The Jack-Off

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The Jack-Off

It was early Friday morning at the Coldpepper residence. Chuck suddenly felt sick to his stomach as he sat at the kitchen eating breakfast. "Remember your appointment at the clinic at 4 PM today. You remember Belinda, Stacey and Tracey from the wedding. Go there straight from work today. They're going to work on your problem," his beautiful wife Donna, said looking at him across the breakfast table.

"Oh God," Chuck said feeling disgusted and daring not to look her straight in the eye. She dropped her fork under the table and said in a stern voice, "Well what are you waiting for?" When he hesitated, she said, "Pick it up."

Chuck and Donna had made an agreement before they married and Donna told everybody at the wedding that she was going to wear the pants in the family. She was a nurse and she told everybody in her doctor's office that she wore the pants in the family. Do opposites attract? Donna and Chuck had completely opposite personalities. Donna was a no-nonsense nurse and Chuck was a submissive. He had confessed early in the relationship, "I admire a strong, beautiful woman with a great pair of legs," and, "I am mesmerized by your white nylon stockings and your short skirts."

Donna had retorted, "I am fascinated by your big penis."

To that Chuck said, "I want to masturbate to your beauty," and Donna replied, "I wish they had a cure for your disease. You're are the only person I know who has the Babinski syndrome."

Donna didn't know that he was abnormal when she married. She felt rather flattered that his big toes and penis pointed skyward when he stood naked in front of her. She thought of all the possibilities when he told her, "I need a strong woman who can push me around." Early in their relation she had taught him how she liked him to perform cunnilingus. She liked to have him start by licking her clitoris, then to continue by slowly licking the lips up and down lengthwise and then to finish by moving his tongue back and forth sideways.

After a moment's reflection, Chuck poked his head under the table. He admired her white, shiny nylons and her white shiny patent leather heels. He reached under the table and stole a better look at her legs. Donna had a wardrobe of white nylon stockings, white silk stockings and white knit stockings. Today she wore the white silk stockings. Each morning Donna had him draw her bath water and watch as she dressed assisting her while she put on her garter belt and stockings.

"Now turn around and stand up. I want to see the front of your trousers." He stood up and showed her the obvious bulge in his pants. "Now you remember what you have to do, twice a day." She had been married only a few months and was able to count the numerous possibilities on her hands. This afternoon, Chuck was going to enter a new phase of his life.

She arrived on time at the HMO where she worked. Her first patient was a young man who had broken his arm while riding a bicycle. The front tires had caught in a rut in the pavement and sent him flying over the handlebars. "How awful!" she said to the patient, "Were you hurt anyplace good?"

"No," the patient retorted.

"Get undressed----everything off," she instructed.

"Everything ?" the patient asked nervously.

"You haven't got anything I've never seen before." When he was naked she carefully kneaded his testicles to feel for damages. She noted that they were within normal limits. As she examined the boy, she thought about her husband's penis. He always had an enormous hard-on, which was annoying to some people. She wandered how he was getting along at work.

His boss, Judy, had called her one afternoon and told her, "He is too good of an employee to run around with a hard-on all the time."

To that statement Donna had replied, "I've got him on two a day."

To that statement, Judy replied, "I'd like to see that. You said you'd show me. I'll put that as one of his goals on his performance review."

Donna returned to the matter at hand. She was comparing the boy's Babinski reflexes to her husband's reflexes. She explained to the patient, "My husband gets an enormous erection when I check the reflexes in his toes." She tapped on the patient's knees and scraped the bottoms of his feet, but he did not get an erection. She continued, "My husband always gets an enormous hard- on when he walks to the wall. That is abnormal."

Boss-lady Judy called Chuck into her office that day for a status review. "I talked to your wife. She is a very nice nurse. She told me she is going to show me how she controls you."

"OOOH NOO!!!" he moaned, "This is sexual harassment".

"This is preventing you from harassing others. It's called ability to supervise others and it counts for 25 % of your performance review," Judy explained.

Chuck called the Equal Rights Commission and talked to a lady with a deep, husky voice. "This is an unusual request," she said. "Evidently, that is the medical treatment for your syndrome. They can fire you for sexual harassment if you don't perform. You'll have to do it in front of them. The EEOC has nothing to do with medical treatment."

Chuck Coldpepper arrived at the clinic 15 minutes early, his anxiety at a peak. He had never been to a clinic like this before. This was a sex therapy clinic. He looked nervously at the clock. It was 3:47 PM when he checked in with the girl at the desk. "You're here for your problem," she said and retrieved his medical folder. "Just so you know what is happening; there will be a short delay while we get yours ready."

As he waited, he noticed three beautiful nurses whom Donna had introduced him to at their wedding: Stacey, Tracey and Belinda. All of the nurses were attired in what he found out was the standard uniform for the clinic. Their blouses were made of a silky red, white and blue striped material that was cut to fit tightly over their well-developed breasts. Their skirts were short, blue skirts that barely covered the tops of long white nylons and their shoes were highly polished blue pumps.

Belinda called his name. "Charles, your Donna's husband. Now aren't you?" she asked as she led him down the hall. "Follow me," she instructed. As he walked behind her, he admired her shapely white nylon clad legs and listened to the hissing sound of her nylons as they rubbed against her legs. "Right back here," she said and led him into an exam room. When she turned around to give him instructions, she noticed his bulging pants.

"Take everything off and we'll be back," she said and left momentarily, while he undressed. He was removing his pants when Stacey, Tracey and Belinda entered the room. All three of the girls were in their early twenties and all three were quite gorgeous. Belinda had the best build. He thought she must have had a pair of 36-inch breasts with a C or a D sized cup. She had black hair, dark eyes and olive colored skin. She stood about 5 feet 10 inch tall and weighed about 135 pounds. As she sat down on the chair her skirt rode up over the tops of her nylon.

Stacey was a blond haired, blue eyed beauty whose long legs more than amply filled out her white silky nylons. Her angelic face and big smile distinguished her from the other girls. She stood next to Tracey with her arms folded under her breasts. Tracey was the shortest of the three girls being only 5 feet four inches tall and weighing 115 pounds.

Belinda began the exam. Chuck was standing in his shorts when Belinda said, "You have the Babinski syndrome. Remove your shorts so we can examine you."

"Ahum," he stalled around and fidgeted his hands. He felt his cheeks starting to blush as he thought about the prospect of standing naked in front of three nurses.

"Do as your told," Belinda said. "We don't have all day."

He left nothing to their imagination when he slipped the shorts down. His bright red erection popped into full view. Tracey took his blood pressure while he sat on the exam table. Then the three nurses led him naked out into the hallway to be weighed. Luckily, there was only one other nurse in the hallway.

After his weight was taken, he was led down the hallway past the nurse's station for x-rays. The x-ray technician's eyes popped out when she saw his exposure. Once in the x-ray room, they had him stand sideways in front of the x-ray machine while they took x-rays. Belinda had a Polaroid camera and she snapped a shot of his erection.

He stood naked and erect, while the x-rays were developed. "That erection is clinically important," Tracey told him while passing an admiring glance at his pole. Tracey carried the x- rays back to the exam room with Belinda and Stacey following close behind.

"Why do you have three nurses here ?" Chuck asked.

"This is a very interesting medical procedure," Belinda answered. When they were back in the exam room, Belinda asked, "Now for the matter at hand. Did you masturbate according to schedule?"

Chuck blushed furiously and answered, "Yes."


"At 9 AM "


"In the men's room at work."

Belinda continued giving humiliating instructions. "From now on I want all of your performances verified. I'll tell your boss and wife and I want you to masturbate two times a day. I want you to masturbate at 9 AM and 2 PM."

"Did you get an erection walking behind us?"


He watched as Belinda rolled on a pair of latex exam gloves. "Now I'll examine your testicles for hernias," she said. "Now bear down like you're having a bowel movement and push out." She carefully kneaded his testicles. "You have a lingual hernia on both sides. Does the hernia bulge out when you have an erection?"

"Yes it does, Ma'am…"

"You should wash your penis after you masturbate to keep your glans clean," she explained. "Now we'll do the Babinski test. For this test you keep pushing it out and standing on your toes."

"Oh no," he moaned softly.

"Oh yes," she replied and asked, "Is your right hand better than your left hand or is your left hand better than your right hand?"

"What do you mean, Miss?"

"Show me how you masturbate!"

"OH SHIT," he exclaimed as he felt a cool breeze on his back.

"DO IT!" Belinda retorted and explained, "We'll count the number of strokes you take before you ejaculate. Hold back from cumming as long as possible." He timidly grabbed hold of himself with his right hand. "One---two---three---four," the girls counted as he stretched his rapidly reddening penis.

"Take full strokes---up on your toes----now walk around the perimeter of the room---ten---eleven-- --twelve," the girls chanted as his penis head turned reddish blue. "Clench your rectum and take deep breaths---that'll keep you from coming too soon. Now push it out---keep on pushing it out." He was rocking his hips back and forth as the girls chanted, "Push it out!!!!"

When he reached twenty strokes, he shuttered uncontrollably and climaxed. Gobs of cum submissively dribbled out of the end of his distended purple penis as he stretched it out.

Belinda cooed, "We'll update your medical record. Now get dressed. "

When he was dressed, he heard her say, "Make a return appointment with the sex therapist next week."

The End