My Trip to the Doctor

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My Trip to the Doctor

I was nervous as I sat in the waiting room of Dr. Youngman's office. I had consented to being a possible clinical subject for a Masters & Johnson study being conducted by Dr. Youngman and several other doctors. I would earn some income for an extended length of time if I was found suitable, and I needed the money! However, I had no idea what kind of tests I'd have to pass first.

I was finally getting interested in a story from a 10-year old Reader's Digest when a nurse came into the waiting room and called my name. "Kim? The doctor needs to see you in his office." I stood up and walked over to her. "Please follow me."

We walked down the hall to Dr. Youngman's office at the end. The nurse opened the door for me and asked me to have a seat in a chair facing the doctor's desk. 'I'll be back to get you after your interview," she said. "I'll help you get ready for your physical exam when the doctor is done talking to you."

"Thank you," I said.

She smiled at me as she closed the door and said, "don't be nervous. Dr. Youngman is very nice and easy to talk to." I smiled back at her and turned to take my place in the chair facing the doctor's desk. Dr. Youngman came in about 5 minutes later, in a sport jacket, tan slacks, and a stethoscope around his neck.

He sat at his desk and opened a file with my name on it. "Tell me why you'd like to participate in this study, Kim."

"Well, I need the money for the most part, and I figured it would be interesting work," I answered.

"Do you know how you will be examined for this study?" he asked.

"Not specifically, but I know about Masters & Johnson, so I guess it will be an exam of my genitals or breasts," I told him.

"Well Kim, this is a little different, even for M&J, but you're on the right track. This study is focusing on female orgasm as well as female masturbation: habits, styles, frequency, etc. In particular your breasts and external genitals will be stimulated and measured several times a day. At least 3 times a day I will examine you in the doctor's auditorium which will be attended by approximately 50 doctors. Any of those doctors can then examine you again after you've been returned to your private room. You will also be required to masturbate 3 times a day, with myself and at least one other doctor present to observe you. Would you be comfortable with those arrangements?"

"I think so, but I'd be shy at first," I admitted.

He smiled and said "of course you would. That's normal. But after the first 2 days or so you'll be somewhat used to it, I think."

I agreed, somewhat tentatively.

"So now Kim, I need to ask you some personal questions. How old were you the first time you masturbated?"

"I was young, around 5, and it was accidental, I think," I replied.

"Did you continue to masturbate at that point?"

"Well, it felt good but my mother was on to me and would try to catch me at it when it was my nap time."

Dr. Youngman asked, "did you feel it was wrong to masturbate? Did your mother make you feel that way?"

"I remember thinking I was just not going to let her catch me anymore!" I told him.

The doctor laughed. "As you grew older did you continue to masturbate? Did your technique change?"

"Yes, I continued, and yes, I started to actually feel my clitoris."

Dr. Youngman asked, "have you ever used a vibrator or other aids in your masturbation?"

"Only when I became an adult - in my 30s, I think. Now I use one every time."

The doctor asked, "do you insert the vibrator into your vagina, stimulate your clitoris, or both?"

"Both but not always. However, I do always use it on my clitoris."

"Okay. How often a week do you masturbate?"

"About 4 or 5 times, I think," I said.

"Hm hm, I see. Do you ever feel of your breasts during your masturbation?"

"Yes," I told him.

"Kim, at this time I would like to examine your breasts, just briefly, please stay sitting where you are." The doctor came around from behind his desk and pulling another chair over, sat beside me. "Just turn towards me, Kim." I turned to face him. "This blouse you're wearing makes this exam easier for me." He lifted up my blouse to expose my right, clothed breast. "Just relax, let me feel you gently now…"

He placed his right hand on my right breast and began to palpitate it. "Hm hm…now your left breast." He lifted my blouse on the left side and gently felt my left breast. "Hm hm, that's good." He lowered my blouse then told me, "okay Kim, I need to take a look at you now. Don't be nervous. I'm going to have the nurse come get you to prepare you for your physical exam. She'll get you ready, and I'll be with you shortly to examine you. I'll have a colleague with me, by the way. He may chose to examine you at this time as well. Okay?"

"Okay," I said, a little nervous and embarrassed.

Dr. Youngman picked up his phone and called the nurse. "Kim is ready for her physical exam preparation, are you free to do that now? Great, thanks," he said as he put the phone back. "You'll do fine," he said.

The nurse came in and smiled and said "Kim, come with me and we'll get you ready so the doctor can examine you." I stood to follow her out the door.

We went two doors to the right down the hall and she opened the door. "This room is separate from the examination room so you can undress in private. The gowns are two piece, top and bottom. Now please remove everything except bra and panties and make sure your gown opens in front, and leave it untied."

"Do I leave on my bra and panties?" I asked.

"Yes, that's the procedure the doctor prefers. He needs to examine your breasts while they're being supported in a brassiere. You'll see." I thanked her. "Now when you're ready, just go through that door to your right and sit on the exam table. The table is actually quite comfortable; it's more like a chair for leaning back, covered in leather. The doctors will be with you in a few minutes." She smiled and left. I slowly got undressed and put the gown on. It was different, like a split skirt and flapping shirt. It crinkled as I put it on. I went through the door and climbed on the exam table, feeling nervous.

Five minutes later Dr. Youngman and another doctor came in. "Kim, this is Dr. Weston. He probably will need to examine you as well. Can you make the time?"

"I think so," I said.

"If possible we'd like to keep you here for as long as possible today," the doctor said.

"I think that would be OK," I answered.

"Good, then let's get started. Let's have you just lie back on the table and relax." I lay down on my back. Dr. Youngman stepped up to my side and separated my gown to expose my full chest. "First I need to feel your breasts in your brassiere. Just relax." He felt my right breast with both hands. "Hm hm, feels like good support. Now your left breast." He moved both hands to my left breast. "Hm hm, now if you'll sit up for me for just a minute…" I sat up and Dr. Youngman lifted my gown in back and unsnapped my bra. He pushed my bra up around my neck, then placed his stethoscope in his ears. It felt cold on my chest. "Just breathe normally, Kim." The doctor lifted my breasts when necessary and finished by placing the stethoscope on each nipple. "Hm hm, that's good," he said.

He took the stethoscope out of his ears. "Now I'm going to feel your breasts, Kim. Please lie back and put your arms over your head." After lying back and lifting my arms over my head, Dr. Youngman opened my gown, pushed my bra up further towards my neck, then placed both hands on my right breast. "You have very full breasts, Kim. What size cup brassiere do you wear?"

"A 40D, doctor," I said.

"Hm hm, and how old were you when your breasts first began developing?"

"Fifth grade, I think," I told him.

"Did you begin wearing a bra in 5th grade?" he wanted to know.

"Yes," I answered, as Dr. Youngman moved his hands to my left breast.

"And how old were you when your breasts were first examined by a doctor as I'm feeling your breasts now?"

"Ninth grade."

"You had a thorough doctor then. Did he also examine your genitals at that time for sexual development and stimulation?" He was still feeling my left breast.

"No, I don't think so," I said. "Now I'm going to feel both breasts, and then your nipples." My gown made rustling noises as he moved it apart again to finish the breast exam. "Any pain when I feel your breasts, Kim?"

"No, doctor, none."

Then he squeezed my nipples, a little hard. "How about the nipples, any tenderness there when I feel you?"

"No, none, doctor."

The doctor then pulled up a cart along side me with two gel plastic cups attached to long hoses. "I'm going to attach a breast pump machine to your breasts now, Kim. This will measure any discharge you may have from your nipples, as well as measure any breast size changes that should occur while I am conducting your genital exam. This shouldn't be uncomfortable." He placed each gel cup on my breasts one at a time, and aligned the hose above each nipple. "You'll feel some pressure as the cups adjust to your breasts." He turned on the machine, which hummed quietly. Immediately I felt a pull on my nipples and pressure on my breasts.

Dr. Youngman then walked to the end of the exam table and pulled out the stirrups. "I'm going to put your feet in the stirrups now and feel your genitals while you have on your panties. I'm checking for temperature increase."

He placed my feet in the stirrups, one at a time. He held a curved, silver thermometer in his hand, shaped like a cup. "Now just relax - I need to hold this on your genitals for 5 minutes." He lifted the waistband of my panties and slid his cupped hand slowly down my panties, placing the thermometer over my clitoris and labia. An involuntary shudder went through me when he did that! "Spread your legs nice and wide now, Kim. Just try to lie absolutely still for 5 minutes." He glanced at a clock on the wall to start timing.

After 5 minutes he withdrew his hand and recorded the temperature. Walking back to the end of the table he said, "we need to have your panties off now, Kim. Lift you hips up so I can slide them down off you."

I lifted my hips as the doctor put his thumbs inside the waistband of my panties and then lifted my feet from the stirrups to remove my panties completely.

Dr. Youngman turned on a bright light situated near the stirrups, pulled on rubber gloves then stood at my side. "When was your last genital exam that included a thorough clitoral stimulation, Kim?" he asked.

"I've never had an exam like that, doctor! I'm sure!" I was mildly shocked!

The doctor simply explained "well Kim, now I'm going to perform your genital exam, which will include a thorough clitoral examination. Please let your legs fall open as wide as you can and try to lie still."

I dropped my knees as wide as I could. Dr. Youngman opened my gown completely, the gown rustling as he exposed my genitals. "I little wider, please Kim." I opened wider. He placed his left hand on my labia and spread me open. He then placed his right hand on my vulva and gently rubbed. "Hm hm, you're normally developed here, I see. I'm going to examine your vagina now. Just let me insert my finger…"

He leaned over to closely examine my genitals as he inserted his middle right finger. He slid his finger in and out several times slowly. "Your natural lubrication is functioning normally - is there any pain when I move my finger inside the vagina?" he asked.

"No, none, doctor," I replied.

"Now I'm going to insert two fingers. Let me know if there's any discomfort." He inserted his index and middle right fingers, while still holding my labia open with his left hand. "Hm hm…just relax." He withdrew his fingers and then measured my labia for swelling. Dr. Weston moved to the foot of the table to write down the measurement. "Your labia is swelling - that's good," Dr. Youngman said. "Now I'm going to have to examine your clitoris, I'm afraid. Try to lie still." Dr. Youngman again placed his left hand on my labia and spread me open. He then pulled back the clitoral hood, exposing my clitoris to the fullest extent.

"Dr. Weston, could you please take a pre-stimulation measure of the clitoris?" he asked. Dr. Weston snapped on rubber gloves then produced a tiny ruler and measured my clitoris, writing down the number. "Now Kim, I have to gently manipulate your clitoris. Just try to lie still so I can observe your genitals while I'm feeling you down here."

He asked Dr. Weston, "could you please hold the patient's legs open for me during the clitoral exam?"

Dr. Weston nodded agreement as he placed one hand on each knee and gently pushed my legs open. Then Dr. Youngman again pulled back my clitoral hood and started rubbing my clitoris slowly. "Just relax - I have to stimulate you now." He kept up the rhythmic rubbing for several minutes.

"Let's get another measurement," he said to Dr. Weston. Dr. Weston again produced the ruler and my clitoris was measured again, the number again recorded. "Now Kim, I have to check your vagina again, this time using a vibrator. You'll have to have the whole shaft inserted, I'm afraid. Just relax and let me insert the vibrator now." Dr. Youngman produced a gleaming vibrator and proceeded to insert it into my vagina. "That's good, just relax, take the whole shaft…"

After the vibrator was all the way in Dr. Youngman turned in on. "Now I'm going to feel of your clitoris again, Kim, while the vibrator is in your vagina." He slowly rubbed my clitoris while moving the vibrator in and out of my vagina. Dr. Weston continued to hold my legs apart. After about 5 minutes Dr. Youngman pulled the vibrator out of my vagina and immediately picked up another one. Dr. Weston, please examine the data from the vaginal vibrator and be sure to collect the vaginal lubrication on the shaft."

Dr. Youngman looked at me and said, "now I'm going to place this vibrator directly on your clitoris, I'm afraid. It's important that you remain still during the examination. I know it's difficult, Dr. Weston is going to hold you down for my examination. At the end of this exam I will allow you to move your hips."

Dr. Weston came back to the end of the table and held my legs back again, but this time he pulled leather straps out from the exam table and strapped both my legs down at the knee and upper thigh. Then he went back to my feet and pushed my knees apart again. Dr. Youngman had put a small headlamp around his head and had turned on the light. "Now just relax. I need to get a good look at your clitoris." He turned on the vibrator and then pushed my clitoral hood back with his left hand. "Now I'll apply the vibrator. It may feel a bit cold." He placed the vibrator on my clitoris and continued to look closely.

I about went through the roof!

"Hm hm, the clitoris is erect… now just let me look at you down here…" He stopped the vibrator momentarily and leaned closer to my genitals, the headlamp shining directly on my clitoris. "The clitoris is growing, Dr. Youngman," Dr. Weston commented.

"Yes, that's excellent. Now Kim, I'm going to bring you to climax. Do you think you can have an orgasm for me?" He glanced at my face.

"I think so, doctor," I said, about going crazy.

"Keep the legs open, doctor," Dr. Youngman said to Dr. Weston. Then Dr. Youngman bent to his task, turned the vibrator back on, and applied it to my engorged clitoris. I was squirming!

"Hm hm, let's let the orgasm come…" Dr. Youngman said.

After a few minutes of that I started my orgasm. "Dr. Weston, it's time to feel the contractions of the vagina."

"I agree," Dr. Weston said and proceeded to insert two fingers in my vagina while I continued to orgasm.

When I finally subsided Dr. Weston removed his fingers and Dr. Youngman turned off the vibrator. "Now we need to measure your clitoris again, Kim. Try to lie still." He pulled back my clitoral hood again and measured my clitoris. Then he walked to my side. "I need to feel of your breasts now Kim. Let's remove the breast pump and then put your arms over your head." He removed the gel cups from both my breasts and put them back on the cart.

As I pulled my arms up Dr. Youngman asked "Dr. Weston, would you like to perform a breast exam at this time?" he asked the doctor.

"Yes, I would, doctor," he answered. Dr. Weston came to my side and placed both hands on my right breast as Dr. Youngman walked to a table to record some data. "Hm hm, now your left breast, Kim…" he said as he moved both hands to my left breast.

While Dr. Weston was examining my breasts, Dr. Youngman picked up the phone, which was blinking a red light. "I see; four doctors. Very good! We're almost done here so you should be able to perform your examinations of Kim very shortly." He hung up.

"Kim, I have received requests from 4 other doctors to examine you who have observed this exam. I hope we can continue with your testing today?"

"Fine, doctor, I have at least all today," I said.

"Great! Now I'm going to remove the straps from you because I need you to roll over on your side facing away from me." He undid the straps and took my feet out of the stirrups, waiting for me to roll on my side. "Just relax," he said as I felt him spread my buttocks and push a finger in my anus. He then reached over my hips and placed his left hand on my clitoris. "Just let me feel here…" he said as he rubbed my clitoris and moved his finger in and out of my anus. "Hm hm… that's good, just let me feel you…" He then withdrew both hands and asked me to get on my hands and knees on the table. When I was in position he asked me to move my knees apart; "I need to see you down here just a little wider…" He again inserted a finger in my anus and this time also inserted a finger in my vagina.

"Now Kim I'm going to also feel of your clitoris, just relax." Then he started rubbing my clitoris with the same hand he was using to examine my vagina. "In and out, that's good." Then he withdrew both hands and walked up to the side of the table and felt my breasts while leaning over me. "I have to feel your breasts now Kim, just relax." When he finished he recorded all the information he had gathered. "Now Kim, one of the four doctors who have requested to examine you will be here shortly. Please leave your clothes off and sit on the side of the table. You've been an excellent patient!" The doctors both left me alone in the exam room.

Dr. Smith, a young, short, black man, entered 5 minutes later. "Hello Kim, I'm Dr. Smith. I've observed your exams today and am quite anxious to examine you myself. Are you ready?" He pulled his stethoscope out of his pocket.

"Yes, doctor," I said.

"Very well, just breathe normally," he said. He opened my gown to expose my breasts, producing crinkling noises. He placed his stethoscope on my chest. "Hm hm, breathe again," he said. He moved the stethoscope underneath my right breast, "and again," he said, moving the stethoscope to my right nipple. "And again," moving the stethoscope to underneath my left breast, "and again," moving the stethoscope to my left nipple, "and again." "Hm hm, let's feel your breasts now."

He placed both hands on my right breast. "What size cup brassiere did you say you wear, Kim?" he asked, feeling my right breast.

"40D," I replied.

"And when were your breasts first examined by a doctor?" he asked, moving his hands to my left breast.

"In 9th grade."

"Hm hm, I see." Dr. Smith then pulled on rubber gloves. "Now Kim I want you to lean back a bit and spread your legs for me." I leaned back and spread my thighs a bit. Dr. Smith had put a headlamp on and I could feel the heat from the light on my thigh. "Open a little more, please," he requested. I spread my legs wider. "Hm hm, just let me have a look here, let me feel you." He used his two left fingers to open my labia and then began feeling my clitoris with his right hand. "Let's see if we can have another orgasm now." He kept up a steady pace until I came again. "Very good Kim. Now feet in the stirrups please, I need to measure you." I rolled over on my back and put my feet in the stirrups. Dr. Smith immediately measured my clitoris for size.

"Okay Kim, I believe you can put your exam gown on and go to your assigned private room. I'll call the nurse to help you." Dr. Smith left the room.

A few moments later the nurse appeared to usher me to my room. "How did everything go?" she asked. "Are you still nervous about participating?"

"Well, not quite so nervous; I guess I did okay."

"Well, once you're settled in your room you'll feel more at home." She waited as I finished putting my exam gown on. "I'll let you collect your clothes, then I'll wheel you to your room." I came back with my clothes and sat in the wheelchair to be pushed to my room.

"You're in room #8; it's closest to the exam theater. Did you realize the doctor's exam of you was witnesses by 60 doctors?"

"No! I had no idea!"

"Well, you'll be getting some company soon; I hear there are several doctors who want to examine you.”

She wheeled me into room #8. "Try to relax for now - you're going to be busy. Doctor has scheduled your first masturbation session for 30 minutes from now."

Oh man, I thought. I don't know if I can do this.

Dr. Youngman came in my room 30 minutes later. "Okay Kim, did the nurse tell you your first masturbation session is scheduled for about now?"

"Yes, she did," I said.

"Just relax - I've placed vibrators, whatever you may need, on the table next to your bed. There are five doctors who want to observe you, along with me. They'll be here shortly."

Five minutes later the group of six doctors had gathered around my bed. The lights were dimmed except for one above my bed. "Okay Kim, please commence with your masturbation," Dr. Youngman said.

I looked under my table and pulled out a vibrator. I lay back and slowly moved my gown to expose my breasts. The fabric crinkled as I moved it. I felt my right breast with both hands, then felt my left breast. Then I slowly opened the bottom part of my gown and spread my legs apart. I held open m y labia and inserted a finger in my vagina. Then I turned on the vibrator and slowly inserted it in my vagina. I began to stroke my clitoris at the same time. The doctors stopped me momentarily to take measurements of my clitoris and breasts.

"Please continue, Kim." I spread my labia and pulled back my clitoral hood, exposing my clitoris. I placed the vibrator on my clitoris turning it on at the same time. I started to come almost immediately. "Very good Kim - we're going to let you rest for a while now," Dr. Youngman said. They filed out of my room.

An hour later I woke to find another new doctor in my room. He adjusted his stethoscope and glanced up at me as he approached my side. He opened my gown to expose both breasts. "Hello Kim - I'm Dr. Sandoval. Just relax now while I examine you." He placed both hands on my right breast. "Hm hm, just lie still…just let me feel you…" He moved his hands to my left breast.

"That's good, just relax…" He pulled on rubber gloves and asked me how I was feeling.

"I'm fine," I said. "No complaints or aches or pain?" he asked as his right hand disappeared under my gown.

"No, doctor."

"That's good. Let me take a look at you now," he said as he placed his left hand under my gown too. "Spread your legs for me Kim, I'm going to feel your genitals now." I opened my legs as he bent over and folded back the gown to expose my genitals. "A little wider please, Kim." I opened further. He opened my labia with his left hand and separated my labia with his right hand. "I'm going to feel your clitoris now, Kim. You need to try to lie still for me. I need to get a good look at you down here while I'm feeling you. Just relax."

His right index finger made slow circles around my clitoris. "Sensitive here, Kim?" he asked.

"Yes, doctor!" I said.

"Hm hm, just a little longer…" He kept circling my clitoris with his finger. "Kim, please feel free to grab the side of the bed if necessary. I'm going to put these straps around your thighs and knees now for a better view of your genitals." He pulled out straps and buckled them, adjusting the looseness. "There, this won't hurt." He resumed circling my clitoris, holding back the hood with his left hand. I started to grip the bed. "Hm hm, that's good Kim. I must feel you now - try to lie still." He was trying to keep my legs spread wide while I was squirming everywhere. "I'm going to ask assistance Kim - I need to have your legs spread wider. Just relax."

He went to a wall phone and mumbled a message, then returned to me. "Let's keep going, shall we?" He resumed feeling my clitoris. Suddenly Dr. Weston came in and proceeded to put a hand on each of my knees, spreading me wider and holding me down while I squirmed. "Hold her wider - that's good," Dr. Sandoval said. I was trying to kick now, my clitoris was responding like crazy! "Hold her down tighter - the orgasm has started," Dr. Sandoval said, continuing to feel my clitoris. When I finally reach climax, he kept feeling me, holding me down, until I stopped moving.

The doctor then pulled a new machine to the side of my bed. "Now Kim, this is going to examine your breasts, nipples, clitoris, vagina and anus simultaneously. Please allow me to apply the cups to your breasts and genitals. Arms over your head, please." He lifted my gown and placed an inside-out large suction cup on my right breast. It flipped right side out to enclose my breast. A tube ran from my nipple to the machine. "Let's make sure the nipple is in the hose… now the left breast."

Another flipped rubber cup with hose attached. "Now Kim, open wide, please." A large cup shaped rubber attachment was made ready for application. One end had a large bulbous anal plug, in the middle was a rubber phallus, and a small suction cup with hose was in front. "This has to be inserted carefully - don't move please." Dr. Sandoval spread my cheeks wide to insert the anal plug. "Please relax Kim, it's better if you don't fight this. Your rectum is tense - just relax and allow insertion now."

I tried to relax.

"That's better - just let me slide this all the way up." Then he separated my labia. "The whole shaft must be inserted in the vagina, Kim. That's good…" Then the clitoral suction cup was placed in position. "Now the clitoral suction, that's good." The doctors pressed my knees further apart to ensure everything was in place. "We have to leave the leather straps on, I'm afraid - it's important the apparatus not be disturbed when in operation."

Dr. Sandoval turned on a switch and the machine came to life. My breasts and clitoris were gently sucked while the phallus and anal plug vibrated and slowly moved in and out of my anus and vagina. "Now Kim, I'm afraid we need to leave this on for an hour, at least. During that time several doctors will stop by to observe your progress. Just try to lie still."

Dr. Sandoval placed his stethoscope in his ears and leaned over my to place the disk on my right breast, near the suction cup. "Just breathe normally." He continued to listen to the sounds coming from my breasts, stomach and insides of my thighs.

"Are you uncomfortable Kim?" he asked.

"Just awkward, doctor," I said.

"This will be over soon," he said. "Just let the machine examine you." During the next hour about 20 doctors came by to look at me.

After 70 minutes Dr. Sandoval returned and turned the machine off. "Okay Kim, we're done. Let me remove the cups from you." He slowly pulled out the anal plug, then the vaginal one, the clitoral one, and the breast cups. Then he pulled on fresh rubber gloves. "I need to have a look at you now, Kim; feet in the stirrups please."

I got my feet in the stirrups and he leaned over me, separating my labia and also inserting a finger in my anus.

"How does your vagina feel, Kim"

"Vibrating, doctor," I replied.

"Hm hm, let's feel…" he said, as he inserted fingers in my vagina and anus simultaneously. "Now your clitoris…" he said as he pulled back my hood and felt my clitoris.

After a few strokes of my clitoris, he said "and now your breasts, Kim." He stepped to the side of my bed, stripping off his rubber gloves with a snap, threw them in a trash can and then felt both my breasts at the same time. "Now you need to get some sleep, Kim. I believe your next masturbation session is at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning." He pulled the straps loose from my legs and pulled my gown back over me. "We'll see you in the morning." He left my room.

Tomorrow would begin a daily routing of exams for the next six weeks! I fell asleep, exhausted.

The End