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The Aunt and the Nephew - Part 4

The Aunt and the Nephew - Part 4

A Fourth Imagining

When the nephew comes to lodge at his aunt's house, she expects the next months to be anxious times, fraught with misunderstandings and confusion. She is of good will and so she hopes is the nephew. And wondrously indeed, the nephew appears to adapt himself to his new accommodations. He is quiet and withdrawn to a degree the aunt does not expect from an adolescent of his age, and he does not go out much.

For this she is not ungrateful, as it alleviates the necessity for concern and worry about his well- being when out of her supervision. But it is somewhat odd nonetheless. She would have thought him to be visiting with girls, if not with a girl-friend more often, going out and socializing. But apparently this does not interest him. She hints and alludes to possibilities, but the nephew does not appear to understand.

Perhaps he is shy or embarrassed to a degree she does not comprehend ? True, he looks far too young for his actual age and is small in stature and of build. But surely that can not be of primordial import.

The aunt is at least relieved when the nephew begins to keep company with a neighboring boy from time to time.

One afternoon, the aunt is away on an errand. She comes back earlier than expected and steps into the house, putting away her purchases. She thinks of calling out for her nephew to inform him of her arrival home, but instead goes through the house to look for him. The aunt has been brought up to be polite and unobtrusive and so moves through the hallways with a light step, making hardly any noise at all.

But listening, she hears a voice coming from a room. It is not her nephew's bedroom so thinking to find him engaged in some innocuous occupation, she enters the room. She does so quietly and is aghast at what she sees.

Her nephew is lying down on a small table and appears to be almost completely undressed. Standing over him is the neighboring boy, he is yet clothed, but is busily engaged in doing something indeterminate with the nephew.

Stifling a cry of surprise, she quickly and quietly positions herself to the side of an armoire, so remaining out of sight. The two boys, so intent and pre-occupied with their goings-on, do not notice anything and continue with their diversions.

And a most curious diversion it is too. It is more than obvious from the nephew's almost naked state of undress that it involves something naughty and indecent. The aunt strains her ears and listens to the conversation. Most comes from the neighboring boy as he addresses remarks to her nephew. He speaks in an unusual tone, somewhat between domineering and play-acting. It is an intriguing dialogue.

"I want you to hold still and stop fidgeting. How can I know where to look if you won't lay still. Now show me again where it feels funny."

"Around here…"

"Are you sure it's not lower ?"

"Maybe. I guess so…."

"That's what I thought. Don't be ashamed to tell me where. Is it here ? Here ? Or around here ?"

"Yes, I think so."

"In your tummy ? And a little bit lower too ?"

"Yes …"

"I'll have to take a good look then. But first I'm going to take your temperature. Turn over on your stomach."

"But why ?"

"So I can take your temperature properly, silly boy. The correct way is to do it in the bottom."

"Please, do you have to do it that way ? Can't you stick the thermometer in my mouth ?"

"I'm afraid not. I always do it this way. It won't hurt at all. Now turn over so I can take your temperature."

"All right. If I have to…."

"Yes, you have to. … That's good. Now, raise your hips so I can lower your undies."

"Please, don't take them off. I'm ashamed."

"I'm sorry, but how can I stick the thermometer in your bottom if you're still wearing undies ? I've simply got to lower them. But don't worry. There's nothing to be ashamed of. I've seen lots of poopholes and bottoms. But if it will help, I'll only pull your undies down around your ankles. I won't take them off all the way. Is that better ?"

"A little bit …"

"There we are. Good. Now I want you to relax while I stick the thermometer into your bottom. It won't hurt if you relax and pretend you're doing poopy. All right here we go …."

And so it goes indeed. The aunt surmises that the boys are playing ‘doctor' or ‘hospital' or some such thing. Nevertheless she is much surprised. In her memory, these games are traditionally played by the much younger and moreover involve both genders, typically as a means of mutual genital exploration. She has never thought that two males would engage in such play.

The neighboring boy seems quite well versed in his role, even having procured a number of instruments such as a real thermometer, several jars of what are no doubt creams or lotions and other things.

She watches intently, slightly incredulous at the sight of it all. She is torn between affront and fascination and knows not what to do. Should she barge in and put a stop to all these goings-on immediately or should she silently observe and see how the situation evolves ?

In the end her curiosity and, dare she admit it, her arousal get the better of her. She watches her nephew and the neighboring boy continue with their medical concoction of the imagination.

The nephew's undies are indeed lowered to his ankles, so baring his buttocks. They are shapely and firm she notes in an almost guilty aside to herself and she regrets that the nephew is too old to have been put into bath under her supervision.

The neighboring boy applies a daub of something from one of the jars and applies it to the nephew's bottom. He squirms in apparent discomfort and protests as the thermometer is inserted. Waiting awhile, the instrument is twirled around and moved about until retracted and read. A verdict is pronounced and yes, there does appear to be cause for further concern and examination.

Her nephew is made to turn over amid yet more protests, this time revealing bared and naked genitals. They are in a state of erection, something that does not really surprise the aunt, but which does interest her even more. From her vantage point, she cannot clearly see all she wishes, but can make out the neighboring boy handling the nephew's penis and balls, fiddling about and poking and pulling.

This goes on a longish time with her nephew becoming more visibly aroused all the while. His protests become feebler and feebler and he positions himself in yet more shameful postures under guidance of the neighboring boy. Laying on his back, he is made to spread his legs wide and high, so baring all his private parts and bottom hole at the same time. The boy handles the nephew's privates with little regard for propriety anymore, shamelessly kneading and pulling on the nephew's scrotum, squeezing and rubbing the nephew's swollen penis, poking a finger into his poophole.

In the end, the nephew cannot control himself and the aunt watches mesmerized as little jets of white fluid erupt from his penis and trickle down his shaft and onto his abdomen. Though no stranger to sexual intercourse in her younger days, the aunt is still amazed at what she is witnessing. She must consciously control herself not to cry out or to step into the middle of the room and put an end to everything.

Yet she does nothing but watch. When it becomes evident that the goings-on are coming to an end, the aunt quickly slips out of the room and takes herself away. She gasps from trepidation and the strain of her beating heart. She also realizes with a start that her own genitals are full and moist with arousal. She flushes at the thought and is half of a mind to go somewhere private and relieve herself. But instead she waits, secluded until she is sure that the neighboring boy has departed.

Then as unobtrusively as possible she calls out to her nephew and announces her arrival home. He comes forward dutifully, smiling at his aunt, looking none the worse nor none the better for his recent no doubt pleasurable emission of male fluids. She looks for a trace of guilt or uneasiness on his countenance but finds little to indicate the activities she has just recently witnessed.

Somewhat perplexed, the aunt pretends nothing to be out of the ordinary. She carries on with her normal routine.

Not knowing what to do she decides that perhaps the best course of action would be to confide with the neighboring boy's parent first. She knows her to live alone with the boy, a step-son if she is not mistaken.

That evening after dinner, she makes a house-call on her neighbor and is cordially greeted and invited in. The ladies chat and exchange pleasantries until the neighboring lady, who clearly observes that something is troubling the aunt, comes out and asks what is unsettling her. This is a welcome opening and hesitantly the aunt circumspectly recounts what she witnessed this very afternoon.

"I'm sorry to trouble you, but I really don't know what to do."

"No, no. I understand completely. You say that my step-son and your nephew did not ask for your permission ?"

"Oh no. Certainly not."

"Hmmm, well that is most unsettling indeed. He knows better than that. Now, I don't know what you plan to do with your nephew, but I think these goings-on warrant a good punishment indeed."

"My thoughts exactly. But if you don't mind me asking. You just said that your step-son should have asked ‘my permission' ?"

"Of course he should have. He knows better than to engage in such activity while unsupervised."

"Unsupervised ? I don't understand."

"Oh, I'm sorry. I just assumed that being single, you take care of your nephew much as I do my step-son."

"Well, of course I take care of him. But …. ?"

"Well, how to explain ? You see, I have taken it upon myself to make sure my step-son is given the best instruction and preparation for later life. Youngsters are so given over to their physical urges, that they really do need a firm and experienced hand to guide them. Regular supervision and administration of relief for proper behavior does wonders for their comportment and behavior. Let me explain a bit more in detail. You appear to be a mature and concerned relative …"

And so the neighboring lady explains her approach and methodology. The aunt listens skeptically at first, but pays attention nonetheless.

In a condensed form the step-mother's reasoning is thus : youngsters and adolescents cannot help but be confused and uncertain over their feelings and sexual longings. Having little experience, they should ideally best be helped along by those wiser and more experienced in the ways of the world. In practice that often means not only discussing sexual matters frankly, openly and in detail, but also submitting to supervision and tutelage regarding actual sexual practices, activity and hygiene. By submitting to the guidance of older individuals, the younger will on the whole, in this manner learn more and be better able to cope with all the many bewildering and at times confusing array of opportunities and convergences that come their way. By participating in guided activity they would not ordinarily dare to engage in or even conceive on their own, they are initiated and given the opportunity to make out for themselves, what the range and scope of their preferences might well be.

As to the actual activity, that is varied and dependent upon many factors. The neighboring-lady herself prefers to carefully supervise her step-son in matters of hygiene and cleanliness. Stressing the desirability for individuals to become proficient in social commerce and inter-action, she does not allow any solo sexual activity whatsoever. She herself sees to the administration of regular sessions to provide relief from natural urges, or sees to introductions to suitable individuals with whom to involve her step-son. These individuals may be of the same or opposite gender, that is of little import. Only that they be of like mind and thinking is consequential.

She has found her thinking to be generally fruitful and successful in practice. Normally she has little cause for complaint with her step-son. He is obedient and amenable in regards to her close supervision, he is indeed even an active and enthusiastic participant on most occasions.

But this time he has evidently transgressed with the nephew. This will give the neighboring lady cause for thought and deliberation. Perhaps his sessions are too few ? Perhaps his longings grow stronger from experience ? Whatever the outcome of her pondering, in the meantime amends must be made. He will be punished in the appropriate manner.

Perhaps the aunt would like to be privy to the punishment ? Has she considered what to do about her own nephew for that matter ?

The aunt is all a fuddle and confused, yet charmed and grateful that her neighbor take her into such intimate confidence. She must admit the reasoning to make sense, yet she herself would never have come to any such conclusions on her own. The aunt finds herself nodding more and more in agreement with her neighbor, an eager flush running over her body, an excitement coursing through her veins and private parts.

The conversation between the two ladies goes on for a long time, but both sense a rapprochement of minds and recognize what will ensue. When the neighboring lady proposes that both boys be punished together and that the aunt of course attend, she is at once in agreement. Having more experience in such things, the matter will be taken care of in the neighbor's home. Nor will the boys be notified of their impending chastisement until it takes place, all the more to surprise them. Not much time should be allowed to elapse between the deed and castigation, but preparations and allowances for schedules must be made. In a few days time, the aunt and nephew will come visit the neighboring lady and her step-son and then the cards will be laid on the table.

The ladies of course hold all the aces, figuratively speaking. The aunt watches her nephew in the next few days, but cannot detect any sign that he feels any fear of detection or remorse for his activities with the neighboring boy. This surprises her. Surely her nephew cannot be that devious or insidious that he does not wonder at the impropriety of his little enactment ?

But no, he is his usual self, helpful to a degree, agreeable and mild-mannered. Were the images of her naked nephew laying with legs spread-eagled up in the air not burned into her mind, the aunt might begin to believe she had dreamt it all.

She also wonders why she herself is not more incensed. Ordinarily she would think that a parent or relative would be seething with barely suppressed anger and indignation, but that is not so in her case. Instead she is somewhat jittery and nervous about the upcoming confrontation and inevitable punishment. She is also eager and anxious to see how the neighboring lady will go about administering proper justice for these offenses. Even though the aunt still agrees with all the neighboring lady has explained to her regarding education and proper supervision of adolescents, she is not certain how the reasoning will be translated into practice. It is certain to be unusual, of that she is certain.

And so the day of confrontation and punishment arrives. The aunt mentions that the mid-day repast will be taken at the neighbor's home, the result of a kind invitation from the step-mother of his new friend. The aunt looks for a trace of uneasiness in the nephew's expression, but cannot make out much.

Together, both walk over to the neighbor's home and are invited in. The neighbor greets the aunt and nephew heartily and calls for her step-son. He too is the picture of politeness and manners. All sit down to lunch.

As the repast draws to an end, the neighbor addresses her step-son and the nephew. She notes they have seen much of each other lately. She pleasantly questions them of their mutual interests and activities, sagaciously nodding at the responses she receives.

"Well, I'm glad you two have taken to each other. It's ever so nice to see neighboring fellows like yourselves getting on so well together … but tell me, are you sure there isn't anything you are concealing from me ?"

"I don't understand …"

"I think you do. Don't try to put anything over on your step-mother. Your friend's aunt came by a few days and told me of a remarkable little scene she witnessed between you two."

"A scene ?"

"Yes, a naughty little scene in fact. And don't pretend you don't know what I'm talking about. Want to tell me about it ? Or shall I ask your friend ?"

"….. ?"

"Let me refresh your memory then. She said that you and her nephew were playing doctor or something. Does that ring a bell ? You got your friend to undress and then you took his temperature in his fanny and pretended to ‘examine' him. Then you played with his privates until he spurted and came … Well ?"

"I don't know … I guess so …"

"You guess so ? Did you ask his aunt's permission first ?"

"I guess not."

"You certainly didn't. You know the rules. Why didn't you at least ask your friend's aunt first ?"

"I don't know … she wasn't home I suppose."

"Nonsense. You deliberately decided not to wait or ask. Isn't that so ?"

"I guess …"

"You better guess. Now tell me, whose idea was it ?"

"I don't know ... Mine I guess. I'm really sorry."

"A bit too late for that now. You're going to have to be punished for this you know."

"I know … I'm sorry."

"You will be … believe me."

The aunt watches with ill-concealed pleasure as the step-son wriggles on the hook. But her gaze also goes to her own nephew who has turned a paler shade of white. His face contorts with anxiety and embarrassment from having been found out. He looks away, almost shivering in trepidation. When his aunt questions him in turn, the nephew has difficulty answering.

"Well I never. Did you really think you'd get away with this and not have me find out ?"

"I'm sorry …"

"I bet you are. You didn't look sorry when you were playing doctor with your friend. In fact, it looked like you were enjoying yourself very much with all your clothes off and your piddler stiff as can be."

" … "

"I was never so mortified in my life. To see my nephew with his legs and fanny in the air while another boy stuck things all the way up into his poophole and rubbed his weenie …"

" … (sigh, shudder)"

"Well, you certainly deserve to be punished for this. In fact, that's why we've come here today. Your friend's step-mother and I have decided that you'll receive your punishment this afternoon."

"Right now ?"

"Most certainly. And since you seem to like showing yourself off to your friend, we're going to punish you together."

"Please …"

"No talking back. Just do as you're told."

"But what are you going to do ? How are you going to punish us ?"

That is the question indeed, the aunt thinks naughtily to herself. The neighboring lady has already given the instance much thought and has come up with what she believes to be an appropriate chastisement. These ideas she has shared and discussed with the aunt and with little argument the aunt concedes to the innate suitability and correctness of the proposals.

Both boys, but the nephew especially, will be submitted to an intimate and hygienic examination. Afterwards will follow some form of physical castigation, but that is merely intended as a reinforcing lesson. The main intent will be the embarrassment caused by an exhaustive examination and appraisal in group. The ladies will switch their charges, so better to embarrass the boys each. The step-mother, being more experienced will commence the proceedings.

The verdict having been announced, both boys are summarily marched up to the neighbor's bedroom. The bedroom is large and well furnished with bed, mirrored armoire, dressing table and other womanish accouterments.

The neighboring lady draws the curtains, shutting out the light of day. She turns on a small frilly table-lamp and places a chair to the side of a mirrored armoire door. She sits down and orders the nephew to stand in front of her. As he looks at the lady, he notices that he can see himself in the mirror. He is amazed and open-eyed at the sight of himself in the reflecting glass. How frightened and apprehensive he appears to be, how daunting his friend's step-mother.

"Well now, young fellow. Let's get started shall we ? I want you undressed down to your undies. Quick about it now."

"Must I ?"

"Yes you must." (a mild slap on the bottom) "And don't make me repeat myself or the next one will be harder."

"Yes ma'am … "

"That's better… your socks and shoes as well. Just put them over there."

(Sounds of reluctant undressing)

"Good. Since you liked it so much when my step-son ‘examined' you, I'm going to do it too. Only my examination will be much more thorough, and it won't be over with so quickly nor so pleasantly. Do you understand ?"

"Y... y … yes…"

"Fine then. Now I'm going to start by looking at your wee-wee and your balls. You don't seem to have a very big penis from what I can see through your underpanties. Or isn't it stiff yet ?"

"N … n… no ma'am…"

"Oh ? Are you nervous ? Quite often a boy's wee-wee gets all stiff and hard just because they're nervous. Is that the case with you ? You're not nervous at all ?"

"No … er … yes … I mean …"

"You don't know what you mean, do you ? Well it doesn't matter. We're going to give you a good looking over and examine you carefully, especially your penis and balls and fannyhole. That's what you like anyway, isn't it ? For someone to examine you in those special places."

"N …n …no ma'am…"

"Don't fib to me. I think you like it very much. Or do you only like boys to play around with your peedle ?"

"Oh n … no …"

"You like girls to do it too ? Is that it ? How many girls have done that to you then ?"

"No one … honest."

"So you only let boys see you all naked ?"

"N … n … n … no."

"In any case, we're all going to see you without a stitch of clothes on, both of us ladies and your friend here as well. But this time he won't be allowed to touch you or fiddle with your balls and wee- wee. Understand ?"

"Y …y … yes ma'am."

"Good. Lift up your arms onto your head. That's it, now keep them there. I'm going to pull your undies down so I can get a good first look at you. Stand completely still now, understand ?"

And so the conversation goes on in a like vein. The step-mother continues her dialogue of disparaging remarks and impending intentions. Stating what she will do beforehand is doubly mortifying when added to the actions themselves. Far from lessening the surprise it only heightens the anticipation, especially when the neighboring lady contrives to use childish and immature terms for his shameful body parts. This she does deliberately of course, the more to embarrass and discompose the nephew. Her own step-son is used to hearing such language spoken during supervision and examinations, but the nephew is certainly not.

It causes him to burn red with shame and discomfort. The aunt too is somewhat startled at first as well, but she quickly finds the usage charming and endearing to hear, all the more so from the obvious mortification her nephew suffers. How sweet to see the nephew flinch and wince as the neighboring lady goes through an assortment of terms. She knows not which she prefers : a wee- wee, piddler, pizzler, pee-pee, weener, peedle, peter, prick, cock, boy's stick, sausage and so on … She contrives to memorize as many as possible, for use when her turn will come to examine and punish the nephew's friend.

In the meantime, the neighboring lady slowly and deliberately lowers the nephew's underpants. As his genitals are revealed to view the step-mother clucks disapprovingly. The nephew presents a pubic area grown with unsightly hair. It is not overly bushy nor profuse, but from his hairless torso and thighs, the neighboring lady at first thinks the nephew would be clean shaven all over.

"My goodness. Look at all that nasty hair around your weenie and balls. How unsightly. It will probably be the same around your poophole as well I surmise ?"

"I guess so …"

"You guess so ? Don't you know enough to keep clean down there ? How repellent and uncouth. Goodness me, see what happens when you think you're too old to be taken care of properly by your aunt ? I keep my step-son shaven and smooth and see that it remains so at all times. It's not only a comely sight, but much more hygienic too. We'd better take care of this in just a while. I'm sure your aunt agrees."

(the aunt) "Oh, most certainly. I'm afraid I never had an opportunity to check my nephew's private parts."

"Well, then it's a good thing we have him here today. His punishment is already showing unexpected benefits."

"So it seems."

"Yes indeed. And here's the more : did you know your nephew was un-circumcised ?"

"Why no … I had no idea."

"Hmmm … I suppose when the boys were playing doctor, his foreskin was already retracted." (to the nephew) "Is that so ? Does the tip of your pizzler become uncovered by itself when you get stiff ? Or do you have to yank it down yourself ?"

(the nephew) "I don't know … I don't pay it any attention …"

"You don't, do you ? I find that hard to believe. All boys fiddle and rub their weeners whenever they can. But no matter. We'll take a very good look at this business of your foreskin too. I hope at least you keep it clean enough so we don't have to consider getting you trimmed."

"Trimmed ?"

"Yes, snip off a bit of the skin covering the tip of your pee-pee."

"But .. b… I don't want that."

"That's of little concern to me. Your aunt will have to decide and I'm sure she'll do what is best for you. It's no big deal you know. I make sure my step-son stays clean and shapely. He goes to the doctor for regular foreskin check-ups. Of course I keep a close eye on him, but periodic examinations are always necessary for naughty boys such as yourselves."

Continuing her commentary the neighboring lady hefts and handles the nephew's penis. She squeezes and pinches in places, pulls and rubs on top and bottom and all in between. Slowly the his organ starts to stiffen in stature until it gives at the least a good resemblance to an erection. This is more to the lady's approval. Pushing the shaft up towards the nephew's abdomen, she grabs hold of his testicles and gives a hearty squeeze. The nephew winces in anguish and almost doubles over from fear of further handling.

The lady frowns in disapproval, shaking her head in exasperation. Does the nephew find her touch to be so abhorrent and heavy-handed ? Would he rather have someone else conduct this examination ? Her naughty step-son for instance ? Yes, that would do nicely no doubt, since the two have already fiddled about. Perhaps his aunt should step in, or another older relative ? He is sure to have yet more aunts and uncles waiting about somewhere.

The nephew wishes for none more to join the circle of those privy to his humiliation and so meekly apologizes. The lady states that in this hairy condition, the nephew is un-examinable. There is nothing else to do for the moment except to remove the offending growth of pubic hair. They had best retire to the bathroom to take care of this matter before proceeding any further. She pulls his underpants back up around his thighs, but not over his hips as they are normally worn. She places a hand on his naked behind and guides him along before her, through a door and into the bathroom.

While they are momentarily engaged in thinning out the nephew's bush, the lady suggests that the aunt start on her step-son. She will have time enough to undress and assess the step-son by the time she has returned with a pristine smooth nephew.

The aunt agrees and takes place on the same chair in front of the armoire and mirror. With little prompting, the step-son comes to stand in the correct position before her. This is something he is used to doing, he is acquainted with the procedure and seems almost eager to display himself to a different lady than his step-mother.

The aunt is blushing and unsure of herself. To be sure the situation is fraught with lovely possibilities of an arousing nature, but the aunt knows not how to go about plucking the metaphorical fruits. She had counted on being given the example of the neighboring-lady to observe and imitate. Here she is however but little the wiser. What she can do is have the neighboring boy undress. This she tells him to do.

He complies at once, with no back-talk or pouting. Off come his socks and shoes, shirt and trousers. The aunt sees that her nephew's friend is oddly attired underneath his outer clothing. Her eyebrows rise in confusion or is it endorsement, for instead of wearing undergarments as other boys do, shorts or briefs and an undershirt, he is attired in what is unmistakably feminine apparel. It is frilly and soft. On top, the neighboring boy sports a longish chemise of sorts, with a hem partly covering the buttocks and groin. Below the hem she can discernibly make out a pair of feminine knickers. They are to be sure, large and spacious, covering the genitals more than amply in regards to propriety and modesty. But yet, in the aunt's experience they are out of place on a male.

Nevertheless she stares with deep intent at the step-son and with possibly yet more esteem for his step-mother. What an unexpected little surprise ! And yes, contemplating the sight before her, how appropriate, how endearing.

"Well now. Those are certainly fine looking undies. Do you wear these all the time ?"

"Not always ma'am. Only when my step-mother tells me to."

"Do you like wearing such things ? I'd think they were for ladies or girls. Don't you mind ?"

"Not really. They feel nice and soft."

"I'm sure they do. Did you put them on specially for today ?"

"Well, not especially specially. I have to wear them about the house regularly."

"I see. Well, they'll have to come off anyway I suppose."

"Yes ma'am. I always have to take everything off for my examinations."

"So I gathered. Well let's proceed then, shall we ? You may take your undies off now …"

"I'm usually not allowed to do that on my own. My step-mother takes them off for me."

"I see. All right then, let's slip this over your head first …"

"No, no. I have to remove my knickers first …"

"Oh ? Well, we'll do it that way then…"

And so the aunt comes to discover that her nephew's friend looks far more interesting clad in chemise, than he would clad in knickers only, let alone normal briefs or shorts. He pulls the feminine garment down around his thighs and over his ankles, revealing his genitals. They are clean shaven or perhaps depilated in some other manner. In any case they are hairless and pristine, smooth and clean-looking, smallish in appearance and girth.

The neighboring boy lifts the hem of his chemise and pulls it upwards around his nipples, offering his privates for inspection. This manner of presentation is alluring and charming thinks the aunt, as she takes the organs to view. His penis is semi-erect, but pulses rhythmically and gains stature in cadence. Soon it is sticking straight out- and upwards, jutting hard and raised. Underneath his scrotum is taut and tight, constricted within are two, no doubt throbbing and fluid-rich testicles.

Smallish they may appear to be, they are nonetheless undoubtedly masculine and functioning, awaiting her inspection.

Here the aunt hesitates before finally hefting the step-son's organ. But once begun, she continues enthusiastically, if somewhat un-knowledgeably in specifics.

The step-son is indeed un-circumcised, a state piquing the aunt's curiosity. Tentatively she fiddles about with his foreskin, yanking downwards with little finesse. But the step-son is used to uncovering the tip of his organ, is indeed regularly examined in this regard. His prepuce is withdrawn and the aunt gazes with curiosity at the denuded glans. It is still shiny with secretions, colored and glistening.

The penile shaft is smooth and soft, devoid of hair and other blemishes. Lower still she hefts his scrotal sac in her hand and gives a good squeeze, over-enthusiastically feeling about for the separate orbs, twirling them about between her fingers, pulling and probing.

This goes on for a longish while, unsystematically, but nevertheless very gratifyingly.

Meanwhile the neighboring-lady and the nephew are busily engaged in a bathroom. While she goes about preparing the items she will need to properly clean the nephew, the lady engages the nephew in a commentary of mores and intentions.

"My goodness, it's certainly lucky your aunt brought you here. Why, if she hadn't been sharp enough to find you out, who knows what might have happened."

"But …."

"No buts. Together, both of us will be sure to cure you of your naughty little habits. Imagine letting a friend play around with your wee-wee like that. And being in your nudie with another boy as well. Goodness me. Who knows what you'd have been up to next …"

"But I didn't start …"

"That's what they all say. We won't hear any more of your excuses. My step-son would never dare suggest doing something like that on his own. You must have urged him on. Is that it ? Did you pull down your pants and show him your weenie ? Ask him to play with it ? Wasn't it your idea to play doctor ?"

"No, honest … "

"No more of that, understand ? Don't deny anything anymore. We'll teach you proper manners and how to behave. And the more you talk back and contradict us, the more difficult it will be for you. Do you understand ?"

"Yes ma'am ….

"Fine. Now let's get that nasty looking hair off of you. You're worse than a gorilla. Come here and spread your legs open wide. I'm going to put some cream on you that will remove all the hair around your privates. There's not enough time now, so we'll do the rest of you another time."

‘The rest of me …?"

"Of course. Your legs are absolutely unsightly."

"My legs …?"

"Yes, your legs. What did you think ? You really do need to be taken firmly to hand. That's obvious. So come now, spread them wide for me …."

The neighboring-lady whisks on a thin rubber glove, on which she then spreads a goodly amount of a whitish cream. It smells somewhat tart and yet sweetish, almost disquietingly feminine. It is a depilatory, a compound designed to remove hair without shaving or plucking. It is ideally suited for the removal of pubic hair.

It is also something the nephew has never heard of before, never imagined. Why disrupt the natural order of things ? If hair grows around his prick and balls, why not leave it so ?

That is apparently not what the neighboring-lady has in mind. She thinks much is perfectible and changeable in regards to the human form. This is essentially a feminine approach, for why else do ladies spend so much time and money on cosmetics and beauty aids ? The nephew instinctively understands the root of such a feminine approach and shudders as he contemplates what else may be in store for him after this first ignominy. He hopes this is not but a first step.

Naturally that is indeed just what it is. But it will be a gradual process of steps along a predetermined path and ultimately a not unpleasant one for the nephew if he does not act too much the silly fool.

While the nephew waits with a face figuratively hanging down to his knees, the neighboring-lady continues her commentary.

"There now. All you have to do is wait a few minutes and we'll have everything nice and clean, no more nasty hairs from now on. And we'll make sure you stay clean. Do you understand ?"

"Y … y … yes ma'am…."

"Good. You'll come to appreciate all of what we're doing for you, you know. No no, don't open your mouth to protest. I know what you are going to say. All you have to do from now on is to listen to what we tell you. Do you understand ?"

"I suppose so …"

"Yes indeed. I know exactly what you are thinking. You're just like my step-son no doubt. All he ever thinks about is that sausage of his. You're just the same."

"Oh no ma'am …"

"Don't talk back to me. You just couldn't wait to show yourself off to him in your nudie, now could you ? You liked it when he touched your pee-pee, didn't you ? And when he squeezed your balls and took your temperature ?"

"I ..I …"

"Well I think you liked it very much or you wouldn't have been so stiff and hard. Isn't that so ? Just like now as a matter of fact. I bet you like this too, don't you ? Showing yourself off to me and your aunt."

"Oh no …"

"Don't fib me. You're as stiff as can be. So you must like it. You can't fool me. You must have done this a lot, showing yourself off."

"Oh no ma'am … honest I haven't."

"A likely story. If you've done it once you've certainly done it before. Isn't that so ?"

Meanwhile the depilatory cream does its work. The neighboring-lady takes an odd looking spatula and scrapes off a bit of the lotion. The skin is devoid of hair underneath so she commences to remove the balance as well. This requires some undignified posing and posturing by the nephew, with legs spread akimbo and knees bent up in the air. The lady pulls his prick upwards and to every side so that she can get at the last vestige of cream. Scraping the shaft of his penis is a pleasurable and yet intimidating procedure. To begin with the pleasure of contact with the spatula is undeniable, yet on the other hand the neighboring-lady is far from gentle in her handling. She scrapes with diligence and precision, sparing no area from her cleaning.

When this is done, the lady has the nephew squat over a bidet, a feminine hygienic apparatus not generally familiar to nephews such as himself. As he positions himself uncertainly, thighs splayed upon either side, she pointedly explains the appliance's use and purpose in graphic terms.

Primarily the device is for use on female genitalia, on slits and cunnies of all shapes and sizes. It is easy to clean these organs when squatting with open legs over the bidet bowl. There is of course no regulation or ordinance prohibiting its use on male pricks and balls and this the lady does with a vigorous relish. All the while she cannot resist poking fun at his predicament. Was it agreeable playing the sissy-boy for her step-son and letting him play with his male sausage and stick things up his bottom ? Well in that case it is more than appropriate that she now treat him like the little female he ought to be. She wets his piddler and scrotum with warm water and removes the last lingering traces of depilatory. Her rubbing is not perfunctory but vigorous and diligent, she leaves no cleft or crease untouched, kneads every part of his intimate anatomy, pulls and rubs between his thighs and along the narrow crevasse between his buttocks.

The warm wetness on his naughty parts feels as yet an added embarrassment. Yet when the neighboring-lady dries him off with a fluffy towel he feels no less flustered. At the last she shakes a generous handful of scented talcum into the palm of her hand. This is then vigorously applied to the recently denuded genital area and onto his bottom and behind. The odor is flowery and sweet, overtly feminine and strong, the feeling is soft and dry. The lady takes a hand mirror and gives it to the nephew. Naughtily she suggests he study the results of depilatory cream and talcum powder upon his male parts.

Tentatively he uses the mirror and is surprised at what he sees. Not only is his sausage naked and free of hair, it is also pale of color, blanched and even of complexion. But far more disorienting are the perspectives the nephew gazes from upon. He has never seen his prick from those vantage points before and he wonders if he is repelled or proud of his equipment. There is something faintly fascinating about viewing himself in those otherwise hidden places, especially when the lady insists that he study the build and make-up of his shameful parts from below and to the side.

Does he like what he sees, she asks ? Certainly his penis is now much better than with a covering of hair. She has him stroke himself discreetly and asks if the smoothness is not more to his liking. Is his shaft not longer looking and firmer of build ? Are not his balls rounder ? He knows not what to think let alone to answer and so says little to nothing, mumbling in embarrassment. The lady only laughs and says that he will have much time to think things over.

Then she bundles him out of the bathroom and back into the bedroom where his aunt and friend are engaged.

The aunt, for all her otherwise willingness, is not certain how she should proceed with the examination, so she is relieved that the neighboring-lady and her nephew return to the bedroom. There are many things her imagination would compel her to try, but she is yet uncertain of how to go about it. Far better to follow the no doubt experienced example of her neighbor.

The aunt smiles at her nephew's new appearance. It is comely and endearing to see his genitals denuded and pristine, even more so when she recognizes the even paleness of the skin caused by the application of talcum powder. She wonders why she herself has never thought of using such a toiletry in this intimate a manner.

The neighboring-lady presents the nephew to the aunt for inspection. He is made to stand up straight and jut his hips forwards with legs spread open. The lady explains the little procedure she has just carried out and describes the nephew's comportment throughout. She handles his sausage, moving it to the side and upwards to reveal her handiwork. The nephew is also made to turn about and bend over, showing his buttocks and bumhole, all now devoid of hair.

"I hope you don't mind having your nephew cleaned-up down there."

"Oh no. Not at all. I noticed that your step-son is also devoid of hair."

"Yes. It's much cleaner and hygienic and facilitates things ever so much. Our doctor absolutely insists on the practice. At first I was somewhat reluctant to keep my step-son clean and shaven between doctors examinations, but I must admit that I have come to see its advantages."

"Well, I don't think I will need much convincing. I think my nephew looks much better like this, more pleasing to the eye."

"Isn't that so ? I'm glad you approve. It's easier to do manual appraisals like this as well."

"Manual appraisals ?"

"Yes, the doctor impresses it upon us that it is heartily recommended to conduct regular examinations of the genitals between doctors visits."

"Oh ?"

"Yes. It's like doing a self-examination of the breasts, only I don't let my step-son do the examining himself of course. I do it for him. He fools around with himself enough as it is no doubt. Though not in the manner the doctor recommends I suspect."

"Of course not … (snigger)"

"It's just as important to check the condition of male genitals as it is with us ladies, though not everyone seems to be aware of it."

"Hmmm … to be frank, I never considered the point myself now that you mention it."

"Few do. Nevertheless, male organs are just as complicated in structure and build. They need careful monitoring to maintain proper health and functioning."

"I suppose so."

"Indeed. Anyway, I'll explain more when we come to it. Now I think it's time we got started."

The neighboring-lady now proceeds with the promised examination. The aunt and the step-son are enjoined to follow the proceedings. The lady sets several things in place, a small table is draped with a cloth and placed so that it can be easily viewed. She then pats the surface and indicates with a wave of her hand that the nephew mount the table. Reluctantly he does so.

The lady explains what her intentions are. Firstly she will look for signs of infection in the most indicated places. This entails taking samples for later analysis. The nephew frowns, not really understanding. He is soon enlightened however when the lady places several cotton-swabs and cotton-sticks in view. First off she has him open his mouth.

This is an odd request for the nephew. After all he is not at a dentist's office. Yet more disquieting is the vulnerability he experiences being unclothed with open mouth.

The neighboring-lady cares little for his feelings of vulnerability of course and forces his mouth open wide, probing about with her fingers. She then goes to stand behind the nephew and cradles his head in one arm, having him bend backwards against her chest. Pressed up against the neighboring-lady, the nephew cannot fail to inhale her scented aroma. His erection hardens from bodily contact while his stomach flutters from trepidation.

Enjoined to keep open, the neighboring-lady takes a large cotton swab and wipes it around the inside of his mouth and under his tongue. This she then places inside a phial. It will be tested afterwards.

Flustered the nephew knows not what to think. It is embarrassing in a manner not yet wholly appreciated by himself, yet far from daunting. The second procedure is even less so. The neighboring-lady uses a cotton-stick to twirl inside his ears. This is something he regularly does himself and so he is less troubled by this little procedure. The cotton stick is also placed inside a phial and placed to the side.

Now the neighboring-lady has the nephew lay flat down on the small table. Laying in this position, his prick juts upright to a degree but there is little he can do to conceal himself. Besides, his mind is on other matters when the lady uses a cotton stick to probe up into his nostrils. This is a practice which he has never engaged in and the feeling is disturbing. The lady cautions him to remain unmoving. This he does, though not without misgivings.

After she is done twirling the cotton-tipped stick around his nasal openings, the lady puts this one away in a small bottle, just as with the previous.

Her attention is now focused on the nephew's lower regions. She places a small pillow underneath his hips, which results in the nephew's groin being raised upwards. As a signal of intentions it is unmistakable. The lady casually explains what she will do.

She doubts that he is diligent in washing his intimate areas. This is doubly important since the nephew is not trimmed. Therefore she will not only take samples from his urethral canal, but also from under his foreskin.

The lady takes a cotton swab. With one hand she pulls outwards on an edge of the nephew's foreskin, with her other hand she forces the cotton underneath his prepuce, pushing it down as far as it will go. To say that this is disconcerting is an understatement. The nephew lets out a yelp of surprise and astonishment. He tries to squirm and move away, but the lady is quick to forestall him. With a fast and practiced hand, she gives the nephew a sharp slap on the thighs, cautioning him to remain still and uncomplaining, lest he should care to receive more.

He makes a face but tries to do as she says. It is difficult since he has never experienced anything of this manner.

The lady leaves the swab in place for the moment. It bulges underneath his foreskin, as an unnatural swelling on the tip of his piddler. The lady pulls his foreskin together at the extremity and kneads the tip of his penis, flattening the cotton as much as possible.

With yet another cotton stick in her hand, she now pulls downwards on his prepuce, reveling the smallish pink slit of the nephew's pee-hole. It glistens with moisture as she squeezes the nephew's stiff pizzler. Deftly she inserts the cotton stick into the pee-opening and forces it inwards to a considerable length.

The nephews bucks from surprise and acute discomfort. He lets out a moan and groans audibly. The lady has him firmly gripped by the penile shaft and so he cannot move freely. Again she gives him a cautionary slap on the thigh, telling to remain unmoving.

He tries, but the cotton stick up his pee hole is such an unexpected intrusion that he has difficulty from not crying out. He grits his teeth together and tries to endure. For all the otherwise unexpected invasion of his urethra, the pain is less than the utter embarrassment he experiences. The lady knows this is so and cautions him to endure without complaint. Still he has difficulty complying.

The lady removes the cotton-tipped stick. The extrusion is almost as distressing as the insertion, but at least the offending object is removed from his sensitive organ. The nephew relaxes somewhat thinking the worst to be over. But he has forgotten the swab under his prepuce. The lady gives a yank and jerks his foreskin downwards. The nephew is not used to denuding the tip of his penis and though the covering skin is sufficiently retracted to bare most of his glans penis, the feeling is far from pleasant since it stretches the elasticity of his foreskin to the utmost. It is sufficiently retracted however to allow the lady to retrieve the cotton swab. It is wet with secretions and pressed flat following the shape of his penile tip. The lady puts both cotton-stick and swab in separate phials. Only when they have been put to side and labeled does she allow the nephew's foreskin back up.

The nephew lies panting from the procedure but with a no less stiff weenie for all the trepidation. He wonders what other areas the lady will wish to collect samples from and almost immediately realizes that he has one bodily cavity left un-intruded so far, his bumhole.

And so it is. The neighboring-lady tells the nephew to turn over on his stomach. Gingerly he does so, taking care to place his hard penis in a more or less comfortable position. Luckily the pillow cushions his stiff organ somewhat as he positions himself.

The lady tells him what he already guesses. She will take a sample swab from inside his bottomhole. He winches at the thought, but the lady tells him not to act the hypocrite. She knows all too well that her step-son and by extension all males enjoy having their bottom fingered and filled by all manner of objects. He is no less so, it cannot be otherwise. Besides, is it not his lust to be fingered and invaded in his fannyhole that has brought him here in the first place ? If he likes a glass thermometer then other objects will be no less pleasurable she surmises.

The nephew is of other thoughts on the matter at this moment, but realizes he has few arguments with which to respond. He lays his head down, closes his eyes and tries to imagine himself elsewhere. This does not succeed, the more so when the neighboring-lady parts his buttocks and inserts yet another cotton-tipped baton into his bottomhole.

Unlubricated, he distinctly feels it being pushed up along his poophole and into his bowels. But a baton is of no considerable thickness whatsoever and he cannot really complain of any possible discomfort. The neighboring-lady however handles his delicate little opening far from gently. She stretches fingers between his buttocks and pries open the cleft between the two meanwhile fingering and pinching the sphincter muscles along the rim of his bumhole. She twirls the stick around and back, pull it to and fro and somehow manages to make it feel a multiple of its actual thickness. The retraction is equally discernible, but finally it is accomplished.

The cotton baton is put into a glass phial and the nephew is told that he may now sit up.

"There that's taken care of at least. We'll have these samples sent off to see if you are suffering from any infections."

"But I don't feel ill."

"That has nothing to do with it at all. You could have contracted any number of nasty infections and not be aware of it. That's especially the case with your privates. Do you regularly wash there ?"

"Of course …"

"Really now ? How often ? Every day ?"

"Not every day, but enough."

"See ? That's exactly what I mean. Daily intimate washing is an absolute requirement at the very least. And I don't suppose you know enough to retract your foreskin and wash your weenie very thoroughly from top to bottom ?"

"I wash down there."

"I doubt it. You can't even pull down your foreskin without bawling like a sissy-boy, can you ?"

" … "

"See what I mean ? But don't worry, we'll make sure you start adhering to proper genital hygiene from now on. And your poophole ? Do you pay it proper attention besides sticking things into it ?"

"I don't do things like that …"

"Oh no ? What about making my step-son take your temperature ?"

"I didn't make him …"

"Nonsense. Did he take your clothes off or did you undress yourself ?"

"I … I …"

"Never mind. We all now know what kind of naughty minded little fellow you are. And we'll be taking care of that from now on, your aunt and I."

"But I don't need …"

"No talking back now. Besides we need to proceed with your examination. And since you like having your temperature taken, I'm going to take yours right now. Do you understand ?"

"Yes ma'am."

"Good. I'm going to take it several ways, but we'll start by doing it the way you like it best. You know how that is, don't you ?"

"No ma'am…"

"You don't remember how you like it ? That's odd. I thought you enjoyed having your temperature taken in your fannyhole. I've a nice large sized thermometer for fellows like you. It fits very nicely in boys' poopholes. So … let's get you into position shall we ? I want you to lay down on your back and spread your legs wide open, then move your knees up to your chest. I need good access to your bumhole … "

Disconcerted but resigned, the nephew does as he is instructed. He assumes this revealing and embarrassing position with reluctance, knowing full well that not only the neighboring-lady, but her step-son and his aunt are all following the proceedings with rapt attention. That the step-son is enjoying watching his examination is obvious for he sports a prominently visible erection and does little to conceal it. His aunt too is following things with an eagle-eye, her countenance almost glowing with excitement.

Perhaps some participation from the spectators is called for the neighboring-lady thinks, so she asks for the aunt's assistance. Could she perhaps help by steadying the nephew's legs ? He will need to hold his present position while the thermometer is inserted, but the neighboring-lady is not all that certain that he can be counted on to remain motionless.

The aunt accepts with little prompting. She steps up to the table looking her nephew in the eye with a knowing stare. She is enjoying his predicament of punishment with ill-concealed glee and she smiles with a mock pitiful expression on her face. Poor nephew of hers. How enjoyable it is to have him positioned on the table in his nudity for all to see. In her mind, his stiff weenie reveals his secret enjoyment in the proceedings.

The step-mother asks the aunt to stand at her nephew's head and take hold of his ankles, keeping them positioned so that his knees remain spread open and pressed to his chest. She does so, feeling a tingle of delight ripple along her body as she grasps his ankles and grips them tightly. In her present position, she is ideally placed to view his intimate parts from above. Her gaze moves up to her nephew's face, which is quivering with emotion, though if it be from arousal or humiliation she cannot really decide.

Whatever the case might be, the nephew's thoughts count for little. The neighboring-lady takes a largish thermometer, clearly a model intended for rectal usage and holds it up for inspection by the aunt. She is showing off her instruments and at the same time letting the nephew view the device which will be inserted into his fannyhole. He shivers in anticipation and dread, even though the lady explains that this thermometer is not thicker than her step-son's finger. Since those appendages fit so well up his poophole, there should be no difficulties with this instrument.

She dips the tip into a lotion and presses it up against the nephew's anal opening. She tells him to press down as if he were trying to poop. The imagery is disconcerting and embarrassing to the nephew and he cannot make much of an effort. The lady does not accept this and she raps him on his buttocks several times, telling him she wants to see his fannyhole puckered and straining.

He tries again frowning from embarrassment at the shameful effort he must make and this time the lady slides the thermometer up through his fannyhole and into his rectum. As an object it is not overly large nor thick around. And while it is true that he has fiddled a finger up into his bumhole from time to time and indeed even enjoyed his friend's digit in his bottom while in the throes of lust and abandon, this is a different situation altogether. He is all too conscious of the two elder ladies with their eagle-eyes and their lewd imaginings in spite of all their otherwise proper comportment and argumentations.

His friend is watching intently as well and while the nephew does not mind the memory of the naughty intimacy of their play doctoring, he was almost willingly coerced into undressing and presenting his private parts for handling and fingering. Now the situation is less clear and altogether more complicated. The lady and aunt are certain to be more stern about the proceedings and seem to care little for seducing his compliance. He is ordered what to do and how to posture himself with little scope if any for personal preferences.

And yet there is a troubling pleasure to be experienced in this examination after all. The nephew is shivering and trembling indeed, in equal parts from lust and lechery as from humiliation and mortification. And yet his weenie is stiff and hard, leaking secretions, pulsing and twitching about. His balls are constricted up into his scrotum, taut and tight and his fannyhole is indeed eager for penetration by finger or instrument.

The lady twitches the instrument about in exaggerated movements, sometimes pressing her finger alongside the thermometer and up into his bumhole. The counterpoint of a flexible warm lady's finger burrowing along a rigid chill glass instrument is disturbing and enthralling. The neighboring- lady fiddles about with little purpose other than to stimulate and embarrass the nephew. She succeeds in both intents.

He is made to wait in an embarrassed silence while the thermometer does its work, which is little enough one would think, except that the lady must from time to time twiddle it about, pull and push it out a ways and back in even deeper and make comments that do little to put the nephew at ease. His position is less than dignified but ideal in which to observe the condition and make of his exterior fannyhole. She evinces much curiosity about his sphincter and asks questions not normally posed in mixed company.

Does this not please him, this opportunity to show himself off ? No ? Surely her handling of his private parts is nothing to complain about. She takes care where she places her hands and fingers nor is she overly rough or inconsiderate.

The nephew must concede that indeed, the neighboring-lady takes great care where she places her hands and fingers. They seem to look out only for areas of his physique that are otherwise kept from view in polite company. He cannot say that he really appreciates her attention, but says nothing out loud of course.

Then she tells the nephew she will remove the rectal thermometer. To facilitate this she tells him to strain and press down and see if the instrument cannot be expelled by his own efforts. It is of course but small and thin around, but if he makes an effort to empty his bowels and poop, something may come of it.

Not much does for the staging is disconcerting, the audience too large for his liking. But the lady insists and utters little phrases and urgings that make him flush with humiliation, so immature are they. As she alternatively almost whispers them privately and then enunciates them in an audible voice, she massages his anus and presses up into his tummy, rubbing and probing, telling him to try and poop and go potty, to push out the little thing up his fannyhole.

He does his best but is too nervous and apprehensive, he cannot overcome his modesty, or what little he has left. He strains and grimaces, his bowels clench and contract but he cannot expel the thermometer in the manner the lady wishes.

No matter. She smiles indulgently and pats him on the fanny, assuring him that he will be getting enough practice in the future and that soon he will be able to succeed in such a simple request. Delicately she retracts the rectal instrument, again notes the reading and sets it aside.

"There we are. That wasn't all that horrid, now was it ?"

"I suppose not ma'am."

"Good. Because in the meanwhile we're going to take your temperature in other places as well."

"Other places ? Why must you ?"

"Why ? That's none of your business really. We'll do it how I see fit. But since this is your first time I'll explain it so you won't need to ask from now on. Temperatures vary according to how and where they are taken. Oral temps are useful but not indicative of the core body temperature for instance. That's why I always take a rectal temperature reading in the bottom. Ladies should always have their temp taken in the vagina as well. You do know where that is don't you ?"

"I think so … "

"It doesn't sound like you do. It's the proper word for a lady's slit, for a cunnyhole. Understand ?"

"Yes ma'am … "

"Good. A lady also needs to have her temp taken up her slit. We need to take yours as well of course, but since you don't have a cunthole we'll do it a different way."


"Don't look so surprised. Surely you know what I'm talking about."

"N… n … no."

"I think you do. There's a special sort of thermometer for boy's weenies. It's very thin and fits easily up into the pisshole."

" … (gasp)"

"There's no need to look so distressed. It won't hurt at all if you do as I say. Surely you've had your wee-wee examined by a doctor, haven't you ?"

"Oh ..n … n … no."

"No ? Well, that's not how it should be. We'll have to get you to a good doctor soon, that's for certain. Maybe you can come along with my step-son next time he goes for his check-up examination. Yes, that sounds like a wonderful idea. You can go along with your boyfriend and have your two weenies and fannyholes examined together. How does that sound ?"

"Not very good …"

"No ? Well I don't think your opinion counts for much, does it ? I'll ask your aunt then. (to aunt) What do you think ? Shouldn't we have a doctor give him a good thorough examination of his privates ?"

"If you think it's necessary. That sounds like a good idea."

"I think it is. Why I was much much younger the first time a doctor looked at my cunny and poophole."

"I was too I suppose."

"There you are then. There's no reason why fellows like your nephew should be exempted."

"I suppose not."

"Good. Now let's get on with the temp taking. We'll start with his oral temperature. (to nephew) Open wide now and stick out your tongue. Good, there we are. Keep your mouth firmly shut now."

The lady moves the thermometer about in the nephew's mouth for good measure and on general principle. She pats him on the cheek and tells him to remain still while she inserts the thin penile thermometer.

She grabs hold of his penis and squeezes about the head vigorously, pulling and grasping at the covering prepuce. She pulls it downwards exposing his glans and piss-hole. With her other hand the lady drips a generous amount of lubricating fluid onto the tip of the nephew's weenie, rubbing it and spreading it over the penile surface. The nephew trembles from apprehension at the thought of what the lady intends to do with him. He also trembles from a sublimated lust he cannot control, a fluttering in his tummy that ripples downwards and branches out to both his poophole and naughty parts. His penis is stiff and strutting, thickly engorged and sensitive, his balls tightly constricted up into his scrotal sac.

He watches with eyes wide open from fascination as the lady pinches thumb and forefinger together, squeezing open the small and narrow opening to his urethral canal. The thermometer is inserted slowly but deftly, the lady sliding it ever deeper into his penis. The first sensation is one of astonishment. He does not faint from shock or embarrassment. Nor is there pain to be felt as he would have otherwise thought. He squirms from discomfort of course for the thermometer causes an odd feeling of burning and irritation. The lady wriggles the rod about, pulls back a bit and then proceeds to slide it yet deeper until surely the nephew thinks it will enter his bladder.

But his weenie is larger than he thinks, the thermometer shorter. It only fills the urinary canal the length of his outer organ, for a largish length still protrudes from his pee-hole, the lady gripping it tightly between fingers, giving it a twirl or a shake for good measure.

"There we are now. We've got the thermometer up into your weenie now like it should be. It's got to remain there for a while to read the temperature properly. I want you to stay as still as you can in the meantime. Understand ?"

"… mmm mmm"

"Don't try to talk now. You have a thermometer in your mouth you know. Just remain still."


"You shouldn't make such a face. It's not all that horrid at all. I do this to my step-son quite often, taking his temp this way. It's something young men should get used to after all." (to the aunt) : "From his demeanor it doesn't look like he's ever been properly examined at all. He should have had at least one or two thorough physicals by now. At his age the bladder and whole urinary track need to be given close examinations."

"I'm sure you know best. Sadly I have no knowledge of his prior medical history. I don't think he's ever been seriously ill though."

"Probably not. But many potential problems have their roots in small matters that can easily be picked up by a practiced physician."

"I don't doubt that for an instant."

"Good. I'm sure he'll benefit from a good doctor's examination."

"I'm sure he will."

The nephew does not like what he is hearing. He shudders to think of what a real doctor could all do to his private parts if this neighboring-lady is already so naughty-minded with but a few household instruments.

Meanwhile she has begun to squeeze up and down along the length of his penis. Disconcerted he can feel the penile thermometer being prodded as well, as an intrusion inside of his weenie. It is odd and almost painful, but more so in the imagining. In another manner he almost feels faint with a trembling excitement of embarrassing nature. He closes his eyes and imagines his friend in the same predicament, a thick thermometer stuck up into his fannyhole and a thin one inserted into his weenie. Almost absent-mindedly he realizes that he will, with some luck, soon be viewing just such a spectacle when his own ordeal is over.

This uplifts his spirits and he breathes heavily at the anticipation. He hopes he shall be able to view things sufficiently for him to satisfy his lewd yearnings.

While he is engaged in this indiscreet imagining, the lady tells him that enough time has passed for the readings. Slowly she slides the penile thermometer back outwards, squeezing his penis and scrotum tightly to heighten the tension, whispering naughty little encouragements and observations, pretending to an immatureness he has long passed. But this amuses her and his aunt and no doubt the step-son as well and if truth be told, it arouses a flush and a tingling in the nephew just as well.

The penile thermometer is fully withdrawn to his ultimate relief. The lady notes the temperature and puts it aside. When this is done, she finally allows the nephew to open his mouth. She removes the oral instrument and the nephew gives a sigh of relief.

"Goodness, what a sigh. Didn't you enjoy this temperature taking ?"

"Not really."

"Oh ? Tell us why not. Was it more fun with my step-son ? Is that it ? Don't you like to have ladies see you in your nudie ?"

"Oh no … it's not that."

"Really ? There are any number of young men your age who would give anything to be in your place."

"If you say so …"

"I do indeed. I'm really beginning to wonder if you don't have a preference for your own sex. Could that be the case ? But then you probably wouldn't be all that stiff in your weenie then, would you ? I think you're just fibbing."

"No ma'am…"

"Hmmm … we'll see about that. Anyway, let's get on with things shall we ?"

The lady takes a set of measuring instruments, a ruler, calipers and tape measure and has the nephew stand in front of her. She asks if the aunt will assist her by writing down her findings. The aunt is of course eager to help and takes up a pen and a ledger-book. It is pre-printed with tables, now empty of notations, but all neatly and logically ordered. There are a multitude of rows to be filled in, most describing private body parts or sections and areas thereof.

Length of penile shaft, diameter, circumference of testes, girth at hips, waist, thighs, radius of anal sphincter … these are but a few of the many categories the lady will be measuring. As a procedure it is certainly not painful in the least manner, but the embarrassment lies more in the many varied stances and positions the nephew must assume and in the comments and instructions he must endure.

The lady starts by measuring the nephew's penis in erect condition and goes through the list with a familiarity learned no doubt from much practice. At times she shakes her head in wonderment at her readings, frowning in apparent disapproval. This causes the nephew to wonder whatever the problem could be. Is his private tackling gear beyond the norm ? Does he sport an anomaly or a visible disfigurement he is not aware of ?

He doesn't learn much from the neighboring-lady's comments nor from his aunt's seemingly detached demeanor. Instead he must do as he is told : lift a leg, spread his thighs, squat down, bend over, raise his hands, jut his abdomen forward and assume any other number of oddly disquieting stances.

The lady is not gentle in handling his testicles for measurement. She pinches each off separately, squeezing them, wrapping the tape measure around each in turn, pulling it tight before giving her reading. She uses a set of metal calipers as well on both of his balls and on various locations along his penis, from tip to lower shaft.

She measures the length from anus to testicles, from navel to pubis, she cups his buttocks firmly and measures each individually along several axis, notes the length of his anal cleft from perenium to tail-bone and does much else besides.

Oddest of all and most disturbing is her measurement of nipples and surrounding area. Why does she need such an exact chest measurement and of what need to know the distance between left nipple and right ? To the aunt she jokes about lack of size and the apparent need for padding in certain places.

To this the aunt smirks knowingly and laughs. The two ladies banter about late development and the need for appropriate apparel and other things the nephew prefers not to hear. He dimly comprehends the allusions and hints but thinks, hopes them to be too outrageous for concern.

But at last the measuring is done and the nephew hopes he has endured the last of it.

But that is not to be. Before completing the examination, the lady must give her attention to one last part of the nephew's body.

"We're almost finished for now. But before we start with your friend's examination, there's one last thing I need to look into."


"There's no need to look so concerned. I want you to lie down on my lap, bottoms up."

"I … I can't do that …"

"Oh ? Why not ?"

"… because…"

"Because your weenie is all stiff and hard ? Well that's no problem. I'll just open my thighs a bit and make some room. You can stick it between them both."


"Let's not dawdle about. Over my lap and quickly now."

"… (sounds of reluctance)"

"There we are. Let's take a good look at that back door of yours, shall we ?"

"Back door ?"

"Surely you're not dense are you ? Your poophole. We need to feel around inside, make sure you haven't anything nasty like boils or hemorrhoids."

"But I haven't…"

"Hmmm …. We'll see for ourselves. How can we take your word for it ? You concealed getting with my step-son to play with your weenie and poophole and tried to fib about it all."

"But honest …"

"Never mind the protestations. Just lay still and relax. I'm only going to use my fingers to feel around this time."

The nephew does not like hearing the inference that ‘this time' implies. Surely there will not be more of such occurrences in the future ?

He has no time to contemplate this for quickly and deftly the neighboring-lady has anointed his anal opening with a lubricant. She pats him on the buttocks and tells him to press down and push out his fannyhole. As he tries to do so, the lady rubs and pinches his sphincter, kneads it diligently and presses a finger up inside. She pulls it out a bit and repeats the process until her finger easily slides up into the nephew's rectum. She presses it in to the hilt and hooks her finger, twirling it about, feeling along the rim of his rectal cavity.

This intrusion is as much disconcerting as it is arousing, though the nephew is much embarrassed by the audience surrounding his naked bottom. Playing with his friend in the supposed solitude of his room is something altogether different from having this neighboring-lady fiddling about inside his fundament while she utters humiliating observations and remarks and poses embarrassing questions. All the more so that his aunt is present to watch all and enjoy his present predicament.

The lady withdraws her finger and the nephew thinks it is over. But he is mistaken for she begins to question him on his anal habits. Is he regular ? Can he do his duty easily or must he strain ? Does he use any aids in inducing a bowel movement, suppositories, anal massage, soap sticks or slivers, irritants of any kind such as glycerin ? Must he make use of enemas or syringes ?

To all the above he answers negatively if he can answer in the first place, so unexpected is this line of questioning.

But the lady continues and inquires into his hygiene habits. Does he wash after moving his bowels ? Inside and out ? She has seen for herself that he does not remove unsightly hair, so upon that she lectures rather than questions. She suggests other improvements in his anal toiletry, among them that he be placed under supervision from now on, that his aunt closely follows his daily routine.

This he does not wish to hear, nor even contemplate so he says nothing, laying over the lady's lap with ears red and face flushed from embarrassment.

She continues her questioning and probing, now with the use of two fingers. That he should be able to accommodate two at the very least is the minimum for a healthy fellow. First she sticks one up his poophole and then fiddles the other alongside, expanding his hole and stretching it considerably. While doing so she asks what objects he uses when pleasuring himself in secret.

To this he pretends innocence, but the lady simply laughs and tells him such a tale is unbelievable. At the very least he fools with his weenie and rubs and tugs until reaching a climax. Such is the physical imperative of his hormones, there is nothing to be done about that. Yet she still insists he tell her (and his aunt and friend by extension) what his private habits of anal gratification are. She already knows that he likes thermometers stuck into his fanny, so certainly he must find other objects pleasurably as well.

Does he not use his own finger from time to time ? Or perhaps a pencil or candle ? He stammers and flushes even more, for indeed this he has tried, but with the candle to no avail. Somehow or other the lady coerces his acknowledgment of this experimentation with wax cylinders and presses for details while she presses up into his fannyhole at the same time.

"See now ? I knew you were no different from other fellows your age. So tell us. Why did you want to stick a candle up your behind ?"

"I don't know …"

"You've been saying that far too often. Is there anything you do know ?"

"I guess so …"

"Well ? Did you go looking for the candle specifically ahead of time ?"

"Not really …"

"So. It was just laying around nearby. And what gave you the idea to stick it up your poophole ?"

"I don't know … I guess I thought it would feel good …"

"And did it ?"

"Not really. It was too big …"

"My goodness what a sissy-boy. You couldn't even slide a candle up your fanny. You didn't lubricate yourself first I suppose ?"

"No. I don't think so…"

"Well there you are then. You could have injured yourself trying to stick a candle up your behind without proper lubrication. You feel how easily I can insert my finger ? That's because I did it the correct way. There's a lot you need to learn, isn't there ?"

And so the lady continues as she fiddles and twiddles a second finger into the nephew's anus. After the proper amount of stretching and dilation, the lady's additional digit slips past his sphincter and enters his rectum. For this she tentatively congratulates him and promises yet more success in subsequent sessions.

This insertion of two fingers really strains the nephew's sphincter to the utmost and he is writhing on her lap in acute discomfort. She does not wish to injure him in any way nor to extremely dispose him against further handling of this sort, so she withdraws a finger and then the second.

The nephew sighs in relief as his sphincter closes back up into itself, intruding objects no longer present.

He is now allowed to stand up and remove himself to the side. It will be his friend's turn to submit to a similar examination.

This proceeds in the same way, though with less apparent reluctance and hardly a word or gesture of protestation from his part. The aunt is requested to participate diligently, which she does with gusto and approval. The nephew, in spite of himself, cannot do otherwise but watch intently, curiously aroused. Mesmerized he watches his friend's weenie and bottomhole subjected to the same set of procedures and indignities, but also catches a wink from time to time and a barely concealed smile.

When this is finished the lady announces it is time for them to receive a statutory spanking for closing. While his heart beats a pitter-patter he is told to stand in front of the lady and to bend over. She puts an arm around his abdomen and with the other commences to give his upraised buttocks a series of finely placed whacks. They resound harder than they feel, though the nephew's bottom is colored a fine shade of pink from all the effort.

The step-son gets the same treatment from the aunt, though if truth be said, her hand quavers too much from barely concealed lust and jitteryness. Her effort is adequate but not much of a punishment at all.

Still, justice has been done, the two naughty fellows have had their punishment for the day and appropriate measures will be taken to see that their future activities do not get so out of hand. They are dismissed, told to dress and to depart to another room.

Now that all has been taken care of, the two ladies retire to the living-room and discuss the events and what must ensue afterwards. For on this last they are in agreement without much needing to discuss it. The nephew will certainly be put under supervision by the two ladies and a suitable course of action will be laid out. The neighboring-lady leads the conversation and makes suggestions.

"I hope you were satisfied."

"The punishment wasn't all that severe all things considered, I would say."

"Well yes and no. For my step-son it was indeed not a great hardship to endure."

"Yes, I could tell from the smirk on his face."

"He he. I suppose so. He's been subjected to far more strict punishments than this, that is true. But this was more important for your nephew I would think. This is his first punishment of this kind, isn't it ?"

"I think so. I certainly never did so before and I have no knowledge of his previous situation. It doesn't seem likely."

"No it doesn't. I daresay he was somewhat surprised at everything, though in the end he didn't give all that much trouble, did he ? Nor protest overly much. You know, deep down they really enjoy such punishments."

"Do you think so ?"

"Certainly. Fellows such as these two really like nothing better than to present themselves naked and have their weenies and bottoms looked at and felt up inside out. They wouldn't dare admit it to anyone, but it is so nonetheless."

"I guess you're right. But what happens now ?"

"Well, I think it would be a good idea to send your nephew along for a doctor's examination. The doctor can do a more thorough assessment and she should be able to recommend some good measures and procedures to adhere to at home as well."

"She ? Oh, a lady doctor ? How nice a touch."

"Yes isn't it ? She's quite stern you know, matter of fact in deed and demeanor, does not blush easily if you know what I mean. It will do your nephew no end of good to submit to a female figure of authority in medical matters. It did wonders for my step-son"

"Yes. I suppose it would be a good idea. After all, don't you think it inappropriate that the two of them had the tendency to … well you know … to fiddle around with each other's privates in their nudie ?"

"Oh that. Of little concern I would think. Fellows like them are so constantly aroused they will seek any kind of partner to play around with. Male or female. In fact, males together pose less of a problem at their age."

"Oh ?"

"Certainly. No concern about any ‘accidents' you know."

"Ah yes. Of course. Still. Won't it predispose them in the future ?"

"To other males exclusively ? Highly unlikely. After all, we two are both indisputably female as is the doctor. And they will be required to regularly present themselves in appropriate condition to us females. That should be reassuring enough. Besides I think we should take their further training to hand. Teach them how to comport themselves in certain situations, how to gratify partners and so on. They will have enough opportunity to form attachments and likings to females, believe you me. And besides, don't you think it so cute, the two of them playing with each other like sissy-boys?"

"I suppose so, but oh my. This is all so unexpected."


"But gratifying nonetheless. I am ever so glad I caught these two when they were fooling around."

"I'm glad you did too."

And the neighboring-lady smiles in remembrance of her instructions to her step-son, how he was enjoined to contrive some manner or another in which the aunt would discover him in flagrante with her nephew.

Yes, he did very well indeed, the naughty-minded step-son. Very well indeed. The neighboring-lady thinks hard of a way in which to reward him, but surmises that participation with the aunt and nephew in the near future will be ample reward.

She is certain to be right.