high in moral rectitude. The nephew is figuratively dragged along as if on a leash. A captive in a Roman triumph does not look less sullen and apprehensive.

The lady doctor, educated and erudite, well versed in the ways of the world and blessed with a long and successful career, recognizes an almost classical scenario. Yet even so she must ascertain the facts firsthand, hear the events recounted from several different points of view and afterwards present a solution that is beneficial for all parties concerned.

“So, you told me about an unfortunate occurrence with your nephew. Maybe we could go over the facts again. Could you tell me what transpired ?”

“Yes doctor. Yesterday afternoon my niece and I were out for a quick errand. When we came back we heard odd noises, so we went to investigate. Once inside we saw my nephew busily …well you know … fooling about with himself … a repellant sight.”

“Hmmm … I think I understand but let’s be a bit more specific shall we ? When you say ‘fooling about with himself’ I take it that you mean he was masturbating ?”

“That’s correct doctor. He was playing with his … his thing …you know.”

“His penis … “

“Yes, of course…”

“Of course. And could you provide any specific details ? I surmise that it was fully erect for instance ?”

“Most certainly so. And he had one of my niece’s … ahem … unmentionables in his hand, twisted around it. Around both hands in fact….”

“Ah so ? An undergarment.”

“Well, … actually two panties. One was around his … thing … his piddler and the other he was holding up …to sniff at I think …”

“Indeed ? Interesting. Could you describe any movements your nephew was making ? For instance was he pulling on his organ, or punching or slapping it ? Did he have anything inserted in his anus ? Clamps on his nipples ? Pins stuck into the flesh ?”

“I suppose he was sort of pulling his thing and rubbing it … rather vigorously I would say.”

“Hmmm… that’s usually the case. Nothing else though ?”

“No. But he was definitely holding a pair of panties up to his nose.”

“I see. And where did this occur ? In his room ? In your niece’s bedroom ?”

“No no. In the bathroom.”

“Aha. So I would guess the panties to have been previously worn ?”

“That’s right doctor. He took them from the dirty clothes hamper. The panties were soiled and needed washing. In fact there was a whole pile of undergarments laying about.”

“Ah yes. And what did your nephew do when you entered the bathroom ?”

“We walked in just as he was coming … you know … spurting his stuff all over.”

“My my. Discovered in flagrante delicto. I take it your nephew was surprised ?”

“Not too surprised that he didn’t come all over himself…”

“Yes, well. These things have a momentum of their own that can only be stopped with extreme difficulty. So. When things became somewhat more … composed shall we say. What happened then ?”

“I ordered him to clean himself up and go to his room. Afterwards I thought it best to make an appointment and come to you for advice.”

“Excellent decision.”

“Thank you doctor.”

“Now. Have you meted out any particular punishment, other than having him along today ?”

“Not yet. I thought that something so serious should not be decided upon lightly.”

“Yet another excellent decision. You are to be commended upon your wise judgment. It is generally to little avail to impose hasty and hurried measures. Situations of this nature should be carefully considered before coming to definite conclusions. Now. On another matter. You state that your niece was also present during the … ah incident.”

“That’s correct doctor. The poor darling saw everything.”

“Did she indeed ?”

“Oh yes. She was almost stupefied with outrage. Why I had to positively drag her away from the sordid scene. She was surprised beyond words.”

“No doubt. Now if you don’t mind I’d like to question your niece about her experience, if you don’t mind.”

“Why no … I suppose not. If you feel it will help.”

“It is usually beneficial to hear everyone’s views. Thanks you.” (to niece) “So young lady. Could you tell me in your own words what you saw ?”

“Well, like my aunt aid, we went out for a quick errand and when we came back we heard these real weird noises coming from the bathroom.”

“Weird noises ?”

“Yes. Moaning and groaning and so.”

“I see. So you went to investigate ?”

“That’s right doctor.”

“Fine. And then ?”

“Well, we went to see what was going on. When we got inside we saw my cousin with his pants off and his hand around his thing … his prick … he was jerking off with one of my panties …. And he was sniffing at another one.”

“Hmmm …and then ?”

“He didn’t even see or hear us come in and then he started coming all over himself. Gross. His thing just kept on spurting and spurting all over. Yech…”

“You were outraged, never having seen such an occurrence before ?”

“You bet. Is that what boys do when they fool around ? It looks disgusting.”

“Does it now ? Well, if one is not familiar with the specific mechanics of the facts of life then it can be somewhat surprising a first time.”

“I know all about these things doctor.”

“Do you now ? You have much experience then ?”

“I didn’t say that.”

“No of course not. Excuse me. Still, you were surprised, traumatized ?”

“Well, I didn’t go into hysterics or anything. It was still yecky though.”

“No doubt. Have you thought about the occurrence much since ?”

“Oh sure. I can’t get it out of my head. My cousin here with his big fat prick coming all over himself….and sniffing my panties. What a pervert.”

“Well. You’ve certainly made your views clear. Thank you my dear.” (to aunt) “Now I’d like to question your nephew if you don’t mind.”

“Must you doctor ? There’s no doubt about what he did.”

“So it would seem. Nevertheless it would be interesting if I were to hear his version of events. You have no objection ?”

“I suppose not. After all, you’re the doctor.”

“Indeed so.” (to nephew) “So young man. Could you tell me what happened ? Is what your aunt and cousin say correct ?”

“I guess so …”

“So they are not mistaken in what they saw ?”

“No ma’am….”

“Have you apologized ?”

“I can’t. They’re not talking to me.”

“Hmmm … well maybe now is a good time to do so. Since we’re all here together is there anything particular you’d like to say ?”

“Yes … I’d really like to say I’m sorry for what happened. I apologize.”

(aunt and niece) “Hmmmppp ….”

(lady doctor) “Yes. We’ll come back to that later on. But it’s a good start. Now to continue with your little … mishap. Since there is nothing you wish to deny, I’d like to hear what prompted you to do something like that.”

“I dunno … it was like I couldn’t stop myself.”

“So you didn’t expressly go into the bathroom and look for any of your cousin’s undies ?”

“Oh no …”

“But yet you did so. How did you come to be in the bathroom ?”

“I guess I had to take a … you know ... take a leak.”

“To urinate. Yes, normal enough.”

“And then somehow I just couldn’t help myself..”

“You had an uncontrollable urge ?”

“Yes that’s right. An uncontrollable urge.”

“Is this the first time you’ve used undergarments during masturbation ?”

“I’ve never done it before… honest.”

“Ah yes. And otherwise, how frequently do you relieve yourself ?”

“Relieve myself ?”

“Yes. Masturbate.

“I don’t know. Hardly ever I suppose.”

“My my,” (chuckle) “And does near-abstinence appeal to you ?”

“I don’t understand…”

“Young man. In my experience, adolescents of your age and especially of your gender are anything but auto-erotically chaste.”


“It’s a normal enough physical urge. There is nothing to be ashamed about. You do masturbate quite frequently. Yes ?”

“I don’t know …Maybe… I guess so.”

And so the questioning goes. The doctor’s interrogation techniques would be the envy of any professional, so thorough, disarming and effective are they. Even though the aunt and girl cousin are present, the doctor soon has the nephew supplying details of his masturbatory escapades. Frequency, technique and fantasizing imagery are all discussed in more or less a friendly fashion. The lady doctor smiles a lot, encourages confidences by alluding to normality amongst peer group members, hinting at the semi-universality of the procedure and by throwing in some good-hearted jocularity at the expense of hypocrisy.

Both aunt and cousin listen attentively, striving to become the proverbial fly on the wall. But that is not really necessary since the cousin reveals much to the doctor. Far far more than would ever be told to his aunt even under the harshest of questioning.

The aunt is admiring of the lady-doctor and not some little bit engrossed by the personal confidences either. Not being naïve, she still marvels at the extent of her nephew’s naughty solitary activities. That she has not noticed more, piques her self-esteem.

The girl cousin is all ears too. Though pretending disgust, the recounting of her boy cousin’s personal habits is disturbingly arousing. He rises in her esteem in a manner that is both contradictory and logical. Where previously she would not have given a moment’s notice to his presence other than annoyance, she now sports an odd and knowing grin on her face. She wonders what else goes on in his inventive naughty imagination.

The lady-doctor, having far more experience in such matters is less impressed with the nephew’s prowess and originality. She has heard it all before. Nevertheless she emphasizes with the youngster’s predicament to a certain degree. All adolescents frig and masturbate, such is the way of Nature. But she will use this opportunity to teach the nephew, aunt and cousin alike, a good lesson and provide all with means of obtaining satisfaction.

She commences on a monologue of little import laden with learned sounding terms. Essentially she tells the aunt not to worry, such behavior is normal, but however not to be allowed free rein. She will propose a means of restraint and supervision to prevent further mishaps. First however she would like to conduct a ‘little examination’ of the nephew.

The aunt looks surprised, the nephew even more so. The girl cousin’s eye open and then narrow in anticipation. She remains quiet and un-obtrusive. The aunt of course gives permission for an examination, ‘little’ or not. She heaves a sigh of approval and sets herself in her chair.

The nephew tries to protest, but to little avail. With three ladies present there is little he can do.

The lady doctor has the nephew stand up, erroneously as he otherwise thinks, not to accompany her to a separate examination room, horrid enough, but to commence undressing in this very office. His heart sinks as he realizes that there is a very medical looking examination table in this very room, several cabinets with no doubt unimaginable devices, a sink, a clothes hanger and other medical accouterments.

After the necessary encouragement and conversely the threat of punishment, the nephew commences to undress. His hopes that he will need bare no more than a manly torso are dashed. The lady-doctor not only has him remove his trousers but his own underpants and socks as well. This is all very disconcerting. The nephew blushes and trembles, heart a tremble, his insides a quiver.

Yet again the lady-doctor has much experience and knows how to have her patients cooperate. She briskly commences with her examination in a professional manner, seemingly ignoring the nephew’s state of nudity. She starts off with well-known routines, listens to heart and lungs, feels and pokes about, takes blood-pressure, checks reflexes, looks into ears and mouth.

These last two points are somewhat embarrassing as they hint at other bodily orifices awaiting inspection. And indeed it comes to pass. The doctor sits down on a small stool and has the nephew face her. She tells him to spread his thighs apart and aids him by placing a hand between his legs and indicating to what degree she wishes them opened. A not-inconsiderable degree it turns out to be.

He is told to put his hands on his hips and remain unmoving while she conducts a visual examination of his naughty parts. The lady-doctor of course uses other more learned sounding medical terms, but her inflection and modulation leave little to doubt. This will be the crux of the examination, the point of it all.

She notices, has noticed since he slipped his briefs down around his hips in fact, that the nephew is not circumcised. As a male condition it is not unusual nor unnatural, but it does leave scope for many possible treatments and therapies. Should she care to, and such is probably the case, the lady-doctor can make much of the nephew’s uncut condition. Hygienic inspections, retraction exercises, periodic examinations, detailed measuring and even possibly minor surgical alterations are all possibilities she may wish to explore in more or less greater depth.

For the moment she simply comments on the natural condition of the nephew’s organ, clucks a mild disapproval and asks if the aunt has taken any specific measures to monitor this condition.

“Oh doctor. I wasn’t really aware my nephew wasn’t … snipped.”

“Ah. You don’t supervise bathing in your household ?”

“Oh no.”

“Nor your charge’s regularity and their use of the hygienic conveniences ?”

“I fear not … Oh my doctor. Should I ?”

“There is much to be said in favor of both. I normally recommend the hygienic monitoring of youngsters such as those in your care. Non-circumcised males such as your nephew for instance need to apply extra care in keeping their foreskins and glans clean. When left to their own devices, diligence is generally less than satisfactory, as I’m sure you can imagine.”

“Oh, most certainly. But what does that mean in practice ?”

“For the moment that would require a rather lengthy and detailed technical explanation. I can fill you in on the specifics later should you so wish. Suffice it to say that you will have to keep an eye on the hygienic condition of your nephew’s foreskin. There is little hardship involved for either party, but the results will be beneficial for all concerned.”

“I see. Well you are better placed to make an informed decision. I shall gladly listen to whatever advice you wish to offer.”

“Excellent. We’ll come back to this after the examinations.”

The aunt clearly hears the lady-doctor speak in the plural, but does not pay it much attention. Perhaps such is the way medical personnel speak. The nephew has picked up the qualification as well and is crestfallen, thinking he is about to be subjected to an endless number of medical indignities. On this matter he is only partly incorrect, for indignities are mostly in the mind of the observer.

Only the girl-cousin is too preoccupied with gazing at her boy-cousin’s prick and balls to notice the lady-doctor’s use of the plural. She sits with a smile on her face, eyes limpid and glazed from arousal and concentration, pretending to a jaded familiarity with the scene before her. In truth however this is the first time she has had the opportunity to inspect a male prick so detachedly and for such a long period of time. She would like to come closer and peer over the lady-doctor’s shoulder, but sits wisely still, not drawing any attention to herself.

The doctor returns her attention to the nephew’s penis, hefting the organ, squeezing and moving it about. The handling, medically detached as it may be, does however effect an involuntary stiffening. Males pricks are unruly at the best of times, seemingly with a will of their own. The nephew’s is no exception. It comes to attention, expanding in girth and length, extending upwards, growing harder and rigid. The lady-doctor helps the process of erection along by strategically handling and fingering the nephew’s penis. Indeed, fondling may be an even more apt description, for no part of the nephew’s genitals are spared inspection. His testicles are manipulated and squeezed, tweaked and kneaded and each independently palpated and hefted. The lady-doctor feels along the length of the nephew’s vas deferens, probes into the groin and pubis, pulls on skin here and there and attempts a retraction of the nephew’s foreskin. Even at what appears to be full erection, the nephew’s glans does not expose itself, but remains encapsulated within the safe and snug confines of the prepuce. First she feels along the rim of his opening, rubbing the edge of skin and pressing downwards on the sensitive surface of his glans. The nephew makes a gesture of pulling away, so delicate is the denuded glans.

The lady-doctor cautions him to remain standing and not to fidget about. After all she reasons, a good frigging such as the nephew is known to practice from time to time is far less delicate a practice than a simple medical appraisal. The youngster blushes from the remark, but his organ does not loose any sensitivity.

The lady-doctor continues her intensive examination, looking for signs of abrasions or lesions caused by over-enthusiastic frigging. She moves the nephew’s penis up and down and to either side. Each time she notices a blemish or coloring of the penile skin, she questions the nephew as to cause and source. Of course the fellow is baffled and at a loss to give any type of explanation whatsoever. Though enamored of his prick as a proud possession of manhood, the nephew is not knowledgeable about details of its build and composition. The questioning causes puzzlement. Should there be an abundance or a dearth of prominently visible veins along the shaft of his organ ? Is it a normal sign that the skin immediately around his pee-hole be colored reddish ? Do his balls hang evenly as he supposes they should or does his prick curve upwards at an unseemly angle ?

Ignorant of normal parameters and appearances he has no way of knowing if his member is deviant from the norm. Nor does the lady-doctor supply much in the way of clues. Her questions sound ominous, her non-committal remarks contain no information. When she says ‘I see’, what does she really see ? A more or less ordinary prick such as many, a common organ indistinguishable from the multitude ? Or is it on the verge of mutating into deformity and uselessness ? The lady-doctor does little to reassure the nephew either way.

And so she paves the way for further acquiescence. She has the nephew mount the examination table, an antiseptic and yet foreboding looking piece of medical equipment. The white linen sheet stretched over its surface is starched to stiffness and feels cool to the nephew’s skin. Ominously he is told to lay down on his back. With his prick still stiff and jutting outwards, the nephew feels the utter fool, exposed and vulnerable. This feeling increases exponentially as he watches the lady-doctor fit two metal rods with ankle supports on either side of the examination table. Even though the nephew is little versed in the ways of doctors and medicine, he knows that these contraptions are not usually employed for the examination of fellows such as himself.

The aunt and girl-cousin being females, are more knowledgeable though not necessarily more experienced in the use of stirrups during medical examinations. Both think it endearingly collegial that the lady-doctor not spare the nephew any indignities by virtue of his male gender. Inwardly both smile and nod approval as they watch the lady-doctor raise the nephew’s thighs upwards and outwards and place his ankles in the restraining stirrups. As a position to be in, it is undignified and embarrassing, especially for a male with a complete and working set of genitals. As a posture to gaze upon, it is not without its merits for it leaves little to the anatomical imagination. The sexual organs are exposed and accessible, easy to view and handle, the anal region just as equally so.

Positioned so, the lady-doctor once again gives his genitals a good going-over, not only on general principle but also because other areas are more easily probed and examined. The testicles no longer hang and dangle in the scrotal sac, but now lay to either side of the imaginary genital meridian. This prompts the doctor to commence a yet more intense probing and palpating of the nephew’s delicate twin orbs. He flinches, grimaces and closes his eyes from mortification.

And lower yet she moves her attention. She feels along the delicate swelling mound of the nephew’s perineum, an ambiguous and often neglected area between the scrotum and anus. Apparently it serves little practical purpose other than to produce pleasurable erotic sensations of the second kind. The doctor comments upon the outward general resemblance to a female pubic mound, without regretfully possessing the alluring slit of female labia and vaginal opening. She jokes about the ease that such a change can be affected. A few delicate incisions and some simple suturing are sufficient to construct a simulacra resembling for all apparent visual purposes an attractive set of female genitals.

Does this interest the nephew she jokingly enquires ? He would not be the first male she has treated to be thus transformed. Of course such a procedure is not accomplished overnight. Other bodily alterations must be completed first she explains, such as for instance the obvious growth of a pair of female breasts and the enlarging of the girth of hips and buttocks. She momentarily tweaks the nephew’s nipples, apparently in jest. Has he never thought about such things, been envious of the beauty of females and their lovely attributes ? It is a natural enough thought she reassures and nothing to be ashamed of. After all, females are traditionally thought to suffer envy from their lack a male piddler, but in her medical experience, she confides that the opposite is more prevalent by far.

This talk of transformation and conversion of male parts into female is disturbing for the nephew. In his younger years he has sometimes been threatened with removal of his piddler for serious cases of disobedience, but never seriously it turns out. Luckily he instinctively knows such to be the case, but the threat alone is enough to cause thoughts to wander and the imagination to ponder. Hearing the lady-doctor, however jokingly, referring to even more extensive transformations causes the nephew to quaver and tremble.

And yet, it is deeply arousing and troubling, for an odd warmth rises to his cheeks and he blushes furiously as he imagines being subjected to such procedures.

The aunt and girl-cousin are both shocked as well, though not for long. Salaciously they imagine the proof of the triumph of femininity such would entail. Penis envy indeed. What a ludicrous notion on the face of it. What pride of ownership can anyone see in the possession of a male sausage ? What a nuisance it must be, continuously changing size and girth on a mental whim.

So the lady-doctor’s remarks, in jest or not, are received with an appreciative nod of female heads, something to ruminate over, to discuss and imagine.

Instead of laughingly refering to bodily orifices and attributes he does not yet sport, the lady-doctor continues her traditional progression. Since he doesn’t have a girl’s slit to inspect, the doctor says she will have to continue with a little hole both genders possess in common. She parts his buttocks and travels her fingers downwards. She has no trouble locating the nephew’s anus. Just as with other bodily parts, she commences a thorough and intensive fingering and probing while questioning the nephew on a number of his personal habits. To what degree is he regular ? Does he experience difficulties in effectuating a bowel movement, are they spontaneous or induced ? Does he have need of digestive supplements or make use of liquid injection devices or irritating substances such as pharmaceutical suppositories or amounts of soap and glycerin ?

These questions are bewildering and embarrassing, especially as the lady-doctor is slowly but determinedly working a finger up into his bumhole at the same time. She tells him to relax and push as if he were on a convenience, to pretend going potty. Though the nephew’s efforts are lame, the results are not ineffectual. The lady-doctor knows how to insert what into where, however embarrassing and disconcerting it may be. She twirls her finger about with little restraint, feeling along the inner wall of the nephew’s rectum, probing deeply and thoroughly. She attempts the insertion of a second finger, but achieves little in the way of penetration.

She jokes that the nephew is not much accommodating. Is this always so ? She was under the impression that as an occasional treat he sticks objects up his bum during masturbation. Surely he must not be an avid practitioner if he cannot accept two feminine fingers up the behind. She asks what his habits are. Does he finger himself with one digit or rub with several ? Does he use other objects inanimate or vegetable ? The traditional candle or carrot, pencil or rubber tube ? The choice matters little as long as they can be safely introduced and retracted, with no danger of rough or sharp edges causing cuts or abrasions.

The nephew can provide little information, for he stammers and blushes continuously.

The lady-doctor does not pursue her line of questioning too intently. Her main purpose is to tease and put the nephew on notice that she is more than wise to the ways of naughty masturbators and adolescent friggers.

Retracting her finger she goes to a sink and washes her hands with generous amounts of soap. It is sweet and fragrant, the scent discernible throughout the examination room. As she dries off she announces that she still needs to ‘take a look inside’.

‘Inside what ?’ is the question that goes through the minds of aunt, girl-cousin and nephew foremost. He has a mouth, ears and nose and hopes that at least he will be allowed to sit up if the lady-doctor decides to examine any or either.

But he is of course mistaken in his assumption. The doctor plans to look up his insides via the backdoor. She takes an odd but nasty looking metal instrument and coats it with a generous amount of lubricating gel. The device has a double handle and two-pronged expandable blades. Set together the blades appear to be cylindrical with a rounded tip. Opened up, the blades split into semi-hemispheres, each half moving away from the other.

Naturally the nephew has never seen a rectal speculum before and imagines all manner of horrid procedures being performed upon his private parts. The aunt, more knowledgeable by reason of her age recognizes the instrument as being essentially a smaller and modified vaginal speculum. Though now that she thinks about it, the design being eminently sensible, previously she has never had any experience with the rectal model. The realization that the nephew will be submitted to an internal examination somewhat similar to an intimate female check-up is gratifying, fitting and just. She nods in approval on general principle.

The girl-cousin’s penny takes longer to fall, understanding dawning just prior to the insertion of the speculum blades into the nephew’s bumhole. But as enlightenment blossoms so does her delight and appreciation.

The nephew experiences things somewhat differently. Though but marginally thicker around than the lady-doctor’s examining finger, the rectal speculum is colder by far and more rigid than a female digit. It enters easily enough though, much to the nephew’s surprise and relief. But it is short-lived, for as the lady-doctor depresses the handles, the opposing blades separate and expand, opening the anal sphincter to an unnatural degree.

The pressure is unpleasant at the very least, nearly painful at the worst. Nevertheless the doctor flicks a lever and the blades are locked in place so that she can use her hands for other purposes. She takes a small light and shines it up into the darkness, illuminating the interior of the nephew’s rectal canal. She looks and studies diligently, peering from different angles. She comments on her findings, which are mostly negative. There is little to be found that warrants concern. There are no growths or lesions, the flesh is pink and healthy looking.

This last comment causes the aunt to utter a sound in surprise. The interior of a bumhole is pink and bright ? How can that be ?

The lady-doctor smiles in indulgence and explains facts of internal morphology. She also suggests that if the aunt is so bewildered that she come and see for herself.

Pretending to demureness the aunt at first declines, but the lady-doctor insists. This is an excellent occasion to observe at first hand. Why not come and take a look now that the nephew’s anus is opened up anyway ? In fact, why not have the niece take a good look as well ? It will do her education no harm.

Indeed why not ? Observing the conventions of pretended modesty, the aunt and girl-cousin delightedly approach the examination table and crane their necks to get a good view.

For the nephew this is almost like adding insult to injury. Is it not enough that a naughty-minded lady- doctor examine his intimate regions with a thoroughness bordering on the obsessive ? Must she also invite all and sundry to come and have a good look ? He is almost giddy with embarrassment and mortification, of laying spread-eagled with his legs up in the air.

But instead of keeping his eyes shut tight, the nephew cannot help but look at the ladies three clustered around him. All are intently gazing between his thighs, the lady-doctor with an amused look of scientific detachment as she explains various details and noteworthy points. The aunt strives to remain impassive in demeanor, but her heaving bosom reveals her interest. She exhibits far more than concern for the well-being of kith and kin.

It is the girl-cousin however who has greatest difficulty remaining indifferent and aloof In her expressions. She sports a grin from ear to ear, eyebrows lifted in glee at her cousin’s predicament. She also gives her eyes a treat and fixedly studies the sight before her, male genitals, bumhole and all. Is it repellent or engrossing, repugnant or enthralling ? Perhaps a bit of the former with a preponderance of the latter. Since she is standing to the rear of her aunt and the lady-doctor, the niece can make subtle grimaces without being seen. Only the nephew can observe her lips pursing together as if in deep thought or perhaps in preparation of blowing a kiss. A feminine finger plays along her nose, wiggling up and down, a far from perfect imitation of the male sausage, but quite recognizable nonetheless. She winks an eye, cocks her head in tease, then goes to stand demurely, gazing at his exposed genitals.

At first his inclination is to repress an urge to weep from self-pity. How has this ever come to pass ? Surely his transgression is not severe enough to merit such punishment ? But during the course of his examination he has slowly come to a certain degree of enlightenment. The mortification may be to an intense degree intellectually, physically he comes to little harm at all. In fact, the handling of his intimate areas and organs is when all is said and done, not un-pleasurable at all. Unusual and odd, disconcerting and unexpected indeed, but it is not without a certain attraction.

The interest which the three ladies exhibit in his intimate equipment is flattering when looked at in this light. After all, up till now the nephew has had little luck in convincing even one member of the opposite gender that his genitals are worth looking at, let alone handling so intently. Gradually, on a subliminal level the nephew comes to appreciate the interest his naked body arouses. The realization is far from full-blown however and not even consciously experienced as such yet by the nephew. But it is a beginning.

Meanwhile the lady-doctor intently continues her medical show and tell, pointing out this or that specific feature, demonstrating her knowledge and understanding of the external male anatomy. Small blemishes or pigmentation spots are carefully considered for abnormalities or as evidence of self- abuse, chafing or discoloration of the skin is examined and scrutinized intently wherever it might occur, along the penile shaft, on the scrotal sac or near the anal sphincter. Nothing is overlooked by reason of demureness or propriety.

Finally it comes to an end. The aunt and niece have been given a good eye-full and the nephew has no more intimate orifices or hidden areas on his body left to examine. The doctor retracts the rectal speculum, daintily cleans the nephew’s anus with a tissue and releases him from the restraining stirrups. Uncertainly he sits upright with a blush on his face and a prick still stubbornly in erection. The doctor congratulates him on his forbearing and co-operation and suggests he may be more comfortable sitting in a chair. She makes no indication however that he is allowed to dress in his clothing again. Wondering what is to come next, the nephew sits down and heaves a sigh of relative relief.

What is to come next is unexpected to all, both aunt, nephew and niece. The lady-doctor suggests, strongly recommends in fact, that she now examine the niece as well. The aunt is taken aback and surprised. This is not her intention in taking along her niece to the lady-doctor’s office. The aunt is however mightily mollified when the doctor explains that evenhandedness alone dictate that she examine both youngsters, especially when both are present and accounted for. Besides, she reassures that today she is having a two-for-one sale. She does not plan on charging for two patients, but only for one. She considers the health and well-being of both niece and nephew to be inextricably intertwined and connected. She would prefer examining both before proposing a possible solution to the aunt’s concerns.

Looked at in this manner the aunt shrewdly decides that what the doctor argues is eminently sensible. The pecuniary package is compellingly attractive as well and so after a minimum of thought the aunt heartily agrees with the doctor. She tells her niece that she is to be next, she is to do as the lady-doctor requires.

The niece is stupefied. One minute she is gazing with unconcealed glee at her cousin’s naked prick and the next she is told that a turn upon the examination table awaits her. For in this she is lucid and comprehending, the lady-doctor will expect no less of her than of her cousin. It will be a naked examination and then a detailed probing of her own intimate areas will undoubtedly follow. And as she all too well knows, she has one additional orifice into which devices and instruments can be inserted. She thanks for the concern, but declines the gracious offer.

But there is little refusing to do. The aunt will hear none of it. Her niece is to do as ordered, there will be no talking back. If her nephew has, however reluctantly, done as the doctor required, then her niece shall do no less. It is for her own good and welfare.

Though the argument continues for a period of time, there is little doubt of the ultimate outcome. Almost reduced to tears of frustration and impotence, the niece resigns herself to the unavoidable. With a leaden heart she follows the lady-doctor’s instructions and commences undressing. This proceeds far faster for her than for her cousin. Once her dress, shoes and socks are removed, she is standing in brassiere and panties only. The sight is lovely enough but naturally far from expedient from a medical point of view. Thorough examinations cannot be conducted upon a partially clothed body. So the girl- cousin’s unmentionables follow. She stands in her birthday suit, arms demurely, but ineffectually crossed over her bosom. But what profit it her if she covers her breasts and leaves her naked pudenda and buttocks on view ? That is the lady-doctor’s views as well and she places the niece’s arms down by her side, where they properly belong.

The lady-doctor visually assesses the niece. She is much impressed by the fine and well-proportioned appearance before her. The girl-cousin is well-formed of bone structure and posture, her stance is erect, though of a totally different nature than that of an erect male, the doctor naughtily chuckles. She holds her head high in spite of an obvious and understandable reluctance to show herself naked before an audience of three. But standing tall and true also entrains that her breasts jut outwards, full and pleasing to the appreciative eye. They are well on their way to being full-formed and functional, esthetically a treat to behold.

The girl-cousin’s hips and buttocks also indicate physical maturity, for both are wider and fuller by far than those of the nephew, such is after all one of the main secondary indices of gender differentiality. Her pudenda is lightly bushed, a factor the lady-doctor disapproves of on hygienic and esthetic principles. She will give advice and guidance on this matter at the appropriate time.

The niece is now put through a more or less similar series of medical appraisals as the nephew. The lady-doctor listens to her heart and lung, thumps and probes in various locations on the niece’s body, takes a blood-pressure reading, looks into her mouth, nose and ears, bends joints, feels along the curvature of the spine, tests reflexes and what not. It is all no less thorough or systematic than with her boy-cousin. Nor is it less difficult to conceal her charms from the on-lookers. For being female, every movement causes her breasts to assume different configurations; stretched taut, pendulous, jutting, flattened or constricted. The apparitional appearances appear almost endless in scope.

This is even more so when the lady-doctor commences the gender-specific examinations pertaining to the female sex. The girl-cousin is instructed to stand with hands help up behind her head, seemingly in a pose of mock-surrender. This is not as inappropriate a description as one would otherwise assume, for the niece does indeed consider herself to be a captive of sorts, unwilling but otherwise helpless to complain of the treatment to which she is being subjected.

So she stands in meek acquiescence as the doctor palpates her breasts in their entirety, carefully and deftly squeezing, pushing, tweaking, hefting and probing wherever it strikes her as medically necessary. The girl-cousin’s nipples are especially sensitive today, especially when handled by the lady-doctor. They stiffen and harden to a degree quite noticeable to all in the examination room.

The lady-doctor asks if the niece examines herself on a regular basis. The examining must be detached and impersonal she explains, and not a prelude to a bout of personal gratification. Is the niece in the habit of doing so ? Apparently not it would seem, for the girl-cousin blushes and reddens, at a loss for words. Well, there is little cause for concern as of yet, the doctor explains. She will be instructed into the proper methods and means of self-examinations and will in the meantime no doubt be aided by her aunt.

At this the niece opens her eyes in amazement and distress. Disturbingly all this sounds much the same as prelude to a committal of care, much as is to happen to her boy-cousin. Surely this cup shall pass from her ?

At the moment this seems highly unlikely. Nor would it be advisable. Females are even more complicated in build than males, all the more so for having less equipment accessible via external means. Much is hidden in recesses and orifices concealed within the protection of the body. Unless one takes recourse to the reading of omens and telltale enigmatic and hermetic signs, not much of exact certitude can be ascertained by the informed lay-person. Regular medical examinations are therefore even more a necessity for the female. Better that the niece should start now than later.

And so the dreaded invitation comes. The girl-cousin is requested to lay down upon the examination table. The stirrups are still in place as she ever so reluctantly slides into position. With heaving chest and bosom the niece reclines her body, feeling cold wafts of air in her imagination as her legs are spread and placed into the restraining holders. This is her first time in such a position, at least in a doctor’s office and it is mightily embarrassing indeed. The lady-doctor has of course seen more spread thighs and visible genitals than she can shake a proverbial stick at, should she care to do so.

Things are of course different for the aunt and nephew. The older lady, by virtue of her age has at least had other occasions to look upon a female slit other than her own. Still this one belonging to her niece is a lovely sight indeed. Nubile and ripe, it looks plump and fresh, pinkish in external hue, lightly bushed, with fine and long slender labia hiding the intimate little crevasse within.

To the nephew they are of course a delight to behold, less appreciated as a graceful apparition of feminine beauty but more as a simple and desirable girl’s cunt. More down to earth in his appreciation, this should not be held against him. With proper training and education, his thinking shall undoubtedly become less vulgar and common. Now however he strives to stretch his head without being all too obvious about it. He doesn’t succeed in the least, but is not begrudged his interest by the lady-doctor, who has difficulty concealing a smile of mischievous delight. It is altogether normal and expected that he show an undue interest in these things. It has been so since time immemorial.

While preparing the instruments she will use upon the girl-cousin, the lady-doctor questions her about personal habits and conditions. Is she regular in her lady’s-time, does she experience any undue side- effects or noteworthy debilitating symptoms ? Has she a problem with passing water ? Does it ever sting or cause distress while peeing ?

The niece answers stammeringly, with short words or gestures of the head. Such things are not her usual topics of discussion.

Even more is she embarrassed when the doctor inquires into her methods of personal gratification. How often does she indulge and in what manner ? Is she prone to rub her little button, tweak her vaginal lips or thrust fingers or objects up into her slit ? Or perhaps a cunning permutation of several of these means and methods?

The lady-doctor jokingly reminds her that she has a bottomhole much like her boy-cousin. Does that come into play as well, is it stimulated, fondled, rubbed, pinched ? Perhaps an insertion of a lubricated finger or two is an extra treat during the heat of passion ? Or that of a strategically shaped object ?

These questions are even more difficult to answer coherently, if at all.

Nevertheless the lady-doctor continues her questioning almost absent-mindedly, as if she were discussing the weather or the latest change in ladies fashion. Her manner implies that little is frowned upon, except that which is potentially physically harmful. There are proper and accepted ways of doing things and what these are will be imparted in due course.

Oddly this one-sided questioning of her personal habits in rather earthy detail imparts an air of female companionship to the proceedings. While not the stuff of whispered locker-room confidences told amid shrieks of glee and know-it-all aloofness, it does somehow serve to put the girl-cousin into a vague semblance of ease. This will be necessary, especially when seeing the shiny metallic speculum. That such a thing will be inserted into her slit seems hardly natural and certainly not medically advisable. Nevertheless such is its purpose and sole function. She has heard much about this horridly invasive instrument, more in rumor than from personal experience.

The niece closes her eyes as the doctor deftly and expertly slides the lubricated vaginal speculum into her female organ. The feeling is distressing, cold, odd and uncomfortably intimate. The niece hopes that when at last, if at all, she allows a prick into that cozy little recess it will feel somewhat more arousing and pleasant. She gives a little gasp of surprise more than of discomfort as the speculum blades expand. The lady-doctor feels around here and there and gazes at her insides from different angles. But soon the internal examination of her female slit is finished. She has survived with dignity semi-intact.

And of course the niece has one more orifice located between her thighs, if in a different location and of a different function. She has seen what the doctor does to male bottomholes, and while at the time her interest was great, now that it is her turn her curiosity has paled to insignificance. Nevertheless the lady-doctor would still like to have a good look inside the niece’s bottom. No doubt the aunt and nephew are awaiting a turn as well.

As the niece has correctly surmised, the lady-doctor makes no distinction between bottomholes belonging to males or females. Both are treated similarly, both enjoying the triumph of equality. As the lady-doctor lubricates the niece’s little hole and rubs with her finger, poking and probing up into the recess of her anus, she questions the niece on her bowel habits. Though of a similar personal nature as those pertaining to her female parts, the niece finds this set of questions more distasteful and unpleasant. Of what import is it to the lady-doctor if she is regular or prone to stoppage ? More importantly, why should her aunt and boy-cousin be privy to her answers ? Surely this is a matter most personal ?

But the lady-doctor thinks differently and continues her questions. The niece has little of exact knowledge to impart and replies vaguely and with little preciseness. The lady-doctor smiles indulgently and hints that she will come back to her questioning at another time perhaps. Now she will be taking care of things more specific in nature.

Soon the rectal speculum is ready for use on the niece and with a smile of satisfaction on her face, the lady-doctor expertly and demonstratively inserts the metallic device into the niece’s bottom.

The feeling is not as much painful as clearly discernable and at odds with the usual direction objects travel through the niece’s rectum. From inside to out is the normally accepted course. This opposing route is something she will have to become accustomed to, so much does the lady-doctor make clear.

It is not much to the niece’s liking, but there is little she can do about it. She closes her eyes in aversion to her conjured up mental image of herself with expanded open bottomhole, a metallic device protruding from her opening.

Yet once again, the imagining is more horrid than the experience itself. The lady-doctor feels around, shines a light and peers and studies her intestinal insides, but otherwise little harm comes to the girl- cousin. And oddly enough, neither aunt nor boy-cousin are invited for a look-see. The lady-doctor does not divulge her reasons. This is a disappointment for the male-cousin, he does not think much of the lady-doctor’s sense of reciprocity. The aunt too would have liked otherwise, but she reasons that undoubtedly other occasions shall present themselves in the future.

Whatever the reasoning the lady-doctor is soon finished examining the niece. Her bottomhole is unplugged and she is let out of the stirrups. Uneasily she stands up, hoping to be allowed the use of her clothing.

But it seems the lady-doctor is not yet finished. She calls in an assistant nurse and orders her to take both niece and nephew and to set them up for posture shots. This sounds very disquieting indeed until she explains that this will not involve any injections but rather the taking of a series of photographs. Relieved but mystified, the niece and nephew reluctantly accompany the nurse out into the hallway. On their journey to another room, however short it may turn out to be, they are not given the comfort of donning any apparel. This is odd and disquieting but also in character for the lady-doctor. Perhaps it shall not mean much in the end.

The nurse, nephew and niece leave the examination room. Alone together, the lady-doctor and the aunt have an occasion is discuss matters in candor.

“I hope you don’t mind having your charges photographed. We are participating in a national study and I like to take advantage of submitting new patients whenever I can. There is little they must do other than pose for the camera.”

“Undressed ?”

“Naturally. This is not a fashion study, but a long-term medical investigation. Little can learned when participants are clothed.”

“I suppose so. What is the study about doctor ?”

“Hmmm …. A detailed explanation would take us too far at the moment. Suffice it say that a number of prominent specialists think it possible to deduce and predict future social and educational achievement by studying and analyzing a person’s physical posture and comportment. It’s all very complicated involving intricate and elaborate measuring and calculating of physical attributes and bodily proportions.”

“All this can be done by taking a photograph ?”

“A series of photographs actually. Participants are photographed from the front, back, both sides, in various postures and from different angles along with a number of detailed close-up views.”

“And what can be told by these photographs ?”

“Well, it’s a long-term study so ideally we periodically take a series of update photos. Depending of course upon the availability of the participants. There is no obligation to continue participation, though there are numerous benefits to be derived.”

“Oh ?”

“Yes, complimentary medical examinations are included free of charge.”

“That sounds interesting. Doctor.”

“My opinion exactly. As to the ultimate aim of the study, enthusiasts predict that it will be possible to deduce a person’s probable future achievement and level of capabilities.”

“Really ? How interesting.”

“Yes indeed. Though I for one think such enthusiastic predictions to be a bit premature. Nevertheless it can do little harm to have patients photographed in detail for medical purposes. If nothing else, the photos are apt to be cherished mementos in years to come. After all, most families have little more than facial portraits and some situational scenes in their photo albums. Imagine the sentimental value of having a periodically updated series of complete physical views of your loved ones.”

“Oh. Does that mean I can get copies for myself ?”

“Should you so wish. These however, being fine resolution shots, cannot be handed out freely.”

“I understand Doctor.”

“Fine. Now as to the matter for which you came to see me.

“Oh yes. Why with so much interesting to see and learn, I’d almost forgotten.”

“Yes indeed. That does tend to happen now and then. Nonetheless, to get back on track. I would say there is little doubt that your nephew regularly indulges in bouts of self-gratification. Ordinarily they are little more than normal peccadilloes, a natural enough vice occurring at all age levels and in both genders. Your nephew was somewhat overly enthusiastic I fear and let his guard lapse. While appearing to be a grave transgression, his use of your niece’s undergarments is ultimately of little consequence from a medical point of view.”

“But surely this is something I cannot overlook.”

“Indeed not. I propose that you take appropriate measures to see this does not happen again. After all, the solitary nature of the activity alone argues against its being tolerated. I would recommend first of all that you have him wear female undergarments from now on.”

“Excuse me doctor ? Female undergarments ?”

“Yes, a common enough method of male punishment for certain types of transgressions. Ultimately the embarrassment lies in the perception of the punished. No one can come to any harm by having to undergo a slight degree of cross-gender dressing, however modest it may be. After all, who shall be able to see what he is wearing underneath unless it be specifically revealed ?. The threat of revealment is a powerful incentive to future obedience.”

“Yes I see. But would it be sufficient enough a punishment for his transgressions ?”

“I think so. Perhaps your niece should also be made privy to this disciplinary measure. Would that mollify the affront of masturbating into her undergarments ?”

“Hmmm … quite possibly I would think.”

“Excellent. Perhaps you can start before you leave. We can provide some suitable underwear should you so wish.”

“Would you doctor ? Perhaps it would be best not to tarry too long.”

“Precisely. Maybe you have enough correctly sized undergarments at home. Otherwise I would recommend you get him a suitable intimate wardrobe in the next few days. Having him along on a shopping trip should give him further pause for thought.”

“Yes, that does sound like a splendid idea doctor.”

“Fine. Now aside from the undergarments I also propose that you begin by placing your nephew under a supervised regime.”

“A supervised regime ?”

“Yes, there is little hope of eradicating an adolescent’s sex-drive, nor would it be beneficial to do so in the first place. The best course to take is to guide things along.”

“Oh my. Can’t you fit him with some kind of device or other ? Or give him some kind of medication ?”

“I fear not. Medication is uncalled for and not advisable at all. The side-effects are uncertain and the long-term effects are totally unknown. And by devices I take it you mean some kind of restraining device ? A genital encapsulator of sorts, or hand-restrainers ?”

“Something like that I suppose….”

“In all candor, the use of such devices, while interesting and curious, is frowned on nowadays. In all good conscience I cannot recommend their use. Ultimately they are to little avail anyway. Emissions can occur spontaneously, during sleep for instance. And there are ever so many occasions for furtive activity. It would be impossible to monitor your nephew’s every activity during a day.”

“Ohhh ….how things have changed since my time.”

“That is certainly so. A never-ending lament.”

“Well what can you recommend then ?”

“As I said, I would recommend you put your nephew, and your niece as well for that matter, on a supervised regime. By that I mean that you personally oversee or administer to their needs.”

“I don’t follow exactly what you mean.”

“It’s not advisable that your nephew indulge in self-gratification on his own. Rather it would better if he were to do so under your guidance, while you keep an eye on him.”

“You mean watch him … play with himself ?”

“There is more to it than that, but basically that is one of the options.”

“And the other is …?”

“That you do it for him.”

“You mean … surely not ?”

“Why certainly. It’s not that much of a hardship as it would seem at first sight. Far better that you control the setting, frequency and mode of his sexual relief, than that he get himself into all kinds of mischief.”

“I suppose so, but the idea is novel. Nor would I know how to go about it.”

“Surely you have some knowledge of how a male reaches climax ?”

“Well of course …’s rather obvious … but …”

“Exactly. Obvious, but still not all that straightforward and simple to put into practice. Which brings me to another point. By submitting both your nephew and niece to such a therapy, they will be able to learn about the specifics of opposite gender sexuality. Mutual observation can be a very effective learning method.”

“Have them watch each other ? Oh my goodness. Do you think that is a good idea ?”

“Most surely. I predict that by doing so relations between the two shall improve for the better. Their innate curiosity should compel both to compliance and enthusiasm. You should have little trouble gaining their enthusiastic participation after a session or two.”

“Well, perhaps so, but I wouldn’t know how to go about it.”

“That’s understandable. But that is one of the points I can help you with …..”

And so the lady-doctor explains in detail how to go about supervising her nephew and niece. The conversation is long and detailed, with much promise of interesting activities and changing relationships within the household. Though skeptical at first, the aunt is won over by the lady-doctor’s argumentation and explanations.

By the time the nephew and niece are back from being photographed, much has been discussed and planned. The aunt will be looking forward to the upcoming activities. And no doubt after a session or two with the aunt, so will both nephew and niece.